Winter Bear by V

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Winter Bear (2019)
Actor : V
Director : V
Production of Film : Contents Creative @Big Hit Ent.
*Original Track : Winter Bear - V
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9 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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julieta perez
julieta perez 32 dakika önce
He voice is so relax, su voz es tan relajante, lo amo, me olvido de todo cuando lo escucho a el y a todos los miembros >:3
Asifah Anisa
Asifah Anisa 32 dakika önce
ahhh so cute
sad souls
sad souls 32 dakika önce
2.5m likes VS 11k dislikes
Sea Sea
Sea Sea 34 dakika önce
Who's after here bangtan bomb 💣 💫 💜💜💜
Taehyung Army
Taehyung Army 35 dakika önce
1:33 we can never forget *YEONTAN* in this video says Tae
Aisha  Shaikh
Aisha Shaikh 35 dakika önce
Tae waiting for next song 🙌🙌🙌💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
sweetieDi bun
sweetieDi bun 36 dakika önce
ах зимний медвежонок
Taehyung Army
Taehyung Army 36 dakika önce
V's voice is so gentle..
`green tea`
`green tea` 36 dakika önce
i wish i could see and perceive art in the same ways taehyung does.
Razani 36 dakika önce
I am very proud of you, I worked hard and you are working on the song until you show us its beauty, You did .. it’s so beautiful and perfect. I like Winter bear ♡
Yeontan Bias
Yeontan Bias 36 dakika önce
Taehyung cute Taehyung Handsome Taehyung amazing Taehyung perfect
sweetieDi bun
sweetieDi bun 36 dakika önce
очень трогательно
sweetieDi bun
sweetieDi bun 36 dakika önce
как же прекрасно
esperanza ayelen
esperanza ayelen 37 dakika önce
Cuando el subtitulado mi dioosss
Cindy Huang
Cindy Huang 37 dakika önce
My baby bear ❤️ Love you!!!!!!!!!!
Shane Eclairs
Shane Eclairs 37 dakika önce
who else is here after watching BANGTANTV winter bear cover shooting behind? our Kim Taehyung is super talented and precious..💜💜💜
Setsuna Chan
Setsuna Chan 37 dakika önce
Somehow my heart feels healed
p o t a t o
p o t a t o 39 dakika önce
please i just want him to be happy
p o t a t o
p o t a t o 39 dakika önce
i am so sad
p o t a t o
p o t a t o 39 dakika önce
you are so ethereal
Prima Jona v
Prima Jona v 40 dakika önce
Putang ina sa mga nag dislike 🙈
Lama Gamer
Lama Gamer 41 dakika önce
Nobody? Ok I 💜 You Taehyung
Гулжан Жанаева
😭❤❤❤💘мне клип очен понравился Тэхёна тебе удачииии 💚😘
V Kook
V Kook 43 dakika önce
Taehyung 😍
it's me Lex
it's me Lex 43 dakika önce
the dislikes are from summer bears...
V Kook
V Kook 43 dakika önce
Trang Nhâm
Trang Nhâm 45 dakika önce
Winter Bear
Jae-Hwa 45 dakika önce
Congratulations V !! 😘
Mili Stylik
Mili Stylik 45 dakika önce
I love you,, I love your beautiful voice my winter bear😘💜
Anastasiya Sh
Anastasiya Sh 45 dakika önce
Техен спасибо за такую хорошую песню❤️❤️❤️ Приезжайте в Россию пожалуйста🇷🇺 RU Army вас ждут💖
marla mei lim
marla mei lim 45 dakika önce
have yall winter beared today???
Jan Nicole Alonzo
Jan Nicole Alonzo 46 dakika önce
She looks like a blue parrot Would you come fly to me I want some Good day, good day, good day Good day, good day Looks like a winter bear You sleep so happily I wish you a Good night, good night, good night Good night, good night Imagine your face Say hello to me Then all the bad days They’re nothing to me With you Winter bear Sleep like a winter bear Sleep like a winter bear
Hoài Lê Mỹ Như
Hoài Lê Mỹ Như 46 dakika önce
Jeon Kookie
Jeon Kookie 46 dakika önce
3:25 *knows it’s spelled winter bear* My mind: WIALTER BEAR me:🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
Super Girl
Super Girl 47 dakika önce
Sara Ahmed
Sara Ahmed 47 dakika önce
Why can't they come to London more often its beautiful here
marla mei lim
marla mei lim 47 dakika önce
let’s get winter bear to 50M before tae’s birthday!
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki 47 dakika önce
why its only V 👀 where are the guys
Md Faruk Khan
Md Faruk Khan 48 dakika önce
Tae plz listen to me😔,,, .......I love you😶
Afrah Amir
Afrah Amir 48 dakika önce
Hey happy preacher ,wishing you a good day 🌎💜
sophia Borges
sophia Borges 50 dakika önce
I love taehyung
지민 50 dakika önce
태태의 첫 영어로 쓴 자작곡이네요^^ 노래도 넘 좋고 가사도 넘 좋아여 잔잔해서 잘때 자장가로 듣고 자야겠어요 방탄 휴가 잘 보네고 활동할때 만나여~♡♡
Ailyn Bucio
Ailyn Bucio 50 dakika önce
I am here again and again .. 😍🐻🌸
{Sythry Min}
{Sythry Min} 50 dakika önce
0:54 *JuStInE sEaGuLl?*
Bobo Ali
Bobo Ali 51 dakika önce
ياربي علا الحساس يا تاي احبك 💕💕💕💕👌👌
Smita Nath
Smita Nath 51 dakika önce
Kim Taehyung😍🤗 U nailed it!!!!
Uma Bharathi
Uma Bharathi 52 dakika önce
V is awesome and best why there is a dislike huh we have to support our v
golden kookie
golden kookie 52 dakika önce
Don't you think army we should stream this?? It's been a week and we are still 14m.. Let's appreciate our taetae's gift and his efforts for us.. Let's cross 50m
Judie Brooke
Judie Brooke 53 dakika önce
Now I got it where the thumbnail come from
عاشقة بلاكتان
lilou gacha l'army
lilou gacha l'army 53 dakika önce
Hello, I am French ARMY, and I would like to ask you if could concerts in France in Orléans or other ? Tank you. 💖💖
NIKITA GUPTA 54 dakika önce
Taehyung.. Thanku so much for such pure gift... I keep coming to this... Its so soothing 😭😭😭😭😭.. Love u so much 💕
Monaliza Enrique
Monaliza Enrique 54 dakika önce
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ALMOST CANDID MUSIC VIDEO I'VE EVER SEEN...ALSO REMINDS ME OF THE MOVIE "THEORY OF EVERYTHING" (coz of the rewind like part) Got my new lullaby song for my every long nights. Thank you for this Kim Taehyung💜💜💜
Happy Me
Happy Me 54 dakika önce
Катя Вишня
Катя Вишня 55 dakika önce
блин, тэхен такой красивый, я плачу.(((((
Jimin you got no Jams
Jimin you got no Jams 55 dakika önce
11.000 Dislikes? FIGHT ME!
Катя Вишня
Катя Вишня 56 dakika önce
wow... aesthetic.🌸
Yeontan Bias
Yeontan Bias 56 dakika önce
I just knew he wrote winter bear word on that paper... what a beautiful hand written tae just like you babe
Catarina Bulaong
Catarina Bulaong 56 dakika önce
Im not Army but i really love BTS especially,"prince wind" 😊😊
Carmen Babilonia
Carmen Babilonia 56 dakika önce
I always like to listening this song like in the morning or at night time before i go to sleep 😊
양현진 56 dakika önce
corinth malveda
corinth malveda 56 dakika önce
Seeing him smile is everything. Even i cant be the reason of those smiles.
a m n a
a m n a 57 dakika önce
i-ARMY: BigHit, can you please put English subtitles! BigHit: Tae:I got you babes i’ll give you a whole english song! i love him so much! 🥺💜
Bầu Nhung
Bầu Nhung 58 dakika önce
Who is here after watching behind the scene Winter bear ?
belugagirl unicat
belugagirl unicat 58 dakika önce
Your voice is perfect and you're beautiful KIM TAEHYUNG
Taehyung Kim
Taehyung Kim 59 dakika önce
Taehyung ahhh , i love u 😘😘
I Purple You
I Purple You 59 dakika önce
15M soon fightingggggg
SHARLENE 59 dakika önce
Who's back here after watching his behind-the-scene?💜
lia _gg956
lia _gg956 59 dakika önce
I love this MV , i love your voice , and i love you baby tae 💜💜💜
thisone gurl
thisone gurl Saatler önce
💙✨ 💜🌌☁️💤🌙💕
xzanshine Saatler önce
i hope you know i'll love and support you always. i'll always be there for you
V LEA Saatler önce
I'm back here after the latest bangtan bomb 💕
kth nn
kth nn Saatler önce
I love him so much❤
Nguyễn Thành Đạt
Teba Sawaed
Teba Sawaed Saatler önce
V, you are a good person😍
Netty Veari Kula
Netty Veari Kula Saatler önce
whose here after watching tae take winter bear cover photo
Betty Magallanes
Betty Magallanes Saatler önce
💜 💜 💜 💜 💜
ARMY BTS Saatler önce
Боже , какая же эта красивая песня 💜
sarah fleming
sarah fleming Saatler önce
Roufaida Saatler önce
I purple you💜💜
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