You're About To Get ASMR 'd REAL Good

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today you have the vantage point of Dr. Namyzarc as Vincent gives him da ASMR real good like.. using his tough, yet smooth and soft spoken voice.. he uses many techniques to relax, de-stress, tingle, and induce sleep in da viewer... dats yous guys! enjoy, Much Love.. Doc
This is an ASMR video, its designed to relieve stress, promote relaxation, tingles & sleep. If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, like, and leave a comment as it greatly helps the channel. thanks for stopping by.. Much Love, Dr. T
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14 Ağu 2020




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Dr.Shagrat 3 aylar önce
Well ... ill play along ... FUCK YOU, i aint talking...
TheTopYeezo 3 aylar önce
Don't threaten me with a good time, swinjelli.
Big Pompano
Big Pompano 5 aylar önce
When the yellow dish gloves came out I was like ‘ohhhhhhh shit’
HeIsNotReal 6 aylar önce
Omg i love the go rest part
GardenBeast 9 aylar önce
Lamp oil, rope, bombs, it’s your my friend
So Satisfying
So Satisfying 11 aylar önce
Jessica Moniz
Jessica Moniz 11 aylar önce
It's all about the pickles baby This whole video had me cheesing 😁😁😁
Zimtblut Yıl önce
Meep? 😦
k3nz Yıl önce
This guy sounds like my 4th grade teacher. My 4th grade teacher retired and I think this is what he is doing now lol
jooj nmo
jooj nmo Yıl önce
Asmr us as you can 💯💯💙
aangel Yıl önce
LMAO I just realized he has different voices in different times
Your personal assistant
I'm getting concerned with comments but, is this an asmr porno?
jooj nmo
jooj nmo Yıl önce
When i want to sleep this asmr help me 🌼🥰
Overkill Gaming
Overkill Gaming Yıl önce
Vinginzo squingilli bapata boopi its marios third brother xD
TWillard Yıl önce
“Do not open your mouth again” Me: Opens mouth “Good”
Legendary Wolf General
Doc TOR! has been captured, initiating asmr sequencing
Vince Carter
Vince Carter Yıl önce
When he said retribution it reminded me of meat canyon
The Blazing Bean
The Blazing Bean Yıl önce
Ahhhhhh yes SQUINGELI
Kirb0 Yıl önce
I dont know if the title is a threat or a notification
AlphaCaine Productions
Im scared if i read too far into comments ill just see "TINGLE ME DADDY"
Microwave Mayhem
Microwave Mayhem Yıl önce
Looks yummy! Would be better in the microwave!
The_Protector Of_Smols
On topic comment how did we capture him the ENTIRE T-CYBORG FACTON WITHIN TINGLE BOTTOM INDUSTRIES HAS BEEN TRYING FOR MONTHS *sad cyborg noises* "are we outdated? do we serve a purpose anymore?" ;-;
The_Protector Of_Smols
Alright this is off topic but I keep seeing fair tax BS for my state of Illinois and I keep thinking how you gonna stop the rich people from just *abandoning* my state for one that isn't going to try to fuck with thier money God knows they can afford it right?
Olivia Sutliff
Olivia Sutliff Yıl önce
2:10 when your mom gets mad at your attitude
tlayuda Yıl önce
You know its going to be a banger when u hear: "please, allow myself, to introduce myself"
Your personal assistant
0:08 this got me
TSVideoGamer Yıl önce
1:00 O_O
TSVideoGamer Yıl önce
@Rodrigo Centurión Alias FoxyPotatoMan12 Never mind
Blue Router
Blue Router Yıl önce
Spreading Avian diseases through the ducks bathroom needs onto Dr.Namyzarc is clever😏😲
Blue Router
Blue Router Yıl önce
Loading Tinglebottom industries with the Highest quality internet*****
JDPhoenix Yıl önce
Cahbin Fibah
Daniel Welch
Daniel Welch Yıl önce
He sounds like the mole dude who’s rich and has a ice shoot from zootopia in a good way
Lysergide Daydream
He sounds like The Godfather, which is what that mole was based on.
Blue Router
Blue Router Yıl önce
U a Lie
ANDRJUS Music Yıl önce
Ciao Vince! Bellu video! Mi piace assai capisc? 😎🙏❤
Karma Yıl önce
"yes that is the man" My xx chromosomes having ass:👁️👄👁️
Karma Yıl önce
Yes ASMR me harder
Goronimus Yıl önce
you just got VECT- Vincent: ASMR-D, actually...
Cult Idk
Cult Idk Yıl önce
Asmr me harder daddy
sweatyglow 07
sweatyglow 07 Yıl önce
Ha my name vinnie priest lol
Piano Souls
Piano Souls Yıl önce
You guys saw that thing in the background??!? It was so weird!! It was there for a sec
EXFIL123 Yıl önce
Thumbs down for the stupid Biden ads 👎🏼
Blue Router
Blue Router Yıl önce
Yes!!! Exactly
matchley500 Yıl önce
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is: right now, at this time, before you, currently, in the present. That it why it’s called ASMR
Crybaby Yıl önce
Never has failed me to get me to sleep can’t express the love I got for this man❤️☺️
Killswitch Kurtz
Killswitch Kurtz Yıl önce
One of these days ill be able to finish a video without passing out.
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter Yıl önce
Will and the eboys
Martin Alba
Martin Alba Yıl önce
You make my day
Rizmo Yıl önce
I'm a little droid and i like to get fixed
JustPickAlready Yıl önce
You gotta stop pilfering your dad's closet.
Christian Sandrini
Vincenzo Squingilli is my favourite Italian person, and I'm an Italian living in Italy
Your personal assistant
"What're you gonna do da me"?
I just cant Be asked
“2:09” Me:🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐
Spirit Yıl önce
He sound like Mafia Boss, ASMR Idea: I'm Your Mafia boss
Ion doc
Ion doc Yıl önce
Can I have a heart
Ion doc
Ion doc Yıl önce
Cantara Bella
Cantara Bella Yıl önce
Dr T., you need to do a Cuomo role-play. I would love to see your take on his personality, and maybe add to the lore of this saga, see where you mind fits him in this universe of yours.
gangstreG123 Yıl önce
So I was watching a movie the other day: 1997's Austin Powers International Man of Mystery. In the casino facing Dr. Evil's henchman, No.2, Austin utters a line that was startlingly familiar: "Allow myself to introduce... myself"
Nibrock Gath
Nibrock Gath Yıl önce
Vincent: boss hates it when I put the device back with finger prints on it Me: you're wearing gloves
Jawsh Yıl önce
Anyone know if The Source is looking to hire 16 year olds?
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Yıl önce
Its funny. Cause i dont get tingles either. Lol. Iv felt them before when i first found asmr. Though only when i was watching the video as well as listening (it was a scalp massage video) but even then it was difficult. I just listen to it to help fall asleep.
AtomiicRaccoon Yıl önce
Beam Time
Beam Time Yıl önce
Imagine Namyzarc comes around after this ASMRing and joins Tinglebotrom industries, renouncing his stance as an anti-ASMRist and rising through the ranks to become an actual Doctor. The plot thickens...
Dizaster studios
Dizaster studios Yıl önce
Namyzark ducknapped ductor Stanley!? Da heck namyzark!? I had an appointment with the ducktor next Friday XD
Luky L
Luky L Yıl önce
the Voice is omg i want a voice like that *deep*
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson Yıl önce
"believe me when i tell you, don't open your mouth again." yeah ok i believe you
Lucie Bourdouxhe
Lucie Bourdouxhe Yıl önce
"Right now. This time, before you. Currently in the present." LMAOOOOO 😄😄😄
Lucie Bourdouxhe
Lucie Bourdouxhe Yıl önce
Hiiiii Dr Stanley!!!
Daking Yıl önce
Him:don't open your mouth Me if i was in that situation: opens mouth for no reason and doesn't say anything
Daking Yıl önce
Idk what the consequences are I will take them for ducknapping that beautiful creature named Stanley
Corey Yıl önce
I'm trying to imagine Willne listening to this
juicee ju
juicee ju Yıl önce
This man has a deeeeep voice!
Play Time
Play Time Yıl önce
I choose Dr.Stanley! Dr. Stanley use GLARE!!!
itz Rambles
itz Rambles Yıl önce
replace ASMR with kill or murder
Ava xx
Ava xx Yıl önce
Anyone else here cause of the eboys podcast
Euan Milligan
Euan Milligan Yıl önce
up the WallNE
Sir Sean
Sir Sean Yıl önce
Mon the gers 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
nem Yıl önce
" im a little droid and i like to get fixed" - willne 2020
John Waters
John Waters Yıl önce
who else is here because of big willne?
Go Go Pendo
Go Go Pendo Yıl önce
Aha Yıl önce
sometimes the tingles get so good I start to drool without noticing
Sir Admin
Sir Admin Yıl önce
This man talks in cursive
J. C. Robertson
J. C. Robertson Yıl önce
Twice I've fallen asleep to this vid, and twice have I been scared shitless by the ad at the end lol
Kai Phillips
Kai Phillips Yıl önce
doubt anyone who'll know who this is but he sounds like caleb from blood
Vixen Yıl önce
I might not be the first but ill be the 700th comment which is ironic cause i have to get up at 7am
Zero Yıl önce
I’m waiting for the day that the tingler makes it’s return...when the tingler comes back, the tingles will over flow. if ya know ya know 🔫
Genet!cs Yıl önce
WXRLD777 Yıl önce
Hurry up and make a new video. These other asmrtists are obsolete.
Naomy Frometa S
Naomy Frometa S Yıl önce
Hey Dr.T, could you please make a video where you have a lot of anticipatory triggers and a bit of inaudible repetition? Thanks 😊
HodeonArtz Yıl önce
Get ASMR' d lol
Ratardo Batardo
Ratardo Batardo Yıl önce
Where are you doc
Dalton Harding
Dalton Harding Yıl önce
I hope Agent Tinglesmith gets his turn!
Happy Vibezz
Happy Vibezz Yıl önce
You sound like someone who would be reading a book from audible lol
Mr Unavailable
Mr Unavailable Yıl önce
Since I always get notified about his new vids in the morning I take a good listen and say oh yeah that’s gonna be good for the next week
Ellzett Lukas
Ellzett Lukas Yıl önce
Your voice😇😇
Steven A
Steven A Yıl önce
Alien ASMR
Susan Hambrick
Susan Hambrick Yıl önce
Okay, but like... this feels like it wants to be a really mild selfcest yaoi fanfic or something. Am I crazy? Two characters, each played by the same person, one roleplaying that they're giving the other asmr? I may have read too much fanfiction. It's also very meta. Either way, good tingles.
Zavier Moorcroft
Zavier Moorcroft Yıl önce
just noticed what video this is this is the 420th video you’ve made.Nice you should make a Colorado themed video next i live in Colorado and i think it would be really funny lol.
Murf Tupperware
Murf Tupperware Yıl önce
1:00 I just about jumped outta my bed to the sound 😂
Blue Router
Blue Router Yıl önce
Maegan Turner
Maegan Turner Yıl önce
LarryOfAllTrades Yıl önce
Justice for Ducktor Stanley!
NRC Yıl önce
I love you Duck-tor Stanley
GraceR Yıl önce
Oh yeah. Asmr me, daddy. Make me tingle. Oh shi- I am sorry.
Visionedimp1352 Yıl önce
I wish I could unsee that
NameHere Yıl önce
How much power does this company have?? it can take people under custody, it basically has it’s own militia, and it can basically end any nation instantly
"At this time, currently present, right now." Me: "Oh you mean now!?" *gets ready for some intense tingles*
Maxx Besauce
Maxx Besauce Yıl önce
Alternate title *vinny takes Dr.namyzarc out back to “greener pastures “*
Autumn Palmer
Autumn Palmer Yıl önce
please allow myself to introduce myself 😼 i’ll always love that line
The Flying Magnet
Bruh it’s 1 am and I’m trying to get to sleep but just burst out laughing 01:00 🤣🤣🤣
Maegan Turner
Maegan Turner Yıl önce
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