World's Most Functional Workbench! Making the Workbench With 20 Functions

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People who work in their workshop and do DIY works definitely need a workbench. That's why in this video we showed you how to make a workbench. This workbench we have made has more functions than you have ever seen before, this workbench that you can do with simple tools in your own garage has 20 different functions. You can watch how to make a simple, functional, solid, easy-to-build workbench with drawers in this video called how to make a workbench, the most functional workbench.



16 Kas 2021




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Hazlo Tu Mismo
Me encantaria tener un espacio para poder hacer un banco asi de grande y tan perfecto, amazing job! Greetings from México
Gil Macedo
Uauuuuu!!!!! Eu quero está mesa pra mim, amei tudo, cada detalhe, e de mais de bonita, prática, tudo que eu sonhei
Tiago Mendonça
Projeto muito criativo e prático. Parabéns!
Theo Kuppens
Theo Kuppens 21 gün önce
I love the simplicity and functionality of your design and build. Do you have plans for your workbench which can be purchased as I am keen to build for my workshop. Many thanks in advance.
Henry Fierst
Very nice build. I love the attention to detail and how you showed everything's purpose. Only bad thing I could think of is you make it look to easy but great job. I'm looking forward to watching more of your builds.
Valerii Butnar
Прекрасный верстак, спасибо огромное, что поделились! Важно, что Мастер показал, что все это можно сделать простыми инструментами. Пересмотрел очень много видео на тему раб.стола, и решил сделать именно такой себе на дачу. Браво Мастеру!!!
James Dean
Very well thought out and executed, very impressive. Thank you for sharing this video with the world
Bulldog Remodeling
When I built mine, I put locking casters so I could roll it around in other locations, looks good!
ABJ Metal
What a wonderful work bench!! I wish I have one!! great job
Ken Shepherd
Very nice design. I’ll be using many of your features in my ownbuild. Thanks for sharing!
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Gün önce
Many fantastic ideas to improve the layout and functionality of any workshop. Thank you!
James Donnelly
I have to admit, I've seen a hundred work bench designs, but this one is clearly the best. Bravo! You achieved something remarkable and shared it freely. I will be taking many of your clever ideas away. Many thanks
Nihal Arya
You are so amazing ❤️ I love this table
cap'n sean
Quite clever, inexpensive, weekend built project. Thanks for sharing!
Michael Thomson
I been watching all the table design videos. And was about to do a extravagant one. But I just changed my mind. This one is so simple works and looks great!!
Edwin Arango
Edwin Arango 28 gün önce
Love all of it, amazing stuff. Very well thought out
Francisco Diniz
Excelente trabalho!!! Parabéns
Maicon Ramos
Meu sonho ter ao menos uma ferramenta dessas. Parabéns pelo trabalho.
flatworm00 Gün önce
Very well thought out and great ease of function...I really like it.
Lancastrian 21 gün önce
Lots of great ideas there. Very handy to have such a lot of your most used items to hand. If I could offer one criticism: woodworkers' chisels are like razors. Reaching for one of those tins could result in a nasty accident. Enclosing the blade end in acrylic would be safer and you could still see which chisel you are reaching for.
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