Why WWE Released Bray Wyatt

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Simon Miller's take on the shock news that WWE has released "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

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31 Tem 2021




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Talent Hlungwani
Talent Hlungwani 9 gün önce
Ok real talk? Is this Johnny Sins? Or is it the guy who reacts to Hip Hop sometimes with his other white friend? I’m a little on the clouds🙂
JackyBogues 13 gün önce
Look at Wyatt’s TRvid view count, he doesn’t have great views compared to other stars he is not that popular
Hallucin8 14 gün önce
I’m sorry, but wwe screwed bray over for NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE TIMES. Wwe screwed him over with husky Harris character, (Bray had to come up with his bray Wyatt gimmick to save himself). Wwe screwed him over by burying bray Wyatt (he had to save himself AGAIN by creating the fiend) and now he gets screwed over AGAIN. HOW WWE, HOW DO U KEEP MESSING UP WITH THESE KINDS OF AWESOME TALENTSSSS. THE FIEND COULD’VE REBORN THE ATTITUDE ERA, HE COULDVE EVEN CREATED A NEW ERA. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THIS TALENT? YOU FIRE HIM??! wwe has reached rock bottom
MH03 19 gün önce
They ruined him when he lost to Goldberg then he won the universal championship back and then lost it to Roman Reigns and ruined him again they put him in a feud with Randy Orton and but Alexa Bliss in the mix and she stole his character and is still using it till this day and they made him lose to Randy Orton but if returned he could’ve challenged Bobby lashley and win the wwe championship and channel ve Roman at survivor series in a champion vs champion match
Dquery Dyson
Dquery Dyson 20 gün önce
The funhouse? Horrible
Dquery Dyson
Dquery Dyson 20 gün önce
That whole character grew stale real quick. Be honest.
nik maknojia
nik maknojia 22 gün önce
when it comes to roman they will agree with everything he wants but not with fiend character? pathetic wwe
Paul Levas
Paul Levas 25 gün önce
Same thing with Roman! No one in this Era, can stay the same. Wwe HAS to keep changing because no one is interested in the top stars this era
Mr. Wayward
Mr. Wayward 25 gün önce
Vince is out of his mind. He systematically destroys his own company. How could he release one of, if not THE most interesting guy on roster? I'm sure the AEW officials can't stop laughing anymore. 😆
Gaurav loc
Gaurav loc Aylar önce
Why this man is looking like johny sins 😂😂
THE CDN Aylar önce
The Mcmahons are seriously out of touch with what fans want. Wyatt needs to go to any place else. I suggest he be called Blackjack Windham.
Jurgen Junco
Jurgen Junco Aylar önce
If Tony Kalm was a good business man he would release some of he's really crappy wresters and he has a lot of them and hire Bray and some other top notch WWE stars that Vince released. And he will make AEW a lot better and easier to watch.
Jurgen Junco
Jurgen Junco Aylar önce
I really think Vince is doing this because of two things. He's releasing wrestlers in mass Quantities. 1 Vince's mental state 2 Vince is preparing to sell the company. He using budget cuts as an excuse. He does want to have so many wrestlers on he's roster when the news finally goes down.
Vinsanity Aylar önce
so what does this do with alexa's fiend-derived character?
Todd Lancing
Todd Lancing Aylar önce
I'm not against WWE guys going to AEW, I am against WWE guys taking over without being properly built as a new character. Bray would do great anywhere
Drippy Guu
Drippy Guu Aylar önce
They played my boy
Frankie Corleone Official
He’ll be back is Selena Vega got resigned..🤷🏾
Anthony Padron
Anthony Padron Aylar önce
Bray Wyatt and the dark order boom
Johnny G random stuff
I used to love wwe but I’m fed up with them, it’s done for me I can’t take it anymore, it’s stupidity to the extreme and they don’t deserve a fan like me
Ramen Noddle
Ramen Noddle Aylar önce
Ninjamonkey21 Aylar önce
This just goes to show how little faith they have in their current roster. They let release Bray Wyatt (one of the best, most creative talents in the business) due to "budget cuts", while at the same time shelling out not one but two fortunes to bring in Cena and Goldberg to challenge both champs at the same pay-per-view. This is how you shoot yourself in the foot while helping your competition. I just wish AEW had better viewing options.
william brulip
william brulip Aylar önce
Welp, another one who won't be in WWE 2K22 then... Vince knows very well that Bray will be going to AEW once the 90 days ends, so there's no doubt the WWE already sent 2K the memo to remove him from the game. Meaning the only game where we can play as The Fiend is WWE 2K20, which nobody wants to do, and let's not forget he's a DLC so gotta pay more money to get him as he's not even in the base game. Now that's disappointing.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Aylar önce
AEW, Hire Bray and have him go undefeated for at least a year and then have Bray VS Malakai.
a Nero
a Nero Aylar önce
I have a feeling that they are doing this on purpose so AEW can recruit them and then Vince is gonna drop WWE and take over AEW. :P
Shukla Aylar önce
WWE company will become a beggar one day..Not because of paucity of money but because of paucity of talented wrestlers..WWE made a big mistake by leaving too many good wrestlers..😔😔
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Aylar önce
Never seen WWE release wrestlers, especially top cards like this. perhaps WWE is realy shutting down. Vince and others may have investments in AEW
Jack Barrett
Jack Barrett Aylar önce
Cant they release that tribal cheese Rock wannabe
Billz Aylar önce
Shy Guy
Shy Guy Aylar önce
Johnny Sins is really into wrastlin'
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
I can’t believe they released Bray, he was one of the biggest creative minds in the business. Poor Bray☹️
clown1 Aylar önce
WWE is basically saying: hey aew take all our guys I want to die
Glenn Jones
Glenn Jones Aylar önce
Is the fiend his own property then or does Vince own the rights ?
Ritz Aylar önce
Its a shame and a big waste for wwe to release him after a good story line for him from wyatt family and the fiend... funny when they say budget cut but bringing Cena a big budget wrestler back to wwe.. its not his time or prime anymore.. give it to newfaces... let Roman and other wrestlers rule the entertainment for fans.. no body need Cena to come back as 16 nor 17 wwe champion..
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
he was the only character i gave a shit about in WWE. What a joke
Jabari VOC Podcast
Jabari VOC Podcast Aylar önce
Billion dollar company talking about the budget 😒
Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts Aylar önce
If Bray goes to AEW, he probably won't be The Fiend cuz most likely Vince McMahon owns the name and character.
Lou Cipher
Lou Cipher Aylar önce
*WWE doesnt need a useless wrestler that doesnt wrestle in months*
Vivek, Bhavneet & Johnny
6:29 we shouldn't speculate on someone's mental health 6:31 speculates on someone's mental health
Luis Colin
Luis Colin Aylar önce
Look on the bright side guys, this could only mean one thing More screen time for NATALYA
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
I can’t believe they released Bray, he was one of the biggest creative minds in the business. Poor Bray☹️
GoobieDooo Aylar önce
I can go into a whole paragraph talking about this but like you said WWE is making a killing and they say it because of Budget cuts now that's absolutely BS but wherever Bray ends up after his Non Compete clause he will do Spectacular!!!!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
Wwe have made huge mistakes here
Nairung1395 Aylar önce
Tbh, my only reaction to this news is “finally, good for him, he will be better off without that shitty company”
Silt Strider
Silt Strider Aylar önce
Never seen WWE release wrestlers, especially top cards like this. perhaps WWE is realy shutting down. Vince and others may have investments in AEW
Lita B
Lita B Aylar önce
I was seriously going back to watching wrestling again because I heard of Bray Wyatt. Next thing I know hes canned. These shinanigans are why I stopped investing!! 🤯 I'm still going to watch because I would hate to miss the opportunity to see the next great talent. I hope Bray finds some other venture. Happy to support him ☺️
psychozombie productions
I met bray wyatt he signed my shirt too
D Rizzo
D Rizzo Aylar önce
Alexa Bluss really has to drop her gimmick now; its just too weird if Bray isnt around anymore.
Jim Aylar önce
Vince still isn't scared of AEW 😅😅
Alexander Wagner
Alexander Wagner Aylar önce
Good, probably the dumbest character in WWE history, and that covers a lot of ground!
Sal Capone
Sal Capone Aylar önce
I strongly disagree that he’s the dumbest character, but we are all humans and you’re entitled to your own opinion.
darcy cook
darcy cook Aylar önce
he was the only character i gave a shit about in WWE. What a joke
Geoffrey Brooks
Geoffrey Brooks Aylar önce
Another nail in the WWE coffin. They put actual talent on the backburner in order to bring back old legends and feed them to Roman or Brock. The product is TERRIBLE!! I'm hoping he goes to AEW and they keep gaining momentum.
Mohammad Reza Alikhani
I think I was the only person who never enjoyed fiend and firefly fun houses. I always thought they were stupid
Hip-Hop Don't Stop
Hip-Hop Don't Stop Aylar önce
Welcome to AEW Mr. Fiend.
darq Chason
darq Chason Aylar önce
Nothing he did was that special That includes all his failed gimmicks. Even his Mania match with Taker was bad. Other than me, only Wade Keller seems to have the balls to admit that he was nothing special whatsoever.
Real Evidence TV
Real Evidence TV Aylar önce
The fiend made me fall in love with Wrestling,Now that his gone,I am heartbroken 😭
mothafockha Aylar önce
YOOO AEW Need To Hire Bray. He's Soooooo Fit In The Dark Order
The Truth 369K
The Truth 369K Aylar önce
Jonny Sins
Benjamin Wright
Benjamin Wright Aylar önce
Wwe have made huge mistakes here
larry brown
larry brown Aylar önce
the fiend to AEW would be ace
AndroidAP Aylar önce
Welcome to AEW, Bray
PlainBagel Aylar önce
CM punk will see Wyatt in AEW " Oh hey you're that guy from the Nexus "
REDLIFE 666 Aylar önce
They ruined the best thing that happened to wrestling he was legit the saviour of wwe now it's going down from here
MD over
MD over Aylar önce
Because he made them look bad.
Patch Selg
Patch Selg Aylar önce
Why? Bray Wyatt can be the next Undertaker
mastercalippo Aylar önce
aew is the new tna and tna is budget wwe
Thomas Freakz
Thomas Freakz Aylar önce
I think, with all respect, bray is done with wrestling, i think he is a broken depressed guy. He will not come back to any promotion.
Jamier Drake
Jamier Drake Aylar önce
This caught me off guard i always thought bray wyatt was a good wrestler and didn’t deserve to be released even when he had not showed up after being pinned by orton 2k games is is probably not gonna be happy about this
jake Hanson
jake Hanson Aylar önce
I'm sure aew is licking their chops
Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison Aylar önce
This is the shortest video explaining the "real reason"...I mean does it really take longer that 3 mins to explain?..I don't need a fucking 20 min video about this
MR LaserDisco
MR LaserDisco Aylar önce
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen Aylar önce
You said “big dong,” lol.
Classic Rock and Furries Rule !
Budget cuts? Then they should get rid of their crappy writers!
shane hansen
shane hansen Aylar önce
Wyatt should have tried wrestling instead of silly characters they go nowhere because they are quite frankly boring
Jerrymi LN
Jerrymi LN Aylar önce
Imagine if this was a marketing gimmick by WWE and Bray Wyatt returns at Summer Slam. Explosive
Apocalypse3434 Aylar önce
ME: "Releasing Aleister Black was about the dumbest move the WWE could do." WWE: "Hold my beer."
FuegoFre$h3 Aylar önce
His booking was horrible, he deserves better in a different promotion.
Samuel Figueroa
Samuel Figueroa Aylar önce
The only wrestling news I get are from you guys nowadays. This is why I don’t watch wwe anymore.
Jordan Hunt
Jordan Hunt Aylar önce
The power balance is wrestling is changing..
Alex Peets
Alex Peets Aylar önce
The Fiend should have taken the baton from the undertaker. They release the Fiend but resign a no-talent like eva marie? This shows WWE has no fucking clue what they doing. AEW is gonna take all this talent and blow up.
Derek Wheeler
Derek Wheeler Aylar önce
The only reason I was still watching WWE is Bray. Shut it down!!!
Ricky D. Berny
Ricky D. Berny Aylar önce
Just imagine, Bray, lesner and Daniel bryan sign up with AEW!! It'll be huge and that's the fall of WWE.
The A Entertainer
The A Entertainer Aylar önce
WWE sucks .
Walter Brunner
Walter Brunner Aylar önce
Don’t get me wrong but if Bray Wyatt got released by WWE and go to sign with AEW and as the new leader of the Dark Order and WWE getting back Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho back to WWE then WWE will be back to normal and things can get back like they use to be that way Kevin Owens will stop his storyline with Sami Zayn and reunite with Chris Jericho win the Raw Tag Team Championship together
Zaf Mo
Zaf Mo Aylar önce
He was out of shape, doesnt connect with people under 14, his move set is shitty and he is a terrible ambassador for the company. Morons think he was something special..same morons who said AEW would be special.
Wesleigh Arjunan
Wesleigh Arjunan Aylar önce
I still watched WWE for Bray...... Now I'm done
MemeMathine Aylar önce
Out of all the releases, Aleister and Bray are two of the dumbest decisions this company has made (I mean Daniel Bryan too but he wasn't released) two incredibly creative and talented wrestlers who WWE quite frankly just doesn't deserve them
J.P.S 🖤
J.P.S 🖤 Aylar önce
Bray will be going aew, where harper ended up so seems destined tbh... Keep your bro proud, he'd be looking down at you and Rowan rn with nothing but love and happiness depsite what's going on, this isn't a bad thing, Bray was always too talented for this company
ed holler
ed holler Aylar önce
Old Man Vince might be getting ready to sell the whole company.
Pankaj Kapri
Pankaj Kapri Aylar önce
I think it was justified. WWE wanted Eva Marie and Zelina Vega back so they had to lay off Bray Wyatt to cover the costs. Makes perfect sense.
Craig Baker
Craig Baker Aylar önce
WWF is going down hill it's all about AEW👑
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Aylar önce
Braun, now Bray really wwe keeps losing the good talent and keeps losers like Eva Marie,
Peace Out And Go - Travel Tips and Inspiration
You can bet your ars that the WWE didn't release him from a business standpoint. We never really know what goes on behind the scenes of a superstar being released, especially the caliber of Bray Wyatt. With that said, it might even be Bray's fault himself. Who knows if he had a very big argument or an overwhelming demand that the WWE had no other choice but releasing him. Did you ever think of that side of things? Well, maybe you should.
Thomas Ostrowski
Thomas Ostrowski Aylar önce
I wonder how much of the Fiend/fire fly fun house idea AEW can steal, and get away with it, by doing what the WWE should of did with such a great idea/Character
Blitzkrieg 2.0
Blitzkrieg 2.0 Aylar önce
Lol if wwe wanted to release Bray then why he came with fiend character
モニカ Aylar önce
After Punk's departure from 2014, I never watched WWE anymore. I just found out that this year, they released a lot of people including Bray. I'll miss those Wyatt Family assaults back in the days, lol. I wonder how the OG back in those years felt about WWE right now.
ian isaac
ian isaac Aylar önce
I gave up on WWE years ago. This is one of many reasons why. Stupid decisions.
Raymon T
Raymon T Aylar önce
Well said Simon, well said.....
Vik Vegas
Vik Vegas Aylar önce
Bray Wyatt had lost his passion and was refusing to come to work. Probably due to Alexa Bliss stealing his spot. What do you want WWE to do?
Jayツ Aylar önce
i wanted fiend vs the demon so bad
sun ny
sun ny Aylar önce
My theory is vince must own aew because he’s literally handing them stars
Hulkasaurus Flex
Hulkasaurus Flex Aylar önce
Because they are stupid and don't understand wrestling anymore... With WWE it's like the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead
Dislocated Weasel
Dislocated Weasel Aylar önce
You just repeating everything everyone else says and get 360k views. Terrible content. Jog on you Mark
Aussie Dad Bloke
Aussie Dad Bloke Aylar önce
The Fiend was the biggest thing the WWE had in years and they completely screwed it up. What are they thinking ???
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