Yordles: Why Do So Many People Hate Them? | League of Legends

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15 Eki 2021




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Vars Yıl önce
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GhostRaptor17 2 aylar önce
Vars: we have a yordle in every spot Shurima and Targon: Are we a joke to you
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee Yıl önce
You should change the thumbnail
Momogamer Yıl önce
4:03 Void yordle? :O Targon yordle? :O
Momogamer Yıl önce
4:03 Shurima????? (Amumu >:))
Epsilon Yıl önce
I don't hate Yordles, i actually love them by love i mean the love of torturing them
CoHoSlash Yıl önce
Their purpose is to bring happiness into the world of league and they bring me so much happiness as long as they're not on the enemy team
Towel sus
Towel sus 10 aylar önce
yeah they are fine as long as they're not teemo, fizz, kennen, veigar and rumble.
Imora 10 aylar önce
@Plonker oh im also a fizz main. The only thing you need skill is to land your shark. But yep can agree with ya.
noamie 10 aylar önce
I can't stand teemo but then again I'm a wild rift player and he's very very painful to deal with there....the other yordles are pretty bearable to me
Olsen Fernandes
Olsen Fernandes 11 aylar önce
Why are none of you talking about the cancer called lulu
Ole Gravel Guts
Ole Gravel Guts Yıl önce
Kled main here, I'm a little confused by one part of the video. Are you suggesting there's something to this game other than killing every trespasser on my land?
MartinMcFly 10 aylar önce
is it weird that I read it in his voice
Todd Williams
Todd Williams Yıl önce
that's what underlings are for
Parhelion Halo
Parhelion Halo Yıl önce
Kled is my spirit animal
iamRageTheWolf Yıl önce
sounds like badger propaganda
Jastine P.
Jastine P. Yıl önce
And killing sneaky sneaks
Jet Stream
Jet Stream Yıl önce
Vars: "We got Yordles in every spot" Yordles in Shurima and Ixtal: "We don't exist lol"
SaaahDUDE Aylar önce
@NeeL who?
M…..w…… 7 aylar önce
Icathia and tarpon??
Aoi Sora
Aoi Sora 7 aylar önce
@Дюсеков Ильяс Malzahar + Teemo = Void + Yordle = Voidle
Nocturnal Pyro
Nocturnal Pyro 9 aylar önce
@jonathan phillips You forgetting the ascended Yordle from Targon
Nocturnal Pyro
Nocturnal Pyro 9 aylar önce
Targon aswell.
DeejayF Yıl önce
"Aside from Fizz everyone of them exudes psychological pressure" I don't know about you Vars but when a Fizz runs at me with R I get Vietnam Flashbacks
Leo M
Leo M 10 aylar önce
Anytime I start a Fizz game I open with an all chat "I'm the floppy fish who's coming to steal yo bish." It has about the effect you would think it does, but people should really learn not to dive a Fizz.
Relevart 10 aylar önce
Thats why u ban that water rat every game
Piggyangel36 Yıl önce
Idk a lot of yordles creates lots of psychological pressure like Kled when you hear the trumpets, or Ziggs throwing a nuke at your feet
Axylrhodz Bompal
Axylrhodz Bompal Yıl önce
The psychological pressure fizz do is his intargetable burst skill
DeejayF Yıl önce
@JAishKhAn kekw that's so much better
Carlos Eduardo Nogueira
Not all annoying champions are yordles, but all yordles are annoying champions
Relevart 10 aylar önce
@Minimo exactly what i was thinking during the video. I've never been annoyed with veigar, but my god the rest of them...
Marcello Leite
Marcello Leite Yıl önce
@Minimo Teemo main here, with the new items that is closer to half.
Freddy Fazbear Scout
@yusuf sezgi When he is easily fed. Actually no. To be honest he is the very definition of a solo que top laner
Fu Kelvin
Fu Kelvin Yıl önce
seems no one play against tristana mid in here
jonathan phillips
@Sprite Pine corki can be annoying because unlike many of the other marksmen, he does both magic and physical, and his abilities can sometimes result in you thinking your winning the fight but you then loose, or the package comes in and he just kills you without you expecting it, because he is harder to itemise against. of course corki is not one of the best champions at the moment because...well he is such an old champ. he kind of needs an update or partial rework to make him up to par with some of the other champs around him. like maybe adjusting some of his abilities and giving a few some added abilities, like maybe the flare is not just just an illuminator but also applies a mark on the target which when he fires his machinegun locks him and his oppoent into a 'dogfight' for a few seconds, basically making him always swing around onto their rear or front(depending on their current facing). there are plenty of options to adjust it with who knows maybe a orbiting where corki switches to a second machinegun turret on the marked target on the plane(or maybe a little yordle ally or poro pet mans that turret).
Franklin Jamieson Jones
Yuumi is technically part of the yordle faction. Many forget her "master" is a yordle.
Arch Vile
Arch Vile Yıl önce
I mean, if you want actual lore for most of the StarCraft characters that are in HotS, the 2 games and their expansions are the best way
Arch Vile
Arch Vile Yıl önce
@františek tichy yeah, but Abathur was originally in StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, as the genetic expert for the Zerg, pretty much all of their evolutions were made by him. Makes sense he'd be that kind of a support hero since he wasn't a fighter at all.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd Yıl önce
@Dragonheart they said Lulu’s Pix is a fay not Lulu
Mom Dad
Mom Dad Yıl önce
Isn't yuumi a fae?
Eibarwoman Yıl önce
Which only makes the Yordle faction less popular in League for different reasons.
T B Skyen
T B Skyen Yıl önce
_"Easily digestible"???_ Note to self: *_make videos longer!_*
Emma Esta
Emma Esta Yıl önce
Do it! Theyre still easily digestible and i listen to your videos at work!
수댕 Yıl önce
The T in T B stands for "Tim Rogers" lol
johnathon O.K Warner
Please nooo not another 3 hour stream. I only cared about star guardian but I listened to all of ittttttt
Annaflorra Yıl önce
Lester! Yıl önce
Jokes on you I watch the shorts more
Darcie Yıl önce
I think it's in the nature of joke characters for people to hate them. They're supposed to make you mad by just existing.
mirara Yıl önce
@Darcie AD on-hit yuumi top ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Darcie Yıl önce
@mirara bruh wtf are you talking about?
mirara Yıl önce
@Darcie oh sure then your a yuumi top
Darcie Yıl önce
@mirara No, I like juggernauts in the top lane more than anything else, which is the furthest possible thing from a yuumi
mirara Yıl önce
@Darcie i still think youd be a yuumi main lol
Tahmykench Yıl önce
I love how some of the most annoying champions in the game are yordles
I love loona and I forever will
@Vinaayagam Karunagaran great job Thanos here a candy
Vinaayagam Karunagaran
@I love loona and I forever will in an alternate universe, Thanos snapped all yordles out of existence
TheLostSoul Yıl önce
Teemo, Lulu, Fizz....
Da Boss
Da Boss Yıl önce
You are far more annoying than any kind of yordle, damned frogfishwhatever
Joshua Woodring
Joshua Woodring Yıl önce
I love how the champions i love are yodles
Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven Yıl önce
cant wait to see your take on the void. probably the most unique out of all the region in its own weird way. because while all the other have better fleshed out characters and cultures the void is only seen through its interaction with these other regions, plus that interaction is always as an invasive force. and i do mean force. its not an empire come to take you land like noxus, just a presence with no identifiable motives other than to consume and destroy until nothing is left but it. that in addition to how endlessly varied, adaptable and persistent it is makes it the most effective horror on runeterra for me
JAishKhAn Yıl önce
It's the Lovecraft region
Kaiser Aventus
Kaiser Aventus Yıl önce
@Genorr Same for Shurima ... Akshan doesn't count :P ... I want my Azir-Cinematic okay!
jonathan phillips
@Genorr yeah maybe it’s because when more things pop out the void, it’s normally bad news for everyone.
Genorr Yıl önce
I love void. Its sad that there is no new champs or lore concerning it.
Abashed Dragon
Abashed Dragon Yıl önce
Short answer: Riot tends to design yordles for roles in which they are supposed to be annoying rather consistently, which has made it easy to hate yordles collectively
Shiny 6 aylar önce
@6 3 Hi I'm from 7 months in the future and this aged like milk! He's beyond annoying and is currently in a state of "Leona, but he actually can do damage"
6 3
6 3 Yıl önce
It depends. Amumu, isn't bad. Pretty standard engagement tank with straightforward counterplay.
Dingdongs Yıl önce
I personally love the part yordles play in league, their design, gameplay and aesthetics really add a creative twist to the traditional 'whimsical fairy tale creatures' seen in other games
Rick305 Yıl önce
I also like that they are just like most creatures from Runeterra, they can be damaged, twisted and used (like Veigar), they seem adorable and docile, but Teemo is basically a scout assassin, Tristana a gunner and Lulu has done some shit. They can think by themselves, instead of following the flow of their nature too, as we've seen with Vex.
Misterious Gamers
Yordles were meant to represent general goblins but they were meant to be nicer than them bc off that it ended up being more hated than goblins themselves bc even tho goblins are annoying generally you expect from them bc most off them carry that greedy and evil personality, yordles however aren't like goblins at all they are nice and kind yet kept that annoying part off that i think personally that is the reason yordles are hated more
daniel batista
daniel batista Yıl önce
Goblin slayer but to go to rune terra next volume
Hertzovik Yıl önce
Goblins en el hentai.
WJPJR Yıl önce
With Tristana being the first character I learned to love the game on, I decided I'd learn all the Yordles. I love these guys, and have so far only had issue learning to like Corki.
Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison 9 aylar önce
Word of advice, build sorcs, rockets go pew pew. In more technical terms he's really good at playing the quote on quote neutral game because you can chill back and go pew pew with rockets. Its a lot like playing a poke mage like Xerath and the likes. When it comes to his package. Idk, I usually have it time out on me because my soloq team doesn't understand that its basically rumble's ultimate with a displacement effect. But I find the most effective way to use it is either in conjunction with another diver and you dogpile the back line charge up the minigun and just try to do as much damage as possible; if you get in danger you can just use your regular W to get out. Another way to use it is to just pick people with it, and lastly you can use it to deny the enemy team but cutting off certain areas, like river entrances. I also don't understand how his minigun works, I think it shreds armor or mr, I usually just point it at the minion wave. But remember, rocket go pew pew. Build AD, get sorcs, go pew pew.
Dhruv Pagui
Dhruv Pagui 10 aylar önce
Who do you think I the most fun to play?
Jesus Cordoba
Jesus Cordoba Yıl önce
I personally love this new series. I hope we can see the rest of places.
Actular Yıl önce
It’s not a region but I’d love to see you talk about darkin. They have always been some of my favorite champs in the game, since there are so few of them they might need to be paired with other champions, so maybe ascended? If I remember correctly, darkin are corrupted ascended but I also don’t know if their kits would be close enough to make sense in the same video
Alexander Raissa Nugraha
@UtelveScaRo Aatrox works like Rhaast as they are trapped in a weapon. For Aatrox, he is trapped in the god-killng blade. But unlike Rhaast who found a vessel that can withstand and even resist his power in Kayn, Aatrox's vessels are always weaker than Aatrox himself (because he's just THAT powerful) so he always ends up corrupting the vessel and when the vessel dies he can't do anything but wait until the next fool who picks up hus blade.
Jastine P.
Jastine P. Yıl önce
Lets wait for a female darkin (based on varus comics) that still in Shuriman Lands.
UtelveScaRo Yıl önce
I guess the only real theme behind all of the Darkin is that they are bound to a certain weapon type. Maybe he would talk about how their weapons affect their gameplay? Like Aatrox is a sort of blood god who revels in up close battle, and Varus is something of an assassin who slaughters the enemy with a single arrow. No idea what Rhaast's deal is tho, he seems to just kinda... exist. Now that I'm thinking about it, why is it that Rhaast is attached to Kayn, Varus is restrained by the two lovers whose bodies he took, but Aatrox is just Aatrox? I assume it's because he was the first one to come out and Riot's improved their storyline since then but from a lore perspective it doesn't make much sense.
K MC Yıl önce
That quite hard when only 3 of them. And they are too different
Lordfowl Yıl önce
You may want to do Noxus next. Basically everywhere else is fighting them, so you’d have to refer back to Noxian champions a lot in little lore explanations.
Neeko Is A Cat
Neeko Is A Cat Yıl önce
The most annoying voices when you're an assassin diving in: "Transmogulate!" "Hugify!" *Evil baby girl laugh* Also, I wonder where Vars will put Yuumi...
MsClokie Yıl önce
@Rick305 I'm a Support main at heart, if i can sacrifice myself for the team's win i will do it
Rick305 Yıl önce
@MsClokie Who dies playing Lulu? I mean, unless you're being focused by 3 or more enemy champs, which usually happens in late game when I've managed to infuriate their entire team lol
Neeko Is A Cat
Neeko Is A Cat Yıl önce
@MsClokie Poor Lulu sacrifices herself just so she saves her ADC and then that idiotic ADC just immediately dies 3 seconds after Lulu dies...
MsClokie Yıl önce
That's your problem for diving me. *Proceeds to die so the ADC lives for 3 seconds more* -Lulu main
Kyleron Hope Ymbong
plus a laughing badger blinding you if you happen to play a champion with an empowered attack ability
Hikari no Yume
Hikari no Yume Yıl önce
There's also the cat of a Yordle, Yuumi, also being a unique enchanter and also being hated by the opposing team... and her own team
shieldgenerator7 11 aylar önce
i love yuumi what are you talking about
Julia Raine Maglalang
It's not everytime I see a full team comp of Yordles in a game but when it happens, it's always loads of fun whether you are in their team or against them.
Emiliano Krembs
Emiliano Krembs Yıl önce
I reaaaally love this format and the region analysis on how it represents a playstyle. I think you might have mentioned how Sylas is a mage, but fights head on all demacianlike. And I'm really interested on how the subversion of a regional archetype or a subversion of a rol archetype because of the region is handeled. Keep going :)
ziglaus Yıl önce
@xavier williams i don't think that is a thing... True, most of Freljord champions have CC/slow, but that is true for Shuriman and Shadow Isles champions as well. And even Demacia has Fiora, Galio, Jarvan, Lux, Morgana... I think this whole series is a mistake, and just an exercise in confirmation bias and cherrypicking examples
xavier williams
xavier williams Yıl önce
@ziglaus true but some lore is incorporated in kits like Garen having a high base mr because Demacia has an anti mage rule or freljordians having some sort of slow, cc within their kits... things like that
ziglaus Yıl önce
Regions don't represent a play style. You know who else is aDamacia champion? Lux. And Morgana. And Kayle. And Lucian. You see any similarities between them and Garen or Sylas?
Gabriel José Ozanan
Since Vex's tale outed the Yordles as sort of specs of magic given form, I wonder if they take after the places and culture they've been inhabiting or if instead they were already born showing that aspect and just feel a natural attraction to the zones that gave them form. (Vex seems to imply the second one)
Crito Yıl önce
I would love to see a shuriman yordle. Amumu could be one if his lore got changed.
Erik Lane
Erik Lane Yıl önce
I loved this video. I love Yordles. Kled has one of the most immersive character experiences in the game. It's so fun. Amazing game design.
2Kayu Yıl önce
imagine if talon was a yordle.
hoodedragon Yıl önce
talon isn't an yordle?
privateDoorknob Yıl önce
Ahhh that would be fantastic
Johannes Eriksson
Maybe I'm just biased, but I don't get the impression that yordles are, by and large, hated by the community. There are plenty of champions like Yasuo, Yone, Viego, Irelia, Akali, Draven, and (pre-nerf) Zoe that receive way more hate on a consistent basis. (Yes, Teemo is by far one of the most hated champions in the game and rightfully so.) If anything, I'd say Ionian champions are the most despised, in no small part due to their insane amount of dashes and mobility. Then again, it probably differs from region to region.
Antoine Pfen
Antoine Pfen Yıl önce
Would you consider Amumu a yordle ? Thematically, he seems very much in touch with the "I'm not letting you play the game" vibe.
JUJ210 9 aylar önce
They changed his lore to possibly being a yordle. His model however is very yordle like, big head and 4 fingers.
ademm Mahmoudi
ademm Mahmoudi Yıl önce
His yordal yes
Elias Latimer
Elias Latimer Yıl önce
I’m fairly new to league and your videos have been so entertaining to watch and I just wanna say thanks for making such enjoyable and digestible content even for new players like myself.
Serafin Yıl önce
I honestly just have a soft-spot for goofballs like them, i can't bring myself to hate them. My all-time favorite character from Runeterra is Veigar, and i adore every single one of them Yordles
LB_Anth0nY 10 aylar önce
Yordles are just rats
Marvin. Yıl önce
all the love for Yordles!
Marc Loterand
Marc Loterand Yıl önce
Most yordles are situational with their kits or abilities. Like, Veigar stopping dashes, but being useless vs blinks (flash, e.g.) or vs fast moving targets (as cage has a delay). Or, Teemo being a problem for champions reliant on autoattacks, but pretty useless vs casters, or Vex and Poppy punishing mobility in their own way, but losing damage and utility if no dashes are used against them. That is why yordles are annoying, because in particular situation yordles are pretty much acting as anticarries, as Vars said. But, if circumstances are not perfect, yordles are never too strong. Unless Lulu starts spamming laughter. That is hellforged annihilation nuclear device on steroids. Also, I was the person to place 666-th like, so it all adds up.
Marc Loterand
Marc Loterand Yıl önce
@ziglaus I didn't talk about being situational as a defining feature, but the reason why yordles are somewhat hated by some, yet others are fine with fluffy goofballs: yordle annoyance is situational
ziglaus Yıl önce
Being mostly situational isn't really their defining characteristic, since 70% of champions are situational in some way.
YellowTrickster Yıl önce
"We have a yordle in every spot" Targon, shurima, ixtal....
TJ StarzZ
TJ StarzZ Yıl önce
Depends. Before Quinn Journal reworked lore, Amumu was from his bio, a Shuriman prince who passed away and was forgotten. Due to his size and stature, it was heavily hinted that he was in life, a Yordle, and majorly disliked/forgotten because of such. Not to mention their strong sense of comraderie. Trist refers to Teemo in her bio as a solid friend to have, but someone you wouldn't want as an enemy. Vex's interaction with Mumu is "You're sad AND dead? We should hang out". Wherein she admires certain qualities, such as Viego controlling the Black Mist, she seems more genuinely intrigued by Amumu. Further, I would argue Gnar is a mystery, as he was introduced as breaking out of ice like Avatar Aang, but since he can chameleon actions (like yelling "Demaglio!" When facing a Garen), it seems harder to pinpoint his true or primal origin, before Runeterra became Runeterra.
SCT Karter
SCT Karter Yıl önce
Amumu is a mummy in shurima
Shjn Draz
Shjn Draz Yıl önce
Wait 15 year more for they fill 🤧 targon,ixtal,voild .Shurima already had Amumu :v
Shjn Draz
Shjn Draz Yıl önce
Captain Froubird
Captain Froubird Yıl önce
Veigar supposedly Heading to targon because he likes astrology But unfortunately something bad happened mordekaiser çaught him And the rest is history
Flynnick Yıl önce
its seems that each year, a few champions are made by Following the LORE of the game ( like Yone last year, Viego, and a bit of Vex this year ), so having these kinds of videos can make it easier for people to know what to expect when a new champion is announced. I personally love seeing a bit of LORE here and there as League develops it and turns RUneterra in a really interesting place, with its own history, cultures and challenges
Duckervert Yıl önce
The only reason why yone is in this game is because the writers were force to fuck with yasuos lore and forcefully bring yone back, the dude was meant to be dead and that's it
Mario Andrea Rigamonti
I absolutely love your videos! Beatifully crafted and perfectly explained! Always keen to see more!
Pieces Yıl önce
I genuinely love Yordles they are some of favorites in the entire game I love when ever a new Yordle is added and desperately want Corki to get an update so he can be more inline with the rest of the Yordles
Subhuman Filth
Subhuman Filth Yıl önce
Something I feel you calf have touched on more is that yordels a lot of the time serve as a parody of their region or role. Kled, the brutish militant that goes around claiming things and telling people to stay of his lawn for instance, is Noxus taken to a comedic extreme. Their gameplay reflects this extreme parody by emphasizing the annoying aspects of gameplay mechanics or faction play styles. Akali and irelia can be annoying because they constantly move around, and kennen is built to run around like a little rodent. Demacian hero’s often have simple abilities that make the feel skilless at times, like with garens r that’s just a big bunch a damage and not much else, so poppy forces opponents to “play by the rules” if you go near a wall for shenanigans she’ll tackle you, if you dash she’ll ground you, if you break the rules she’ll knock you back to your base
Suikey Shirasu
Suikey Shirasu Yıl önce
I think Lulu is the most "problematic" of them all, if I'm remembering correctly. Machine Gun/Top/ADC Lulu was kinda a problem for a while, Next to Rumble and Heimerdinger, while most of the "nerfed" yordles have been only been adjusted once or twice.
GijsBraam Yıl önce
nice, i love seeing more lore explanations and insights! its cool to see how they have a place in the game as well, this is a great addition to the other channels you mentioned! cant wait to see how the lore gets a spotlight in the arcane series :D
Dapp_ Yıl önce
I've been waiting for this topic for a while. This is gonna be a good video for sure.
alex coufakis
alex coufakis Yıl önce
I wanna see more of this it’s awesome to figure out each of the factions play style plus it would be cool
fourth4q Yıl önce
Such an amazing topic for YORDLES-LOVER like me. They're such a group of colorful champion in this game.
Santiago López Rubio
I really love this video. And I want to see more things like this. I love the lore of runaterra ans I think that mixing it with gameplay design is an amazing idea!!! Keep going
Kevin Figueroa
Kevin Figueroa Yıl önce
Your analysis is always on point! This and the Vex video definitely convinced me to subscribe. I want more! Keep up the good work
Rocksaltz WID A Z
Would definitely love to see more of this series
PopcornBunni Yıl önce
"But none of them feel invincible" I miss season 6 Poppy.
anonymous stout
anonymous stout 2 aylar önce
Assassin yordle actually sounded so scary
Elizabeth Brooks
Elizabeth Brooks 8 aylar önce
@snzelay001 He is a yordle it's in his bio
Glock Dookie
Glock Dookie 9 aylar önce
@snzelay001 He is a Yordle
snzelay001 9 aylar önce
@PurpleOcarina I agree with you my friend that would be awesome
snzelay001 9 aylar önce
@Glock Dookie I don't see fizz as a yordle. I think fizz is his own species. But I get where you're coming from
FFMD Yıl önce
Explained so well. Props to you sir- took the words out my mouth on why I love to play poppy
Alan Barron
Alan Barron 11 aylar önce
I always focus yordles no matter the enemy team’s composition, it is such a pleasure to take down enemy yordles with garen’s ult or Darius ult
Maple Dryad
Maple Dryad Yıl önce
I like the idea of a new region lore series, I look forward to the Demacian one. Also this seems to just be "Vars forgets targon exists" the video
T. H. McElroy
T. H. McElroy Yıl önce
Good vid. The lore of League and its characters is a big part of what drew me to the game. I'm also a big fan of Skyen and Necrit, so more content like this is very much of interest to me!
PixNate Yıl önce
This was definitely a welcome change in pace, also hands down the funniest video you've made about league recently. So please continue this absolute masterpiece!
I want to see more videos like this. You forgot to mention, yordles also represent the regions in which they are located. Poppy parodies demacia and Kled noxus and so on.
Slade Valen
Slade Valen Yıl önce
Ionia is the most hated for me personally. You get so many of the unbalancable nightmares and frustrating to fight to fight champs in one region (irelia, Akali, yasuo, yone, and zed)
Hertzovik Yıl önce
@Danchen10491 SINGED GAMING
Danchen10491 Yıl önce
That’s why my main created gas to attack them
Taliyah of the Nasaaj
As someone else has put it before... The Ionian Dashers
lolosh99 Yıl önce
No wonder Noxus got shit on.
Casual Markit99
Casual Markit99 Yıl önce
Master Q would like a word with you once he has 3 items.
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique Yıl önce
Please do more videos like this, i loved the concept of this series
WES Yıl önce
This was a very entertaining video and I'm exited for the rest of this series. Especially the Freljord one :))
Bill Gerovasilis
Bill Gerovasilis Yıl önce
I think this will be one of the best series you’ve come up with so please keep it up I’m super hyped for you to cover Ionia noxus or shurima
Zoroark522 Yıl önce
I used to watch Necrit videos when I went to bed, back when I was in school. It was like an audiobook for my favourite game and learning about all the champions was so awesome, especially when I could flex my knowledge to my friends in an age where maybe 1 in every 20 games knew the lore as well. Maybe it's the fact the game kind of fell off in terms of just casual fun, but I find the lore much more boring now. Like it used to have that magic nicheness to it and now it's too thought out, like there is too much effort to make it a thing rather than just having the lore people enjoy it. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's like it's manufactured at an automated facility rather than homemade with love put into it.
are you sure about that?
Maybe you have become a boomer 😭
Eleanor Nicolai
Eleanor Nicolai Yıl önce
This was fun. Yordles are my favorite part of league lore, by far
Gerick Go
Gerick Go Yıl önce
This discussion was great, Vars! I hope to see more videos like this.
Dinconium Yıl önce
I think lulu was the most "balance nightmare" back in season 5 where she's too strong mid, too weak as support but I have to agree they're fixed without people raging over too many balance changes
Kevin Lobos
Kevin Lobos Yıl önce
I definitely would love to see more videos like this.
Logan S
Logan S Yıl önce
I just realized, despite the annoyance I get when I see certain yordles on the opposing team, I play a healthy amount of them. Heimerdinger, Teemo, Ziggs, Tristana, Rumble, Corki, Kennen, and Veigar are Yordles I commonly play. Fascinating how I never realized this till I saw this video.
BobbyNooby Yıl önce
Words can't express how much I love the content you make.
Tigger Time
Tigger Time Yıl önce
i fucking love yordles! yes please can we get more of them? id like one thats a dedicated jungler. i know some of the yordles have been adapted to/ used in the jungle . like poppy os fine but it feels like she was more designed as a top laner due to her %health q and things. also theres no yordles in ixtal, mount targon, or shurima.
Braden Allen
Braden Allen 9 aylar önce
Poppy main here, tbh I think she excels far more as a jungler than a toplaner. Her ability to gank and tower dive is top tier, super underplayed champ for how powerful she can be.
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi 11 aylar önce
Teemo jungle
Son of Sons
Son of Sons Yıl önce
For the yordle in every location your missing 4. Shurima, targon, ixtal, and icathia.
The Senate
The Senate Yıl önce
I have been getting into lol lore lately it's actually really interesting so I love the new series idea
JVsaadi Jahn
JVsaadi Jahn Yıl önce
Would definetely love to see more content like this!
Facundo Luciano Gómez Ceña
Aight, hear me out, an event were, for a week, you can't play as a yordle. In normal they're disable and in aram they're out of the champion pool.
Facundo Luciano Gómez Ceña
@Spoder Bas go play ranked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Spoder Bas
Spoder Bas Yıl önce
Noooo let me play fizz in peace
Joran van Olphen
Joran van Olphen 11 aylar önce
do you ever feel like continuing this series? and could you do frejord (SP?) soon? would love to know more about it and i dont know where to start reading lore
Feathered Theropod
Feathered Theropod 9 aylar önce
Just after watching this, i had a match with 3 yordles, Tristana (me), Kled (ally) and Vex (enemy). It was kinda fun but i wish our jg got at least one dragon, I mean we were literally winning botlane so what's his excuse.
Tomlyn Mathews Jr
I get it. I once played Teemo with the express purpose of screwing with the enemy. Every time Garen ulted me to kill me, I considered it a psychological victory. I was living in his head rent free and it was glorious.
Leo Lionhart
Leo Lionhart Yıl önce
I love every Yordle and I enjoy playing every one of them. Hence, I shall put a hex on every Yordle hater. "May you never enjoy a game of League whenever you face a Yordle."
BACKDOWN The Revenge
I love most of the yordles except corki, if your temmate's a corki, just dodge. Hes gonna lose his lane and feed 100%
BACKDOWN The Revenge
@Dontflamemepls lol
Dontflamemepls Yıl önce
And when they are on the enemy team It's always an OTP and oneshots everyone :l
Cosmic Bard
Cosmic Bard Yıl önce
What's interesting with yordles is that their concept is actually surprisingly popular, because for example, Warcraft has gnomes, goblins and dwarves that are pretty similar to yordles (goblins and gnomes are mechanics/inventors like Heimerdinger and Rumble, while dwarves are small but tough fighters like Kled and Poppy). And of course, DotA has a set of heroes that mimic this theme of "small, mischievous, crazy, but also surprisingly powerful little humanoid creatures", though not all of these heroes belong into the same race (for example, Meepo and Dark Willow are two heroes that kinda have this yordle fantasy, despite not being in the same race as Tinker or Techies). But most of what you've said to yordles applies to these heroes too, as they're mostly anti carries with very unique kits, but also chaotic and inconsistent gameplay patterns. And they're also the most annoying pieces of sh*ts that you will ever face, which anyone who had to play a 60 minute game due to Techies' insane stalling will understand. I really like the fact that these types of characters are present in League too, even though I don't exactly main any of them (I have Veigar, Ziggs and Yuumi at mastery 5, but that's about it), but they definitely have a place in the game, as it's pretty cool to explore each and every different class and region with their weird niche. But there are still a few regions and roles that don't have a yordle representing them. The regions are Shurmina, Ixtal, Targon and the Void. And the roles are Catcher, Diver, Juggernaut and Vanguard (if Amumu doesn't count as a yordle). It's kinda funny how there are four regions and four roles left. If you'll ever need yet another idea for a series, you could maybe try to create some yordle champions that occupy these roles and regions yourself. I'd really like to see what you could come up with, especially for a Void or a Juggernaut yorlde. Something that I hope you'll touch on is champions that represent multiple regions. Of course a lot of yordles belong to that category (Poppy, Kled, Heimerdinger, Gnar, etc), but there are also plenty of non yordle champions like Samira who is a champion of Shurima and Noxus, Taric who is a champion of Demacia and Targon, Riven who is a champion of Ionia and Noxus, and so on and so on. Having champions be of multiple regions is a pretty cool idea, and I feel like it's been explored pretty well. As for the series, I kinda like. The only problem with it is that most of the things you'll mention will be somewhat obvious, but there are definitely a ton of perspectives and opinions on each of the regions, and I'm pretty interested to hear yours.
Pizza Messiah
Pizza Messiah Yıl önce
Would love a series like this on the Vastayans!
Jeff I
Jeff I Yıl önce
I love the yordles and am slowly getting them all
Junpei Da Man
Junpei Da Man Yıl önce
Yordles are my favorite champions!!!! I love these furballs so much, and also the ones that don't have fur at all (Fizz my beloved). Amazing video :D
Gabriel Matos
Gabriel Matos Yıl önce
Love this ideia of series, is really clever, just look at the freljord champions, all share a simillar aestethics and all of them have a slow (except Udyr...), and that's really clever.
Duckervert Yıl önce
I think you mean they focus on CC
Dragonheart Yıl önce
when I read the title I thought it was a kind of video along the lines "Why are Yordles hated and why was Vex a non-hated sucessfull Yordle" where you would go into the fact that many people in LoL can resonate with her mood and are nearly as equally or even more depressed than her lol
Useless Goblin
Useless Goblin Yıl önce
Void next please! love the void has a wide array of characters!
Dillon Duplessis
Dillon Duplessis Yıl önce
Lol I love how he completely forgets about Amumu Great video btw Keep it up Vars, Would love to see a series for this
Kamikaze Lemming
Kamikaze Lemming Yıl önce
So I have to ask, despite them not actually being a part of any particular region, will this new series also be including the Demon Champions (Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Tahm Kench)?
MUXX Yıl önce
Vars: there is a yordle in every main location Shurima: am i a joke to you?
lords nia
lords nia Yıl önce
interesting approach. would love further videos. thanks for quality content. keep up the good work. wish you well
Haroun Alnaser
Haroun Alnaser Yıl önce
I love the idea of the video, I wish you could do something like that about items and where they come from.
ShrekNSkrub Gaming
I feel like it's not really a "Yordle," problem, it's just that there are a lot of annoying characters who happen to be Yordles (Fizz, Veigar, Teemo, I don't think I need to go on.) There are also a lot of Yordles that I haven't heard many people complaining about, if at all. Kled, Gnar (didn't even know he was a Yordle,) Kennen, Corki, Rumble, etc. Honestly, Kled is one of my favorite champions, even though I don't play Top lane and never get to use him. It's also a fairly small sample size as well, and sadly most of them suck to play against so Yordles as a whole get a bad reputation. Also, I don't really agree with your assessment that it's more annoying getting killed by a tiny non-threatening character than a chonker like Malphite. Maybe it's just me, but if I get CC chained by a Cho'Gath, Malphite, Maokai, whatever, I don't think to myself, "well, that's fair, they're pretty big boys," I say, "this game is dogshit and I'm uninstalling." Good video, I'm excited to see what could come next, those are just my opinions.
Tacospaceman Yıl önce
Fizz wasnt a yordle till the TFT lore re-write. He was some fish troglodyte, but now he has some yordle DNA. So as much as I hate him, I have to love him nowZ
ducks Yıl önce
dude kled is so bad to play against. just when you think you've killed him he gets skarrl back and kills you
Paul Yıl önce
U just made me love my main and yordels even more ...very good video I enjoyed it a lot
Karcist Thurgy
Karcist Thurgy Yıl önce
Yordles are the best, they're so cute and fun to play. I love Tristana ❤
FruFru Yıl önce
Yes!! Can't wait for it, and the region videos! Great work vars
lolosh99 Yıl önce
Brilliant series idea!. I think the next video should be about demons. its a nice contrast from the whimsy of Bandle city.
fis001r Yıl önce
Vars: none of the yordles are a balancing nightmare. Riot: are you challanging me?
uuuuuudinamo Yıl önce
Not gonna lie, this was your best video. It was refreshing with not that much lore, covering up all of the yordles. As a sugestion, you can add some interesting skill interactions of one or two of them, just for some flavour, sometime, maybe. Good job!
TheJadeFist Yıl önce
At Yordle appearance, once apon a time and before a lore reset or two. There was a bit more consistency in how they're supposed to look if we ignore Fizz who shouldn't be a yordle but is some how now, or was he always, (magically half fish or whatever)? The males were furry but the females were more humanoid in not being covered in fur and had human like hair. Although Legends of Runeterra now also has female yordles that are furry too, maybe it was never intentional or it was abandoned.
Beanlordd Yıl önce
Super excited about the void with the bunch of monster champions, love the video dude!
Angelic Yıl önce
12:26 Fizz probably has the top spot for champions I'm afraid of and that of which have scarred me from playing a role. Right above Shaco in second place.
Alter Durst
Alter Durst 11 aylar önce
I love how Fizz isn´t included in the trickster Category even though his most notorious Ability is called "Playful Trickster" XD
NYUTT Yıl önce
Nice video like always, but i think you should wait a long time to make a video about void champs riot teased a potential void jungler on the roadmap so it'll be better to wait for his release since the last one was rek'sai and for kai'sa gotta wait if riot stick with the adaption gimmick
E S Yıl önce
When you were listing the Yordles from the major areas in runeterra you forgot Amumu from shurima, and Lulu from Bandlecity itself
Miguel dos Santos Galvão
I am a Yordle main, and what i have to say, i don't really care about their gameplay, i just like how fucking cute they are. And i really like people get mad at me when i play Teemo xD
Xalto 49
Xalto 49 Yıl önce
GJ getting the sponsor, also I want to see more of these, but pretty rarely. Something like once every 6 weeks. I don't want to burn out from lore and that tends to happen to me, especially with the Sentinels event let-down
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