Would Chica Save Us From Drowning?

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Chica is a good girl. But is she the right girl for the job? Is she capable of saving her father's life and becoming Markiplier's Hero?
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Memento Mori.
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24 Jul 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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MrganMUA 3 saatler önce
“chica doesn’t like swimming” like father like daughter
Eric O'Dell
Eric O'Dell 8 saatler önce
October 25th. I continue my journey to rewatch all Unus Annus videos before it's too late. I liked every video on my way here before but some videos aren't showing the likes. Make sure the thumbs up is blue friends. Wish me luck, brothers in death. Memento mori, Unus Annus.
Jack Loaf
Jack Loaf 10 saatler önce
Ethan's "drowning" is hilariously cringey
Gabriel Goodwin
Gabriel Goodwin 15 saatler önce
I love how marks voice echos in the snorkel
Green Apple
Green Apple 18 saatler önce
Me: If you were in actual, true danger, yes.
schrpdingerscat 23 saatler önce
I will forever be jealous of the fact a lot of Americans have pools in their gardens
Cold Kitty
Cold Kitty Gün önce
Chica is a very good girl, but she can tell the difference between fake panic and actual panic.
Anthony Howell
Anthony Howell Gün önce
U guys should have got her a dog bikini
MagicalCatClaw Gün önce
lmao amy is wearing the fish slippers
Mara Mackenzie-Mann
'She killed that baby bird once' ...and you expect such a hardened killer to save you?
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Gün önce
Chica is best girl ♥️
Kris mylio
Kris mylio Gün önce
Every video one of them dies.... Yet they appear in the next alive...
EdWarden Gün önce
Great video
Tactical Potato
Tactical Potato 2 gün önce
New title dog watches humans act like idiots
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina 2 gün önce
Mark: She doesn’t understand death. Amy: She killed that baby bird, so maybe she does. Me: No, she understands murder.
Poison peppermint
Poison peppermint 2 gün önce
5:28 My dumb self thought that was Ethan for a second and thought "Eefs got some nice hips"
Eveliina Heikkilä
Eveliina Heikkilä 2 gün önce
I'm begging you from the bottom of my KNEES
Mary Joy Spohrer
Mary Joy Spohrer 2 gün önce
Chica is like, "Do you like jumping into the ocean?"
Sal amander
Sal amander 2 gün önce
Chica doesn't like swimming, becausse she's got dense bones
Its Angie
Its Angie 3 gün önce
Memento mori
Alberto 3 gün önce
7:52 She got us in the first half not gonna lie
splarff Gooply
splarff Gooply 3 gün önce
MASON HOLMAN 3 gün önce
Did mark name chica becuse of chica from fnaf or......
Amira Ahamed
Amira Ahamed 3 gün önce
Ethan calling chica beaks is the bestest thing ever
Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith 3 gün önce
For the first one I think chica just thought Ethan being Ethan
Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith 3 gün önce
Brad Peter Cudal
Brad Peter Cudal 3 gün önce
This could be a Markiplier movie called "Chica: lifeguard dog in training. (A Markiplier Movie)"
Hannah Overholtzer
Hannah Overholtzer 4 gün önce
I literally discovered Unus Annus the day that they're deleting it, now I'm going through and trying to watch every single video they made on it, anyone else doing this?
I like how Chica was in a life guard bikini 😂🤣
lmao nah
lmao nah 4 gün önce
They're trying to get her in the pool and she's just like * fear intensifies*
Milynda Ramirez
Milynda Ramirez 5 gün önce
I feel like Mark and Ethan flailing around in the pool is already normal to Chica
Pine Fish
Pine Fish 5 gün önce
Mark: ("drowning") Chica: *then perish*
Catalyst Drakannon
Catalyst Drakannon 5 gün önce
She probably just thinks you're just splashing and having fun, rapid movements and screaming is normal
Doctor Discord
Doctor Discord 5 gün önce
2:25 Chica: "Why would you do this to me, Dad? You know how I feel about water."
Itz_Alex XD
Itz_Alex XD 6 gün önce
Emily Shell
Emily Shell 6 gün önce
Tried to watch while falling asleep but this ones just too darn entertaining
Abrahamster LIVES!
Abrahamster LIVES! 6 gün önce
We laugh now but Chica is secretly the mastermind behind EVERYTHING.
Natalie 6 gün önce
I know they're trying, but their "drowning" makes them look like they're flailing birds.
Autumn 6 gün önce
Amy is wearing those fish sandals omfg
Charley David
Charley David 6 gün önce
mark: don't let her eat the chlorine! mark, 50 days later: 'consumes pool apple'
Melonboy 44
Melonboy 44 6 gün önce
chica is a good girl
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 6 gün önce
Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!
ScoffingOwl 6 gün önce
Mark has died
Liz U
Liz U 6 gün önce
Title: Two drowning guys trying to teach a dog how to swim
Daydreaming Drawings
Alt title: two grown men desperately try to coerce a dog into swimming
isabe curran
isabe curran 6 gün önce
Almost 30 still cant swim
That one person
That one person 6 gün önce
They could of left Chica outside w/mark and had amy and Ethan watching through a window?
Mayleth Rodriguez
Mayleth Rodriguez 7 gün önce
This is my birthday video :’)
Tanner Rex
Tanner Rex 7 gün önce
i thought it said would china save us and i was so confused
Joseph Serpa
Joseph Serpa 7 gün önce
Chica's really showing her age
xxxtenpocoyo 7 gün önce
Mark: *drowning* Chika: oh no, anyways.....
I like to cause drama
Chica is a good girl
ARELL 7 gün önce
Dogs don't understand death
Yoda 7 gün önce
Idk how I feel living in a world where dog swimsuits exist
Sian Tylor
Sian Tylor 7 gün önce
7:00 I couldn't stop laughing at Mark's legs in the pool 😂
Capitalism Goat
Capitalism Goat 8 gün önce
I got an ad for dog training on this video.
larsdraws !
larsdraws ! 8 gün önce
Chica is not having it smh
Amber Cochrane
Amber Cochrane 8 gün önce
the lifeguard in me was going crazy watching ethan fake drowning and running around the pool 😂
Jacob Cumberbatch
Jacob Cumberbatch 8 gün önce
The only thing that would’ve made the ending better would be the halo 5 voice go “betrayal”
Su_Akemi 8 gün önce
There was that one video (I forgot the name) where Mark pretended to have a seizure, and Chica kept licking his hand (I saw in a comment that it’s a tactic to keep the owner alive). I think Chica didn’t help Mark and Ethan while they were “drowning” because she wasn’t taught how to help in that situation? (Please correct me if I’m wrong)
emily baker
emily baker 8 gün önce
Was that amy wearing the fish shoes at 6.20
Dancing triangle
Dancing triangle 9 gün önce
6:20 bruh really XD
BOPIN_ GAMER 9 gün önce
Zack Zander
Zack Zander 9 gün önce
Chica has that, "I hate my job" face when they put her in the water
Zack Zander
Zack Zander 9 gün önce
Chica doesn't like water Mark doesn't like the ocean
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 9 gün önce
It's gonna be one of the saddest days I'll ever have to experience when unus annus ends. It's such a good channel and has its many memes. One of my favorites being the dance of Italy. Memento Mori.
Just a bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Therapist: Small leg mark isn't real, he can't hurt you. Small leg mark: 6:36
Magicly Me
Magicly Me 10 gün önce
Chicka is an outravert
Kim Corbin
Kim Corbin 10 gün önce
What is the time for
cassidy 9 gün önce
the channel will end in that many days
Amber Sutton
Amber Sutton 10 gün önce
I think it's not working because digs base their reactions off the sound of voices, and even though you're saying "chica save him" you're saying it in a cutesy voice rather than with urgency
vivianeschulz99 10 gün önce
Because I am a dumbass, I read: "Would China Save Us From Drowning?" Me: "What the..." 🤨 . . . . . "Oh."😐
Silvereyed Demon
Silvereyed Demon 10 gün önce
Chica: I'm used to them doing this it's f i n e
music account
music account 10 gün önce
Mark: I’m gonna put it on my chest Me who has worked for years as a lifeguard: NONONONONONONO
Nat Beta
Nat Beta 11 gün önce
she doesn't like it :(((
Ronnie Chan
Ronnie Chan 11 gün önce
So... no?
Ethan Diaz
Ethan Diaz 11 gün önce
Mark play dead to his dog in a video 3 years ago
Brian Willis
Brian Willis 11 gün önce
my pyrenees hates water too, maybe it has something to do with the breed.
Beaver Bob
Beaver Bob 12 gün önce
Who else read "Would Cina Save Us From Drowning"
Noodle Oodle
Noodle Oodle 12 gün önce
"i think i know what the problem is. Chica doesnt understand death. She has nothing to fear." im sad now cuz thats probably true that she has no clue what death is and wouldnt know if mark or amy were dead if she found them
Nico 12 gün önce
The problem is Chica is so used to your shit that even if it was real she'd think it was normal lol
MrSportscollector 12 gün önce
"God west his weary sole"-Chica
Stephen Stewart
Stephen Stewart 12 gün önce
alternate title: 2 grown men confuse a dog for 10 minutes
Blazebella 13 gün önce
this video quickly turned into, trying to get chica to swim to make this video not be click bait
Thomas Barani
Thomas Barani 13 gün önce
This was hard to watch from the maximum level of cringe
Grace Dodd
Grace Dodd 13 gün önce
I love that Chica in a bikini
Cute Crazy Studio's
Cute Crazy Studio's 13 gün önce
Chica reacts: I'm this guy a spaz! Why is daddy dancing in the wet? Dad... You sleeping? The spaz is kissing me... Dad has a big metal box, should I do something? Now the box is sitting on daddy. Ima just go~
Milk Milk
Milk Milk 13 gün önce
Watching theses backward kinda spoiled the fact they are both still alive for a long while. But one of them dose die
Milk Milk
Milk Milk 9 gün önce
@cassidy I'm trying to watch all of these but I'm watching backwards like from the newest ones. And everytime they say I will kill you or that they are dead I'm like no I just saw your future you guys are still good
cassidy 9 gün önce
HxGamer 13 gün önce
I think she walks away because she’s trying to find help I faked my death in front of my dog and she ran to my mom and leaded her to me
LabraDoodle 13 gün önce
chica reminds me of my dog Jonesy (she passed away and is now in a better place) and it makes my day remembering all my good times with her. (My parents got Jonesy a year before I was born so she was always there)
Encarna Peña Guzmán
Encarna Peña Guzmán 13 gün önce
Two hundred and fifty-third video: Finished.
David van den Bos
David van den Bos 13 gün önce
I cannot believe that this video is going to be deleted. This video is fucking amazing
tabo 13 gün önce
Chica is afraid because everytime they went to the pool they caught autism
Sara 13 gün önce
*plan doesn’t work* Mark: Ah yes for her to understand we must first give her trama
Beans4000 14 gün önce
7:52 The scary man is gone!
Dominic Salomon
Dominic Salomon 14 gün önce
4:10 local merman attempts to pull sailor doggo to the depths
Grilled Leeks
Grilled Leeks 14 gün önce
lool Ethan just shoving her down the stairs
izzy 14 gün önce
Unalteredcarbon 14 gün önce
Is this like the boat dog prequel of chica going threw eater training
StormShadow_ Games
StormShadow_ Games 15 gün önce
I'm 16 and have been training dogs since I was 3 and it sounds cruel but the best way to make a dog who doesn't like water swim is to hold them in the water and let them swim over time let them swim by themselves
Gabriela D
Gabriela D 15 gün önce
those fish sandals are everything and more 6:18
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