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While most boots are meant to be thrown away after a few months, Nicks are built to last. When your boots start to need some servicing, you can send them in to have them resoled or completely rebuilt! Nicks Handmade Boots are serviceable and last years longer than a mass-produced boot. Since 1964, Nicks has been making the highest quality boots on the market, right here in Spokane Washington. If you're tired of your old work boots wearing out, upgrade to Nicks and enjoy the most comfortable boots on the market.

How to Clean Your Boots: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaEcp...

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29 Ağu 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Daniel Riffe
Daniel Riffe 3 aylar önce
My cobbler would chase me out with a hammer if I brought my boots in that filthy
Cesar Antonio Moreno Sánchez
Una restauración perfecta(mejor que nuevo)
ahmadi eddoukkali
ahmadi eddoukkali 6 gün önce
Bjorn Egan
Bjorn Egan 10 gün önce
regardless of the intention behind the boots being left so dirty, the worse it is, the more views it will get cause people are 'interesting'. the content creator for Nicks did a great job getting in on the trend.
Axe Man
Axe Man 17 gün önce
@Brook Eggleston I wish i had a pair in my days would have cut down on shocks.
Brook Eggleston
Brook Eggleston 19 gün önce
@Axe Man They do make specialized, nonconductive boots these days, but I don't think they were available in our day and age!
_Lycostehwulf_ 2 saatler önce
Really considering buying some nicks after a cheap pair of off the shelf boots left me embarrassed sliding all over the concrete floors at my warehouse job the other day. Really looking for a quality work boot that will last me as long as I need them to, but I don't really know where to get started as far as getting my sizes and stuff.
Nicks Handmade Boots
Nicks Handmade Boots Saatler önce
Reach out to our customer service through the contact us section on our website, and they will walk you all the way through getting sized online, and get you a perfect fitting pair of boots!
Puzzle Magnet
Puzzle Magnet 6 saatler önce
seems more expensive to fix them than to buy new ones, you pretty match replace almost everything, amazing work by the way
somraj Subba
somraj Subba 10 saatler önce
How did you manage those dirty boots . Those boots must have been used in the barn and never seen polish before . Perfect workmanship 👌👌
Linda Lakota
Linda Lakota 18 saatler önce
Make sense the upper is hell to break in of corse you almost might as well just get new boots but we wouldent have a video
Loye Antley Jr.
Loye Antley Jr. 18 saatler önce
Bernard Lopez
Bernard Lopez 19 saatler önce
Cual tienda venden suelas para zapatos.
Charlton Kekston
Charlton Kekston 20 saatler önce
Every time I watch videos like this it reminds me of watching Mr. Rogers as a kid, all we're missing is the corny 70s background music lol
alfredo ordonez
alfredo ordonez 21 saatler önce
¡ No te pases pue chocherita, compra en la cachina tabas nuevas.
Murray Bowman
Murray Bowman 23 saatler önce
You'd just buy a new pair of boots
Товарищ Сухов
Фирма веники не вяжет, фирма вам их продаёт
Товарищ Сухов
@Nicks Handmade Boots если так то моё почтение. Качественные боты делаете, на любителя.
Nicks Handmade Boots
Nicks Handmade Boots 6 saatler önce
Мы и вяжем и продаем наши веники)
Nicks Handmade Boots
Nicks Handmade Boots 6 saatler önce
В Смысле?
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Gün önce
Que jamás se olvide esas manos tan prodigiosas y la artesanía tan maravillosa
You literally gutted the whole boots n retain only the sleeve part.. 😅😅😅 I tot mayb you retain 50-70% of the shoes, apparently not.. This is more like recycling old shoes, i wud hv just bought a new ones..
Francis Mallard
Francis Mallard Gün önce
I love how that press so effortlessly goes *boop* and exerts several tons of force.
AMR Phone
AMR Phone 8 saatler önce
love from morrocco 🇲🇦
Mary Jane Cornielle
You rebuild it completely, awesome!
Nader Humood
Nader Humood 2 gün önce
High tech.... high quality. High control....Great vedio...Thank you very much indeed.
Haddi Pehelvan
Haddi Pehelvan 2 gün önce
Will like to place order for shoes please share cobblers number
Felipe Martins
Felipe Martins 2 gün önce
Era melhor ter jogado fora e comprado outra. 😒
Sean Le
Sean Le 2 gün önce
👍It's a wonderful job ! I used to work for a shoes company, but we've most worked as handmade new shoes and with very old machines from 1930's or 1940's. The clip made me remember the time when I've still worked as a shoemaker in the shoe company of Bata. Sean from Vietnam ✔
AMR Phone
AMR Phone 8 saatler önce
love from morrocco 🇲🇦
Josef Radetzky
Josef Radetzky 2 gün önce
less than 50% of the original boot remains in the finished work. Wouldn't it make more sense to just buy a new pair of boots?
Adan Castaneda
Adan Castaneda 2 gün önce
Waste of money, Chinese boots are any expensive
Andy P
Andy P 2 gün önce
Wow. What a remarkable skill.
l l
l l 2 gün önce
These boots are perfect to wear to the gay rights meeting behind the granola bars in Trader Joes in aisle 10.
Candor Mac
Candor Mac 3 gün önce
Why not just buy a new pair of boots at this point?
man of love
man of love 3 gün önce
Ayakkabı türkiyede yapılır
Pedro Briceño Carpio
It is easier and faster to buy a new pair.
Marcfx 3 gün önce
Now that’s quality boot repair. My grandfather was a cobbler and things have changed so much. I never knew you use screws for the sole…great video, great workmanship too
AMR Phone
AMR Phone 8 saatler önce
love from morrocco 🇲🇦
Scrotum Monster
Scrotum Monster 3 gün önce
What is the point exactly of having your boots redone? I could only imagine the price of getting boots redone. I've been in the construction field for many decades and it must be much cheaper to just replace your boots every year.
بآش '
بآش ' 3 gün önce
For this masterful and creative work, you deserve to like and subscribe to your channel.. a new follower from Iraq 🇮🇶 ❤️
Tabyldy Yeleussizov
Tabyldy Yeleussizov 3 gün önce
👍👍👍💪💪😇😇😇... Супер.. Мощно... Божественно.. Успехов..
Tabyldy Yeleussizov
Tabyldy Yeleussizov 3 gün önce
Vaal River
Vaal River 3 gün önce
why not just buy new? cheep from china
Jannywanny 3 gün önce
Why didn’t he just buy a new pair??
Dan Riendeau
Dan Riendeau 4 gün önce
What an interesting skill. Love it
Rik Akkerman
Rik Akkerman 4 gün önce
So basicly only kept the upper part and renewed everything else
flirtingdisaster 4 gün önce
First time I saw a repair without cutting the threads before removing the sole. Most shoemaker even try to match the holes when rethreading so the leather does not get messed up. Hmm. Nice job!
DİNO BAGGİO 4 gün önce
очень красивая работа , очень. скорее всего переделка чем реставрация . а за работу 5++++. только куда эти гвозди и шурупы ушли ? и наверно прибавилось в весе ботинок ? ! . но всё же - браво мастерам .
Алмаз Ташенов
Асы своего дела 👍
Stephanie Bailey
Stephanie Bailey 4 gün önce
Wow! Skill.🙂👍
Stephanie Bailey
Stephanie Bailey 4 gün önce
These old shoe videos are really relaxing to watch. So glad there is no music, til the end, that is.🙂👍
Cindy Willette
Cindy Willette 5 gün önce
How much do you charge for a steal nose work boots
Sonic Hedgehog
Sonic Hedgehog 5 gün önce
You are a talented man Nick.
roberto palmigiani
roberto palmigiani 5 gün önce
Bravissimi. Eccellente lavoro. Il mio nonno era del mestiere, si compiacesse per la fattura eseguita! 10 e lode
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn 5 gün önce
Surely it costs less to build a boot than to take one apart and build it again?
paul durrah
paul durrah 5 gün önce
do you sell rebuilt boots?
Pete D
Pete D 6 gün önce
I decided to try a higher end boot and got the custom Builder Pro. Ordered the boot in January of 2021 and received the final product in May 2021. By the time all was said and done I spent just under $600 on this pair of boots. Its been six months of use and I would say they do the job that they are supposed to do, no more, no less. The vibram is wearing at a normal rate and I expect to replace the sole by the end of next year. Thats about an average life span for soles on my boots. I have the roughcut leather on the lowers and its holding up okay. I did manage to burn out the inside right heel on my motorcycles exhaust (these are the only boots/shoes that has happened on) but that is my fault rather than the boots. They have held up to glue and cleaner spills and drips but heating season is starting and the punishment of heating fuel being spilled on them is really about to start. Also, the pair that I have are not insulated and they get cold fast. I think that this winter will really determine wether they are worth the money or not.
Роман Харьков
В чем прикол был оставить старое голенище? Вот бы попробовали те сапожники затянуть пару,когда хозяева экономят на товаре,и на колодку натягивается только 1см заготовки,и ещё так затянуть при этом,чтобы "зубов" не было
Lino Tissone
Lino Tissone 6 gün önce
Muy buen trabajo parece un carro armado 👍💪🏿
rajeesh.m. narayan
rajeesh.m. narayan 6 gün önce
I need a one piece
drummerplusone 6 gün önce
Живой Человек
От старых ботинок остались одни шнурки. Заебись отреставрировали🤔
Pocket Square
Pocket Square 6 gün önce
00:00 is where I would have tossed them into the trash. Very impressive, I think I'm sold on getting a pair.
Gear Box
Gear Box 7 gün önce
Vibram sole: italian made
Manuel Rivera
Manuel Rivera 7 gün önce
Como todo un zapatero le faltó meterse las puntillas a la boca.
Teixeira Paulo
Teixeira Paulo 7 gün önce
Руслан Пашаев
What’s the music at the end? Thanks
Hadi Kuraizi
Hadi Kuraizi 7 gün önce
This is a stupid restoration!!! You made new shoes and you say restoration??? That, what you have done in this video, has nothing to do with restoring of shoes!!!
Mikeelu 7 gün önce
So why wouldn’t you just buy another pair of boots seems like a lot of work and probably money for a repair.
Dewa Zala7
Dewa Zala7 8 gün önce
Iam bored
Blu Wirisi
Blu Wirisi 8 gün önce
Wow, fantastic artwork. What are incredible shoe makers! They are heavy duty artists. I'm sure in their closets at their houses are full of all perfect shoes. I'm so happy that Nick's boots can be rebuild at Nick's. The owner of that pair of boots had got them back and went to work extremely happy!
yeah..whatever 8 gün önce
Cheryl Fitch
Cheryl Fitch 8 gün önce
We need for Nick and Company to teach us how to “restore “ our republic after how the dumbocraps has messed everything up. 🔔 🇺🇸
Nick Gentry
Nick Gentry 8 gün önce
I think "Nick's" need to hook me up with a new pair lol I keep commenting on people who ask questions and give them advice lol jk Nick's!!!! But it would be nice lol
Roman Li
Roman Li 8 gün önce
When I renovated my apartment I spend less nails and screws
Ramon Tevez
Ramon Tevez 8 gün önce
un maestro en su trabajo paciencia ,dedicación,y mucha pasión . un artesano de calzados . felicitaciones
Andres Girs
Andres Girs 9 gün önce
Если так любишь свою обувь что готов на такой ремонт - почему заносил до такого состояния?
Marianne Döttl
Marianne Döttl 9 gün önce
mrsdena1 9 gün önce
Так вот как из говна пулю делают! Молодцы.Настоящие специалисты.
Sternenguckerle yo
Sternenguckerle yo 9 gün önce
what a useless work
Asian King
Asian King 9 gün önce
Зачееем зачеееем блядь это надо, таких берц мы каждый год выкладываем в мусорку и получаем новые.
Dmitry S
Dmitry S 9 gün önce
Лютый конечно колхоз...Проще было новые с нуля сделать. Это как на старый сгнивший шарик поставить новые колёса, а по результату разницы никакой, как были дрова так и остались дровами
matt mag
matt mag 9 gün önce
I drive nails into wood for a living, nailing leather looks way more satisfying!
John kiripatea
John kiripatea 9 gün önce
I don't wear boots anymore but i was always interested to see how they were made. This looks to be an age old craft expertly worked. They are so good to watch.
Pray Archer
Pray Archer 9 gün önce
Needs alittle more grease🤔
Trevor Miles
Trevor Miles 9 gün önce
My cobbler would not make me any more pies, if brought him my boots that dirty.
alain 10 gün önce
plus cher à restaurer qu'en acheter des neuves §§§
Moris Torez
Moris Torez 10 gün önce
Спасибо, очень интересно. Но... Оно этого стоило? Или ботинок имел какую -то историческую ценность?
Hamouda Wadee3
Hamouda Wadee3 10 gün önce
I'm Like this Boots
Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker 10 gün önce
Those boots look like they would outlive me, very well made, good video, awesome craftsmanship.
Deepak Thapliyal
Deepak Thapliyal 10 gün önce
If we give such shoes/boots to cobbler to repair he definitely beat with the same to us for sure 🤣🤣🤣
Cheryl Fitch
Cheryl Fitch 10 gün önce
From the way he attacked that boot, don’t think this guy is in need of anger management classes. He might be a cross trainer, teaching anger management and useful skills in shoe restoration. 👌🥴 😆🖖🏻
Nijy Islamz
Nijy Islamz 9 gün önce
You can’t necessarily Go gental
Чурка Тереков
Работа стоит дороже чем это убожество
Bəhlul Danəndə
Bəhlul Danəndə 11 gün önce
Bu adam ölünü dirildər
InternetSurferXXX 11 gün önce
If i am going to pay hundreds of dollars to "restore" my boots, when only like 35% of the original remains, I may as well save myself a hell of a lot of money and just buy a new pair.
M H 11 gün önce
Truly incredible. I don't think I've ever seen anyone replace a VAMP before. That's crazy. To me it says a lot about who Nick's is - they're a company that builds a boot so well, that even after destroying it, the owner would rather FIX IT, than buy a new pair, AND that Nick's stands behind their craftsman and their craftsmanship enough to make that repair. Love it 👍👍
AMR Phone
AMR Phone 8 saatler önce
love from morrocco 🇲🇦
David Singleton
David Singleton 11 gün önce
This sht has to cost a fortune
Андрей Вербин
В такой подошве будет много грязи застревать, и в дом заноситься
JP THE Z 12 gün önce
Who ever owns this pair must really really like them hell for the price could bought NEW ONES
Nicks Handmade Boots
We value the skills that all our workers possess, and use to create the boots. We use the highest quality, USA tanned leather, and USA Vibram in our boots. We take pride in every pair of boots that we produce, and it goes through at least 10 pairs of hands throughout the process to create a boot. $550 is more than fair for a boot of this quality
InternetSurferXXX 11 gün önce
@Nicks Handmade Boots Plus lets do some math. 330 from 550 equals 220. Those two old damaged pieces of leather are worth 220 are they? Not even new are they worth that.
InternetSurferXXX 11 gün önce
@Nicks Handmade Boots Charging 550 for new boots? Are they made of diamonds? If you change 330 for this I may as well go by some new ones.
Nicks Handmade Boots
Nicks Handmade Boots 12 gün önce
Depends, a new pair of those would run ya around $550 depending on the options, the rebuild cost $330
Atc Add
Atc Add 12 gün önce
It would have been easier if he had given up on that garbage.
80sRCFan 12 gün önce
Man, best video I have seen in a while, there is a reason Nicks are the best!
Swede's Speed Shop
Swede's Speed Shop 12 gün önce
When did they take out the wooden form ? Seems like they skipped that part ? Or I missed it? They were gluing and nailing to it was wondering how they would get it out ?
Sergey Sirota
Sergey Sirota 13 gün önce
А я то дурак свои любимые сапоги за 9 000$ выкинул. А можно оказывается было отдать на реставрацию, ну трёшку бы заплатил и опять новые калоши получил.
Наташа Парамонова
ExpatMousse 14 gün önce
Those had just got comfortable, looked super when finished though 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
pankaj Tailor
pankaj Tailor 14 gün önce
Isse acha to new buy kro
Сауле Омарова
Золотые руки!
На завалинке
Сшитая на производстве новая обувь не считается реставрацией.
Mohammed Always
Mohammed Always 15 gün önce
Alvaro Slaither
Alvaro Slaither 15 gün önce
Esto no es restauracion Restaurar = reparar piezas originales y ponerlas Remodelar = poner piezas nuevas en el.
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