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What a Loverly Job the pressure washer made of that.....
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29 Mar 2023




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@colinfurze 8 aylar önce
Sorry for the MASSIVE gap in uploads, i've been working flat out but the projects either side of this got delayed and didn't quite go to plan but here we go with some beautiful hydroforming.
@M4D_ZOMB13 8 aylar önce
Its ok colin
@jackboy2387 8 aylar önce
It's all good, my man!
@gman8557 8 aylar önce
@BenMilford 8 aylar önce
No worries!
@andrewcurtis4568 8 aylar önce
I thoguht you'd finally offed yourself., Coliin Keep up with the crazy schemes.
@MakeitExtreme 8 aylar önce
That’s some serious drift there mate. Great job!
@colinfurze 8 aylar önce
love your channel guys
@stratocaster123123 8 aylar önce
​@@colinfurze ❤
@tamtri6218 8 aylar önce
@jordanguyy 8 aylar önce
​My Cancer Journey I don't want to sound horrible bud but change your channel name would probs help as unfortunately the channel name will not grab attention to the correct audience I believe that could be your biggest problem with channel growth and last but not least never give up and the more work you put into it all the more you will receive out I'm sure. I wish you the best of luck from here on.
@kenanschoon8585 8 aylar önce
The fact that he went to the effort of finding resources to show how to get the radiuses without cad and laser cutters just is a real testament to how much Collin cares about his viewers.
@nubreed13 8 aylar önce
It is but there's actually a better workaround for this. You can make templates with a compass and some basic layout math. Once you have those dimensions you can make a template from card stock and cut it out. I had to make them in welding class.
@bettsdn 8 aylar önce
Yep. All us viewers who *DEFINITELY* go out and replicate parts of his projects and don't watch purely for entertainment.
@bentrod3405 8 aylar önce
@@bettsdn this is one I’m actually considering doing. It looks fairly simple overall.
@GardenGuy1943 7 aylar önce
He treats everyone like they’re poor. It makes me angry
@GardenGuy1943 7 aylar önce
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ god bless
@marksimmonds6364 8 aylar önce
Colin: Builds drift trike with spherical wheels to avoid damaging grass. Also Colin: Does burnout on grass.
@johnsherby9130 8 aylar önce
Nobody talks about the fact that Colin goes and finds unique new music for every video. Thank you so much for not just putting generic tik tok music over every single build Timelapse Colin. It makes the videos enjoyable to watch imo
@TucanusFace 7 aylar önce
Pretty sure most of the punk music is his mate's band
@chrisc1245 7 aylar önce
yes, as a new watcher, i was impressed with his music selection for the videos
@johnsherby9130 7 aylar önce
@@chrisc1245 I don’t even listen to much of the type of rock he uses. I just really appreciate the fact that he’s not taking the easy route with overused tik tok songs or a shitty royalty free beat
@grn1 7 aylar önce
@@TucanusFace He gets all of the music from viewers. The songs and artist are listed in the description along with an email for submissions.
@iii1429 7 aylar önce
​@@TucanusFace pretty sure it doesnt change the fact it's still different music every video 🤓🤓🤓
@neilbarrett4708 8 aylar önce
It’s crazy to see how far Colin has come, love seeing people I used to watch back in the day grow so much
@JaredConnell 8 aylar önce
How far he's come? He made the world's fastest scooter 10 years ago. He was doing crazy, awesome projects for a long time, pretty much from the start.
@epiphone5696 8 aylar önce
@@JaredConnell He means in terms of subscribers and following
@michaelimbesi2314 8 aylar önce
I remember when he still played March to the Grave as the background music
@bichtran2539 7 aylar önce
@BTYouGaming 7 aylar önce
I truly think Colin is one of the most broadly and highly skilled general craftsmen of all time. He must have been an unbelievably good plumber!
@lycu3093 7 aylar önce
@xLoneWolf22x 7 aylar önce
@@lycu3093 k
@j0hn00 7 aylar önce
The fact he was a plumber is new knowledge to me, but it actually explains a lot of his skills. Metal working, piping, electronics, various math equations for a variety of situations. These are all skills that come from a plumber background
@taza3871 6 aylar önce
@kEvintheturd 6 aylar önce
@@taza3871 I recommend using google to find out what a plumber does! :)
@HG_Budde 2 aylar önce
You not only are outshining every single studied engineer, but also have an impeccable taste of music.. the second song of J. F. Perron now is my favourite one and managing to change my favourite anything is a near impossible task.. Cheers for achieving that and thanks for showing it to us Colin! 🤩
@mclanesmith7059 7 aylar önce
I love that Colin explains things like he's teaching us there not just showing what he can do
@alanbarnett328 7 aylar önce
Alright I haven't forgotten who I'm watching here, but I was really surprised to find out that part of this video was just... building the entire drift trike?? I thought he was just making wheels for the other one lmao and then all the sudden man starts putting together a drivetrain 🤣 Also happy to see the tunnel hydraulic press again :)
@graylinbeaudry4651 8 aylar önce
you're one of my favorite makers. you don't compromise your product and you always include ways for those of use without fancy heavy duty tools to do the job, so we don't feel like we get left behind. thanks for the upload, looking forward to the next one.
@TheNickbil 8 aylar önce
Colin has literal balls of steel.
@dcmirk 8 aylar önce
Literally the same comment I came here to say lol
@tomh9391 8 aylar önce
Indeed my good man , indeed 🤘😎🤘
@tjeerdlankhaar5174 8 aylar önce
@jwalster9412 8 aylar önce
I was going to say that 🔩
@jacobstephens7153 8 aylar önce
The beholder of Stainless Balls of Steel
@BrainstechKnowlogy 8 aylar önce
Looks fun to play! Haha
@NaThingSerious 8 aylar önce
We all appreciate Colin’s amazing builds but let’s also appreciate his music taste and the bangers he picks for background music and Timelapses!
@TerkanTyr 7 aylar önce
It's really beautiful that this channel actually ended up being as successful as it is, with such awesome devices and all the various fabrication options you're showing.
@browninplay 5 aylar önce
That last sphere is just a thing of pure beauty, and I don't know why, but I just want one to look at and keep on a shelf or something - another fantastic video!
@si98justme1 7 aylar önce
I’ve been watching Colin’s videos for a long time and with every new project, I become increasingly more convinced this gent is a nutter, a glorious, life in the F***-it bucket nutter, but a nutter all the same. @ColinFurze: Props to the missus and kids, who I’m sure are a massive part of how you get to do this stuff through the support they give you to enable you to do this sort of thing untethered.
@MadeinPolandChannel 8 aylar önce
Great project! Love it! 😁
@colinfurze 8 aylar önce
You guys have a great channel btw
@cavemanvi 8 aylar önce
@@colinfurze water drift trike next
@StockCarFan333 8 aylar önce
Yessssssss It’ll probably need long wheels for balance
@shubhamadtp 8 aylar önce
You got some comparable eyecandy on you channel
It’s good to see Ron Covell getting some much deserved respect. His videos are top notch.
@jacoblewis787 7 aylar önce
Colin Furze, just watched "This Machine makes me WEIGHTLESS!!". Love your skills/abilities/content/music, but at this particular moment I'm in awe of the work/fun compartmentalism.
@jacoblewis787 7 aylar önce
Compartmentalization? fu autocorrect you know what I mean
@colonelcactus118 8 aylar önce
Colin I love ur videos and I absolutely love the music u put into them!!! You’re a huge inspiration and hero of mine! Never stop being you bro!
@anthonypickens4477 8 aylar önce
Absolutely loved how you used the bunker tunnel to bend some of that steel. Would love to see a tool room/ project area that you could put in there. Would be really cool as an addition to your garage/driveway idea.
@pilotyourhead2434 5 aylar önce
You are one of the most cool guys on the planet!! Seems to be a wonderful father, awesome husband and a extraordinary engineer!! Congrats for all, man! You are a such an example!!!
@Thelawncarenut 8 aylar önce
Thanks for caring about the grass Colin. You're a good man.
@TheXshot 8 aylar önce
Hello Freedom Factory grass man ❤️
@victornoyer3858 8 aylar önce
I mean he has done some burnouts on this field but yeah, there good intentions behind in the first place !
@m16fermy 8 aylar önce
Poison ivy has entered chat
@Meister1551 8 aylar önce
Dude, you are amazing. That's the only thing I can say about your talents as a fabricator, design, engineer. I've loved watching all of your videos and your creations are over the top spectacular!!!
@stuarthelliwell6784 5 aylar önce
It's a bit late now but if Collin had used a roofing product that is out there that is basically liquid rubber and I've found out has many more uses than its original purpose of making flat roofs water proof,, I've even painted it on my rigger boots during winter to keep my feet dry and warm,, lol,,, it could have been a good idea to basically have a tub of the liquid rubber compound and with the use of a battery drill dip the steel wheels a third of the way in the rubber whilst rotating them thus giving an even coat of rubber,, then after a while when you have a few millimetres of rubber coating the wheels and it's nearly setting it would be a good idea to roll the wheels over something that would give it a small amount of tread you could even carefully wrap it up in bubble wrap that could be removed easily so long as you have sprayed it with a lubricant like wd40,,, I'd love to see a follow up video where this had been done
@Prerejection 4 aylar önce
This was honestly a gem of a video that I forgot about because the last couple of projects have been in the big barn, and I love the big barn, but this is classic Colin energy and I LOVE it
@eddring9322 7 aylar önce
Would love to see a drift trike that works on water 😁. Maybe that’s a step to far! Love the channel, keep up the good work 👍
@BrokenCurtain 7 aylar önce
Isn't that just a hovercraft?
@davidiand7 8 aylar önce
Always entertainment and educational with Colin, love his videos there is no one quite like him! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
@TimeBucks 8 aylar önce
Everyone should aspire to be as creative as he is
@Riaz977 8 aylar önce
Good 👍👍👍
@KuldeepSingh-tt7nj 8 aylar önce
@vickythakurps 8 aylar önce
@rabidey6 8 aylar önce
@jember258 8 aylar önce
Collin’s videos always make me happy. The music, the work, the ridiculous factor. I discovered this channel many years ago, when I was a kid, and it became a huge inspiration. Thank you for everything 🥹
@shawn9015 8 aylar önce
Should you add a way to fill the wheels? Having some pressure in there might make them more resistant to damage?
@Galiant2010 8 aylar önce
Absolutely wonderful video, right down to the ad lol. The kids were adorable. "Does it work on all devices?" with that little accent haha, not to mention the dedication of running while talking about it lmao. But there was something super satisfying about watching that hydroforming. And much appreciation for the time you spend setting up your camera just for the couple second long shots of you in the underground bunker. A few seconds of video that probably took several minutes of just finding the right placement and setting up. Love that kind of thought and dedication to production!
@microcolonel 7 aylar önce
My favourite hydroformed spheres are from regular icosahedrons, and the nice thing about that is that it's all straight welds of equilateral triangles at exactly the same angle. Downside versus your three strips and two caps approach is that there may be about twice as much weld seam. A similar approach to yours but with five strips, is the one used commonly in explosive hydroforming of spheres.
@overvoltagestudio 8 aylar önce
Colin must have balls of steel himself to go that near a fragile sphere of sheet metal under such pressure, without wearing any PPE whatsoever!
Don't encourage that sort of stuff.
@MYNAMACHEF 7 aylar önce
he had his safety tie on
@desertrat1357 7 aylar önce
​@@chathuldilshanzsamaraweera9797 Yoooooou don't need safety.
@JCunning9 6 aylar önce
If the ball was full of air or any other compressible medium, than I would agree that it would be insanely dangerous to go near it. However, with hydrostatic (water) pressure, even if an entire weld seam failed instantly, it's very unlikely you'd be injured. Water doesn't compress, so if a weld failed, it would not explode like you'd think. The only danger I could see with him being so close, is if a weld failed in a way that it made it leak through a small hole that simulated a jet stream of water (not a mist) while the pressure washer was still powered on. That would potentially result in a water jet that could easily cause pretty severe injuries. At the end of the day though, safety glasses would have been my bare minimum if I were to get near it under pressure.
@jammyb2008 8 aylar önce
Amazing work! Fascinating how you got them round. You best have a big Xmas tree this year for all your spare baubles!
@justinvlogs510 8 aylar önce
I know he’s said it himself, but I love how Colin sticks to making it so everyone can follow along at home even with out the fancy equipment. He said that was why he was afraid to upgrade shops because he wanted to do stuff that everyone else with basic equipment could do. Using the circles to show how to still accomplish the forms with out the most top of the line laser cutter was a top act! We appreciate you Colin!
the first step was weld and use a water pressure thing..
i bet you dont have a 10k welding table.. or a lathe...
@moos5221 8 aylar önce
I wonder if anyone ever built anything that Colin showed on his channel.
@caodesignworks2407 8 aylar önce
@@ghost.of.aleksz.salad. You don't need a 10k welding setup to make those welds, nor do you need a lathe. That should be obvious to anyone not trying to be a contrarian
@wompstopm123 8 aylar önce
@@ghost.of.aleksz.salad. you dont need a special table to weld. the concrete floor in my garage works. i dont have a lathe but i can approximate most of these things hes doing using other techinques. if you want mastery over metal fast get a 120$ metal chop saw and some 20$ angle grinders and cut off discs and a flux core welder for 800$
@SwheatCents 8 aylar önce
Man don't we all wish we had access to all these tools! Freaking awesome job brother
@adamnash2009 7 aylar önce
Nice to see you treated yourself to some nice welding kit. I don't know if there's a new editor behind the scenes, but the production quality of this one was top notch!
@dantez3600 4 aylar önce
Wow he has gotten really good at all types of metal work.
@jblen 7 aylar önce
I never thought about the process of making a steel ball but this is a very interesting and pretty efficient way to do it.
@drackar 8 aylar önce
Spray them with a few layers of really robust truck bed liner for more traction. Should still be pretty safe on the grass, as it will follow the sphere, while having SOME texture compared to just polished steel.
@twelfthscale 8 aylar önce
One thing I love about Colin. He’s seems completely chaotic but you can tell he is a perfectionist.
@TippyHippy 8 aylar önce
I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.
@lemmesmash 8 aylar önce
@@TippyHippy jesus christ
@gerrybaggins 8 aylar önce
​@@TippyHippy I wanted to try that with the cat but I haven't got big enough socks.
@_help_me_please_ 8 aylar önce
@@gerrybaggins Just checked. Does work if you have a big enough sock.
@WhitefoxSpace 8 aylar önce
He's the definition of a mad scient--- engineer?
@JonTheGeek 5 aylar önce
I love that even when he has flash trick equipment, he doesn't forget about the little guys. Love the work Colin! Kep up that amazing British Men in Sheds mentality.
@BikerForLife01 7 aylar önce
Awesome. This is what TRvid is for. Perfect inspiration. Top work 👏
@jordanmacloven5084 7 aylar önce
Awesome build, would it work with a third sphere on the front instead of a tire? Or would it be too awkward for you to put your feet on?
@johna5145 4 aylar önce
just gotta love how he keeps evolving the drifttrike concept
@cabwaylingo_ 5 aylar önce
i know you're already universally known as a great welder but this video is a masterclass
@errorsk2188 8 aylar önce
Colin is the only madlad who makes wheels as the main part of the video and then goes " Yeah but now I need a stainless steel trike. " Like it's no biggie. Absolute madman, we love to see it ! ❤
@tamthuong4048 8 aylar önce
@KrisTheOriginal 8 aylar önce
Colin, you always manage to outdo yourself! Do you think you'll ever get back to more regular uploads? Honestly can't get enough of your mad scientist vibe content 😅 huge love man 🖤
@vossti 6 aylar önce
Your videos always leaves me awestruck at the end... literally every single one over the years!!!
@jimengr 8 aylar önce
Love how you made the wheels. That was really cool.
@plebiansociety 3 aylar önce
For those without the tools and have the money you can buy stainless floats that already have the same FIP threads as your axle. Most the size Colin used are 14 gauge or 2mm, which is a bit thicker than what he used and would go on as easily as changing the hub with a backing nut. Will run you about 500 US per float (or wheel) though.
@bdhay02 8 aylar önce
Awesome! I wonder if the front wheel could also be replaced with a steel ball, add suspension, and then add some small ridges on the balls for minor traction. Cool second feature: I bet this will float and can be raced across a lake. 😂
@nibbtipp9364 8 aylar önce
Colin is the living example of, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”
@douglasburnside 8 aylar önce
No, I think it's, "If it's worth doing, it's worth _over_ doing."
@akunformalitas 8 aylar önce
"If it's worth entertaining, it's worth entertaining well" more like
@SilvioBritto 8 aylar önce
As my old man always said.
@zipp4everyone263 8 aylar önce
Colin, you are fucking amazing! I absolutely love your stuff, just hope the world spawns more people like you, we are in dire need
@Lucifer-nv2yw 7 aylar önce
I’ve been watching colin on and off for a while now! Just the other day I was thinking that if anyone could make an engine run off water or a magnetic motor it would be colin!
@3661kim 8 aylar önce
So that was awesome. Think you can make the front wheel. Stainless Hydro formed as well. Probably won’t be super functional but I think that would be a tough one to make 😊
@Player16 8 aylar önce
Probably just bend a pipe around a rim and weld it together. No drama there.
@neilybobber694 8 aylar önce
Wonder what a front spherical wheel would do to it? Would be an interesting build for sure!
@johnwaynewilliamson 8 aylar önce
No need for steering then, just a rigid grab bar. Might need the seat on a short sideways track to generate directional momentum. Would be a wild ride.
@iamgrays 8 aylar önce
Now we just need a drift race or two. C'mon that would be great, nice wide corners a few s-curves. The Furze cup, I can see it all now!!!
He's gotten older, more tools, more experience, better parts but still brings that classic Colin vibe. Love it brother.
@clivehaynes2183 8 aylar önce
The same shirt as well.
@CzechMate44 7 aylar önce
the casual excursion into the tunnel under the workshop is such a flex
@waynec369 7 aylar önce
This guy has more fun having breakfast than the rest of us have in a lifetime. I'm envious.
@caseykoons 8 aylar önce
Nice work holding. What's the time difference between building a drift trike the old way vs. having all those fixtures?
@robmangeri777 8 aylar önce
Golem Furze has left his cave and come out into the sunshine again!!! Beautiful bike! I want one!!! 😎👍🏼
@laurencekerr956 8 aylar önce
I love everything about this video. You didn't just slap the new wheels on the old machine you built a whole new machine to use the wheels with. Just threw in a ten second long flex of your underground bunker. And the cherry on top is the wonderful music soundtrack.
@schana96 8 aylar önce
Imagine this is the first time someone watches Colin's content. This guy, building stuff in his garage, pretty cool, when all of the sudden he pops open a hatch and descends into his SECRET TUNNEL to use a different machine.
@donniev8181 7 aylar önce
First time I saw him was literally the full underground video, I then proceeded to binge watch almost everything he's done.
@nocomment2236 7 aylar önce
This was my first time. And i can confirm that i was flabbergasted by what i seen. This guy is insane. I subscribed
@donniev8181 7 aylar önce
@@nocomment2236 I cannot understand why it took youtube so long to put him in my suggested videos. He should be put into every males suggested videos the very first day they start their account.
@vantruongthi9105 7 aylar önce
@jaredlee5490 7 aylar önce
It is my first time watching and it blew my mind
@rogerwhiting9310 8 aylar önce
This is the absolutely most fun channel to watch. Your work is spot on everytime
@LG-do1vw 7 aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for this geat content Colin! I really enoy the experiments with hydroforming (:
@MrBen527 7 aylar önce
Excellent build! I'm looking for an online calculator to fab the sphere pieces. Did you use a particular one?
@paulsengupta971 8 aylar önce
Wonderful! I wish I had the time, space and ability to even replicate a small portion of stuff that Colin does!
@pitt6801 8 aylar önce
Another amazing build Colin.........such attention to detail. You're an engineering god. 👍
@judith4361 8 aylar önce
its amazing how much time and effort he puts into these videos
@billmoore7133 8 aylar önce
@airos52 8 aylar önce
I have been a long time viewer and i admire how dedicated you are to perfection on all of your projects; I love it!!! great video of radomness, and you are VERY skilled.
@mihhailgotovtsev2555 8 aylar önce
I have just 2 questions. Do those wheels float? If yes, can you make an amphibian drift trike?
@blademan53 8 aylar önce
Your a genius man gifted and blessed, I admire how you always got your tie on , happy inventions always great to see your channel
@user-om9js3pz9w 4 aylar önce
Thanks for caring about the grass Colin. You're a good man.. Looks fun to play! Haha.
@Necromorph790 Aylar önce
I really like how it was funky the entire time until you made the "sphere" equal when first shaping it, so it became a perfect one. 3rd time was the charm, and it seemed perfect
@OdniindO 8 aylar önce
I've been watching colinfurze videos for quite a few years now. I absolutely love and cherish the fact that Colin has grown and can do most things that he wants to in this modern era, but I still miss the old struggle videos where he did not have proper tools and had to make due.
@colinfurze 8 aylar önce
its hard to keep the same vibe but while not standing still as a person but out of a lot of channels my size or age i'd say i have kept things as original as i can........still in the same shed lol
@Moshington 8 aylar önce
I hear you. I think for me the spirit was always in his creations and in his wondrous mind.
@OdniindO 8 aylar önce
@@colinfurze agreed as I said in my comment I love and revel in the vibe from your channel keep it up brother!!
@rhysm156 8 aylar önce
​@@colinfurze lol
@jwalster9412 8 aylar önce
Remember when you had to get blisters removed after he fire bombed his garage on accident?
Cool bike moped. I've never seen anything like this in my life. Colin, I admire you. good health to you.
@societl 8 aylar önce
just witnessed this man do two videos in one, he made circular metal wheels and then proceeded to fully build a whole new drift trike from scratch
@jonny555ive 7 aylar önce
Absolutely AMAZING work Colin... The content, the music and the pure entertainment of your videos is such a breath of fresh air..... Thank you for NEVER GROWING UP. Take care, ~Jonny5🥁
@Dan-Simms 8 aylar önce
That looks so fun, I'd love to see you make a trike with the 2 wheels on the front.
@thehairydiyer 8 aylar önce
Colin as a school Science or DT teacher would produce the most incredible students. They'd all be geniuses.
@richr7604 8 aylar önce
Great buold Colin! I forgot how informative and entertaining your videos are. Think i'll give building one a go!!
@Movieman1965 8 aylar önce
Colin, the development process for those ball wheels was great! Excellent final design!
@stevebowen9412 5 aylar önce
@colinfurze I really want to see how this thing does on a sand beach? Love your videos and explanations!
@zachhoyt92 8 aylar önce
You fused it rather than adding filler. Fusing draws material from both base metals and is normally weaker than adding filler. .035 wire or even .045 would've been ideal. Nice work either way
@d.r.ledbetter2286 7 aylar önce
You Sir are having way too much fun... Keep it going.
@marc3793 8 aylar önce
I hope you never get bored of doing this Mr Furze! You are the ultimate DIY bodger, but without, well, the bodging. Pure perfection.
@b005t3r 8 aylar önce
After all these years, it's pretty amazing this guy is still alive.
@DanteYewToob 8 aylar önce
Pretty cool of Colin to shout out Connor Holland, he does really cool work! If you have any interest in hydro forming definitely check him out. He’s one of the only people online doing it and he’s probably the best at it. He makes really creative stuff, he definitely deserves more views and subs!
@matthewtobias5091 7 aylar önce
Colin you are one of my absolute favorite youtubers. Over the years I have watched other ones and slowly drifted away from them but you are constantly entertaining.
@matthewtobias5091 7 aylar önce
I wish to be just like you one day doing what I want building projects and having fun with my job. I don't think you will ever see this but I hope you do understand how much you have inspired me. Thank you -matt
@user-ts1xh7rg4e 7 aylar önce
Is anyone else just mesmerized by how far Collins tools and equipment have come
@billwilson7823 2 aylar önce
Dude you are amazing. I’m so glad to have you as part of my para social net work.
@ConnorHolland 8 aylar önce
Great to see you doing more Hydroforming Colin, thanks again for being the one who first inspired me to start Hydroforming 8 years ago!
@ralseidemurrer 8 aylar önce
And the weird thing is that the hydrofroming video didn't feel like it came out that long ago
@colinfurze 8 aylar önce
Hope you get some views n subs Connor, top job
@sonicraft9996 8 aylar önce
@@colinfurze yes colin
@Tom-xn7zc 8 aylar önce
Subbed! Looking forward to watching some of your videos.
@LMF1716 8 aylar önce
Another hydroforming yt channel? Count me in
@danielsimmerson2371 8 aylar önce
Love the video and can't wait for more. And can't wait for you to start working on the tunnels again either those video were awesome
@kyleponsford760 8 aylar önce
Haven’t seen Colin since he made his tunnels. Glad to see him again!
@KycenPetersen 8 aylar önce
Commentary Colin is a gateway to new humor and more insight to the builds :O
@JaxonJJB 8 aylar önce
Amazing work colin!! Scares me every time you get close to the form every time you pressurize it 😬
This Machine makes me WEIGHTLESS!!
Secret Tunnel/Garage Update #4
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