Why Were The Nazis So Stylish? // Secret History Revealed

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0:00 - Why Were The Nazis So Stylish?
1:11 - Unification of Germany in 1871
2:05 - World War I Uniforms
3:24 - Rise of The Nazis
4:02 - What Is The SS (Schutzstaffel)
5:41 - Why Is The SS Uniform Stylish?
6:53 - Who Designed The SS Uniform?
9:24 - The Swastika
10:19 - The Schutzstaffel Symbol
11:13 - Who Manufactured The Uniforms
12:45 - Explosion of Media in Germany
13:28 - Joseph Goebbels
13:59 - Leni Riegfenstahl
16:18 - Hollywood and Nazis


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Sean Kamran Rowshandel
Here's their secret: I don't want to be racist against the Nazi party but is there any doubt that the reason for which we have religious texts is that in the beginning we were afraid of written language, since written language is the child of spoken language (and parents would never allow their child to invent the first spoken word, unless the child explains that it is appropriate since their tribe MUST prepare for war)? Is there any doubt that speaking non-Chinese languages is the same as being biologically inferior because thinking in those languages consumes all parts of our brain, so we can't orient ourselves towards (or away from) goals if we use those languages (for example, screaming too loudly while wrestling to the death means that 1. you've lost your mind and 2. the lack of oxygen is making you lose strength)?
Craig Bigelow
Craig Bigelow 15 gün önce
They got the idea for the uniform from the black plague Dr. with the bird beak invented in Germany, it was a mask to protect them from the plague.
angel belas
angel belas Aylar önce
imso smart
imso smart 2 aylar önce
As an artist and someone who has sewn my own clothes at times, I really appreciate this deep dive into the history! I look forward to more videos from you!
Fulgencio Roldano
Fulgencio Roldano 2 aylar önce
@Janek Tarnogrocki Stop watching Hollywood movies. History was very different.
Chris R
Chris R Saatler önce
Absolutely enjoyed this piece. Well done.
Dragan Dumovic
Dragan Dumovic 2 saatler önce
No one beats Hugo Boss
Robert Mendes
Robert Mendes 4 saatler önce
The devil must have been impressed.
Steve Newton
Steve Newton 6 saatler önce
The Waffen SS were not clean-up troops. They fought on the front line. They also had panzer units so that information was not correct.
CommanderApple 7 saatler önce
A Propaganda Minister could be compared to the Social Media division of a government today. Germans were just decades ahead of their times...
George Franquiz
George Franquiz 7 saatler önce
To all psychopath is the curse given by the Creator, to them, that they will not acomplish anything in life. Everything Hitler did turned to nothing, only destruction, caos, mayhem, murder etc, a real child of Cain. Genesis 4: 12 "When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.'"
Jose P. Montoya
Jose P. Montoya 8 saatler önce
You can't separate power structures, domination and S T Y L E. The psychology of this applies to all your videos. Please give up superficial bullshit and jump deep into this mess so you can help solve it. We are slaves. Vanity and hypocrisy enchained us with golden chains and only love and truth can free us, we need to mind not what we wear.
Brofessor and the Rockera
Brofessor and the Rockera 10 saatler önce
Coolest uniforms i have ever seen is the formal uniform of the international fire fighters bomberos sin fronteras. From Germany in LATAM Never seen anything like that.
Kyle Toppert
Kyle Toppert 14 saatler önce
I think the uniforms of the SS are sharp but the ideology and their government put a bad reputation
1D5dozer 15 saatler önce
No one talks about nazi soldiers as being stylish., WTF is wrong with you?
Rudy Leotardo
Rudy Leotardo 17 saatler önce
Garbage channel
Yoda 5
Yoda 5 18 saatler önce
Well done Marine. The US Marine dress blues are directly influenced by German/Prussian tradition (von Steuben) right down to the scallops on the sleeves. British Imperial uniforms, Russian current, Imperial and Soviet are all part of the imperial European mix of style and one-ups-manship in braid. Their basis is usually a stylized version of an earlier practical effort (Buttons on the sleeves that served no other function than preventing troops from smearing snot on their sleeve by wiping their nose - Fredrick the Great innovation). There is also the theory of "aping" the victors of war. (The NAZI kepi found nowhere else in German history was a tacit admiration of the French?) It's a complicated subject. The Luftwaffe started from scratch and embraced the stylish business look of the 1920's. The black Panzer uniform (often confused with SS, much to many Panzer troopers dismay), was black to hide grease and oil. Panzer troops also sported the "death head" which comes directly from the Hussars deaths head on von Mackensen's "Buzzbee" which is British in origin. As my German Grandmother would say "Kleidung macht den Mann" (clothes make the man) or as ZZ Top says, "women go crazy for a sharp dressed man. I can only chuckle at what the new US Space Force uniform might be? Captain Kirk meet Erol Flynn?
tom 19 saatler önce
Very well said: (13:48) "They [politicians] are not good at making anything, except for making themselves look, good at our expense."
Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire 19 saatler önce
Well, they did have Hugo boss.
Magic 22 saatler önce
yes, the Nazi son inherited the nazi business. Continue doing business with the Nazi who believed in fascism and the genocide of human beings for not being white.
Daniel Newell
Daniel Newell 22 saatler önce
They reversed the swastika. Kinda yin Yang deal, peace v. hate&death
Ron Blackmore
Ron Blackmore Gün önce
Well presented video with excellent information. Thanks
Ekaterina The Yefreytor
Just a head up. The SS itself was kinda evil, but it had commanders that refused to commit war crimes. Most notable would be Felix Steiner.
tom a
tom a Gün önce
Hollywood Glam, and they learned from zztop that women like sharp dressed men.
tom a
tom a Gün önce
ha ha ha.. i made the comment before watching the vid.
Elijah Calvert
Elijah Calvert Gün önce
Look good play good
Thank you for your service sir.
DLC (Daily Life with Chad)
4:10 Fun fact the S.S really stood for *Standardized* *Swag* Hitler had a strong policy where people whom were loyal to him had to serve him and commit war crimes. But they must do so with Mass amounts of Drip tho
I̸'̷m̸ ̶b̷e̴h̴i̶n̵d̵ ̵y̸o̶u̷
The designing power of the ss uniform is more than LV, BALENCIAGA, Hugo, etc. Combined.
Typing Name •••
Moment of silence to the intern who might have suggested the uniform
Nebula Gün önce
I think you overthought this. Wow, when I look at a soldier, i get so affected by the power and symbolism of their uniforms, like shut up. It's just a piece of cloth. Nothing special really.
Nebula Gün önce
@certified bruh moment I do apologise for the inconveniences I my have caused with my remark. Nonetheless, I do stand by the opinion that he did in fact has made the lenght of the video unnecessarily longer than it should have been and could have presented us the more consice and structurally more ordered amd organied explanation of what I do think is an interesting topic. See what ive done.... Wrote unnecessary rubish just to say that it was too long. That's what he did.
certified bruh moment
you need to have the basic human understanding of subjectiveness. People find the symbolism, good for them. What the fuck is your problem
Nebula Gün önce
Please BLINK SOMETIMES. It's ugly to look at you not blinking.
M.A.D Gün önce
Bruh this is what u get when ur leader an artist/painter
Navneet Vats
Navneet Vats Gün önce
Well described.
Tanin Sabbir
Tanin Sabbir Gün önce
Not only their uniforms and outfits were good-looking, many of them were incredibly good looking too! I mean still are...
Rafon Gün önce
I asked grandpa what he remembered of SS uniforms? The only thing he could recall is that losers wore it. 🤭
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Gün önce
Nazis got all the drip
DabbinSquidie Gün önce
people: swastikas are the most ugly, most dehumanizing thing ever same people: Nazis were stylish on the nazi uniforms *swastikas*
Jazz Jackrabbit
Jazz Jackrabbit Gün önce
You could say that Nazi uniforms were pretty Boss
Jenna Strange
Jenna Strange 2 gün önce
Wow... this was great man... i didnt know what i was in for, but you did a brilliant job.
Mark Lanfier
Mark Lanfier 2 gün önce
I do think it’s hilarious that Himmler & Goebbles would never be allowed into the SS because of they didn’t meet any of the requirements. The swastika was also used as more propaganda. Because it was a symbol of peace, love, unity. That’s why you see the swastika in the middle representing germany & the red surrounding it represents communism. You see Germany surrounded by communism.
Mark Lanfier
Mark Lanfier 2 gün önce
Because Hugo Boss designed the uniform.
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
no, he and his company only manufactured them Why not watch the whole video first before commenting?
Dedikado 2 gün önce
i think people understimate the soviet uniforms
Ale x
Ale x 2 gün önce
Nazis stole the uniforms design from Massachusetts State Police . Thats what I heard.
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
Lmao, that's just a bland lie
Линд Тэйлор
as a slav, as a russian and as a historian I have to say that SS wasn't really monsters, but regular soldiers (if we talk about Waffen SS). otherewise, nazis didnt kill Slavs by race reasons, just because of guerilla warfare (that is a crime accourding to Hague)
Линд Тэйлор
Линд Тэйлор 23 saatler önce
@Kalashnikov 413 poles and yugoslavs are slavs firstly, so, my words touch they too. Warsaw uprising, Tito guerillas - it's all about them. Remember Croatian free state? Slovakia? They all had their states. What about Jews - I can't talk about Holocaust with facts, because revision of it is illegal in, I think, practically all European countries.
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
well, you only talked about their action against Slavs while not mentioned about Jews, Poles, Yugoslavs, etc.
The Hitler Drip kinda got a ring to it.
James Masters
James Masters 2 gün önce
When you had Hugo Boss and Chanel designing for you it's hard not to
James Masters
James Masters 22 saatler önce
Kalashnikov 413 oh good you read a book. Thank god your not an American.
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 22 saatler önce
@James Masters By the third quarter of 1932, the all-black SS uniform was designed by SS members Karl Diebitsch (artist) and Walter Heck (graphic designer). The Hugo Boss company was one of the companies that produced these black uniforms for the SS. FYI: I'm not an American
James Masters
James Masters 23 saatler önce
@Kalashnikov 413 HB & Chanel had their hand in making soldier uniforms in WW2 read your dam history and if your an American...find the receipt for your education
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
Except he did not designed it
BlitzKrieg117 2 gün önce
5:01 the waffen ss had several panzer devisions like das riech, totenkopf, wiking and more they also had moterised and mechanized infantry called panzergrenniders so your incorrect when you said the waffen ss had no tanks or vehicles.
Paulo Wudy
Paulo Wudy 2 gün önce
Hugo boss is designer of nazi uniforms and Bayer pharmaceuticals used aushwitz as it's Guinea pig lab.. 2 companies need be boycotted!!!!
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
Except he did not designed it
Keith Kohl
Keith Kohl 2 gün önce
the hosts face keeps poping up over and over and ruins the video, very annoying, completly ruins the flow of the video.
Strelok blackburn
Strelok blackburn 2 gün önce
there's a country i saw recently Argentina i think that uses the ss style uiniform
ŽËŹË 2 gün önce
Bruh, there was a guy with the last name Heck 🗿
P C 2 gün önce
The power of Propaganda it's still used today just called something else now.
Mitchell Simi
Mitchell Simi 2 gün önce
When comes to camo I like the iconic 'Flecktarn' the Germans wore and is still even used by the German military today as a part of NATO.
ITzGio XD 2 gün önce
Whole new meaning to “kill em with Drip”
UrZ Fight4URight
UrZ Fight4URight 2 gün önce
Leni Riefenstahl not Reifenstahl…
fachri ishaq
fachri ishaq 2 gün önce
nazi know how to make young man join the party using Drip
Madjackblack 2 gün önce
Other than Grossdeutschland, which was an Army unit with its own cuff title, the premier tank/mechanized forces of the Reich belonged to the Waffen SS - Das Reich, Leibstandarte, Hitler Jugend, Totenkopf. They became the fire brigades and proved formidable opponents.
karlos ghatineh
karlos ghatineh 2 gün önce
Dear friend, thank you so much for your video. before I watch your video I like the german army just because of their uniform and their organiz and strected also they invention many things in history smart people, most of the invention was because they contact with their license.
Pedro Peña
Pedro Peña 2 gün önce
Their actions: 😡💀💥 Their fashion style: 🧐🍷
studio 2
studio 2 2 gün önce
The nazis had over 50 different uniforms of different units inside Germany itself.
Agus Medan
Agus Medan 2 gün önce
7:30 that's not the German Walter Heck picture.
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain 2 gün önce
They did have the coolest uniforms
Fred De Stefano
Fred De Stefano 2 gün önce
I'll stick to my white shirt and distressed jeans. Still awesome haircut:)
noufil awan
noufil awan 2 gün önce
My favourite perfume. We use it .
noufil awan
noufil awan 2 gün önce
Nice video😊
kertaspaper94 2 gün önce
I want to share this on Facebook, to this military enthusiast group I joined to show them, but I'm afraid that I'll get zucc'd, because "N4z!". I'll let you know though.
kedanpie4409 2 gün önce
I understand the content of this video but let’s be careful what we breathe life on. No need to revive these dry bones.
Souhail Jaouabi
Souhail Jaouabi 3 gün önce
marines uniform
Scarakus 3 gün önce
Today, America's Minister of Propaganda is called the CIA.
Nicholas Mianese
Nicholas Mianese 3 gün önce
What a brilliant video. Thanks.
shelby speaks
shelby speaks 3 gün önce
Facism was more artistic them marxism.
dennis misador
dennis misador 3 gün önce
The ministry of propaganda is hitlers brainwashing institution. But in modern times it doesn't exist anymore. Why? Because it is now the job of media.
Leipers Green
Leipers Green 3 gün önce
That Himmler had no Military experience is not true. Check out Mark Felton.
Waschbecken Offiziell
Good looking uniforms, but look at these butt ugly breeches
Jimmy Clip
Jimmy Clip 3 gün önce
IMO; the marines uniform looks like they jumped out of bed and dressed haphazardly. German uniforms are top notch.
shelby speaks
shelby speaks 3 gün önce
They look like toy soldiers
The Upright Mane
The Upright Mane 3 gün önce
Pinks and Greens>
Plastic Bucket
Plastic Bucket 3 gün önce
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
Except he did not designed it
Barham Jumaa
Barham Jumaa 3 gün önce
He said “wear”, not “were”
apope06 3 gün önce
Do more of these like JFK and other historical figures
Recondo Gohome
Recondo Gohome 3 gün önce
I’m a huge history buff loved the video I would love if you made more of these kinds of videos I would however like to point out that my appreciation would be even larger if you don’t been to more of the history because think about all of the people that are going to see this and not hear the history
nahn111 3 gün önce
Because their uniforms were made by Hugo Boss
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
Except he did not designed it
Oscar 3 gün önce
Great video. Very professional.
john plaid
john plaid 3 gün önce
Hugo Boss designed the SS uniform. and yes, THAT Hugo Boss. Initially they were an elite group formed to protect uncle 'dolphie. Your teeth had to be perfectly straight with no decay, there were height and weight minimums and of course there were oaths. For some reason the ranks grew. The heer did not want them on the front line because they never went through basic training. But they were given all the good weapons and Tiger tanks. The SS managed the camps but the day to day beatings, tortures and extermination was carried out by civilians who were given a bit more to eat if they did the job. They were even allowed to live.
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
Except he did not designed it, but Karl Diebitsch
6:14 picture says Ned Flanders
Driver88 3 gün önce
I have to say despite the evil ways of the Nazi’s, they did have some rather dashing uniforms.
Sora Kamei
Sora Kamei 4 gün önce
"All the bad guys were blacks right?" Lol felt that bro.
Pumpkin Pitts
Pumpkin Pitts 4 gün önce
you got off topic
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
Peter_Pansexual 4 gün önce
The colours of the german flag, black, red, gold, were based on the colours of the uniforms.
Piggy Smallz
Piggy Smallz 4 gün önce
Hugo boss suits
Kalashnikov 413
Kalashnikov 413 23 saatler önce
He did not designed them
ቺዌታሉ 4 gün önce
Black, Red & White
ቺዌታሉ 4 gün önce
16:11cough* Hollywood 😷
usman hafiz
usman hafiz 4 gün önce
Cause swag
WarriorPoet01 4 gün önce
As a BA History, I really enjoyed the thoroughness of this video and the inclusion of information I was hoping you’d share (like the filmmaker Leni R.). Just an excellent presentation. Thank you! That said, I like Field Marshall Rommel’s attire over the super-sinister SS look. : )
Fak Of
Fak Of 4 gün önce
So the SS were the first influencers?
shelby speaks
shelby speaks 3 gün önce
They definitely used a lot artist ingenuity in the characters they played.
shelby speaks
shelby speaks 3 gün önce
Believe it or not, I think you could say that mussolini, Hitler, franco, were the first real "powerfull figures" before donald Trump's presidency.
ApexPredator_ 4 gün önce
13:26 "You've heard of Joseph Goebbels" Me: OH YAH! He's SKELETOR! 🤣🤣🤣
ToW 4 gün önce
quick tisp for english speakers trying to pronounce german words: 'ie' = 'eee' such as 'eel' 'ei' = 'i' such as 'file' if an 's' is next to a consonant, say 'sh'. 'ch' is pronounced at the back of the throat and so is is 'g' sometimes.
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