YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

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In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated: rewind.youtube/about
Top lists featured the following channels:
@1MILLION Dance Studio
@Ariana Grande
@Awez Darbar
@Billie Eilish
@Black Gryph0n
@Daddy Yankee
@David Dobrik
@Dude Perfect
@Felipe Neto
@Galen Hooks
@James Charles
@Kylie Jenner
@Lil Dicky
@Lil Nas X
@LOUD Babi
@LOUD Coringa
@Magnet World
@Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
@Noah Schnapp
@백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
@Shawn Mendes
@Team Naach
@하루한끼 one meal a day
To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit: rewind.youtube/about




5 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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FutureLit Official
FutureLit Official 23 saatler önce
In 2018 we made something we didnt like.. In 2019 we made *TOP 10 WATCHMOJO VIDEO*
Matt 23 saatler önce
lmao it's so great that TRvid is the biggest failure of TRvid. It's like parents using Facebook.
Whatever Sure
Whatever Sure 23 saatler önce
Thank you TRvid for creating something else we can make fun of
Egg with 69,000 subscribers
remove BTS and the dislikes will disappear
Member K.
Member K. Gün önce
Wow!! Top10 of the years🌈🌈
Joshua Quinay
Joshua Quinay Gün önce
Guava juice is chilling out there like: ay. Where am i here
RivanZ Gün önce
Rewind yourself bruh hahaha
Joshua Quinay
Joshua Quinay Gün önce
This is not rewind. Its edit
piko ding dong
piko ding dong Gün önce
this is bad
Wolffe Gün önce
You know the thing is we didn’t want to see a “rewind” of all the videos we’ve already watched. We wanted a rewind of the past decade. Like for example, things that happened in the past years good, and bad. On TRvid and internationally around the world. I think you’ve forgotten about what TRvid rewind is truly about. You’ve done nothing but repost videos. I am yet again not satisfied and upset that TRvid rewind was trash. This makes it seem like pure laziness because people didn’t like the one from last year you gave up. You as a major business should’ve learned from this. Just because a lot of people didn’t like the video doesn’t mean you give up entirely; you have to try to come back even stronger. This will just be known as another epic fail “brought to you by TRvid.”
ing INGYHAIKUNG Gün önce
Why Kaykai bruh
Guillermo Abache
Guillermo Abache Gün önce
A la verga viva el español
Maethen Dias
Maethen Dias Gün önce
that didnt work out well
Ivan Bulajić
Ivan Bulajić Gün önce
Now u see why youtube rewind is bad we need more memes
Ivan Bulajić
Ivan Bulajić Gün önce
TRvid should use Pewdiepie more
Ivan Bulajić
Ivan Bulajić Gün önce
Pewdiepie's rewind is actualy good
Salman BHR
Salman BHR Gün önce
Didn’t know watch mojo had a second Channel
Cooper martin
Cooper martin Gün önce
First channel to hit 100M T series *(everybody disliked that)*
MR GEREK Gün önce
I think there's too many strangers in the rewind. I think the Turkish, should be
1000 subs for my egg
*rewind not included*
1000 subs for my egg
Rewind 2018: at least this part was good Rewind 2019: what part?
Tiny Tyler
Tiny Tyler Gün önce
For a second I fought it was watch mojo but then I realized watch mojo doesn't have this much dislikes
Almenrauscher Gün önce
PewDiePie has reached 100 mio subs 💯
South Smells
South Smells Gün önce
Just cuz ur salty doesn’t mean you gotta do us like dat
Andres Acevedo
Andres Acevedo Gün önce
Against the Spanish rewind, this is a joke or simply, just another top 🙄
Cristian D.M.R
Cristian D.M.R Gün önce
Uffff competen el error de meter a free fire
uWu i
uWu i Gün önce
Did i just watched watchmojo?
Thicc PizzaRoll
Thicc PizzaRoll Gün önce
If you made it through the whole video your a god
Welorety Gün önce
This TRvid is very bad! Every day he make it more bad than the other day! TRvid have bad rules like COPPA,is banning you for nothing and the other things! Also why TRvid dont get Copyright Strike because all videos are copy from this video! TRvid need to make something about this! And this is the reason for this dislikes! The bad Quality and the bad rules from the TRvid!
mewfatima Gün önce
Check the Hispanic TRvid Rewind, its a looooot better, give them more likes than this
aminthemar Gün önce
Tsm-ali61 Gün önce
TRvid 2018:we did something you did`nt like TRvid 2019: 8.6m dislikes
Dede cv
Dede cv Gün önce
realy youtube a top 10. make your onw rewind don't take the job who was already do
logicom foxes
logicom foxes Gün önce
٭༒ ســبـورتـيـه༒٭
SuperrNova. . قبل شهر واحد . . This wasn't a rewind. This was a repost.. 444 ردًا. 279 ألف إعجابًا.
٭༒ ســبـورتـيـه༒٭
JDubL. . قبل شهر واحد . . If TRvid used other creators videos, Can the creators copystrike TRvid?. 477 ردًا. 146 ألف إعجابًا.
٭༒ ســبـورتـيـه༒٭
Exponble. . قبل شهر واحد . . TRvid is like that one teacher who tries to act cool but fails miserably.. 457 ردًا. 457 ألف إعجابًا.
٭༒ ســبـورتـيـه༒٭
BradyBadlyAnimates. . قبل شهر واحد . . This rewind is just a watchmojo video without the voice over.. 460 ردًا. 134 ألف إعجابًا.
GMaki NUs
GMaki NUs Gün önce
มันไม่สนุกตรงไหน 8.6 ล้านคน
Have A Seat With Christina Hansen
TRvid rewind 2020 should have onision getting arrested and Chris Hansen's live streams I predicted the future
Brasil Edits
Brasil Edits Gün önce
as bayrakları as 🇹🇷 diğer Türk TRvidrlar daha iyi olsaydı onları izlerdik
Striker Z
Striker Z Gün önce
You ran out of idea or what?
Rafa Firman
Rafa Firman Gün önce
Where pewdiepie
Hafiz Hazami
Hafiz Hazami Gün önce
TRvid:makes rewind Me:Aight imma head out
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Gün önce
Oh jeez🥺🥺
Vodeen Graetz
Vodeen Graetz Gün önce
Still has 8 mil dis likes 👎
maxim bujaldon
maxim bujaldon Gün önce
I like it if cres that fortnite would have to be in the top one
• Boals
• Boals Gün önce
Ebuset ada atta
Mahavira Vincent
Mahavira Vincent Gün önce
Only thing i can enjoy with this count down video just the music
StormyThe Beast
StormyThe Beast Gün önce
3.2 M like 6.4 M dislikes WOW I still like the 2018 one better
Gonzalo Escobar
Gonzalo Escobar Gün önce
Comunidad hispano
Lucas Gandra
Lucas Gandra Gün önce
Alguém BR?
Hamza Gün önce
The worst TRvid rewind ever Until next year ...
i love blackpink
i love blackpink Gün önce
Bts not first
KJ Ferreira-Lingham
😂I love how we're just going to continue disliking youtube rewind forever
Shinkilovania Gün önce
Report for spam and misleading. All this did was steal revenue from other creators.
Fung chun Luk
Fung chun Luk Gün önce
Even the thumbnail is boring
Vetex Madacker
Vetex Madacker Gün önce
Pewdiepie TRvid Rewind Was better than this What happen TRvid?
Kalfreezzy Gün önce
Legends edition is better!
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