Zach Lavine vs Aaron Gordon - Dunk Contest 2016 

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12 Şub 2016




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eriksports Yıl önce
Lavine’s dunks were incredible and worthy of winning most years but Gordon put together maybe the greatest single slam dunk performance of all time
Kaaz Yıl önce
no lie
Juggerthon Yıl önce
The dunk where the mascot was spinning on the Segway to me was the best slam dunk contest dunk ever, even down to the way he faked the first run up told the mascot to spin🔥
eriksports Yıl önce
@Juggerthon It was an absolutely insane dunk and whats crazy is I think the over the mascot between both legs dunk was even better
Badger Yıl önce
Badger Yıl önce
Gordon's dunks that year were and still are the craziest dunks I've seen
Jakob Naval
Jakob Naval Yıl önce
Had to revisit this after watching this year's contest. Everyone missing their dunks
The Del Fierro
The Del Fierro Yıl önce
You got these guys doing it on their first tries. Fucking amazing.
Pxomise Yıl önce
Yeah same🤣 this was so good
softboxboy Yıl önce
The first tries dunk always the best
A Yıl önce
Same here
Jordanj Yıl önce
Ahahahaa same 😂😂😂
Marquise Irvin
Marquise Irvin Yıl önce
6 years later and I'm still in awe of this dunk contest. One of the best ever and it might never be dethroned.
H1GHD3FF Yıl önce
The best ever
Who Watching
Who Watching Yıl önce
Although I hope it is dethroned one day
Popi ReAL
Popi ReAL Yıl önce
I saw the famous Vince Carter contest live but I think this one dethroned that one. Because this one has both finalists bringing new concepts, one after the other, head to head down to the last dunk. And they weren't messing up much either. Vince Carter was the clear winner then. But this contest was almost like watching two VCs go at it.
sun dromos
sun dromos Yıl önce
@Popi ReAL This was off the charts.
Dr.Drainly Yıl önce
You are not alone
Domain Derrickson
Years later, this is STILL the greatest dunk contest is NBA History. Dunk contest quality never recovered from this...
D Yıl önce
No it isn't.
Israel Contreras
Israel Contreras Yıl önce
I wouldn’t sY greatest but EASILY right behind Vince Carter’s .
Izzy 91
Izzy 91 Yıl önce
@Israel Contreras actually it is, this was back and forth great dunks, they were trading jabs , Vince had no competion.
Chromë Yıl önce
Yep one of the best dunk contest duel.
@Izzy 91 no. It’s not. You must’ve been born in 2005
David Anderegg
David Anderegg Yıl önce
This is one of those times when they should have awarded them both the trophy!
doe jan
doe jan Yıl önce
lavine lost to gordon's between both legs. its disrespectful to say they shouldve been both the winner. lavine and gordon made history, lavines dunks in the finals are tough but not innovative for contests. they gave 50s to lavine until gordon ran out of cards. think about that.
David Anderegg
David Anderegg Yıl önce
@doe jan so, you are making the argument that Gordon should have won? And if so, I don't disagree. In fact, that's why I'm saying they both should've won. The first 2 dunks of Gordon's were amazing. The last two are a little more lackluster. I think Lavine was a little more consistent. But overall I think Gordon's dunks were better/more creative dunks.
doe jan
doe jan Yıl önce
@David Anderegg "lavines a little more consistent" you say, but until the the very last moments lavine still copied gordon's, are you saying hes consistent doing free throw leaps? cause thats what he did all night, he didnt do anything creative after the first free throw dunk. thats my point. nba milked gordon until hes out, he shouldve won right at the part when gordon did between both legs while lavines missed first try and did a decent dunk.
David Anderegg
David Anderegg Yıl önce
@doe jan I'm not disagreeing with you at all. I feel that Gordon got robbed.
R M Yıl önce
Nah Gordon was on another level, he should’ve won. Gordon got like 2 of the greatest dunks in history here
Fran Yıl önce
That Aaron Gordon dunk should become a logo. One of the most incredible dunks ever . He was robbed
killcount47 Yıl önce
Definitely not lavine definitely won this
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 7 aylar önce
@killcount47 basic ass dunks aaron gordon jumped over the mascot 2x his a 360 tomahawk there is no way aaron lost
Official Almighty🥷🏽
@Unknown Person basic dunks???
Official Almighty🥷🏽
y’all forget lavine won a dunk contest in highschool too
StyleTechnical 2 yıl önce
I don’t think we’ll ever see another Dunk Contest like this again
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros
Def. Do you think these kids are better than Carter tho?
Down Well
Down Well Yıl önce
@Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros With out a doubt imo no question
Matthew Trujillo
Matthew Trujillo Yıl önce
@Down Well you’re high FOH
FlexLikeAnime Yıl önce
here from this new dunk contest and yet again I can confirm what you said is true
Sean S
Sean S Yıl önce
We got the bottom of the barrel last night
Big Johnson
Big Johnson Yıl önce
This Dunk Contest still gives me goosebumps what a classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ojilocco Yıl önce
Coming back to this vid after watching the 2022 Dunk Contest because the Dunk contest have never been this good. These two great players have set the standards for a great show of skill, athleticism, and creativity in doing dunks. Still the GOAT Dunk Contest 🔥
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Yıl önce
Facts man
DJessy Lenvo
DJessy Lenvo 2 aylar önce
Okay I agree but you over 2000 ??? Vince Changed The Dunk Contest Forever, That’s Why He Is The Greatest Dunker Of All Time.
Francisco Rivera
Francisco Rivera Yıl önce
Watching these two guys live in total disbelief was really something. Aaron Gordon was robbed, twice. He should have two Dunk Contest Trophies.
4Varsi Yıl önce
Aarons last dunk wasnt a 50 dunk, zach won fair and square
Francisco Rivera
Francisco Rivera Yıl önce
@4Varsi the 3 dunks from 2 feet in front of the free throw line were not 50 pt dunks.
4Varsi Yıl önce
@Francisco Rivera its what he did being that far away from the rim
Xavier Vega
Xavier Vega Yıl önce
@Francisco Rivera Only the between the legs was in front of the line. The other he stepped on the line just like Jordan did.
sun dromos
sun dromos Yıl önce
Clearly one of the best duels and shows ever in the dunk contest. They both deserved the trophy. Zach's are alwasy my favorite...I can't put my finger on it...probably that explosive quality like Shawn Kemp had. But Aaron probably had the better collection of supremely imaginative AND difficult dunks, on this day. I could watch this video again and again till the day I die...
Duke Da’Vinchi
Duke Da’Vinchi Yıl önce
Zach was so effortlessly powerful if that makes sense. And this is the best one. None even come close.
Zander Zon
Zander Zon Yıl önce
1:30 Zach says ‘F***! I missed the first one’. He holds himself to high standards. Even though it was an awesome dunk, he knows how much it detracts from your dunk if you don’t get it first time. Something this year’s dunk contest dunkers seemed absolutely oblivious to 🤮
Booqr Doit
Booqr Doit Yıl önce
Still haven't watched this year's highlights, and I probably never will. All Star game was classic though
whip.edit.z Yıl önce
Especially jalleen green 😭😭😭
Shon E
Shon E Yıl önce
Jalen Green: "F***! I missed the 8th one
sun dromos
sun dromos Yıl önce
These two were just a higher caliber. Unicorns so to speak.
Coc Girl
Coc Girl Yıl önce
This is an epic battle in slam dunk contest. Mayb best ever.
Alrick Kumar
Alrick Kumar 6 yıl önce
I came back to appreciate how insane this dunk competition was compared to 2017's one. I hope Aaron and Zack are there next year!!
Camerin Walker
Camerin Walker 5 yıl önce
Rixx Kumar LaVine will but are in probably not because they have to give new people a vhance
plus he tore his acl
Ya Heard
Ya Heard 5 yıl önce
Rixx Kumar highly doubt zack will ever be in the dunk contest again bc of his injury
Skaadi 5 yıl önce
Zach already got 2, he don't need another one especially because he didn't deserve this one against Gordon Aaron had the most insane dunk ever compared to Zach or to any dunk contest participant ever... no offense to Vince Carter, but that was at his own time
cody mazza
cody mazza 5 yıl önce
white boys got hopz!
Andika Mahendra
Andika Mahendra Yıl önce
after watching 2022 dunk contest, i need to go here to make me remember how good the dunk contest was..
su zeck
su zeck Yıl önce
2022 dunk contest was s*ck!
Nathan Abraham
Nathan Abraham Yıl önce
@su zeck it sucked fym
jefferson mendoza
6 years had past, and still this slamdunk contest sets the bar high 💯
Bugzy2Bangz Yıl önce
Gordon’s dunk under his legs over the mascot might be the best dunk EVER in a dunk contest!
I've been watching the slam dunk competition since the first one back in 1976 I believe it was with the old ABA League, and I most say this was the most awesome, creative dunks I've ever seen between two NBA players. This one was even more exciting than Michael Jordan going up against Dominique Wilkins. 👌
Zack Quinto
Zack Quinto 4 yıl önce
This is the most exciting slam dunk I've ever watched
Jeovanne Ramos
Jeovanne Ramos 4 yıl önce
Zack Quinto between this one and the 2000 were great to watch !
Masjo 3 yıl önce
@Jeovanne Ramos this is more interesting to watch than the 2000's tho
A C 3 yıl önce
@Masjo yeah 2000 was just a one man show
Sammy B
Sammy B 3 yıl önce
Facts. Who tf jumps from the Free throw line & puts it thru the Legs. Zack Lavine is unreal...... Gordon too. Who tf puts it under his legs? That's physically fuckin impossible
Ant 2 yıl önce
Desmond Mason vs Jason Richardson is the closest thing to it
Raph Yıl önce
They spoiled us so much, now we got hella high expectations every year... I hope one day there'll be another moment like this
Felix303 Yıl önce
2016 was such a good year for NBA and everything overall
Dr.Drainly Yıl önce
Yeah they ruined it for us. Now we hope for this every year
Raul Mendoza
Raul Mendoza 10 aylar önce
That windmill free throw dunk from Zach was something I never thought any man could achieve
nbaworthy 10 aylar önce
Same lol
Don Dada
Don Dada 4 aylar önce
James white 15 years ago
Dioscuri 3 aylar önce
Thats basic lol
Steef VanBuren
Steef VanBuren 3 aylar önce
That last dunk from AG is so underrated. He did a shawn kemp tomahawk with a tracy mcgrady touching the ankles dunk! In 1 motion! Fluid!
Niopmahcheep 2413
Both players dunk were impressive and tough but for me, Gordon deserved the win as his dunk was creative and innovative, something that we never imagine before
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 3 aylar önce
Man… You know how I wish I could relive watching this the first time. Time flies 😢
Tech 2 yıl önce
Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon really raised everyone’s expectations of a good dunk to the extreme.
Austin W.
Austin W. Yıl önce
By far the greatest All Star weekend leading up to a game I’ve ever watched so far.
Jason De Leon
Jason De Leon Yıl önce
We'll never see this level of excitement in a dunk contest ever again
Chill Introvert
Chill Introvert Yıl önce
Zach Lavine might be the best dunker of all time as far as the ease with which he dunks. Just effortless. His dunk style is just so aesthetically appealing for me, it's graceful yet forceful, he almost seems to glide and fly through the air.
inefekt Yıl önce
Nah, second to Carter.....Vince's smooth as silk dunking makes even Lavine look mechanical
Jonathan Gonzalez
what’s crazier is that this dunk contest was the many few to have everyone standing up…straight legendary
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder Yıl önce
Greatest dunk competition of all times! Should have ended in a tie!
Jay 6 yıl önce
Gordon's under the legs in my opinion is the best dunk of all times. His last dunk is an absolute 50. The ball is so far behind his head, then so low between the legs, and then with a powerful finish. That's crazy! Gordon you are the best!
Patrick McKinney
Patrick McKinney 5 yıl önce
Wen Ko Ha I have to agree with you. Nobody has ever done anything like that before. Period.
0.01% mac
0.01% mac 5 yıl önce
Patrick McKinney You have to admit though, even though LaVine’s dunks were not creative, the free throw dunk was only done once (From my knowledge). He also put it between his legs, but, Gordon’s dunks definitely would’ve won him a dunk contest.
Frank Li
Frank Li 5 yıl önce
Same, I cant even do that move without the ball, can't even imagine dunk with that....purely shock the world
GoldnnChild 5 yıl önce
Mac 'N Cheese everyone was hyping that shit but none of his “free throw line” dunks were even behind the line and only one of them was actually on the line
travis mayfield
travis mayfield 5 yıl önce
Wen Ko Ha Lavine's windmill from free throw was best of all time.
Zack Rodriguez
Zack Rodriguez Yıl önce
That's crazy how ANY other year AG would've won EASILY but he just so happened to go up against the toughest dunk contest competition we've probably ever seen and ran outta gas in the last round 🤦🏽‍♂️😭
jaylord00 Yıl önce
and to think Zach Lavine got one more spectacular dunk up his sleeve (360 Free throw line Dunk) at this point. I don't think Aaron Gordon ran out of gas but he just ran out of ideas.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Yıl önce
no cap Zach dunks compared to Aaron it’s not even close. Zach even copied one of Aarons dunks and still one he did the same dunk 3 times and somehow he won that’s not fair bro they cheated Aaron out of 2 trophies
Deezy Ankh
Deezy Ankh Yıl önce
@Justin Brown Zach copied 1 of Aaron's and will bartons dunk. Barton got eliminated with the lob from behind the backboard to reverse between the legs.
Alex Wu
Alex Wu Yıl önce
I still gotta go with 2000 as my favorite overall contest but Aaron Gordon v Zack Lavine was the best head-2-head hands down.
Rasheed Akins
Rasheed Akins Yıl önce
After this years debacle.....i say thank you gentlemen for putting on the best dunk contest i have seen in my 46 years
Darkktint Yıl önce
I was skeptical when I seen this contest. Turned out to be the best dunk contest I’ve seen . Aaron with 2 of the best dunks I’ve been in a dunk contest and lost.
justsaying32 Yıl önce
What I liked about both of them is they both looked soo smooth. It's a shame there is only one winner
fromnoto 4 yıl önce
Best Slam Dunk Contest ever Kobe's 60 pts game SAS 40-1 at home Two of greatest PF retirement 73-9 Unanimous MVP 3-1 lead The greatest Finals of all time WHAT A YEAR
Didi Jagger
Didi Jagger 4 yıl önce
ふろむのと/動画投稿 2016 was definitely a time to be alive
Jahzeel Pino
Jahzeel Pino 3 yıl önce
And a MVP by unanimous decision for the first time. 2016 was a gold year.
RJ Taboy
RJ Taboy 3 yıl önce
Erock Stoenescu
Erock Stoenescu 3 yıl önce
His FINAL game after a 20 year career I feel that’s a critical detail and people don’t realize what an accomplishment that is in 2016
Stretch Punchbeef
Stretch Punchbeef 3 yıl önce
That was not the greatest finals of all time lol it was 6 blowouts and an awesome game 7
Nick Simon
Nick Simon 11 aylar önce
The greatest dunk ever produced in a NBA dunk contest and the guy that performed it didn't even win! Damn this was so good!
nbaworthy 10 aylar önce
I still say Jordan's free throw line dunk was the greatest but A.Gordon's dunk is definitely up there
FreeMind13 Yıl önce
This still boggles my mind how Aaron Gordon lost but with that being said Zach has improved into one of the best offensive players in the game while Gordon is a solid role player.
Normal Basketball Dude
Glad I’m not the only one who noticed Lavine improvement, man went from just a kid with hop to a player that can pull up from 3 while retaining his dangerous slashing to the rim. Truly a work of art to watch
Oh My Rufiohhh
Oh My Rufiohhh Yıl önce
@Normal Basketball Dude I’m surprised he kept it after the ACL injury. Though it’s not as explosive as before or maybe he’s just getting old
Kobe Diamante Vlogs
@Oh My Rufiohhh i think it’s just that he is smarter with his slashing knowing he has more options now instead of just driving to the rim.
What Name?
What Name? Yıl önce
AG was robbed in this.
C&E Media
C&E Media 10 aylar önce
Level of difficulty that both of them were doing….DAAAAAAAAMN! One of the best contests ever!!!🔥🔥🥃🥃
nbaworthy 10 aylar önce
Glass Cabinet Productions
i’m watching this after the 2022 dunk contest and the contrast is ridiculous. there will never be a dunk contest like this one again.
Mike T.
Mike T. Yıl önce
Jordan vs Dominique and Gordon vs Lavine....sheesh along with Vince Carter's run, those are by far the top 3 dunk contests ever.
The Eastbrook
The Eastbrook 6 yıl önce
Gordon: Something we've never seen before. Zach: "Wanna see another free throw dunk"
Alex Brandenburger
Alex Brandenburger 6 yıl önce
Addison Fifield I see what your saying but Gordon sued the mascot just as much. Plus lavine Did windmill oop and between legs from free throw
ChiefEze 6 yıl önce
Alex Brandenburger yea after doing the same dunk twice plus it wasn't even rlly from the free throw line. Gordon was robbed
teranos haunt
teranos haunt 6 yıl önce
James White already did the free throw dunks before tho...
Tigana Satria
Tigana Satria 6 yıl önce
Alex Brandenburger his feet is on the line so i dont wanna call it a free throw line dunk..
Peyton Grimes
Peyton Grimes 6 yıl önce
Tigana Satria jordans was its still considered one
Ra Ward
Ra Ward Yıl önce
Aaron is the true winner 🔥🔥🔥🔥I honestly couldn't believe how amazing his dunks were
Haryanto Halim
Haryanto Halim Yıl önce
6 years, This dunk contest still stand above any dunk contest i've ever seen
Satanic Skater
Satanic Skater 4 aylar önce
6 years, really? This dunk contest literally the best in nba history 😂
Justin L
Justin L Yıl önce
Looking at the reactions from Aaron Gordon's first dunk, you can tell no one knew he had that in him. Whether it was from the crowd or the announcers. I mean he did a 360, between the leg. " We'll take that? Impressive for a big guy"?. They had no clue which is amazing. It wasn't until the 2nd 3rd dunk people were shocked. Had people of known and had more hype coming into the contest. I think he would of won.
Bambam21541 Yıl önce
Never gets old, there will never be a duck contest to even get on this level
Nao Yıl önce
Sachin Gupta
Sachin Gupta Yıl önce
4:00 greatest dunk of all time
yuval bachar
yuval bachar 7 yıl önce
That Was The Best Dunk Contest In Years
Abbas J
Abbas J 6 yıl önce
you misspelled OF ALL TIME
Banjomike97 6 yıl önce
premeNYC 6 yıl önce
+Banjomike97 hello no 2009 return of super man dwight howard
Banjomike97 6 yıl önce
+Canaan_The_God not even close
Loraine Lopez
Loraine Lopez 6 yıl önce
i see dis before
Rickman Yıl önce
Still one of the best dunk contest I've ever seen
Jirat Moitila
Jirat Moitila Yıl önce
Love this dunk contest 🏀🔥
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 3 aylar önce
hands down Aaron won this dunk contest, you can see Lavine was trailing keeping up, not creating his own at times...Aaron if your reading this...to the people / to the fans...you are the champ 🏆 here and will always be remembered most definitely...thank you
George V.L.Ruata
George V.L.Ruata 9 aylar önce
By far, this is still the best ever Slam Dunk Contest in the NBA World
Amitpal Bains
Amitpal Bains Yıl önce
This dunk contest should’ve been a tie. Both these guys were unbelievable.
Scott's NBA Talk
Scott's NBA Talk 5 yıl önce
Gordon dunking while Stuff was spinning and the timing of that dunk was incredible. That was my favorite dunk
Rihito Kimura
Rihito Kimura 4 aylar önce
Best all start weekend. Watching it until midnight with my dad who usually make me go to bed early but this night he let me stay up for this all star.
Right One
Right One Yıl önce
Looking back…I don’t know how Aaron Gordon lost any dunk contest he participated in. Great dunks
CST Yıl önce
After this year they should literally pay Zach and Gordon to come back and save the Dunk Contest like Magic and Bird saved the league 🙏😅
JAS2001 Yıl önce
I’m so jealous for those people who witnessed this in person in that stadium
JourneyOfBin Yıl önce
Rewatching this after 6 years and still can’t believe Aaron lost this match.
Hasanayn Awan
Hasanayn Awan 5 yıl önce
What on God's earth did Gordon have to do to win that? Sit down 9ft in the air over someone's head, put it under his legs and dunk it in first time? Oh wait...
Mr Heat
Mr Heat 5 yıl önce
Yea man, that dude got robbed!!
Mohamad Khodari
Mohamad Khodari 3 yıl önce
Hasanayn Awan nah
FATBOYFIN 3 yıl önce
@Mr Heat didn't get robbed just had super good competition
Mihajlo Milisavljević
@Hasanayn Awan Idk if you noticed, but a single dunk doesn't effect the score of the other one lmao, neither can you go over 50 pts. Gordon's last dunk wasn't a 50. All of the other dunks were. It's quite simple bud.
Jaden 3 yıl önce
Six XL are you serious Aaron dunks were better because we haven’t seen it before plus Zach as good as he is did same dunk twice
Christian Carrillo
There was so many contest winning dunks in this one contest. Should have given them both a trophy.
GatCat 4 aylar önce
The NBA needs to hand this man a dunk contest trophy.
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa Yıl önce
3:54 this dunk broke the whole basketball world
Michael Hull
Michael Hull Yıl önce
Every time I watch this I get that excitement as if it’s my first time seeing it amazing to watch
Xavier Vently
Xavier Vently Yıl önce
4:49 drummond collapsed to the floor is GOLD
mahdi 6 yıl önce
appreciate greatness. this is the greatest contest in years
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 6 yıl önce
Lebeautiful ever
EJ Slaughter
EJ Slaughter 6 yıl önce
Lebeautiful wtf no EVER
Z4Ness 6 yıl önce
EJ Slaughter why?
Ernestas Brazauskas
Ernestas Brazauskas 6 yıl önce
aaron gordan he have to win this
Nathanael Javier
Nathanael Javier 6 yıl önce
Lebeautiful probably the best one ever
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Yıl önce
This is the best dunk contest of all time. Next level dunks.
MrTitanSword Yıl önce
Kenny Smith's reactions are simply awesome lol.
Lien Greva
Lien Greva Yıl önce
Who else needed to see this one again after 2022 dunk contest 🤣🤣🤣
Armen AR
Armen AR 3 aylar önce
If Aaron Gordon saved that underneath both legs dunk for the final round, he would’ve won. One of the greatest dunks of all time.
Marc Robinson
Marc Robinson Yıl önce
Gordon doing the dougie spin windmill grabbing from mascot best dunk ever/give Gordon his trophy 🏆
Domanic B
Domanic B 5 yıl önce
Zach kept doing the same dunk with a tweak on it. Gordon got robbed. That one over the mascot under both legs is the best dunk I've ever seen
Fernando Gaynair
Fernando Gaynair 5 yıl önce
Domanic Blanco he did 3 dunks from the free throw line tho haha most ppl can’t do one
Kevin W
Kevin W 5 yıl önce
Gordon did three dunks no one ever seen or done before . We have seen a free throw dunk before . Creativity should've easily won
WE-LIT' 5 yıl önce
Domanic Blanco ...TOTALLY ROBBED!!!!!
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson 5 yıl önce
Agreed. The whole point to doing the free throw line dunk is to show how high and far you can jump. After we've already seen it once, we know that the player can do it, we don't need to see it 3 times.
Nick Harley
Nick Harley 5 yıl önce
Domanic Blanco lol Zach won hands down..
Trent Yıl önce
The two dunks Gordon did were some of the best dunks I’ve ever seen, but the two Lavine followed with are also 50’s no question. I wouldn’t say Gordon got robbed but this should’ve been the first time in history that two contestants win the dunk contest.
ThisIsCalistro Yıl önce
damn...here after the 2021 and 2022 dunk contest, some things will never be the same
Cong Hoang
Cong Hoang Yıl önce
That between both legs dunk over the mascot should have got 60 points lmao. Greatest dunk ever in an nba dunk contest.
Amrit Raj
Amrit Raj Yıl önce
Makes me sad that Aaron Gordon still doesn't have a dunk contest win
Popi The Barber
Popi The Barber Yıl önce
The greatest dunk contest of all time, creativity! New dunks back to back
frickpie 7 yıl önce
Aaron had 2 of the best dunks I have ever seen, and he lost...
Miha Potočnik
Miha Potočnik 7 yıl önce
That's why judges shouldn't give 10s just like that for every good dunk
I'm Surrounded By Bots
+fs579 you can't be fucking serious!
Trent Edwards
Trent Edwards 7 yıl önce
+fs579 His last dunk was underrated as hell. Dude went behind the back, all the way down under his legs and then reverse slam. lavine did 3 "Freethrow" line dunks in a row, lack of creativity if you ask me
Mrdimebag99 7 yıl önce
+Trent Edwards yeah but gordon's last dunk has been done before while im pretty sure lavine's 3 freethrow dunks were never done before
Filip Stojmenov
Filip Stojmenov 7 yıl önce
Trent Edwards Lack of creativity I agree but I'm talking about the Gordon's last dunk , that was not winning dunk , but if he saved over the mascot dunk for last he would have won for sure , anyway great battle
Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong Yıl önce
Vince Carter 2000 contest was always my favorite.. then these two came with the most creative and difficult dunks ever making it my new fav.... but which one of the judges messed it up and didn't give Gordon the 10 on his last dunk?!! He needed it up for everyone because these two guys had dunks for days!!!
Andrew Stalnaker
Andrew Stalnaker 4 aylar önce
I knew AG was gonna be special in these contests. His HS mixtape had the most insane in game dunks I had ever seen. The coldest mixtape ever.
Q4Life Yıl önce
Lavine's behind the backboard dunk is so underrated
We really need this duo again
Don Lee.
Don Lee. Yıl önce
I’m just here to watch the good old days.
Samuel B
Samuel B Yıl önce
iAaronHD 4 yıl önce
3 years later and I still feel like Gordon got robbed.
CEASAR B. ERANG 3 yıl önce
Yeah dude. I thought so too
Mike G
Mike G 3 yıl önce
He did
I would’ve giving them both the trophy
Chuka Iloegbu
Chuka Iloegbu 3 yıl önce
iAaronHD TBH he really didn’t get robbed. They both were pulling off 50 dunks. The reason why Zach won was cause his best dunk was always the next one. With Gordon, his last 2 dunks weren’t as amazing as the ones he did before.
Crimson Reaper
Crimson Reaper 3 aylar önce
In 2023 still legendary. Legendary after VC’s victory. I don’t see any duel on the future could come close🥲
Evs Yıl önce
Can't believe Gordon lost. Seriously those were amazing dunks. A free throw line dunk it pretty great, but Gordon's were amazing
John Martinez
John Martinez Yıl önce
Aaron Gordon and Zach put on a show, BUT The last 2 dunks that he did with the Mascot was absolutely amazing 🤩 and probably the best 2 dunks I’ve ever seen, should’ve won 🏆 and got screwed over!
GM35964 3 aylar önce
The problem with dunks off the mascot (or another person) is that there is often a push off in the process. Unless the ball is held far away from the body. So it might look super impressive, but in reality he can't jump that high unassisted. Lavine didn't use props, it was only him and the basket.
오창욱 6 aylar önce
이제껏 슬램덩크 대회를 많이봤지만 이만큼 난이도 높고 경쟁이 치열한 덩크는 처음본다 역대최고의 대회
Gelo Escasinas
Gelo Escasinas Yıl önce
This is one of the most accurate representations of "It's not about how you start; it's about how you finish."
Tom Yıl önce
Ya but some fools keep saying "robbed" 🤦‍♂️
Jalen Foster
Jalen Foster Yıl önce
Fair enough, but respectfully, two of Aaron's dunks were arguably better than Zach's
Ariel Rochester
Ariel Rochester Yıl önce
@Jalen Foster Maybe they were better, but Zach's dunks are still a 50. AG last dunk was super casual.
Eric Yeo
Eric Yeo Yıl önce
@Jalen Foster yeah i agree but the max points is 50. maybe aaron’s dunk was worth a 70, but you can only give someone a 50. and zach’s free throw line between the legs is a 50, no doubt.
Justin 2 yıl önce
3:55 one of the greatest dunks of all time
Akiran Yıl önce
Cant disagree
Yes indeed ! Like Kenny says This dunk has the flu . Its SICK !
seena96 Yıl önce
Tbh, I think its probably the best dunk of all time. The degree of difficulty is insane.
David Yıl önce
Agreed. This IS the best dunk in the contests history.
LonghornsLegend Yıl önce
In hindsight, the memorable dunks, and creativity, I feel like I remember everything Gordon did from both dunk contest and he doesn't even have a trophy
JHd Yıl önce
Aaron had literally the most impressive dunk in the history of the Free Throw contest & lost
Sean Long
Sean Long Yıl önce
Hands down greatest dunk contest of all time
Methira Yıl önce
Best dunk contest ever 🔥
Aorange 3 aylar önce
Aaron Gordon’s contourtion when dunking was incredible, but to me the length of Zack Lavigne was more impressive and fun to watch. Dunking near the free throw line
PHNX 6 yıl önce
If Gordon had the hype squad Lavine had, the dunk conest woulda gone on till the actual All Star Game 😅
Chauncey Jr 98
Chauncey Jr 98 5 yıl önce
A- Rom facts bro
Chad Fisher
Chad Fisher Yıl önce
I like how Kenny was in one dunk contest over 30 years ago and he takes on the dunk analyst role every year haha
Taylor Hybl
Taylor Hybl 3 aylar önce
One of the best dunk contests of all time
Jeremy Booth
Jeremy Booth Yıl önce
I think at this point in time people were getting tired of the contest as a whole because year in year out the dunks were becoming unoriginal. And In order to be original and authentic, you had to use props. But these two showed that there were still dunks that none of us had seen before. That’s why it’s special.
PyxlDizzy 7 aylar önce
*"Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary"*
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