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We are so beyond grateful for our friends & family getting gifts for our baby shower! We love you all so much 💗
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5 Haz 2023




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Tricia & Kam
Tricia & Kam 2 aylar önce
we are SO grateful for all the gifts for our baby shower from our friends and family & thank you to all of you who have bought off our registry as well! we love you all so much 🥰
Oluwadamilola Olatunji
Much love for u also💞💞
1yorknewable 2 aylar önce
This gifts are so adorable and sweet for your baby girl she will love it i'm watching you from Israel
Crystal Ferguson
Crystal Ferguson 2 aylar önce
Girl you are so beautiful your glowing with the pregnancy glow. And I no you've probably already started nesting if you no you no lol cleaning everything washing everything all the Sterilizing of everything I'm so excited for you both and I just no baby girl is going to be absolutely gorgeous ❤ yall stay blessed.
a*chaney88 2 aylar önce
The outfits with zippers and feet are called sleepers
Jessica Haynes
Jessica Haynes 2 aylar önce
I'm a single mom can you donate some baby stuff to me please or help promote my registry
Mar 2 aylar önce
Tricia looks amazing in pink, makes her eyes pop! 🤍💕
Millicent Neto
Millicent Neto 2 aylar önce
Tricia looking so awesome💕💕💕
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Just a little pre birth letter: Dear Tricia & Kam I have been watching y’all for a while now, and seeing y’all grow and accomplish so many things as a couple and as individuals has been absolutely incredible. As well as watching you all have all these amazing opportunities knocking at y’all’s door, has been amazing. I am so very proud 🥹 of you both, you both are going to be amazing parents. I know becoming first time parents can be scary, nerve wracking, exciting, yet so beautiful all at the same time, and I know that you all had some scares along the way with babygirl and I’m sure that was so scary for you all to experience especially as first time parents. However, with that said I want you to know you both are going to do (and have been doing ) amazing 🤩 and when the day comes to welcome baby girl into the world it’s going to all be so worth it! I am so happy baby girl is doing well and that everything is going good with her little heart ❤. Becoming first time parents is such a huge deal, adding to your family is a huge milestone in y’all’s lives ❤there’s going to be days that you are so tired you can’t keep your eyes open, and days you want to cry because you overwhelmed and tired, just know that’s okay ! It’s okay to cry and let it out , it’s okay to ask for help when you need it don’t ever be afraid to have someone step in when you need to rest and shower and eat ❤ don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not okay. Tricia if you ever feel like your feeling down, or having a lot of anxiety etc just know it’s okay, I’m saying this because postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are a real thing , and I don’t want you to ever feel like your alone because I promise we are all here for you ❤and it’s okay to speak to someone about it ❤. Let’s be positive and say you won’t have it, but incase these feelings do come up know that I’m here for you ❤. Do not let anyone invalidate your feelings or cross boundaries that you and Kam have in place for baby girl, not family , friends , Drs&nurses, or people that follow y’all! Bc at the end of the day you and Kam are her parents and anyone who can’t respect your boundaries, validate your feelings, and respect your rules in regards to baby girl don’t deserve yalls time or attention and don’t deserve to be around your child ❤. I can’t wait to see baby girl (if y’all decide to share ) and watch you and Kam make this amazing transition into parenthood, as well as watch this new incredible journey in the next chapter of y’all’s lives ❤. I am so grateful 🥹 to be following y’all and be able to watch y’all grow even more as a family. Thank you for including us in this incredible and beautiful journey ❤, I wish you both nothing but continued happiness, peace, prosperity, strength, abundance, love, light, positivity, and success in all your life endeavors ❤. wishing you Tricia such a smooth, quick , safe, successful, beautiful birth experience and recovery and Kam also wishing you a beautiful and successful birth experience with Tricia and baby girl ❤. Congratulations 🍾🎊🎈🎉 ✨ 🥂 again to you both on such a beautiful baby girl. Ps. Make sure you hold on tight to baby girl, give her lots of love hugs and kisses every chance you get (I know you will ), be sure to capture every moment and milestone and memory with you all and baby girl. Don’t ever take a single moment for granted 😭, because I wish every day that I could have my sweet baby girl here with me 😢. My baby girl was a month old when her life was taken. My mother In law kil*ed her on December 29th, 2018 😢, we are still fighting for justice 😢but our state isn’t listening so I’m trying to take to social media in hopes to get help getting justice for her 😢, but it’s so hard to talk about the details 😢, and it’s hard when I don’t have family or friends by my side willing to help me through it (I have my mom but even she has no idea where to turn for help as our story and case is so intricate 😢 and complicated 😢. She does every thing she can , but it’s hard when you don’t know the laws and regulations and when even a lawyer will not speak to us until the state attorney’s office re-opens the case which they have told me they can’t find 😢. So that along with everything else makes it so complicated and hard to seek help). I will be sharing soon on TRvid and tiktok (if they don’t ban tiktok 😢) and anywhere else I can soon. My point is enjoy your sweet beautiful blessing 😭 because I wish that I could. ❤❤❤ hold. On to her tight and don’t let go 😭 ❤ bless you both ❤. Big hugs 🤗 lots of love to you both and baby girl too from her internet auntie ~Bri 👑 ❤. I hope to meet y’all one day. Xoxo your going to do amazing Tricia 🎉❤
Rahma Ali
Rahma Ali 2 aylar önce
This is soo cute😍
Jennifer Meshach
Jennifer Meshach 2 aylar önce
This is so beautiful and I'm so sorry for your loss, I hope and pray you get the justice you deserve. You are amazing and it's gonna be okay, you are so strong so keep being strong. Wishing you love, light and peace! Lots of hugs ❤❤❤❤
Beautiful Madness with Bri
@Rahma Ali awe thank you ☺️ I truly love Tricia and Kam 💜 I want nothing but the best for them 💜. I truly hope they see it 💜 if they have the time. Big hugs 🤗
Beautiful Madness with Bri
@Jennifer Meshach awe thank you babes I really appreciate that 💜. I truly and genuinely want nothing but the best for Tricia and Kam 💜. I am so excited for them and becoming first time parents can definitely be a little scary and nerve wracking but I hope this gives them a little bit of peace and shows them we really do all love them and care about them. 💜. Thank you for your kind words about my daughter , Queen 👑 you are amazing Big hugs 🤗 .
Shameika Biddle
Shameika Biddle 2 aylar önce
The gifts that Ticia and Kam got for their baby girl were all so perfect. I'm happy for them and bringing their new baby into the world soon. 😊❤
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong 2 aylar önce
Tricia 🙋🏻‍♂️
Alesia Winstead (BarelyMade)
Congratulations to you both. The baby show was soooo beautiful. I pray for healthy, happy delivery 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Baby girl is clearly so loved and already so taken care of ❤❤❤❤ my heart is soo full for y’all 😭 ❤❤
madelyn merle
madelyn merle 2 aylar önce
This is awesome ! Y’all have gotten almost everything y’all need just through your supporters and now your family too and that is such a blessing 😭 so many people don’t have this luxury so I’m happy for you guys!!
Miranda Paulson
Miranda Paulson 2 aylar önce
I love how excited you guys are, Kam seems so eager to learn and this new part of his life. Trisha seems so ready to take on motherhood. I love you’re family.
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 2 aylar önce
Babygirl is definitely loved can’t wait for her arrival ❤❤❤
Elyce Benford
Elyce Benford 2 aylar önce
Tricias laugh is so infectious I love it❤❤❤❤ God bless you all may God continue to cover you all today and forever 🙏🏾
Millicent Neto
Millicent Neto 2 aylar önce
Amen ooh
M & M Gang
M & M Gang 2 aylar önce
I can't wait to meet her,” or “Could not be happier for you. You are going to be an amazing parent!” are always great options. Wishes of health. “Wishing you an easy delivery and healthy baby,” “Wishing you health and joy as you welcome your new baby,” or “May you all be happy and healthy!”❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏
SouthernBoyMama14 2 aylar önce
Baby girl is set for a very long time 💖 You guys got a ton of stuff for her! That's great!
Eleanor Hale
Eleanor Hale 2 aylar önce
I cannot wait to see her she’s gonna be so perfect and so so so supported and loved 💖☺️
Taylor Couret
Taylor Couret 2 aylar önce
Love all her gifts and outfits. Can’t wait to see her soon. 🥰🤗
claudia munoz
claudia munoz 2 aylar önce
How beautiful ❤️🥹🥹🥹💘 good luck and enjoy this new journey ❤️
Joan Jube
Joan Jube 2 aylar önce
I'm sooo happy I get to go through this whole journey with you guys 🥺❤️❤️❤️
Farzana Robinson
Farzana Robinson 2 aylar önce
Can’t wait to see your little bundle of joy ❤
Kerlin Afia afrifa
Kerlin Afia afrifa 2 aylar önce
I'm happy for you guys. Love your glow Tricia ❤ May God continue to bless you and guide you guys 🙏
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Me watching y’all turn the book pages has me crying 😭 (😂 I’m such a sensitive person 😂) because it just shows how y’all are gonna look as parents reading to baby girl and it also signifies for me the next chapter in y’all’s lives ❤❤ and how y’all are growing as a family ❤❤. So beautiful 😭 truly ❤
Courtney Burleson
Courtney Burleson 2 aylar önce
The muslin swaddles also come in handy for nursing in public if that’s something you prefer. It’s light weight/ thin and breathable! ❤️
Kelly Shugrue
Kelly Shugrue 2 aylar önce
I love watching these videos. Opening the gifts is my favorite part of showers. Can't wait to see baby girl.
Chloe Sarazin
Chloe Sarazin Aylar önce
I cannot wait to see your adorable baby in those slayyy outfits.
The Real Kia
The Real Kia 2 aylar önce
I enjoyed seeing the gifts and love coming from the people that cares about y’all so much. 💗 TK fam forever.
Rose Gowdie
Rose Gowdie 2 aylar önce
So happy for all the love and gifts you got and how much you enjoy yourselves at the baby shower ❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉
cutefulness 2 aylar önce
super excited for baby girl to come congrat’s to the both of you
Kristi Jones
Kristi Jones Aylar önce
New to your channel. You both rock. I'm excited for you.. my last was a girl. Boys are fun too. Hugs from Oregon
Beautiful Madness with Bri
That battery fan will come in handy on the stroller and car seat ❤ as well as the tummy time mat when baby and Tricia are on floor ❤ that way baby doesn’t get overheated ❤❤❤
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Yess swaddle blankets are absolutely incredible to have for baby ❤
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Marker 8:00 I loveee how the clothes and stuff came in the clothes protector that has pockets and stuff ! Those clothes and socks and everything are adorable 🥰 imma have to have a talk with my fiancé tonight 😂😂😂 bc I’m having extreme baby fever 😂
SumyungHo 2 aylar önce
Trisha read those books to her as soon as she gets home ❤️ I started reading to my daughter pretty much every day atleast 5 books a day since she was an infant. It was amazing to watch her go from not even understanding what she was looking at to smiling every time I brought out a book, to trying to help me turn the pages, to trying to say the words, animals in the books. Now she’s 1 (will be 2 in July) and she knows well over 200 words, she has a book shelf and she goes and gets the books herself and brings them to me when she wants me to read to her. She’s just so smart it amazes me and I think a lot of it had to do with me reading to her ❤️
Peggy Cox
Peggy Cox 2 aylar önce
Congrats on your baby girl 💞🎉 y'all will be amazing parents 💓 I can't wait to meet her an find out her name
Beautiful Madness with Bri
All the outfits are just so adorable ❤
Michaela 2 aylar önce
You guys are amazing! So excited for baby girl ❤
Cassy Okeke
Cassy Okeke 2 aylar önce
You both families and friends really outdid themselves. All the gifts are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Wishing you safe delivery Trish.... Love you both and baby girl🤍🤍🤍🤍. Kisses to Montana and Ryan 💋💋
Dupe Adeniran
Dupe Adeniran 2 aylar önce
All the gifts are wonderful,wish Tricia safe delivery and healthy baby girl
Venice Francis
Venice Francis 2 aylar önce
Congratulations again to you both. I wish for you a safe delivery and a healthy baby. I can't wait to meet baby Williams.
Samantha Gillot
Samantha Gillot 2 aylar önce
This so one of the most beautiful baby shower hauls I have ever watched! What beautiful gifts. U guys literally dnt have to buy a single thing. U guys are beyond blessed! Can't wait to see your baby girl wearing those cute outfits 🥺💕💖
Beautiful Madness with Bri
2:56 marker that outfit that Kam pulled out is sooooo adorable 😭 ❤❤❤ edit to say Aww and the snow suit is adorable too look how cuteee ❤. This is already giving me baby fever 😂
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Marker 20:40 ❤❤❤ again such a cute way to put together baby shower stuff ❤❤❤. I bet there’s so many cute things in there ❤❤
Jenelke Fraser
Jenelke Fraser 2 aylar önce
This is super cute. I love it, tracia does look beautiful in pink. I can't wait for baby girl to arrive. All the gifts are so beautiful 😍
Beautiful Madness with Bri
I love how grateful 🥹 y’all are for everything y’all have gotten ❤❤
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Stop it ❤❤❤ marker 19:36 ! That is the cutest little container ❤ what a cute way to put baby stuff together for a baby shower ❤ that’s so cute ❤
Tonya Conelly
Tonya Conelly 2 aylar önce
I'm so excited to meet baby Williams I'm so happy for you 😊❤
Christine Bland
Christine Bland 2 aylar önce
That owelet sick is ESSENTIAL! It helps to prevent SIDS! Such an amazing gift!
Susan Crawford
Susan Crawford 2 aylar önce
That's so sweet. Beautiful gifts for your baby girl. God bless your family 🙏 Love you guys 💗
Beautiful Madness with Bri
The white onesies at marker 9:10 ❤ they are soooo handy to have ! You can put them under her baby overalls if she has any or pair them with cute little baby leggings ❤❤❤❤ they are also helpful to have bc baby’s spit up a lot and obviously when they are feeding they get milk all over them etc so it’s good to have them as something quick to change baby into. ❤
Yasmin Fugar
Yasmin Fugar 2 aylar önce
I just can’t wait for all the dress ups for baby girl. It’s going to be cuteeee🥰🥰.
Valerie Perkins
Valerie Perkins 2 aylar önce
Love to see a nursery set up video!! Excited for you guys
kemani hewitt
kemani hewitt 2 aylar önce
I can't wait to meet my little butterfly 💖
Cindy 2 aylar önce
You both are sooooo blessed to have so many loving family members and friends!!! Sooo awesome!!! ❤️ I love all the books u got!!! Reading is soooo important!!! ❤️
Adedoyin Titilope
Adedoyin Titilope 2 aylar önce
Baby girls and beautiful clothes...congratulations 🎊
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong 2 aylar önce
You have awesome support from your families and your friends, Rissa & Quan, Janiece & Isaiah, Justus & Kayla, Montana & Ryan and Milo & Hazel 🙋🏻‍♂️🫶🏻🙌🏻
Christina Smothers
Christina Smothers 2 aylar önce
Awesome gifts can’t wait to see baby girl ❤
LaHoma Johnson
LaHoma Johnson 2 aylar önce
Soooo excited for you (3) 🎉🍼 👶🏽
destiny cox
destiny cox 2 aylar önce
Baby girl is such a blessing, I have been around since the beginning of your channel. Saw all of your guys accomplishments. Baby girl is your guys biggest accomplishment. You guys are so pure and loving. You both deserve nothing but happiness. Congrats again and I can’t wait to see you guys with babygirl 💗
Brittany Pinkney
Brittany Pinkney 2 aylar önce
So excited to see baby girl 🎉💕
Drine The Poet
Drine The Poet 2 aylar önce
Aw it's safe to say that baby girl has plenty of stuff ❤
Only1You 2 aylar önce
Congratulations again! I’m so happy for y’all! I can’t wait until baby Girl is here! You both are going to be Amazing parents! I love you Tricia and Kam!!!💜💜💜
Y McHenry
Y McHenry 2 aylar önce
Congratulations and wow your friends and family picked out excellent gifts ❤😊
Claudia Leandre
Claudia Leandre 2 aylar önce
So excited for baby girl Williams to get here.❤
Louisa Roberson
Louisa Roberson 2 aylar önce
The gifts were so cute! Cant wait to see baby girl! Do y'all have a name picked out for her yet?
edwin walker
edwin walker 2 aylar önce
Can't wait to see the baby and congratulations again to you both
ツdani 2 aylar önce
Tricia looks sooo good pregnant like it just fits her😻😻😻
Lisa Inscho
Lisa Inscho 2 aylar önce
They have a lot more baby things that they do now then back when I had all my kids. So much variety of new things. ❤
Eunice Olawoyin
Eunice Olawoyin 2 aylar önce
May God bless the generous spirit of those that gifted baby girl on your baby shower, may their purse never run dry🙏praying for safe and healthy delivery for you guys 🙏🌹🌹🌹💙💙💙💙
Oluwasanmi Dorcas
Oluwasanmi Dorcas 2 aylar önce
Congratulations on the baby shower!! Can’t wait to meet baby Williams
Sandrin Tebo
Sandrin Tebo 2 aylar önce
Babe girl stuff just the cutest If I was the one opening up these gift I’ll be crying it’s good how their family and friends went all out for them
Beautiful Madness with Bri
I love when people think outside the box with things like the hair care stuff for baby ❤❤❤
Casually Me
Casually Me 15 gün önce
Such cute gifts. Your baby will be do blessed
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Awe the activity center is cute ❤
Kaila Poland
Kaila Poland 2 aylar önce
That Dreft stain remover is the #1 thing I always buy for baby showers. That stuff is magic fr, it takes out any stains baby poop no problem. It even takes out BLOOD!!! Remember that Trish for after you have baby girl. It’s definitely a must have. ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Melissa McClure
Melissa McClure 2 aylar önce
Everything is so cute!you will need it all lol they grow fast.cant wait to meet her ,she is going to be beautiful ❤️😍 congrats again 🎉🎊
Janelle Maycock
Janelle Maycock 2 aylar önce
I’m so happy for you guys! Baby Williams is almost here!!! ❤
munachi aneke
munachi aneke 2 aylar önce
Love to see you guys happy😍😍😍😍
Beautiful Madness with Bri
I am so excited to see baby girl ❤❤❤ and so excited for y’all ❤.
Jasmine Simmonds
Jasmine Simmonds 2 aylar önce
I'm so happy for yall Tricia and Cam and congratulations on your baby girl love yall🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
heathernalan sullivan
heathernalan sullivan 2 aylar önce
Rissa is such a kind hearted person I just love them happy y'all babies grow together... Lot TRvidrs having babies in May I watch
Stephanie Martin
Stephanie Martin 2 aylar önce
I'm in love with all of the beautiful gifts for your baby girl, and Kam your mother is a Gi Gi just like me
Brittany Stanley
Brittany Stanley 2 aylar önce
Congratulations on having your first child together everything was beautiful at y’all baby shower and y’all going to be a wonderful and beautiful parents to be Tricia and Kam 💕💕💕💕💕💕🍼
Brianna Duffney
Brianna Duffney 2 aylar önce
Awe how cute, can't wait to meet babygirl
Shantaloves 2 aylar önce
Wow, you guys received a lot of amazing gifts from you'll family and friends!! You guys are so blessed...
Mimi516 2 aylar önce
Amazing gifts, baby girl is blessed🤗💕🙏🏼
DakishaSpeaksLife 2 aylar önce
Tricia looks so beautiful🩷🌸...you're going to be loving amazing parents to your baby girl💕
Lacey Marie
Lacey Marie 2 aylar önce
So happy for you Tricia and Kam. Do you have a whats in my hospital bag Tricia? Also my baby girl was kicking soo much while I was watching this ❤ I added some things from this video to my registry. So helpful
Sumaya Mohamed
Sumaya Mohamed 2 aylar önce
Can’t wait to meet her 💗💗💗💗
Susan Perry
Susan Perry 2 aylar önce
Congratulations to you both,enjoy your journey...
Deliwe Mhlungu
Deliwe Mhlungu 2 aylar önce
This baby will be the best dressed on planet earth! ❤
Atong Kur
Atong Kur 2 aylar önce
Congratulations on the baby shower family 😘
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong 2 aylar önce
I liked their Gender Reveal better 🙋🏻‍♂️💖🩷
Shameika Biddle
Shameika Biddle 2 aylar önce
​@Nicholas Wong their gender reveal was AMAZING! I LOVED it.❤
Nay M
Nay M 2 aylar önce
The vibes r 🔥🔥 Can't wait for baby Williams ❤️❤️
Mylani Mitchell
Mylani Mitchell 2 aylar önce
All the baby stuff is so cute ❤
Nicholle Russo
Nicholle Russo 2 aylar önce
Everything baby girl gotten is so adorable and too cute for words can't wait to see her in these cloths 😢😅we r getting so close
Ashlyn Harmon
Ashlyn Harmon 2 aylar önce
Rissa set you up good for PP care! I love you guys!
Bernita Woods
Bernita Woods 2 aylar önce
Cute gifts aww so sweet ❤
Belyndarh Bellis
Belyndarh Bellis 2 aylar önce
Soo happy 😊😊 for you guys 💕💕💕
LifeWith Alexsondra
LifeWith Alexsondra 2 aylar önce
Can’t wait for baby girl to arrive ☺️ I’m just waiting for it 💕
Kanoe Hartobey
Kanoe Hartobey 2 aylar önce
I think your baby girl made out really well with all of her gifts 🎁. She is totally loved by everyone and she is going to be more loved when she gets here 💕 💖. She's so very lucky to have you and Kam as her parents, and she is going to be so spoiled 😊. Can't wait to see her love 💖 and hugs 🫂.
Aretha Britton
Aretha Britton 2 aylar önce
I can't wait for baby girl to be here congratulations again Tricia and Kam God continue to bless you Tricia and Kam always 🙏😇love you guys more always ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cori Melton
Cori Melton 2 aylar önce
Awe I love this!!!! Should have definitely done a organization video
Beautiful Madness with Bri
Awee 10:01 marker 😭 the little shoes ❤❤❤ how freaking precious ❤
Lina Abbas
Lina Abbas 2 aylar önce
Can we have a video after you set things up , her room the bathroom and all the corners , also the closet. Really looking forward for everything 😍❤️❤️❤️🥺 . Hope she grows healthy happy and loved in your arms guys ❤️