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14 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Austin Mandler
Austin Mandler 6 saatler önce
its because the front of the boat is really really really strong, it has to hit the side for it to flip
Hola 11 saatler önce
Muhanad Musharbash
Muhanad Musharbash 13 saatler önce
Random man
Random man Gün önce
Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus
Camboi Gün önce
2:44 uh humans dont lay eggs...
Ayla Verrall
Ayla Verrall Gün önce
hey lazar i live on a unactive volcano
Liamanderson 256
Liamanderson 256 Gün önce
No a
Theusualmate Gün önce
I've been gone from your channel for two years maybe more and you go and join the blue man group that's awesome
Laurie Wirtz
Laurie Wirtz Gün önce
this was posted on my birthday :)
Mason Gamble
Mason Gamble Gün önce
Man got fresh chicken nuggets
Julieta Gogoro
Julieta Gogoro 2 gün önce
Nice balls lazar
StoRmGhosTiE 2 gün önce
I like lazerbeam he’s chillen like a homie
Dovale Jeremy
Dovale Jeremy 2 gün önce
Yes daddy lazar
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 2 gün önce
5:54 her love IS OVER 9000
IAmDuxky 2 gün önce
Let’s cheer for the people that save life go firefighters!!!
Lit Bro
Lit Bro 3 gün önce
that cause thy killed every
air traffic controller / first officer
Im subscribed to your second channel yay I won't miss anything now
Beau Wilkerson
Beau Wilkerson 3 gün önce
The young age of three I lived under mount rainier an active freaking volcano
Trains Australia
Trains Australia 3 gün önce
The second one had a ship then got hit by it
RoscoYT 3 gün önce
Watch I robot and then robot vids it will scare u
slowhands_gamerツ 3 gün önce
The ladder is not that dramatic i like at the tv more
elizabeth oldmeadow
elizabeth oldmeadow 3 gün önce
And I loved it
elizabeth oldmeadow
elizabeth oldmeadow 3 gün önce
This was the most funniest LazerLazer vid that I have seen
elizabeth oldmeadow
elizabeth oldmeadow 3 gün önce
I liked and sub
Meteor Arcade
Meteor Arcade 4 gün önce
The bostondynamics robots are CGI
Lucy Stafford
Lucy Stafford 4 gün önce
Lazarbeam: WHERE DO YOU FIND VOLCANOES Me: The ring of fire, also known as a ring around Hawaii lined with multiple volcanoes, AKA Hawaii
ok 4 gün önce
wow insanely insanehow insane hes going insane
A Troll
A Troll 4 gün önce
3:40 That's known as a 1-inch punch, where you put your entire body into a punch, with only an inch of space
DarkDuck KnightMan
DarkDuck KnightMan 4 gün önce
I’m board
Cool pug Gamer
Cool pug Gamer 4 gün önce
4:32 this looks like something Lazer would have done a few years ago
Ken Warren
Ken Warren 5 gün önce
Yo are you really wisp
PARROT PRO 5 gün önce
If your in Sydney go south to find a vocano
Dan A20
Dan A20 6 gün önce
That was the quietest nuclear bomb I've ever heard
I was actually sleeping when he said wake up and I was very confused
Pats fan 77
Pats fan 77 7 gün önce
My uncle works at Boston dynamics
Malthebeast 7 gün önce
Rainbows are a circle it’s just that when you see a rainbow you see it in low visin but if ur on like a high balcony you can see the 360 rainbow
Nova Barrows
Nova Barrows 7 gün önce
I have a pic that I took of a rainbow from my plane window and it’s a circle. It’s so cool
Nova Barrows
Nova Barrows 7 gün önce
I have a huge fear of my whole life just being a coma dream😭 that made me tense up so much omg
SushiPlaneKfir 7 gün önce
yeah you wont be laughing when your there on the front lines seeing a nuke explode and people dieing left and right...
Cat plays
Cat plays 8 gün önce
Never mind that never happened
Cat plays
Cat plays 8 gün önce
Meow meow thing is a little baby baby girl 👧 I’m going back in a bit and then 5557576777 544 747 minutes after that time I was in my room so I’m not sure what I can do for the day or two but I’m going back to bed and sleep well I hope I can sleep well
Alysia Kojak-Schardan
Why does a firetruck called a firetruck if it does not spray fire
Sir_Dogs_ Alot
Sir_Dogs_ Alot 8 gün önce
Brody Wheeling
Brody Wheeling 8 gün önce
The reason birds hit your glass windows It's because bird's eyes don't have the ability to see glass so they think it is just air
thefortnitegamer 8 gün önce
Play against me in vanguard
Nutodimos_D 8 gün önce
Funny how Everytime he is like have I seen this before I too begin to question whether I have seen it before 😂😂
Flamingferet 8 gün önce
stussy needs fo follow lazar
that121guy 9 gün önce
the internet: rainbows are full circles lazar: wtf
Crematorium 1212
Crematorium 1212 9 gün önce
Wait Intel Yellowstone😅😅😅😅
Night demon
Night demon 9 gün önce
Lazar beam you are my favourite TRvid Chanel
Reece David
Reece David 9 gün önce
That guy could take out the robot
Zolly 9 gün önce
7:02 america be like
Visulize1t 9 gün önce
For a second i thought this was a fake channel 😂
Joshua Greer
Joshua Greer 9 gün önce
whats up guys im wisp!
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood 9 gün önce
There were 2 rainbow
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood 9 gün önce
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood 9 gün önce
The guy I think drop the ladder
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood 9 gün önce
And what they have done to superhero
Among Us_NOT
Among Us_NOT 9 gün önce
6:50 lazarbeam realizing the truth
Gingeybot 10 gün önce
5:53 oh hey its goku black
Zain Sabagh
Zain Sabagh 11 gün önce
Lannan knows how to roast good
sarthak thapa
sarthak thapa 11 gün önce
Captain Unlimited
Captain Unlimited 11 gün önce
The attack cant be recorded if everyone who witnessed the attack was eaten.
Shanita B
Shanita B 11 gün önce
FRACTURE71 11 gün önce
Him: how did little wooden boats n shit get through those waves Me:…….they didn’t
Harry waterworth
Harry waterworth 12 gün önce
Lazar is best
Jim Eccles
Jim Eccles 12 gün önce
Bomb: BANG Me: holy shoot, jumps in car and foot the floor Ocean: Come HERE Boi!
Isabella Mahar
Isabella Mahar 12 gün önce
Me trying to transfer bees the other part of me I’m allergic to bees
i learn too much too quicly
he hatches a egg in a open egg that is the most ridiculus titile i ever heard one you need to cover the egg with calcium infused plastic and then you get the sperm of a chicken and then you put it in a incubator theyres a lot more to this but the comment will be too long also the egg is unfertilized egg you are eating baby chichen why are you guys suprise
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf 12 gün önce
i loved how the alligator got eaten this time
AStanible 12 gün önce
Carlos Yusuf
Carlos Yusuf 12 gün önce
You shouldn’t call killer whales Kyllo Wales because they’re actually all ocas
beatbox kid
beatbox kid 13 gün önce
Climate change
Jake Beaudry
Jake Beaudry 13 gün önce
Where does people find volcanos Where do people find these drones those things have hella range
Stereo silver 58
Stereo silver 58 13 gün önce
Uh you might wanna make the boat go faasta
VideoVision 14 gün önce
To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 1k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams PS: I'm not a bot, and only comment if i have watched the entire video start to finish!
Roberto Dórea
Roberto Dórea 14 gün önce
Salvador Bahia Brazil! My city with the rainbow. The eternal Summertime
Kirthi Jujjavarapu
Kirthi Jujjavarapu 14 gün önce
Yes we can grow babies in IVF (in vitro fertilisation)
Kipton Trout
Kipton Trout 15 gün önce
Bro were they nuking aquaman??
sam dean
sam dean 15 gün önce
No active volcanos in Australia but mt sugarloaf near Newcastle is an extinct volcano
Li** _ The notable
Li** _ The notable 15 gün önce
Birds can’t see glass
Nonsense 15 gün önce
Flamin weights sponsored by Cheetos
Tanja van Niekerk
Tanja van Niekerk 15 gün önce
Congrats on free guy
Aniketh MK
Aniketh MK 15 gün önce
how do you know if lazarbeam is real we just know when you are lazarbeam cause ur the stupidest, funniest youtuber
Brootlez 16 gün önce
I took a probably about 2 hour nap, and I fell asleep with youtube on, so I wake up to here this : “Wake up, you’ve been asleep for a long time.” And that kind of had me freakin out for a second ngl.
Elias Ramsey
Elias Ramsey 16 gün önce
I’ll send a pic of a volcano for you lazarbeam in 2days for you YEET
Swiggy 16 gün önce
lazer u look high
MewFishMeowscles 16 gün önce
I love how Lazar doesn't read the swears in the reddit posts, but swears himself.
ThePotatoGod. EXE
ThePotatoGod. EXE 16 gün önce
Did you know that there are waves in the middle of the ocean wich are 45 meters high and they appear out of no where
BasketGaming 17 gün önce
that catching a alligator with a trash can is what happens when you try to catch a pokemon
Bonfire Gaming
Bonfire Gaming 17 gün önce
Is it just me or did those firefighters look like they were fighting a Fire Dementor with a water patronus
Chill Doggo
Chill Doggo 17 gün önce
0:49 if this was a nuke and this camera wasn’t zoomed in, they’d be dead. Just from recoil rather then radiation. Science.
Diana Perez
Diana Perez 18 gün önce
A nuclear bomb can actually incinerate people in the red radius, are nukes scarier now? (Found out on the info graphics show)
RozzaD023 18 gün önce
3:12 imagine watching this blazed to shit
Vicente Dagnino
Vicente Dagnino 18 gün önce
Broooo it doesn’t help when I’m high af questioning reality and I skip to lazar beam saying wake up it’s not real bro wtf I’m petrified
Parker P
Parker P 19 gün önce
My uncle is a firefighter
Jackie Benavidez
Jackie Benavidez 19 gün önce
So I'm guessing the first clip caused a tsunami.
Ivan Avila
Ivan Avila 19 gün önce
Because a birds weakness is glass and since windows are made of glass that's why they fly into them
Joey O'Sheen
Joey O'Sheen 20 gün önce
naaah, when he said wake up...that was trippy asf
Ducky Flexy
Ducky Flexy 20 gün önce
lanan: we need to give firefighter more credit. also lanan: kill firefighter in GTA5
*WTF* Minecraft Mods
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