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We got RIPPED for this epic battle! Time to find out which dude is the strongest!!
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“Living Legend”
Written by Samuel Tinnesz, Riley Friesen and Derek Mount
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31 Mar 2023




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@dudeperfect 11 aylar önce
@tau9956 11 aylar önce
Great video DP, keep it up!!
@venuee 11 aylar önce
@Nate_S_Football 11 aylar önce
@NotOwen82 11 aylar önce
Loge the content DP
@pasindu_m_ 11 aylar önce
@DanielCutting 11 aylar önce
Incredible transformations - must be all that chicken and rice 🙌🏻😂😂
@stanmadz7022 11 aylar önce
@gamingtrio4634 11 aylar önce
Hey Daniel love your footy videos!
@TeziomokzFN 11 aylar önce
Love ur footy vids
@PaceyHoskins 11 aylar önce
chicken and rice is yummy
@ooshxoxo 11 aylar önce
Hi Daniel cutting how is your son?
@YouTube 10 aylar önce
cory throwing the bag and landing on the top of the bar was actually a trick shot
@rishikarthik7813 10 aylar önce
Wait real yt?
@cutecreeper677 10 aylar önce
Why does this only have 3 likes lol
@neellegend6745 10 aylar önce
Shut Up TRvid 🗿🗿🗿
@mm2.d1g1tal 10 aylar önce
True yt, true
@MrBadazzz 10 aylar önce
True fr.
@BondandBourne 10 aylar önce
Cody was pulling the truck even when bleeding like crazy. That’s dedication to competition, life and why I still love this channel after 14 years. These guys pour their heart and souls into making every video for us fans!
@tobin1677 10 aylar önce
Absolutely, though I feel like the throwing and shattering 4 toilets in the competition area was a bit poorly thought out in the first place, I absolutely admire the commitment to the bit.
@joshepicjim 10 aylar önce
Respect to Cody. The toilet breaking sent glass cutting his leg. The guy is a legend.
@hubrwd 10 aylar önce
bro there not actually that's strong they're wearing a suit you can see the outline
@sleepydolphin6176 10 aylar önce
Ya I also saw that Cody was bleeding a bit at the end
@Fatumity 10 aylar önce
@@hubrwd no dip sherlock
@AnthonyFiorentino 8 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how coby made it farther then anyone thought he could go. What an underdog
@kedo 10 aylar önce
Coby pushing through that stone carry was inspirational. Even though he didn’t win, the chubby still gets a dubby in my heart
@matthewcombs4595 10 aylar önce
wasnt stone.
@deeprattu2 10 aylar önce
So ? Can I do this easily, it is so easy, friend, you have taken it too seriously.
@joshepicjim 10 aylar önce
big agreement.
@joshepicjim 10 aylar önce
@@deeprattu2 who cares if you can. Some people can hardly get out of bed each day because there weak.
@jediahsantos2808 10 aylar önce
I agree 100%%
@barniguana 7 aylar önce
Coby carrying the stone even with an injured shoulder is one of my all-time favorite DP moments. Team Coby all the way!!!!
@dude.dans_ 11 aylar önce
Not me thinking the cover photo was an April Fools Day Prank 😂😅
@Aarav863 11 aylar önce
Im a fan
@speedymatt1236 11 aylar önce
Even if it’s a prank it’s definitely an enjoyable video regardless
@MrsDDH 11 aylar önce
same Lol
@dopedude2121 11 aylar önce
dude you're vids are the best
@Hi-ue2jf 11 aylar önce
@@Aarav863 e
@user-jo3gz6ub3t 10 aylar önce
Massive respect to Coby, beating the odds and continuing the tug off war even with bleeding hands, cannot imagine how painful that is.
@SHIVEK69 10 aylar önce
you mean cody?
@bobmax2775 10 aylar önce
It’s not very painful
@ZainalAbidin-qv4cm 10 aylar önce
@cacau1810 10 aylar önce
@nathanrogers1793 10 aylar önce
@@bobmax2775 he ltierally had glass cut his leg multiple times and probably burns all over his hands
@TimeBucks 10 aylar önce
Doing amazing as usual
@tomokokuroki5216 10 aylar önce
@mailboxer1-lv9do 10 aylar önce
@mkgamingmlbb6558 10 aylar önce
@user-os5ku1mn7y 10 aylar önce
@user-os5ku1mn7y 10 aylar önce
@agoatea3134 6 aylar önce
Chubby coby is an absolute force to be reckoned with
@pitgroove.37_66 10 aylar önce
Huge props to Cody for trying his best to tough out the pain in his bleeding hands during the truck tug of war
@warlordkh9871 10 aylar önce
you can also see they are cuts on his leg because of the toilet run
@vikkiwood8338 10 aylar önce
Put made me fly from Japan to Columbus, Ohio the wrong way, not the long way🤯🤯🤯🤯
@alishaceja8594 10 aylar önce
With the suit on Ty looks like it’s more real
@camtranquoc3745 10 aylar önce
@jamesdemile4181 8 aylar önce
@@camtranquoc3745 shut up dude
@llukandane3337 9 aylar önce
5:40 the inspiration was ultimately there this was the best moment in DP history for me
@N8ExtrAwesome 10 aylar önce
For the editors: that sync with Cody dropping the pillars and the music at 9:05 was amazing.
This is why do editors are best in the game they sync with the music
Cory's physique looked legit on some of the shots there, those suits are really impressive
@user-xv8ho2tl7s 10 aylar önce
انها ليست عضلات حقيقية ، انظر في الثانية 0,56 الى كتفه اليمنى ، ههههه هل لاحظت😅😅😅 . انها فقط خدعة 😮😢
@campbellrech5515 10 aylar önce
@@user-xv8ho2tl7s nothing gets past this guy
@Hi-vd8lr 10 aylar önce
@@user-xv8ho2tl7s that's why they said looked legit They even mentioned the body suits 😂😂😂😂
@billbob1785 8 aylar önce
Being a body builder I'm pretty impressed on every that you all put in especially coby he almost dropped the stone but the key to be coming strong is to not give up congrats tyler
@northcarolinaname 10 aylar önce
These guys are all rich and successful but the amount of effort they put into these challenges makes me respect them so much more 🙏
@T-Diggitee-yz9hu 10 aylar önce
I agree
@VaanRavi 9 aylar önce
Glad they earned your respect. They were really looking for it
​@@VaanRavi 😂😂
@HoopLoops6732 8 aylar önce
@sharathkumar8422 6 aylar önce
The way Cody and Tyler kept pushing through despite the bleeding and all? That's why they are where they are, it takes some proper grit and effort to make it...
@user-fh2qo6qw4v 7 aylar önce
Cory’s face then Coby beat him with one arm was incredible . Seeing Coby beat the odds was incredible .
@nicolasa.2465 11 aylar önce
Cody was bleeding from the legs after the toilet drop, you could see he was hurt, same with the pull you could see blood marks on his legs from his hands, he still gave a great performance so props to him
@travisg0108 11 aylar önce
Yeah I saw that too! I hope the cuts aren't too bad!
@burnzee05-75 11 aylar önce
@@travisg0108 you could see in the video that they weren't bad. Just a little cut.
@SKV_8 11 aylar önce
he wouldve won if did the same strat as as tyler is kinda annoying because they prob staged it to make ty win cody wouldve easily won if he just wrapped the rope around his body and didnt bleed
@Gone_rn 10 aylar önce
Bro it's a video
@ehsam8202 10 aylar önce
i think that wasn’t a cut from the glass but instead he wiped his bleeding hand on his leg. he said his hand was bleeding and the blood doesn’t really look like a cut
@rjevensen3986 10 aylar önce
Hope Cody can recover from his hard work quickly and win something like this competition next time. Without the bleeding because I think Cody worked the hardest to win this competition out of all the competitors.
@FunnyAnimalsBar 10 aylar önce
Seeing Coby beat the odds was incredible
@kylefarran1 6 aylar önce
Great video guys! If you ever have another short burst strength challenge like holding the pillars, an interesting way to instantly boost your strength is to hyperventilate for 20-25 rapid breaths. Hyperoxygenating your blood allows your body to clear waste products in your muscle so lactic acid doesn't build as fast. This prevents the burn from building as fast and gives you a few extra seconds/reps for those challenges. It can give dramatic strength gains for exercises in the 30-90 second output range. (Just don't pass out 😀). Keep up the great videos!
@konroh2 5 aylar önce
I understand oxygenating the blood, but if this were such a great trick we'd see strongmen competitions where they actually did it. I think the gains are balanced by the increased heart rate, which is a loss of energy.
@vaghanmikaelian1923 10 aylar önce
11:51 is when the broken toilet piece jumps up and hits Cody in the leg and cuts him
@SarcBlade 7 aylar önce
Cody did have an advantage with the pillars since he was holding them from higher, meaning the pivot on the chain was higher up, in turn causing the strain to be lessened.
@Dark_Overlord11 2 aylar önce
I think cody was holding it's grip higher but the connection of the chain to the pillar was at the same height
@shawnelleharold2606 11 aylar önce
The look on Cory’s face when he realized his twin is stronger than him was priceless. 😂
@blendalimi348 6 aylar önce
Muscles are fake😂
@Redtoxic45 10 aylar önce
Respect for the editor who made his content be more and more amazing
@Peepeepoo192 10 aylar önce
Fr 💀
@CSB_22 10 aylar önce
This one was a fun one. Definitely need to do another with more fun variety of games for sure!
@conburgundy 7 aylar önce
Honestly, TNT is a real one the way he was cheering on Coby. You could tell it was genuine and not a put on for the segment.
@anuragtumane5227 10 aylar önce
Turns out the challenge turned out be a thrilling one, as these men competed for the strongest dude award.
@HenryWeese 9 aylar önce
I instantly saw the danger of the toilets dropping and shattering, and then was surprised when I saw Cody wince from being hit by the shrapnel, and then just powering through to the end - Obviously an expensive take and Ty wasn't going to like a reset, but I thought you would've paused it. And then to see the blood dripping down his leg and still powering through - Cody was the true winner in my eyes. Hope it wasn't too bad!
@samuraishadow 11 aylar önce
Seeing Coby beat the odds was incredible 👏
@clementsamson2951 11 aylar önce
​@YeaMan boy
@camdolby3789 11 aylar önce
bro its a costume and he has prob been in the gym a lil but i think thats it
@iccash3579 11 aylar önce
Bro just spoiled the whole vid while the ads still on
@FatalErrorSans404 11 aylar önce
@captainnoob5244 11 aylar önce
Seeing him eat the odds were incredible as well
@georgiastacy847 10 aylar önce
the way that Cory thinks about his chubby brother Coby is ridiculous like these dudes are living legends
@jediahsantos2808 10 aylar önce
13:44 Tyler you broke our hearts. We actually thought you gained some muscle for a sec.
@McLennahan01 2 aylar önce
3:18 it looks like bro is carrying a giant uncooked chicken nugget
@edgefanCWC 10 aylar önce
Ty is in a league of his own at every challenge!
@shivamnayak7163 10 aylar önce
Danny is the most humble and down to earth guy
@6PathsMode.. 10 aylar önce
i loved when sparky said about cody "legs are shaking arms are shaking Brains not working BUT JONES STILL GOING" just love that
@sawjo7844 10 aylar önce
@Xavierpng 10 aylar önce
As a member of the fitness community, I've gotta say, this was awesome to watch! Love your content
@Djsjjejd 10 aylar önce
Hi xavier
@devilboy1529 10 aylar önce
Xavier my lord
@ishaghost Aylar önce
1:57 LOL
@postmelons2282 10 aylar önce
One of your best videos in a long time, had me at the edge of my seat
@chrismanwarren665 6 aylar önce
2:08 Cody, Garrett, and Tyler threw their bag at the same
@bballmaster1209 11 aylar önce
16 years later and these boys are still putting out bangers
@osskeet 11 aylar önce
Meh. It’s getting worse and worse.
@loganbostelmann8729 11 aylar önce
​@@osskeetabsolutely not. There production is outstanding nowadays and they arent stuck in trickshot world anymore. They have already done everything so its great they have found success and so many other areas. Overtime is hilarious, battles are always fun, stereotypes make my day. Dude Perfect was my childhood with trickshots but there new stuff brings in a whole new audience!
@bruh7987 11 aylar önce
It hasn't even been 16years lol
@boonebros7024 11 aylar önce
totally dude the guys are just the best
@drgoyt 11 aylar önce
@@loganbostelmann8729 i miss the "simple editing" if you want to call it that. I hate how so many people are starting that now. Im always gonna watch them tho because i've watched them for over 9 years.
@cyberclaw2128 10 aylar önce
dropping porcelain like that near y'all legs probably wasn't the greatest idea. I expected blood when seeing Cody at the tug-of-war after and there was, man fought relentlessly regardless tho. Much respect dudes
@kimbo_dukes 10 aylar önce
😂😂 you guys are hilarious I needed this laugh! Thank you 🙏🏽
@bennyniall7463 10 aylar önce
My heart goes out to Cody for continuing even when he was bleeding
@deanlindholm8663 10 aylar önce
Friggin HATS OFF to Coby on that stone carry, DUDE, I was CHEERING at my monitor!
@witchdoctor7922 10 aylar önce
cody bleeding on his hamstring, hands, and shins shows a tremendous amount of dedication
@bandboy69 10 aylar önce
An appropreate challenge given how close to worlds we are. Nailed it guys!
@thisisturtleman4457 10 aylar önce
Props to cody,the smashing toliet hit his thigh and was making him bleed throughout the whole tug of war ,not to mention his hands.He sacrifice it all for some suspenseful content👏💪
@davidali7664 8 aylar önce
Ty actually did something smart in the tug of war. He used the suit as a brace to pull whereas Cody was pulling with his hands which lead to him bleeding. If they had gloves Cody would've won for sure
@RussB739 10 aylar önce
Shout out to the dudes for putting on all this muscle for us
@ayeado 7 aylar önce
Coby pushing through gave me "Facing The Giant" vibes... "Look up Brock, you're in the end zone."
@chatgptchatgptchatgpt 10 aylar önce
I'm quite strong myself. In fact, I'm not a human so I don't feel pain when I fall down.
@HollowEye. 10 aylar önce
@hedymurphy7544 10 aylar önce
@srivardhannair6292 10 aylar önce
@thes7754 10 aylar önce
@hiu3boss289 10 aylar önce
Write a three paragraph essay on the importan- oh wrong place
@drumingmasterify 10 aylar önce
Big props to Cody for pushing through the blood sweat and tears
@BaileyBros45911 10 aylar önce
even with the stomach
@haileebennett3788 10 aylar önce
Honestly appreciate the more silly and simple video!! Quality content!
5:54 his controller disconnected and has new battries had me dyin
@smashton1515 10 aylar önce
You guys should definitely do another one with the suits!😂
@JesusisLord7227 10 aylar önce
I wouldn't be suprised if they got their own show lol
@secret_bonnie1983 10 aylar önce
Cory’s face then Coby beat him with one arm was incredible 😂😂
@seanmorgan3500 10 aylar önce
The chalk slap into the wind had me dying 😂
@EnderDBD 10 aylar önce
The neck of the suit being covered by Tyler's beard makes it look pretty realistic!
@MadhavS- 8 aylar önce
In 2:03 look at coby arm the rigth arm
@atharvkhandelwal2712 10 aylar önce
5:46 Cody knew he will do it 😂
@reneeday2445 8 aylar önce
Bro Ty calling Cody a wii sports character had me dead 😂
@infinitemug6203 11 aylar önce
Coby pushing through to surpass Garrett is the perfect example of never giving up to early. Respect. 🙌🗿
@luckybox9037 10 aylar önce
Cody was really bleeding for that last part! Props to him for holding out against Ty for so long even in quite a big pain!!
@nachete_05_ 10 aylar önce
I love how Ty hits Coby's belly every time he wins
@benjamingray2627 8 aylar önce
I think this is the second time Cody, Coby and Ty are in round three. The first is by far my favorite video. The F.A.D.P.H.S.S.B.( First Annual Dude Perfect High Speed Sports Battle.)
@bbll9allstr 10 aylar önce
For those in the back!! “You don’t have to be swole to be perfect, dude” Love the irony and show of body positivity, even in sarcasm guys 🤙
@anthonyberry9647 7 aylar önce
The Hercules hold is all about breathing honestly, I can let your arms kinda rest (don’t let them rip off) but u don’t have to use all arms, 25% arms and 75% back and just breath. I promise you’ll go longer than if u just went all arms 100% of the time
@tau9956 11 aylar önce
Props to the editors. Doing amazing as usual❤
@flyguylb4860 11 aylar önce
I love your videos ❤
@DCforever187 11 aylar önce
Editor is chad 🗿😝🤫
@TheKidGM6 11 aylar önce
@sleepyraygun 11 aylar önce
@@flyguylb4860 bot
@AstroPlayzRoblox 11 aylar önce
Could tell it was a body suit from the beggining
@dallantobler6144 10 aylar önce
I feel like this was kinda the obvious Ty is gonna win challenge 😂 but the finale was better than I expected. Stuff like the truck and atlas, the height gives him an advantage over just pure strength which made it much more even.
@arnavomg9212 10 aylar önce
I think Cory got his question which he asked on overtime 30 "Who all can beat me in a fight" Everyone raised Their hands and this video proves it.
@suelee7620 2 aylar önce
5:27 I like how the music fades😂
@lcaquatics3446 10 aylar önce
13:13 best anime yell from Tyler we will ever get
@leociresi4292 10 aylar önce
Just seeing his pic, I hear Roberto’s scream in my head😂 HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
@forzahub2537 9 aylar önce
11:02 😂
@sammy0boi 11 aylar önce
Sparky is such an unsung hero, always does such a great job hosting these
@jiffin639 10 aylar önce
This is honestly one of the funniest and entertaining videos they have made.
@Ant1K8rma 10 aylar önce
Also congrats to Ty for winning the World’s Strongest Dude battle.
@rjmanary4087 5 aylar önce
10:40 The man kissed a toilet
@calebshort4900 10 aylar önce
that absolut PRIMAL scream out of TY is the most intense thing ive ever heard in the entirety of Dude Perfect ( ive seen most every video)
@user-qm2we1sm8g 5 aylar önce
Coby used his stomach to hold the bolder up 😂😂
@thatllwork_official 11 aylar önce
Sparky I appreciate the shoutouts to our channel at 0:41 and 2:11 😄 I see you 🤜🤛
@Ajinky.a 11 aylar önce
haha, nice one
@VewertyPloik 11 aylar önce
0:40 2:10 actually
@samspanier8232 11 aylar önce
I noticed that 😂
@MrDarkSky 11 aylar önce
Here before famous?
@stomper71 11 aylar önce
@KaleiahCraft 10 aylar önce
off topic sort of but coby is so well spoken and admirable fr. even if what he says is scripted, its still motivational and meaningful and I love it.
@TheLSURanger 10 aylar önce
"It's toilet time in Texas" That is the greatest quote I've heard from DP. Chuck Morgan might need to sue someone
@Imdaman. 6 aylar önce
Ty’s transformations from video to video are so fast😂
@asimkhan-nn7vc 10 aylar önce
easily one of the best dude perfect challenge videos ever loved ittt already need part 2
@westonhester9974 9 aylar önce
Love that they actually did strongman events rather than silly strength challenges
@onetwothree9892 11 aylar önce
Coby was absolutely the star of this show no matter what the results said
@tala.186 10 aylar önce
Big support for Cody as he does his best to ease the pain of his bleeding hands during the truck tug of war
@benjamingray2627 10 aylar önce
As a Team Ty fan, I don't think it was Ty's fault. Because on Deep Sea Fishing Battle 2, Sparky threw up the most times to the "Wet Wille" in the negatives.
@OldSport83 10 aylar önce
Am I the only one who immediately realized they have the most realistic strong suits on?
@alampalmer3117 9 aylar önce
“Kinda looks like a wii sports character” 💀
@romanog.208 11 aylar önce
8:55 Sparky is an amazing commentator! 👌
@dumflame 10 aylar önce
Legs are shaking Arms are shaking Brain’s not working But Jones still going 😂
🔥 rhymes
@carlyscovers28 10 aylar önce
Coby totally would have taken it or at least made it to the finale not for the shoulder injury. Incredible performance
@misaelnoriega5498 10 aylar önce
I gotta say, I’ve probably have Never watched This Channel Before but This episode was Hilarious 🤣😂
@no.limits.mantra 7 aylar önce
Can we acknowledge how Cody was bleeding at the end because of the toilets but he still fought
@oliviahamlin180 10 aylar önce
Awesome video! You guys are hilarious and I love to watch y'all's videos! My whole family loves y'all! Our especial favorites are the Stereotypes and we think it'd be awesome if you could do an Easter Stereotypes since the holiday is coming up! I know it could be kind of cramped with not much time left, but I think it's be so much fun if you could do one sometime in the future! Just a suggestion, and I'd totally understand if you don't.
@user-vi2kc1cg5w 20 saatler önce
Koby definitely hid the fake muscles the best since he covered his neck, Bravo!
@Elias.E. 11 aylar önce
6:27 he looks like Mr. Bean
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