You Need To Trust Me | Hacksaw Ridge scene

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1 Eyl 2022




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Dr Diabetes
Dr Diabetes 2 aylar önce
This story blows my damn mind. If there is a heaven, he's got a place reserved.. FUCKING HERO
Kiekkokala 10 gün önce
Now calm down mr diabetes
Mik Rof
Mik Rof 12 gün önce
If there is a heaven?
Dub Kodiak
Dub Kodiak 15 gün önce
@Dr. Fjoer_The_Crazy_Scientist_Guy did you make the nature around you? Or are you a self made person
Dr. Fjoer_The_Crazy_Scientist_Guy
@Dub Kodiak No, no it didn't 🤣 its a f Bronze age Fairytale BS I believe in Myself and Nature. Period
Dub Kodiak
Dub Kodiak 16 gün önce
@Dr. Fjoer_The_Crazy_Scientist_Guy do you know of all the prophecies in the Bible that have come true.
DBAlex Aylar önce
They didn’t wait nearly long enough 😭
MrSimplified 9 gün önce
Fr, two seconds after they leave they instantly get up and try to get away, if this was real they would’ve gotten shot fast
zezum 29 gün önce
​@terry riley Lmao
Don Gendron
Don Gendron Aylar önce
With the pure adrenaline coursing through him in that 6 or 7 seconds, wondering if he'd been stabbed or not, most mortal men would have lost their shit before Yoshi pull the bayonet from his corpse-cover. He must have spent a good 10-15 in his mind, just wondering if he was bleeding out. As a guy who's been stabbed while full of adrenaline (not by a 14" Japanese wakizashi sized bayonet, I'll admit) it's difficult to register pain or whether you're injured and/or how badly. He kept it under the lid for an impressive duration. I'd have had a heart attack from shear panic! Lol!
Sadhu sadhu
Sadhu sadhu Aylar önce
God 😭😭😭💔
Shhhamy Aylar önce
@milk haha
TearingUser935 Aylar önce
This is what Spider-Man meant by “stopped pulling his punches”
Faïnactif(FR) Aylar önce
@Jay Johnson I mean kinda, because, Andrew Garfield.
Gunna's Secret Son
Gunna's Secret Son Aylar önce
Source - Andrew Tate hairs
Isak Söderholm
Isak Söderholm Aylar önce
Literally the short I just watched😂
Jnr Liufau
Jnr Liufau Aylar önce
@Junior i think that was the point of the joke, i say this bc whenever u watch an andrew garfield short or clip, it is not uncommon to find this joke (or some variation of it) amongst the most liked comments, n so this person intentionally placed this joke here despite it making no relevant connection to the clip but simply to jeer at the commonplace joke that it’s “usually” made on a andrew garfield video
MD Rahmat
MD Rahmat Aylar önce
​@Jay Johnson
Ver7ic ㄔㄗㄚㄦㄟ
who else stood still and making sure you gasp a little bit of a air while watching this
donte 9 gün önce
Way Smit
Way Smit 23 gün önce
I did
FatQueso Aylar önce
D_Roy Aylar önce
wait why did I do that
Shadow Black
Shadow Black 28 gün önce
Craziest thing is they had to tone down everything he did and not mention even crazier things because no one would belive it and think it was all hollywood... it wasn't. This man was fuckin chosen
TheLOOKOUTSquad 3 aylar önce
Its still unbelievable that he still dragged 75 MEN to safety as his OWN CAPTAIN put it "what you did on that ridge is nothing short than a miracle" :edit: HOLY SH*T MOM IM FAMOUS
Angelika Makoewa
Angelika Makoewa 24 gün önce
Vane Santos
Vane Santos Aylar önce
M de Saùde de José da casa dos j
Vane Santos
Vane Santos Aylar önce
M de Saùde de José da casa dos j
Vane Santos
Vane Santos Aylar önce
M de Saùde de José da casa dos j
Vane Santos
Vane Santos Aylar önce
M de Saùde de José da casa dos j
PéroLLa🪐 Aylar önce
fez o que muitos não fariam " filme incrível além de ser real
Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan Aylar önce
This movie is one of the first depictions of war (apart from Saving Private Ryan and We Were Soldiers) that really gave me insight into what our military has been through
Wat Dat
Wat Dat Aylar önce
Let alone what they caused.
SkyBlue 29 gün önce
That’s an amazing movie. I remember watching this when I was greatly depressed. It kind of made me see that things I was upset were bad but things could be a lot worse and I could find a greater purpose.
jigcris7 29 gün önce
Sophia Aylar önce
Desmond Doss was an amazing man. I wrote a speech on him in school about his optimism. Andrew Garfield was also the perfect actor for the role!
Chris 2 aylar önce
The full true story is so unbelievable. After saving 70+ people, a few days later a grenade exploded shrapnel into his leg up to his hip, and as he retreated a sniper shot him in the arm, shattering his bones, and he STILL saved 1 more person before saving himself. THEN he developed tuberculosis and had to have a lung removed, and he lived 50+ more years with 1 lung. The man was an absolute machine
Любовь Баучиева
люди ,очнитесь. Ведь всех вас рожала женщина-мать
OddlyGothic Aylar önce
@Mr. W you're very right, I understand that now, thank you.
Mr. W
Mr. W Aylar önce
@OddlyGothic the thought of him could tho
Sushi Moshi
Sushi Moshi Aylar önce
@Common Name lol jsus kid spotted. The man who Couldn't bear living will save another? 😂 Let that Cry baby Cry
Gianna X
Gianna X Aylar önce
@Spider Cat sure🤣
Sonaka Ren
Sonaka Ren Aylar önce
Andrew Garfield surprised me with his acting in this movie. He did really well.
Aluisio Alves
Aluisio Alves Aylar önce
JA Assisti muitos filmes baseados em caso reais ...... mas esse superou TODOS.....até o último homem
Рима Аскарова
Классный фильм "По соображению совести "! Человек не хотел брать в руки оружие , ещё его хотели судит , а он скольких людей спас! Вот герой настоящий !
William Heriberto
William Heriberto Aylar önce
como se llama la película gracias
Рустам Aylar önce
Как называется?
Leonardo DaHumanoid
I actually got to meet Desmond Doss when l was still in school. l think it was 55 or 56 years ago. l considered it a privilege to hear his story directly from him. l used to have a book about him. It's probably been handed down to an interested young person. What he experienced was in fact miraculous. His body and mind had to have been energized and strengthened by an external source.
盧世勛 Aylar önce
ElenarMT 2 aylar önce
I just cannot grasp how amazing the TRUE version was. They had to tone it down in the movie, in fear of losing credibility
Hammy James
Hammy James Aylar önce
@Bacdafucup yes
Wavy Aylar önce
White - Crow
White - Crow Aylar önce
@Niko what would Jewish people embellish? please, id love to hear your thoughts, and possibly evidence to back up what you think.
Bacdafucup 2 aylar önce
@Wienershnitzel so witness accounts are the most credible source, got ya 👍
Wienershnitzel 2 aylar önce
@Bacdafucup no, he wasn’t but the people that saw him do it were there and were a first hand sources
Guilherme Moura
Guilherme Moura Aylar önce
Melhor filme Slc ❤️😻
Nicaulette. Mawrie
Nicaulette. Mawrie Aylar önce
It was really a good film hacksaw ridge, i remember i cried alot watching this film.. Andrew garfield here was a medic not a soldier, and everyine would mke fun of him but in the end he is the bravest medic to save everyone...
Andrew Garfield needs an Oscar for this
Lamont Goings
Lamont Goings Aylar önce
That was such an inspirational story
eduardo tales tales
Um dos melhores filmes q já vi
smith denis
smith denis Aylar önce
This gotta be one of the scariest moments anyone can have 😮
DurudeBofa Aylar önce
One of the greatest war movies and stories of all time.
Mathiyalagan D
Mathiyalagan D Aylar önce
Movie name br
Petr Pilny
Petr Pilny Aylar önce
legendární film podle skutečné události
M F 3 aylar önce
I haven't seen this movie, that quick thinking was pure instinctive genius, when you only have seconds to decide what to do!!
Dennis Clayton
Dennis Clayton Aylar önce
@successful motivational quotes Hacksaw Ridge
successful motivational quotes
Movie name
Mary Rodrigues
Mary Rodrigues Aylar önce
@Mike Stokes yfrrty yt III y
Harun Kaya
Harun Kaya Aylar önce
Filmin ismi
Dennis Clayton
Dennis Clayton Aylar önce
@Hamza Arslan it is Hacksaw Ridge
zachpm1309 Aylar önce
Andrew Garfield Is A Severely Underrated Actor. And I’m Not Saying That Just Because He Played Spider-Man. This One Is Probably My Favorite Performance Of His.
Deepthi Kurian
Deepthi Kurian Aylar önce
I was holding my breath as well. The tension is tangible
Ishaan Karthik
Ishaan Karthik Aylar önce
Movie name
Rashell Ann Aton
Rashell Ann Aton Aylar önce
Best Hero Of all Time Desmond Doss🤞♥️
Тавус Уничова
Какие же наши солдаты умные я в восторге от них
Random boy
Random boy Aylar önce
Almost the same scene happened with my uncle during the Iraq war against Iran. He was hiding under the dirt. When his friends came to check whether someone was still alive or not, they asked if there was anyone left, but he thought it might be a trap, for the last time they said if there's someone get out, we must leave, you will die if you didn't go out, and in the end he could to go out
Wahid Khan
Wahid Khan Aylar önce
Movie name
Ricardo No Cap
Ricardo No Cap Aylar önce
Nothing you said makes sense
TotalJetNerd Aylar önce
Layana Bigelow
Layana Bigelow Aylar önce
DBAlex Aylar önce
What you typed makes no sense
ARAN CarnIvorA
ARAN CarnIvorA Aylar önce
We all expect that final twist🤓
King jeff
King jeff Aylar önce
So we just gonna ignore the fact that he had sand in his eye
DGRIFF! Aylar önce
It's a fucking movie my dude.
Bennedict Obsioma
Bennedict Obsioma Aylar önce
Mickey Rohbock
Mickey Rohbock 21 gün önce
I his was such an inspiring movie. He had such honor and courage. Remarkably young man.
Bori's Midnight Mechanics
Love this remarkable movie
Jay Yavid
Jay Yavid 2 aylar önce
Anyone else thought he got up way tooo quick 😅
Tonk Aylar önce
Yea 💀
Shaun Haskell
Shaun Haskell Aylar önce
Fuck yeah lol
R is nice.
R is nice. Aylar önce
If he did not get up it wouldve probably been way too late aswell idk
Aby mohanan
Aby mohanan Aylar önce
Perfect acting by Andrew Garfield 👍🏻
Ünvanlı Unvansiz
Ünvanlı Unvansiz Aylar önce
Filmin adı ne
Марина Aylar önce
Фильм снят по реальной истории из жизни про солдата адвентиста седьмого дня. "По соображениям совести" . Советую к просмотру! (Крови много конечно, но фильм хороший).
Mikuu San
Mikuu San Aylar önce
Spidersense, he moved a little because he knew that this dude gonna stab him and miss
SphinxDoes YT
SphinxDoes YT Aylar önce
I remember my parents made me watch this and I didn’t want to but after I was happy I did it’s goated
ABM 2 aylar önce
Damn that soldier he covered up didn’t even get to take a breath and still held it for that long
Abdu Rahim
Abdu Rahim Aylar önce
prod. 💀💀
prod. 💀💀 Aylar önce
It’s life or death
Matthew M
Matthew M Aylar önce
He probably just breathed really slowly through the dirt
In the woods
In the woods Aylar önce
Adrenaline and fight or flight
Harold Cruz
Harold Cruz Aylar önce
well, its either that or he wont be breathing anymore 🤣
Carly Pinho
Carly Pinho Aylar önce
Melhor filme q assistir na minha vida
Atonks Aylar önce
The soldier that never fired a gun…
Atonks Aylar önce
The soldier that never fired a gun…
Silvia Menacho
Silvia Menacho Aylar önce
Hasta el último hombre. Una película basada en hechos reales
M H 2 aylar önce
Imagine having to play dead even if you're stabbed or shot?.. the level of fear is almost comical.. knowing you won't survive if you make any movement or sound.. insane..
Jehree Aylar önce
@H C yeahhh I'm gonna call bs on this. If her arms were cut off she'd bleed out pretty quick.
Irene Marano
Irene Marano 2 aylar önce
@OnXyReaper15 Good , because than you would be dead for real . WW2 had so many stories and they were real .
H C 2 aylar önce
There was a girl who had to do that in America. She got on a car or van whatever (bad idea) hitch-hiking and long story short he not only SA'ed her for hours but cut off both of her arms. She acted dead in the middle of all this pain. He took her somewhere and threw her down. Still she acted dead. I think she broke ribs from the fall.
Hero 5
Hero 5 2 aylar önce
It happened to someone I know. He had to play dead as the enemy came by to stab everyone to insure they were dead. He was eventually stabbed but lived. I can't imagine the horror of knowing its coming.
Specs004 2 aylar önce
@primus beast but let's re-read OPs sentence where it said "Its almost comical" where they didn't even say it's funny or comical, they said it's almost there because imagine having to deal with such an insane situation? I promise you getting offended on the behalf of war veterans or those who have gone through war is a fruitless battle. Much like most wars are fruitless
Alexander Gordy
Alexander Gordy Aylar önce
One of the best situations in war ever
Наталия Малышкина
Фильм снят на реальных событиях!! очень духозахватывающий , смотрится на одном дыхании. Советую посмотреть☝️
Алексей Галкин
как называется?
Andrew Ortiz-Smith
Andrew Ortiz-Smith Aylar önce
Fun fact, most the shit that he actually did they didn’t put in this movie because they said people wouldn’t have believed it, this is just a sample of what he actually did
Kenny C
Kenny C Aylar önce
Good movie with a great ending
deboraition 2 aylar önce
The fact that this is based on a true story is just mindblowing
john smith
john smith 2 aylar önce
@My Comment Read above.
My Comment
My Comment 2 aylar önce
What's movies name please
TB 2 aylar önce
NeitherTwoSturrr 2 aylar önce
The fact that they all attest to the tone that of the movie made it seem like it was possible when what really happened that day was unbelievable. The true details would have made anyone call bullshit and call it a lie.
RoOnic 2 aylar önce
@Blackheart Gaming Hacksaw Ridge
R4NG3R D3THR0W 28 gün önce
Crazy how this was a true story. And thanks for putting the name of the movie.
Haiko Rosário
Haiko Rosário Aylar önce
Quero o nome deste filme😍😍
P r i o r a  U n i v e r s a l 🚘
Фильм ахуенный помно смотрели его в кино вконец все плакали и потом хлопали
Susan Allard
Susan Allard Aylar önce
This was one of the best movie I have ever seen.He lived about 30 min. from me..
ahmet çoruh
ahmet çoruh Aylar önce
Filmin ismi ne
Relatablehabitat 2 aylar önce
Bro there is dirt in his eye….that is one heck of an actor
Misfit God
Misfit God Aylar önce
@Mr_Doogz I'll pay my rent when you fix this damn door
Charlie Bale
Charlie Bale Aylar önce
It’s CGI but yes still good acting
Lord Next Door
Lord Next Door Aylar önce
Pretty sure it’s make up. Dork 🤡
Idek Aye
Idek Aye Aylar önce
Its fake dirt
501st Heavy Clone Trooper
I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye
Iltom Carvalho
Iltom Carvalho Aylar önce
como esse cara ficou tanto tempo sem respirar?
Ольга Комиссарова
Человечество должно жить в мире .
Joseph Logan
Joseph Logan Aylar önce
Hello there
King of sussy bakas
Everyone: HES SO GOOD AT HIDE OMG Me: bro thats sharp Thing hit only the man that was over him it didnt Even hit him 💀
Mona liza Libid
Mona liza Libid Aylar önce
This is a true to life story of a soldier ,this movie make me cry many times
Emmy Grace
Emmy Grace Aylar önce
What's the name of this movie
I'm just A tool
I'm just A tool 2 aylar önce
Imagine if you and your friends are at their place and both of you are giggling.
ITS-ZAY Aylar önce
I doubt we would be laughing from all the death and fear
TommyOhmalley Aylar önce
Yeah plenty of nights when we was kids laughing progressively louder while trying to be quite lol that was when pressures of the world weren’t there and we were all playing WOTLK
MK'S STORY... Aylar önce
no cap
Barbara Riddle
Barbara Riddle 26 gün önce
This one of my favorite movies.
Paul Necchi
Paul Necchi 12 gün önce
Amazing true story probably my favorite movie about war def tied in 2nd place with a dozen others can’t pick just one
나다운 Aylar önce
심장 떨려서 숨이 멈출 것 같았어요
Mishe Aylar önce
I swear I felt the pain
Mletueur 2 aylar önce
He deserves an oscar
اوس محمد
اوس محمد Aylar önce
Ivan pipino
Ivan pipino Aylar önce
Stupid Oscar hahahhaa
francisco rodriguez
francisco rodriguez 2 aylar önce
Magnifica película
Riccardo 2 aylar önce
@L.ysergicSD you wrote the name two times and there are still peoples asking the name, lol.
kumar sankesh
kumar sankesh 2 aylar önce
What is the movies name pls
Hudson Mais
Hudson Mais Aylar önce
What a amazing movie.
utility-zone7 Aylar önce
This is like horror movie but worse because you know things like this actually happened
Ngoruw toto warniring Paulina
the whole time I was holding my breath 😢😢
Gab Gabi
Gab Gabi Aylar önce
The thing is, it's the timing you see how that guy hid under the other dude and after he did that 3 sec later the Japanese soldier appeared, wouldn't they see him do that from like afar
My Plate is Empty.
My Plate is Empty. Aylar önce
The fact that they toned down his actual feats in the movie to make it more believable is just crazy to me. If there was anyone who earned his place in heaven, it's this guy.
OHKeiPooh Aylar önce
@goblo023 I subscribed you are epic let's be friends
goblo023 Aylar önce
@OHKeiPooh yep, i think its stupid too. Like those idiots who don't believe humans can hold there breaths longer than 3 minutes and they completely ignore those indigenous Bajau People from the Philippines who can hold their breaths for an average of 13 minutes under intense physical activity, hundreds of feet under water, due to there evolutionary development and adaptations over thousands of years.
OHKeiPooh Aylar önce
@goblo023 😑😑😑😑😑😑regardless I still think it's dumb to that and even dumber for there to people who don't belive facts It's like milk watered down I'm a milk aholic and I hate watery milk
goblo023 Aylar önce
@Lexus Fujae reality is stranger then fiction.... It's not uncommon for true, documented, war feats to be dumbed down in films because they know the viewers would not believe them. I've seen it countless times in any number of films.
Innovative Properties
fucker thanks for telling me the ending
IshowSped Aylar önce
That’s real survival right there💯💯
Rahim Aylar önce
Yo Andrew Garfield is one hell of an ACTOR I can't wait till the New amazing spider man comes out👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿.
SheNNad Aylar önce
Фильм "По Соображениям Совести"! Ещё не смотрела,но комментарии прекрасные О парне Герое который на войне никого не убивал,а лишь спасал рискуя собой! Ушла смотреть) Фильм👍
Maria Barcaci
Maria Barcaci 9 gün önce
Spasibo za nazvanie...
Krissy Aylar önce
I haven't not watched this yet and I am already interested in it
David Markham
David Markham 2 aylar önce
To all of the veterans in this group, I truly support each and every single one of you, and I thank you for your bravery, sacrifices, and your service. No one could have done it better. Many people don’t know or can imagine the horrors of war that y’all have seen and lived through. I could Never thank you enough. I apologize to all if I seemed cruel or rude. I also served during 4 wars, only once did I deploy, and that was a very long time ago. Thank you all!
Doremus Anne marie
Doremus Anne marie Aylar önce
J ai adoré ce film incroyable magnifique
He got up quick then they shot him 😂
killa S
killa S Aylar önce
There's no way they could have walked more then 10ft away by the time he got up
邱震發 Aylar önce
Suely Barbosa de oliveira
UWTEXAN43 2 aylar önce
I seen several interviews they did with this true hero...he never once abandoned his beliefs and I believe God truly kept him safe..like the 3 men King Ebekinezer put in the furnace and tried to burn but the angel of the lord kept the fire from touching them...and when Mr Doss told the story of the soldier he found who thought he was blind until he wash the dirt out of his eyes..when Mr Doss told that story and you see his face light up.. it's a true inspiration...
Евгений Сокур
I seen
Sadik Abdul
Sadik Abdul 2 aylar önce
What is the name of the movie
Okacha 2 aylar önce
@Lucas Paradee Cabron, Your god can sock me! We built this business with SALAMANCA BLOOD! SALAMANCA MONEY!
Lucas Paradee
Lucas Paradee 2 aylar önce
God bless all who know the Lord, and I pray those who don't, soften their hearts an open their eyes to the truth. Through Lord Jesus is the only way.
Lucas Paradee
Lucas Paradee 2 aylar önce
@Michael Hodgson it's not about favorites. It's about their time being up. When God decides it is time to come home, you don't get a say. When something bad happens, God will use it for good, but doesn't mean he caused it. We cause our own pain and suffering. The Lord just heals it.
lala_gamez! Aylar önce
Hell nah my anxiety when they pierced the knife nearly killing him lol...
Liam Gaspard
Liam Gaspard Aylar önce
It’s literally my favorite movie on prime video
Flavio Castillejos
Flavio Castillejos Aylar önce
Admiral Yi Soonshin
This movie is a masterpiece! 👍👍👍
Yoga Pratama
Yoga Pratama Aylar önce
JerryTheMouse Aylar önce
Movie name
Vaibhav Nayak
Vaibhav Nayak Aylar önce
Hi.. whats the movie name please
Россия! Aylar önce
На войне даже мёртвые помогают
Janet Harned
Janet Harned 2 aylar önce
This soldier was an absolute Hero
Yeasin Rabbi
Yeasin Rabbi Aylar önce
Bru H
Bru H Aylar önce
@obeyd what?
Jalal Mondal
Jalal Mondal Aylar önce
konci movie hain?
uuu 2 aylar önce
@Udemeinyene EtonHacksaw Ridge 2016
Udemeinyene Eton
Udemeinyene Eton 2 aylar önce
Please what is the name of the movie
Nazim Aylar önce
Literally homie got his back 😂
Adrian rivera
Adrian rivera Aylar önce
so… i’m a medic in the army and when i was in AIT someone said his great granddaughter or something was in training with me (in a different company) she last name (granted just because you have the same last name doesn’t mean they’re related)
Liam Gaspard
Liam Gaspard Aylar önce
This is literally my favorite movie
Abbas Abdullazadə
Abbas Abdullazadə Aylar önce
Movie name please?
siva prakash
siva prakash Aylar önce
Movie name
dinonuggets Aylar önce
Me still wondering how dirt isn't in his eyes
Gary Shular
Gary Shular 2 aylar önce
Beautiful movie. He ended up saving the lives of some vicious guys who mocked and hazed him for living by his religious beliefs as a Conscientious Objector. After he had went through so much to rescue those men on the escarpment, his CO said the men refused to go back up unless Medic Private Desmond Doss went with them. The men had heard American soldiers screaming at night while being tortured by the Japanese. Even though Saturday was his Sabbath, Doss prayed about it, and agreed to go back up with the men, because lives could be saved. The movie “Hacksaw Ridge” put a lump in this 70 year old veteran.
Peter Brecker
Peter Brecker Aylar önce
wonderful movie. as you see. I wish I could see this movie on a big screen with surround sound. it a movie you can watch over and over again. a true hero.
Shuvojit Mondal
Shuvojit Mondal 2 aylar önce
Movie name plz???
Steven Juanico
Steven Juanico 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your service Sir. May our Creator bless you always.
M.V.A.L 2 aylar önce
@Jasbir Singh Hacksaw Ridge
M.V.A.L 2 aylar önce
@Abdin Sekh Hacksaw Ridge
Trevor Norris
Trevor Norris Aylar önce
While it is all amazing, am I the only one that notices the dirt is darker where he is buried. I would’ve thought the whole embankment would be scattered in color due to the dirt being lifted, but right here it stands out to me
고현진 Aylar önce
최고의 영화 🎥
1P Zack
1P Zack Aylar önce
The guy who don't use a gun in a war:
Brannon Paulsen
Brannon Paulsen Aylar önce
"Sleep with one eye open! Gripping your pillow tight!!" Kirk hetfield
Janet Harned
Janet Harned 2 aylar önce
This actual Hero, depicted in the movie, was the recipient of the Medal of Honor! That is factual and no joking matter!!
Ti-Wald Ents.
Ti-Wald Ents. 2 aylar önce
How do we ca the film?
mackhomie6 2 aylar önce
Whoa, easy bro.
MilkyBetrayal 2 aylar önce
@DO NOT CALL WHATSAPP TRADERS OR SEND ANY CRYPTO hacksaw ridge. It's in the title of the short
Then what is this movie?
Arabian King
Arabian King 2 aylar önce
Sad that the west are the horrible colonizing warmongering evil countrias now
Bawi Cz
Bawi Cz Aylar önce
Nah bro I would burst out laughing 💀💀💀
Cheang Leng
Cheang Leng Aylar önce
Дарья Браун
По соображениям совести Фильм о парне, который хочет помочь защитить родину, но не готовом брать в руки оружие и направлять его на людей - это против его убеждений и веры. Таким образом, пройдя довольно трудный подготовительный путь и, если я правильно помню, чуть не угодив за решётку, он уходит на войну с японцами в качестве полевого медика Основано на реальных событиях
Diganta Aylar önce
Soldier be like: I missed the part where that's my problem 💀
Crust 29 gün önce
Ask myself till this day how that guy was breathing under all that dirt
Flags of Our Fathers
Hacksaw Ridge
Fury - Send me
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The Thin Red Line
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