Woman suffers minor injuries after tree falls on Oakland home 

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A woman says she's lucky to be alive after a tree fell on her home in Oakland on Tuesday during another atmospheric river. Fortunately she only suffered minor injuries.
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20 Mar 2023




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John Buckles
John Buckles 2 aylar önce
These things happen. About 15 tears ago in very similar type storm a 90 foot Monterey Pine came down on my house. I was standing by the window looking at the severe rain and wind, thinking to myself "It's nice to have a roof over your head in this kind of weather", when the tree began to head my way. They fall kind of slowly at first, then it nearly sliced my house in half. Being right there I was able to go on the roof and spread tarps out to reduce rain intrusion, then I took a pole saw and reduced the weight of the tree by cutting off all branches not touching house. When the tree service guys came they had to go in the attic to cut some of the branches. I feel for these folks, they are in for a long slog with insurance, reconstruction etc.
Cynthia Gordon
Cynthia Gordon 2 aylar önce
And also I'd like to consider, if the city didn't follow through with, what the family considered a hazardous situation, were there other sources available for the family and if so, did the family pursue them?? Just asking
Cynthia Gordon
Cynthia Gordon 2 aylar önce
We pay attention after. Prevention has always been sideswiped by what it actually takes for ( me, you, them, that, those and us) to move forward with what is right?? It's been 2 years since the city received the agreement to move forward. So now what does the city do???? CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE!!! So happy the family is ok and are living testimonies to the goodness of God
Ready Now&Forever
Ready Now&Forever 2 aylar önce
Accidents waiting to happen. Rather than being reactive, how about assessing big trees during violent weather and being proactive by cutting them down if deemed dangerous. Simple assessment: “Is this tree likely to give way-and if so, which direction is it likely to tumble ?”
EcoR1 2 aylar önce
Too many tree huggers crying when a big tree is cut. I blame them
Jeritha Butler
Jeritha Butler 2 aylar önce
Don't blame this on the city! Heck you had the chance to move when the last disaster happened! Trees are all around us and you chose to live there. CHOICES!! I feel for you and the unknown but in this case, you knew it was bound to happen!!!
MASD CHANNEL 2 aylar önce
I hate this weather!!!
Fifty 2 aylar önce
I hate Mayweather. 😊
D 2 aylar önce
Not surprising that City of Oakland did nothing, that's their MO.
Gary Callihan
Gary Callihan 2 aylar önce
This is reportable?