Worlds Largest Frisbee Launcher

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8 Ara 2022




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CrunchLabs Aylar önce
Get the CrunchLabs Build Box for yourself and let’s make some cool stuff together - crunchlabs.com
CrunchLabs 9 gün önce
We do!
Nevixot 13 gün önce
do you ship to czech?
KashGames 16 gün önce
Idk where to put my trip wire so here it is trvid.com/video/video-eVQhwWAu6BQ.html in joy
TheCubeGamer 20 gün önce
@Aly Rainbow lol he should heat mine to
Aly Rainbow
Aly Rainbow Aylar önce
He should heart my comment
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson 20 gün önce
I love how you also supersized the instruction book, just because you could.
Jason Lin
Jason Lin 19 gün önce
b-radg916 17 gün önce
Mark, if you guys want to go down a disc golf rabbit hole of variables (and probably fascinate legions of disc golfers), you should use your launcher with discs of differing flight ratings, plastic types, weights, and some people even say colors, and see how they differ. Also, when launched at different speeds, the same discs should fly differently. I can’t even find flight ratings for the Pulsar you used, but I’m thinking that as an Ultimate disc it would be a pretty straight flying disc. Hope you’ll consider it! 🥏⛓
Dominic Yanez
Dominic Yanez 15 gün önce
I am an avid disc golfer and major disc golf manufacturers have flight ratings but every mold and plastic type flies differently. I would love to see some content on the matter of release speeds vs flight ratings of distant driver discs
RayMKV 19 gün önce
In 2013, FIRST Robotics had a challenge that involved shooting frisbees at targets high and low on a jungle gym. Our team, among many others created something similar to the device in this video. It's a lot of fun to see how far the discs could go!
Vincent Hunter
Vincent Hunter 16 gün önce
I was looking for this comment! That’s exactly what I was thinking
Glen Brown
Glen Brown 17 gün önce
Mark you should do a challenge with this and Brody Smith the frisbee trick shot guy!!
Rizal Vido Flores
Rizal Vido Flores Aylar önce
Need Brodie Smith or Paul McBeth for the human throws
B. waste
B. waste 15 gün önce
Simon lizzote or bust
Tyler 17 gün önce
Agreed. No machine would be able to keep up with those guys. I'd have to throw Simon Lizotte in there too. Admittedly, throwing a normal frisbee would be difficult for them. But once they adjusted, I think they'd destroy the machine. Lol
Labeeb Farooqi
Labeeb Farooqi 18 gün önce
@Hecter The Hive Wing Underrated reply
JR Aylar önce
Make a video where you try to break the world distance record for a frisbee. It would possibly be harder then you think.
Hecter The Hive Wing
Nah man just give DP a call
Keehan 2
Keehan 2 Aylar önce
I remember that FRC made a challenge 1 year where everyone had a bunch of these super accurate launchers
Abunai Gaming
Abunai Gaming 26 gün önce
2013, Ultimate Ascent. My senior year game, seeing the frisbees flying across the field was quite a sight to see, even if most teams parked and rapid-fired.
Steven Miller
Steven Miller 16 gün önce
I would like to see this juiced up and throwing actually disc golf discs. Could try to beat maximum human distance, I bet that could be tough since it might not just be about the force but idk
Ohm G Stav
Ohm G Stav Aylar önce
I wanna see this machine go 18 holes at Maple Hill!
DK diesel
DK diesel 20 gün önce
KLightning Aylar önce
I remember building the disk thrower for my first crunch labs box.
KLightning Aylar önce
@CrunchLabs Yeah! I’m Just Hoping For The Silver Ticket Now… I Really Want To Meet Mark Rober.
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
It's such a fun one!
Richard Waddington
Richard Waddington 20 gün önce
Mark Rober you're my favorite engineer. ❤️
IrishFish Gün önce
I love how when he hits the candle it just leaves the fire behind
AimAssist 9 gün önce
thanks mark, for developing scientific curisoity in childers , really appriciate this
joseph quinn
joseph quinn Aylar önce
Now we need the world's largest frisbee
IK 01
IK 01 2 gün önce
Lmao, uncles do rule. I plan on ordering a few boxes for my nieces/nephews. Great vid, love your channels
Erik Mihalj
Erik Mihalj 18 gün önce
I could use this launcher made in Disc Golf size for testing new discs. :)
Chace Bachand
Chace Bachand 8 gün önce
One improvement we did on ours was using both the nuts that came with it to stop the first one from turning when you push in the frisbees.
SlugCouture Aylar önce
I Think CrunchLabs should make a New Hitchbot. since the original died in Philly. With Mark's experience with the prank packages, it would be cool if he could actually get it acrossed america!
Archer and Twig!
Archer and Twig! Aylar önce
just watchin this channel makes me want to go and build something
Charles 20 gün önce
The fact that im 36 years old and only now understanding how frisbees work is pretty sad.. but i love these videos!!
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 15 gün önce
Unfortunately it’s not quite how they work. They are basically an airplane wing that rotates so that it remains gyroscopically stable. Look up the Bernoulli principal
niceboi Boinice
niceboi Boinice Aylar önce
5:00 you could have mentioned how the spoon also gets sucked in a bit by the water
SpydersByte Aylar önce
wow the big one is surprisingly accurate, but so was that little girl lol. wonder if that took multiple takes or if she really did hole-in-one the box, hit the candle perfectly, and nail the dummy in the head in one try :D
Fity Bux
Fity Bux Aylar önce
Mark Rober created a company like this just so he can still be a kid, as an adult. 😀
Ckinsman Aylar önce
I mean, it didn't go into the box so that isn't a point and knocking the candle down also makes extinguishing the fire invalid. but if there where destructive points, you'd be on fire
Cactus 17 gün önce
As someone in the vex robotics competition, this is extremely relevant
I-Gmen 15 gün önce
Ik, from 7225T
spoodybo 20 gün önce
Truly a mann VS machine moment
Ashley Haberle
Ashley Haberle Aylar önce
Your next video should be the Amazing Redraw Technology or the ART robot that can paint almost anything including the monalisa.
BnORailFan 19 gün önce
Now that I understand why Frisbees fly so well. What about Aerobies which are virtually flat and a ring and can fly twice as far?
Benedetto Blox
Benedetto Blox Aylar önce
I love knowing about this secret channel
Benedetto Blox
Benedetto Blox Aylar önce
@CrunchLabs Mark :O
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
Cool people only 😎 😎
grace nilson
grace nilson 17 gün önce
You should go to Vex robotics worlds in Dallas! Our game this year was to do a sort of frisbee golf, and many teams built flywheels.
TheArXen 14 gün önce
flywheel gang!
I-Gmen 15 gün önce
W comment
Cactus 17 gün önce
flywheel > cata
Tom Chapin
Tom Chapin Aylar önce
Would a bike tire have worked for the big flywheel?
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
We actually tried to use a bike tire in one of our early prototypes! We couldn't get it to work exactly how we wanted it, so we ended up going in another direction, but with some more tinkering it might have worked!
Kharn The Betrayer
Kharn The Betrayer 20 gün önce
"I was willing to give her the W" Actually, mark. You lost 2 of the 3 challenges. You were a bit high for the slot in the box, and didn't fit anyways And you broke the candle, when the goal is to put out the fire without hitting the candle
Random Dude
Random Dude 5 gün önce
The tiny disc putting out the candle is way more impressive lol
Human Person
Human Person Aylar önce
1:19 - You didn't get it inside the hole. I think you lost mate.
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
You may be right...🤣 😂
Spy World
Spy World 27 gün önce
Can you make a Red Robot that looks like a peson that throws frizbee's?
Notdamien:) Aylar önce
This feels like a pbs kid show 😂
niki123489 5 gün önce
I think the dog owners will love the larger design frisbee launcher.
itshurleytime 17 gün önce
don't call them frisbees, Frisbee is a brand of disc. Innova Pulsars are disc golf putting discs, and not even the same type of disc commonly referred to as a frisbee.
5760H Robotics
5760H Robotics Aylar önce
Frisbee launchers are a W🦆
Commander AMG
Commander AMG 14 gün önce
His voice matches him....... but that laugh...... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
legoworks1234 20 gün önce
4:40 anyone notice how he isn't like “buy my product now to find out something that can be easily explained in 30 seconds”?
Dietrich Epp Schmidt
Dietrich Epp Schmidt 15 gün önce
To be fair, your nephews should have gotten at least a decade to hone frisbee skills, and a team of support frisbros to accurately compare to your decades of engineering experience and team of engineers designing the launcher. Just sayin.
Chill Dogs
Chill Dogs Aylar önce
This is so cute
Rcdude2007 20 gün önce
Who gets the channel when you die please live mark we love you and your vid’s
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
Thank you!
Garrett Bentley
Garrett Bentley Aylar önce
Please do a video on disc golf. Design something that can compete against one of the top disc golf pros.
Mr. Pizza Marlon
Mr. Pizza Marlon 23 gün önce
Hello Mark! Love your channel. You always have fun things to watch and we actually learn a little. If I had a science teacher like you back in 1986, I most likely would've passed the class with a solid C. Being sincere, I am pretty dense and understand things backward. It's taken decades of concentration to finally understand things correctly the first time I read it but I still have my blonde moments-no offense to you or the Barbie community. I have to get this off my chest because you did work for NASA... Didn't you find it wasteful how they built disposable rockets used once? SpaceX can land the same rockets they launch and it makes me see how much money (billions and billions) NASA wasted and still waste by building they'll rocket in such a way that they cannot be reused after just one launch. Maybe you worked in a different department but I know you had a lot of influence to tell them there was a better way. I want to hear your response and not anyone else who DIDN'T or EVER worked at NASA. I want the truth from the real CrunchLab guy. *Hope I didn't put you on the spot.* It is just so wasteful each time I think about all the wasteful material used, pollution and debris from such highly [intelligent] scientists at NASA. Thank you for your attention and time. *Still a subscriber* 👍🏼
Vincent Hunter
Vincent Hunter 16 gün önce
Mark worked on the curiosity rover as a mechanical engineer. Sadly I don’t think he would have had any say about the means of rocket propulsion.
b-radg916 17 gün önce
@OrangeBitch: But since he brought it up, I’m curious how Mark would answer too!
OrangeBitch 20 gün önce
my guy this is not the place to ask lol just email him youll get better results
Cubeism 9 gün önce
5:12 " now I'm gonna take this air" 😆
Darkify 19 gün önce
In the first part we’re you versed someone u technically lost because u missed the getting the frisbee into the box. Instead you knocked the box over.
BellIsham 10 gün önce
马克,我知道你的那两个朋友可以扔的比较好。小贝亲口说你故意放了他们两个最不好的表演。你敢对我的学生这么mean??JKJK,很好笑。很喜欢你的每一个视频。继续加油! 为了科学贡献一切!!
BellIsham 10 gün önce
哦,差点忘记了:至少小朋友在Coin Spin打败你了 嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻😁
Anon 000000000000
Anon 000000000000 19 gün önce
Best content creator on yt Thanks
I need this man's mindset... 🤔
Aaron Skartveit
Aaron Skartveit 20 gün önce
I signed my nephew up for the 12 month subscription he needs this he is so smart want to get his brain thinking engineering
hoi draven
hoi draven Aylar önce
The mega frisbee launcher is the og weapon in war
MinerFinger 19 gün önce
8:46 the man who made the machine
Mini Movies
Mini Movies Aylar önce
soo sick!
James Arnott
James Arnott 20 gün önce
i want the big one hahaha
LiterallyCanadian Aylar önce
Only technically she won? You missed the hole.. she got it in, I think she won.
Daniel Lucas
Daniel Lucas Aylar önce
That was no tie. You missed the hole in the box, so she won. XP
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
You got us there 😅 😅
InfinitiveZ 20 gün önce
Don't worry kids, we know uncle cheated via the magic of editing 😆 it's why he wouldn't let you finish that "it depends"
nothing nothingness
nothing nothingness 14 gün önce
1:46 Ths funniest part is that the grape stayed where it was for a little while
Nicholas Iverson
Nicholas Iverson Aylar önce
Sure you've got the worlds largest frisbee launcher, but where will you find the worlds largest frisbee?
THEOP05 26 gün önce
I came here without buying it and by scanning the QR Code in Mark Rober's Secret office video which is 8 months old as I am writing this ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯
grass Aylar önce
mark just pulled that thing out of a small box
DK diesel
DK diesel 20 gün önce
Davis and Beckham.. LOL nice.
Eric Fang
Eric Fang Aylar önce
Vex VRC Spin Up ptsd be kicking in........
nik young
nik young Aylar önce
Play an 18 hole or 9 hole course
Chandrachoodan Bagavath
Chandrachoodan Bagavath 13 saatler önce
I love your videos and what you make but my dad doesn't have enough money. 😞
T Yeung
T Yeung 2 gün önce
I got a crunch lab build box online but I received it yet
tsup2 18 gün önce
twitchcon must be jealous of your foam pit
Nijahn Terramin
Nijahn Terramin 15 gün önce
Didn't bionicle make rapid Frisby launchers?
Samuel Brookes
Samuel Brookes Gün önce
bagnon Gün önce
I just learned that cricket is an onomatopoeia.
Easton Taylor
Easton Taylor 23 gün önce
Alan Turner
Alan Turner Aylar önce
It’s not fair because it’s moving so fast that it doesn’t curve, but since they don’t throw it as hard and fast, it it curves, so it’s not fair
Ard Schell / ןןǝɥɔs pɹɐ
Great Great Great video. Thanks!
SR Steinhardt
SR Steinhardt 14 gün önce
where do you order a crunchlabs set ❓
CrunchLabs 9 gün önce
You can grab your CrunchLabs subscription on our website crunchlabs.com! :)
Brandon Hamilton
Brandon Hamilton 16 gün önce
I want to visit for my birthday 😃
Walie Rachel
Walie Rachel 15 gün önce
You should’ve brought on Marques Brownlee for thissss!!
joycetxt1003 Aylar önce
How many countries does crunchlabs box are available
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
A ton! We currently ship to 39 countries, and we're always adding new countries to the list. For a full list, check out www.crunchlabs.com/pages/faq and scroll to the shipping section :)
Reyes Lopez
Reyes Lopez 20 gün önce
SuperS Aylar önce
Does crunch labs send to England?
CrunchLabs Aylar önce
We do!
StuderendeJootje 9 gün önce
What kind of motor is used? at which rpm?
Cjplays 21 saatler önce
Git this dud to 1m
ShizGnat 3 gün önce
Nice editing, that girls first shot definitely did not go in lol
The Potato
The Potato 16 gün önce
Reyes Lopez
Reyes Lopez 17 gün önce
Evalynn Taylor
Evalynn Taylor 11 gün önce
Kinda. Ironic that he said that because Thomas that person who invented the lightbulb sad “ I didn’t fail I just found 10,000 ways to not do it’’
Nerfmastertos Aylar önce
Got it
Memes for bort
Memes for bort Aylar önce
Kekoa Matter
Kekoa Matter Aylar önce
Mark you could’ve used duct tape right
Eli's Cerebral Recycling Bin
shrek enthusiast
shrek enthusiast Aylar önce
today, i invited a bonified build- box subscriber to a mini frisbee competition, but what she doesn't know, is that im a m.a.p.
Booty muncher Webb
Booty muncher Webb 20 gün önce
Hi Shrek! What's a map??
Brandi Whitt
Brandi Whitt Aylar önce
If my brother could meet you he would be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and he Does the same boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 14 gün önce
... That was 6 years ago???!!
e_notlol 23 gün önce
I saw you at our school xD
Jonathan Ryals
Jonathan Ryals 12 gün önce
A CAD model is for houses, CAM models are for machinery.
The banana
The banana Aylar önce
Make that 13
Alexander games
Alexander games Aylar önce
i got my secont box today
Samuel Hayden
Samuel Hayden 23 saatler önce
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Nix für dich Aylar önce
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