World’s Smallest Nerf Gun Shoots an Ant 

Mark Rober
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Creating the World’s smallest Nerf gun 5 times in a row. Reserve your CrunchLabs Build Box for the holidays here- crunchlabs.com
I started a company called CrunchLabs, where we build a toy together, and then I teach you all the juicy physics for how it works. So if you want to learn to think like an engineer and have a really fun time doing it, check out the current promotion where you get 2 FREE boxes at crunchlabs.com
Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:
A Shell in the Pit - ashellinthepit.bandcamp.com/
Ponder - @pondermusic
Laura Shigihara - @supershigi
Andrew Applepie - / andrewapplepie
Blue Wednesday - / bluewednesday
Special thanks to my friends at BYU - Larry Howell, Brian Jensen, Spencer Magleby, Terri Bateman, Felipe Rivera, Jacob Sheffield, Grant Ogilvie, Bridget Kember, Bethany Parkinson, Aliya Bascom, James Wade, Hunter Pruett, Jared Hunter, Luke Gardner, Ivyann Running, Michael Linder, Brooklyn Peters, Jared Erickson, Austin Martel, Kyle Dahl, Julie Walker, Adam Sanders, Matt Michell and Barret Schoenrock.
Download files for compliant mechanisms that you can 3D print (including a compliant mechanism blaster): compliantmechanisms.byu.edu/m...
To learn more about the BYU Compliant Mechanisms Research Group (CMR), see compliantmechanisms.byu.edu/
Also, thanks to the very talented group of researchers from the Salk Institute, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco: Lauren P. Takiguchi, Jocelyn G. Olvera, Amanda L. Wacker, Ryan J. Fantasia, Boyu Liu, and Pallav Kosuri, Wade Shipley of UC San Diego, and Konlin Shen, Roopal Rawani, Amy Cao, Mike Jeffs, and Victoria Johnson.
To read more about DNA Origami NanoNERF Blasters, please visit kosurilab.com/docs/Takiguchi-...
To learn more about Pallav Kosuri’s research and to support him in making DNA machines that improve human health, please visit www.salk.edu/kosuri. To support his work, click on the ‘give’ button and note ‘Kosuri Lab’ in the comments.
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Promotion starts on 1/1/2023 & ends on 12/31/23, subject to monthly entry deadlines. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18+. 1 prize per month: each month is its own separate promotion. For the first 2-3 months, winner may be notified via phone call instead of winning game piece. If a monthly prize is unclaimed/forfeited, it will be awarded via 2nd chance drawing. See Official Rules at crunchlabs.com/sweepstakes for full details on eligibility requirements, how to enter, free method of entry, prize claim procedure, prize description and limitations. Void where prohibited.

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29 Eyl 2023




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@MarkRober 2 aylar önce
Your move MrBeast. Get your CrunchLabs Build Box for the holidays!! crunchlabs.com
@Buzz0s 2 aylar önce
@koekjemetmelk481 2 aylar önce
@TheGrillSergeant 2 aylar önce
@rockyinspace492 2 aylar önce
wait its been a minute hi mark
@shrekboy2324 2 aylar önce
make the nerf gun atom size you wont
@gason1000 2 aylar önce
it's amazing how Mark uses the nerf gun to hook u into watching and then secretly makes u learn all about scientists who actually deserve the exposure ❤
@pallavkosuri5606 2 aylar önce
my students deserve a lot of credit! Lauren, Amanda, Jocelyn, Ryan and Barry were all amazing and helped make this happen! Mark was super down to earth and spent a lot of time talking to all of them - it was really a collaborative effort and so much fun to work together on this project!
@Westwoodshadowgaming 2 aylar önce
@@pallavkosuri5606 y'all's micro nerf guns were so cool! Absolutely blows my mind how y'all figured out how to make structures with DNA.
@QUBIQUBED 2 aylar önce
@@pallavkosuri5606 So is the plan to inject DNA bullets into cells using DNA structures? I love how passionate you are about your work, you have become a great inspiration for me. I can't believe things like this exist, people like you change the world. Thank you for what you do 👍
@EileenTheCr0w Aylar önce
Mark slowly becoming the Willy Wonka of engineering. Just incredible and inspiring on so many levels.
@Studeb Aylar önce
He is most likely doing more to get people into engineering than any other person who ever lived. Amazing work.
@bangga2801 Aylar önce
@@Studeb .
@bangga2801 Aylar önce
@@Studeb .
@bangga2801 Aylar önce
@@Studeb .
@bangga2801 Aylar önce
@@Studeb .
This is genuinely one of the best videos I've seen in a long time, just incredible what people can achieve. And the Nerf guns were cool and all.. but the atomic force microscope was the craziest thing I've ever seen. The fact that humans have gone from banging rocks together in a cave to using machines to measure the distance of one atom, is mind-boggling.
Humans never collectively sat around in caves banging rocks together. We started as farmers with tools. The first metalworker was one of Adam's sons. First textile manufacturer was one of Adam's sons. On and on. Pretty arrogant to think we can do all this on our own.
@Bleshcheev Aylar önce
@@TehButterflyEffect Of course you have proof of your words, don't you?
@decagamingshorts Aylar önce
@@TehButterflyEffect somebody has never seen cave markings x.x HOWEVER, "cavemen" did not exist with the dinosaurs.
@decagamingshorts Aylar önce
@@TehButterflyEffect LOL I just realized ur comment says people just had these skills and tools and that's where it began XD bro definitely trolling, please go back to school if you aren't.
@vectoralphaAI Aylar önce
Imagine growing up in the 70's, 80's, 90's when all the nerds and geeks were being bullied and ridiculed and called losers for being nerds and geeks. Yet they are the only people changing the world and showing what humanity is really capable of. If only the nerds and geeks of the world are looked up to as the amazing people they are.
@WillyOrca 13 gün önce
Every single time they made it smaller I was like "well this is it they can't possibly get any smaller than that." and by the end I was just totally in awe.
@katiebutler6624 Aylar önce
I love how Mark always makes sure to go back and include his favorite mentors and teachers into his videos ❤
@BeccaHetrick 15 gün önce
Because he knows they made him who he is. If it wasn't for those people, he wouldn't be famous.
@CIubDuck Aylar önce
Having actual students working on this problem is so cool. You could've gone to the top scientists or physicists with this problem, but no, you went to the school and got the students to use their head and work out a solution for this. I really respect that.
@WaterjetChannel 2 aylar önce
This was like those 3D rendering videos that show scale of how big/small things are but it was 3D printing. This technology is mind boggling. Also I live in Provo lol
@ikocheratcr 2 aylar önce
Just imagine a water jet cut one :)
@somebody3271 2 aylar önce
If only the DNA gun would work lol
@davidandrews5262 2 aylar önce
​@somebody3271 what are they really doing at that lab with DNA? Lol probably medicine. But the anime nerd in me imagines they are creating new lifeforms lol
@Iuckycigarette 2 aylar önce
You gotta make a video of a waterjet cut one
@ThisGuyDannyyy 2 aylar önce
@JacobL228 Aylar önce
This guy is awesome. I'm so jealous of his intelligence. It's also always a pleasure to listen to the world's foremost expert in something explaining his field of expertise with such enthusiasm. However, I will say that at some point, Mark forgot what qualifies as a NERF gun; it has to be able to fire a dart.
@Scribbby Aylar önce
1:40 I absolutely love the edit/cinematography here. It's so seamless!
@Ethanlouisc 25 gün önce
from the beatles isnt it
@richardviana3302 Aylar önce
Deu até vontade de me formar em outra engenharia depois desse vídeo, muito bom!!
@__MARKR__ 2 gün önce
Keep making these vids! Very entertaining, and well told.
@ismaelcarvalho4449 12 saatler önce
Mano, esse canal é muito bom! parabéns
@mleavitt787 2 aylar önce
There are now more of the world’s smallest nerf guns in existence than there will ever be just regular nerf guns.
@RaethFennec 2 aylar önce
Oh no. That's a great point!
@phasmos153 2 aylar önce
@logananderson9834 2 aylar önce
Does that turn all the small ones regular size and the new ones now ‘giant’ size???
@tyjl3515 2 aylar önce
@logananderson9834 I suppose technically, since the small ones are now closer to the average size of all nerf guns they would be considered normal.
@MarkRober 2 aylar önce
@BQwain Aylar önce
I wish their were a LOVE button rather than simply a like. Mr. Rober, your abilities to inspire, guide, educate, and enlighten on every level is superb and something which I am so very proud and glad to be able to experience. Kudos to you Sir, and Thank You ever so much.
@annakalkman552 4 gün önce
I would LOVE if Mark created a second channel aimed at engineers themselves- I appreciate the explanations that everyone can understand, but so many of these videos bring me so many questions that are more in-depth that I would love to hear him explain more
@chocoman3233 Aylar önce
You are an incredible human being. I appreciate the work that you do so much. Also the end of the video was actually so inspirational.
@fumoGiuliani 15 gün önce
Mark Rober, purposely or not ,gives fun info about his young audience yet detailed proper information for his adult audience too, a true inspiration for everyone to learn
@dylpickel561 2 aylar önce
I love how mark’s just like “this is so small, light cant even reflect off of it”. Just so casually as well.
@Jonny-wv2fc 2 aylar önce
lol fr
@panda_314 2 aylar önce
That's what she said
@jarrettshoup2709 2 aylar önce
Technically only visible light can't reflect off it I believe.
@JWQweqOPDH 2 aylar önce
It's not that visible light can't reflect off the object, it's that it won't carry the density of information we're looking for. The whole object would look like a single blur with no detail.
@isaacbowen7623 Aylar önce
Wow, I can't believe you guys were able to achieve that. Nice work!
@user-ie8ls3rk9f 12 gün önce
ふおー、まじいい動画じゃん。 最初から最後までナーフガンたっぷりで勉強になるし、 好きを極めるとこうなるのかーと羨ましくなった。
@divergente00 Aylar önce
Qué locura, sin duda este canal de TRvid es de los mejores que he encontrado, es absolutamente sorprende.
@carl0man Aylar önce
Hey Mark, since your final nerf gun was 100nm across, and current transistors can be as small as 3nm with photolithography, I feel like there is room for improvement. While I think the costs might outweigh the results, I'd be very curious to see the them. P.S. Shouldn't it be possible to print the actual design at a 3nm scale? Even if you can't fire it, the properties should still apply, shouldn't they? Looking forward to a response. Greetings from Germany.
@genegray9895 11 gün önce
"3 nm" is just a marketing thing. It doesn't correspond to the actual size of the transistors, which are on the order of 100 nm
@woodacademy1655 Aylar önce
I love all the cool and crazy engineering things you do 😃💗
@Melone10001 2 aylar önce
Im a physicist in Nanofabrication. This is impressive on another level. You made a video that children can watch that has more science inside than most lecture courses at university
@schlafenKind 2 aylar önce
@brentroundtree8310 2 aylar önce
Great comment from the Nanophysicist guy! Exactly what I wish I could have said. And done so credibly and concisely. This video seemed a whole new level for Mr. Rober. It was technical enough that it allowed me to finally realize Mark Rober is currently one of the nearest this era can offer to Richard Feynman or Steven Hawking or the like. Or at least working at or near their level in his field of mechanical engineering.
@hamza-chaudhry 2 aylar önce
Seriously more than a university lecture course?
@kaleinyo 2 aylar önce
​@@hamza-chaudhry University courses goes wide, not deep. Unless it's a course specifically designed around this subject/thematic, you don't get too much details about the content. For instance, I don't think you see how carbon nanotube are created (9:40) . Or how you can build stuff with DNA (not from DNA)
@isaacwatanabe9599 Aylar önce
I love this channel. He teaches us about engineering while giving us the tools to make our own cool stuff
@acirillo59 Aylar önce
Riddle me how this video has so little likes?! All these people are so inspiring and make engineering so exciting.
@dangodavid 14 gün önce
People can achieve amazing things when working together! Love this video
@mayario 9 gün önce
loved hearing more about engineering concepts and your education!
@codynovick5701 18 gün önce
Mark casually introducing the DNA origami artists to compliant mechanisms is going to lead to some of the most interesting science in the near future. Thanks Mark, for making cutting edge science fun
@MemeGod201 2 aylar önce
Mark is the guy that will literally remake all of his childhood toys into something insane.
@thewhyguy069 2 aylar önce
@carrotnonumbershere 2 aylar önce
lol true
@user-ff7mw2eq1d 2 aylar önce
ur dum
@sameerislam1328 2 aylar önce
I love it
@oliverclarke5446 2 aylar önce
mark be like " I enjoyed this a while ago, time to make it ridiculous"
This was honestly shockingly incredible!!!
@diarrhea6344 14 gün önce
The only issue with the compliance mechanism is the magazine. You would have to make the bullets balls and a vertical magazine on top so that the other balls just fall in after the first.
@COYOTE_N8 Aylar önce
That is amazing. Love how you teach and make it actually fun to learn. Something I feel has dramatically decreased in our education system.
@plantnt489 13 gün önce
Mark is so amazing for making this videos, this is what scientific divulgation is all about
@CincyKid1990 2 aylar önce
Mark Rober is a storytelling genius. His ability to trick my kids into loving science, math and engineering is nothing short of a miracle.
@2OP4Scrubz 2 aylar önce
Bruh he makes me love that, and Im 26 LMAO. Its so interesting!
@SSGoatanks 2 aylar önce
We need new generations of scientists, math geniuses, and engineers; otherwise AI will just control everything!
@steeveedeee 2 aylar önce
And salesman.. cough cough crunch labs
@joeychristensen1113 2 aylar önce
Jokes on him. I was already interested before the channel started.
@johnikemefuna122 2 aylar önce
Surprised!!! Kind of shock,you mentioned sir Nicholas. He has proved beyond all doubt that it's worth generating wealth from NFT,crypto investment, with the new ecosystem I've been earning greatly on weekly basis just made withdrawal of $60k last week.
@Vibe-Blender Aylar önce
Mark, I am proud of you. Just a great person. I love engineering too.
Casi lloro de lo hermoso que fue ver como crearon pistolas con patrones de ADN. This is amazing!!!!
@Fianacraft 10 gün önce
Mark Rober is truly one of the best youtubers ever. Unlike others channels, it's not only 95% entertainment and 5% of more knowledge, he's the perfect definition of 50% entertainment and 50% knowledge. I never thought watching smt so complicated would be so funny
@fersalazar8231 Aylar önce
It's amazing Mark you always brighten my day , thanks bro
@ryandavis4247 20 gün önce
Awesome video this why I believe in science and engineering This was amazing to see what we can achieve !
@MawaMaverick 2 aylar önce
This guy pulls off something that is clearly extremely difficult to achieve and compresses it in a 20 minute video coupled with happy music. Well done.
@EEEEEEEE 2 aylar önce
E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
@just1m1s 2 aylar önce
It's so amazing that they even make something like this
@aaroncampbell331 2 aylar önce
His videos take months and months, some even years, and every time they’re worth it
@user-fm6jw2md3h 2 aylar önce
No he didn't.. prove it
@user-zo5gv4wt9i Aylar önce
Thanks Mark. You're my incentive. I am your subscriber from Russia.I've been watching you for about 2 years. I also want to become an inventor. And that's why I go to a robotics club where we learn to program in Python. My dream is to meet with you and discuss various engineering things. I have been learning English for several years to fly to America. Fortunately, my aunt lives there. And it won't be that hard. I hope I can get into Crunch Labs to learn something new. I hope you'll notice. And i want to practice english.
@ximena7726 Aylar önce
So happy for the colab between you and Fede vigevani you two are one of my favorite TRvidrs. I can’t imagine what you guys are doing fun and craziness plus science,technology and engineering, it will probably be an awesome colab
@thecalmnation 16 gün önce
I am always inspired to let the nerd in me shine whenever I watch your videos. I hope I finally get to settle and choose a career path. I want to make an impact but I feel there's so much to do and that in turn makes me unable to decide what to do. Anyways, I hope I figure it out. Great video!!!!
@MilesFlavel Aylar önce
What I love most here is how each scale required an entirely different technology to manufacture
@bigwolf380 3 gün önce
Mark totally hind a new break in tool at the university there 😂 him closing it "after" the fact was a dead giveaway lol. Whoever has that room this semester better be checking
@sheepstervr 2 aylar önce
Mark is the definition of quality over quantity
@nmwas 2 aylar önce
Hindu fascism is definition of quantity and mass hoarding over quality or rational logic
@Asher50 2 aylar önce
​@@nmwas Bro HUMBLED him
@OQ0_2random 2 aylar önce
so true
@nmwas 2 aylar önce
@@Asher50 who humbled me and i didnt humble anyone. i'm just sharing my thought what i think this comment relates to
@authorinthedark 2 aylar önce
I dunno, he just made 3 trillion nerf guns that don't even work, definitely feels like quantity over quality to me
@leandrobauza8105 Aylar önce
Que felicidad poder ver tus videos en español y desde tu canal original 🥰 Ya me estaba poniendo triste cuando leí que renunciaba al otro canal 😅
@jessicajohnson994 Aylar önce
Fact that my engineering teacher 3-D printed one of these shows how impacted these are. He even gave us a few lessons on this.
@JS-wh2ob 6 gün önce
Have you thought about going smaller and using a process known as chemical vapor deposition to create the nerf gun? You might not have as much control using this process though.
@BazilRat Aylar önce
I find it lovely that it seems like a silly, fun project has given the team ideas for more serious science. THIS IS WHY FUN IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE!
@johnevans6883 12 gün önce
Very useful during a nerf war mark. Well done ❤
@YangMuliaCista 2 aylar önce
you are suppperrrr amazinggg Mark!!! love all your video ❤️ Love from Indonesian Creator 🥰
@MartinAccel 2 aylar önce
@UltimateAc 2 aylar önce
@MartinAccel 2 aylar önce
@@UltimateAc yes
@dino.dino. 2 aylar önce
@budisutrisno876 2 aylar önce
@@UltimateAc yes
@srijanyadav4209 Aylar önce
this guy never fails to impress me!!❤
@illusivec Aylar önce
I was expecting a MEMs device but folder DNA is definitely even more impressive
@c0athanger 12 gün önce
This is so ridiculous 🤣 but extremely enjoyable to watch
It is amazing that he will go so far to do the things he does
@glennkrieger 10 gün önce
Wasn't it just a couple of years ago that Mark was building the largest elephant toothpaste container? This is light years ahead of that.
@TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
Love more detail on how the DNA was self building.
@pallavkosuri5606 2 aylar önce
what do you want to know?
@zincerish 2 aylar önce
​@@pallavkosuri5606he replied!! You're a rockstar Pallav!!
@nancywake1051 2 aylar önce
Probably build a couple strands then amplified each component via PCR - polymerase chain reaction, which uses a special DNA building molecule "taq polymerase" from a very heat resistant organism. Could be wrong though.
@evitynaga9347 2 aylar önce
@jumpgang9551 Aylar önce
Teaching me more than school ever did, as always.
@SpitfireSteve Aylar önce
I love that he always uses the maverick as the base design, it's honestly my favorite nerf pistol.
@miime29 14 gün önce
Biotechnology, my favorite engineering field ! 😍 For once I could completely understand a part of the video !
@pi286 Aylar önce
This is crazy and all... But imagine the guy who created the first motherboard without this technology.. Mind blowing.
@MrNopes-xy5vn Aylar önce
Thank you for the due diligence of you and your crew!
These one piece flex mechanisms are amazing , props to the proffessor
@TheoHiggins 2 aylar önce
In amongst all this incredible science and learning tools I'm beyond glad that Mark still uses Plants Vs. Zombies music lol
It’s epic music
@sterthebird1593 2 aylar önce
bro I was about to say that exact same thing XD
@snoopy1915 2 aylar önce
@konrad7592 2 aylar önce
what part?
@nullref0 Aylar önce
Amazing. I wonder if there wasn't a way to make that silicon gun fire with magnets. You're already printing on the same thing used to make microchips, maybe a cocking mechanism made with tiny magnetic fields? If it's too small for any sort of mechanical action, maybe you can move some particles around like a railgun? lol
@JaredGuynes Aylar önce
I actually hold the Guinness World Record for the LARGEST Nerf Battle. This is a fact. In this video, I saw the worlds SMALLEST Nerf Battle, lol, which is even more impressive! Thanks for the great content Mark!!! Well done!
@AVASdesertRACER 3 gün önce
i LOVED the detail of HOW a nerf gun works in the beginning. Mark Rober is the best TRvidr out there, making science fun for kids, adults, dads, moms, everyone.
@TonyAwesomePants Aylar önce
I can't wait to hear about how this lead to a scientific anti-disease breakthrough. This is crazy, I love it.
@maheshmulik2399 15 gün önce
Videos like this make me proud of being an engineer
@poluefemus 2 aylar önce
you know you’re screwed when you’re fighting against a guy with not only the biggest nerf gun, but also the smallest nerf gun
@supersonic5024 2 aylar önce
Nah you know youre screwed when he knows a guy that can build nerf guns with dna 😂
@poluefemus 2 aylar önce
@@supersonic5024 you know you’re screwed when the guy can build over a trillion nerf guns out of you
@Lazy-Lizard 2 aylar önce
​@@poluefemusa trillion nerf guns out of a single drop of your blood*
@Calkimchi 2 aylar önce
Cellular warfare
@bejcad Aylar önce
all the best. what a great video. Thinking a little about how the Nerf gun was formed. It occurs to me that in this way it is possible to create a processor with that technique, which would help create a processor. not flat like always.. now you can use all the 3d space and make spherical processors with two hemispheres
@emmettsauer-sq7uf Aylar önce
Mark is like actually 1 out of 2 people that can teach Me science in a fun way
@t1geres544 Aylar önce
That is so crazy! My school has the exact same PCR/Thermal Cylcers. The rest of the video was also amazing, but this just shows how large Biorad is
@t1geres544 Aylar önce
wow their electrophoresis chambers are the same too, wish he had gone more in depth on how they work, because it is a crazy process
@jonnyrothfusz6466 Aylar önce
This is legitimately the coolest thing I've ever seen!
Living science LEGEND. I love this guy!
@TaiwanisMoving 2 aylar önce
I think this is probably his best video yet. Every time I was amazed, he went even further. Each step was beyond what I thought was possible. That's a rare feeling to get as an adult, and it makes you feel young again. Thanks Mark
@necessaryduk360 2 aylar önce
Mark liked ur comment
I know, he made it so small.
@logananderson9834 2 aylar önce
I completely agree!! I am passionate about learning and science so I tend to try and keep up on what ever is happening but there are industries where I don’t even know where to start! I was learning more about Crispr the other day and this was so fun to come across! Who knew you could form DNA into actual shapes! And I loved learning about the tiny useful machines! It was astonishing to me that he covered so much information in such little time all while making it impossibly easy to understand.
@rencarnation Aylar önce
Watching this was just a constant state of being mindblown by the creativity and power of scientists
@breewilliams9387 Aylar önce
mark you should make a crunch labs advent calendar with little things kids can build everyday! would be pretty fun
@SpectrumSwordtails 6 gün önce
Mark Rober ladies and gents. He not only got the record for the worlds smallest Nerf Gun, he may have also given some dna engineers some new ideas. Love it.
@CashFishing. Aylar önce
I Wonder what would happen if mark made the worlds strongest catapult for launching water melons?
@zondyluk 21 gün önce
As a doctor, this is one of the most hopeful videos I have watched in a long time!
@ct5625 2 aylar önce
This might be one of the best explanations of DNA manipulation I have ever seen. Well done just for that. Using the Nerf project as a vehicle to explain such complex science in a way that people can understand is extremely clever. Gives me hope for the future knowing there are absolute geniuses like Pallav and all his colleagues out there doing this kind of work.
@DiegoG2004 Aylar önce
Under the veil of making incredibly tiny nerf guns came one part mechanism that bend in ways they really should not be able to, Mark reviving his lockpicker days in school and making DNA itself a building material. Wow.
This is absolutely incredible.
@mrdobalina3451 15 gün önce
Now I’m waiting for the full size nurf guns to be completely redesigned using the compliant mechanism version 😮
@SrPensigante Aylar önce
Hola Mark, soy un simple niño de 10 años pero yo de mayor quiero ser como tú porque tus inventos me han inspirado para ser ingeniero por los conocimientos que tengo gracias a tus inventos maravillosos gracias, quédate con mi nombre que gracias a ti conseguiré un futuro mejor para la humanidad.
@HowsDaJello Aylar önce
Que dios te bendiga
@SrPensigante Aylar önce
@@HowsDaJello gracias
@whateay8894 Aylar önce
Pursue your dreams niño 💫
@wayneerichsen 14 gün önce
At those small sizes its a spec in the shape of a nerf fun, not a nerf gun. Awesome video as usual 👌.
@YouTube 2 aylar önce
wow heading back to your alma mater for this video must have been such a wholesome feeling 🥲 you've come so far!
@Colonel__Mustard 2 aylar önce
Could you fix the language settings on this video? I know you're the media person, but I can't get it to be in english while casting in on my TV. It's not a user problem, trust me. Also, any way to force the app to play video in their ORIGINAL language?
@Pear341 2 aylar önce
youtube do you realize that if someone post a coment and like their own comment and reply the coment 3 times the comment will be tecnicaly more important than your comment?
@Pear341 2 aylar önce
Welp not anymore
@empanadas2887 2 aylar önce
hi yt 👾
@Iveraxi 2 aylar önce
what youtube
@gabrielteles123 Aylar önce
Esse vídeo foi uma mistura de "o que car4lhos eu tô vendo?" com o final "meu Deus alguém seca meu olho". É incrível a capacidade humana, não fazia ideia da possibilidade de muitas coisas ai. Parabéns por esse vídeo. Que todo retorno dele valha a pena! Me fez refletir ao conhecer esse cientista e me emocionar com como parte da humanidade ainda pode ser boa. Por mais pessoas assim!
@FuturoTech Aylar önce
primer video que acabo de ver, y tiene un excelente canal, saludos mark me encanta lo que haces.
@maxsoal3455 22 gün önce
I wish to be like you, a talented engineer and innovator of strange things, such as the smallest toy weapon in the world or the smallest car in the world.
@S.E.C-R 7 gün önce
How do you continue to keep blowing my mind even more than the last time?! 🤯🤯🤯
@acceber1012 Aylar önce
really sparked up my interest in science again, haven't listened / watched something with such interest since my college / highschool chemistry classes. Science really is super factinating, I'm glad this video reminded me of that :))
@iikpsyt4619 2 aylar önce
It’s crazy how a project like this could potentially change medicine in the future. I’m so excited to see what this DNA technology could bring.
@pallavkosuri5606 2 aylar önce
We’re working on it!
He hearted your comment
@Bubblewrap_9_Gaming 2 aylar önce
Here before it blows up
@huiberthubertusi2561 2 aylar önce
Phenomenal content 👌thank you!
@eryu8263 Aylar önce
This is a really cool channel. I have to share this with my nephews. Thanks!
@18MCJ09 Aylar önce
I never comment on videos but this is one of the best I've seen on TRvid for a long time. It reminded my why I fell in love with science and took an Interdisciplinary Science Degree.
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