YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Break Or Make Me [Official Music Video]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Break Or Make Me
‘Sincerely, Kentrell’ OUT NOW: youngboy.lnk.to/SincerelyKent...

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again
‘Sincerely, Kentrell’ OUT NOW 💚 Stream/Download: youngboy.lnk.to/SincerelyKentrellID
Jessica Floyd
Jessica Floyd 17 saatler önce
Still ZZZ
Bruno buzz
Bruno buzz Gün önce
Jawaun Williams
Jawaun Williams 2 gün önce
I'm the king of rap 💯💎🏁✨🦉
Alundra Carroll
Alundra Carroll 2 gün önce
Jawaun Williams
Jawaun Williams 3 gün önce
Forever 💯
Coding Mafia
Coding Mafia 3 saatler önce
Lot of similar of niggaz ,with style like him , but he is real one
Manny Immanuel
Manny Immanuel 3 saatler önce
Music And me
Music And me 4 saatler önce
I listen to him so much and Kodak 🔥💯🔥
Dana Michele
Dana Michele 4 saatler önce
You love YoungBoy
Dana Michele
Dana Michele 4 saatler önce
Do you love you
LaeHusky 5 saatler önce
It's a cold world
Malik Mcadory
Malik Mcadory 7 saatler önce
Youngboy in this hunt top never wrong and I swear this main so tall😏👌
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 7 saatler önce
Free youngboy
Jonny Zamora
Jonny Zamora 9 saatler önce
NBA the 🐐🐐🔥n he recorded this video in Utah that’s lit bro 🔝🔥🔥
Ashlyn Wick
Ashlyn Wick 9 saatler önce
Yb the best in the game no cap 🧢
murilex_™ 14 saatler önce
Young Ceo
Young Ceo 15 saatler önce
YB a goat
Lit Joshh
Lit Joshh 18 saatler önce
GHL Yungsity
GHL Yungsity 18 saatler önce
loganfancypants3975 !
loganfancypants3975 ! 20 saatler önce
why does youngboys malotic type songs always get me in my feels
GeeWayyNoWayy 21 saatler önce
HeziLuvzz FN
HeziLuvzz FN Gün önce
W album W song💚free YB🐐YB BETTER😭💕
Young j the king
Young j the king Gün önce
Break or Make Me💔🖤
King Williams
King Williams Gün önce
" I got my guard up so high, I can't even be with you" felt that
Lonnie Nelson
Lonnie Nelson Gün önce
Love it !
2plutooo Gün önce
Free top best rapper alive 💚💚💔💯💯💉💉💉💉
Fno _deet_yt
Fno _deet_yt Gün önce
If y’all don’t like yb come see me
lit bam
lit bam Gün önce
Mane free yb they not tryna let slime king out😪💚
kaisama Gün önce
Yb better
King Huff
King Huff Gün önce
This got me in my feelings but god going to help me get someone one day
iiamkeke Gün önce
Bro this is a ad wow 😬
Michael Alvarado
Michael Alvarado Gün önce
Sorry people but man this guy is corny and his music sucks
sydney Gün önce
ion know bout yall, but this the best song on the album 😩 i love ittt
sydney Gün önce
1:30 he so cute 😍😍😩
Helena Wilder
Helena Wilder Gün önce
Youngboy i through alot but i turn your music on make me feel much better you will always be my best rapper
Gabrielle Foster
Gabrielle Foster Gün önce
All these nigga they don flip flopped
ValantisDev Gün önce
“You better go tat it just like nene too” 😲
BazookaMonke Gün önce
Ejthasickest Gün önce
Glad I'm Still living🤗 it's good to see them OLD YB vids👍I remember when he was really that I was telling myself "We From Tha Same Place So We Can Do Tha Same" Legends All Around
Keron Gurung
Keron Gurung Gün önce
If i wanna post a picture again ama come to yb songs for a caption💚
803 Quan
803 Quan Gün önce
Elijah Davis
Elijah Davis Gün önce
Kelly Dixon
Kelly Dixon 2 gün önce
Rafael Parra
Rafael Parra 2 gün önce
Di chiit haaar afff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
XSevinDaGreatX 2 gün önce
free juice wrld
antho onajourney
antho onajourney 2 gün önce
This is only of my favorite songs
Sandra S
Sandra S 2 gün önce
You home YB!!! WE LOVE YOU !!!!
Courtney Taurus
Courtney Taurus 2 gün önce
How fell all the time
Estacio Ramirez
Estacio Ramirez 2 gün önce
🐐 Fr
Orlando Sherwood
Orlando Sherwood 2 gün önce
[Refrain] It's a cold, cold world outside, ain't on the worst crew I ain't got no one that I can trust, I got my guard up so high Can't even be with you [Verse 1] Tell me, bae, now can we please stop fighting? I need you on side me I might lose my life tonight Later on, I'm gon' be Maybach riding, World War III inside me Tryna see why nothing I do ain't right (Okay, okay) He don't give a fuck about nobody but hisself, oh He wouldn't give one dime or care if I left, oh Know he got shit popping, but at home, he got shit going on Leave that shit alone, let me lean, pass me my Styrofoam Don't conversate about me with your friends Confiscating, bring back backends Love me right and bring back my mind And don't never leave like ones back then Shine right and have fun with your girls I just wanna see you set some trends They don't love me like way back then Wasn't even there for me, even most my mans (Nah) I just wanna ball out, fall off in my big home All these drugs that I'm on from depression got me on PO threatening one on one, just wan' be left alone They tryna say Top wrong, they tryna say Top wrong Smiling, been riding 'round all day, I'm loaded, now tryna fuck you in the coupe (Woo) Next time I flood you with diamonds, I'm going extravagant, do your wrist too Panic, I buy you a Patek, you better go tat it just like Nene too, uh Flood my kids with diamonds like I do my crew [Chorus] Oh, tell me now Is you tryna break me or you tryna make me something better off? [Verse 2] For shit that I painted, for shit that they see For shit that I live and the things that I breathe They don't want me to succeed, I still ain't make it out I see it all in my dreams (Of me banging out) Wrist rock All these niggas, they done flip-flopped Catch me out on scene with a big Glock Know that I might leave out here, but I been staying up Hoping all my pain I spilled starts one day paying off Hope my daddy get that appeal and they let my mans out We got a drop now, okay, load up, let's ride out I can't take a risk without my stick, what's just my sign now? How the fuck I'm talking 'bout, can't take a risk all by myself at all Better not get yourself involved [Refrain] It's a cold, cold world outside, ain't on the worst crew I ain't got no one that I can trust, I got my guard up so high I can't even be with you [Chorus] Oh, tell me now Is you tryna break me or you tryna make me something better off? Oh, tell me now Is you tryna break me or you tryna make me something better off?
Flopz 2 gün önce
Feel bad for Yb ngl
Dee Stenson
Dee Stenson 2 gün önce
They don’t wanna see him win 💔
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez 2 gün önce
Give him his Grammy 🐐 !!!!!!
R 2 gün önce
Yb is so gifted please watch over him god 🙏🏿
ALTBOICLIQUE ♪ 2 gün önce
they fr didnt free him and opened another case bruhhh...
Gomd 2 gün önce
Yvette Dean
Yvette Dean 2 gün önce
Yes the G.O.A.T…..💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Ty A
Ty A 2 gün önce
& hes Freeeeeee. ❤️ Welcome back YB🙌
Life with unknown Live
We’re is youngboy at
West Denver Kid ‘
West Denver Kid ‘ 2 gün önce
Leave that shit alone , let me lean , where my styrofoam ‘😈😕
Meisha Smith
Meisha Smith 2 gün önce
This youngin is in fire
Koren Carvalho
Koren Carvalho 2 gün önce
They cannot see him win ,hating ass mfs
Malcom Shaw
Malcom Shaw 3 gün önce
thewitcherhunt 3 gün önce
Free YB!
Memo 2 gün önce
he is out
Sakx Fifth 100
Sakx Fifth 100 3 gün önce
that part when YB is in the car #Priceless feeling only the real know
jonny flame
jonny flame 3 gün önce
Allen Clement
Allen Clement 3 gün önce
Always had bangers never stopped 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥👌👌 just getting better with time
Sam B
Sam B 3 gün önce
TOP FREE !!!!!!!!!
BOZO 3 gün önce
The goat is free
Drew Snipez
Drew Snipez 3 gün önce
Free top 🐐
Drew Snipez
Drew Snipez 3 gün önce
Free the goat man.
adrian williams
adrian williams 3 gün önce
free top
Neftalí Reyes
Neftalí Reyes 3 gün önce
Kentrell, aka YB the goat has reportedly been freed. For the first time in months, I just left my bedroom to receive a whiff of sunlight. I also ended up touching grass. Currently preparing my first meal in a while. My depression is over. Time to reset my life, YB is a free man.
Gokutheworse 3 gün önce
Life with Kevin
Life with Kevin 3 gün önce
You out love I’m going to see you when you off the ban
24Baby 3 gün önce
YB the best of all time
E 3 gün önce
Zayyking Games and music
He free yayyyyy💚💚💚🔥🔥🔥
Cesar Alvarenga
Cesar Alvarenga 3 gün önce
Freedom YoungBoy 💔💔💔
shawn harrison
shawn harrison 3 gün önce
Top Free
nulldo 3 gün önce
STATFAN 3 gün önce
yb better
TiQuse Currently
TiQuse Currently 3 gün önce
Yb free 💯 ‼️‼️
Valey G
Valey G 3 gün önce
He’s free
Brenda Lewis
Brenda Lewis 3 gün önce
Love this song boo
Burkinabé 3 gün önce
Damsco 73
Damsco 73 3 gün önce
Stephanie Lloyd
Stephanie Lloyd 3 gün önce
Jcjdk Oh OK how do you will be OK
anyone know how can i search the white nike coat he's wearing?
Marcus Edwards
Marcus Edwards 3 gün önce
This song should have gotten way more then 11Mil
Big Ace
Big Ace 3 gün önce
STATFAN 3 gün önce
yb better
NL CAPO💔 3 gün önce
MICHELLE 3 gün önce
I come here everyday free u 😭😭💚
Micheal Nelson
Micheal Nelson 3 gün önce
x Glocn
x Glocn 3 gün önce
Josh 4 gün önce
Can you guys imagine when your in the living room with your kids and this song say 10 years ago
KidX090 4 gün önce
11 million lets go💚💯🔥
Stb Siah
Stb Siah 4 gün önce
EazyT 4 gün önce
beauty to my ears
Young Wboy
Young Wboy 4 gün önce
This men music is awesome🙂
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