Will Smith on Aladdin & Turning 50

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Will talks about playing Genie in Aladdin, promoting the movie all over the world, meeting the Royal Family in Jordan, turning 50, and going sky diving with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and their family in Dubai.
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Will Smith on Aladdin & Turning 50




22 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood 22 saatler önce
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Will is also a dj whose slang is "You know"....
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man 4 gün önce
Elaf Al
Elaf Al 4 gün önce
Jimmy’s interview style is poking fun at the guest the entire time 🙄 Love Will
jennifer tran
jennifer tran 5 gün önce
Will smith’ did an amazing job in Aladdin better than pursuit of happiness, and fresh prince of bel air, I had to see Aladdin twice!😍 🧞‍♂️ ❤️👏
jennifer tran
jennifer tran 5 gün önce
Did Will Smith’s daughter star in Bring it on showing on Netflix?👏👏💁🏻❤️🙃😁😃😃
Ali Akhtar
Ali Akhtar 9 gün önce
jimmy kimmel had so much problem with will smith interacting physically with audience he gave him hand sanitizer after that he poked him at 5:08 " i dont need rules i am out touching strangers " what a stuck-up bastard !!!
Joel Middaugh
Joel Middaugh 9 gün önce
He does a nice job of bringing his signature flavor and rap style to the role. I felt like a kid watching Wild Wild West again. Kudos on not trying to copy Williams at all. It was better than I expected it to be.
Daniel Cepeda Music
Daniel Cepeda Music 10 gün önce
Man, I always laugh hard with Will!
Sadman Sakib
Sadman Sakib 10 gün önce
Can anyone ever hate Will Smith? - Never
tessamersus 10 gün önce
Will Smith attesting to the saying "Black don't crack'! He looks like he's in his twenties!!
TheDimondBow// TLB
TheDimondBow// TLB 11 gün önce
Sy Sysy
Sy Sysy 12 gün önce
I love his ears
Lerae Bizzelle
Lerae Bizzelle 13 gün önce
WILL IS 50?! He looks so young tho!
Alexei 14 gün önce
Who is this guy 50 wtf ☠️☠️☠️
Truevan ASAP
Truevan ASAP 26 gün önce
I go to school with the royal family kids
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 27 gün önce
That fake laugh of Will is just too good
Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips 27 gün önce
It’s so strange seeing him compared to fresh prince he just looks buffer
K Syntax
K Syntax 28 gün önce
Will's laugh never fails to make me laugh as well
Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith 29 gün önce
Will Looks Good For A 50 Year Old
Julia Meinecke
Julia Meinecke Aylar önce
Love his energy
Brion McManus
Brion McManus Aylar önce
Will Smith did an incredible job. The movie is great!
aj pat
aj pat Aylar önce
The movie isn't great. It was s**t. But Will Smith is the best part of that movie, so here's that.
_Gianna_ Aylar önce
I love him just putting that out there
_Gianna_ Aylar önce
Even if you’re racist you know damn well you like will
lynsie.bear Aylar önce
*You can defy him?!* 😂😂🙊🙉🙈😂😂
Queen Me
Queen Me Aylar önce
“I’m out touching strangers” this guy is weird af...
A.K.A LKayde
A.K.A LKayde Aylar önce
I loved the Live Action Aladdin, And Will Smith did a great Job playing as the Genie.
Irving De La Hoz
Irving De La Hoz Aylar önce
will smith is 50 years old looking 30 lol
kris haskins
kris haskins Aylar önce
I'm so glad I have Will Smith as a role model
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett Aylar önce
It's easy to be looking good at 50 when you've never done hard days work in your life.
Spencer C
Spencer C Aylar önce
That's nice.
Souad Drihem
Souad Drihem Aylar önce
I was never much of a fan of Will Smith until I watched Aladdin and fell in love with his acting and his exceptional portrayal of Genie in the film. It has definitely changed my perception of him, such a talented singer and actor!
aj pat
aj pat Aylar önce
The role of the Genie will always belong to Robin Williams, no matter what. But I guess that role can be shared as well, with Will Smith.
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas Aylar önce
1. Keanu Reeves 2. Will Smith
Daisy Flower
Daisy Flower Aylar önce
Doesn’t he do the voice for the CGI genie??
Seong Park
Seong Park Aylar önce
Key and Peele Sneezes Jayden : Dad bless you
Seong Park
Seong Park Aylar önce
God I love Will Smith
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood Aylar önce
will smith so amazing for 50 years old !!!
S. Gor
S. Gor Aylar önce
He always put a smile on my face....
Guz Man
Guz Man Aylar önce
50 years old?? WTF. He looks much younger
Guz Man
Guz Man Aylar önce
Such a nice guy
links felix
links felix Aylar önce
Hollywood Uncle Tom
links felix
links felix Aylar önce
Great actor terrible father and husband anytime you let Hollywood effect who u are as a human being wife looks so plastic and kids out of understands more of a screen play than reality
Bill Rodgers
Bill Rodgers Aylar önce
Ive always assumed he was a homosexual, he has to be louder and more obnoxious than anyone in the room. Always get a drama queen homo vibe off him, especially in Aladdin.
Faith Aylar önce
How is he 50, he at least looks 39 at the most
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV Aylar önce
Will needs a Deadshot movie from DC
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV Aylar önce
turning 50? Will don't crack, i guess he made a self genie wish to himself to be immortally ageless XD
szewei85 Aylar önce
Haha cool
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato Aylar önce
He looks 30
Seekarr Aylar önce
Wilhelm Schmidt!
Rachelie Guiao
Rachelie Guiao Aylar önce
Will smith is a happy person you can see here in eyes
ronnie banik
ronnie banik 2 aylar önce
Aladdin sucked Will Smith does horrible movies. Except the Bad boys franchise.
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz 2 aylar önce
I wanna see the 50 yr old version of Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Chikelue Onianwah
Chikelue Onianwah 2 aylar önce
That skin and body on him is definitely not 50!😳
jaden folar
jaden folar 2 aylar önce
hello its bloody king
Yaritza Guzman
Yaritza Guzman 2 aylar önce
Why is that that we all love Will Smith ? 😻😻😻
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis 2 aylar önce
I have always loved this guy since I was a teenager...such a great personality. And still fine as ever at 50!
Samuel115s 2 aylar önce
How is this possible, he looks younger here than he did like 2 years ago lol.
Calli 2 aylar önce
OMG! What a man! I love him! Great actor! ❤
DrMonkeyBoyJr 2 aylar önce
Will is the best genie
MrRogerSherman 2 aylar önce
nicest man in showbiz.
NaturalMonty 2 aylar önce
Just saw Aladdin and love it..great family movie and Will Smith and cast were the shiznit.
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal 2 aylar önce
He’s 50? I swore he was 37.
Boshraattiya Attiya
Boshraattiya Attiya 2 aylar önce
A proud Jordanian 😍🇯🇴🇯🇴freakin love will💜💜 and yes our Prince is the coolest Prince ever😂💜
Bater Janjatah
Bater Janjatah 2 aylar önce
Will smith, great job 👍
Eunmin Woo
Eunmin Woo 2 aylar önce
"He's a grown-ass man!!!"🤣
VOLPE VOLPE 2 aylar önce
6:07 Laugh Goals, tier WILL SMITH. Laughing so hard at his own joke there's a tear in his left eye 👁
Laith Awad
Laith Awad 2 aylar önce
What a legendary person and an actor will smith , love you and ur movies Its sooo great having you in Jordan
Dino Sabalić
Dino Sabalić 2 aylar önce
Bad boys 3 soon, people soon.
Clothilde 2 aylar önce
One of my favourite interviews with Will Smith was on British telly when the host explained what his nickname (‘Big Willy’) means in the UK. Let’s just say that ‘willy’ is British slang for, er, the male member. He laughed his arse off. 😂 Love him. 😍
huffle fucker
huffle fucker 2 aylar önce
He's 50?!?!
Shel Sparkle
Shel Sparkle 2 aylar önce
The Natural Introvert
The Natural Introvert 2 aylar önce
Tiff 2 aylar önce
Robert Vasquez
Robert Vasquez 2 aylar önce
There is a boxing scene technically when he is jump roping lol 😂
hrnn08 2 aylar önce
I used to like Jimmy’s interviews, now I can’t get over the fact that he talks too much and interrupts a lot during interviews.
lucky perdana
lucky perdana 2 aylar önce
Man in Black, now Man in Blue. Awesome 👍👍👍
Chidera Agoha
Chidera Agoha 2 aylar önce
love this man!!
fkmynn __
fkmynn __ 2 aylar önce
I like how he has to swallow the imaginary apple
Lil_piball 2 aylar önce
M PERKINS 2 aylar önce
What a great interview loved it!👍🏽
K Deloris
K Deloris 2 aylar önce
Big Willie Style!!!
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