would you eat this?

Zach Choi ASMR
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19 Oca 2023




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Servellion 7 gün önce
This man has a metabolism like a damn nuclear reactor.
Micheal Myers
Micheal Myers 3 saatler önce
But during the cuts he gives most of the food to the family in his basement
barb 12 saatler önce
Lol fax
Mystic Manisha
Mystic Manisha 13 saatler önce
OmikronOverload 17 saatler önce
Deep Storage Unit inside his Abdomen
Nicoleta Anghel
Nicoleta Anghel 17 saatler önce
CSScode 2 gün önce
if anyone can make an asmr right, it’s this guy.
purpose and goals
purpose and goals 12 dakika önce
Yup because he neat with it too
CSScode Gün önce
Wait a sec I posted this comment yesterday and I got more likes than I did on a comment from 3 MONTHS AGO. Thanks so much for all that!!! 😁
C. Spaugh
C. Spaugh Gün önce
That’s a $15 dollar meal right there. A rich man’s food. 😭 Which makes it even more delicious. 😂
C. Spaugh
C. Spaugh 18 dakika önce
@Book World. 😳
C. Spaugh
C. Spaugh 18 dakika önce
@Scary Skeleton no good man. 😂 Y’all getting robbed.
Scary Skeleton
Scary Skeleton 39 dakika önce
in australia $15 is an amazing price for a meal that size
Book World.
Book World. Saatler önce
Lol bro it's not even 2$ in India
C. Spaugh
C. Spaugh 2 saatler önce
@UnscrupulousAgitator $12, yikes! I’m in the process of getting a coop set up. I’m already growing mealworms and drying eggshells for chickens. No point in having chickens when feed is increasing as well. Luckily, my friend has had chickens for a while and will give me some to start. You said it though. Things will probably get worse.
J Clarke
J Clarke Gün önce
I promise you, add a little spicy English mustard, it REVOLUTIONISES the flavour profile
Justin Bailey
Justin Bailey 10 saatler önce
I was with ya until ya said "flavor profile".
mosio. 14 saatler önce
Mustard 😬
SoftAlexandra3 21 saatler önce
Oh hell yeah it does!
Udayayinim Mudayayini
Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness!! 👌👍
Damien Vryce
Damien Vryce 3 gün önce
Would I eat that? No. Would I devour that like it's the last meal I'll ever eat? Yup.
Jason Thiner
Jason Thiner 8 saatler önce
I could watch him cook all way long!
Drinny 14 saatler önce
Bro ate an entire package of shredded cheese and a carton of eggs in one sitting, actual demon 💀
Yami Jones
Yami Jones 4 saatler önce
He didn’t eat all of it… I hope but actually put the rest in Tupperware… I hope
Jimmeisha Williams
Jimmeisha Williams 5 saatler önce
Don't forget all that mayonnaise
d c
d c Gün önce
It looks tasty, so yes I would! 😋❤
Marli Queen
Marli Queen 14 saatler önce
My 10 year old son who Has Autism Spectrum Disorder and speech contingencies saw this video-Grabbed my hand and guided me to the kitchen-Took the eggs, green peppers, and cheese out of the fridge-Handed me the phone with this video playing and said "MAKE-COOK!" 😂😃 He will watch your videos for hours If I let him. Keep up the great content! 👏🏽😃🙏🏽
Sa Leahy
Sa Leahy 3 saatler önce
Marli Queen
Marli Queen 8 saatler önce
@Justin Bailey 😄 Yes 🙏🏽
Msboochie2 9 saatler önce
That is so cute 🥰 I hope you made it for him.
Justin Bailey
Justin Bailey 10 saatler önce
Better make that boy some egg salad cheese cone! Lol
Nameless 6 gün önce
zach: aye doc what did my cholesterol test come back at? doc: yes.
instantsurgery 18 saatler önce
Actually they found out recently that eggs don't cause bad cholesterol
Michael Muhammad
Michael Muhammad 2 gün önce
I was just saying that
??? 4 gün önce
@RenderHub i wont, dont worry 💖
SusPlushie 5 gün önce
This dude wears gloves in EVERY video acting as if the food is infected even though he eats it. He doesn’t need gloves for everything y know, especially when your not even touching the food, your touching the cutlery ECT.
RenderHub 5 gün önce
Don’t click my profile😮
Furious Imperator
I'm a vegan so: no But it looks good. I'm sure many of my friends would eat this and I'm sure it's delicious
Debra Watton
Debra Watton Gün önce
that looks damn delicious 😋
Silent-Drell 2 gün önce
The answer is yes, and i'm going into my kitchen to attempt to make this.
Niamh Grace
Niamh Grace 17 saatler önce
He is a great cook and brilliant at asmr. I just hope he doesn’t turn out like mr avocado
Nico Kendall
Nico Kendall 6 gün önce
My man is the reason eggs cost so much rn
MarkieD 4 saatler önce
Sivan Gunasingam
Sivan Gunasingam 8 saatler önce
Where did the yolks go 👀
Ra Chel
Ra Chel 14 saatler önce
​@Lanne sorry to say that is not correct. I'm in Algeria and eggs is now double the price for some reason
dezertson2011 18 saatler önce
@Johnny Doe Wrong kid. Stop talking. You’re late for your protest.
Somorpan Roy
Somorpan Roy 19 saatler önce
And also How To Basic
Blackburn Gaming
Blackburn Gaming 17 saatler önce
Egg salad cheese leather handroll. That actually looks really good
Angela Schultz Schultz
Shizuko 17 saatler önce
Большое спасибо за компактность рецепта🇷🇺
Maria Pena
Maria Pena 4 saatler önce
Oh hell yeah I would eat it, in a heartbeat!! I would later regret it cuz I can't eat bell peppers anymore cuz they give me gas, but I would still eat it!! 😃👍🏽
Veera 17 saatler önce
Is it just me but, *HOW DOES THIS MAN NOT HAVE SALMONELLA* *Have you seen the amount of raw eggs he eats??*
Robert R O'Brien Jr
I'm sure the egg salad was good. Cheddar cone is unique
Ray C
Ray C 21 saatler önce
This guy would definitely get to eating it first. Don't employ him as a chef, he eats everything he cooks. 🤣
S I N 13 saatler önce
This is damn impressive. I feel full with 2 eggs and this man did that many????
SYLVIA 💌Check My Video💌
00:04 Let's just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that. ❤️
Sagitarius GD
Sagitarius GD Gün önce
​@Ilım Bayanoğluthis happens if u want to gender.
Ilım Bayanoğlu
Ilım Bayanoğlu 2 gün önce
she? they? what
Stefanie Schwabe
Stefanie Schwabe 18 saatler önce
Looks delicious but for me as a german you need a good bread with this egg salad 😋
Patricia Memet
Patricia Memet 2 gün önce
When I can afford eggs again I"m definately making this!!!!
Osman Binali
Osman Binali 11 saatler önce
That looks so delicious 😋
💯 ARMY 2 gün önce
that looks amazing how do you come up with all these things
My guy is the one starting the egg shortage 💀 Edit: thanks for the likes
[ nxmi_muniy ΘΔ ]
@Brew master unliked 🗿
Alone In The Park
Nah that's the wef
kysxami 2 gün önce
I need to eat breakfast
Brew master
Brew master 2 gün önce
Downvoted for thanking people for likes...🤦🏻‍♂️
[ nxmi_muniy ΘΔ ]
[ nxmi_muniy ΘΔ ] 2 gün önce
my parents has to buy 4 flats of eggs when we go to costco 😭
Captain Kev Ski
Captain Kev Ski Gün önce
My Mum always told me that if I ate too many eggs, I’d get constipated. (Egg Bound) This person must be super human. 3 eggs fills me up.
TigerValley62 13 saatler önce
@Prakash: Don't know much about health stuff. I eat between 3-4 eggs a day. Do you think it will eventually catch up with me? Also, I use olive oil instead of butter as it tastes better for me personally.
Prakash Gün önce
Your mum was right buddy, I used to eat 6 everyday and it was a nightmare, I was from a pretty hot place so >50 degrees on most days id break out in boils as well and my cholesterol was really something else I’m eating just 2 now and honestly it’s so much better
"would you eat this" Only if I had that much time, patience and skills if not, then the kitchen will be on fire 🙂
Artemuch 17 saatler önce
Why you showed this master piece ?! 😭😉 I've hunger now! 🤤 ( at seriously it looks such delicious! )
Sutton Dickey
Sutton Dickey 2 gün önce
That cheesy shell looks so good
РТС Gün önce
Завтра это приготовлю . Только к этому добавлю ещё бекон, курицу, лук, маринованый огурец , томаты, лист салата, а то не сытно будет ...🤔
les mercredis on porte du rose
I would totally eat this. Maybe put some gochujang or ssamjang in the mix for funsies. But, my friends, if you're not making this with Kewpie mayo, then you need to rethink your life choices
FourSeasons 9 saatler önce
I'd eat that in a heartbeat 💓
solid snake
solid snake 2 saatler önce
This is the healthiest meal i’ve seen this man eat
Darion Zeiglerwheeler
This guy needs to create an English cookbook some of this I could make for parties
Mikey 4 gün önce
@Amy Wagreich Their name is Zach. And it's clearly a man. 💀
ً 4 gün önce
@Amy Wagreich no. wtf are you on about
Amanda Stubbs
Amanda Stubbs 4 gün önce
Real though
Amanda Stubbs
Amanda Stubbs 4 gün önce
​@Amy Wagreich what the hell wrong with you
laila 4 gün önce
@Amy Wagreich what
Graciela J. Alonso
I would eat anything you cook!!
stooge81 14 saatler önce
This looks strangely delicious
evil brat
evil brat Gün önce
Okay, now who gonna make me one? I would eat as I was making it.
Pedro Reséndiz
Pedro Reséndiz 2 gün önce
Este tipo prepara puros platillos que realmente son una bomba.. que bárbaro
River Something Or Other
Dude you can feed me my own family and I’d be like, yeah that was pretty good
Soraia Ahmadyar
Soraia Ahmadyar 2 gün önce
This looks delish and it’s low carb!
Catra's unfairly gorgeous smirk
I think this is the first of these videos where I can firmly say I would not eat this. 😂12 freakin eggs my man. I'm not trying to kill myself when I take a dump.😂
LibrarySong 5 saatler önce
I’m just astonished you can afford to use up an entire box of eggs in one meal
Maja Rosendahl
Maja Rosendahl 6 gün önce
I always start drooling when I see this. WHY ARE U SO TALENTED AND GOOD
Enno Hooijmans
Enno Hooijmans 5 gün önce
Bro the things he make are 99% fking terrible
RenderHub 5 gün önce
Don’t click my profile😮
I didn't know that Cardiac Arrest made people hungry...
Ziara Pension
Ziara Pension 6 gün önce
I always start when see l this why are u so talented and good
ZvyFilay- 7 saatler önce
One egg had 187mg of cholesterol and the daily recommended intake of cholesterol is no more than 300mg…just something to think about.
vadim polski
vadim polski Gün önce
Классная шаверма получилась! Зачёт и лайк.
Josh 17 saatler önce
"Oh but the expensive eggs!" They are $4 a dozen. That's $0.34 an egg. If that two dollar differential from last year is what is keeping you from buying eggs, you have bigger problems on-hand.
piña koala
piña koala 10 saatler önce
My cholesterol went through the roof just watching this 😂 great idea for an egg salad though
Audske 5 gün önce
My man had the perfect chance to just make some deviled eggs
RAHUL UPARVAT 999 4 gün önce
m hordijk
m hordijk 4 gün önce
I know, right 🤯
Mamtete IDA Ngcobo
Mamtete IDA Ngcobo 15 saatler önce
Mmm this yummy egg wrap looks so good I wish a can make mine one day
Pamela Boots
Pamela Boots Gün önce
YES!!! I would and enjoy it. Yummy
Celeste Gün önce
Thanks you just gave me an idea for breakfast! (just to a much smaller scale lmao)
Angel Bulldog4
Angel Bulldog4 3 saatler önce
Egg salad in a cheese cone. What's not to love here?
Carla Austin
Carla Austin 4 gün önce
Love the egg salad and the cone he created. Slice and dice he's good.
KC 2 gün önce
Hella Yeah! In 2023, those eggs cost about $1k. I'd be eatin' fancy! 🤣🤣🤣
Zehra Kırmızı
Zehra Kırmızı 15 saatler önce
Diyecek hiç bir şey yok . Bu işi mükemmel yapıyorsun ellerine sağlık 👍🤩
Elly Ezra
Elly Ezra Gün önce
Watching you eat that. Made me CRAVE that cheese cone.
Naomi Black
Naomi Black 2 gün önce
I don't care about what he makes I just love seeing him🤩🤩dude is so cute
shaesham 4 saatler önce
This dude is an egg lover like I have never seen. I mean I love eggs but damn this guy loves eggs.
{Hiroshi Michiko}
If it was made by you totally because ur the best cook ever❤
Library88 Saatler önce
Everything was well and I would’ve actually eaten it UNTIL he fried the cheese
m0on Gün önce
"Hey that seems kind of health-" *Sees the cone of cheese*
ᴇᴍᴠᴠɴ._ 7 gün önce
*cholesterol has left the chat to join his heart.* Edit: seriously didn't expect this to blow up 😂
shooter 21 saatler önce
it didn't blow up buddy
Milagros Figueroa
Brew master
Brew master 2 gün önce
Who cares...
adventureexe 3 gün önce
You know this isn't a meal right? It's not eaten in one sitting
ᴇᴍᴠᴠɴ._ 3 gün önce
@Jonathan Cook im glad lol
CV-41 Kraken
CV-41 Kraken 2 gün önce
Oh hell yeah, that looks fantastic!
Courtzgarden Gün önce
Omg...I want one 😢 looks good.
pooper Gün önce
Would I eat this?? I'd eat this forever - ♾️
mtrmoon Gün önce
I was gonna say I'd eat that, then I remembered how many eggs went in there 🥲
Cesar M
Cesar M 3 gün önce
This man should get an award, for making everything look disgusting. I have yet to see a video of his that looks appetizing.
Aran Mimran
Aran Mimran 11 saatler önce
Wow looks delicious!
I'd give it a try. All good ingredients.
trueGrizzlesFAN22 18 saatler önce
If I eat a milligrams bite, I am on the John. I can only imagine eating the whole thing. 😂
Milk And Cereal
Milk And Cereal 7 gün önce
His cholesterol: 📈📈📈
Blue Line Troop.
Blue Line Troop. 13 saatler önce
That really looks good
instantsurgery 18 saatler önce
recent science has debunked this old myth, you can now eat lots of eggs no problem
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming 2 gün önce
📈 📈 📈 📈
Leslie Sharon
Leslie Sharon 2 gün önce
@AcidRained egg yolks....doy!
AcidRained 2 gün önce
How is eggs making he cholesterol go high?
CodyBoi 10 saatler önce
Props to this man’s toilet for all of these food videos this dude makes
Ishkabibble 2 gün önce
this man loves eggs I would love to know his cholesterol number!
Ryne Balentine
Ryne Balentine 2 gün önce
That looks amazing!!!
Black Knight
Black Knight 2 gün önce
STOP MAKING ME HUNGRY AT ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING, I'm too lazy to get up and eat :'(
Alien Creative
Alien Creative Gün önce
Me: oh finally some veggies. Diced veggies cannot possibly be deep fried this must be healthy I would eat this - This chad: hehe wait hold my egg
Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller 16 saatler önce
Never thought id be saying this but this is one boujee meal. You gotta be rich to eat egg salad now days.
Kris Vee
Kris Vee 2 gün önce
I'd like the recipe to this please.
Million-Air-e 2 gün önce
I love how he explodes a yolk in that cholesterol
Yeng 6 gün önce
Despite all his heart attacking foods that he makes for content, it still makes me hungry af.
Anupama CR
Anupama CR 20 saatler önce
Id eat whatever he makes 😂
Kelsi Lulu
Kelsi Lulu 6 saatler önce
Eggs are too expensive to be playing around right now 😂
Mary Rippstine
Mary Rippstine 8 saatler önce
it looks delicious expensive or not i am going to try it 😋 😋 😋
Aleta Athens
Aleta Athens 2 gün önce
Hell yes that looks great!
Matthew Blackwell
Matthew Blackwell 4 gün önce
This man needs to make a cookbook that says way to ways to stop your heart LMAO 🤣
Caildyn 3 gün önce
true, I'd still buy it though :D
Ndubuisi Ikechukwu
Ndubuisi Ikechukwu 3 gün önce
Lindsey Young
Lindsey Young 2 saatler önce
This man is the cause of the egg shortage I'm telling you. Lol
snehal 4 saatler önce
Pov: everything look so yummy but you are vegetarian 🙂
StinkFunkin 15 saatler önce
I would definitely eat that.
MC Dexpo
MC Dexpo 3 saatler önce
Okay, this one actually looks really good
P K 2 gün önce
I am so making that! Yum!
SYNIKAL89 17 saatler önce
Lost me at the raw egg yolk. Looked decent before that
Reinaldo Navarro Pico
Muy light! Te llega directo al corazón
Rafael Magedanz
Rafael Magedanz Gün önce
Só uma dúvida: precisa separar mesmo a clara e a gema ou pode picotear tudo junto? Kkkkk sem sentido
BTS FOREVER 6 gün önce
You are really a talented cook 💜💜
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