Willie Spence : Diamonds by Rihanna Cover!!!

Willie Spence
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Diamonds Originally by Rihanna
All rights reserved to rihanna owner and producer of music
Instagram: williespenceofficial
Snapchat: williespence_15
Facebook: williespence



14 Kas 2017




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jared Maloof
Jared Maloof 2 saatler önce
Someone please explain why 2.9k people down voted this?
pizza lover Jesus
pizza lover Jesus 23 saatler önce
Now I'm really convinced, all black people can freaking sing. damn!
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Gün önce
Eu amo esse vídeo
Eduardo Pereira
Eduardo Pereira 2 gün önce
Que voz parabéns
Myyoutube Account
Myyoutube Account 2 gün önce
Much better than original
Mc _Mobile
Mc _Mobile 2 gün önce
Sooo beautiful
Creative for life
Creative for life 2 gün önce
Wow Willie...
Philip Hawkins
Philip Hawkins 2 gün önce
God blessed this young man with a gift!
csar andrss14
csar andrss14 3 gün önce
Jason Hull
Jason Hull 4 gün önce
His voice carries all the ones who are out of tune. He's great.
Akbar M.
Akbar M. 4 gün önce
This is what the internet should be used for smh
Robin Harden
Robin Harden 4 gün önce
Your voice is a diamond :>
Robin Harden
Robin Harden 4 gün önce
Ornox 5 gün önce
Incredible 👌🏽
gilvan gomes
gilvan gomes 6 gün önce
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 6 gün önce
Muito bom
Joe Meadows
Joe Meadows 6 gün önce
He got one hell of a voice.. very good job at this song.. he is a damn good singer
Johnathan Holbrook
Johnathan Holbrook 6 gün önce
Wow, he should try out for American idol 💀 kinda upset he didn’t win but 🤷🏻‍♂️
Robama107 7 gün önce
Damn what a great voice! Amazing 👏
Poweromar_yt 7 gün önce
His voice is acctualy nice
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton 7 gün önce
Thankyou, angels.
Real ThaMaskRapper
Real ThaMaskRapper 7 gün önce
Beyond amazing 2021
Angie 8 gün önce
Make a TikTok 💙👑🔥
Jose A.
Jose A. 8 gün önce
Willie & Giveon 🔥
Sandra Lizondro
Sandra Lizondro 9 gün önce
Amazing Talent 😊🙏🏽❤💯🌹
ARAÚJO FF 9 gün önce
your choice my YouTube
when I hear his voice😔
🍒CHERRY mevavala🌷
Ohh Seen This for 'A first' and enjoyed Your freestyle singing in a party !
pavil mikhaylov
pavil mikhaylov 10 gün önce
best 👍
Ibs LDA 10 gün önce
daniel Soares
daniel Soares 11 gün önce
O cara é muito bom, um mestre! E humilde
BlueMusic 0034
BlueMusic 0034 11 gün önce
Zzzsilenced 11 gün önce
how much talent😍
CHAMBO 12 gün önce
Wow what an amazing voice and skill
Jay Din
Jay Din 12 gün önce
The boom at the end 😫💀😢😢
2FYEE'S WORLD 13 gün önce
literally gave me chills. what a voice!!!!!
Zain Omar
Zain Omar 13 gün önce
FlawlessGoon 13 gün önce
Never wanted it to end!!! Such a amazing and touching singer!! Was absolutely stunning
Droptheshoulder 13 gün önce
One of the purest voices in the last few decades
Matt Bennett
Matt Bennett 14 gün önce
Amazing voice
Bryan Toko
Bryan Toko 14 gün önce
After watching this video several times I noticed how people be entering the room just to hear him sing. So amazing
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez 14 gün önce
This made me cry I love that environment
Roque Santos
Roque Santos 14 gün önce
The only time i listen to the song, it just sounds better with him singing it. No shade just can feel the lyrics better when thinking of my Baby'Boi my son up in Heaven
Pernell Lucas
Pernell Lucas 14 gün önce
I seen this on ig and immediately came here to hear this. You understood the assignment and killed this my brother 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Saman Qahremane
Saman Qahremane 14 gün önce
Just WoooW man
Carlton Davis
Carlton Davis 15 gün önce
Hogerrrrr 15 gün önce
Juliana has a nice laugh and a bighead
No Faux
No Faux 15 gün önce
This man's had some struggles. You can't sing from the soul like that otherwise.
GXC 15 gün önce
Lmao no one but him is good. They all suck
Sharon Mark
Sharon Mark 15 gün önce
Wicked ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
libbad 15 gün önce
I've just watched this on TRvid, now I know who you are. My whole body was tingerling and I had years rolling down my face. Love you dude.
shayla watson
shayla watson 15 gün önce
Rodwave twin
nana. wav
nana. wav 15 gün önce
Started tearing up 5 seconds into the video wtf
Krystal Charland
Krystal Charland 15 gün önce
I loved him since seeing this and on idol ❤️ He was and still is my favorite singer
Keeya Eady Harris
Keeya Eady Harris 16 gün önce
U was 8 now I'm 11
Keeya Eady Harris
Keeya Eady Harris 16 gün önce
He thought me how to play the piano
SKALLPELLISIERT - Die Jungen Chirurgen
Wow! This is better als original song. This is the best cover from all TRvid!!
nefertary rihanna
nefertary rihanna 16 gün önce
: ) nice
Greg Daniels
Greg Daniels 16 gün önce
Never seen such little effort go into a song but sound so great
Albert Saenz
Albert Saenz 16 gün önce
I used to hate this song. The I heard this 👌🏼
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
I WONDER where The Fuxk is the DRUMMER at? The cameramen almost did the 360 and I Don't find it anywhere or is it recorded?
ChefGamer 16 gün önce
One of the best singers i ever heard on my life. God bless you always!! 🙏🙏
Bilal Miri
Bilal Miri 16 gün önce
Better than Rihanna
YaBoi Zee
YaBoi Zee 16 gün önce
wish I could hit them notes 😂
Galen Chatman
Galen Chatman 16 gün önce
You the next Big Moe....Big Will!!!! Just saying keep up the good work.
F4 SPORT YT 17 gün önce
Até me emociono ouvindo essa música❤🎵
M. D.D
M. D.D 17 gün önce
I don't know why, but when he sings it I always tear up.
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
It gets me a goosebump!
mohammed BENIA
mohammed BENIA 17 gün önce
The réaction of the girl next to him on 0:44
Cee Kay
Cee Kay 18 gün önce
This is absolutely beautiful bro
Deborah sonsah
Deborah sonsah 19 gün önce
Lindos!!! Emocionante!
Mauricio R
Mauricio R 19 gün önce
I've been looking for your video :)❤
Germain Guillou
Germain Guillou 19 gün önce
Jesus !
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 19 gün önce
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gaming with yourboy_777
Better than the og
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
Ah Original
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
Who the hell is OG?
galad riel
galad riel 19 gün önce
Sia wrote the song not Rihanna.
Juju Guido
Juju Guido 20 gün önce
It’s beautiful
GTA11 20 gün önce
I Frome Thailand good
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
What's your point?
Surf 20 gün önce
the kid who kept laughing ruined it
Denis Biermann
Denis Biermann 20 gün önce
Ronnie Lok
Ronnie Lok 21 gün önce
Great voice!
Alastair Hood
Alastair Hood 21 gün önce
I like his version better than Rihanna’s and hers is awesome!
Big Money Brian
Big Money Brian 6 gün önce
his voice is better than Rihanna's
kapri 21 gün önce
People who gave this a thumbs down 👎 are lame lol .. y'all sad ...
SAVAGE HITTA 21 gün önce
Very gifted let's get this man a great record deal. N a good weight loss plan 🙏🏽💯
Satesh Ramlagan
Satesh Ramlagan 20 gün önce
I mean we want him to stay longer,but it isn't that easy and in some cases saying a good weight plan might be offensive but I understand that u mean to keep him healthy
Ayden davidson
Ayden davidson 21 gün önce
Soon as I seen this video it gave me goosebumps and it inspired me thank u
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 15 gün önce
Inspired you to do what?
Carlos Carrasco
Carlos Carrasco 21 gün önce
Man this is beautiful
Mateus Garcez
Mateus Garcez 22 gün önce
Incredible! big talent! congratulations!
darcoben 31
darcoben 31 22 gün önce
Elle m’a fait pleurer. Je n’ai rien d’autre à rajouter car il ont tous du tanlent je vous soutien.
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
Maryam Kareem
Maryam Kareem 22 gün önce
Wooowwwww the best one opened a song at all!!!!!
Jason Wallis
Jason Wallis 22 gün önce
Alessio Valente
Alessio Valente 22 gün önce
- Noura
- Noura 22 gün önce
His nighbours are blessed
Robtch 22 gün önce
Pericao dos states ♥️
Sean Sem
Sean Sem 22 gün önce
Dat rolling drum is sick.
Evan Keating
Evan Keating 22 gün önce
I want you to sing at my furniral bro. You are a gift from above ❤️
Kelly Ryan
Kelly Ryan 22 gün önce
Willie is the GOAT.
Ifejah Greene
Ifejah Greene 22 gün önce
OMG! I had to run it back to see how he started then I after like 10 times I noticed the drummer but didn’t see him. Like wtf?! Who is the drummer?! He hit that heaux
abc Ehd
abc Ehd 22 gün önce
تحية وتقدير من بغداد العراق
RizalDy Maulaza🖕
RizalDy Maulaza🖕 16 gün önce
Greetin' my Brother!
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 23 gün önce
👏 💯
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