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Today we bring an abandoned 1971 Satellite back to life!
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30 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Junkyard Digs
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AllMoMoMostHome Bus
It has a big dent in the door.... When my dad was doing survivor duty after the Vietnam war, he was pretty upset at one point and punched a big dent in the door of his Plymouth Satellite. I'm sure his hand wasn't feeling great after that. So watching this video is making me think about my Dad.... Rest in peace Dad.
Wes Harris
Kevin - the call you made to the original owner of the Satellite is one of those events that effortlessly renews my faith in humanity. Despite the efforts made by some to convince us to the contrary, the number of complete strangers out there who are genuinely decent, engaging, and willing to help us, or accept help from us, vastly overwhelm the small percentage of people who could not be bothered. Plus, it's always great to get the backstory on a cool car you and Mook wrench on - all the best from Wes in Pittsburgh!
Robert Greig
It was great listening to Jeff explain the history of this car.
I love story’s like this. I tracked my dads RRC down 20 years after he sold it, it needed an entire restoration of course, many parts of which I roped him in to help with. Along the way he would make so many comments like “I remember making that bracket” “I never liked the way it did that” “I always wanted to do to it what you have done”
360Plus Synthetics
360Plus Synthetics 21 gün önce
Finding the original owner and being able to connect with them is the most awesome thing I've seen in a LONG time. Almost brings a tear to my eye. 👍🏻
I got goosebumps listening to Jeff explain the history of the car, freaking awesome!
Really cool that you were able to speak with the original owner. Jeff seems like a super nice guy, would love to see him reunited with his old car.
gareth barnes
Working on these wonderful cars must be so therapeutic especially when you bring them back to life? Great work guys as always
Keith Parady
You my man are the tip of the spear with your knowledge and skill to show the younger generation that it’s pretty easy to work on your own stuff keep up the good work
I can't wait to see it buffed out it's going to look fantastic. That was awesome the way you tracked the original owner down, sounded like a really cool guy. Good stuff you rock Kevin.
That's one hell of a cool looking car, definitely a candidate for a full on engine and body restoration. Keep up the great work Kevin and JYD team. Would love to see a Harley revival just to mix things up a little.
I hope you're doing well after the Tornado. Stay safe.
the fact the man winter stored it explains why it is in such good condition. That 318 is still pretty healthy too.
Kenneth Sonier
Very cool that this car came from your hometown and that you found the original owner. It really is in remarkably good condition being a Mopar. I'm not a fan but I do have a 97 Dodge with a 360 Magnum four-by-four pick up with 200,000 miles still going strong. I love your videos and the work that you do. Keep it up and be safe 👍✌️🇺🇲
Peter Ness
love and respect from Australia,this is the very best auto channel on You Tube and 2nd place is a long way back ,down to earth people not pretending to be anything else than what you see ,no funny names for engine parts and from what ive seen so far your delivery is still the same from 1st video to the latest ,the way you and Mook work together is OUTSTANDING ,new subscriber glad to be here
Mitch Forbes
I just wanted to say that I absolutely love watching the stuff that you guys do keep it up and can't wait to see what you do with that car.
Nicholas Brown
Dude. That call to the original owner was fantastic. I caught myself with a grin ear to ear during that convo. I know you will do this car justice. And I can not wait to see this car back in the hands of its original owner. Fantastic video!
Mark Smithson
I have a long time subscriber Kevin and this one brought a lump to my throat. Seeing what you have plans to do with this car making a road trip to see the OG owner is just the greatest thing ever. I can't wait to see what happens next, in this series and the look on the OG owners face when he dees what you done with it. Great job!!
Aydan Angus
I think that the 440 from the boat should go into this boat. More bigger is almost always more better.