WOW! Leaked "TRASH CONTRACT" Exposes A Lot, Tfue, FaZe, What India's Election Results Mean, & More

Philip DeFranco
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Today’s Stories:
Judge Rules That Parents Can Use Son’s Sperm:
Modi Re-Elected in India:
Tfue’s Contract Leaks:
Previous Coverage: trvid.com/video/video-68Nq2XWE6N4.html
More News Not Included In Show Today:
Canada Hires Company to Remove Its Trash After the Philippines Announced Plans to Send It Back at Its Own Expense:
Alabama Public Television Refuses to Air Arthur Episode Featuring Same-Sex Marriage:
Al Jazeera Suspends Journalists for Controversial Video:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton
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23 May 2019




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Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco Yıl önce
Remember to check back tomorrow for a Weekend News Video! Here are the timecodes: Tfue Contract Leaked (0:09), TIA (5:17), Judge Rules That Parents Can Use Son’s Sperm (7:06), India’s Election Results (10:53)
Trump is a idiot
samuel schultheis
Get those tiny tubes snipped. Until you do it’s holding you hostage if you’re done using the DNA ammo
GamingGundam Yıl önce
Another argument for faze would be that tfue wouldn't have even made it big like he did if he wasn't in faze so to an extent faze has every right to take 80% if they so choose to. Yeah the contract was complete shit but again tfue wouldn't be big if he wasn't found by faze.
Apoorv Sharma
Apoorv Sharma Yıl önce
1.India has the fastest growing economy in the world right now. How is it "heading to a recession?" 2.The effect of the demonetization on small businesses was not as much as it seemed to be. The amount of "black money" that was rendered useless through the policy served a much greater benefit. Moreover, it allowed many non-cash money transfer businesses to thrive and they did which in turn means less cash transactions equating to lesser possibilities of generating black money, which was a HUGE issue for India. Almost all small businesses have actually caught on since then.
Buhfrog Yıl önce
Nobody: Just about every other Philip DeFranco video title: WOW!! WOW! WOW. wow!
SPEARHEAD 2 gün önce
What a moron...
KillShot gaming
KillShot gaming 5 gün önce
Modified India
Manan Tewari
Manan Tewari 23 gün önce
That many factual errors!
Siddharth Rajeev
Siddharth Rajeev Aylar önce
I disagree with your India take vehemently as an Indian. I think Indian voters had to choose between two bad options in the same way that American voters had to choose between Hillary and Trump. We have been in conflict with Pakistan for like 70 years now and we have never been the aggressors in any war between the two nations. Pakistan likes to gaslight the international world with their perceived victimization but its really just the opposite. And on the economic point, I agree that demonetization was a disaster. It crippled businesses and just created problems for the common man. India's unemployment is still comparatively lower considering our massive population and the fact that it's a democracy. As you say, I'm entitled to my opinion and people are free to disagree.
Mitch T
Mitch T 7 aylar önce
first off.. his dream was to have children.. Now he's dead. So its not longer his dream.. His sperm creating children should only be for him. Not someone else. fucking ridiculous
Logic _
Logic _ 9 aylar önce
Modi election campaign will be taught in MBA marketing. Modi is less about work and more about selling his work.
Dee 10 aylar önce
Wow! Some bias here. People think they'll read a few articles and watch a few videos ...Western media and they will understand the complexities of India! Muslims are better off in India than any other country including the Islamic nations. Keeping this in mind I know what not to refer for other international issues that I want to understand.
Hello World
Hello World 10 aylar önce
Mentioning all the negative points of the BJP and Modi and calling yourself unbiased..... 😂😂👍👍
Rhythm M
Rhythm M 2 aylar önce
That's what all foreign media houses are doing today. Everybody is simply pushing this one sided narrative and others are buying it.
GOD SNIPER 10 aylar önce
Where your fake news coming from? Wait I know Anti india, Anti hindu - BBC News fake news 🤣🤣
GOD SNIPER 10 aylar önce
What congress did? Wait I know Nothing... 😎
raj 10 aylar önce
Wtf ..... oir gdp growth rate is 7% and above and unemployment rate hit 6.1% due to demonitisation in 17 -18 fy .... but u started ur own propaganda by saying 7% in terms our population 0.9% means u misstake it by millions wat about the figures of 18-19 ... u see in 18 dec unemployment rate down to 2.56% straight .... ppls like u should be ashamed of for defaming good leaders ... shame on you here is the link go check it www.ceicdata.com/en/indicator/india/unemployment-rate Another brother of BBC must be craving for 1
Avinash Prabhu
Avinash Prabhu 10 aylar önce
Country is heading to recession wake up even USA will be in recession in coming days... Ur media just don't cover these thigs
Raw Rants
Raw Rants 10 aylar önce
Kishan Mandan
Kishan Mandan 10 aylar önce
Bro you need to do some homework before speaking shit you Bastard.. Fucck you.. He talks about India as One.. Research about India first..
Shantanu Mankar
Shantanu Mankar 10 aylar önce
May be as fast as you talk, you could think wisely. You don't understand a thing about India, may be you could research for yourself personally here. Journalism can't be copying other media outlets. Poor.
Aisha Md.
Aisha Md. 10 aylar önce
Racist moron do not try to force your colonial mindset on India a country with 1.2 b people more smarter then you.
Smonds M
Smonds M 10 aylar önce
Wow! You seem to follow only those foreign media that bash India!
Anurag Joglekar
Anurag Joglekar 10 aylar önce
Abhay Offset
Abhay Offset 10 aylar önce
Report karo iski video ko bhai please
Abhay Offset
Abhay Offset 10 aylar önce
Modi will win again again again again and again again again!!!!!!
lakshman prasad
lakshman prasad 10 aylar önce
Not even a little bit close to a fair analysis of indian election Seem like a biased pile of crap
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma 10 aylar önce
Seems like that is probably because it is pile of crap. The articles he used as source for his points were later proved to be totally fake... which sane person would use Al Jazeera's report? They are known for pushing fake propaganda and were caught doing it again
Mridul Agrawal
Mridul Agrawal 10 aylar önce
No knowledge but,still just to get more views,commenting on everything,at least read some history next time,when talking if India,and contexts of events
Mridul Agrawal
Mridul Agrawal 10 aylar önce
He's basically showing,know nothing but,I do have an opinion despite that,on everything
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar 10 aylar önce
Josna U
Josna U 10 aylar önce
Little bit less scroll. Quint. Wire. NDTV. and if you do check left wing go through counter arguments by right wing. AKTK. Sham Sharma. UP world. You will get better idea. This artical on India is totally Pakistan point of view. No offence.
Nitish Kumar Bansal
Nitish Kumar Bansal 11 aylar önce
Seriously please do not talk about politics you are just stupid without knowledge you speak about countries. Please just talk about TRvid controversies
Sean Cartaya
Sean Cartaya 11 aylar önce
Umm... If Chu is dead, what the fuck does it matter if his parents want to use his sperm to continue their family lineage? Let them do it. The guy is dead. Why would anyone want to stop them? Let the poor people who lost their son have their test tube grand kids, if that's what they want. The fact there is even any debate about it is fucking ridiculous to me.
jobriq5 11 aylar önce
Asian parents man... I get why they want his sperm, but it's still kinda creepy.
Tails Clock
Tails Clock Yıl önce
Consent from a dead person to use their sperm... That's the part people are concerned about? He's an organ doner, testicles are an organ, easy done. What needs thinking about is how backwards his family is that they would reach for their won's jizz to carry on their family name. That is really messed up and creepy as all hell that they make it seem like their son's purpose was to give them grandkids. They have a disgusting mindset to care that much about bloodlines too.
All of these countries, many of them very influential on a global scale, are choosing nationalist leaders who advocate, or at least allow indirectly for the persecution of minorities. Additionally, some of them are simultaneously war mongering far more than they used to. I refuse to believe that this is just the pendulum of war and reckonings swinging back. We are better than this. Well... most of us at least. Ok maybe like half... either way, I look to the future with increasing levels of unease when I hear of things such as what's happening in India... or anything that involves Trump.
That sperm story... that's a tough one. Because I do get the concept of wanting to see your deceased child's legacy literally and figuratively endure. However, I also understand how not knowing with WHOM the deceased would have wanted to have their child, could be problematic. Objectively speaking, I personally place more value in the wishes of the living, over those of the dead, as I don't believe in an afterlife. But, my personal view, regarding something so arbitrary and sensitive, should never take precedence over others'. So, with that in mind, I personally feel that is a matter for only the family to consider and make peace with.
Well... I think I might have been dead wrong about the Tfue FaZe situation. I'd actually believed FaZe at first. I see now that, minus the BS about being forced to engage in dangerous stunts, Tfue wasn't fucking around. Or at least... that's how it seems right now. If this is as it seems, then absolutely FUCK working for FaZe. Of course, assuming they don't immediately do away with those horrendous stipulations.
Human Being
Human Being Yıl önce
im new here, are you a lawyer?
Galaxy Yıl önce
When will people learn that strong nationalism never ends well?
Z Z Yıl önce
It’s so sad to hear about all the people being marginalized in India because of their faith.
Narayan jangid
Narayan jangid Yıl önce
You have no idea about INDIA, so just reading any of the A,B,C,D..Media and coming to conclusion is not fair. You should have done more research on the schemes of Modi government that benefited mostly the lower and lower-middle class people. And finally stop reading news about india via BBC, Scroll, NDTV, they are left inclined media,rather prefer ANI or DD news.... And this government is Hindu nationalist but it does not mean they are against minorities (First you have to know what Hinduism is to give conclusion). Even there are examples , where modi's party won seats where muslim population were in majority. So stop your Bullshit about INDIA.
Rhythm M
Rhythm M 2 aylar önce
Lol all these foreigners are the same.
Threat 3 aylar önce
holly grace
holly grace Yıl önce
I might feel differently when I really sit and think about this, I have not heard of this sort of situation before. That Peter's parents ASKED for this, and the reasons that they asked for this are very odd to me. That said, I do think that sperm, along with bone marrow, blood, tissue, and even eggs respectively, can be included if you have given permission to posthumously donate organs. I don't know why a hospital should put a limit on how long to keep something just because the owner is deceased.
Tori Borka
Tori Borka Yıl önce
Tfue- he’s an adult who signed a contract, knowing damn well how important that is. He should have had a lawyer read it over. Or at least he should have read it over. Sperm- no. That should not be legal. You should need an actual written consent by the deceased to do this. This whole situation can be twisted into something so much worse.
naraka Yıl önce
Yeah This guy doesn't even know how indian politics work, Modi a bad guy gets elected with 45% of votes, the largest ever mandate in modern indian history. So 270million voters are dumb you say? What a piece of shit you are Philip, do your research properly.
Lissie Lamb
Lissie Lamb Yıl önce
Wow not even death can keep you from pro creating
Ii T
Ii T Yıl önce
Only leftists thought modi wouldn't win, they are too out of touch with reality. Also your sources seem to be biased.
Bear Warner
Bear Warner Yıl önce
With a grandkid that's already born, and needs someone to take over their care, it makes sense. When there was a partner that was expecting to have a future with the deceased, and raise a family, it makes sense. With this, they're intentionally raising a child when they're grandparent age, and it's a bit creepy that they're planning to bring their own grandchild into the world, confusing their role in the kid's life. Are they grandparents, or parents? Both? Well, that's uncomfortable. I don't even think the guy was likely to object, but it still feels cringey at the very least.
Ray Bacon
Ray Bacon Yıl önce
"Family" is more than 1 person. If the person necessary to continuing the family line dies before they get the chance to procreate, I don't see anything unethical about retrieving the sperm unless the deceased specifically stated they did NOT want it to happen.
Aryan Hegde
Aryan Hegde Yıl önce
Wooh India!!
Michelle Stillwater
I don't get it. The dead are dead. There's no consent needed. There are tons of willing women who will carry a stranger's child (surrogate mothers) - THAT is the person you need permission from. I'd assume that a family that wishes to use their deceased son's sperm will be looking to care for the child.
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider Yıl önce
Maybe Tfue shouldn’t have signed it then.
Zachary Sutliff
Zachary Sutliff Yıl önce
I would guess this kid would go out of his way to make his parents happy and proud. That being said I put myself I. This position and although weird I could see myself allowing my parents to take my baby goo to allow for my children’s birth to make my death a little easier for them as well as carry on my family name. The situation is def strange and weird to think about but I get it.
animefreak5219 Yıl önce
Excuse me, you said "making perfect trying to make the perfect pizza". Yes, that is the video's name but it is misleading, because it's the BA Test Kitchen trying to make the perfect pizza. This sounds incorrect because it is as if "making perfect" was a group of people, whereas the noun is actually the BA (bon appetit) Test Kitchen.
CezrDaPleazr Yıl önce
MizukiUkitake Yıl önce
In regards to the post-death sperm collecting.... why does it matter? The dead can't consent, they don't need consent. If a guy dies and his spouse gets pregnant with collected sperm, it doesn't matter if he consented or not, he's not losing anything for his DNA being used in someone being born. He doesn't have to raise a kid, he doesn't have to pay child support. I feel the same about organ donation. You don't need them, you don't lose anything. In either case, you're not suffering or paying any costs for this. The dead don't need consent rights.
Stephanie Genova
Stephanie Genova Yıl önce
Creating a baby from your dead sons sperm does not make your son a father!
Cailey Rose
Cailey Rose Yıl önce
So apparently it's time to add a clause to my will saying that under no circumstance are embryos to be extracted from my dead body and used to produce children. Fuck me, what the hell.
Tah Sin
Tah Sin Yıl önce
he is dead does it evn matter let the parents do what ever they wants.
Milena Zhu
Milena Zhu Yıl önce
Even the son (or rather photo) looked uncomfortable during the coverage of what his parents' planned to do.
Ravyn Womack
Ravyn Womack Yıl önce
He wanted to have kids. Having kids is not just using your sperm to make a child. Having a child is raising the child yourself. So to say the parents want to use his sperm so "he" can have kids is wrong. It uses that excuse to try to keep someone alive through a child who will not have said parent to raise them. If he had a partner and they made an agreement to have kids then that would be different.
Selena Leona
Selena Leona Yıl önce
The sperm thing.. why not consider that child will one day be an adult and will not have a proper mother or father if raised as a grandchild. They won't have siblings to be with when their grandparents pass away and will either have to be with other family or in the system if they are young. I agree it should ultimately be given to the spouse of the desceased.
Keerthi Nayak
Keerthi Nayak Yıl önce
Thanks demonetization.. Most of the Indians have started to use digital transaction..
Fey Peels
Fey Peels Yıl önce
HUGE YIKES ON THE SPERM RETRIEVAL. I can't even begin to imagine all the kinds of emotional trauma that child would suffer
CrazyShrum Yıl önce
Phil, lets get a group discount going for vasectomies in CA.
Alex dehmer
Alex dehmer Yıl önce
Hey Phil, my girlfriend glosses over contracts too. So I think you should emphasize that everyone should read their contract asap. Rental, employment, insurance, phone, anywhere you sign your name with a date really.....
Andrew Cleary
Andrew Cleary Yıl önce
Yeah, I think dead people having babies is kind of crossing an ethics line, regardless of consent or not. It's just one step away from full-blown necrophilia.
rajahafiz Yıl önce
Why not ask your wife for family planning using injection?
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk Yıl önce
Yeah he wanted kids, when he was ALIVE!
Jonasftw Yıl önce
I want this on record in case there's an accident and I get brain damaged or something: No one gets to touch my sperm. For reproductive purposes, anyway. Sheesh.
Deiradinn Draven
Deiradinn Draven Yıl önce
True is a beast!
James Mifsud
James Mifsud Yıl önce
I’m never 100% Philled in
Norris Vaughn III
I believe that since Chu was an organ donor, I believe it is ethical because it can be consider as consent in a since.
npviking Yıl önce
the non compete act in Tfue's contract is not unheard of in other industries (I personally know of it in the engineering field) but I'm unsure about gamers/talent/online personalities.
First Last
First Last Yıl önce
Pls no throat punch I liekd the vidja.
James Moriarty
James Moriarty Yıl önce
They are getting it wrong on elections more and more (professionals/analysts) you would think they would update their methods.
Just Dann
Just Dann Yıl önce
So just discovered an audio version of the show over on Google Podcasts, is this official?
La melma zero uno
Banks lied, his a manipulating, lying scumbag, tfue was telling the truth, everyone who believed banks fell stupid
Jacob Yıl önce
The "I want 20 kids" clip will be used against you.
kuldeep kaushik
kuldeep kaushik Yıl önce
U have wrong information on Indian economy
Wolfer Yıl önce
Hindu nationalist policies ? Name one please
Aritro Roy
Aritro Roy Yıl önce
The Indian election result was kinda like the last season of game of thrones. Actually much worse. I hope the our democracy survives this and I hope that next time people will make a more educated decision instead of just voting for the more charismatic orator making false promises.
ExplosiveFetus Yıl önce
W O W !
crystal dragon
crystal dragon Yıl önce
in regards to the dead guy.. wtf is wrong with you people? We have far too many children/people on this planet already. Your sperm lineage isn't at all that important.. I'm sure your at least part of your dna's out there in the world already.
crystal dragon
crystal dragon Yıl önce
oi.. I sentence like crap sometimes. lol
Whi te
Whi te Yıl önce
Never sign a contract, even if it’s from a friend. Always have a professional lawyer take a look at it. If you’re dead, you’re dead. Nobody should be able to decide what happens with your body after that unless you have declared that before your death. India is ass backwards when it comes to the progression of human rights, freedom or religion, and modernization. Not much else to say with that garbage.
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