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Do you believe that shoe shine ASMR is the best ASMR?! Today I did my best at shining these very beat up boots what do you think?
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21 Mar 2021




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Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed this video! SUBSCRIBE to my channel it would really help us out because 70 percent of my viewers who watch my videos aren't subscribed. Thank you very much! Don't forget to check out my website! angeloshoeshine.com
Jose Valencia
Jose Valencia 3 aylar önce
I love your videos and it's crazy they dont cause I love seeing the notifications 😍. Hey you! Subscribe now or the shoe God will not be pleased!
nuntana2 5 aylar önce
Subscribed 👍
Ari El
Ari El 6 aylar önce
Hi Angelo, Really cool yours videos, and Boba Fett to 😁
Sir Ulrich
Sir Ulrich 6 gün önce
U always use ugly shoes 😒
Ecthelion75 17 gün önce
GordiansKnotHere Aylar önce
You do some great work, thank you! Edit * Beautiful blade.
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 29 gün önce
Thank you!
Xkmendl T
Xkmendl T Aylar önce
My hats off to these gentlemen for the awesome skill they possess. It proves there’s a job in this world for anyone willing to apply themselves. These guys will never be replaced by a computer.👍🏼
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine Aylar önce
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the video!
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
Did you wait for him to put the knife away before giving him his tip? 😋😋
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine Aylar önce
Haha that's a good one! Thanks for watching!
Ray Gay
Ray Gay 2 aylar önce
I’m convinced that of the many videos I have watched, this is my favorite 🤩
SuperAlexey 2 aylar önce
35:32 lol I thought my internet is bad.
modoc 2 aylar önce
My first experience with asmr (before we knew what it was called) was watching our local tv repairman fix our set right in our living room . Way back in the 1960’s.
Glenn Goins
Glenn Goins 3 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful. They look like a brand new pair of boots. And so relaxing to watch.
Ray Gay
Ray Gay 3 aylar önce
This is one of my favorite “episodes”…These loggers are THE most amazing transformations! Great work Angelo‼️🥾
알름두들러 3 aylar önce
노란걸래 어디서 많이 본거 같았다 했더니 코스트코 꺼구나 ㅋㅋ
Lipsticksnlattes X3
Lipsticksnlattes X3 3 aylar önce
I love these videos. You do such a awesome job Angelo ! I’m such a fan.
Jon Fetzek
Jon Fetzek 3 aylar önce
May I please ask what is embossed on the new kilty/false tongues? It looks like it says Angelo when I pause the video, but I can't zoom in. Is that true? If so, nice touch sir.
OVI -1
OVI -1 3 aylar önce
Mason Roberts
Mason Roberts 3 aylar önce
Man just pulled out a whole ass bayonet 😂
marco vaillant
marco vaillant 4 aylar önce
Do those shoes are a specific type or are those simple boots ? Because i like a lot, they are really nice
marco vaillant
marco vaillant 3 aylar önce
@Jon Fetzek thanks a lot ! Didnt know that ^^
Jon Fetzek
Jon Fetzek 3 aylar önce
The brand is called whites boots. The style of boot is called a logger boot. A few different companies in America make them.
My Random Corner
My Random Corner 4 aylar önce
just realized after watching this for like the hundreth time that thats a bayonet knife he is using
Dustin Is Driving
Dustin Is Driving 4 aylar önce
These videos are great… you can learn a new skill and then get some rest afterwards.
Sinister Greed
Sinister Greed Aylar önce
I see you in the most random videos.
FunWithSmiley 4 aylar önce
The knife gave me an idea for a Sweeny Todd parody that has him as a shoe shiner, but instead of enacting revenge on the people who have ruined his life he just really fucks up the sole of the shoe without the customer knowing
UziNineMillomeetah 4 aylar önce
I used to think I was a weirdo for liking stuff like this. Now I’ve found my people.
Tomas Gustavsson
Tomas Gustavsson 4 aylar önce
I like the movie ! 👍👍
Chris Cadiente
Chris Cadiente 5 aylar önce
Did he repaint the shoe?
jkg kikbu
jkg kikbu 5 aylar önce
Before he drew first blood. Before he singlehandedly rescued American POWS, and became a legend. Coming this fall Stallone is “Rambo The Shoeshine Boy.”
Paolo Rossi
Paolo Rossi 5 aylar önce
Good but please take the gloves, is better.
Mrawesomeness53 5 aylar önce
I see a Slave One in the top right👀
SMKU 5 aylar önce
Hopefully everything you used on that boot was non-flammable. Otherwise, you just turned those fire boots into gas cans....
Kim 5 aylar önce
I love to shine shoes too! Of course the US Navy had a lot to do with that. Taught me my first spit shines. To this day I still polish my shoes regularly. Love to see labor of love. Keep em coming.
Ass-A-Tony 5 aylar önce
this guy did a great job, but i kinda like the look of a worn out boot :\
Nick Duracell
Nick Duracell 5 aylar önce
If someone saw that gentleman on the street, he would congratulate him for his new boots...
riseuplight 5 aylar önce
The rolling of the pant legs is probably my favorite part
Trey Ferguson
Trey Ferguson 4 aylar önce
Mine to.
felicia douglas
felicia douglas 6 aylar önce
I just watched several of your videos and they are very interesting to me not only did I find something new to watch but I learned along the way so I subscribed so I could watch more of your wonderful videos😁
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 6 aylar önce
Awesome, thank you!
illinimarine7 6 aylar önce
Finally, the bayonet to match my navy suit for war
Jo/Kazuo 6 aylar önce
Se você chamar pessoas e contar historias seria interessante.
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 6 aylar önce
Absolutely awesome!
winesap2 6 aylar önce
Shoe shining is one of those skills that would have mesmerized me, but I never watched a shoe shiner. I remember being mesmerized by a plumber fixing a faucet. Any kind of work that was carefully done by someone skilled was asmr to me before asmr was a thing.
Cruz DeLeon
Cruz DeLeon 6 aylar önce
That Slave 1 toy is legit!
Leandro Brinca
Leandro Brinca 6 aylar önce
Why the hell do you use your hands...? >_>
Nomi Sunrider
Nomi Sunrider 7 aylar önce
I actually just fell asleep to one full video and half of another. I love all of them. I have Insomnia as diagnosed by my physician and I also have occasional night terrors and I use asmr videos to fall seep and stay asleep. I'll take as much sleep as I can, a little is better than none.These really help
big coacho
big coacho 7 aylar önce
Say don't fuck with me without saying it 😂
Shirley Sarradet
Shirley Sarradet 7 aylar önce
Just really fine work!!!
J H 7 aylar önce
Wow! Those are some serious shit-kickers! lol. How much does each boot weigh?
Jon Fetzek
Jon Fetzek 3 aylar önce
They're probably about 4-5 pounds each. Loggers can get heavy.
behrooz diz
behrooz diz 7 aylar önce
MultiGoldenBlue 7 aylar önce
I never thought I’d be watching a shoeshine videos in the middle of the night, let along enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you for sharing 😊
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 7 aylar önce
You’re welcome!!
Dawn Thacker
Dawn Thacker 7 aylar önce
Whips out bayonet to clean boots
Da Chimps
Da Chimps 7 aylar önce
Nice bayonet, what war is it from
Jamie Pritchard
Jamie Pritchard 7 aylar önce
What type of boot is this? I've not seen any with removable centre sections before.
K. I.
K. I. 7 aylar önce
Nice sheath for the M16 bayonet, I dig it.
Gal Anonim
Gal Anonim 7 aylar önce
It helps a lot to calm down your emotions and relax your thoughts :))
Just me
Just me 7 aylar önce
35:00 A little Herbie Hancock action for ya there
doacarnage 7 aylar önce
Very nice thorough job, but I can't imagine why a person would apply black shoe polish with their bare hands. Maybe I've been doing it wrong all these years but I try to keep the polish off my hands. Also just my personal taste, I would have finished these off with some new black leather laces.
Lemon Many
Lemon Many 7 aylar önce
The man who gets his shoes clean is lucky I mean hey he gets his shoes cleaned all the time all he has to do is hold the cam
mine big gut
mine big gut 7 aylar önce
For those wondering: The bayonet is a U.S. M7, designed for the M16 rifle and M4 Carbine.
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 7 aylar önce
yes Sir!
pinavinada 7 aylar önce
Not sure how I got here, I was just watching videos of Korean street food... great work though, this is very interesting to watch.
Joseph Mama
Joseph Mama 7 aylar önce
Is that a Bayonet? If so what rifle is it for?
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 7 aylar önce
m7 . thanks
jonatan pereira
jonatan pereira 7 aylar önce
bro, this sound with the knife is awesome. please, explore it!
Joe Josh
Joe Josh 7 aylar önce
Is it me or these videos relax the shit outa me 🥱😴
sebastian7494 8 aylar önce
Angelo gets me with the tingles every single time lol
Sweet Tingles
Sweet Tingles 8 aylar önce
Whoen i leave to school all I do is put some water in the shoes but I have never seen a person living to polish shoes with these many products!!!!!!!!
DALE Moolman
DALE Moolman 8 aylar önce
Nice rifle knife and good sounds its the spray bottle that i like best and the laces
gorsa 282
gorsa 282 8 aylar önce
Doug C
Doug C 8 aylar önce
That looks like the bayonet I have for my M1 carbine
Wondering Wanderer
Wondering Wanderer 8 aylar önce
That knife is a bayonet. Maybe from his grandfather's M1 Garand.. ?
Gahet 8 aylar önce
Daaaaang, they look brand new!
Jay Lee
Jay Lee 8 aylar önce
Why a bayonet? Attention?gratification? Why not a machete? Or a long sword. Mabe a katana? A ruined asmr.
Jack Tobin
Jack Tobin 8 aylar önce
Where is this guy ?
Stem 8 aylar önce
Превью страшное.
Bas Eme
Bas Eme 8 aylar önce
Gotta respect that fist bump in beginning
Александр Баев
Alissa Chisolm
Alissa Chisolm 8 aylar önce
Honestly my heart said "but what if he stabs em in the foot- that would make great entertainment." But my brain said "*bonk* common sense?"
Jesse Rittman
Jesse Rittman 8 aylar önce
I've been watching these videos for a long time. It's awesome to see it growing. Congrats!
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
Awesome! Thank you! very much!!
Please Die
Please Die 8 aylar önce
No officer it’s just my Shoe Pick completely normal
joshuabeane2481 8 aylar önce
Ruaopyy of our lucky eep were the woods and and the woods and the sun and sun sun ⛅️ pop vvgggggg get gggg get huck He
Adam Parker
Adam Parker 8 aylar önce
As always, the rubbing is the best trigger
Maksim 2Men
Maksim 2Men 8 aylar önce
Cool knife,cool video...🤜🤛🔥😉
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
Thanks 👍
Michael 8 aylar önce
Really relaxing to watch do any of the people wearing the shoes/boots fall asleep? 👍subscribed
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
some times lol, thanks for subscribing!
SWISS ASMR 8 aylar önce
I just saw my ex for the first time since we said good bye and it just struck me so hard, wasnt expecting it. At least i know where to click for easing the anxiety. Thank you.
Movie Mania 📼
Movie Mania 📼 5 aylar önce
AHF 8 aylar önce
He goes through more towels than a Korean day Spa.
miss camrynn
miss camrynn 8 aylar önce
Is it just me... or do those feet look TINY!?
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
size mens 12s thanks
David Chisolm
David Chisolm 8 aylar önce
Seen a similar type video. A guy from India cutting hair in street. Like some old fashion barbers
John Rambo
John Rambo 8 aylar önce
I like that you’re using a bayonet in your shine job
The DeviousOrange
The DeviousOrange 8 aylar önce
ordered a bayonet to clean my shoes
GodEmperor Bigfoot
GodEmperor Bigfoot 8 aylar önce
Ill admit it, trench knife got me to click. Feel like there's better tools than one that literally is used as a bayonet, but hey im not the guy doing miracle shoe shines
Jeremy Teamer
Jeremy Teamer 8 aylar önce
I would maybe try using gloves the next time you do black boots.
Jesper 8 aylar önce
Riptide Anomy
Riptide Anomy 8 aylar önce
Shoe making is so interesting
brl987 8 aylar önce
Please shake that spray bottle just a little bit. Pwees! Otay!
Ch Ha
Ch Ha 8 aylar önce
This man is the best. Hats off dude keep up the great work. I love your videos
Francisca Figueroa
Francisca Figueroa 8 aylar önce
Me encantan tus vídeos..de Venezuela
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
Hola! muchas gracias
Ryo 8 aylar önce
could your try putting insane stains and removing them?
Mohammad ZASZ
Mohammad ZASZ 8 aylar önce
Gotta get that damp before he gets to work
Michel 8 aylar önce
Next video he’ll draw a bastard sword
Fishing North Florida
Fishing North Florida 8 aylar önce
Really brought out a tactical shoe-cleaning bayonet😂
snochicka 8 aylar önce
19:37 you get a glimpse of Angelo’s profile and HELLO smokestack! These videos just took a different turn for me. 🥵🫀
sham fella
sham fella 8 aylar önce
Nice bayo
Antec023 8 aylar önce
Anyone know what kind of boots these are?
العنود 8 aylar önce
I do respect the work you do bro at least you are doing it from heart humbly and professionally to have a clean food, you are no thief like most of politicians, many respect for your work and great efforts Your sister from Arabic Islamic Jerusalem #Free_palestine
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
Thank you!!
michael11vg 8 aylar önce
Even on a slow day he can just use a mannequin legs and feet to make more vids 💯
Shane pressnall
Shane pressnall 8 aylar önce
Took me 7 min to notice slave 1 over there in the corner
Made in Italy ASMR Official
The scissors were a surprise... but a welcome one
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