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We got RIPPED for this epic battle! Time to find out which dude is the strongest!!
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Pound it 👊🏻 Noggin 🙇🏻‍♂️
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31 Mar 2023




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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 21 saatler önce
Karl Dastur
Karl Dastur 13 saatler önce
Maggie Sheehan
Maggie Sheehan 14 saatler önce
I love the suits
gun buddies
gun buddies 15 saatler önce
Amar Kh
Amar Kh 15 saatler önce
Maxaronie 15 saatler önce
Emma !! Ready For Friendship
It’s crazy how far these guys came, considering they fell to doing trick shots with cat plushies before
Cade and Wyatt
Cade and Wyatt 13 saatler önce
They have suits on😂
Eternal Slumber
Eternal Slumber 18 saatler önce
Why does 9 out of 10 comments have to be like this ? Just enjoy it ..
Matilda Sellheim
Matilda Sellheim 18 saatler önce
@YeaMan then why do you say that on every one of their videos with no changes?
Littletimmy 19 saatler önce
@YeaMan cap
Farts and more
Farts and more 20 saatler önce
yea also great to see how they all recovered from their coke addictions!
Daniel Cutting
Daniel Cutting 20 saatler önce
Incredible transformations - must be all that chicken and rice 🙌🏻😂😂
3rik 13 saatler önce
they in body suits
car arcade
car arcade 14 saatler önce
It's not real
Max 14 saatler önce
Chicken and rice man haven’t had that in years 😂
Joshua Holmstead
Joshua Holmstead 16 saatler önce
makes you feel so nice
Landon Lewis
Landon Lewis 17 saatler önce
I just got done watching you video
Péter Török
Péter Török 20 saatler önce
Cody was really bleeding for that last part! Props to him for holding out against Ty for so long even in quite a big pain!!
Mr.E 14 saatler önce
I'm surprised he was there for so long. But I have a feeling that even if both twins helped Cody, Ty would still win
Habib Rahman Rafey
Habib Rahman Rafey 16 saatler önce
@Wigs Gaming he also said my hand is bleeding, that happened while tug of war
Wigs Gaming
Wigs Gaming 16 saatler önce
I think when the toilets shattered it cut his leg up
YeaMan 17 saatler önce
Dude Perfect said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)
Habib Rahman Rafey
Habib Rahman Rafey 18 saatler önce
Cody really deserved a proper shout out in the end, shouldn't have to end the video like that :(
Dude Dans
Dude Dans 19 saatler önce
Not me thinking the cover photo was an April Fools Day Prank 😂😅
BobTheBuilder 13 saatler önce
You should do a trick shot animation
Hi 123
Hi 123 14 saatler önce
@Aarav e
Landon Lewis
Landon Lewis 17 saatler önce
dude you're vids are the best
GamerBros17 17 saatler önce
same Lol
Speedymatt123 18 saatler önce
Even if it’s a prank it’s definitely an enjoyable video regardless
Samurai Shadow
Samurai Shadow 21 saatler önce
Seeing Coby beat the odds was incredible 👏
idk was i supposed to put a clever name
I didn't even make it past the ads and now I know who won.....
Captain 🇺🇦
Captain 🇺🇦 17 saatler önce
Seeing him eat the odds were incredible as well
Brian John Bangcong
Brian John Bangcong 20 saatler önce
Iccash 20 saatler önce
Bro just spoiled the whole vid while the ads still on
KufiCabbana 20 saatler önce
bro its a costume and he has prob been in the gym a lil but i think thats it
senaka patel
senaka patel 17 saatler önce
Props to the editors. Doing amazing as usual❤
Lynsey Kime
Lynsey Kime 14 saatler önce
Nicolas A.
Nicolas A. 20 saatler önce
Cody was bleeding from the legs after the toilet drop, you could see he was hurt, same with the pull you could see blood marks on his legs from his hands, he still gave a great performance so props to him
Joi Bieden On 300hz
Joi Bieden On 300hz 14 saatler önce
he wouldve won if did the same strat as as tyler is kinda annoying because they prob staged it to make ty win cody wouldve easily won if he just wrapped the rope around his body and didnt bleed
Burnzee05- 16 saatler önce
@Travis G you could see in the video that they weren't bad. Just a little cut.
Travis G
Travis G 20 saatler önce
Yeah I saw that too! I hope the cuts aren't too bad!
JulliaStark 16 saatler önce
Massive respect to Coby, beating the odds and continuing the tug off war even with bleeding hands, cannot imagine how painful that is.
JulianRealm 14 saatler önce
@I_kinda_exist oh thx
\/ IΞ G /-\ R D
\/ IΞ G /-\ R D 14 saatler önce
@womp47 people do not like these comments...
I_kinda_exist 14 saatler önce
@JulianRealm so first. That’s not a wallpaper that’s profile picture and second, you’re replying to a bot
mandoplayz 15 saatler önce
JulliaStark 16 saatler önce
Coby winning the rock carrying competition was emotional😂
womp47 15 saatler önce
get out of here bot stop stealing comments
Raja Samra
Raja Samra 20 saatler önce
Coby pushing through that stone carry was inspirational. Even though he didn’t win, the chubby still gets a dubby in my heart
MrMcGuyver377 21 saatler önce
16 years later and these boys are still putting out bangers
YeaMan 20 saatler önce
Dude Perfect said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)
Thomas Barry
Thomas Barry 20 saatler önce
@osskeet fr it’s for 2 year olds now
Radley Martin 2
Radley Martin 2 20 saatler önce
Drgo 20 saatler önce
@Logan Bostelmann i miss the "simple editing" if you want to call it that. I hate how so many people are starting that now. Im always gonna watch them tho because i've watched them for over 9 years.
Joxzy 21 saatler önce
Dude perfect never disappoints in a video! I could watch them when I’m 40 years old 😅
Randy's Rides
Randy's Rides 15 saatler önce
55 and still watching. :)
PROBOT 18 saatler önce
@crabring you are a real OG, 15 years🤯
PROBOT 18 saatler önce
What about 41
crabring 19 saatler önce
I am 40 and have been watching since the beginning :-D
Faith like a child
Faith like a child 20 saatler önce
JBDude52 19 saatler önce
I knew Ty was going to win this challenge, he was built for this, and what a smart move to "Ty" the ropes around him for the win! Abd great commitment from the Chubby Coby!
one two three
one two three 21 saatler önce
Coby was absolutely the star of this show no matter what the results said
100k challenge with 0 video
the muscle suits are hilarious!!! XD the dudes never fail to make my day 100x better
Sam 20 saatler önce
Sparky is such an unsung hero, always does such a great job hosting these
bekwolfpack 813
bekwolfpack 813 21 saatler önce
Thank you for the effort that everyone at Dude Perfect takes to put into these videos!
YeaMan 21 saatler önce
Dude Perfect said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)
Footie24 21 saatler önce
Great job, editors! Keep up the excellent work ❤️
Mecanzie 19 saatler önce
I loved how everyone got around Coby at the start. Super wholesome.
Infinite Mug
Infinite Mug 20 saatler önce
Coby pushing through to surpass Garrett is the perfect example of never giving up to early. Respect. 🙌🗿
Ashleigh Burroughs
Ashleigh Burroughs 20 saatler önce
This is hilarious!! Coby made it so far. Ty and Cody were really close in the finale!! Love this video. Thanks so much for making this incredible videos for us to enjoy!!
OnlyProSkills 1
OnlyProSkills 1 16 saatler önce
Bro don't spoil alot of people read comments while watching
f Shaikh
f Shaikh 19 saatler önce
Dude perfect never disappoint us💚💚
JPCity 21 saatler önce
seeing the dudes push to their limits is fascinating
YeaMan 21 saatler önce
Dude Perfect said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)
Shawnelle Harold
Shawnelle Harold 18 saatler önce
The look on Cory’s face when he realized his twin is stronger than him was priceless. 😂
Tian Cheng Wu
Tian Cheng Wu 21 saatler önce
Thank you for making all us these high effort videos and sharing them with us!
YeaMan 21 saatler önce
Dude Perfect said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way 20 saatler önce
Props to the editors. Doing amazing as usual ❤
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 21 saatler önce
"legs are shaking, arms are shaking, brain's not working but Jones still going" That definitely killed me 🤣
V L 20 saatler önce
Was searching for this one
Chad SQUAd
Chad SQUAd 18 saatler önce
you guys genuinely entertain me every time a new video comes out
Worm_Z 20 saatler önce
They never seem to make me not smile they always put in so much effort
Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith 16 saatler önce
This was amazing!! We got to see a different side of competition! I vote to have more strength contests!! ❤❤ well done Ty! And coby as well for the boulder competition to get farther than most anticipated. ❤
Stephanie Gross
Stephanie Gross 21 saatler önce
You know its the best day when DP comes out with a new video!!
YeaMan 21 saatler önce
Dude Perfect said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)
milli_max 21 saatler önce
facts ❤
ThatOnePlushGuy 21 saatler önce
Joshtheboss 20 saatler önce
Dude Perfect never disappoints
That'll Work
That'll Work 20 saatler önce
Sparky I appreciate the shoutouts to our channel at 0:41 and 2:11 😄 I see you 🤜🤛
Aps sweats
Aps sweats 20 saatler önce
MrDarkSky 20 saatler önce
Here before famous?
Sam Spanier
Sam Spanier 20 saatler önce
I noticed that 😂
Vewerty Ploik
Vewerty Ploik 20 saatler önce
0:40 2:10 actually
Ajinkya 20 saatler önce
haha, nice one
Eliza Peniston
Eliza Peniston 19 saatler önce
Dude Perfect never fails to disappoint....I was laughing throughout the whole video. 💪😂
Mylie Parks
Mylie Parks 21 saatler önce
Love it! Keep up the great work! Love you guys!❤
YeaMan 21 saatler önce
Dude Perfect said the music on my page was fire (not a bot)
Adam Halla
Adam Halla 21 saatler önce
love your videos and how you took time and effort for the quality and planing of them.
ECO Kubing
ECO Kubing 13 saatler önce
I like how supportive they are to each other
AshEditz™️ 20 saatler önce
The way coby spins in circles then throws it up is hilarious😂
Mr Confused
Mr Confused 18 saatler önce
As always an absolute banger of a video 🔥🔥🔥
Kobe Destroyer
Kobe Destroyer 21 saatler önce
love u guys, always coming with creative ideas!!!
Shawn Lai Kwan Leung
Shawn Lai Kwan Leung 20 saatler önce
I just love that Cody said "Hold on, Hold on" cause he knows Coby has very high determination and perseverance.
Kendall Schrock
Kendall Schrock 20 saatler önce
Coby's face after the stone carry was hilarious!
Pack Attack 1
Pack Attack 1 20 saatler önce
Ty’s suit looked the most realistic. Gotta order one of those before I start hitting the gym 😂
AustiBoss_YT 13 saatler önce
The sheer determination from Ty to win was incredible. Well deserved win buddy!👏
🔴Free Robux On My Profile
I can't wait, he always makes everything more funny and enjoyable :D ZPQ
MrShnayblay 20 saatler önce
As a strongman fan this is the crossover I never knew I needed!! Let’s go!! 💪
 🔴Free Robux On My Profile
Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints!*
loved012one 19 saatler önce
I love that Strongman is getting more exposure. It's a fantastic sport!!!
Shumpy2Best 20 saatler önce
By far one of your most entertaining videos 🎉
Beverly Clapper
Beverly Clapper 19 saatler önce
That was absolutely hilarious 😂 I loved it you guys
Sasha Holmes
Sasha Holmes 21 saatler önce
Can’t wait to watch this their vids are always perfect ❤😊
DZ: Gaming & Animations
DZ: Gaming & Animations 20 saatler önce
Steel 19 saatler önce
Truly inspirational performance from coby
Matt Fronzak
Matt Fronzak 19 saatler önce
I love how excited Ty gets for coby
Jaydin Moore
Jaydin Moore 18 saatler önce
Cody truly paying the price. Well done sir!
Lil hooper
Lil hooper 21 saatler önce
Can we just talk about how these guys went from trickshots to this 😈
ShadowSlicer22 20 saatler önce
I honestly have a feeling I could even do the rock carry. But it was far more emotional seeing Coby destroy the expectations.
BrainL101 20 saatler önce
Words can't describe my enjoyment to you guys 🧢Dudes4Life
Wardude 18 saatler önce
Great Vid Dudes, Congrats Ty on the Swoll W, Keep on Making The Great Content!!
Zacary 14 saatler önce
Tyler and codys time on the Hercules hold is insanely impressive and needs be noted how hard it is to achieve those times
ViachikBy 16 saatler önce
Tyler is an absolute master in almost everything he does ngl
Samurai_Ji 21 saatler önce
Chubby tubby gave me the inspiration I desperately needed❤
Richard Gomes
Richard Gomes 20 saatler önce
Chubby Coby's performance is what I was not expecting.🔥Chubby gang💯💪
Priyanshu Kumar
Priyanshu Kumar 20 saatler önce
Effort made by them are really appreciative
Indimatic 17 saatler önce
The fact that Cody’s leg was majorly cut at the end and still pushed through is one of the coolest things I’ve seen
ChrisGamingNL333 18 saatler önce
Probably the best April fool's video you guys have done 😂 So much fun watching it
Dhoryy 17 saatler önce
Dude perfect with the bangers as always
Romano G.
Romano G. 20 saatler önce
8:55 Sparky is an amazing commentator! 👌
loved012one 19 saatler önce
Props to Coby & Cody for their fighting spirit! Coby with a shoulder injury and Cody bleeding at the end. 👏
Laura Tarkenton
Laura Tarkenton 20 saatler önce
Enjoyed the video as always! 👏
PIYUSH GUPTA 17 saatler önce
my fav video of all time till now has changed to this video , coby was literally a star performer no matter what the final result was
That cool grandpa
That cool grandpa 21 saatler önce
How do they keep coming up with bangers for years
Nasheeeee 19 saatler önce
Massive respect for Cody though his hands and legs were bleeding still he done is work
🔴Free Robux On My Profile
I can't wait, he always makes everything more funny and enjoyable :D *
Badgers48 21 saatler önce
When coby finished the rock carrying competition I laughed so hard😭😂
Jaden Keo
Jaden Keo 20 saatler önce
The fact DP Was able to do Hercules hold is actually insane if those were actually 200lbs a piece
Badass Seabass
Badass Seabass 16 saatler önce
I love y'all dp! Keep up the amazing content
HEVY JAMES HULLEZA 20 saatler önce
One of the best content this year so far...❤❤❤
PaPaSmurf 14 saatler önce
We want more simple videos like this!!
doergerz 18 saatler önce
i kinda feel bad for cody because of his legs and hands bleeding. I feel like he still would’ve lost, but I think he could’ve put up a fight and maybe upset tyler if he wasn’t bleeding. Hope u get better cody!
Lucas Hafford
Lucas Hafford 20 saatler önce
CJ earned a lot of respect today. Bleeding and still having that bit of dawg in him to wanna win? Not everyone has that
Origami123 GD
Origami123 GD 21 saatler önce
You guys are awesome, keep up the amazing videos 💪
Faded_Shadee 19 saatler önce
We have to get another one of these video! This was just perfect ! Coming In Close On 60M Subs
Jordan Teetsel
Jordan Teetsel 19 saatler önce
I got "facing the giants" vibes from Coby carrying the stone past 122.
MerKa8auM 16 saatler önce
What can I say, I respect people like Coby.
🗿 Rock Edits 🗿
🗿 Rock Edits 🗿 21 saatler önce
the actual worlds strongest man: am i a joke to you?
 🔴Free Robux On My Profile
I love how he is always posting videos to make our day better *
That cool grandpa
That cool grandpa 21 saatler önce
I love the concept also love the muscle suit props to you guys
ROHAN SINGH 16 saatler önce
Love your works guys 🥰🥰
Lawton Lord
Lawton Lord 20 saatler önce
This is definitely going to be on my top list of y’all’s videos
Waffle doggo
Waffle doggo 18 saatler önce
That rock carry that Coby did reminded me of that one scene from facing the giants where the QB bear crawled across the football field
Dusty Green
Dusty Green 21 saatler önce
Coby is blowing my dang mind. Definition of perseverance!
MB1Blox 21 saatler önce
Its been 14 years and they still are making awesome vids
Bennu Bella
Bennu Bella 20 saatler önce
6:17 Garrett yelling - "No, you drop it now!!" is soo funny!! lololol
DogsWithPurpose 18 saatler önce
Wow these guys need to become fitness models! Those muscles look like some serious work went into them
xdninjaxd 18 saatler önce
There fake
David Riddle
David Riddle 18 saatler önce
Sparky will still forever be my favorite announcer!! Give this man the gold trophy!
Ajay Menon
Ajay Menon 17 saatler önce
Man Cody did a great job even while bleeding in the legs and hands, great job
DarkPheonix 21 saatler önce
Me who can’t even lift a 10 pound dumbbell 💀.
Hharve 17 saatler önce
As always another great vid from Dp 💯💯💯
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