Why Tipping Is So Out Of Control In The U.S. 

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Tipping in the United States is on the rise and experts are calling it tipflation. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the number of tips provided at full-service restaurants grew by 17% from the fourth quarter of 2021. Meanwhile the tip frequency at quick-service restaurants rose 16% during the same time period. Experts say that's because of the newer and sleeker-looking Point-of-Sale, or POS, systems by tech companies like Square, Toast and Clover, who also have increased their sales as a result. The pressure to tip well in front of the tip receiver, before a service is completed, or in front of other customers makes a difference for many. After customers swipe their credit card, they're typically prompted with three large tipping options on a screen. While businesses can opt out of the tipping feature, most aren't. In fact, even Starbucks started prompting customers for tips in stores in September 2022. With Americans being pressured to tip higher percentages and for more services, the question is, where is the tipping point?
00:00 - Introduction
02:25 - Why we tip
04:09 - Tipping in 2023
05:45 - Big Tech
09:14 - Tipping point
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Why Tipping Is So Out Of Control In The U.S.



21 Şub 2024




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@DrBeauHightower 10 aylar önce
I got asked to tip at a drive through car wash 😂
@Wow_wow1 10 aylar önce
Rightfully so, I’d say. Minimum 30%
@branonlamphere9624 10 aylar önce
Wow cheap ass, REEEEAAAALY???
@wildlifewarrior2670 10 aylar önce
@@Wow_wow1 I would tip 0%
@Niccole-oq8wo 10 aylar önce
That's been going on in my area for at least 30 years. There is always a tip bucket at the end.
@MorbidHunter 10 aylar önce
Same, I pressed 0% looking at the worker straight to the eye
@michaelreid274 2 aylar önce
European visiting America recently. I went to an Amtrak train station with my disabled child in a wheelchair - immediately a very helpful red coat person ran up to us and took the wheelchair and wheeled us the whole way to our train. Just as we lifted the wheelchair up the steps he basically stuck his hand out. That was the worst example of many others over a few weeks, where having a wheelchair was an absolute burden as you had service workers run to help you without asking, and then having the social awkwardness of feeling obliged to pay them. What an awful way to run society, making everyone cynical of each other's motives. Helping other people should mostly not have an immediate and expected pay off.
@janeceeastwood8035 27 gün önce
You’re right, of course. It used to be like that but, unfortunately, our society is rapidly moving away from that standard on both Coasts. I got disgusted with the politicians ruining California, so after a lifetime in Orange County, I left California and resettled in the Midwest. I found a whole different world. People are so helpful and polite, and eager to help. Sadly, my fellow Americans can keep the Coasts.
@BBGOnYT 23 gün önce
Completely wrong. Your example is just kindness and dealing with kind workers. They should not expect a tip and I doubt they are expecting a tip also. The idea of tipping is rewarding good service. That is why you tip your servers, bellman, valet, and bartenders. I have personally worked as a bellman before. I was able to use my average tip amount to see if the service I was providing was good enough. It was an incentive to provide good service. And no, don't think it was the hotel not paying enough. We got a free, high quality food, good breaks, and got paid over minimum wage.
@hinata5736 22 gün önce
That’s such a twisted view… This example portrays what it’s like to see other humans just as customers/money bags that should pay for literally everything. It reduces human interaction to a financial model. Should I ask for a tip when I hold the door open for someone? (Why stop at your job, when you basically „work“ for people in your everyday life?)
@melissawalker3874 21 gün önce
I ordered some supplies from a local pet supply store and I didn't get them for 2 days. The excuse I was given was I didn't offer a big enough tip. When I was growing up a tip was a way of thanking somebody for a very good service. The joke eventually was on the driver because even though I put down $4 as a tip for bringing my order 2 miles, and it was just a cardboard cat scratcher and cat claw trimmers. How do I order cat litter and cat food I would have offered a much bigger tip, but I put in the order instructions to knock on my door. I had planned on giving the driver a few more bucks in cash but the driver ignored the delivery instructions so they didn't get their extra money
@SuadeScars555 20 gün önce
Bro we dont care europe is a complete shithole, you know better than we do but believe us we know damn well how grotesque and snobby it is out there
@rickdeckard9810 2 aylar önce
I've actually had an employee at a Subway restaurant who told me NOT to tip from the machine when prompted because the owner was keeping all of it and not giving it to the employees.
@DefiningDave Aylar önce
You should go back and mention to them that to do so is considered wage theft and that the employees should talk to a lawyer.
@richsuga Aylar önce
​@@DefiningDaveQuite true, but I would guess most Subway employees would need to be put in contact with a pro bono lawyer.
@damienwarlock 26 gün önce
Subway is an awful company
@mr.frandy7692 26 gün önce
That boss should be in prison for a couple years. I'm not exaggerating.
@SunlessComa4614 26 gün önce
I had something somewhat similar happen at Sally Beauty last month. I bought $14 worth of product, and when the option to tip $1, $2 or $3 popped up on the screen, the employee apologized and cleared it out. I'm used to that at live music merch stands, and between that and my LMT sister I've learned that unless there's a cash tip jar, employees only see a small fraction of the amount. Same principle applies to most sit down restaurants, and I ALWAYS leave a cash tip
@kataisa3 2 aylar önce
I ordered a pizza and went to the restaurant to pick it up. I unabashedly clicked on “No tip”. I already paid for my pizza, you have no right to expect a tip simply for ringing my pizza up. I refuse to feel pressured or guilty about not tipping.
@mistermatsuda Aylar önce
I now pay online to avoid the whole situation - just give them your order number and be off.
@gigiflaner3568 Aylar önce
Good for you! Hold the line. I live in California, where they DO require a state minimum wage even for tipped employees, unlike the federal law. Yet they ask for tips for everything here now, including buying a pen at a stationary store! I don't feel any shame, only anger. I will go out of my way to take more time on the tablet to hit no tip, even if they make it hard to find that option, I don't care if I'm holding the line or the cashier is staring at me. You don't reward bad behavior, you stand your ground.
@oooh19 28 gün önce
If someone’s delivering or serving you then yea tip but not if you’re grabbing takeout
@BBGOnYT 23 gün önce
@@gigiflaner3568 It is large companies taking advantage of the kindness of people.
@BestoftheBest-oz4ei 23 gün önce
@@oooh19 Yup if I get to eat my meal first THEN pay I'll leave a tip. If I have to pay for my food first before eating it, then I don't tip. Only exception for me are buffets. Don't even get me started on take out ... expecting a tip for that is just
@sgtBilko75 2 aylar önce
During my traveling through the US, the thing I disliked the most was tipping. After weeks I got the feeling that people are only polite or helpful because they might get a tip. Why not pay people a normal salary and trust your employees to do a good job? The whole “money talks” and “you are what you own” mentality is the root of the many problems the US society is facing.
@moviemonster2083 24 gün önce
Because it's more lucrative for the employers to underpay their employees and they got away with it because the wrong people have political power.
@JoseGomez-rc5wv 20 gün önce
Respectfully, I’ll take the feigned politeness from service employees in this US over the lack of politeness from service employees in Europe
@steven121290 11 gün önce
The "low pay" is a myth. Restaurants are required to ensure minimum wage. Many states also have ruled rules to require minimum wage regardless of tip. The median pay is like $45k before tips. Official data are probably also underreported as restaurant workers here are notorious for receiving under the table pay and not reporting their income. If you just quickly browse social media, you'll find many claiming to take home 100k+ in total pay per year. People are complaining that restaurant workers are paid less than college graduates on the premise that "everyone deserves a livable wage". Btw, livable wage to Americans = being able to save and buy a house, go on international vacations every year, while being able to feed a family of 5, and buy them brand name gifts for Xmas every year. We dont have a low pay issue; we have an entitlement issue. So go head and tip them half without feeling bad. Or none if they treat you like just a job. There's no reason why a waitress should ever be able to not want to get a college education and find more valuable work because, and I quote, "they'd be taking a pay cut".
@JohnyDoe9 2 aylar önce
I am not an American citizen but have been traveling to the US for over 20 years now, and can confirm that the tipping situation has gone out of control completely. I don't mind tipping for really good service at a restaurant, a hotel, or other places where tips are traditionally expected, or for exceptionally good service or special attention at the rest of them, but tipping someone for taking a product off a shelf (or making a cup of coffee) and giving it to me is just too much. Hate me, despise me, but I see zero added value in what you do between the moment I pay and the moment I get what I paid for. Period.
I agree completely
@G-dn1up 2 aylar önce
@iselwyr5411 2 aylar önce
Don't go to those services then
@ThaMasFaneTaNefelim 2 aylar önce
@@iselwyr5411 Don't work there then. Entitled PoS
@takooki6024 2 aylar önce
Just saying you should always tip at restaurants generally BECAUSE like the video said they only make 2.13/hr minimum in all but a couple states. That’s generally the rule here until something is genuinely done about that. The standard’s like 15% but if the service is bad on the waitress’ part 10% or less is fine. All these other things though, yeah totally understandable Another thing that already had tipping is a taxi if you’ve never taken one. Basically that, restaurants, and pizza delivery. Although you could now say food delivery services in general should be tipped. Haven’t gotten uber eats or anything like that myself so i can’t speak much on that
@spunch1205 9 aylar önce
What bothers me is that employees would rather get upset at the consumer for not tipping enough rather than being upset at their respective industry for not paying a liveable wage
@tribzman3977 9 aylar önce
You truly hit the nail on the head - in spades!!!
@happygreenclean 9 aylar önce
We are upset it's too entrenched the restaurant lobby groups crush us at each turn.
@mdbbox5660 9 aylar önce
This is exactly why companies have shifted to this model. They have shifted the blame of poor wages to the consumer, however it is the company's responsibility to pay their employees, not the consumer.
@josealexi5141 9 aylar önce
_IF_ the server did a good job, they would get better tips. I spent *YEARS* in the food-service industry. I've seen the most lazy, nasty servers make huuuuge bucks because customers were shamed into tipping. That needs to change! We need to bring back stiffing for servers who are not prompt, servers who are not courteous and servers who deliver bad food.
@simpleanswer8954 9 aylar önce
You're bothered that people raised in a particular culture expect that culture? Those servers were born and raised in a society that considers those jobs that receive tips. Of course they expect that, they've been seeing it their entire lives. Even before they ever had a job at a restaurant they saw servers getting tips. It's what they were taught to expect. What bothers ME is all the selfish jerks who want to blame the servers for adapting to the culture they were raised in. Somehow at least 156 other people are self centered enough that they can't empathize with another person. It's always a shame to see people get self righteous while also being completely self centered and oblivious to the problem.
@gordonbills5720 Aylar önce
People simply need to stand up for themselves. I routinely hit the no tip option when presented with a tip screen in a setting where a tip is inappropriate. I don’t care who knows it or what they think.
@ludmilaandr8793 25 gün önce
I started doing that too, especially if I am asked to tip before the service. And I frequently choose to customize the amount. I have no problem tipping for a good service, but it's not so common these days.
No actually. It is the responsibility of the people who are not forced into that position in our economy to fight for those who don't have that privilege. If they fight to have more fair wages, they could be fired. If WE fight to help them have more fair wages, the restaurant owners can't do anything to us. If you don't like tipping, ask to contact their manager and get in contact with the business own and complain that their workers aren't being paid enough and that you shouldn't have to pay for their workers for the business owners.
@ShuggaMug 3 aylar önce
Very frustrating. I ordered pickup from a restaurant and noticed before I paid online there was a food service charge...then I noticed they also added an auto tip. There was no way to take either of them off so I canceled my order and won't go there again.
@Sushi2735 2 aylar önce
Bravo! I will not pay any charge for pick up! They don’t need my business! Totally agree, I would have walked out! Walmart only had one regular checkout employee at a register. I was number 11 in that line with over $400.00 in my cart. I got a manager, he said they had all the self check outs open. I pointed to my cart, and he actually shrugged at me! I politely told him, to put it all away and walked OUT THE DOOR. He chased me and said I couldn’t leave my cart! 😅😅😅😅😅 I said, so arrest me!! Never, ever been back! I spent that much a week, plus drugs. They just don’t want to take my money 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
@esquivel1 Aylar önce
Exactly! Just don't use any services that require tipping. I live in England and tipping everywhere is starting to gain some traction, vut there are still other options. Takeout food costs too much, anyway.
I was in a self serve yogurt place a while back. Got the yogurt myself of course. Put the yogurt on the scale. The girl hit a button and I slid my credit card. The machine asked me if I wanted to leave a tip. Leave a tip????!!! For what!!!!?? Absolutely ridiculous
@JSilb 14 gün önce
Those kind of establishments need negative reviews to reflect their disregard for the customer experience.
@MM-ll5ck 2 aylar önce
What bothers me is the entitlement. Employees expect and believe they deserve it. People have forgotten that people tip if they want and feel that employee provided good service. Quality of service has gone down. Some employees are even rude or dismissive and they still expect a tip. Yeah, i agree we need to get rid of tips.
@Cocpain 17 gün önce
Some are expecting it, well at least waiters and waitresses, you may have missed the part where they get paid less than $3 dollars an hour. So, if you where there for half an hour, and didn't tip, they got paid a little over a dollar for that... So, where dose the money I paid for the meal go?.. I can't fault that employee for the short comings of their industry, and I also didn't feel like cooking. That is always an option, do it yourself. Now if we are talking something like going to Panera, and that stupid thing you punch your order in, (like you are at a gas station) asks me for a tip and no one took my order (never anyone behind the register) and I pick up the food myself, they can GTFO.
@65AbeFroman 2 aylar önce
Yes, this is out of control, one example that I absolutely hate is stepping to a counter to place my order and being confronted with the choice to make a tip before anybody has even started to make my food. It’s a little uncomfortable knowing. That they are aware that I did not give a tip before preparing my food.
@ForzaMilan-di2zd Aylar önce
I had that in San Francisco a few months ago. Coming from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 we’re used to tipping in restaurants, which is fine. But not a device shoved in my face giving me 3 options how much to tip. I didn’t tip, only in restaurants on my stay. I’ve been to America many times, but never experienced this form of tipping
@user-wp5qo6qg7q Aylar önce
Yep, same crap at coffee shops, no thank you, especially when you charge me just to leave my apartment and sit down to just chill out lol
@BMWROYAL 10 aylar önce
I think we should be like other countries, get rid of tips, pay employees how much they should be paid, and price the food accordingly
@pc_814 10 aylar önce
@advikdeshmukh805 10 aylar önce
You can think that all you want but it’s not gonna stop businesses from doing it
@Andrew-zv4fm 10 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing.
@tannerpaisley-ve6dq 10 aylar önce
Just don't tip, who cares what people think
@SmackinBabies 10 aylar önce
I bet servers and bartenders would disagree
@phmusic8710 3 aylar önce
Giving tips depends on the service you’re receiving and if the customer service was friendly and attentive. It should be an option and not mandatory.
@Sam-Videos 22 gün önce
You always have to tip your waiter/waitress…no exceptions
@JB-Busta 18 gün önce
@@Sam-VideosI'm not gonna tip them just because they did their job. They should do a great job in order for me to tip them.
@faerydae29 2 aylar önce
I used to tip more, and now I am tipping less. Since I have to tip everywhere now I’ve pushed the shame aside and I’ve started to get used to clicking $0 for fast service. (Although I do feel pressured to tip from time to time if I repeat locations). I will still pay 20% at restaurants but nothing more. I’m done, enough is enough, I got that feeling months ago. It’s gotten out of control! It’s ridiculous. Companies need to pay their workers and stop putting that burden on consumers. The only one winning here is the company! Not only are they getting paid for the food you just ate but you’re paying their employees too for working. This is one of the reasons why the rich are getting richer and the middle class is getting poorer!
@car24dude 2 aylar önce
I’ve seen a wait staff complain she was under TIP, all she did is serve two $1,000 bottle of champagne. That was $2,000 for a three minute for $100 TIP, she argued with the customer wanted $300 TIP and was fired over that.
@user-rc2yf8kt7i 17 gün önce
Insane entitlement. Making $100 in 3 minutes isn't enough for her? Glad she lost her job. She should be forced to work in an amazon warehouse.
@usmcrtr 2 aylar önce
Nothing like having a self-checkout stand prompt you for a TIP.
@Thingsyourollup 7 gün önce
I actually saw this at a convenience store. Im not usually a Karen, but I really felt it necessary to give the manager a piece of my mind about it and try to get some explanation of why a tip is being requested and how it would actually be dispursed. He couldnt give a straight answer.
@greycats99 17 gün önce
This is so ridiculous! In Europe (most countries), where I live, tipping is not expected at all. I find it so annoying that you feel obliged to leave a tip in the US, which should be completely optional.
@KungShu69 9 aylar önce
I always feel like I'm paying a "Don't spit in my food" fee when I'm asked about a tip before actually getting anything.
@OddlyIncredible 9 aylar önce
I've stopped going to places for this, and have told managers and owners why. If you're demanding a tip for services that have not yet been rendered I don't feel safe about what those services will be.
@jasonbourne9222 9 aylar önce
@@nickrulzyou Thats how tipping works in the rest of the world .We tip for exceptional service and not because the person feels entitled to my money even though they dont work for me.
@cardknocklife4035 9 aylar önce
If you are that neurotic, then you probably shouldn't be eating out.
@truz5728 9 aylar önce
@@nickrulzyou It’s important to remember, if you are tipped before the service is provided, you feel entitled and think “I got the tip” and you may still take your time. So it’s not about getting tips first or last, it’s about the entitlement. And why did you work in a tip based job, if you don’t trust you will get the tip? Pick a higher hourly or yearly job where it’s flat. Instead of tips, you get bonuses and raises, and promotions - and just like tips, they are based on performance.
@kevina.2269 9 aylar önce
​@Nick Wrightsel I assume you tip generously? A least 25% on takeout ?
@kikukusanagi 2 aylar önce
As respulsive and cancerous the tipping culture is, I don't see it going away any time soon in the U.S. as long as the employers continue to pay their employees nickels and dimes for wage. They always have, and will continue to insist, on passing the burden of paying their employees' fair salary/wage on to customers unless we, the consumers, make concerted effort to stop this madness. But they're counting on us remaining a silent majority, who continue to remain apathetic on many of the issues plaguing the society today.
@amberhousesoaps5123 2 aylar önce
I purchased a very expensive formal dress for my daughter at a local boutique and was prompted to tip at checkout. The sales associate was very high pressure and in a position that I would assume is commission based. I declined to tip but felt like I was doing something wrong. The help she provided was part of her job in my opinion and this experience would prevent me from going back to this establishment.
@DEEDEE-gw7hl Aylar önce
I thought I was only one who has been thinking for years that this “tipping” thing is RIDICULOUS! Yes, restaurants, hotels etc should pay their employees accordingly. It should not be the customers responsibility or made to feel guilty.
@MrCho14 3 aylar önce
Always calculate your tip pre-tax as well. Some places which give suggested amounts will calculate after sales tax which means 20% becomes a few percent higher.
@Kathysart Aylar önce
The owner of a nail salon told me I had to give her my tip in CASH… pointed to a machine to get it from. The machine charged me for getting said cash. The owner said she no longer accepted tips on my credit card. I never went back. I also berated her on Yelp. A tip should be something I’m not obligated to give. It’s a thank you and appreciation of a good job. It’s a kind gesture. I won’t meet a demand of one.
@704musicent 10 aylar önce
People love to tell everyone if you can't afford to tip you should stay home. They say you shouldn't be going out and having a good time if you can't afford to tip. I think the same should hold true for the businesses, if they can't afford to pay employee's the bare minimum wage and still be profitable then they SHOULD close up shop.
@TheJalesa1207 10 aylar önce
@AKYLE315 10 aylar önce
And everybody wouldn't work there anyway if they got paid 8.25 an hour
@vitojosie 10 aylar önce
I stay home.
@ykthatman9763 10 aylar önce
I will only tip if they deserve the tip
@user-hq5ge5qj4k 10 aylar önce
If they cannot pay their workers properly should not have started the business.They want to guilt trip all the customers into thinking they are doing injustice to the workers if they pay anything less than 20%. Tip is supposed to be paid only if you like the service,a small amount of 5-10% as gratitude.
@luisfranco8424 2 aylar önce
I used to be a generous tipper, now I leave nothing at all unless I'm at a sit down resturant and since inflation has increased the overall bill I never tip more than 12.5 %
@Tad-zh4wr 8 gün önce
Inflation is good now
@ZulMarquez 3 aylar önce
In Singapore, 10% Service charge is already included in the bill for restaurants and there's no service charge/tipping in coffee shops (kopitiam). The people that usually get tipped are food delivery riders, which tipping is also optional.
@shellderp Aylar önce
tipping for mechanic is unheard of
@animehuntress9018 Aylar önce
I'll never forget the time when me and my friends went to a sit down pizza place and because we were a bunch of kids the waitress treated us like crap. We could completely see the difference from when we went with our families to an after school celebration with friends. We refused to tip because of that. We had each planned to pitch in between 2-5 dollars for the tip and split the difference of the bill with only one paying it up front and the rest of us paying them to make the bill easy. We also went when we knew it would be a bit slower and from planning to celebration kept the pizza place and making things easy for them in mind as we all loved the place. There were only 2 other families at the restaurant and it takes you 20 minutes to get our drink order let alone you want to swing back to take our actual order? That waitress had the gall to try and follow us out of the restaurant. Her arrogance in thinking she had pinned us as low tippers and therefore easy to treat poorly bit her hard. She could have easily made $20-30 in tips since there was 10 of us and that would have been about a 50% tip. When we told her that and the manager who came to see the commotion... no one walked out of there feeling good which sucked and it was the last time anyone of us ate there too. I don't mind tipping reasonably but I do hate how tipping is treated. It should never be considered a wage and frankly shouldn't be taken out of your wages just because someone feel's you gave exceptional service.
@kangkhalim6763 2 aylar önce
I think tipping as a culture (or expected so much) is crazy. It will definitely result in bigger expenses, especially if it is not planned in our financial management. One time I came in to a restaurant in London and saw the bill with relatively big service fee, so I asked the cashier to remove it considering I was a student back then.
@Dampy.69 8 aylar önce
Tipping the car mechanic so he wouldn't sabotage your car is like tipping your landlord to not set your house on fire while you're sleeping.
@ronaldmelendrez1909 8 aylar önce
Actually, that happens, at least in Central America. They sabotage your car to get you back soon for them to make more money servicing your car. It is a cycle if you don't find a mechanic to trust. They remove original parts from your vehicle, put some generic parts and sell your parts to other customers.
@AdonanS 8 aylar önce
Do people tip their mechanic? Mechanics are paid pretty damn well, they don't need tips.
@WOLF--rg1ym 8 aylar önce
@@AdonanSthey aren’t actually
@grandpulse7970 8 aylar önce
​@@WOLF--rg1ymmechanics are some of the highest salaries in the country. Who told you that lie
@debby8428 8 aylar önce
@@grandpulse7970 Not true. If they own their own business yes. If they work for a dealership or a big company -no. They get payed by "book time". If the "book" says you can do a job in two hours but you take longer because there are unforeseen problems you only get paid two hours. And where my husband works he doesn't get paid until the car is picked up. You'd be surprised how many people leave their cars for months.
@bkkfootball Aylar önce
As a customer, how can I be sure that tips I give via those Ipads/terminals are then going into employees' pockets? I believe some companies play dirty and keep tips for themselves.
@kesayo 2 aylar önce
I think services where people fear retaliation scare people into tipping. Like that lady who’s afraid to not tip her mechanic because he might cut corners on her car repair. Or not tipping your barista or delivery person because they might mess with your food. I was pretty generous during the pandemic because I knew the services sector was having a tough time and gladly tipped when I normally didn’t. But now all those places are trying to normalize tipping out of greed, so I’m retaliating against them. I haven’t been to Starbucks in a year and bought a nice home machine. I also don’t do deliveries or take out anymore. I bought a lot of home appliances and just cook more at home. My wife and I both remote work, so we just lease one car and do regular maintenance at the dealership. The dealership isn’t going to mess with a car that they’re just going to get back in 3 years.
I've reached a point where I actively avoid places that do tipping, or ask for tips when ordering online.
@Zalasta524 2 aylar önce
Yes, especially with the basic cost going up it means tips go up as well. I hate being made feeling guilty when I don’t tip, so I have decided to forgo a lot of my spending at places and services that ask for tips (I would never order delivery for example). Oh yeah, the AC repairman I had over the summer also asked for a tip when I made my payment, I was completely caught off guard and it took me like 5 minutes to decide because I was put on the spot. It already felt like a highway robbery after I overpaid for a small part replacement, and now I am asking to tip over a $300+ charge? It was ridiculous.
@kimkaragiannis848 Aylar önce
Wow!! Repairmen want tips??? This is out of hand!!! Most of the time, we can't even afford the amount we are paying to have something fixed!! That's terrible!!! 😮
@Kathysart Aylar önce
The AC guy asked for a tip?! What is going on? It’s insane. Everyone has become a begger!
@kimkaragiannis848 Aylar önce
@Kathysart Corporations are passing to the consumer the labor wages! So, in this case of an AC repair, he purchased the part, the bill probably had a labor fee built in like auto places do, then a tip on top of that. Terrible. So we have to pay the salaries of all types of workers now???? Ridiculous!!! Waiter for sit down meal, hair dresser, bartender, and food delivery person---those are the only ones that I want to tip! Beyond those 4, I don't feel it warrants a tip. SMH!
@pennyjackson7921 2 aylar önce
As a tourist to the US from a country where tipping is not the norm, tipping was the thing I hated about the country. I understand the reasons behind the practice, but it caused so much angst every time I purchased something. The people I met were fantastic, the system under which many of them worked, less so. I still want to return though!
@ThatKidOverThere 8 aylar önce
Tipping is designed to take the frustration worker have for their employer, who does not pay them fairly, and redirect it to the customer. The employer is spared of blame, and the problem now becomes how generous the customer is.
@PDXdjn 8 aylar önce
100% accurate.
@futuza 8 aylar önce
@Tsim Which also makes me (as a customer want to tip) because I'm afraid if I don't they'll spit in my food or something. They do a great job of turning us against each other.
@reddingmalik 8 aylar önce
This is so true
@ericd1632 8 aylar önce
Maybe that used to be true, but most of these employees are making a minimum of $15/hr now. It's ridiculous
THIS should be the pinned comment!! So true.
@Paulodealgumacoisa 3 aylar önce
"From the business side , it makes employees want to perform better and do a better job" , your job IS to serve a product you are selling the best way you can , independent on how much extra money you can receive from the customer . Well I guess that in a country that employees are underpaid that mentality is inevitable.
@lisa4112 Aylar önce
I have stopped going to places that have those iPad tipping machines bc i hate the awkward interactions of being guilted into tipping. Sucks because I like coffee from this local place but the coffee is $8 already, they need to chill. It's good but not that good... Also, I litterly bought a $5 water at a concert the other day and the guy turned the iPad around with the 20% tip already selected... i guess he assumed i wouldn't read and just press next but nope, i clicked no tip. I also got asked to tip when i payed for a pick up order the other day like bruh... these businesses need to chill. I'm tired of these places. Only when I eat out dining in the restuarant (which i rarely do ) will i tip. i don't get my nails or hair done or anything but i used to and tipped when i did.
@yootoob1001001 2 aylar önce
I remember the days when tipping was an optional courtesy given for exceptional service. Now it often seems expected if not demanded and to be given BEFORE any service or purchase takes place and then punishment if the customer tips less or not at all. Questionable, considering a lot of establishments are pre-pay and hands-on DIY for the customer as well as a lower level of positive customer service experiences being reported. In all fairness, dealing with the public can be very tough, but that doesn't justify a lot that takes place.
@windycity301 2 aylar önce
The only place I tip is at the bar, restaurant or ridesbare. That is it. When I saw a tipping screen at Starbucks for the first time I got legitimately mad. It is absolutely ridiculous that companies are making customers subsidize their employees low wages. Absolutely ridiculous!
@BusArch42 Aylar önce
My daughter works at Starbucks. They get paid decently but they also have to deal with a lot of nasty people. She doesn’t expect a tip for things like coffee or latte. However she said that the older people who order coffee usually tip while the 20 years olds ordering 10 Frappuccino’s with all different milk don’t leave a tip. I think you need to honest assessment how crazy what you are ordering is. If you come in with a crazy custom drink you saw on tik tok, you should be tipping.
@MrCho14 2 aylar önce
Ran into a couple websites recently selling merchandise who were asking for a tip when buying from their site. This wasn't for food or such. This was for a t-shirt. A WEBSITE! Not only did I not tip, but I found what I wanted elsewhere.
@brainown3149 10 aylar önce
Its literally a way for employers to get out of paying there employees. Passing the responsibility to pay onto the customer.
@Bat_Boy 10 aylar önce
💯. If I’m going to pay their salary, I want to do their performance review as well. And if I do that…I want a salary too. Don’t ever tip. I haven’t in 25 years.
@StreetCycleSoldier 10 aylar önce
Totally agree! I'm not getting paid to do some restaurant manager's payroll!
@@Bat_Boy True. Also, I doubt that all people getting tips are declaring them to the IRS.
@@Bat_Boy how do you not tip in restaurants without getting arrested? It is a MUST isn't it?
@joejensen5962 10 aylar önce
This is what walmart SPARK is doing! most customers dont know walmart doesnt pay the delivery drivers hourly. Sometimes they make workers wait HOURS in the parkinglot unpaid, to only deliver 1 order, for $8-11. They also are 1099- NOT W2 employees! TIP YOUR DRIVER PLEASE!!!
@Kifflington 14 gün önce
From the perspective of someone from outside America, this 'asking for a tip' feels a lot like begging under a different name. A tip is a gratuity, a voluntary reward for a job well done.
@DG-oq8hj 2 aylar önce
My wife ordered a pizza from a local pizzeria a few months back to go. When she brought it home, I found out there was an automatic 20% tip added to the bill. I pay tips based on the service I receive while I sit down in the restaurant, NOT to be handed a box. Needles to say, I told her never to order anything from there again.
@DaBigBoo_ 2 aylar önce
yeah that was not legal. i would have called my bank about that
@LoneWolfZakuro14 19 gün önce
I live in Japan, and I’m so glad we don’t have tipping! Am always shocked by tipping when going back to the states.
Now you’re even expected to tip at all inclusive resorts. When I first went to a sandals resort, no tipping was even on the name tags of the employees. This year I went to an all inclusive resort and they expected tips for EVERYTHING. I was like, wow! This is insane and the customer service was subpar.
@user-vq5tk2ey6k 20 gün önce
Yes!!! All inclusive means nothing anymore
@tiannaannenicole 23 gün önce
I am glad this was addressed.
@rjweiss1 10 aylar önce
If a company asks for a tip before service and it starts at 20% I immediately hit NO TIP. 100% guilt free
@Stevetheguitarman 10 aylar önce
Yeah it’s stupid. I am a bartender and delivery driver and I think that tipping thing is stupid. When I am making cocktails or deliver food, I don’t ask you to tip until I’m done with the service and even then I don’t guilt trip you into anything I just make the drink, deliver your food and walk away it’s my job. Guilt, tripping and nearly forcing customers to tip even before the service is unconstitutional and almost like a bribery and a Third World country.
@NoirAngel921 10 aylar önce
Yeah because you could be tipping for crappy service. I only tip places I've been to numerous times and give great service.
@Stevetheguitarman 10 aylar önce
@@NoirAngel921 same here. I only tip if I get good service if it’s terrible service, I don’t tip at all. When I was bartending in Miami Beach, owl were tips were included in everyone’s paycheck and in some areas like Ocean Drive or the big tourist destinations they have 20% already added on to your bill.
@xMorningShadowx 10 aylar önce
@@Stevetheguitarman Most third world countries don't ask for tips, they get paid by their employers.
@Stevetheguitarman 10 aylar önce
@@xMorningShadowx lol even Third World countries know tipping is stupid
@stephenbuckley1940 2 aylar önce
This is happening in the UK now, and we have a national minimum wage. Some companies ask for tips and they don't even give it to the employees! But yes I agree that its ridiculous to ask for tips before even getting service, or every time I order a drink from the bar. It's something that needs to disappear and tips only left if people feel they want to, not shamed into.
@tjaspire 24 gün önce
I'm an American and Americans traveling abroad and tipping in other countries is what's causing this global nightmare! You do not have to tip in every country! They complain about it, but they still tip and generously. Truth be told though, nobody enjoys obligatory tipping. Some waiters here make 6 figures a year! That should not be the case, as it is a relatively low skilled job. It is really ridiculous to give large amounts of money away to a stranger you're not going to see again.
@HumbertoHernandez 3 aylar önce
I used to go to a Burger King nearby and buy to-go. One day they asked me for a tip... I never came back. There's no service, why should I pay more just for you to make your job? Companies should pay their employees fairly instead of sliding that responsibility to the customer.
@lolarian 2 aylar önce
the most hilarious tipping I've had to deal with is from a coffee shop called dutch bros where the workers will come to your car in the drive thru. and instead of SHOWING you the tablet up close and allowing you to chose not to tip, they would ask whilst holding up the tablet and tap it for you. So you verbally have to tell them no and it's just so awkward. Plus why would I tip for just taking my order? Theyre not even the ones making the drinks inside.
@TheDragonDelasangre 2 aylar önce
Damn right. I HATE being asked to tip especially when they didn't do anything for me, or I haven't gotten my goods or services yet. I tip for outstanding service, when I'm at fast food or coffee shop where they did nothing out of the ordinary why should they get a tip? When I grew up I was told if my job doesn't pay enough then you need to get a better job. That's what I did. I don't tip except at nice restaurants or if someone was exceptionally nice. But it makes me fear getting my food spit in because society feels entitled to a tip and if I don't give one they feel slighted.
@wadeepperson6906 2 aylar önce
I don’t mind paying tips at places where people served me a meal. Just when I get something that takes two seconds to give me I always hit no. 😂
@maestreiluminati87 10 aylar önce
Business owners paying their workers less than minimum wage and then convincing them the responsability lies on the customer is one history's greatest finesses.
@answerman9933 10 aylar önce
So what? You are not required to tip. Are you a sheep and tip out of fear?
@dianeismyname250 10 aylar önce
@@answerman9933 Only tools and bootlickers defend bad business practices.
@answerman9933 10 aylar önce
@@dianeismyname250 So, if someone tips are they effectively supporting the business or the employees?
@Theferd42 10 aylar önce
They want to make you think that tipping is for the employee but I feel this is for the employer to excuse themselves from higher wage. It has gotten crazy lately.
@nas8326 10 aylar önce
I tip everywhere I go, because I want the person keep showing up to work. Don't tip and just get everything from Amazon and don't tip your driver, I guess. Tippers makes the universe turn. Everyone should thank tippers because non tippers are receiving some of the benefits of those tips. Your more likely to get good service or at least a quality worker that just might be doing the job of 2 people due to tips. If you constantly get horrible service, maybe it's easy to see you're a non tipper or you just miserable or maybe just funny looking and they don't want your money anyways, but they provide services in hopes of getting you out of there quickly, so they can get a tipper next. Non tippers lack compassion and generally are bare minimum kind of people, with empty lives and no REAL friends. Who doesn't tip? Wow, no friend of mine, that's for sure.
@user-je6pn9pr3h 2 aylar önce
I flat out stopped going to a lot of places because of the aggressive tip apps. A Nesspresso machine with my favorite Italian coffee syrup makes coffee better than Starbucks. Saves time, gas / tip money, all in the comfort of my own home. Even the pods get delivered by Amazon. Bye bye Starsucks. Also air fryers make great resturant quality fast food.
@paulbelisle7213 Aylar önce
Dont forget to add in a donation to the local charity as well. Always prompted at the grocery store….and sometimes at the barber.
@Why_ask_ 18 gün önce
My wife and I pretty much started doing our own “date night” cooking at the start of the pandemic. We discovered working together in the kitchen helped build the experience of intimacy. It also improved our cooking. Although we occasionally eat at a restaurant, having to choose between 18, 22 and 25% tip for service no better than when it was 15%, for food which is also no better than it was - and more expensive - has led us to eat out less. So even though I sometimes pay the 18%, I spend much less money in tips than before as I no longer go into the restaurant in the first place.
@tripleh4884 2 aylar önce
As someone that travels across the county for a living, I use cash when I see those new clover and square terminals.
@dummkompf 23 saatler önce
Which servers are you referring to at 10:40 if they are separate from the full service restaurants you refer to afterwards?
@castertr0y357 8 aylar önce
"You're being guilted into tipping on something that's not a service. It's someone simply doing their job." This is absolutely true. I hate that companies are prompting customers for a tip when you went to the physical location and got what you ordered. It's not a tip when you are doing what you are hired to do. And as long as companies are able to guilt customers to foot the bill to cover their employees living, nothing will change.
@gogosqueez3367 8 aylar önce
this is what I have been saying. Like making a coffee is the job you get paid to do, you aren't waiting on me for an 1-2 hours like at a restaurant.
@robertsmith4150 8 aylar önce
Many stand-alone full service businesses pay less than minimum wage, and the employees count on tips to make the difference in pay. Why not ask the employees the next time you go to any restaurant before you blanket your response on tipping.
@jimmyhoac7 8 aylar önce
@@robertsmith4150 if they pay less then minimum wage,you can sue them when you leave the job and ask them repay it to you,that is law
@Josh-nd3qy 8 aylar önce
get mad at the company/owner, not the employees who need the tips or else they'd need a 3rd job to pay rent.
@maargenbx1454 8 aylar önce
But waiting on costumers is also what waitstaff is hired to do. They should be paid for it.
@sstargazer8353 25 gün önce
It's absolutely ridiculous how people gets angry at customers for not tipping instead of their employer not paying them well.
I stopped tipping all together. It is not my responsibility to ensure that employees are making a living wage. That is the responsibility of the individual business. Inflation is way to hight to tip strangers money they didn’t earn. I was a bike messenger for 15 years in SF and in the 15 years I probably made about $100 in tips all together. Luckily I didn’t rely on tips to make a living, I spent my money wisely! No drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. As prices in goods rise the less tips will be given by a society that is feeling the pinch.
@ramonmirabal101 Aylar önce
I don't allow force tips, if any business forces tips I walk away, I tip according to the service I receive.
@Jessica-im1mc 2 aylar önce
When tipping on a tablet, do the workers see if you tipped? Example: If i am being asked to tip ahead of time, I dont want to give a low tip (or none) and get poor service (or spit in my coffee) because of it.
@sahilsanghvi 13 gün önce
Instead of employers paying fair wages they expect employees to beg from customers in form of tips.
@StarchieHalo 8 aylar önce
Being asked to tip on uber before the order is even picked by a driver is absolutely insane
@KingBenn 7 aylar önce
That's a double edged sword. We order via Ubereats maybe once a week. Mainly a dessert on a Saturday evening. I usually set the original tip amount low. The driver has the option to accept it or not. If I feel the service was above my "mental bar", I have the option to tip more within an hour of delivery. I'm honest.... After working all week, I'm way too lazy to go get something. So this person is driving to get my stuff, probably waiting for it, then delivering it to my door step. All because I don't feel like going to get it. If it arrives in a timely manner and I see they took precautions like using an insulated bag..... Yeah, I'll boost that tip and they will get a nice surprise in an hour. But again, I don't feel "pressured" into it like these stores are now doing.
@sherryhillman9197 7 aylar önce
I don’t do a tip. I give the person cash when they arrive because l will be at home. I think the restaurants should also seal the bag some way so it can’t be opened.
@cauliflaa9910 7 aylar önce
Uber and doordash drivers have the choice to take the order or Decline the order when it pops up. Which is why they ask to tip first. Each order only pays 2 dollars by the company so Most people skip orders with no tip or less tip. With gas being so expensive 2 dollars to picking up, drive and deliver while spending gas is not worth it. Especially sometimes it takes forever for the restaurant to have your order ready. The non tip orders then go to combined orders or drivers who need to boost their acceptance score. Pretty much if you want your food fast tip.
@uloseiwin 7 aylar önce
​@@cauliflaa9910^this. I've done door dash for years and less than 10 percent of deliveries will increase their tip after you are done. If you accepted every delivery as it was and you aren't in a major metropolitan, you will find out quickly you will lose money and be paying for the convenience of working and beating on your car. That's why door dash just introduced being able to be paid by the hour (from the moment you hit accept). It was to solve this problem because drivers were actively sharing how hilariously low their acceptance rates were
@saturn_illus 7 aylar önce
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't services like Postmates and Uber Eats already charge an insanely high delivery fee before even asking for tips anyways? (I remember it being like 50% of my order cost...) And to my knowledge this delivery fee is partially for paying its drivers. So why the tip? That's like adding on a tip and then asking for a second tip.
@jujubees711 3 aylar önce
I was just looking at Black Friday Deals and wanted to know what the estimated cost would be to send my sister a gift from this company that makes confections. As I was looking at the shipping costs, underneath was an option to tip on an online order. First time I ever saw that.
@DiegoGonzalez-ic3si 27 gün önce
I moved to the U.S. three years ago and yes, it is. The amount of restaurants that simply add on a 20% service charge is insane.
@royfearn4345 2 aylar önce
I am a Brit, and I first became acquainted with tipping when visiting France in the 60s. About 10% was customary. Later on in UK, i started selective tipping in Britain. I spent my life teaching and I never received a tip, nor did I expect one: I was doing my job and doing it to the best of my ability. I would tip in restaurants when the food or service were exceptional. But slovenly service or uninspiring food got no tips from me. People don't tip bus drivers or airline pilots, so why tip anyone earning a fair wage? One thing that really bugs me is what I call the upper class tip, i.e. bonuses to bosses. They're already on a good whack so why pay them more? Generally I'm not in favour of tipping or bonuses; more realistic wages for all workers of every grade is the way to go, and if anyone expects a tip from me they need to go the extra mile to earn it!
@general_gimleh 3 aylar önce
I think the take away from this is: be conscious of the service. Denied any tip above 15% unless exceptional service. And ignore places asking for tips before services (in Canada: any fast food/takeaways stores)
@sythex92 13 gün önce
I haven't tipped in 2 years and will continue to not do so, sucks that it hurts the servers, but it's for their own good.
@joshh7545 10 aylar önce
I went to a cookie shop with my mom a few months ago, we walk in, both politely said “hello”, the cashier didn’t even respond just straight up stared at us, even while we were looking at different cookies. My mom said “are you going to speak or just stare at us?”, he eventually spoke but he didn’t really want to. When we bought our cookies he did the tip flip and we put no tip. The receipt printed, instead of handing it to us he took it and looked at it for 5 seconds and THEN handed it to us while shaking his head. These places want tips but can’t even give bare minimum customer service. It’s annoying af.
@Catalyna 10 aylar önce
they should be trained to greet customers, either the management didnt train them correct or they did and the employee is refusing to greet, so either way no tip should be awarded until both issues are resolved.
@bharris4517 10 aylar önce
Your mom’s an OG!!!
@FT029 10 aylar önce
Seems like the worker was very tired and forced to come to work. Even though the service was quite bad I don't think they are fully to blame-- consider how management is not paying them enough or not giving people sick days
@StarChild.no1 10 aylar önce
So, a song and dance for $2.75/hr + tips?? Employee needs to be more up beat, selling cookies at a counter for a living? How about their employee pay them a decent wage and tip is something a customer just feel like doing but not obligated?
@@bharris4517 American women are "OGs" and that's why nobody wants to live with them.
@CookieFridays 14 gün önce
Tipping is kind of ridiculous. I used to work at Subway (I’m in Canada), I did my job and got my paycheque. Whenever they shared the tips from the tip jar, it just felt like an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I never expected to be tipped, it just didn’t cross my mind to expect it. I guess that’s what happens when you get paid enough by your employer. It’s stupid that in America they get paid so low, but that’s on the employer.
@jennytoughazadi9243 2 aylar önce
To Insure Proper Service. No service= no tip. If I have to pay first, it’s a job. If I receive a service that takes time and interaction other than “what do I want”, that is a service that requires a tip. And tips are earned based on the service provided. Is the person friendly? Do they ask questions about my preference? Do they try to customize my experience?
@DavidFranklin-mw2zf 2 aylar önce
Yes. Take away window adds 20% for tip!
@abiclarinet 18 gün önce
I work in food service making $10 an hour. Tips are only for exceptional service, why would someone tip me for doing my job? I also don’t tip often 🤷‍♀️
@fairedepeche 2 aylar önce
In Jackson Hole for vacation, I started to order an overpriced coffee along with an overpriced muffin when I noticed their "no public restroom" sign hanging on their restroom door. Canceled my order and left.
@JadenBoss 10 aylar önce
Whoever said it was legal to pay employees less because they make tips is the cause of this problem.
@MrGtoriginal 10 aylar önce
Absolutely, I can't agree with you more.
@robertagren9360 10 aylar önce
They realize they could make people pay more than they needed because a tip can not be given before the service. It's bribes.
@nsant 10 aylar önce
In most cases, the employer has to pay the employee the difference if they don't get tipped at least up to minimum wage, correct?
@breadfan9 10 aylar önce
Pay cash. Problem solved
@iamweave 10 aylar önce
In California min wage is $15.50 including tipped employees -- and they still having tipping.
@anaymakan6989 8 gün önce
From the UK, when dining, I always pay the bill then as I'm leaving, hand a cash tip to a server. I love how it's always super appreciated but never ever expected.
@ItsFixable 2 aylar önce
Here in Cali' we're seeing so many additional line items on the restaurant's bill. Some call it "back of house", others "employee health care", and still another "no waste fee". Then the automated systems calculate a suggested tip not just on the price of the meal but on the total bill which includes these fees. I've even seen several that calculate the tip on top of the taxes on the bill. This is BS! In the end, there is no evidence that the server ever receives the automated tip you select.
@cabanabooks6854 2 aylar önce
Being a doorman pays very well. Paid minimum wage but tips make a huge difference. My husband used to make $200 to $300/day in tips. $600 was the highest he ever received in tips in a day. The right hotel and shift time are key. I feel terrible for waiters making less than $3/hr. The law needs to change and restaurants need to pay minimum wage.
@regalporter 13 gün önce
I was at a Chicago Blackhawks home game a few months ago and since the United Center is fully cashless now, you pay for everything on a screen. They tried to automatically tack on a tip for my already ridiculously overpriced food. No, you don't deserve something special for putting a hot dog and fries in a box. You already get paid for that. The screen did have a no tip option, which of course I selected, but one of the tip options was selected by default and most people probably won't notice it. I tip waiters at sit-down restaurants and my hairdresser for exceptional service, that's it, because that's all a tip is supposed to be for, exceptional service.
@craigime 2 aylar önce
I forgot to tip one time and the manager came back to me asking me what my problem was... i thought it was a choice. Now they're basically forcing you to tip for slow service?
@itsthequeenfatima 10 aylar önce
I am an American in Paris and I was appalled at the amount of times I was asked to tip in the US and the amount expected in restaurants. Employers should PAY their workers a liveable wage. We should not be living in a tip dependant society!
@EdLavender 10 aylar önce
They main opponent to any legislation that appears to do away with tipping is not actually tipped employees. If you hear ads on tv or radio, usually with the slogan "Save Our Tips," they are always funded by restaurant owner associations. The current system allows them to pocket the revenue from the sale, while the customer pays the employee's wages. Changing that would eat into their profits (oh, sorry for the pun).
@JacksonS44 10 aylar önce
In my state, there is a clause in employee compensation law that states employees can be paid below minimum wage if they have average tips that give them the minimum wage.
@cachi-7878 10 aylar önce
I agree, it’s ridiculous and out of control. The worst thing is that Americans travel to other countries where tipping is not expected yet they tip anyway and are now habituating the locals to expect tips from foreigners. I was in a country which I won’t name; their restaurant workers are paid a full wage with benefits. I was with a friend of mine and he suggested I tip the server. I asked the cashier about it and was told it was not necessary and not expected. He confirmed the servers were paid a full wage with benefits and did not expect tips. My friend guilted me into tipping anyway. Tipping used to be a sign the customer appreciated a service that went above and beyond what is expected. Nowadays it is there, as a matter of fact, systematically, to supplement the worker’s meager salary that the employer can’t afford or doesn’t want to pay his or her employees. We are all subsidizing business owners for their lack of ethics and accountability towards their employees. In some cases, business owners cannot afford to pay their employees more, I get it, and at some point we need to take a hard look at our priorities as a capitalistic society and treat employees with more dignity. I understand this is not as simple as it sounds but other countries manage, so we should too.
@americangirl8970 10 aylar önce
@@EdLavender What I hate are restaurants that charge $7 for a draft 12 oz Yuengling.
@nataliefontane 10 aylar önce
Didn't I see you featured on a CNBC video yesterday?
@mannygarcia1810 2 aylar önce
I lived in the UK for several years and noticed that people there don't usually tip. Its mostly an American thing so when i returned to the states it was actually nice to tip but about a year ago i decided not to tip anymore since its getting ridiculous and out of control. So to make it even for everyone and since places have become sloppy after covid, i simply decided not to tip.
@gaufkyeself 27 gün önce
Long as you don't go to full scale restaurants! If you don't tip there, you're not cool, just an a-hole, hope this helped.
@tjaspire 24 gün önce
I'm an American and Americans traveling abroad and tipping in other countries is causing this global nightmare! You do not have to tip in every country! They complain about it, but they still tip and generously. Truth be told though, nobody enjoys obligatory tipping. Some waiters here make 6 figures a year! That should not be the case, as it is a relatively low skilled job. It's getting ridiculous.
@berkcan8861 23 gün önce
@@tjaspire Which country in Europe makes 6 figures a year? Engineers from Italy / France make around 2000-3000(a month) before tax. If you give me your country ill change my profession
Yes, I am only one person but I have essentially stopped buying from any take out or counter service business which uses those tipping screens. The only time I tip, other than a restaurant, is for home delivery and then only a few dollars.
@527ctguy 2 aylar önce
I went to a restaurant their starting minimum tip was 35% and just because of that, I lowered it to 12 percent. 35%?
@TMD49152 24 gün önce
What's even worse is when the tip is included in the final bill and then the tablet or portable credit card payment device asks for a tip. People don't realize the tip is already included and end up paying the tip twice.
@palles1972 5 gün önce
Card versus money if I pay with my card and give a tip i get no thank but if I pay cash and give a tip, I give a thank you, so now when I pay with my card, I give no tip, is that wrong?
@liquididentity101 8 aylar önce
I am also disgusted by businesses that charge a service fee (like delivery) and then ask for tips for that same service a second time.
@Musicgirl708 8 aylar önce
Right?! So annoying. I just type zero lol
Like Amazon grocery delivery 🤬
@zaclangdon3218 8 aylar önce
You should be disgusted that their employees literally survive off of tips because they are being so inadequately paid
@jackeroo_sundown 8 aylar önce
@@zaclangdon3218 Nobody cares about that, they're just upset they're getting guilted by pixels and don't have a backbone to say no, so they're mad online.
@RasakBlood 8 aylar önce
@@zaclangdon3218 If you get rid of tipping culture they would actually get payed. And not have to really on the wims of strangers. Tipping is a scam benefiting the employers not the workers.
@MadGoat 3 aylar önce
If I pickup my own food, using my own gas and time, I tip nothing. If I get pizza delivery, I tip 10% (I don't do food delivery services, after reading that drivers are holding food hostage unless you pre-tip them) In restaurants (In Ontario, Canada Workers are now paid minimum wage) I tip 10% or if the service sucks, nothing. Coffee shops. etc... No tips for 30 seconds of work. I tip based on satisfaction after the fact, never, ever before!
@user-no5uq4mc1o Aylar önce
im from israel and in major cities like tel aviv,it also feels like there is a pressure to leave a 20% minimun even if the service was not that good.i was a barthender and a watier in weddings.the hourly pay sucked,but the tips(cash of course)helped me.i think that its up to you in the end
@petebusch9069 Aylar önce
Years ago I stopped tipping due to bad service, now I just don't even go with the exception of a very few places that still get it.
@daveh9803 2 aylar önce
I remember when tips were also known as a gratuity. Grateful for a service provided well. Never expected. Never before the service. I feel it’s highly ignorant to suggest an amount, and always flat out refuse to pay it if it’s added automatically.
@tonyperkis420 Aylar önce
I picked up a case of beer at the liquor store. I set it on the counter the last scanned it and i swiped my own card and it wanted me to tip. I had to pick the custom button and put in 00.00 This is outrageous i man cmon what is happening here?
@JD-lt7uv 9 aylar önce
Imagine a world in which companies simply paid their workers.
@jdb47games 9 aylar önce
You don't need to imagine it. In the rest of the rich world, that's how it's done, and there is little or no tipping.
@chrisrodsa210 9 aylar önce
That's already happening, it's a USA thing.
Like France?
@pauljordan7465 9 aylar önce
It's called Australia and the rest of the world too
@TechieBaby 9 aylar önce
@Justsomeaverage3354 2 aylar önce
Just really put into perspective for me tipping at places that don't need it, especially in my state which has made tipped wage the same as minimum wage. Going to a coffee stand or other quick food stops that ask for tips don't need them, it turns an already cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich from just $8-$10 to $12 for a tip of doing a simple job as putting coffee and sugar+cream in a cup (Unless you order some extremely bizarre coffee with 16 things added). It makes no sense to tip for providing less than 5 minutes of service to do something such as putting in an order then later handing it to you. Just my 2 cents on the topic so don't go attacking me if you disagree.
@berry104 22 gün önce
As someone who works in hospitality, I understand tipping can help, but it’s not that big of a deal if you can’t or, even more importantly, isn’t deserving. Tipping should be provided to those who provide exceptional service, and done out of the kindness of one’s own generosity, if done out of pure guilt and fear of judgement of others then it should not be given. It truly incentivizes proper service
@Scifisarah 2 aylar önce
Happiest I have ever been to tip is for septic tank getting pumped on Christmas eve...