WWE 2K23 First Look: WARGAMES with Big E, Dakota Kai, Shayna Baszler & Austin Creed!

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Join our host Austin Creed, Big E, Dakota Kai and the LeftRightLeftRight Champion Shayna Baszler as we take our first look at WWE 2K23's newest game mode, the brutal and painful WarGames match! What pain lies inside the double-ring and extra large steel cage as our WWE Superstars pick up the controllers for the first time inside #WWE2K23?

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1 Şub 2023




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SilverrulezGaming Aylar önce
Kai is such a great heel. The night and day difference between her character and her real personality is just a wonderful blend.
JP 16 gün önce
Mr_Saksobeat420 21 gün önce
Big dakota fan, criminally underrated
Steven Barron
Steven Barron Aylar önce
Shayna too
Richard Richard
Richard Richard Aylar önce
@Mike Hughes It's "go away" heat though, he's always had that.
Matt T
Matt T Aylar önce
@Noah Webb Does that mean they’re good at their job?😂
Otaku_Bear Aylar önce
It's soooooo good to see big e. It's not the new day, without e there as well
Chuck-El Aylar önce
I like how Dakota does Big E's wrestling grunts at 21:06 😂
Kadarius Green
Kadarius Green Aylar önce
Awesomer Aylar önce
Miss the big guy
Kevin Lam
Kevin Lam Aylar önce
Without big e the new day is 🗑️
Emerie The Greatest of All Time
On God💯🔥
Ahmed Yusuf
Ahmed Yusuf Aylar önce
I love how Xavier was singing to Cody’s song 😂😂
Wrestling with Jay
Wrestling with Jay Aylar önce
lol 😂
KiranK28 Aylar önce
@Ahmed Yusuf true lol
Ahmed Yusuf
Ahmed Yusuf Aylar önce
@KiranK28 I don’t blame him
KiranK28 Aylar önce
I love that song
Joshua Mullings
Joshua Mullings Aylar önce
The way he sings batista's song is the best 😂😂
UNCuse15 Aylar önce
I love how Big E and Woods still call Seth “Captain”. In 2015 when Seth and the New Day almost got together was some of my favorite segments.
Bridey86 Aylar önce
Never thought I would be so happy to see someone nod and move their head so much, so happy E is doing well and we all wish you a speedy recovery big man!
Detroit Lion
Detroit Lion 19 gün önce
I feel like he's gonna retire
Teacher Mohammed
Teacher Mohammed Aylar önce
Man Big E sounding well and healthy must be the best thing I've seen so far in 2023. Hope he's returning soon to the ring.
RebelWithoutACaws Aylar önce
Well, I hope this means the gameplay for WarGames will actually be smooth. I also hope this wasn’t the only match they added/improved.
ean meade
ean meade 20 gün önce
On next gen I think it’s bound to be smooth at least we can hope
dakliq420 Aylar önce
@RebelWithoutACaws well they've been running the same match types in real life. What else y'all want? A street fight is basically a no holds barred match anyway. Players rarely ever used Lumberjack matches,the buried alive match was whatever. I wouldn't mind the inferno match though.
Ishmael Aylar önce
@RebelWithoutACaws inferno match sucks you just roll a guy in fire buried alive oky could be brought back, street fight is just a no DQ match and a backstage brawl. Lumber jack is just a singles match with a manager. I can agree with a more free weapons use to be creative like stacking tables. Other then that it's a small list besides just improving existing matches without adding a match that just makes no sense to have it in a game like a lumber jack match, like I said whats the point in having a lumber jack match when you can just be in the match itself or add a manager to be a ringside with you. The only one that makes sense here is buried alive or even casket match or maybe even ambulance match
RebelWithoutACaws Aylar önce
@Ishmael the I quit match. Buried alive. Inferno match. Better backstage arena. Fight pit. Street fight. Lumberjack. Etc. look at the older games. They had way more match types than what we have now. Also more weapons and the option to stack tables.
Ishmael Aylar önce
@Matt rice I remember when I wanted more people in the ring at one time for the rumble and they gave that to us and now it's another thing lol but to be honest as for match types what other match types are worthy to be in this game wrestling especially in wwe has always just been tag matches TLC MATCHES, steel cage, royal rumble, hell in a cell, elimination chamber, handicap matches, I quit matches, table matches, backstage brawls, that one could be improved, 2k22 pretty much has all this, so idk what people mean by I hope they add more match types, like what's missing that I haven't seen on wwe programming
GamingWithPatrick Aylar önce
Dakobra Kai is a gem. Always funny on UUDD.
Positively E
Positively E Aylar önce
I hope the collision detection is as improved as it looks. Though nothing will beat Day of Reckoning's interruptable moves
SailorQueen53 Aylar önce
This WWE2K23 Preview Episode on UUDD WAS AWESOME!!!! Really love and enjoy watching the gang play at WARGAMES and I do love the style for the stage especially with the sirens effect, I totally love the part when everyone compares it to the Purge and say the Purge's Legal Crime rules in WWE style, that was so priceless and good lol!!!! And I also was laughing so hard when Xavier & Big E jumped Cody Rhodes in the beginning of the match, I was laughing saying "OMG" during that, ah classic New Day lol- I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!! Looking forward to the next preview episode!!!
dallen33 Aylar önce
Great seeing Big E with the New Day again, looking forwars to the day he returns to the ring! Also love how the game is looking, seriously what an upgrade to the models
Aylar önce
@Dave Sánchez What language is that
Dave Sánchez
Dave Sánchez Aylar önce
John Cena downgrade level god if you see the solo entrance video off the game, not in game.
StoryGuy Aylar önce
The graphics look great. And 2K22 looked AMAZING! Haven’t been excited for a WWE game in a while. Feels good!
zombiegowild90 Aylar önce
But now i mostly play vanguard zombies im level 30 never done this on cod games
zombiegowild90 Aylar önce
22 is good hell i play 19 still off and on
Thatch Netherfold
Thatch Netherfold Aylar önce
3:25 The most intense look on the contenders' faces in a simple game of rock papers scissors. 12:27 Unicorn Stampede!!! And New Day heel mode laughter - switch on.
Cyrribrae Aylar önce
@Jazz and Friends That popped me hahaha
Jazz and Friends
Jazz and Friends Aylar önce
Steven Costa
Steven Costa Aylar önce
This was a fun watch. Miss Big E 😢. Hope to at least see him on TV 📺, soon even as just a host for wrestlemania 🙏
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224 Aylar önce
Excited for the WWE2K23 preview, excited to see Big E on the show, New Day reunion 🙌
Steve Kasan
Steve Kasan Aylar önce
being a NWA/WCW guy, to have this in the game and being able to use & create legends of back then, i can easily relive/replay the Dangerous Alliance v Stings Squadron lol Dakota has been the longest in all the War Games, but, she has also got the most beaten up spots. I hope this was therapeutic at least for her
Chuck-El Aylar önce
@TG Zaks Og Four Horseman (Blanchard, Flair , Ole and Arn) vs The Nation of Domination (Rock, DLow, Mark Henry and Farooq) The Ministry of Darkness (Taker, Bradshaw, Farooq , and Midian) vs The Dangerous Alliance (Stunning Steve Austin, Vader, Rick Rude and Bobby Eaton) will be ones I'll do too 😁
Toat Aylar önce
@Matt rice its 3v3 and 4v4 i believe :)
TG Zaks
TG Zaks Aylar önce
As someone who watched the original War Games with Dusty/Nikita and The Road Warriors vs The Four Horsemen, this is going to be epic for us old heads lol
Retro_Flames Aylar önce
@Matt rice that's great
Thatch Netherfold
Thatch Netherfold Aylar önce
And her also appreciating the aspects of the War Games aesthetics? She lacks appreciation alright.
Positively E
Positively E Aylar önce
Love that the art director fits right in with wrestlers with all their tats 🤘🏿
Chuck-El Aylar önce
Yes she's awesome she responds to all the WWE 2k fans on Instagram too
CyberBFoStar Aylar önce
Wargames is gonna change everything for online play. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jobber Jerry
Jobber Jerry Aylar önce
I was never really of Kai until last years War Games I think she was the glue that held that entire match together and she definitely took the most damage too and my entire outlook on her changed
YOOITSBJ Aylar önce
It’s good to see Big E healthy man hope to see him in the squared circle soon
KingxD3ath_ARTS Aylar önce
6:45 love that woods talked about this version of Kurt's theme song. It was so underappreciated
Ron Jones
Ron Jones Aylar önce
Big E!!!! 🤩 So glad to see him back.
Garou Aylar önce
Big E 🤩 torcendo pelo seu retorno.
Diamond655 Aylar önce
Kofi and Xavier stomp stunlocking Dakota/Cody for almost a minute straight is funny as hell. I'm surprised they left in the Shayna AI bugging out in the video, though - figured they'd cut around the jank considering this is WWE's official account.
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 Aylar önce
That is a incredible new addition to the game to bring more dynamics
Certified_Buckss Aylar önce
I’m so excited for this the hype is real!!!
Z3Gaming Aylar önce
its look great, cant wait to try war games! But them getting excited for the same entrances from last year was kinda funny lol
izzy8501 Aylar önce
Shayna is so kind and sweet behind the scenes, as is Dakota. I sometimes wish Shayna was a babyface and mixed her true personality with her character more. Lol.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Aylar önce
I love this video. Love the gameplay and how animated everybody was especially Dakota.
danny rene gamez Gamez
Que bueno es ver de vuelta a Big E.
Positively E
Positively E Aylar önce
Weapon taunts right out of WWF No Mercy. I hope they use it as influence for so much more. 20+ years later and still the goat along with VPW2.
Greg Puryear
Greg Puryear Aylar önce
Glad to see BIG E is okay and I'll be happy when/if he returns to the ring
Javon Etc.
Javon Etc. Aylar önce
Yo I swear the superstars are always the coolest even out of character 🙌🏾🙌🏾
My dog and me
My dog and me Aylar önce
I would like to know if this could be added as apart of universe mode and could have normal single matches in one of the rings without it only being used for wargames matches
Jeff Richards
Jeff Richards Aylar önce
I loved everyone's shock and surprise when the CPU won the first War Games match! 😂
Mole Jam
Mole Jam Aylar önce
I can't wait for this! this is going to be awesomeness videos from UpUp Down Down!!! Let's Goooo!!!!
Kevin 100-ocho
Kevin 100-ocho Aylar önce
BIG E IS HERE !🔥🔥 great to see him
russelbutt Aylar önce
this new mode should be pretty fun, definitely picking this up day 1!
The BCube Show
The BCube Show Aylar önce
13:55 E: I thought that was it Woods: it's Cena dude E: oh yeah, silly me 🤣
Daredevil Aylar önce
Austin is just huge fan of wwe theme songs I remember he was singing Batista theme during WM, Orton theme during NXT and now he was singing Cody's theme 😂😂
Zion Williams
Zion Williams Aylar önce
Can't wait 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BTW good to see Big E
My question is... Will the superstars actually all have their official & correct move sets in 2k23?
Rudebwoytroy Aylar önce
as for the pumps and the tech, sidney crosbys cross trainers from 2008 had the pum on the outside of the heel and had a knob for pump or deflate. you turn the knob to lock then pump the small pump and unlock to decompress the air... they can take that and put it back to the tongue
Bobby Br38k3r
Bobby Br38k3r Aylar önce
Now I am interested in 2k once again. Finally a new match type.
AtkBlacKK Aylar önce
Watching this definitely made me realize that Dakota was in every women’s Wargames match, along w/Iyo. UUDD is so educational! 🤣
CODYRESU Aylar önce
Xavier really started beating Cody while singing his theme song. Iconic.
Cowboy Wazowski
Cowboy Wazowski Aylar önce
This reminds of when my friends in high school played 2k14 6 man hell in the cell. We thought Rey and Yokozuna picking up the steal stairs and running up the ramp was the funniest thing ever and we couldn’t stop laughing.
real Bojack Horseman
Glad to see Big E doing well
joe franco
joe franco Aylar önce
That's Soo Freaking awesome you can grab weapons before hopin in, I can't wait to play as ricochet in this!!
Naturescontainment !
Game looks good can’t wait to play!
King Jae
King Jae Aylar önce
War Games looks so damn good! Looking forward to this game!
GrimmBrowncoat Aylar önce
Not sure why I’m so impressed with the way Cena unfolds the towel in that entrance but it’s super clean.
Cliff Moore
Cliff Moore Aylar önce
So glad to see Big E there & the rest of WWE wrestlers💪💪
mr CMD
mr CMD Aylar önce
Yo me and my brother gonna go wild in these war games matches 🔥
Giovanny Monteiro
Giovanny Monteiro Aylar önce
I’m so exited to see Dakota’s model hope she gets The white and Pink hair still
Daniel Chong
Daniel Chong Aylar önce
The graphics look to have been improved very significantly, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this game.
KingxD3ath_ARTS Aylar önce
I wonder if they'll add elimination to war games. I know it's not a thing but I'd like it
Riyan Sarker
Riyan Sarker Aylar önce
I am very excited for this moment.
Harbinger Aylar önce
Big E still looking massive ! I hope he gets an in ring return soon and stays healthy
The Wright Way
The Wright Way Aylar önce
Hopefully Big E is in the game as well!
KingTodd_Gaming_ Aylar önce
Expected War Games to be in 2k22. Looked forward to it. Disappointed it's not. Can't wait for 2k23 so we can all finally play War Games matches.
Just Rob
Just Rob Aylar önce
Im so freaking happy to see BIG E doing ok that I dont even care about the weird morphing moves and the crazy cpu unlimited taught glitch in the game.
jbrady58103 Aylar önce
So good to see E. Miss him.
Pach Carter
Pach Carter Aylar önce
Big E back great to see the guy back hopefully he can return to the ring soon
Randi Fish
Randi Fish Aylar önce
What a storyline, Shayna of all person doing the peacemaker. Unexpected.
Epic Badger
Epic Badger Aylar önce
I'm glad to see BIG E, looking good.
Niteshade0Rune Aylar önce
Totally hyped to remake my 2k22 stable in this and start playing again!
Ballroom Dancer
Ballroom Dancer Aylar önce
I just want to know the Presentation names in the Create a superstar mode. That's all I cared about the most. Like if there are any new names on the list.
Realcountry98 Gaming
I can’t wait for this game I loved wwe 2k22 and I hope wwe 2k23 will be even better
djpegao Aylar önce
27:22 that transition was clean!!!
Dajuan Jackson
Dajuan Jackson Aylar önce
I just need Xavier to sing “my father SAAAAAAIIIIIIIIDD” just one time in my life
Evan Sinsabaugh
Evan Sinsabaugh Aylar önce
Shania bazler is such a chill person irl but a great heel in character
Brian Aylar önce
"I thought that was it" "It's Cena ,dude" "Oh yeah You're right. You're right." "Who we talkin about" "Silly me" Like 100% of Cena's matches in his Super Cena era.
KingxD3ath_ARTS Aylar önce
My problem with war games is the extra cpu. I'd love if they can program them not to go for the win so the player can has some fun before the match ends
Oj Mosby
Oj Mosby Aylar önce
Online for war games gonna be crazy
Drago Jay 069
Drago Jay 069 Aylar önce
Question? Are the Upupdowndown and left right left right championships in 2k23 like they were in 2k22? Because if they are, I will 100% be buying the game on launch day for sure!!!
Abhishek Shiroya
Abhishek Shiroya Aylar önce
There’s no reason to take em out of the franchise. I’m sure they’ll be there
darthfinality Aylar önce
That's a good question
Tyrecus Dale
Tyrecus Dale Aylar önce
We miss you big E 💯
atiba morales
atiba morales Aylar önce
Will we get 4 on 4 War Games? All I'm seeing in most footage is 3 on 3. Can they not do 4 on 4 with two rings because of some technical issue? I was so hoping for 4 on 4.
Call Me Shady
Call Me Shady Aylar önce
You can, it's just not in the version they played
Emerie The Greatest of All Time
It looks good but they need to fix the animation speed like 2K14. It's too smooth Everyone moves like heavyweights We need a fluid gameplay like Here comes the pain, SvR'06 & SvR'11 Definitely need a double championship entrances & Story designer with new & some old cutscenes Thx y'all for being the 1st to review some gameplay
Olster Aylar önce
Good to see Big E again
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy Aylar önce
Hey it’s big e it’s good to see him for sure can’t wait for him to return
AShreddedFate Aylar önce
Can't wait to stream the War Games match! 🤘
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy Aylar önce
LOL when Cena kicked out. "That's Cena dude." "You're right."
GAMER3Productions Aylar önce
I’m just so happy that the title of this game and the previous finally got the year right!!!
AniGamer NX
AniGamer NX Aylar önce
Philip Dawson
Philip Dawson Aylar önce
Btw Dakota isn't kidding when she says that War Games is "her kind of match". Her & Io are the only 2 women that have been involved in all 4 WWE women's War Games matches so far (although technically Dakota never entered the ring in one of them, famously).
Megan Graves
Megan Graves Aylar önce
It's good to see Big E doing well
The Gaming Dude
The Gaming Dude Aylar önce
The character select screen looks so clean
Hannah.P.S Aylar önce
Just came home , the perfect video to end the day with.
Logan Evans
Logan Evans Aylar önce
Can’t wait first war games then the cena showcase then the rumble I just want to have the game already
TheJoeTapes Aylar önce
I love Dakota and Shayna together they are really cute together
I am me
I am me Aylar önce
as soon as the game laynches im immediately going in to do NWO vs DX
JGR4LIFE Aylar önce
I’m going to be playing with Vince McMahon when the game comes out 😂
Alannized Aylar önce
Sooo dope! Can’t wait for 2k23!!!!
NZer0Gravity Aylar önce
My question is why is Kai skipping all the entrance I’m tryna see them😐
Can’t wait to play War Games
gothard5 Aylar önce
I really wish WWE would do War Games matches like they are supposed to be done like the original War Games matches back in the late 80s. I know they will never do that though.
AA Ron
AA Ron Aylar önce
I'm surprised they don't do all John Cena war games
Michael James Jr
Michael James Jr Aylar önce
Welcome Back Cody... The beat down was wild. New Day showed no mercy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jack Strider
Jack Strider Aylar önce
The man, the myth, the LEGEND, BRYAN "We'll try to get it in next year" WILLIAMS!
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