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MandJTV 3 aylar önce
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Ryker Williams
Ryker Williams 23 gün önce
I used Swampert as my first starter and I love it to this day. also, I herd thet u liek mudkipz. Edit: I am working on becoming a youtuber if you were wondering.
Christopher day an a life
Happy new year
Bram Riley
Bram Riley 2 aylar önce
You fool you have activated the shipping community now there's going to be so much fan art of grunty boy x this mysterious person
Sibley Family
Sibley Family 2 aylar önce
@PlatinumWlvz1 …yes
flipping kids
flipping kids 2 aylar önce
Mememememememe I love mudkip
Fell Tem
Fell Tem 3 aylar önce
Can we talk about how Mikey is just writing fan fiction about himself at this point 😂
Zachary Matthews
Zachary Matthews 10 saatler önce
Shane Thorn
Shane Thorn 29 gün önce
@Kyblestone He’s gone beyond self love, I believe.
FearenHyde Aylar önce
The grunty boi lord on god
DackNostrum 2 aylar önce
Everyone needs a hobby
Emperor Arkoos
Emperor Arkoos 2 aylar önce
One of the few good self insert characters
Edgardo J. Cruz
Edgardo J. Cruz Aylar önce
Actually "Venustoise" from the Island of Giant Pokemon episode that was told from the Pokemon's point of view after they escaped from the S.S. Anne. The one with the talking Gastly was the episode where there was the legend of the woman who waited for her sailor husband to come back to her, but never came back. The "Venustoise" was still fake though.
AWildPikachuFled__ -_-
Wonder when it will make a comeback
Arec Aylar önce
"You guys really like me which I appreciate." Me, coming back weekly during his break to see if he updated yet because he's my favorite content creator: 🥰🥰🥰
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord Aylar önce
The mega one with Misty was a dream so I would count that as an illusion too
Fadhil Mulyono
Fadhil Mulyono Aylar önce
0:38 rewatching this after learning that Hail is gone from Gen 9. It hurts Mikey and his catchphrase "Hail Yeah"
Kymani Youtube
Kymani Youtube 19 gün önce
Snowscape yeah
The BEST OG Aylar önce
Nameless Person
Nameless Person Aylar önce
hail had the positive catchphrase Hail Yeah so does the snow mean it has to become the negative catchphrase Snow No
G3n0!Sans76 3 aylar önce
I just love the reference to Team Skull vs Team Rocket and them being cannonicly roommates. Love it.
Kasen Daniel
Kasen Daniel 3 aylar önce
they were roomates~
SomethingElse 494
SomethingElse 494 3 aylar önce
@TheZekenator09 Are you THE Zeke Von Genbu, Bringer of Chaos?
Zack Buildit
Zack Buildit 3 aylar önce
@potito have you considered: she's transitioned?
FinniganFox 3 aylar önce
Oh my god they were roommates
vgmaster02 3 aylar önce
@Mr. 2Dirty Omg I remember that fan comic!
Peg May
Peg May Aylar önce
I’m happy for Grunty boi. You werk those shorts.
Doktar Looney
Doktar Looney Aylar önce
So I had to pause the video to talk about something I enjoy greatly: Rom hacks. Not only does Game Freak need to hire on these talented people making some of these games, they need to find a way to allow them to exist without destroying their trade mark on the franchise because flat out, a lot of the rom hacks coming out nowadays are more imaginative and creative than what Game Freak has put out in YEARS. The more they work to stifle the rom hack community for pokemon, the more I'll cling to it over being a faithful Nintendo nerd.
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Average mtg nerd
Average mtg nerd Aylar önce
Inteleon has become my favorite gen 8 starter solely because of vector memes.
Radiation labs
Radiation labs Aylar önce
Next thing we know a whole ‘nother batch of evil teams attempt to take over the subreddit and Mikey gets ambushed right in the middle of an aspitpiay episode
Francesca Brogna
Francesca Brogna 3 aylar önce
Mikey singing the Aspitpiay theme was not something I knew I needed
BFDI - David
BFDI - David 3 aylar önce
@BRIAN no its the aspitipiay intro
BRIAN 3 aylar önce
It’s not the theme it’s the yaiy or lwai theme I think
BFDI - David
BFDI - David 3 aylar önce
PlanetCasual 3 aylar önce
Ástríður Rexbur
Ástríður Rexbur 3 aylar önce
Okay. I was wondering why he was singing the Adventure Time theme. 😅
Katy Sansoucie
Katy Sansoucie Aylar önce
Mikey: She!! Grunty Boy are you seeing someone! Grunty Boy: I can't resist thoughts pink eyes!
Umneriko Aylar önce
i love grunty boy stuff you do a good job
Always A Bigga Fish
18:50 the gym leader already makes a joke about this when he terastallises sudowoodo...he calls it a troolo woodo or something I can't remember exactly
It’s like truleewoodo i think?
Diego Medina
Diego Medina Aylar önce
Rewatching this weeks after S/V dropped and... man.... that Team Star Comic at 11:29 (excluding the Bonus), was WAY more accurate to what the story ended up being than we all thought.
Xavier King
Xavier King Aylar önce
Isn't Alpharad's favorite starter mudkip?
Jax838 Aylar önce
20:39, this meme will work with Nemona.
KtheBae Aylar önce
For the Pokemon DP restaurant couple, one person's father is the head chef and the other person's father is the owner (I think the boy's dad is head chef and the girl's dad is the owner, but it could be the other way around). Because of that, they both think of the restaurant as "my father's restaurant" even though they have different dads.
n00dl3g@l 25 gün önce
Oh thank god
Tay h
Tay h 3 aylar önce
PokemonDB is legit so helpful. All the info you want is front and center and easy to find. Bulb has everything buried among stuff you don't usually need unless you're looking for trivia.
Kedo 3 aylar önce
Grunty Boi is getting more character development than some tv show characters at this rate - we love to see it! 😂
Kokushibo 2 aylar önce
This runs deeper than our possible understanding
Carlos Vega
Carlos Vega 2 aylar önce
The plot thickens
division61 2 aylar önce
the lore expands
Anton Babaran
Anton Babaran Aylar önce
Chimchar87 Aylar önce
I only skip the Grunty Boi segments if it’s Raid Shadow Legends
Lucario plays
Lucario plays Aylar önce
Give grunty boi a TRvid channel now
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis Aylar önce
Alright now do scarlet\violet team sky.
Lux Loser
Lux Loser 3 aylar önce
The story of Grunty Boi is just my favorite thing. From Mikey’s enemy to his rival to his friend, and now he has a forbidden inter-team romance. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
Congratulations you are picked message 👆🎁🎊🎉
Zephyr_Winds 3 aylar önce
It is bringing me so much joy.
Thesilentcatninja 3 aylar önce
@Bracken Cribbs 😂
Drake25 3 aylar önce
Might also explain the waxing Grunty Boi mentioned a while ago...
Adam's IQ
Adam's IQ 3 aylar önce
It never said he had a relationship with them. He said it was a roommate, not a romantic interest.
Rebecca Hargrave
Rebecca Hargrave Aylar önce
The papa's restaurant is real, but ones dad is the chef and ones dad is the owner.
Sharmarke Alisalad
Sharmarke Alisalad 3 aylar önce
Oh yeah, I remembered the talking Gastly episode. Gastly used a mouse trap on Pikachu, fire extinguisher on Charmander and a ball on Meowth.
Pizza Slut
Pizza Slut 2 aylar önce
I've been binging mikey's videos today and learned through one of the meme reviews that we have the same birthday. Needless to say I was happy lol
TheMaestro 3 aylar önce
I don't know how I found Mikey's channel, but it happened around the announcement of Legends Arceus and I'd been away from Pokemon for a long, long time. I am glad that things happened the way they did
Park Hae-il
Park Hae-il 3 aylar önce
7:00 reminds me of my regi encounters in emerald back then, they always land their first zap cannons at my mons
Stanley Aylar önce
Dude ever heard of Zwiggo he is literally a Swampert disguising as a human
Blaze12ification 3 aylar önce
I mean water works too, it could work for either of them frankly... I suppose with all the parallels of time flowing like a river Dialga more so, but yeah weird that Palkia isn't psychic and Lugia isn't water. I highly doubt it but if Lugia ever got some form change, mega or something, I think it should get a water ability sort of like Dhelmise where it essentially gets a 3rd type, boosted damage from water, but without the weaknesses, because psychic is important to it, and if you remove the flying type then it's running into problems with ground, not weak to it like Mega Charizard X... but still it has wings HOW CAN IT BE HIT BY GROUND MOVES!
QuasiGame0 Aylar önce
Imagine if they do a ground type regional variant of wiglett
IAmMissingnoMaster 3 aylar önce
I am way happier about this new development in Grunty Boi's life than I thought I would be. As always I gotta give major props to Mikey for making the sponsored segments so worth watching.
Leonardo Couto
Leonardo Couto 3 aylar önce
The plot T H I C C E N S
Victoria 3 aylar önce
I actually love watching the sponsorship. It's crazy how he made that so good and funny
DKGOW 3 aylar önce
@Boosterboo Just made a post on his reddit for this exact saying
Boosterboo 3 aylar önce
If you skip the sponsor you miss the Grunty boi lore.
Gestho05 3 aylar önce
Mikey, its now over a year since you have made the last pokemon types then vs now. Im still waiting for another.
RadioactiveFire 3 aylar önce
while koraidon is really cool in a lot of aspects i just really enjoy the design of miraidon when he is a motorcycle and also the professor in my opinion is better so i will probably end up getting violet (also because i think the futuristic theme is awesome)
IdioticallyEverything 2 aylar önce
As of the release I can safely say I like team star, their plotline is fun and relatable.
A Little Bird
A Little Bird Aylar önce
I decided to do an all dog team for Scarlet since we got Dachsbun and Houndstone. 1:14 was pretty much how that went
Rachel F
Rachel F 3 aylar önce
Grunty Boi is getting more character development than some tv show characters at this rate - we love to see it! 😂
Kyojuro Rengoku
Kyojuro Rengoku 3 aylar önce
@Delkatty Skitty RYT!!😂
Delkatty Skitty
Delkatty Skitty 3 aylar önce
@Kyojuro Rengoku valid argument XD
Kyojuro Rengoku
Kyojuro Rengoku 3 aylar önce
@Dawn's Buneary cause he's GRUNTY BOIIII
Dawn's Buneary
Dawn's Buneary 3 aylar önce
Why is boy spelled with an I?
Jigo 2 aylar önce
Michael: “Idk if anybody’s main thing is swampert.” Zwiggo: 😢
AF92uB 2 aylar önce
2:50 the cited websites are indeed the top domain now, but back around 2000’s there also used to be Psypokes and Marilland’s own website, as well as Serebii at its earlier days with active forums. But now the main three are highly active, with psypokes fully disbanded.
Scottish cat in hat
Scottish cat in hat 3 aylar önce
6:59 actually storm troopers have amazing aim in the scene where they miss that everyone uses for proof it has been confirmed that they were told to miss
SnowWolf 17 gün önce
"I don't think Pokémon scarlet/violet is going to be violent" *That's called foreshadowing*
Logan Franck
Logan Franck 3 aylar önce
When Mikey said "That explains the booty shorts." it was so out of left field I had to pause the video for a second to process it and then started laughing out loud! Best line that Mikey has ever come up with, hands down.
Ties vd Biggelaar
Ties vd Biggelaar 27 gün önce
Operation putting (if you get it you get it)
Michael Antonelli
Michael Antonelli 3 aylar önce
I want to see more of grunty boys story with his “roommate”
Irish_EnderMan 26 gün önce
9:36 "better legendary" is not an accurate description of scarlet Koraidon is cool but Miraidon is 100x better 14:12 HE'S RIGHT lol
Phantom Aylar önce
I was playing Emerald the other day and somehow missed 4 tackles in a row without my accuracy being lowered or my opponent's evasion being heightened. That is a 1 in 160,000 chance. I was fairly pissed after that and just shut the game off. I clearly was not meant to play that day lol
Writeon25 3 aylar önce
Scarlet and Violet seem to be the most meme-able generation on purpose. There's Wiglett, Lechonk, Smolive, Klawf, Firigeraf (or however you spell it's name), Wooper (it was already meme-able and they're bringing it back into the spotlight), the terrastalization headpieces, the professors, and to a lesser extent the starters, Team Star, Fidough, and Cetitan. It's a lot. The Pokémon team have to know what they're doing here.
bbb888 3 aylar önce
Charizard is the most (and only) meme-able Pokémon in history!! Look how many Charizard cards there are in the last few years!!!
ThatOneGuy265 3 aylar önce
Coy Raig
Coy Raig 3 aylar önce
Farigiraf. Both names are palindromes.
urkerab 3 aylar önce
Girafarig's evolution's name is easy to spell once you've learned Girafarig's spelling.
Dan Mitchell
Dan Mitchell 3 aylar önce
As for the "complete the trio" meme. Zwiggo is probably the best fit for that 😅
Faith Bassett
Faith Bassett 3 aylar önce
I was grinding my Zubat in Pokémon Crystal from level 2 to level 12 today and using Supersonic very frequently, a pokémon hit itself in confusion twice in a row maybe three times over two hours.
ktg Aylar önce
Grunty boy is getting LAID??
Multiversal_Guardian 2 aylar önce
The only real differences I've heard are in BDSP are the addition of the large rooms in the Grand Underground, and apparently Cynthia's team was actually made competitively perfect. Perfect IVs and everything all across the board, making her harder than she originally was.
Cheeseburger Lazers
Cheeseburger Lazers 3 aylar önce
ive been watchin mandjtv since i was in high school and its nice to see how much success youve gotten over the years mikey
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Roblox Gaming (Filipino)
2:13 is zwiggo
Blaze12ification 3 aylar önce
Cherish or Premier Ball, especially Premier most astetically pleasing to me, moon ball and level ball too I like, be nice if apricorn pokeballs were more abundant in non gen 2 games. Starting gen 4 when it was invented I catch all my team in it unless it's a gift like a starter. Even legendaries, EVEN WANDERING ONES OR SHINIES I will not waste the master ball it's going in a premier... also because the RPG syndrome of not wanting to waste items because you might need it later... but then never use it lol.
AnonimusQualquer 3 aylar önce
I usually ignore the logic behind advertises and with Grunty Boy I just enjoy the expanding Mandy cinematic universe. Though being able to smell fine after a skunk attack is indeed quite the marketing opener to get one’s attention.
Zelda Reid
Zelda Reid 3 aylar önce
I'm absolutely *living* for this twist in the Grunty Boi lore. Hopefully we get more info on his "roommate". Might have to draw some fanart.
GhostbustingCoyote 3 aylar önce
I second this.
Eva Garcia
Eva Garcia 3 aylar önce
Imagine his roommate shows up in a future video and it’s just Mikey in a wig and a skull outfit
Shane Thorn
Shane Thorn 2 aylar önce
When Misty saw that giant finned creature swimming away, that thing terrified me. Before we got mega Gyarados, that is.
Da Amazing Fireman
Da Amazing Fireman 3 aylar önce
To be completely fair, yes, I’m on Team Violet. However, I chose it because I think the concept of robot Pokémon is pretty neat. Also, Ceruledge.
Katherine Handcock
Katherine Handcock Aylar önce
Team skull girl X Grunty boi
Nick Koehler
Nick Koehler 26 gün önce
That's why the gen 2 remakes are my favorite pokemon games. They literally made gen 2 with gen 3 and 4 features.
Issac Channel 1
Issac Channel 1 3 aylar önce
Grunty Boys roommate being a team skull grunt HAS to be the funniest thing I’ve seen referencing the “Team Rocket vs Team Skull” rap battle.
:CWeeperD: 2 aylar önce
michael HAS to make more meme reviews with grunty boi and his room mate, also if he gives a real name for grunty boi, it should be mychan (how to say:My-Kin), kinda like the diglett wiglett thing, but now its michael groth mychan croff
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson 3 aylar önce
I kind of secretly love wiglet and I want wigtrio to be a thing 😂
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UnToasted Panda
UnToasted Panda 3 aylar önce
I hope when Gen 9 comes out, Mikey might continue Pokémon Types Then vs Now cause its my favourite series of his and I often have it in the background when I work cause its so fascinating
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Núcleo Negro
Núcleo Negro 3 aylar önce
15:17 Yeah, Ceruledge should give his boots to Armarouge in order for both of their designs to be perfect
Dragon Master7461
Dragon Master7461 2 aylar önce
That electric Tera type with levitate was a total prediction of one of the gym leaders pokemon
Stockton 2 aylar önce
22:02 I have a theory on how volo could actually come back: (just know I don't really know the lore and stuff. This is just a fun little theory and i didn't think about logic)after volo is defeated by the player, he goes and catchs many strong pokemon. Then goes to the cave and uses a ultra ball (or whatever ball he could use) to catch giratina. Then, he keeps him out of the ball and hides. When the player enters the cave and fights giratina. During this fight, volo comes and overwhelms the player with the pokemon he has. The player black/whites out and volo kills the player and then takes THEIR pokemon to become even more dangerous. Volo then takes the odd keystone and finds all the wisps and gain another spirit tomb. Then he consumes the spirits in the spirit tombs to survive(maybe the spirits being eaten could give him the energy to survive) as he goes and finds more and more pokemon he becomes an even more dangerous person. But one day when he's asleep (assuming he even sleeps at this point) arceus comes to steal some plates but during this, volo wakes up. Arceus knowing how big of a threat volo is, flees before volo could take out arceus. Technology advances, volo finds more and more ways to keep him self alive intell he is unstoppable. Now not only does he have giratina and a lot of powerful pokemon, but at this point he would have found the box that holds all the players pokemon. This means he now would have many other legendary pokemon. Making volo a very old, very very VERY dangerous man. And probably unstoppable.
Blaze12ification 3 aylar önce
Ground probably would've been a better option, because more dogs are weak to ground then water, Boltund, Lucario... although I suppose so are those legendaries being steel type lol, I guess dogs don't like dirt... which is ironic considering my puppy that's digging holes all over the yard.
Lizzie Firkey
Lizzie Firkey 17 gün önce
I randomly found two shinies while working on my Pokedex. My first was a shiny wiglett. It was... an experience xD
The Gross Demon
The Gross Demon 2 aylar önce
I think I like Grunty boy so much that I totally get lost in the story and I forget it's an ad lol
A dogger Gamer
A dogger Gamer 3 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how the grunty boi segments are somewhat predictable but are still surprising at the same time and it balances out so well
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DerHinz07 29 gün önce
Please just imagine that the dark- ghost garchomp is it's shiny, it would just be so friggin awesome!
Sasuke Girl
Sasuke Girl 3 aylar önce
So happy to see people wanting more Kalos, X and Y hold a special place in my heart 🥺🙏 I will also be naming my Wiglett, in tribute to Mikey, “loooong boooooi”
Thanks 😊 ☝️☝️☝️ Gift up 🎁 👆👆👆👆..
Our Kind of Entertainment
@18:44 I love that story because it reminds me of my college level (or AP) Biology course my senior year in high school. The teacher was telling us the scientific names of animals and my brain clicked due to a bunch of them being 'Pokemon related' like Ursidae = Teddiursa/Ursaring or Vulpes being a group of foxes and of course that name reminded me of Vulpix! The reason this story hits home was just a few days ago I was telling my middle school attending nephew that Dragon Ball Z back in the day taught me some pretty big words (via Vegeta's monologues) and even Pokemon helped me out with certain subjects. Anime and video games actually make learning fun!
justyourregularjack 3 aylar önce
The grunty boi lore just went to a whole new level
Mccormick Monias
Mccormick Monias 3 aylar önce
I think it would be cool if they added voice actors for the new games, it would make the game better than reading all the boring dialogue. I seriously doubt Pokemon would do this but I think fans would love it.
12345 6789
12345 6789 3 aylar önce
For the record about the couple in the restaurant, in eastern culture (or maybe it's specific to Japan, I'm not sure) when people get married it's normal to call your spouse's parents mother and father. Obviously, this can be confusing when translated like this, but they are basically using mother and father just like how we use mother-in-law and father-in-law.
Peyton O'Bannon
Peyton O'Bannon 23 gün önce
I especially enjoy the Grunty Boi segments. If someone I know skips them I will immediately begin a rant about how amazing they are.
supersasukemaniac 2 aylar önce
Ok, the "Team Star doesn't follow rules" thing as hilarious in hindsight with the Dark Team leader being a former Student Counsel President who had a very archaic rule system. And he went on to pen Teams Star's code of conduct, much to his disappointment.
CraftYourFancyMore 3 aylar önce
That was a very adorable intro 😆❤
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David Dry
David Dry Aylar önce
I used swampert
Jimskuli PvP
Jimskuli PvP 5 gün önce
The confusion thing happens to me too but every time i make a shiny confused it just kills it self
Kacpikachu 3 aylar önce
Personally, I will only skip Grunty Boi segments if I’m rewatching a video, and even then it’s not all the time. They’re still the best ad reads on TRvid, and the mere fact that I’m willing to watch them even once is testament to that.
Rabbles the Binx Productions
Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that I hate the sponsor with an irrational fire, I would agree
Theinsanegamer10 3 aylar önce
@R4nd0m Guy Fair criticisms. I personally feel Grunty Boi is one of the better ad segment things on TRvid, or at least one of the least annoying ones, if only because you never know what kind of crap will be leading into it and out of it. As you said, the set ups leading into them are interesting, and that by far makes them some of the best on TRvid even if you skip the ad part itself.
R4nd0m Guy
R4nd0m Guy 3 aylar önce
The set-up is definitely interesting, but I don't need to see a bunch of ads about the same thing over and over. It also doesn't help that Grunty Boi's voice is especially high-pitched and actually quite annoying.
Theinsanegamer10 3 aylar önce
Agreed, 100%
cocomoch 29 gün önce
9:29 Literally the only reason I lost my first attempt at Iono
Giga Screech
Giga Screech 24 gün önce
2:08 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the mudkip line especially swampert but sadly even if I did become a creator like you and Jaiden I would never become as popular since I have zero talents but maybe zwiggo could finish the trio?
Mikechef Studios
Mikechef Studios 3 aylar önce
That merch looks amazing 🤩
Blaze12ification 3 aylar önce
People saying Shedinja going to be broken, I don't think so. Also yeah same with if it has levitate, like I don't know if you made Flygon or Hydreigon electric type would that hinder it more than help? I'm sure Gengar could thrive, especially if megas were there... too bad gamefreak tries to forget megas exist while all their spin offs are flourishing from it like Go, Masters, the anime.
"Pokémon are harmless creatures" Yeah, lol. Reminds me of a funny thing that happened to me in Shining Pearl: I nicknamed my Drifloon "Amber Alert"* and then I was absolutely delighted to see you can walk Drifloon in Amity Square. I entered the Square from the east entrance and quickly came across a little girl. I walked in circles around her for a bit, trying to get a Screenshot that looks like Amber Alert is about to abduct her (because my humor is that dark and I'll happily go to hell for it 😈), then when I was done goofing around, I walked up north a few steps and found *a hiker with a Drifloon near the little girl!* Like hold up! No way the devs are as messed up as I am! 😂🤣 *(I really should've reset for a shiny with that name, but I lacked the patience...)
Moose_Watching 2 aylar önce
The future Pokémon look waaaay cooler than the ancient ones
noicon85 3 aylar önce
I would like to see a video on annoyingly difficult items to obtain. For example: a 4% chance to find a lucky egg on a 4% encounter chancy with a 4% catch rate in only two areas of the Safari Zone in the entirety of Pokemon Fire Red. I understand that the lucky egg is very good, but if it's on a Pokemon that's that rare I think the odds should be boosted a little bit. A Max of 10%.
WALTER 3 aylar önce
I have always thought that the Team Sky leader should be called “Skyler”
Kaan 3 aylar önce
Zwiggo actually loves Swampert. It's his profile picture and also he used it a lot in his playtrough's
BeeGhost 2 aylar önce
Zwiggo!! ( the trio is complete)
JellyKip 2 aylar önce
Katie Philpott
Katie Philpott 2 aylar önce
Alpharad does too :)
Andre Blueboy
Andre Blueboy 3 aylar önce
Can I see his TRvid channel?
Matteo Grace
Matteo Grace 3 aylar önce
im Pikasan and i lost my acount
I choosed scarlet cause of koraidon but i didnt know it was going to be in the past cause i like more the futuricstic pokemlns
Joseph Biddle
Joseph Biddle 3 aylar önce
2:08 I would complete the trio. Swampert is my favorite Water starter and my third favorite starter in general. It's only beaten by Rillaboom and Infernape.
LocalWeirdo 2 aylar önce
for me, the most pleasing Pokeball is the Cherish Ball. idk why its just amazing
Sandy Canfield
Sandy Canfield 17 gün önce
I would never skip our precious grungy boi segments!
Delta Alpha MMA
Delta Alpha MMA 16 gün önce
2:09 I love swampert. I am a water fan when it comes to starter.
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