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Your Time is Now! Here's your first look at the debut of the fan-favorite and chaotic WarGames, which delivers 3v3 and 4v4 single-player or multiplayer mayhem inside two side-by-side rings, all while surrounded by a double-steel cage. Also check out our exhilarating match-ups between WWE Superstars and Legends including cover Superstar John Cena, The Rock, Bianca Belair, Logan Paul, “The Undertaker”, Rhea Ripley, Bobby Lashley, and more.

WWE 2K23 🧢 EVEN STRONGER! 💪 Coming MARCH 17, 2023! Pre - Order TODAY!
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31 Oca 2023




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Kskillz2 Aylar önce
After nearly 5 year…. Cena has a new attire for 2k23!!!
Anonymous-Deadman 19 gün önce
Its the longevity
Wrestling with Jay
Wrestling with Jay Aylar önce
Alex Aylar önce
@MA It’s not his current titantron, it’s the one from MITB 2021, not his 20th anniversary one.
RadderBaggage Aylar önce
I don't know yes
Saptam Ghosh
Saptam Ghosh Aylar önce
@Meaw Meaw cap
Eshan Aylar önce
Hope to see stacking tables and diving finishers off the ladder return this year, it would make the game instantly much more fun
GallowayGaming 23 gün önce
​@LarryDaGoatYt23 👑 you are a fan of tribal queef. Hush it up .
Cicada Aylar önce
@LarryDaGoatYt23 👑 ive been saying that for the longest time, happy someone else sees that bullshit aswell
TheGoatKingZ Aylar önce
@SHOCKWAVEbro SvR was the same stuff every year and they took things out the game that made no sense of taking out so what your point
WAEL SGAIR Aylar önce
this great f game
Saptam Ghosh
Saptam Ghosh Aylar önce
@Myzerfist what's thouhg
Parkerk27 Aylar önce
Can’t wait to see all the new entrances and war games
Angel Serrano
Angel Serrano Aylar önce
@Twicc it’s not as simple as “it’s just 2 cages”. The rules and format are way different. It’s 2 teams that’s in 2 shark cages. It’s 2 ppl that start in that double ring surrounded by a steal cage and after a period of time someone else joins taking turns between teams until everyone is in. Then the match officially starts. You can even fight in between the rings. Big difference
Demented Nun
Demented Nun Aylar önce
@Zargo there is more space to run away u have 2 bloddy rings 🤣😂
Demented Nun
Demented Nun Aylar önce
You mean a cage match with 2 rings
Axl and Sean
Axl and Sean Aylar önce
Can't wait for this game. It looks incredible. Thankful for some returning features as well as some new ones and modes. My one major issue though is Bobby Lashleys entrance. He's been WWE champ and he's been using the podium for a while. This is an amazing visual and how a superstar should be displayed. How is the podium not in the game?!
KaDhare Finley
KaDhare Finley Aylar önce
Cody looks dope and War Games looks absolutely amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Danny Aylar önce
I was hoping war game would have there own special animations. But from what 2k showcase it looks like it’s gonna be 2 steel cages with weapons. That’s also still fun as fuck I was just hoping for some unique animations to really make the gamemode even better
Gábor Szabó
Gábor Szabó Aylar önce
Jesus i bought wwe22k amd literally bought and played all 😂🤣 this looks the same allllll.over again. I pass
Gԋσʂƚ Aylar önce
@El Master Cody is not the main selling point most people on community creations does it way better than his design in this game. I really hope u enjoy war games with ai knowing how 2k is the servers for this game mode aint even gonna work even if they allow it online
Uncle Juicy TV
Uncle Juicy TV Aylar önce
Say Jah
Say Jah Aylar önce
Lol no he’s not.
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez Aylar önce
Visually, it looks really good. I'm looking forward to seeing more gameplay and how the new "optional" pinning system will work
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis Aylar önce
Literally looks the same as 2K22 which was very hit and miss with its character models.
Unknown Prinke
Unknown Prinke Aylar önce
Double Championship Entrances..It Hits Different💯🔥🔥
R R 29 gün önce
​@Iconic-eq head of the table entrance isn't out dated or old he had the truth reigns since 2012
Unknown Prinke
Unknown Prinke Aylar önce
@maury123BLAZE gotta wait for the release 💯
maury123BLAZE Aylar önce
Yea that's cool but if its only ONE animation for wrestlers to walk out with 2 belts ill very fucking disappointed and thats just lazy
Lucas L
Lucas L Aylar önce
Celebrating a 2007 feature...
Rikh Warrior
Rikh Warrior Aylar önce
Delia Enriquez
Delia Enriquez Aylar önce
I'm glad we got Cora Jade in the game this year! I wish it was her heel persona but I'm just glad she's on the roster.
Rinkyy Labzz
Rinkyy Labzz Aylar önce
the queen of botch , hopefully they get her botches in the game
Diego Ferrandino
Diego Ferrandino Aylar önce
Guessing Roxanne and Tiffany might be in aswell!
Vass Aylar önce
@Spider-Man you were able to get the big show that I said on community creations you still can get him just type in this creator called what's the status on Community creations he has hidden characters with custom renders Victory taunts entrances crowd taunts they have a lot of downloads and upvotes
Sumire Yoshizawa
Sumire Yoshizawa Aylar önce
She probably will have 2 entrances Her face one and her heel one because she got her generation of Jade Heel tron while she doing her face motion because they did something similar to this back in 2k20 with Tommaso ciampa that he has his diy/2k18 entrance by default instead of his heel entrance
Vass Aylar önce
@Spider-Man We might because for WWE2K22 some people were able to download the Big Show with custom render entrance Victory taunts and crowd taunts that he does in WWE because they are still left on the disc just hidden so we might get heel attire and persona
Mikey Aylar önce
I can’t wait for adrenaline to be in my soul when I play my first match! 😁
K 5
K 5 Aylar önce
@The All Father wrong better pyro lighting and facial expression hair updates to mygm and universe showcase changes look you can call it the same but you gotta appreciate the little things sometimes
Tad Aylar önce
These haters acting like they have to buy the game 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lamar Aylar önce
@LarryDaGoatYt23 👑 saying someone has no life is ironic. you dedicate yours to glorifying a man who don’t even know you exist 😂🤣🤣🤣😂 sit this one out. Ja Morant sonned LeMickey kid 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Jgunz123 Aylar önce
@LarryDaGoatYt23 👑 Cry. 🤡
Tramayne Randall
Tramayne Randall Aylar önce
@ALL DAY🚀 it comes out in march give it time
Dawa Penjor Dorji
Dawa Penjor Dorji Aylar önce
I feel like the addition of an electric crowd would do wonders to add a great atmosphere to the game. I mean, HCTP had bright lights flashing over the place and a very atmospheric crowd, and it gave a sense of urgency and made the matches more exciting. Now, if you have quiet crowd, it almost feels kind of dull.
JordinoProbably Aylar önce
The confirmation of new stars like Cora Jade, Kay Lee Ray’s new gimmick change as Alba Fyre, Bad Bunny’s model looking fantastic, the WarGames looking super smooth…this game’s gonna be so good!
Debbie Gardiner
Debbie Gardiner Aylar önce
@Stefan I hope we can play as Dark Alexa too. It would be fun if they included multiple versions of Alexa Bliss going back to when she had the fairy gimmick in NXT. Few wrestlers have been through as many changes as Alexa in the last decade.
JordinoProbably Aylar önce
@Liquidemotionzz It’s the combination of multiple things, I just think his model looks really well done. It’s not like I’m actually gonna use him for anything other than novelty.
Liquidemotionzz Aylar önce
Youre really that excited for........bad bunny......TF?!
ShadowSlayer Aylar önce
@Sumire Yoshizawa I just hope her heel theme is selectable I much rather they had showed off her heel character then her face one
Preston Sherwood
Preston Sherwood Aylar önce
This has me so pumped. I’m haven’t been this excited about a WWE game since the smackdown vs raw series.
RadderBaggage Aylar önce
BDE Aylar önce
This trailer is sick! 🔥🔥🔥
CaptPanther21 Aylar önce
​@ALL DAY🚀 my rise is kinda like my career mode
CaptPanther21 Aylar önce
​@LarryDaGoatYt23 👑 why you hating
CaptPanther21 Aylar önce
​@ALL DAY🚀 so you must have not seen any leaks then
wraithynwa Aylar önce
@The Robber bruh. Ray tracing.
Plus Sign
Plus Sign Aylar önce
love this! looks amazing! so many iconic moments from the past year recreated here
Fk Gucci mane and 1017
It’s the same damn game 💁🏾‍♂️
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Aylar önce
Hell yeah! Let's go. I'm glad that we are getting war games and Cody Rhodes in this game.
Q.H.S Aylar önce
First WWE game I’ve looked forward to since 2K15, very excited
christopher bahena
christopher bahena Aylar önce
I love that Cora Jade is in this game but the only problem I had is she’s in her earlier NXT career then her current heel run
Wolfmode00 Aylar önce
You can't play as a heel in match so who cares. You can't ignore the referees 5 count for one.
LeoAnimations Aylar önce
She has her heel trons I think she will have 2 entrances and this is her face one.
XxPlatinumChief Aylar önce
Bummer but the community are so damn creative they will have her heel gimmicks unfortunate on the entrance though
Boston swag water
Boston swag water Aylar önce
So crowd boo
Daniel Gill
Daniel Gill Aylar önce
this looks epic so hyped for this preordering the icon very soon
Nothing0 Aylar önce
Rey Mysterio on the 2k22 cover, and now John Cena! 2K is really going for the nostalgia of the 2004-2008 Ruthless Aggression kids.
Eric Krupin
Eric Krupin Aylar önce
The last time they had a roster anyone cared about.
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis Aylar önce
It just highlights their inability to create new stars these days.
SavagemanCossey Aylar önce
@Repeat That One More Time Facts 🗣️🗣️
Andrew Staples
Andrew Staples Aylar önce
@ErMarietto or HHH or Stone Cold or HBK or The Rock
ErMarietto Aylar önce
The next will be Undertaker EZ
GXoNe Aylar önce
give chills when i see the 2 rings with the cage together. DAMN!! it's going to be AWESOME for this one
YungKing Naruto
YungKing Naruto Aylar önce
This actually looks promising can’t wait to see gameplay
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis Aylar önce
Just go pop in WWE 2K22
Nicholas Ramdhan
Nicholas Ramdhan Aylar önce
Hopefully we get updated trons in patch updates or more frequent updates like the NBA 2K series gets where they updates things on the NBA players but for the WWE series and hopefully next gen player’s experience better graphics along with PC players and maybe, just maybe custom entrance themes and videos all in all, it looks pretty good so far
Michael Carr
Michael Carr Aylar önce
Awesome!! Definitely worth the wait. Great trailer.
Riley Anthony
Riley Anthony Aylar önce
It’s about time this is going to be an awesome game also thanks 2k for the happy early birthday present 🎁
Sharky Aylar önce
Game looks incredible I can’t wait 🔥
DEMONBXLOR3 Aylar önce
@Perfect Diva 69 that’s his opinion though
Perfect Diva 69
Perfect Diva 69 Aylar önce
Look's like garbage 2k22
D Yorker
D Yorker Aylar önce
Thank you for adding Cora Jade! She will be my NXT Women’s Champion until I decide to call up everybody from NXT and delete the brand from universe mode
Skin deep Smile
Skin deep Smile Aylar önce
I have a whole list ready for my universe mode! I merged NXT with IMPACT. Made a custom logo and arena for it
AtkBlacKK Aylar önce
@epicgamer really? I find it quite easy to. I did get rid of NXT UK, because 4 was just too much(even though those belts are some of my favorite in wrestling)
D Yorker
D Yorker Aylar önce
@epicgamer it’s tough that’s why I keep NXT temporary until I decide to only use RAW and SmackDown
AcknowledgeMe Aylar önce
W man, black and gold forever
Dee Tugg
Dee Tugg Aylar önce
Vinces secret account has been identified... 🤣🤣😅
Khalil Rawls
Khalil Rawls Aylar önce
This trailer was awesome! I can’t wait for this game to come out! This is gonna be great!
josh fig
josh fig Aylar önce
Yes we're getting cora jade !!! I was hoping her model would be her heel side but at least she's in the game ..... Hopefully her heel entrance , clothes , etc are in the game or maybe they'll surprise us and give us another cora model as a heel 🤞
Mಠ_ಠ Aylar önce
I really hope there's promos in 2k23 universe mode and yes Cora Jade is here!
EJ Garza
EJ Garza Aylar önce
I love 2K22. I'm really excited for this one
The Flamehead97
The Flamehead97 Aylar önce
Finally a WarGames match in a game. I can't wait for this game.
Omeo Mahardad
Omeo Mahardad Aylar önce
In previous games, the characters used to look like puppets... But in this one the characters are looking extremely good especially Roman Reigns. Really looking forward for it
Sunday Morning Wrestling
looks awesome! cant wait to play this for the next series of Indy to goat especially with the improvements to universe mode.
Jared Mills
Jared Mills Aylar önce
i look forward to making more custom matches & run in entrances 😏 👍
Shadow Wilson
Shadow Wilson Aylar önce
One hell of a trailer with the best song playing! Wargames is amazing and the graphics are 🔥! Love it!
TheTwinny Aylar önce
Love how the crowd's attention is still focused on the ring and not the at the stage & walkway during those ring entrances.
Tad Aylar önce
@TheOnlyTME bro I love your videos
wraithynwa Aylar önce
@Chonkybeatz there’s a difference in that one is a good game and the other is a bad game in terms of gameplay. I get that this isn’t as big a difference as people hoped but 2K22 was revolutionary change and I just think that people expected the same thing here. I’m excited for the game, I already have it pre-ordered just because I loved 2K22 and I’ll definitely love this more. + people loved all the SVR games even though they didn’t have many updates or new changes. Just freshening up the modes, fixing models and making additions to the roster. You could say the same thing about this game and the games to come. I genuinely think that this will revive the series.
Chonkybeatz Aylar önce
@wraithynwa could of all been patched into the last game though. It's becoming the new FIFA to me. Don't get me wrong your right 22 was quality. But 23 seems like add on material and not a new game. Just like every version of FIFA.
wraithynwa Aylar önce
@Chonkybeatz 2K22 was an amazing game. Gameplay is fantastic. You just needed new features, a bigger roster and a freshening up on the previous game modes. They’ve done that, haven’t they?
Chonkybeatz Aylar önce
@wraithynwa but at this point it's dlc.
MJ7 Aylar önce
Can't wait 🔥🔥🔥
JoeyGramms Aylar önce
From what I can see it looks as though the hair physics are improved and the sweat is looking better, also some animations look redone and better. Can't wait to get hands on
bigglo💕 Aylar önce
Game looks great😊 can't wait to play it plz make commentators say more things in the match and for our created superstars too if you can but especially for superstars
Scroggy Doggy Wrestling
This looks like it has a lot of potential I’m very excited.
Iamfromserbia 🇷🇸
@Jeff Conley the only reason you're not buying the game because 1 wrestler is not going to be in the game
Jeff Conley
Jeff Conley Aylar önce
No Bray Wyatt, I'm not getting
Wolves Revenge
Wolves Revenge Aylar önce
Wonder if we will ever get special guest referee matches back and more backstage area freedom to fight like in here comes the pain.
Igoholic Aylar önce
I'm a little sad that we don't get the new heel cora jade, figured there would've been enough time to change that from when she turned heel but oh well, game still looks great 🔥
Vinicius Junior
Vinicius Junior Aylar önce
I hope they add more details into the characters for example making the "03" Thuganomics Cena look young etc
John K
John K Aylar önce
This looks SICK 🔥🔥
Les Aylar önce
Narold Aylar önce
It looks the same as they always do
Blacguyfromuryard Aylar önce
I hope they bring back custom body types
Optic BigEvil
Optic BigEvil Aylar önce
I finally pre-ordered the icon edition last night this trailer just confirmed I made the right choice ❤
Emo Juggernaut
Emo Juggernaut Aylar önce
Yo I can't wait to play as bad bunny haha. He's one of my favorite music artists of today. This game looks absolutely amazing
CreepyGuy. Aylar önce
finally the WarGames are here! i'm so happy 🔥🔥🔥
A D S Aylar önce
I'm afraid there are no double title entrances....besides that the game looks really awesome 😳😳
Deademcee Aylar önce
Hope they add custom entrances back. And also promos in universe mode 😭
Armani Moore
Armani Moore Aylar önce
Who’s ready for the trailer to look absolutely amazing and the actual gameplay to looking nothing like this
CaptPanther21 Aylar önce
The game will look just like this
Bernard DePasquale
Bernard DePasquale Aylar önce
Looks 🔥🔥🔥. Can’t wait to play I already pre ordered. Any chance we can get tag team call outs in GM mode?
Unariel Aylar önce
Finally a new match type 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Derek Muir
Derek Muir Aylar önce
The graphics in this game looks even better than last year and it looked good last year I'm super excited for this game genuinely. With war games and the updated modes and new features I hope the best for it
Anthony Anderson Drums
WHOS READY FOR THIS GAME? I’m calling it now Game of the Year!
TheEpicMan 777
TheEpicMan 777 Aylar önce
Cora jades in the game Cody looking goated and wargames is looking fun as well Cant wait for the game to come out
Casey Funnell
Casey Funnell Aylar önce
Looks great already can’t wait 🤟🏼
mo fuku
mo fuku Aylar önce
They should add the option of cody having a torn pectoral muscle. That would be sick.
Parshav Jain
Parshav Jain Aylar önce
Let’s go !!! It’s gonna be a banger💥
Hope so that backstage of this will be different from 2k22 because in earlier 2k games there were omg like moves through car , Vince room and many more. It was crazy
Adsavage 12
Adsavage 12 Aylar önce
This legit gave me goosebump
WrestlingIsReal Aylar önce
Let’s go war games look too fire 🔥🔥
Deep fried hamburgers
Eshan Aylar önce
0:23 This diving through the table break animation better not be restricting us on what diving moves we can do through the table because in 2K22 it was so annoying when it didn't allow certain diving moves to be done through a table because of this animation
Vlog Vegas
Vlog Vegas Aylar önce
This looks even better than 2K22 as far as graphics go. Totally revamped! And 2K22 was very good! I’m so excited for this one! LFG!
TheKizzian Aylar önce
Will wait to see exactly what they’ve changed since 2k22
The stage lights in the presentation or Wrestlemania look good but more realism is needed in the lyces that stands out more than that touch of feeling the presentation even more alive, I have been waiting for that similar realism in 2k I hope that it will happen in the future,
Charles Mathew Toledo
I hope this won't be a fall to disappointment from the rise of WWE 2K22
CaptPanther21 Aylar önce
I haven't been excited for a wrestling game in so long I can't wait a whole month
IXSymbioticxTrevXI Aylar önce
Absolutely AMAZING!!!! I can't wait any longer to play
IXSymbioticxTrevXI Aylar önce
@Bombernaut Thank you
Bombernaut Aylar önce
@IXSymbioticxTrevXI don’t listen to that hater play what you like bro
IXSymbioticxTrevXI Aylar önce
@LarryDaGoatYt23 👑 Bro, just let other people enjoy stuff without negativity at least I do have brain cells and not hating on a video game, you don't have to like something that others do and real people aren't bots
IXSymbioticxTrevXI Aylar önce
@LarryDaGoatYt23 👑 No, It's literally called voicing out your opinions to your own audience to your subscribers, I'm "defending" because I don't want negativity and hate surrounding me in the comments, just say your opinions with your voice.
LarryDaGoatYt23 👑
@IXSymbioticxTrevXI even if I made a video all you fanboys gonna do is still defend this 🗑️ just like y'all doing right now so please also tell oh how that gonna make a difference??
Joaquín Villarreal
Guaauu amazement trailer I loved it I already want it to come out of 10 🔥🔥🔥
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Aylar önce
Cody in the game looks amazing 🔥🔥🔥
P B & JAY Aylar önce
I know Bianaca’s hair isn’t the same…..everything looks hella good i was just hoping for it to change a little like adding the parts in the front maybe some of the gems yk. Alba looks great! I’m so excited
Trace dunn
Trace dunn Aylar önce
I can't wait!!!💥💥😊 it's gonna be awesome!!!
Bombernaut Aylar önce
This is AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to get this game on my birthday in March.
JustEpic Aylar önce
I hope we can finally customize 4 person entrances
prevail Aylar önce
Ghost Kill3r
Ghost Kill3r Aylar önce
Can't wait !! 🔥🔥
Chris Hodkinson
Chris Hodkinson Aylar önce
Looks pretty good 😁 my only problem is the hair and lack of info on match types and full roster that’s what’s stopping me from pre ordering
Chris Hodkinson
Chris Hodkinson Aylar önce
@Dynogames that’s what I mean that’s why I’m holding back on pre ordering until I know what I mentioned above
Dynogames Aylar önce
We’re literally only just getting information and it’s a month away from release. They never reveal the roster until the game is nearly out too.
Lauren W.
Lauren W. Aylar önce
Yesss can’t wait! ❤
James Donaldson
James Donaldson Aylar önce
Just out of curiosity, I heard advanced Entrances are back. Does that include title entrances? P.S. will the faction entrances be none exclusive like how Imperium entrance was?
Dogman412 Aylar önce
When will we get the Roster reveal? I can't wait to Pre order this game
ZakMilz Aylar önce
Are we finally gonna get double title entrances????
Bout damn time if so
Toxic Masculinity
Glad to see Cora Jade even though it is not current with her heel persona.
ElimByMonte Aylar önce
Hope this happens because I want to buy a new wwe game since 2k16.....PLEASE add the stunner & rock bottom animations from SHCTP or SVR video game days...thank you. Loved the trailer btw!
-OmegaZero- Aylar önce
Game looks slappin’ 2k22 was great. Let’s see if you guys can follow up!
The Bob Culture Podcast
The Graphics look incredible!!
Leafloaf Aylar önce
Gave me the chills.
Crimson Aylar önce
I wanna be able to add custom themes songs for my entrance like 2k14!
Frenetic_Fox Aylar önce
This might be a stretch or a little thing but how crazy would the character select screen be if it was throw back 2k15 style but a different menu for each Era 🤯
Undertakerfan70 Aylar önce
Hopefully they followed the 2k22 formula. Was a great game imo
Derek Latham
Derek Latham Aylar önce
Now this is what we wanted!
Solo Season
Solo Season Aylar önce
What we need is a preview for Universe Mode cut scenes!!! Since 2k19 we’ve had the same Rivalry cut scenes! I still run a great show off it thanks to glitch’s but it’s time!!! And the impacts of moves seem Decent . Like Sammy Kinda Rag Dolls after, and Natural Selection looked Nice. I’m excited cus they Knew if they didn’t step up AEW MIGHT step in as #1 wrestling game - competing is good for customers
Prescott Dormoh
Prescott Dormoh Aylar önce
Preordering The Icon version but this game gonna smack though real rap 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Denis Kasperovich
Denis Kasperovich Aylar önce
Roman with that 2k19 entrance still 💀
NewGen223 Aylar önce
@AGT WWEGamesChannel so why not put his champions on him knowing 2k because it’s no double tittle entrances 🗑💀
AGT WWEGamesChannel
They think that no reason for update, cause he champ since 2020 and enter to arena only with title
$ituè ~ WAR!
$ituè ~ WAR! Aylar önce
Amazing! Now we want news on the modes!
WWE And FIFA Aylar önce
HELL YEAH !! 🔥🔥🔥
James Byers
James Byers Aylar önce
Looking forward to having Flair, Arn, Larry Z, Sting, Lex Luger, Brian Pillman, Sid, Barry Windham, Koloff, Road Warriors, Rock n Roll Express and all the other early 90s WCW guys as part of the roster for the War Games!!
GriffMeister Aylar önce
Anybody else hoping to get Austin’s current theme?
MWE Wrestling
MWE Wrestling Aylar önce
I hope promos are finally in universe mode.
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