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Thanks to @supefron @JohnnyCarmack and @RizzleDigz for joining me in the video!

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26 Oca 2023




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Jesser Aylar önce
Thank you so much for everything guys, don’t miss out on the 10 million BKTSQD apparel - bucketsquad.com?aff=24
Rizza Victoria Villegas
you made the mentos shot i slowed it down
Charlie Lichtengamer
Charlie Lichtengamer 26 gün önce
The guy that made the coke and mentos shot was either Efron or Jesse couldn't completely tell. The other person completely wiffed. I'm more certain it was Efron thought.
Kristin Reinard
Kristin Reinard 29 gün önce
Jesse made it
kahvvish prabakaran
pls shout me out i am a huge fan
Howzat Aylar önce
They were definitely inspired by dude perfect with a lot of the shots 😄
MCR 4 gün önce
@No Name wdym no?
No Name
No Name 5 gün önce
macy💗💗 11 gün önce
That’s okay though because I love dp 😂😊
MCR 24 gün önce
Rjay 29 gün önce
BFR so what
Tricksters Aylar önce
Congrats on 10 mil such a big achievement 🎉 never stop grinding!
KSfam 3 gün önce
Good job for getting 10 mil. Congrats😊
Foxer99 29 gün önce
Grinding 💀💀
Hyperninja Aylar önce
@Cold weather since when do I need permission to reply to TRvid comments
Cold weather
Cold weather Aylar önce
@Hyperninja who asked
Hyperninja Aylar önce
Basketball Clips™
Jesse always delivers these videos at the right time
Lecas Belanger
Lecas Belanger Aylar önce
Congrats Jesser crazy how fast you grew this year I still remeber the days before you were even at a million and now you’re at 11.2! Wild! Big things ahead and keep putting up this great videos.
Baller12 Aylar önce
Jesser never disappoints us 💯
Semaria Aylar önce
Orlando Baum
Orlando Baum Aylar önce
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
Please stop the human sacrifice at the particle accelerator laboratory.
Lindsay Zogas
Lindsay Zogas Aylar önce
Kiely d’ Eyebrows
So real
Modzzle 24 gün önce
He literally never disappoints us❤️
OptiRose Aylar önce
Congrats Jesse you have been working so hard for us. You never disappoint me!❤
Izaac Bebendorf
Izaac Bebendorf Aylar önce
Congrats on 10 mil!!! Keep putting in the hard work man ❤
Raider Milsim
Raider Milsim Aylar önce
Johnny falling off the roof(he’s ok at least)and efron getting bottle smashed had me dying lmao
EliC743 Aylar önce
We love Jesser!!!❤ thank you for the great content. You are a great TRvidr, and you make so many people happy! Congrats on over 10 mil! Love you Jesser!!❤🎉
jeffff Aylar önce
Hey jesser keep on putting in the hard work. Congrats On 10 Mil! Keep Up The Great Content! ❤❤❤
Nba / nfl shorts
Nba / nfl shorts Aylar önce
Hey jesser keep on putting in the hard work
Justin fead is my daddy
Congratulations man been watching for it’s insane how far you’ve come keep up the good work ❤
Alissa Tome
Alissa Tome Aylar önce
Jesser always hits dope trick shots let’s go my guy ! Congratulations on 10 million!
IBhighlights Aylar önce
Can I get a bucket squad space t shirt it's my sisters bday and I can't order it
oziic Aylar önce
Ok bot
Peyton Aylar önce
Ok bot
Jet Prod.
Jet Prod. Aylar önce
Give this man a trophy🏆
Captain Jean-Luc Picard
And a shield
Jakin Ekuban
Jakin Ekuban Aylar önce
I’ve been watching jesser for Years now and he has never disappointed, congrats on 10 mil
Travis Daly
Travis Daly Aylar önce
Jesser you deserve 10 mil for all the great content over all the years your my favourite TRvidr who lives all the way in Australia love you man respect
GangGang Ibby
GangGang Ibby Aylar önce
bro is the face of youtube. always bringing great content and now has 11.4 mil🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Jesse Meyerink
Jesse Meyerink Aylar önce
Congratulations Jesse, such a big milestone man. Keep it up🤙
Cayden S
Cayden S Aylar önce
Congratulations Jesse already 10 million holy cow man your amazing!!!!❤
Dom Aylar önce
Congrats Jesser been supporting since 2015!
Kam’s Cards & More
Dude it’s been 10 years of goated content from Jessie. Considering me and him are the same age it’s crazy to see what he’s accomplished
Unite Aylar önce
I love the trickshot videos, keep up the good work jesse, been a fan for 3-4 years
Erica Lewis
Erica Lewis Aylar önce
I just came here to say congratulations on being in the celebrity all star game you deserve it man ❤️
Joel Dely
Joel Dely Aylar önce
Congrats on 10 Mill!!! Keep up the good work 🎯💯
SeanieBoi Aylar önce
i love this man's videos and i hope he never stops making them
Shhh.gg._. Aylar önce
Jesse never disappoints
Christine Yu
Christine Yu Aylar önce
Jesse always creates the best videos!❤
Hamzi Aylar önce
Love Jesse and his vids, keep doing what you do❤❤
DG_Hoops Aylar önce
You have been a huge motivaton ! We are from the republic of Georgia and just know that even here you have followers. Started up our own channel just because of you! hope we get at least close as to ow good you are at what you doing.
infinite gamer123
infinite gamer123 Aylar önce
jesse puts to much good work keep it up!
Nate Aylar önce
Jesse's content just gets better and better, I'm really proud of you and you deserve all the success and respect, OG Bucket Squad member since 2015
NLE NBAclipz ™
NLE NBAclipz ™ Aylar önce
Bro these trick shots are crazy! Congrats on 10MIL 🎉🎉🎉! Keep up the good work ❤❤
Mel0nish Aylar önce
You deserved it man! ❤
Alex Hood
Alex Hood Aylar önce
Jesser I literally love you your my childhood thanks for lightening up my day always I always see if you posted in the morning but I’m in New Zealand so it’s different time zone but thank you so much again congratulations on 10 mill you earned it you put some much work into it and even tho there were tough times you pushed through it
RSL Aylar önce
Nice job jesse ur my inspiration to basketball thx you never dissapoint
Bob the FIFA master
Jesser never disappoints us
Aleksandra Bell
Aleksandra Bell Aylar önce
Best content i have ever seen. Love your videos and those trickshots were insane🔥
Ben Phillip
Ben Phillip Aylar önce
yo jesser congrats on 10 mil!!!!! I've been a fan since the 2k14 days back in the good ol days!! haha keep making these amazing videos bro! all love!
S2XCREW Aylar önce
I love you guys, you guys are awesome 💪🏼💯🔥
Kai Evans
Kai Evans Aylar önce
Keep up the good work jerser I think I say this for everyone who watches your challenge, we love what you do and can’t wait for more videos that are as awesome as this one❤️❤️❤️❤️
R Randall Hopkins
R Randall Hopkins Aylar önce
Let's just say he's a legend for ever😁!!!
Zak_playz Aylar önce
This is a milestone ❤
Wynne Shoffner
Wynne Shoffner Aylar önce
Congrats on ten mil jesser keep putting in the work!! glad to see you back after a month
G-RAY-Z Aylar önce
Love the videos keep up the great work! (Banger reactions lol)
Doubleochaseboy Aylar önce
Give this guy a trophy been watching his videos for years 🏆
Brycetheman Aylar önce
Thatguy69 Aylar önce
NAG (NOT A GAMER) is also the guy in crocs
Mad respect for them
MisterMason™ Aylar önce
Congrats On 10 Mil! Keep Up The Great Content! ❤❤❤
Katie Shepherd
Katie Shepherd Aylar önce
Blue boi Vr
Blue boi Vr Aylar önce
CONGRATS 🎉 bro Johnny died lol
Tyler Aylar önce
@Jesser you have a great day
Ok_Buddy Aylar önce
@Jesser 11.2 mil an hour after this was posted
VonProductions700 Aylar önce
@Jesser you earned you a sub… oh wait I’m already subbed😂
ISM84 Aylar önce
You guys never disappoint
Raith Fulton
Raith Fulton Aylar önce
Congratulations 🎉 hope you have an amazing day and keep up the terrific content
Joaco Aventuras
Joaco Aventuras Aylar önce
Congrats jesse on 10 millon!! You're the best❤❤❤❤
Maver1ck Aylar önce
Just discovered your channel and was wondering when you'd upload again, you made my day 🔥
Mo’s Sports
Mo’s Sports Aylar önce
Jesse, this was absolutely lit🔥 Keep up the amazing work and I respect you❤🐐👍
Winn is the goat
Winn is the goat Aylar önce
Jesse you deserved 10 mill so much thanks for being my favorite TRvidr and keeping us entertained
Hudson Trainor
Hudson Trainor Aylar önce
Jesse you the goat man keep up the hard work, we love you!!!!
KBTrickshots Aylar önce
Congrats on 10 million Jesse and also congrats on becoming the most subbed Jesse on TRvid! ❤️
JohnnyLee Reinoso
JohnnyLee Reinoso Aylar önce
Keep putting the hard work I love your videos
OP Productions
OP Productions Aylar önce
Love your vids man, keep it up 💯🔥
Asanki Wanniarachchi
No one is going to talk about how clean the edit was to make Johnny fall off the roof
Jayy & Abby
Jayy & Abby Aylar önce
Jayy & Abby
Jayy & Abby Aylar önce
@Garrett Hill I watched it while it was private..
Garrett Hill
Garrett Hill Aylar önce
It was just uploaded
VfxF1shy Aylar önce
Man is putting in hard work for us u better appreciate him 👊
Mari Aylar önce
these trick shots are amazing can't believe you have the potential for these
KingREAPER Aylar önce
Yo Jesser love your vids man as a little kid I find your videos very interesting. Congrats for hitting 10 mil that is a big achievement.
Blake Bullis
Blake Bullis Aylar önce
Congrats Man always loved the content been here since 500k
jili foodhub
jili foodhub 15 gün önce
congratulations on 10 mil im so happy and proud! also reminder Dont ever gice up on ur dreams.
Rich Mowrer
Rich Mowrer Aylar önce
Jonny is a true hero for surviving that fall😂😂
Levi Ray
Levi Ray Aylar önce
6:28 look the trampoline is gone they used that
Marvin Sherifi
Marvin Sherifi Aylar önce
the trickshots were insane keep up the work!
Imagine Being short 🙃
I couldn’t stop laughing when he said who wants some toast nobody wants toast and banged the bottle on his head😂😂😂😂
Suzan Petkovic
Suzan Petkovic Aylar önce
CONGRATS on 10 mil keep up the great work you are so good❤
NateeH Aylar önce
AMAZING Trick Shots!! Also Congrats On 10 MILLION That’s a Huge Milestone!! Congrats
Hayden Baptist Church of Aiken SC
Jesser being dude perfect goes crazy
Slick Flips
Slick Flips Aylar önce
Me being a trickshooter myself, I think this is pretty darn GREAT!
u can never stop entertaining me
BBTW Aylar önce
Im seeing a new era of Jesser… just feeling a different vibe
MYSTERY Cyber Aylar önce
Love these keep up the good work 😎
mr DOGE 16 gün önce
Every time I’m sad he made me feel better
HopsMAX Aylar önce
6:28 bro this caught me off guard 😂 fire edit 🔥
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Aylar önce
Byron Gallagher
Byron Gallagher Aylar önce
I seen that the trampoline was not there at first 😊
Levi Ray
Levi Ray Aylar önce
It wasn’t a edit. They used the trampoline
E-rider Aylar önce
Bro already gained another mil, love ya so much Jesser best vids ever!
CS Elle
CS Elle Aylar önce
I love ur vids jesser they make me happy when I'm sick,sad,depressed and so on
DeltaBart Aylar önce
dude so many of those shots made my jaw drop 20 feet down
K-TownGaming Zone
K-TownGaming Zone Aylar önce
This man deserves at least 100 mil btw congrats on 10 mil
Elijah Hendricks
Elijah Hendricks Aylar önce
I'm loving the dude perfect vibes ✨
Kelvin Roman
Kelvin Roman Aylar önce
Im so lost on how johnny survived that fall lmaooo
joey life forever
joey life forever Aylar önce
He never tells lies on his videos ❤️❤️
Busta Buckets
Busta Buckets Aylar önce
Yo Jesse!!! Just saw you are in the NBA celebrity game!!! That’s awesome! Congrats! I’m 100% rooting for team Giannis! Keep up the fantastic content!
Owl in Anbuツ
Owl in Anbuツ Aylar önce
johnny falling off the roof was crazyy, i thought it was real, also congrats again on 10 mil jesse!!!
ben leroy
ben leroy Aylar önce
Keep up this content Jesser it wonderful!
Vlxnetxuff 20 gün önce
I love how the guy just jumped off the roof it was mad funny😂
UBG Galaxy
UBG Galaxy Aylar önce
Always a good day when Jesse uploads especially since I been watching since 2k14🙏🏽
hype er
hype er Aylar önce
Ruth Holland
Ruth Holland Aylar önce
Never dissapoint me man keep up the work congrats on ten mil 🏆
Realsportz Aylar önce
I love you jesser congrats on 10mill and I will always be subbed! Keep up the great effort
Jason Chan
Jason Chan Aylar önce
they already have 11mil and celebrating for 10 mil lmao im happy for jesse
Thai-Son Tran
Thai-Son Tran Aylar önce
Great vid jesser! love your content! Also You made the coke and mento shot!
Christina Fox
Christina Fox Aylar önce
This channel is legendary!
Ty Boom
Ty Boom Aylar önce
Johnny scared me so bad lol I thought he actually fell for a minute.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Aylar önce
6:28 my heart almost attacked me. This the second time they get me. One time it was with Jesser from the top of the house. 😱
king crimson
king crimson Aylar önce
time flies by so fast, still remember when you used to rock JesserTheLazer as your name before grats on 10M!!
Antwon Steele
Antwon Steele Aylar önce
Jesser that full court Shot efron made was Awesome Jesser those was Some insane Trickshots 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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