You’ll Never Guess Why This Is Screwed To His Face.. Orthodontist Reacts!

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You’ll Never Guess Why This Is Screwed To His Face.. Orthodontist Reacts!

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26 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Brite Editz
Brite Editz Aylar önce
So I’m not a fan of blood and gore but when I watch you I feel so much so more comfortable thanks Ben!
Matt Dubs
Matt Dubs Gün önce
Gore is really good but not real dead corpses, ive seen a lot of destroyed irl corpses without heads arms etc but i dont like that only art gore
Exaliz 20 gün önce
yeah, I can’t handle stuff like peeling skin, cutting off limbs, or and body parts and other stuff.
Acid B3nny
Acid B3nny 22 gün önce
@JustAnAgentWithAMission ?
@Acid B3nny 😐.
OGR Acid
OGR Acid 26 gün önce
@Always on the toliet how does that make them sound edgy?
Jamie Neace
Jamie Neace Aylar önce
Aww poor dude that's awful. Hopefully he has a good recovery with minimal issues.
Skyler Isaacs
Skyler Isaacs 5 gün önce
My god feet aaass no
Metha 20 gün önce
@Luca Nelson sorry man but getting older does give you better pain tolerance, I hope everything healed ok tho
Lloyd Thorpe
Lloyd Thorpe Aylar önce
@Luca Nelson I had that shot when I was young and it hurt But that was years ago so I don’t have to worry anymore I hope you’re doing fine now!
Lloyd Thorpe
Lloyd Thorpe Aylar önce
Okay but what if you sleep on the side the thing the thing is on-
Jnorri Twenty-Eight
@wb12 damn no more than 3lbs
Mr. Mochi
Mr. Mochi Aylar önce
I love this new age of medical edutainment. It’s wholesome too since it always wishes for full recoveries
ClearGh0st 19 gün önce
You’re forgetting he’s laughing at the dude at the beginning…
Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee 5 gün önce
poor guy. i hope his recovery is fast. i’m sending him sm love and hugs
beany Thompson
beany Thompson Aylar önce
He missed his calling as a great teacher I've learned more from him in days than I learned from some teachers in a year I'm 99% certain I left some classes in highschool knowing less than when I went in
manletsponge Aylar önce
i mean hes prolly not a teacher due to the low pay but if it was better he should teach this lol
Arkajyoti Saha
Arkajyoti Saha Aylar önce
I hope he recovers quickly ❤️
epic_gamer 123
epic_gamer 123 Aylar önce
I love how this guy answers his own questions 🤣
what a mess
what a mess Aylar önce
the real mystery remains: how does he put on a shirt?
Rachel Leigh
Rachel Leigh Aylar önce
Button ups exist. Hoodies, etc
Autym Nicole
Autym Nicole Aylar önce
It's not a mystery he just has to stretch the neck hole really wide or make a cut to give more room
Dolores♡Madrigal Aylar önce
He teaches better than any teacher in this world✨:) He could be a teacher that teaches people who want to become dentists (not saying he has to do it but just saying it could be another thing he could do)
StarrryMoon 12 gün önce
@♡ᴋᴀᴛʏᴀ♡ ironic since your videos are gacha
Carol Barabas
Carol Barabas 13 gün önce
@♡ᴋᴀᴛʏᴀ♡ like you are
a a
a a 22 gün önce
this comment section was taken by white girls omfggggg
The Undeniable
The Undeniable Aylar önce
@♡ᴋᴀᴛʏᴀ♡ shut up you also post gacha. I do to everybody gets to share their opinions
angie Aylar önce
@Shaggster69 ok shaggster69 its just an opinion u can calm down now. didnt mean to offend anyone so dunno why youre personally insulting me 😭
Dan James
Dan James 25 gün önce
It made me laugh that he went right to it being a gunshot wound without us having heard it from the guy. It made me giggle.
Gabriel 4 gün önce
Eunice Okoflex
Eunice Okoflex Aylar önce
I love how he always act surprised but really he’s not and he already knows
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Aylar önce
I find it fascinating how much of human health looks like machines, a tooth cleaning uses a dremel, to essentially sand stuff and them polish it, that's the type of thing I do on a piece of wood lol
Dalton Brown
Dalton Brown Aylar önce
"How do you put on a shirt?" Has this guy not heard of a button-down?
Ishida Aylar önce
But he wasnt wearing a button down. He literally just put the shirt on normally but expanded the hole a tiny bit
Super Cherry
Super Cherry Aylar önce
you teach me better than my teacher :)
Inaya Arif
Inaya Arif Aylar önce
@♡ᴋᴀᴛʏᴀ♡ it seems like you're grumpy ngl I do the same but believe you're going to regret saying have a great day🤗
Alison Joseph
Alison Joseph Aylar önce
Bro what did she even say?
-- 🍍 tinilikepini 🍍 —
@M.U.T.O gaming they*
-- 🍍 tinilikepini 🍍 —
@Greene Williams my friends name is justina?
wheemzz Aylar önce
@Pomegranate Juice smoothie exactly
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Aylar önce
Møønlight Wølfie
Vasil Rafti I’m sorry am I missing something-? that is not racist whatsoever plus he didn’t assume it was an example 😐
Lonk Aylar önce
@𝐾𝑖𝑚 ♡︎ nah they throw the word around like a basketball
𝐾𝑖𝑚 ♡︎
Do you guys know the meaning of racist lol
Greyleafy Aylar önce
Shubh Joshi
Shubh Joshi Aylar önce
Bushido Aylar önce
It genuinely amazes me how they can do all these internal surgery's in your face, jaw, eye sockets and you wouldn't even know unless you were told.
AhoyCaptn Obvious
AhoyCaptn Obvious Aylar önce
Hope that man has a speedy recovery! I have epilepsy…. When I was 18… I worked at a granite and marble place , i had not had many seizures over the last couple years . I had to change a light on a display I was about 6 feet high from just a good ol slab of marble .. well I ended up having a grand mal on a ladder Woke up in the hospital with ( I thought it was sand) in my mouth (was bits of teeth .. I woke up with my jaw wired shut , bits of bottom teeth stuck in the top of my mouth And the tip of my tounge gone . Worst experience ever . Only upside … you get iv pain meds longer . I was pretty much asleep for most the recovery .
Adam Cathcart
Adam Cathcart Aylar önce
I had an external fixation on my leg around 5 years ago. Broke my tibia and fibula and it punctured through an artery and out the side of my leg. Had the fixation on for around 3 months, it was pure agony. Especially when the nurse decided to remove the screws (4 inches, 2 inches deep) out of my shin like taking a nut out of a car wheel with a wrench. Don’t recommend 0/10
Ava pedregon
Ava pedregon Aylar önce
I've actually had to get internal fixation in my jaw. I couldn't eat anything,all I got to drink was protein shakes for a month. I was born without jaw joint so my ear was growing where the jaw joint was supposed go so the had to like rip my ear apart and replace it.They had to take fat from my rib and put it in my jaw to create a new jaw join. I ended up with 3 scars, one on the side of my rib, one on my ear, and one in my jaw,l.All of that, and the surgery didn't even work that well. I have to get another one too, and this time it's gonna be external fixation. I'm only 12.
Yuto Aylar önce
Bentist idk if you will see this but you’ve helped me through my wisdom teeth this whole thanksgiving break I still have some pain but not as much as before thank you and I hope you have a good day
Flix Aylar önce
I like how he’s creeped out and then explains the whole thing
Blue Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better🎄
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash Aylar önce
They do this with other parts of the body as well, my sister needed an external fixation when she shattered her lower leg
blue mushroom
blue mushroom Aylar önce
wow dental knowledge is this easily accessible? love ur videos
SeaArtifact811 XboxPS4
His recovery did go great and he is doing much better now! 😁
Acting and Auditions with Angela Coburn
Your videos I’m sure are very helpful to dental professionals and students, but you make everything so interesting! I can’t help but watch them…plus not gonna lie coming from a that handsome face, well…trust me I’m sure I’m not the only one with a lil crush. Lol
Aria Cooper
Aria Cooper Aylar önce
I am getting braces and bc I watch you bentist, I know what to do and not do. I am also not scared!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much and god bless!!!!
The peppa Nugget
The peppa Nugget Aylar önce
@Trent Riley yes you can but I was trying to point out it’s hard the first days after getting them or tightening them lol
Trent Riley
Trent Riley Aylar önce
don't listen to this idiot, you can eat candy with braces, just not like tootsie rolls and gummy bears and that stuff. hell I been eating hard af pretzels with them
The peppa Nugget
The peppa Nugget Aylar önce
@BigStig420 I know but my dental office doesn’t work that long and the time is already taken every day after work/school and I have limited time
BigStig420 Aylar önce
@The peppa Nugget you can just get an appointment for broken brackets after school? You don’t need to get it immediately glued back on I once had a broken bracket on my canine tooth for over a month and it was fine but you should get it fixed earlier
Kim Leonhardt
Kim Leonhardt Aylar önce
@♡ᴋᴀᴛʏᴀ♡ don't be rude he didn't do anything to you
you_got_BEANED Aylar önce
The fact that he always starts with 'tahhhhhhh' kills me🤣
Pamella Tofu
Pamella Tofu Aylar önce
Wow I aint even know dentists do stuff like this. Yall are amazing💜
Miro A.
Miro A. Aylar önce
Woah that's similar ti ilizarov frame (or how it's spelled 😅) but for the face 😵. It is such a pain and discomfort but the end results (if done right) is outstanding! Good luck to that and hope he recocers soon.
Backruborbust Aylar önce
Gotcha some buttons up my guy, God Bless You and wish u a very fast healing♥️🌞
The Bentist
The Bentist Aylar önce
Now you guys are practically oral surgeons! The more you know!
Jason Patton
Jason Patton Aylar önce
So im certified to take out my own wisdom teeth
Emanuel ER
Emanuel ER Aylar önce
Take about oral posture, mouth breathing, and diet, you fake doc
Autym Nicole
Autym Nicole Aylar önce
My family just literally learned all of this first hand over the course of the last year as my stepfather went through this
Jason Rodgers
Jason Rodgers Aylar önce
I hate your channel, I swear to god. I’ll be watching the intro and decide oh, this could be interesting and then boom! All I get is your hot mouth air being forced into my face. Hate it
Mustard Mission
Mustard Mission Aylar önce
But you didn't answer the main question, how does he fit a shirt on
Jason Davis
Jason Davis Aylar önce
Had my jaw wired shut for 12 weeks due to several fractures. Fun times.
YaBoi_Slo 27 gün önce
the dude actually a very nice guy, glad I could finally understand a little
BamaChelle Aylar önce
Holy mess I never realized how lucky I am! I was shot with a 9mm point blank under my right earlobe and walked away from it. I have very bad TMJ that I can't get treatment for but no surgeries for it except to reattach my earlobe. Thank you for the reality check.
jelly mc
jelly mc 18 gün önce
It's not a mistake ✨ it's a master piece ✨
Jelly bean
Jelly bean Aylar önce
I hope he gets better❤️
Zip G
Zip G Aylar önce
So what if someone recognized their own x-rays on your channel? Would you or did you pay them money first? Or do they have legal ground's to sue you for exposing personal medical information? Not a male karen... Just Curious.
Always Learning
Always Learning Aylar önce
Dudes in pain and my man's laughing. Nice. I just couldn't bring myself to laugh. Especially when you know damn well whats on his face.
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash Aylar önce
They do this with other parts of the body as well, my sister needed an external fixation when she shattered her lower leg
jomsart Aylar önce
I got triple jaw surgery (to increase my airway) where they had to move the upper jaw and lower jaw forward. They doctor said i would look like a monkey so he also had to cut the upper and lower bones near the teeth to shift all of the teeth backwards. Does that make sense?? haha. Anyway they said it took 18 hours. It was cheaper in korea so I got it. It basically looks like 0:13 but with an additional cut on the bones near the teeth + the upper jaw as well just wanted to share.
herpy Derp
herpy Derp Aylar önce
I don’t know if I’d be able to handle being able to see the pins etc and know that they’re going into bone. I’d have to be sedated the whole time lol
W 4 gün önce
Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content ❤️
slamdunkndonuts 4 gün önce
Crazy how you have over 200k subs without doing anything...
xolzen Aylar önce
I cant watch a teeth realated video without this guy reacting
Toca girl
Toca girl Aylar önce
Love your videos keep the effort up
SocksThecat Aylar önce
I like how he asks a question and them answers it
Betty Rose
Betty Rose Aylar önce
This is scary I have never seen a gun in my life but if I do I might panic, I'm sorry that some countries let anyone get a gun without any sort of contrôle that is definitely scary 😨
Klaudia-Sofi Stavreva
Legends say the jaw bone fractured man is still walking shirtless till this day, never getting a answer to his question...
groceryy Aylar önce
Bentist doing his 'PUHHH' without volume makes it look like he's screaming
Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith Aylar önce
He’s still didn’t answer the question “how to put on a shirt” lol
HEHE Aylar önce
Can you reccomend some teeth whitening products? Also keep up the good work
Rinakami Aylar önce
Is it just me who still wants to know how he puts a shirt on with that thing😅
Insecure 25 gün önce
and we’ll never find out how he puts on his shirt😔
arksti Aylar önce
I feel so bad for that man :(
I watch him because I’m taking my hygienist’s job that works 3 1/2 days a week but gets paid 100s of 1000s of dollars 😂
@N7 my hygienist is pretty young, I can take it when I need it.
N7 Aylar önce
How do you have A job when ur 10
Dee Sasser
Dee Sasser Aylar önce
Get well soon my guy.
Totally Not Trin
Totally Not Trin Aylar önce
I love your videos!!! I actually want to be a orthodontist when I'm older. :)
Trent Riley
Trent Riley Aylar önce
and charge people 5000 dollars to glue some metal to their teeth...we are doing all of the work, having to monitor everything we eat, taking the extra time to clean the braces, wearing the bands, suffering in general. if you can give reasonable prices I would go to you
🐸 simplylee🐸
@ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴᴀ ɢʀᴀᴄᴇ Stop commenting.
Emelee Solis
Emelee Solis Aylar önce
What's wrong with doing your dream-
Yvonne Aylar önce
@♡ᴋᴀᴛʏᴀ♡ I- what is disgusting about wanting to be an orthodontist?
XxMini_MuffinxX Aylar önce
That wheeze 😂
MagicWolf 101UwU
MagicWolf 101UwU Aylar önce
Nana97ification Aylar önce
you teach me better than my teacher :)
salvina baghdasaryan
Thanks for the info ben! The more you know! But im still curious about the shirt 🧐
• 𝒲𝒾𝓁𝒷𝓊𝓇 𝒮𝑜𝑜𝓉 •
Damn imma start brushing me teeth 5 times a day after seeing these videos 💀✋
Kim Leonhardt
Kim Leonhardt Aylar önce
@CassiusStorm he's just joking calm down
Giiko Aylar önce
You're gonna wear away your enamel
CassiusStorm Aylar önce
Nooo, that isn’t heathy for your teeth
Versace Diaper
Versace Diaper Aylar önce
Hope he’s got some good pain meds, but not too good 😉
Dr Jonesey
Dr Jonesey Gün önce
Something tells me homeboy might be back again for another dental lesson unless he fix his ways
Gina Sy
Gina Sy Aylar önce
me: thankful for that explanation but no disrespect, i still want to see how that man put on his shirt.
CheesyPasta Aylar önce
Is it just me that wants to know how he actually puts on a shirt
Olivia S
Olivia S Aylar önce
Omg I just remembered after 2 years and 3 months I’m getting my braces OFF in 5 days!!! 😆🎉
Audrina Nillo
Audrina Nillo Aylar önce
Congrats!! 🎊🎉
Toca Star
Toca Star Aylar önce
Oh nice! Hopefully you have nice straight teeth ! Good luck.
Alias Aylar önce
Ya I had that put on my face twice... the second time the thing ended up falling off on its own... pretty jacked up... I still have 2 plates internally in my jaw... and did I mention the wires the dr used to wire my jaw shut he left on for most of a year and now my teeth are ruined...
JacoCoetzee Aylar önce
I always wondered about dental reconstuction and general dental surgury, say a patient got shot in the jaw do the surgeons consult with a Dentist or Orthodontists prior to that? I had never had any major dental surgury done so I am very curious
Monica Wilke
Monica Wilke Aylar önce
OMG!!!!!I feel the pain in my jaw just watching this video. Save him
Volf 5 gün önce
Let me take the time to answer the question of how he puts on a shirt. He takes his right arm, puts it in the right sleeve. Then takes his left arm, puts it in the left sleeve. Then he does the buttons, and he's done.
AlishaAnimations *
AlishaAnimations * Aylar önce
You’re making me want to become a dentist no joke and I’ve never even considered it
Fading Forever
Fading Forever Aylar önce
Hey, I have a question. If a person has a strong gag reflex how do you guys work with that, especially with braces or any other teeth repair? I have a son who has a problem even brushing his teeth he gets nauseous and he wants to have braces but I'm scared that he won't be able to carry on with the procedure.
Jacob Aylar önce
Bruh he gets nauseous when he brushes his teeth ? I would seek medical help no cap
Jr Junior
Jr Junior Aylar önce
I like how you immediately compared his situation to that of a gunshot wound.🤔
pappy notpapi
pappy notpapi Aylar önce
Nah that mane did get shot tho. He says it in the comments of that vid. He was jus in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Agathor m
Agathor m Aylar önce
Will your face change over time if you have one thooth removed?
JELLY sparkles✨
JELLY sparkles✨ Aylar önce
First :What is on my man face had me dying laughing 😂
Space Wolf
Space Wolf 6 gün önce
its not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
Aesthetic_User Aylar önce
I love how he’s making the sound PHAAAAA when he starts xD
Max Camp
Max Camp Aylar önce
WHATS ON HIS FACE continues to explain what’s on his face
Nature Imposter
Nature Imposter Aylar önce
How long does it have to have that on? That looks like if I bumped into a wall it would hurt really bad. Poor dude hope he gets better 🥺
ItzTwixxy Aylar önce
That’s honestly crazy.
Max Medina
Max Medina Aylar önce
I could care less about the external procedure, I really wanna know how he puts on a shirt lol
Carlyplayz Aylar önce
I love your vids they helped me when I had braces tysm you are amazing
BeastlyDragoon Aylar önce
Really thought that was a bear trap thanks for clarification
✨Pop tart✨
✨Pop tart✨ 24 gün önce
I actually have a question, is headgear external fixation then?
~Queen+Zane Aylar önce
Im getting braces next year 😄 im excited but I've heard alot that it isn't fun and it hurts 😅
MoonJr. 78
MoonJr. 78 Aylar önce
Now I actually am wondering how he puts on a shirt…
James Sharp
James Sharp Aylar önce
I watch this man for his signature gasps
harry edits
harry edits Aylar önce
Now i still ask myself how he puts on a shirt :')
Elizabeth Lockman
Elizabeth Lockman Aylar önce
This Will really help me for when I'll get my braces
rat Aylar önce
Aww poor guy :(
Lotus Stargirl
Lotus Stargirl Aylar önce
These new Jigsaw traps are pretty neat.
Satan's son bob
Satan's son bob Aylar önce
with my problem they sewed me up and over the weeks I had small fragments force through the wounds and come loose onto my tongue. Was hell.
Jason T
Jason T Aylar önce
Some say that he still doesn’t have a shirt on till this day…
Beregond Aylar önce
Good God. Sir, you must have powerful lungs since you excersize them like that every single time you make a new video lol.
Sprinkles Aylar önce
I am still wondering how he wears a shirt
Artsy Me :P
Artsy Me :P Aylar önce
Aw I feel bad for him he seems so innocent that must hurt
Amber Loer
Amber Loer Aylar önce
Bentist: What the hell is that?! Also Bentist: Well it's-
Tay 23 gün önce
Dude's got a whole Yugioh duel disk on his face 💀
Night Silent
Night Silent 27 gün önce
If I had that in my face, I'd just stay home.
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