YK Osiris - Worth It

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Music video by YK Osiris performing Worth It. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




8 Feb 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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kings Flow
kings Flow 22 saatler önce
New clips officiel kingsflow trvid.com/show-UCa_mSbhas9X1zm9DH6CX_vg
Alexander Clough
Alexander Clough 22 saatler önce
Why do i like this song in 2020??
Extremely Gorg
Extremely Gorg Gün önce
I just love love love this song!!
Destiny Deroot
Destiny Deroot Gün önce
Who's Len to this song and see Mone start talk about sad stuff
Aden Jones
Aden Jones Gün önce
Whoever dislike this song I’d like to see you try to do the same thing he did you probably won’t be able to because you’ll be too sorry that disliked the best TRvid song in the world
Aden Jones
Aden Jones Gün önce
Whoever dislikes this video I’d like to see you try and do that you won’t be able to because you’ll be sorry that you disliked the best song on youtube
Aden Jones
Aden Jones Gün önce
Worth it
Aden Jones
Aden Jones Gün önce
I’ll give u the world baby girl
Jahanara Begum
Jahanara Begum Gün önce
Whos here after a year /2020
miguel rodriguez
miguel rodriguez Gün önce
the perfect sound is when he say ooooh baby girl Wait wtf wasn’t this song released years ago
satine Schwäble
satine Schwäble Gün önce
I love it 🥵🥵
Smoke Tod
Smoke Tod Gün önce
$YOO219 CASH APP 2020
Ebbz G
Ebbz G 2 gün önce
She is fine 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Ebbz G
Ebbz G 2 gün önce
I like that song
Amanda Rankin
Amanda Rankin 2 gün önce
omg so nice
Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett 2 gün önce
Wtf is a creation? I'm just curious
Charlie Quelch
Charlie Quelch 2 gün önce
I just came here today to tell everyone that I really really fucking hate this song with a passion it’s just his fucking voice it’s so scratchy and annoying I fucking hate it.
Mayra Reynosa
Mayra Reynosa 2 gün önce
Miguel you worth it
Dustin Mitchell
Dustin Mitchell 3 gün önce
keep makeing money bro
Dustin Mitchell
Dustin Mitchell 3 gün önce
your just cool i wish i was you bro
Dustin Mitchell
Dustin Mitchell 3 gün önce
good song man i seen you have lot of money
Sister Sister
Sister Sister 3 gün önce
Loud House
Loud House 3 gün önce
1000, definitely gotta be worth it now! Made too many mistakes with ppl that weren't.
thebeast awesomeboi
thebeast awesomeboi 3 gün önce
You are so cute orisis
Chloe Bryant
Chloe Bryant 3 gün önce
i love this song!!!
unlimited sky
unlimited sky 3 gün önce
nba did that in outside today
Amani Mullen
Amani Mullen 3 gün önce
I love the song and the outfit
Olisha Beckles
Olisha Beckles 3 gün önce
Madison Jackson
Madison Jackson 3 gün önce
She is cute and him
xScozzy 3 gün önce
please clear your throat sir.
Tabitha Wilson
Tabitha Wilson 3 gün önce
You Just Got To Be Worth It...But You Don't Have To Be Perfect..
SIS IS SHOOK 4 gün önce
I yelled AWWWW so loud in the night at ... 2:00
Charlie Journey
Charlie Journey 4 gün önce
"Hah while u playing don't try to have kids she look like she gon take out child support 😣" Don't say she worth it she money hungry*
lil girls
lil girls 4 gün önce
I love this song
Rashed Alhetq\ailah
Rashed Alhetq\ailah 4 gün önce
Guys, what’s the woman name in the video??
TayTay 45
TayTay 45 4 gün önce
yall already know this is real r&b bc hes singing in the rain
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 4 gün önce
Hey your the best
Cayden Lee
Cayden Lee 4 gün önce
At 113 voice crack
CarterLOL Kid
CarterLOL Kid 4 gün önce
Yk You don’t have be perfect TMZ His girl was not worth it after he choked her
Mary Miller
Mary Miller 4 gün önce
Love it keep the work up with songs please like my messages
Mary Miller
Mary Miller 4 gün önce
Please press like 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Daniel Lobo
Daniel Lobo 4 gün önce
Dam facksssss
Daniel Lobo
Daniel Lobo 4 gün önce
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson 4 gün önce
I'm a fan
My boy Wrestles yay
My boy Wrestles yay 4 gün önce
I love your music
Real Factruth
Real Factruth 4 gün önce
This song is 🔥tho, it’s a good look on the young generation, and my man on the electric guitar 🎸 killed it...
BOLT_Thievies 1
BOLT_Thievies 1 4 gün önce
Banging tune
Carla Wren
Carla Wren 4 gün önce
I love this song it’s my favorite❤️
Teqchs 5 gün önce
bad fem bro bad eats
Adrianonna Murphy
Adrianonna Murphy 5 gün önce
Se refiere el tiempo eka de hacer a)
AyeeJellyy 5 gün önce
Did he really just do the whole dance in the rain back in the day r&b video thing 👀👀 lol
Destiny Ortiz
Destiny Ortiz 5 gün önce
I am working so I can be a girl
Lakeisha Flowers
Lakeisha Flowers 5 gün önce
I love this song i listen to is everyday
Young Chove
Young Chove 5 gün önce
Take me back to here 2019 was a crazy ass year
Lexi Lopez
Lexi Lopez 5 gün önce
Yhara Dos Santos
Yhara Dos Santos 5 gün önce
Scotty Dstp
Scotty Dstp 5 gün önce
This is a genuine meme
Jabari McMillian
Jabari McMillian 5 gün önce
I like that song
Khalid Boyd
Khalid Boyd 5 gün önce
I like it
Cutie pie 100x cuter than you
If he dies I can’t go to his funeral I would either be in jail for killing the person who killed him or for being in heaven with him
Imre Gazso
Imre Gazso 6 gün önce
This nigga fake ass fuck
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