World's Cheapest vs Most Expensive Laptop! 

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I tested the Cheapest $70 Laptop vs the Most Expensive $7000 Laptop!
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30 Mar 2023




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Mrwhosetheboss Aylar önce
3 Videos in 3 DAYS! 🎉 Here are the other two: I battled against AI...to see who's smarter: trvid.com/video/video-60LZ5Ie8XS8.html I tested the Most Intelligent Smartphone Gadget EVER: trvid.com/video/video-oORJNIDy3B0.html
ۥ Aylar önce
xorinfo Aylar önce
MilkFedora Aylar önce
Goodness Aylar önce
Wish you didn’t skip from $70 to $500, I think the $300 range is a really important budget sector for laptops and its extremely competitive
Victory's World TV
Victory's World TV Aylar önce
Or the $200 range even though it may not look like much
Joniii The Sleepy Dreamer
The 700 dollars and 1000 dollar range is also a big leap, but than this video would be really long.
Daniel Marcus
Daniel Marcus Aylar önce
Yep. I have a $250 laptop that has a Ryzen 5 and a FHD IPS Display, and a $1200 Lenovo with a Ryzen 7 and RX6800M D-GPU. But to be fair, the video is just giving a rough idea of some average laptops you can get at those price points, not comparing laptops at those price points. I do kind of wish they'd been a little bit more comparable, or kept the middle two (both of which are more reasonable prices a normal person might spend) within brand, like using the comparable AMD Lenovo Legion instead of MSI's Intel/nVidia version.
Gabriel Aylar önce
Should have also had the $127, $234 and $378 dollar ranges. No, wait, $454 as well. Any more?
Daniel Marcus
Daniel Marcus Aylar önce
@Gabriel You're missing the point. None of these laptops are "exactly" some price. However, there are some pretty big jumps along the way that these models miss. In particular, many models adopt at least IPS displays earlier, and the jump to a even a low-end dGPU makes a huge difference as well. In other words, the jumps should really be more by the major features, not necessarily price.
Inactive channel
Inactive channel Aylar önce
The cheapest, 70$ laptop *STILL* somehow manages to be better than my laptop
Khant Aung Thein
Khant Aung Thein Aylar önce
Ikr, same for me 😢
Buck Duck
Buck Duck Aylar önce
Dam it hurts cuz I know what u mean
Lucid-High :3
Lucid-High :3 Aylar önce
Chosen Creeper
Chosen Creeper Aylar önce
Well i streamed on my pc recently... Which is worse than that 70$ laptop, it was- somewhat smooth lol. 😅
WhatUpBob2183 Aylar önce
the only reason i have a mid laptop is cause My mom got it for my schooling.
isidown Aylar önce
Just a quick note, the downward facing speakers are meant to be used with the laptop on a desk, they should sound much better that way, otherwise they loose some power and bass
Mihir Shetye
Mihir Shetye Aylar önce
I can attest to that,as I use my laptop on my bed which totally muffles the sound. I still think though OEMs should provide front facing speakers on the sides and remove the numpad entirely instead.
Jai Gulyani
Jai Gulyani Aylar önce
I use a glass table and the speakers are damn LOUD so yea ur right
minion 0470
minion 0470 Aylar önce
​@Mihir Shetye I wish I lost my side speakers and got a numpad, it is just so much more important. If I want good audio, I'll use headphones
Mihir Shetye
Mihir Shetye Aylar önce
@minion 0470 Yeah,but personally I have no use for the numpad,in contrast it takes away valuable real estate when typing and of course leaving no space for side firing speakers.
minion 0470
minion 0470 Aylar önce
@Mihir Shetye makes sense, I just have an unnecessary level of frustration whenever I try to enter an alt code and can't. Aparently, Framework has done market research and found a near 50/50 split in people wanting/not wanting numpads.
Erebus [朱色制限]
Honestly, the $70 laptop is quite nice. I wouldn't mind it as a second mobile rig (especially with Linux installed on it).
CocoaConsole Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how this man thinks of new tech video ideas every week and has basically never repeated the same video
My stuff
My stuff 26 gün önce
fr, this man is a legend
Freak80MC Aylar önce
As someone who has had to deal with my grandma's really bad cheap laptops, I would never go below say $500 for a laptop
Obehi Emafo
Obehi Emafo 19 gün önce
what makes you the authority on that?
arkesh 11 gün önce
​​@Obehi Emafo nothing, it's his personal opinion
Ahmad A. Thabata
Ahmad A. Thabata 8 gün önce
@Obehi Emafo what makes him the authority on what he would never go below on paying for a laptop? Because he can make his own choices
abhayveer singh
abhayveer singh Aylar önce
This man is on a grind, yet we still get rickrolled, every single video.
MTC Editing
MTC Editing Aylar önce
Splashbob The Koala
@MTC Editing wym
PixzledFloppa Aylar önce
Turn you volume off and close your eyes to be safe
Ceqell Aylar önce
i wonder if he's okay or not, i hope he doesnt burn himself out.
RandomBoT Aylar önce
​@PixzledFloppa timestamp?
Erika So
Erika So Aylar önce
Love this video, Arun! I love how engaging your videos are and your energy is always infectious (still love the corny jokes LOL) keep up the great work, man! 🎉
Foxy Crystal
Foxy Crystal 29 gün önce
Not gonna lie, i would a 100% rock that Coda $70 notebook ! Small, lightweight, probably decent battery, would be a great tool for working on the go and taking notes during classes and such.
Ace3 Aylar önce
Wow, this video really shows the stark contrast between the cheapest and most expensive laptops in the world. While the expensive laptop definitely has some impressive features, I'm blown away by how well the cheaper option performed in some tests. It's great to see that technology is becoming more accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Thanks for another informative and engaging video
After watching this video, I can say that my laptop is about between the Lenovo V15 G2 and the MSI Katana GF76. It has a midrange 11th Gen Intel Core i3, a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, not as good as the Katana but definitely better than the Lenovo.
Devansh Tayal
Devansh Tayal Aylar önce
Arun's consistency in making new videos and rickrolling us in almost each of them and still giving such high quality content >>>
Koopakartwii Aylar önce
Daniel give me coffee
ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ
Daniel give me coffee
xita Aylar önce
this comment looks so copy pasted
Baby Girl
Baby Girl Aylar önce
Daniel give me coffee
Tech Prodigy
Tech Prodigy Aylar önce
The way this man just pumps out videos with amazing quality will always impress me
Frozen Aylar önce
Really clever how you tested the gaming performance with a heavily modded game! It’s a lot more effort but very fun to watch because nothing quite brings a gaming pc to its knees than a lot of texture mods with a hefty enb
CaptainCrackiee Aylar önce
That wasn’t even heavily modded man that was only ENB and it looks like shit compared to QuantV or nve
ACTION Z 28 gün önce
Would be better if it was rdr2 with max settings with some crazy graphics mods
HellsGrow420 11 gün önce
So cool how they thought of us using the hub so they put the camera cover 😂
Spud Aylar önce
As someone who owns the 2nd laptop, the Lenovo, I can confirm it is better than it seems (besides the contrast and viewing angles).
Uzuma Aylar önce
Even after spending 7000$, no laptop can't give you a decent webcam!😂
Evil 11 gün önce
WAviator 1
WAviator 1 Aylar önce
The only TRvidr who cares about the quality AND the quantity! Great job Arun!
Turbo Aviation 737
Turbo Aviation 737 Aylar önce
Huge W
Alex Grae
Alex Grae Aylar önce
You need to watch more people
WAviator 1
WAviator 1 Aylar önce
@Turbo Aviation 737 Indeed
NotVicious Aylar önce
@Alex Grae yeah mrwhosetheboss is great but there’s definitely better TRvidrs (speaking as a fan of 6 years)
AbstractZane Aylar önce
​@Alex Grae such as?
Adam Driver
Adam Driver Aylar önce
video idea aside, he did a good job actually reviewing each laptop, like the features, specs and negatives of each. not to mention, the testing. Would love to see more laptop reviews...
ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ
Daniel give me coffee
Ryan T
Ryan T Aylar önce
I can see that Coda one being useful as a something to take travelling. Good enough as a full laptop, cheap so you don't have to worry about what might happen to it.
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Aylar önce
Good for blogging
Dainius Bizevičius
I actually own MSI ge73. I bought it for 1.8k 5years ago. And it works perfectly fine to this day, apart the almost dead battery and keys getting unstick haha . So, I wanted to say, that laptops tend to limit fps while unplugged. And MSI is actually one of the best firm of making gaming products especially laptops, just because of how strong they are and their lifespan is insane. Had Acer some time ago..after two years gpu fried of PUBG hahah. Although now I use PC, I still dropped my jaw once I saw that Titan!
Fata Paikhana
Fata Paikhana 2 gün önce
I have a decade of relationship with my 300$ laptop which my uncle brought from Russia it has became a little weak but I can still play Dark souls 2,Far cry 3,Halo 2, Assassin's Creed 2 etc
Fata Paikhana
Fata Paikhana 2 gün önce
In case your wondering it has an Intel core 2 duo T6600, Nvidia GeForce g105M and a 4gb of ram 💀.Inspite of all this weak shit I still love my laptop as a wife
Ice Lemon Tea - Brawl Stars
Wow so many high quality tech videos! Keep up the good job, Arun! 👍👍
Simen Pedersen
Simen Pedersen Aylar önce
That MSI Katana look like a $500 laptop. I used to have a gaming laptop like this one (price = around $1000) and I hated the weight and look. I then went for the MSI GS65 ($1999) and it was a beautiful thin gaming laptop, but I never gamed on it so I went over to the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 1st gen last year ($1200) and that laptop look like the most premium laptop I've ever owned, it's not as fast when gaming, but the Evo chip makes it feel like the fastest laptop I have ever owned on normal usage like turning on the laptop, internet, youtube etc...
ContemplatingRain Aylar önce
He's reviewing laptops now. Man is branching. Love to see it.
Cosek-san Aylar önce
Not detailed enough compared to specialized laptop reviewers but still ok
ContemplatingRain Aylar önce
@Cosek-san Yeah yeah. But he was primarily a phone reviewer and those ones are done beautifully. For a first laptop video, this is really well done.
Zyan Ch. ザヤン [on Hiatus]
jarrodtech has competitor now 😂
Cosek-san Aylar önce
@Zyan Ch. ザヤン [on Hiatus] not even close😭😭🤣🤣
The Engineering Nerd
Kids are calling him laptop reviewer 🤡🤡
Bishal Khan
Bishal Khan Aylar önce
Wow, another video so soon? It feels surreal! Remarkably, the production quality remains consistently high. Keep up the fantastic work.
𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨 Aylar önce
nah the meatriding crazy
Roberto Coutinho
Roberto Coutinho Aylar önce
I can't help but appreciate a tech channel whose host doesn't drop things... :D
Styrus Rodrigues
Styrus Rodrigues Aylar önce
Usually laptops with GPUs require to be plugged in to achieve maximum performance. You didn't do that with the $500 laptop hence, it was barely 30fps on medium graphics whereas it could've easily ran on ultra graphics if it was plugged in.
SidBitGid Aylar önce
Honestly installing something like Linux or chromeOS flex on the 70$ laptop would be a really good idea considering how heavy and resource intensive windows is, something like ubuntu or chrome os will turn that laptop into a decent web browsing and video streaming machine
Cupcake Aylar önce
Man I love this dudes channel, he spends more than like $5,000 dollars on these videos
Lomsen Aylar önce
You have without doubt become the best tech channel on this entire platform. Your videos are just perfect in every way!
Timbhu Aylar önce
LTT: 👁👄👁
Émile Turcotte
Émile Turcotte Aylar önce
@Timbhu Idk, their recent tesla stream weren't that good.
GTA_WIZARD Aylar önce
@Timbhu yes ltt is the king
Sp4wnK3lla Aylar önce
I would say that Mrwhosetheboss has a different tech outlook that LTT. Completely different categories but great content from both.
Moji Aylar önce
@Émile Turcotte lmao
Punyap Tejas Kumar
Punyap Tejas Kumar Aylar önce
But bro, my biggest question is how the hell did Coda manage to pull out a laptop for 70 dollars which is like 5800 INR in which you would get one of the worst entry level smartphones . Coda is making miracles irl!😂😂
FarhanAxiq Aylar önce
finest China parts bin specials😂😂😂😂
🌟 𝗦_𝗞_𝗝🌟
True 😂😂
Omeo Mahardad
Omeo Mahardad Aylar önce
Laptops have really came a long way. It went from a portable mini PC to a full on portable desktop replacement. Yes I am aware of the performance difference between Desktop and Laptop of the same spec but the difference is reducing every year. Maybe in a few years the difference will be near 0 and we may also change its parts just like desktop PC which will save a lot of money.
N!Kh!L:D🔱 Aylar önce
laptops have lots of hardware problem
Omeo Mahardad
Omeo Mahardad Aylar önce
@N!Kh!L:D🔱 Never faced one
Nicelec 9 gün önce
I was quite interested watching this video as I leanred much more about the pricing range of the market of laptop, now I kinda regret buying my HP Pavilion Gaming for 750 euros as I should have prefered having a laptop for work such as Lenovo Thinkpad or the one you presented, and then thinking about my Gaming Monster where I could put in a bit more money in. Tahnks to this video I will have better appreciation of what I want for the future.
papahandsoap Aylar önce
Love videos like this because you can quickly see you rarely need a laptop that's a few thousand dollars. Usually you just get trapped into branding and don't want to admit it
Hunter Aylar önce
Not really, laptops are usually one time purshase ( once in 5 years or more ), so every dollar you add, you add more future-proofing, the more durable the material, and more it enhances your experience and makes your life easier. Also it depends on your needs, if you want a laptop for basic office stuff then yeah sure get a cheap laptop, but for example i'm a dev and i need every bit of perfomance i can get, i need a long battery life, i need fast network cards, i need a color-accurate screen to see frontend designs ...etc, so it really depends on what you are going to do with the laptop and if it's part of making your living, you wanna make sure you don't cheap out on it. Not to mention if you are into gaming, that will cost even more to have a proper gaming setup. Branding may be a part of it, i mean yeah some brands like apple and dell xps are bit overpriced, but people do not just "get trapped and don't want to admit it", people have different needs for different workflows, and while it may look to you that it's useless to buy an expensive laptop, it's really just about you not having anything computing-heavy to do with it.
amirul3060_g4ming Aylar önce
​@Hunter agree, it depends on what r u going to use the laptop for
Hunter Aylar önce
@eleh1337 for that price it is a good deal, 3050ti will play most games on playable framerates, and esports titles on very high fps. If you want to do AI (model training) in the future that 4GB vram is def going to hold you back, but hey there is google colab so no worries. Make sure to have enough storage because you will definitely need to setup a linux partition for some of your classes.
10k Subs With No Videos
Arun, the quality and effort you put into your videos has gone through the roof lately. It’s almost ridiculous how content like this is free, and I can’t even imagine what amazing projects you’re going to do in the future!
Mariano Laguzzi
Mariano Laguzzi Aylar önce
One thing that I would have loved to see in this comparison is how battery life is affected by the increasingly high performance of the higher end laptops
N!Kh!L:D🔱 Aylar önce
2 hrs max
A Random African
A Random African Aylar önce
This man can make a child understand any tech
PRIME MOVIES. Aylar önce
Finally Arun reviews laptop...it has always been smartphones and other tech Gadget...laptop and desktop was never part of the deal😂
Config Sys
Config Sys Aylar önce
I owned the Titan series back when it was called the Dominator. I love the laptops and they last years. My current Titan GT77 has blasted through anything I throw at it and stays cool-ish even under load.
trung04 Aylar önce
Now the titan os one of the worst high-end gaming laptop
하느님진 11 gün önce
I have a gateway that was 500$ and for like 2-4 months or less around there and so far is still doing an amazing job
Syed Bilal
Syed Bilal Aylar önce
Damm this man is on a grind. Love how you have been pumping videos while still maintaining that high quality standard. Kudos to you and your team arun!
The Engineering Nerd
Bs quality 🤡🤡
engigaming Aylar önce
​@The Engineering Nerd why are you here then
Lord Sugra
Lord Sugra Aylar önce
​@engigaming to see how tech youtubers are good at reviewing laptops but they are so very bad
engigaming Aylar önce
@Lord Sugra ok
The Engineering Nerd
@engigaming to mock his prime viewers like other two noobs mkbhd and dave2d
michael jeacock
michael jeacock Aylar önce
I have the older v15-ada, but it doesn't look like that much has changed in the gen 2. also even my older model runs perfectly fine for web browsing, streaming and very light gaming.
wickedtoast Aylar önce
dude the value you get for that 500 dollar laptop is actually really amazing
Aubrey Jean The Fujoshi
I appreciate this content for many reasons. I can't list all of them but one is for others to be given options on what to buy based on budget and needs of who's gonna use it makes this video a fun thing to watch. And that 7,000 USD laptop is sexy.
trung04 Aylar önce
Yeah the titan is one of the worst gaming pc of the year
IIIsak Aylar önce
Arun has the most energy in his videos than all the other TRvidrs for real.
Neon Aylar önce
Through his engagement, the sheer quality of his videos and even just the stresses of life... he manages to upload all the time for us
ansar tahir
ansar tahir Aylar önce
love his videos. The dedication is on another level.
Peter Gibson
Peter Gibson Aylar önce
The cheap laptop could come in handy if you are out camping in the countryside or in environments where you would hesitate to bring your best equipment.
MR_SIEGE Aylar önce
Idk if you know this but you should, you gotta plug the charger in when gaming with a laptop. It increases performance by a huge amount.
depressed frog
depressed frog Aylar önce
Really wish I could own some of your review products everything is just so mind blocking awesome 😉
𝐀𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐚 🤍🎄
I have an MSI gaming laptop and I love it except I have to have it plugged in/on charge all the time and it gets really hot- but in performance terms it is great!
dondrap513 Aylar önce
Around the $1000 price point is where diminishing returns really kick in, imo. A new $1000 lt is generally amazing.
Jonny Akster
Jonny Akster Aylar önce
Almost the price of a desktop graphics card. =P. Almost, but not quite, card alone still more expensive now.
TheNybble Aylar önce
yeah if you're spending more than 1000 on a laptop you should probably be buying a desktop (even if you just get portable peripherals for the desktop) instead.
Oscar Aylar önce
Damn a m1 macbook air with 8gb ram 256 storage costs $1400 aud here
Maxx Aylar önce
Honestly I would go for a pc in 7k range because u can make a pretty good one ngl that’s way way way better than any laptop ever😊
Wyileee Aylar önce
the fun thing is that msi overcharge for the last laptop, u can build that laptops specs for half the price and throw on up to a 49 inch screen or a tv if u want to, and you'd get more performance because it isn't air cooled but liquid cooled. even funnier is how they actually sell just because you have the option to take it with you. a portable jet because its making so much noice
Config Sys
Config Sys 23 gün önce
I own the Titan and, for once, the price is warranted. Its an absolute beast.
Shaurya kansal
Shaurya kansal Aylar önce
the lengths arun goes through to make us happy :)
Barracuda Boi
Barracuda Boi 15 gün önce
You should've gone for Acer laptops, for 1000$ eq you could get a good Nitro 5, and for 4000$+ you could get a good Predator Helios. I don't know much about warranty and after sales service, but I'm pretty certain that extending the storage capacities does not void the warranty.
ISuckatYoutube Aylar önce
This guy activated rocket mode!
yt shots
yt shots Aylar önce
Yeah but it's good
Unknown Zoro
Unknown Zoro Aylar önce
Your first!
Dark_Moon Aylar önce
Coso Aylar önce
Daje roma bruh
MDx9 Gaming
MDx9 Gaming Aylar önce
Yeah holy cow!
Ayinde Bolaji
Ayinde Bolaji Aylar önce
Lovely video, that titan is an overkill. I rock a max 3060 dell G15 though won’t burn a whole in my pocket. And honey does provide good coupons
Coldduck1988 Aylar önce
Arun is grinding, a video a day for the past three days and they are very high quality, your doing a great job arun
Eagle Aylar önce
Keep the laptops plugged in and in performance mode when using benchmarks and playing games to get the best performance.
Kauttilya Kaushik Biswal
He just rated something 10/10 for the first time in his entire channel 😂
Mister Potato
Mister Potato Aylar önce
I think you should use a plug to the laptop since it's a gaming laptop. that's how most gaming laptops are beign used. This is to maximize the power output you get when playing games.
Avramobkilla Aylar önce
Holy crap. Its not just this man grinding! Super props to him and his team! AMAZING JOB!
Unfolded Guidance
Unfolded Guidance Aylar önce
The fact that this video alone broke MAXTECH whole carrier 😎
Khalek Molla
Khalek Molla Aylar önce
The cheapest 70s laptop still somehow manages to be better than my laptop ❤
Ashish Vishwas
Ashish Vishwas Aylar önce
Should have also added the galaxy book ultra 4090 version as a middle ground between the most expensive and the 1200 dollar one .
PikachuJaden Aylar önce
I used to have an msi ge75 raider but the hinge broke, common problem with it. My brother currently has a ge76 raider and that problem is fixed. Would recommend it’s very high end and really good.
Daily Orah
Daily Orah Aylar önce
When you realize any part of Aruns video could've been a Thumbnail.. shows how great the quality of videos he makes.
ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ
Daniel give me coffee
Wajahat M.Ahmad
Wajahat M.Ahmad Aylar önce
Love the detailed video, you should do more of these
Paul Palmer
Paul Palmer Aylar önce
Love your videos, keep up the good work!
Wyclife Apunda
Wyclife Apunda Aylar önce
the MSI is really crazy both in perfomance and price. LOVE IT
G Four Gadget
G Four Gadget Aylar önce
Playing GTA V on the cheapest laptop is the worst torture ever 😂
kovuri varshit
kovuri varshit Aylar önce
I got a quick wierd question arun like what you gonna do with these new laptops, are you going to put them to work or right into shelf or what else , like where would they end up.. littl' too curious 😄
Aaronkavich Aylar önce
Arun's dedication to these videos is incredible. Bravo 👏
KayNurxD Aylar önce
The gameplay looks so real that it feels more real than real life
Steven Gleave
Steven Gleave Aylar önce
Id like to see a comparison of the mini PCs. Mine is like 2 inch cube. Thanks for the content rollout.
Arkhis Aylar önce
Man, your laptop review is awesome. Why not do more videos like this man.😉🙂
Abu Zaid Bin Bakar
Abu Zaid Bin Bakar Aylar önce
Bro do u watch Boboiboy?
Class37Thrasher Aylar önce
Arun certaintly is one lad that lets his intrusive thoughts get to him shown by him reading the craftsmanship is so good that it can be used to forge a katana then we see him trying to cut a banana with a laptop, love it.
Cactus Dill-Dos
Cactus Dill-Dos Aylar önce
Awesome vid, would of been nice to see one more in-between but very cool
ll maths
ll maths Aylar önce
Great content as usual 🗽, but would have loved to hear about battery life as well 😮; it's one of the main things most customers look out for in a laptop
Sandra P.
Sandra P. Aylar önce
If you're a gamer, not at all... Battery is the least important.
Daniel M
Daniel M Aylar önce
@Sandra P. indeed, when you are planing to buy a lapotop to game you are going to have it plugged all the time anyways so it doesnt really matter alll that much the battery life. also, i think it isnt hard to conclue that a laptop with a i9 and a 4090 isnt going to last 13 hours
Eileen Aylar önce
@Daniel M yeah ture, we mostly plug it when use it.. battery it also depends on laptop segment.. ultrabook will last very long, while gaming laptop wont.. so battery isnt that relevant here.. unless we comparing same laptop segment..
Claire Aylar önce
Really! For me it is least important? I’m just everyday user. Important for me is colour accuracy and it is fast enough not to annoy me 😂
TheMaster_5209 Aylar önce
Great video! I was expecting to see some $5000 Macs to compare the quality of the trackpad and such. The Coda laptop was actually surprisingly good, definitely will consider buying 😅
Godfrey. Aylar önce
Lol a Mac can't be compared with gaming laptops 🤣 it's unfair, a Mac is designed for work not gaming software engineering.
Chamara Perera
Chamara Perera Aylar önce
I would like to buy it .what im going to do
Tatoman Aylar önce
Please make more videos like this with smart watches and headphones and stuff. I remember your old 7 dollar vs 7000 dollar phone video and I’ve watched that so many times. This format of video is so rewatchable please make more
Heexy Promo
Heexy Promo Aylar önce
Me watching this knowing i cant even afford the 70$ one 😂
FuzionGT Aylar önce
I use the MSI GF76 11SC daily and bro it is a really good laptop. Its good for work gaming and it still has really good performance if you're on the silent mode (fans are quiet). Good laptop overall
KJ GAMING Aylar önce
i feel sad to say i didnt see a 2000- 3000 dollar range but as always it is fun to see
LegoWormNoah101 Aylar önce
Now do the oldest laptops vs. the newest laptops. I would be particularly excited with how you react to a proper ThinkPad keyboard.
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma Aylar önce
The phone that I'm commenting with is the first phone I've ever owned. I've never had a laptop in my life. I'm not a technical gizmo. Yet I find myself watching Arun's videos every now and then.
Ghaith Mbarki
Ghaith Mbarki Aylar önce
I think you should've gotten the legion 5 or 7 to represent the "mid" tear as it is the best around that price point in my opinion
kokopellione Aylar önce
9:29 I was running a 24.5-inch monitor for a few years but then decided to get a second monitor, a 27-inch. It doesn't sound like a huge difference, but it really is.
Antonio Avelino
Antonio Avelino Aylar önce
How are you popping up these videos so fast with such great quality
Adeeb Hasan
Adeeb Hasan Aylar önce
Have you heard of I-Life digital? It is a laptop brand that had the same structure of the Coda laptop and sells laptops with touchscreen or with processors like core i7, i5 for VERY CHEAP prices. I would be happy if you reviewed this brand. Your channel is still the best!
nebulax Aylar önce
this dude just posts better videos than the last, huge respect
Ari Aylar önce
Man, I have never been this excited on a TRvid video. Your creativity is on a whole other level rn! Everything was perfect 👏
iRyft Aylar önce
Anyone else wonder how he got more MB p/s on his 1200 dollar laptop than I get on my 3500 dollar pc? 😂
Breadn 15 gün önce
I'm surprised that laptops can be that powerful at such a low price. I remember 4-5 years ago, even $400 laptops would struggle to run Windows.
Aramis Nicola
Aramis Nicola Aylar önce
If you use the hp laptop with the b&O speaker range they have extremley good speaker systems
Welcome to another episode of "Can't afford but, still watching" 😂
Daniyal Shah
Daniyal Shah Aylar önce
Love your videos! been watching them for over a year now but I gotta say in this one, I wish you went into more detail about the hardware and specs of all laptops and possibly compare them side by side ( eg 70$ processor vs 7000$ processor specs) like you usually do incase of phones!! would have been much better!! regardless keep up the good work
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