Why the US government is always shutting down

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How the US can shut down but other countries can’t

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Towards the end of every year the countdown until the United States government goes into a shutdown begins. Congress and the President usually avoid it in the last hour, but sometimes they don’t manage to agree on a spending bill and the government actually shuts down. The US is really the only country that does this.

The longest one in history, in 2019, lasted 35 days. Federal workers - and many contractors - didn’t get a paycheck for 35 days. Some of those employees were furloughed, meaning they didn’t have to go into work, but more than half of them still had to go into the office unpaid.

So… why? It goes back to the Constitution and how the federal government funds its agencies. We talk to a law professor and workers who have been through a shutdown to explain.

Read more about solutions to government shutdowns on Vox: www.vox.com/policy-and-politi...

Or get into the details of the previous shutdowns: sgp.fas.org/crs/misc/RS20348.pdf

The Washington Post did some great reporting on the affect the 2019 shutdown had on contractors, specifically: www.washingtonpost.com/graphi...

And learn more about the most recent time Belgium didn’t have a formed government: www.brusselstimes.com/belgium...

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28 Kas 2021




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Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Aylar önce
I think Congress should LOSE their paychecks if they can't do their job!
caleb Tse
caleb Tse Aylar önce
they earn by Revolving door, not paycheck
DaKingOfWolves Aylar önce
They have not been doing their jobs for hundreds of years anyway
rutabuga Aylar önce
how has this comment only got 1.4k likes
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty Aylar önce
@Chris of STARS 😂😂😂 So u just want.... Ppl like Pelosi, Cuomo and sleepy biden in the congress?? Good luck.. America.
insane apple
insane apple Aylar önce
No but without congress countries won't be afraid and start a war
Nick Aylar önce
The fact that Congress still gets paid during a shutdown that THEY cause while regular employees are forced to work without pay, is disgusting.
Grace Baldwin
Grace Baldwin Aylar önce
I did hear a rationale once for why Congress does get paid during shutdowns. It's because it is to prevent more politicking. Some members of congress are much poorer/wealthier than others so paying reps even during a shutdown ensures that members dont use shutdowns to bully/coerce members.
Sauvey Lindsey
Sauvey Lindsey Aylar önce
John Fetterman 2024 🇱🇷
The Medicated Artist
For once, I’d like to learn that the U.S. does something no other country does that’s actually beneficial to it’s citizens.
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer 17 gün önce
@Sofie Vos-If thatperson will be corrupted by power,just vote somrone else in the next election. Problem solved!
Kim Petras Archives
Kim Petras Archives 23 gün önce
Jerry Haden
Jerry Haden 27 gün önce
@Guttae Yep and some have better Healthcare systems than us
Chris R.
Chris R. Aylar önce
@LifeIsGrey again, do the math cause you're wrong. With a salary of 150-200k or more you're in a very comfortable spot even in a high cost of living area.
LifeIsGrey Aylar önce
@Ricky Diamond Berlin and Ibiza exist, you fool.
Giordano Bruno
Giordano Bruno Aylar önce
If Congress can’t do it’s job, they should be the first not paid. I’m fact, they shouldn’t receive any compensation until the end of their term.
Kongajinken Aylar önce
Unfortunately since they make the rules, they exempt themselves from it all.
Jag Channel
Jag Channel Aylar önce
@Comrade Question These politicians become super wealthy because they get six to seven figure checks from corporations and billionaires. They say the money goes into their campaign.
Nived x Zilla
Nived x Zilla Aylar önce
@D.W. Erickson to be honest this is a joke and my comment just ruined a meme number, happy ?
Eezo The Chezo
Eezo The Chezo Aylar önce
qjtvaddict Aylar önce
Or like China forcibly remove them for incompetence
James Bond
James Bond Aylar önce
In Australia we have a deadlock provision in our constitution for when this happens and an election must be called if a spending bill can’t be passed a certain number of times. Politicians on both sides usually don’t want to do this so they usually end up compromising and getting it through
Just Alex
Just Alex Aylar önce
Well in Indonesia the government usually start to discuss the budget for next year in mid year and if the budget proposed by the president is rejected by the parliament nothing happens basically...the president will just use the previous year budget proposal so no shutdown or snap election (We can't do that anyway... election is fixed every 5 years thing) and budget rejection is a very rare thing in this country it only happens once back during the Soekarno era
Pedro Réquio
Pedro Réquio Aylar önce
@James Bond This is more or less severe depending on the country in Portugal where I live this particularly accentuated, creating political crisis is very detrimental to the causers of it, in 1987 the socialist took down a minority goverment which then got an absolute majority for the next two terms. Because of this a budget has always passed, except this year, and we will see what happens in January at the polls, ever sin 87 parties have been careful when deciding to let the goverment fall. For example in Belgium they dont care if they have a goverment because their regional goverments are the ones running the show, so they care little.
Tj H
Tj H Aylar önce
@ruti yeah, this is what they initially thought would happen with Canada's reelection, since the prime minister at the time called it, the government was dissolved and a re-election held... Oddly he got the seat back but it could just as easily have been flipped.
ain92ru Aylar önce
For some reasons (I've read Federalist No. 53 where it's discussed and found the argumention utterly inconvincing) authors of the US Constutition didn't like the British system where parliament could (and still can) dissolve itself (as well as change the period of election) and hardcoded the election dates in it, so America can't get snap elections unless a constitutional amendment gets passed (which is impossible in current environment). For the same reason US re-elects its lower house much more often than all the other countries but those who based their constitution on the American one (even shorter periods were actually proposed buck in the 1780s, such as 1 year!)
McC. O.
McC. O. Aylar önce
Wish we had a parliamentary government in America.
334 TRAX
334 TRAX Aylar önce
Things to learn here. 1. We need a more cooperative government for our citizens. 2. As an adult you need to prioritize getting an emergency fund. 3. We need a better medical system for people out of work.
334 TRAX
334 TRAX Aylar önce
@jaquan powell again I don't know your situation, but it sounds like you get or could get government assistance. I used my GI bill to help finances through college. I had to move to another state for college but my 3 children mother and I were married at the time. We had different shifts so one of us was home with our children. It was two stressful years of 7 days a week between college and work. The career I been at for 15 years was worth it.
jaquan powell
jaquan powell Aylar önce
@334 TRAX I have 2 myself and I completely agree. Life isn't easy and we gotta find a way to survive.
334 TRAX
334 TRAX Aylar önce
@jaquan powell I don't think I said 100% everyone. I always am aware people have different situations. It all depends on how bad people want something to find a way to make it happen. Life is not easy. Children are a choice as well. I have 3 children myself.
jaquan powell
jaquan powell Aylar önce
@334 TRAX You make it sound easy. If your a single parent you cant afford to wait for a better job, or wait 4 weeks for a new check. College is unaffordable and jobs don't pay a livable wage.
Son of Heaven
Son of Heaven Aylar önce
Politicians: I got an idea, let us blame to China, North Korea, Russia, or Tiktok
alex Aylar önce
If the new funding isn't approved, shouldn't the last funding be the default?
E 22 gün önce
@Ike Okereke and how is it false? Just recently they passed a $777.77B+ defense budget whereas the government cannot find enough to cancel Student Loan Debt for those who cannot pay it back and might go bankrupt…and with Joe Bidens recent bill, not even those who go bankrupt can’t escape repayment. It’s predatory by nature and all that while continuing to subjugate teachers and subject them to lesser pay as well as forcing them to work without pay simply because “they’re essential”. Well if they were essential, they would’ve been far more important than the disgusting industrial military complex the U.S has built to go bully brown people in the Middle East and the global south in general. Your favorite Hegemony is stealing money from your taxes to pay for outrageous and maintenance heavy machines for exorbitant prices. It’s hilarious to say that they cannot find an essential part of society like education and actually investing in the future of its citizens rather than leading to an environment that fosters the idea that teachers are less than the state tells them they are.
E Aylar önce
@Saikat Makar I love this comment so much.
Ryan Doughty
Ryan Doughty Aylar önce
They tried that in early Germany. They used the same budget for 10 years rather than give the Kaiser less power.
Zedrhyx Aylar önce
@SKAR freedom land you don't even have free/affordable healthcare like all of the 1st world country
SKAR Aylar önce
Maybe in whatever fairytale land you live.., but not in Freedom land../s
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Thank you for this informative video
Jim Jim
Jim Jim Aylar önce
You're welcome
CHIMEX O. Aylar önce
Can we all agree that we have one the most dysfunctional budget appropriation process in the developed world. This is madness.
$hervi Aylar önce
You have one of the most dysfunctional governments on the world. Don‘t even know where to start.
Filip Kohout
Filip Kohout Aylar önce
@Obrandon Donaldson yeah that's with everything. You don't agree on something, then the last thing you agreed on takes place
Obrandon Donaldson
Obrandon Donaldson Aylar önce
@Filip Kohout i mean, other 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries seem to agree better than the US. And for most of us, if the spending bill's deadline is missed this year, we just use last year's bill until they agree or just use last year's bill and dont do one this year. Simple
Xina,John Aylar önce
@Fyn Kozari often not
Filip Kohout
Filip Kohout Aylar önce
@Connor Campbell "blame democracy" funny how most of the world is democratic but I have never heard of actual government shutdown apart from US
Wira Sudewa
Wira Sudewa Aylar önce
In Indonesia, the rules are quite simple. When the government failed to reach an agreement on the spending bill, we reused last year's bill again. But so far it never happened.
Chuah Xinn Tze
Chuah Xinn Tze Aylar önce
I not sure for Malaysia but surely we Malaysian also have such kind of system...
Avery Nathan
Avery Nathan Aylar önce
it's only been 75 years
花寺 転造
花寺 転造 Aylar önce
@Aftermath us Indonesian cases? no. We uses the same bill from last year, though it never happened... yet.
Aftermath Aylar önce
When the government failed to reach an agreement for the spending bill, it means they lost majority control. Election then?
Ericka Garcia
Ericka Garcia Aylar önce
Same in the Philippines.
Saurabh Das
Saurabh Das Aylar önce
In India, if the spending bill is not passed during the first day of the Budget session (February 1, or the first working day in February) then that amounts to a no-confidence motion and the government is required to resign.
The Study Shack by Sanket Maniyar
@kaleem baig Ya, so when the party of your choice is not in power, India becomes an autocracy, right?😂😂
kaleem baig
kaleem baig Aylar önce
Now a days India is only of show show democracy. Nothing more than that full of corruption like being CHINA 2.0
The Study Shack by Sanket Maniyar
@Sachin Sheelavant Nope... There is no better option than BJP right now...
Shubham Pattewar
Shubham Pattewar Aylar önce
@you're right A country doesn't becomes less of a democracy because the party you don't like keeps winning
Anshu Raj
Anshu Raj Aylar önce
Boss, In India the Budget is merely introduced on the 1st working day of February but it's a whole lengthy two-month process. And for that two months one-sixth of the total budget amount is allocated through "Vote on Account". And yes failing to pass the Budget leads to The Resignation of the Government.
Rose Joemon
Rose Joemon Aylar önce
Shutdowns always affects the livelihood of certain categories in society, and proper measures to address those should be found.
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Aylar önce
@Gnorts Mr Alien just talk normal. Are you gonna ask me next whether the language I write in is english?
Gnorts Mr Alien
Gnorts Mr Alien Aylar önce
@Tibo Declercq You mean the USA? So did you send your stimulus checks back or not lol
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Aylar önce
@Gnorts Mr Alien Let's sat the citizens. The people who vote democrat can be given the advice to stop doing so
Gnorts Mr Alien
Gnorts Mr Alien Aylar önce
@Tibo Declercq You mean "populace". The populace of what exactly?
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Aylar önce
@Gnorts Mr Alien The populous
Avinash Lahane
Avinash Lahane Aylar önce
The more I learn about US the more I get to know how messed up the country really is
Awpertunist Aylar önce
@Smiley sheesh let him breathe he can’t take the facts about his God-King
A S Aylar önce
@jay bee 😂🤣🤣 Keep em coming. This is some funny 💩.
Smiley Aylar önce
@T-G_STEVE You and I both know your lying. His approval rating was at 30%, he got impeached twice, almost got removed from office, multiple scandals, and among other things, the only president to be impeached twice, as well as the only president to try to overthrow the system of election with a riot. His presidency was a blatant failure. He made several racist and discriminatory policies and wasted millions on a wall that doesn't even do anything. Oh.. and his handling of covid, absolutely horrendous.
T-G_STEVE Aylar önce
@Smiley this is false. How was Trump worse? Dont make a claim without any evidence. You sound like one of the uniformed and misinformed people.
jay bee
jay bee Aylar önce
@A S Mr mysterious nobody and his imaginary friends that are laughing at me. I feel so offended 😪 you ruined my weekend. Not the random loser from TRvid laughing at me 😪😪😪😪 what am I going to do? Amazing joke bro... no not what you said. The amazing joke is YOU lollllll so amazingly lame
Cian Davila-Flynn
Cian Davila-Flynn Aylar önce
When parents don't agree on what to have for dinner, they don't stop making food for their children
Gabriella McField
Gabriella McField Aylar önce
@Curt Rapp are you saying it’s childlike to want a functioning government? don’t you think there should be legislation in place to prevent worst case scenarios in the government, the same way there’s legislation to try and prevent worst case scenarios among everyday people (such as murder)?
GG Aylar önce
@Ice Cream they dont mean literally its a metaphor
GG Aylar önce
@Brian Melendy its a metaphor
Brian Melendy
Brian Melendy Aylar önce
Are you suggesting that the citizens are children?
Jack Rowland
Jack Rowland Aylar önce
Lol, wrong.
Mobius_Peverell Aylar önce
You're missing the most important difference between the US and the rest of the world: in pretty much every other country, budgetary bills are matters of confidence. If a budget fails to pass, the legislature is dissolved & an election is held. If the new legislature can't pass a budget, it is dissolved again & another election is held. This repeats until the people elect a legislature that's capable of doing its job.
RedDragon Gün önce
@Greg Giles Exactly. MPs of the governing party (who will have a majority) won't vote down the budget because they know that leads to their party going out of government.
Greg Giles
Greg Giles Aylar önce
only if the MPs vote against it, it rarely happens because of MP support.
An Alien on the Internet
No offense, but you guys are out of your mind. Shutting down the Health and Human Services Agency is the absolute cherry on top of the cake. A masterpiece of madness.
If every other country has a standard and functional way of doing something, you can always trust the US to make it difficult.
Chuah Xinn Tze
Chuah Xinn Tze Aylar önce
If every country has a shut down policy, sure USA will not continue this shut down policy anymore cause USA wants to stand out....
Alex Ye
Alex Ye Aylar önce
@Kenneth Chou As soon as I get at least a few tens of billions of dollars to fund media campaigns, development programs, influence people and raise an army.
Robert Faber
Robert Faber Aylar önce
@ASomewhatLongAndMeaninglessUserame Indeed. The US has backed itself into a real corner where the status quo is incredibly obstructionist, but the only people with the legal power to change it are also those with the biggest vested interest in keeping it as it is.
@Robert Faber Problem is getting them to agree on literally anything...
Robert Faber
Robert Faber Aylar önce
@Mattia Rubio Well, the thing is that they never revise the thing. The Dutch constitution is actually older than that of the US, but it is also completely revised every 30-40 years to make sure it remains relevant to a constantly changing world. Our current revision dates to the 1980s, so we're probably due one again soon. Plenty of other countries do the same thing. If only the US joined them, they would be in much better shape, democratically.
Ryan Syropiatko
Ryan Syropiatko Aylar önce
The funniest part is this literally can't happen on other countries.
Obrandon Donaldson
Obrandon Donaldson Aylar önce
@Chuah Xinn Tze Yup
Chuah Xinn Tze
Chuah Xinn Tze Aylar önce
@Obrandon Donaldson well, you are right and wrong
Shantanu Ranjan
Shantanu Ranjan Aylar önce
@Obrandon Donaldson irony being majority of developing democracies are inspired by US' democracy
Obrandon Donaldson
Obrandon Donaldson Aylar önce
@Michael Zaite Well yeah thats true
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite Aylar önce
@Obrandon Donaldson we show them exactly what not to do, and Why.
Devin Doherty
Devin Doherty Aylar önce
This is so flawed. In Canada we call our appropriation bills Budget bills and if those don't pass it essentially acts as a no-confidence vote and an election is called.
Leonard Luzon
Leonard Luzon Aylar önce
@paradoxmo Specifically, federal system. I think the US president has no power over this but prolly executive orders.
Shai Golan
Shai Golan Aylar önce
@Dr. Krab no
Dr. Krab
Dr. Krab Aylar önce
@Shai Golan well yes , we all know and we all have seem what your country does
Debo Aylar önce
@Dr. Krab that's something the US does as well
Robert Faber
Robert Faber Aylar önce
@Thecrippled Pancake Seems like that wouldn't be too different from now... What the US could really do with to sort out most of its issues is not budget-related though, but voting-related. Switch the US' elections from FPTP to PR and things would become much more workable. Of course that's unlikely to happen, because the people who wrote the legal framework for elections in the US made the sterling decision that the people who make decisions about how to run elections are the self same people who have vested interests in said election...
ajay kumar
ajay kumar Aylar önce
As per the Indian Parliamentary convention, it imposes a bill called the “Vote on Account” bill along side the Appropriation bill, which releases a fund of atleast 2/6th or 1/10th of the funds of previous year amount, which is more than enough for the government to run until Appropriation bill is passed. After the Appropriation bill is passed, only the remaining funds are released, so in a way at the end the parliament votes for both the Vote on Account funds and the Appropriation funds at one go. Edit: On top of this, if the Appropriation bill is not passed within the budget session, it amounts to no-confidence motion and the government would resign.
Bon appétit
Bon appétit Aylar önce
If the budget does not pass any conditions in the parliament, then it is understandable that the ruling party is a minority. Technically, this means that the government has lost its vote of confidence in Lok Sabha and must resign. Although it has not happened so far.
Anurag Aylar önce
It's easy to pass budgets in India because India doesn't have presidential system. So you can't become a prime minister without a majority in lower house.
Erica Arcadia
Erica Arcadia Aylar önce
Here in the Philippines like in many other countries, the government will use last year's budget until a new one is passed. It has happened a couple of times already, though this effectively stopped new projects from being funded so it is a loss for the administration. This is why the administration and its allies will try to make sure a budget is passed so their projects for the year can push through.
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks Aylar önce
The fact that this is something that exist and happens has always baffled me. I'm not from the US, so of course I can only judge through a lense of unfamiliarity, but it's kinda like so obvious that this a terrible way of handling that situation and that it benefits no one. I mean if your constitution causes a serious chance of having to lay off millions of workers and tank the economy year after year, then maybe.... there's something completely wrong with the constitution or the way it's interpreted? It's mind blowing that that's something that needs to be said and it isn't fixed...
Banker Dave
Banker Dave Aylar önce
Just like the "Right to bear arms", this portion of the Constitution has been manipulated and misinterpreted by various special interests and politicians to suit their own needs.
TheIrishEmpire Aylar önce
@GamingUniverse22 the wording of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution doean't help tho XD
GamingUniverse22 Aylar önce
@THEPedroTHE THETHE You must be really bad at grammar if you think that the second amendment states that the right to bear arms is only for citizens in a national militia.
THEPedroTHE THETHE Aylar önce
@Daniel Garcia And the National Militia?
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Aylar önce
Shall not be infringed
Disa Pointmont
Disa Pointmont Aylar önce
I like how she said "where would the incentive go?" ...like, the government doesn't have ANY incentive to work because they get paid regardless. If we DIRECTLY told our representation that they wouldn't get paid if they didn't meet their goals, we'd find change in government. Actually PUNISH our government. Not with OUR money, but theirs. No taxation without representation, no paid vacations when our country is in shambles...
Flarelia Aylar önce
The US Is odd Internationally, most countries just force an Emergency Legislative Election to clear the slate if a deadlock between the Executive and Legislative Branches occurs, in some countries a Budget Bill being voted down also forces one.
Josie Snow
Josie Snow Aylar önce
@alex Not so in the US.
alex Aylar önce
@Flarelia This video is from Vox.
Flarelia Aylar önce
@alex whatever you say, considering the fact this video has to exist i would say “no it dosent”
alex Aylar önce
@Flarelia Deadlock encourages cooperation, bipartisanship, and broad support for policies
Flarelia Aylar önce
​@alex No it doesn't and that's a good thing because if we did we would end up in years-long deadlocks between the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government like the US has. Separation of Powers was the best constitutional option available in the 18th century to ensure democracy in an era where Despotic Monarchs had to be reigned in by a separate branch of government, Constitutions have developed since then and more efficient forms of constitutions have been developed.
Kayo Michiels
Kayo Michiels Aylar önce
Belgium: *laughs when it didn't had a new government form for 541 days*
Bradley Aylar önce
The US:Laughs because every individual state has their own Laws and Authority and the US government only has authority over Washington DC and the US Terri like Puerto Rico. States rights baby
Iris Iris
Iris Iris Aylar önce
@A P bwahahahaha
Iris Iris
Iris Iris Aylar önce
i was already laughing before the video, but even more when they brought it up 🤣🤣
prede89 Aylar önce
AND not a single person was effected, not one person without a paycheck. The Flemish and the Walloons hate each other more than our dems and reps yet they won't hurt innocents . Also they're not corrupt like all our politicians
seneca983 Aylar önce
@Jelle VH I'm not an American myself and I've never been there so I can't answer your question.
Joachim Schoder
Joachim Schoder Aylar önce
Somebody in congress had the great idea of deciding that instead of actually reducing the spending or raise the income it would make more sense to set a arbitrary number at which the US will just stop paying their bills. They still have the spend all the money defined in multiple laws but they can't borrow money to pay for all the stuff they are legally required to pay. And the Republican thought it would be a great idea to force the US government to stop paying their bills to ram through legislation that they couldn't get passed otherwise.
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite Aylar önce
I mean yea basically. This is all part of the same war on America Nixonian Republicans started following the debacle of Viet Nam to punish us for questioning them.
michale andmore
michale andmore Aylar önce
It's like, US law makers, literally thought how can we cause the most inconvenience to everyone, while still being in power and doing the bare minimum
Pixality Aylar önce
If "essential employees" are required to work without pay its slavery (obviously milder than our history of chattel slavery). If they are going to mandate certain positions, they need to have a separate fund that covers it when they are playing games.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Aylar önce
@Robert Faber thats exactly what is facts, I agree
Robert Faber
Robert Faber Aylar önce
@Eric Garcia I'll happily take your 'fax' as long as you agree with the _"None of that is to say it's not woefully unbecoming of a country that considers itself an example to the rest of the world"_ bit...
Pingo Aylar önce
@Eric Garcia nope, use google instead of being arrogant.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Aylar önce
@Robert Faber fax
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Aylar önce
They work overtime when they do work so they still get big bucks when they work
Shaudetta Bond
Shaudetta Bond Aylar önce
Federal contractor here in DC. It’s like being in an abusive relationship with the federal govt. I had to accept that I will never get back pay during a shutdown.
David Massa
David Massa Aylar önce
Without getting into specifics, not trying to ask for your personal information... what is it that you do for me? Is it really that important? Sincerely, The Taxpayer
QuintusAntonious Aylar önce
This is one major reason why I'm hesitant to take a government job despite the fact that they are some of the best paying in my field. You end up becoming essentially not getting paid for anywhere from a few days to a few months a year with no way to know how long.
BOYGENIUS538 _ Aylar önce
, and you still miss out on pay
BOYGENIUS538 _ Aylar önce
@dodo then you get fired
dodo Aylar önce
What if you just "don't do work" when the government is shut down? Wouldn't that solve the problem?
Anton Hilbig
Anton Hilbig Aylar önce
its so messed up, like americans are so proud, that they still live by the constitution written hundreds of years ago, when it actually hurts their country in so many ways. its so hard to get anything done in a political system written for a time that just isnt existant anymore. like maybe back then it worked, but now its just a different world and the politics should be too
Boxed Water
Boxed Water Aylar önce
There is too much distrust and actual corrupt elites that can take advantage of any changes. Unfortunately.
SirSX3 Aylar önce
This is my go to answer every time an American talk about how they are the "greatest country" or, when they try to "educate" developing countries into using a Presidential system instead of a Parliamentary system or a semi-presidential one. You can talk about "Separation of Powers" all you want, bro; parliamentary system will never get a government shutdown.
catprog Aylar önce
1975 Australia. That would of been a government shutdown. The difference is what happens when the budget fails to pass. In that case everyone gets kicked out and a new election is held. Their is nothing stopping a Presidential system from having the same rule nor a parliamentary system shutting down the government without said rule.
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite Aylar önce
Also they throw shoes at each other. Think how different Mitch McConnell would behave if he risked taking a Ferragamo to that wrinkled lipless food hole he calls a mouth.
Ronan Murphy
Ronan Murphy Aylar önce
In the UK, as with nearly all parliamentary systems modelled on Westminster, if the budget fails to pass, the government will collapse and snap elections are held. Controlling the money supply is imperative - in fact the actual title of the Prime Minister is the First Lord of the Treasury, indicative of how the executive governance arose from the ability to command the control of state revenue and expenditure.
Arl Tratlo
Arl Tratlo Aylar önce
but right now the UK government is run by liars and corrupt ministers...so why is that a good example at all??
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance Aylar önce
Yes. And at the same time the UK public services will continue to spend money according the previous budget.
natalie Aylar önce
when a sentence starts with "in the early 1980s" you know something bad's about to happen
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite Aylar önce
Yeup. The coup already happened 40 years ago when a B-list movie star became president. Nobody noticed. We all lost.
Infrared73 Aylar önce
Time to add a new law. The folks responsible for passing the budget cannot leave the building including for meals until resolved. Lock them inside. They can survive for weeks without food. A true test of their resolve.
Kenos Aylar önce
@Barney Laurance winning party gets to experience food wars in real life. Truly a sight to behold
Allegedly Ay Eh
Allegedly Ay Eh Aylar önce
@Barney Laurance hunger games baby
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance Aylar önce
So you want the budget to be decided based on which party can last longer without food? What would be the point of that?
Ms. Blessed MJB
Ms. Blessed MJB Aylar önce
Thank you for this informative video. I've learned a lot about government shut. Prior, I did not understand the impact it's having on essential working people with bills and loved ones they have to care for. Imagine going 35 days without getting paid is though-I think it's going to get wrost for us in the US 😪
ZK Fnd
ZK Fnd Aylar önce
Here in Nepal, a budget gets passed in tight security, while those opposing literally throw chairs and punch each other out and try and stop the finance minister from declaring the budget. And yeah this happens while the parliament is in session.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Aylar önce
They say my country is a third world country with poverty, corruption and many other serious issues. But this government shutdown problem doesn't exist in my country. In fact, a government job is considered the safest and you almost never get fired or denied your paycheck if you work for the government in my country. This government shutdown problem is hilarious for a first-world developed nation like the U.S. LoL
Kenos Aylar önce
@OLIDO, JOSEPH D. Underdeveloped country with world leading technology, knowledge about science etc Checks out
OLIDO, JOSEPH D. Aylar önce
Americanistan is a third world underdeveloped country, get your facts straight.
Rafael Mejia
Rafael Mejia Aylar önce
Just outta curiosity, but where are you from?
Allister Trudel
Allister Trudel Aylar önce
Yup so embarrassing...
ARBYX Aylar önce
What is wrong with America in general? This country freaks me out more and more with every day that it’s passing by…
UnivocalGold10 Aylar önce
"Belgium with and without a government is the same Belgium, The US with and with a Government is not the same US" -my friend
Arl Tratlo
Arl Tratlo Aylar önce
Germany was out of a government in 2015/16 for 6 months....its still there...!
MaJuV Aylar önce
America, where politicians willingly play with the livelihoods of tends of thousands of federal workers because "it's the only time we can argue to make laws". Jeezes, man. Just let the current regulation continue until you are finished bickering. Don't play with lives like that. How selfish can these American politicians be?
Sammyconray Aylar önce
@Pepeo Katze 👍
Pepeo Katze
Pepeo Katze Aylar önce
@Xavier2291 Democrats* there I fixed your comment 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Xavier2291 Aylar önce
To be fair, Republicans are the ones shutting the government down repeatedly and offensively...
The_Rubbish_Bin Aylar önce
Bad thing is the Politician's pay is uninterrupted. They don't care about the people.
Oh No Get Out!
Oh No Get Out! Aylar önce
“If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized ... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance -- you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” - Ian -Watson
Raja Shashank Gutta
Or you don't understand the benefits of that said thing.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller Aylar önce
Where’s the rapport?
jg caba
jg caba Aylar önce
In Canada, the Prime Minister only needs a simple majority in the House to pass a budget. If she can’t, then the government falls and we go back to elections.
Moi Suomi
Moi Suomi Aylar önce
“She” lol hilarious
David Massa
David Massa Aylar önce
The only "she" to hold that job could only hold the job for 132 days.
Filipe Saramago
Filipe Saramago Aylar önce
Here in Portugal not only there isn't the possibility of government shutdown, we've actually had the opposite happening. During certain times in the past where there was political turmoil, coups, civil wars and the like and there was no political leader or functioning government, all the normal government services continued working as usual, wages being paid, etc, as long as it was needed, sometimes for a few days, I believe at the most it was a couple of weeks. It's actually pretty remarkable how in those situations everyone just kept doing their jobs as normal.
EE Ehrenberg
EE Ehrenberg Aylar önce
There's an easy fix for this. If the government shuts down, the employees get payed from the personal pockets of all members of congress and the president until that runs dry. I'm pretty sure they'd get to an agreement rather quickly then.
Xertacy Aylar önce
I feel like I’ve learned more about the US government on this channel than in my US government class
yolda1mimar Aylar önce
Can we all take a sec and appreciate how good was the graphic work of the video was.. Kudos ;)
Electron826 Aylar önce
Yeah I really liked the proportional circles representing each institution.
AJX Aylar önce
If nothing else, Vox videos always look really nice 👍
Dark Aylar önce
Thank you for making this educational video.
The Chris & Kim Show
As seen in my household: Child: “Dad, do you know when you’re gonna get paid again?” Dad: “Boy, you better mind your business and get outta my face!”
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
In Australia we have a deadlock provision in our constitution for when this happens and an election must be called if a spending bill can’t be passed a certain number of times. Politicians on both sides usually don’t want to do this so they usually end up compromising and getting it through
Dane Byrd
Dane Byrd Aylar önce
Vox has done videos on this in the past. I’m happy to see that this time they talked with the people most affected by it
A C Aylar önce
The idea is supposed to be to keep spending under control. The shutdown is pointless if you can just vote to spend more money.
hsy831 Aylar önce
Exactly man
iamthinking2252 _
iamthinking2252 _ Aylar önce
Somehow methinks increased spending is less of a problem than tanking the US economy from hitting the debt ceiling, the same amount of debt not being a problem if there weren’t a ceiling
sundhaug92 Aylar önce
@sadhu That's part of the issue with shutdowns - a lot of people have to keep working, but they don't get paid necessarily for a while
Jinx Dragon
Jinx Dragon Aylar önce
Wouldn't this be a good indicator that it's intent, to keep spending under control, is flawed to begin with? Maybe the reason America keeps hitting the ceiling isn't due to the spending, but the method of control itself?
sadhu Aylar önce
Why not just work if u need money
Dhruv Kaneria
Dhruv Kaneria Aylar önce
In India we call it the budget and if it fails in the parliament it's considered a vote of no confidence.
FleekRush YT
FleekRush YT Aylar önce
In ukraine, we actually have only once passed the budget bill in the first reading. Most of the times, it takes 2 to 3 readings and sometimes, it takes even 1 month till the bill is passed, but ive never known that in the US the whole government just shuts down.
deamon5959 Aylar önce
It's interesting when that graph is referenced at 7:30 for increasing political polarization. Not sure how accurate it is but interesting that the liberal portion is marginally increasing while the conservative portion has essentially doubled (increased much more than the liberal portion). It would also be interesting to see the graph go back much further in the countries history (basically as far as it can go).
Yuriel Astillero
Yuriel Astillero Aylar önce
My country was once a colony of the United States, from 1898 to 1946, and we had a piece of legislation before that authorizes a legislature to reenact the previous year's budget, in order to avoid government shutdown. Until now, we still have that practice, as it is prescribed in the 1987 Philippine Constitution - Article VI, Section 25, Paragraph 7: If, by the end of any fiscal year, the Congress shall have failed to pass the general appropriations bill for the ensuing fiscal year, the general appropriations law for the preceding fiscal year shall be deemed reenacted and shall remain in force and effect until the general appropriations bill is passed by the Congress. I think the United States should amend its Constitution that would reflect to what my country should avoid, especially a government shutdown.
花寺 転造
花寺 転造 Aylar önce
@Maria nah, if our government failed to reach an agreement on the next year's bill, they would use the last year's one. our APBN for next year is somewhere around 200 billion dollars or more, with 4% ish deficit for 2022 spending
Yuriel Astillero
Yuriel Astillero Aylar önce
@Embedd Ohh. I have visited there and it's a nice place. Why you folks hate it?
Embedd Aylar önce
@Yuriel Astillero malaysi
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite Aylar önce
We can’t even pass a budget, no way an amendment is ever happening. We couldn’t even pass an equal rights amendment.
Yuriel Astillero
Yuriel Astillero Aylar önce
@Embedd Ohhh, what is your country?
Kevin Aylar önce
This happened in Canada when we went from payroll being made by hand to a software. Well the software had a bug and no one got paid. The issue lasted for a few years and cost an extra 1 billion to fix. My girlfriend didn't get paid for 4 months straight working everyday... Software being Phoenix system for the government.
Bundok Fox
Bundok Fox Aylar önce
I was to also remind though, "without pay" is kind of true, once funding is back, you get back pay. If you are contracted, you do not get back pay (because 1. You aren't working in a shut down, 2. you are not a federal employee)
Capivara Aylar önce
You guy's government can actually SHUT DOWN?! Man, the US never ceases to amaze me.
evilload Aylar önce
Government shut down is a misnomer. Some government departments are classified emergency essential (for example Social Security Adm) and will still be working, but at a reduced capacity (not being able to issue cards etc...). National Parks Adm would be shut down for the duration (and lose any revenue potential during that time). Depending on the department, the employee(s) would be furloughed (with back pay later on), work without pay (with back pay later on) or work and pay (normal operations).
SiVlog Aylar önce
The frequency of Government Shutdowns in the United States is embarrassing. There should be a measure in place to at least temporarily pass the previous years budget to keep things functioning. For example, if a modern car has a mechanical problem, it doesn't grind to a halt immediately, it gives enough performance to at least allow the driver to get to a garage to enable work to be carried out
Colleen Posley
Colleen Posley Aylar önce
"Essential" employees really changed definitions once C19 hit. Maybe we should be revisiting this whole line of thought.
Victor Code
Victor Code Aylar önce
USA: We are the most in debt country in the history of the world. Also the USA: Why can't we pass a budget?
BadWolf77 Aylar önce
Imagine If when the government shutdown for any period of time, we could deduct those days from our taxes? No government = no taxes right?
G R Aylar önce
Add a clause that removes money from the military funding to pay federal workers during shutdown I bet it won't even scrape the surface of that 400billion allocated to them.
@Pingo like what? You probably think not getting free govt handouts isn't freedom. Yeah the govt in control of everything is real freedumb.
Pingo Aylar önce
@ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ literally everything! You are behind in every single positive statistics. Even when it comes to freedom you don’t even place within the top 10 over the most free nation. America is officially a backsliding democracy, and you whole country is falling apart. But sure, enjoy letting rich people do tax evasion, but go after the nurse instead 😒
Pingo Aylar önce
@FatStacks FatLips about half or your military bases serves no purpose anymore. Your aircraft carriers are more than equipped to do the job. You also employ way too many people within the military branches. You have a massive amount of people who don’t do anything of value. Your military have been turned into the biggest welfare program in the world. Simply to create jobs. It’s so fun when you get mad at other NATO countries for not funding their own military enough, we don’t calculate the welfare benefits our soldiers receive as a part of our military budget, because it isn’t. However America does, because it is a part of your military budget, and you use that number to bully.
Bon appétit
Bon appétit Aylar önce
That's still someone's paycheck
trick miller
trick miller Aylar önce
@dodo In terms of money, there is no money. We're spending x1.5 the tax revenue in spending each year now and Democrats want to spend more. The dollar is going to crash. It's just a matter of time. In 2021, the US government raked in 4 trillion and spend over 6 trillion. The government is paying 300billion in interest alone. That is almost 10% of the income to pay for money borrowed. Spending needs to be cut, but it's unpopular to cut programs in general and spending in general. Neither democrats nor republicans want military spending cut. There are major US government contracts that give jobs to both sides constituents. Many are in favor of a well funded military. You'd be shooting yourself in the foot for trying to do so and would likely not be re-elected.
Drew Stevenson
Drew Stevenson Aylar önce
@7:33 they say the parties grow apart, they include arrows pointing in opposite directions… but the liberal part of the chart shows essentially static yet still gets blamed for what is obviously the conservative side dragging the Center line firmly into their comfort zone by moving the goal posts.
Simon Stevenson
Simon Stevenson Aylar önce
Hey fellow Stevenson
JamEngulfer Aylar önce
I was thinking that too. When they say government is getting more polarised, it seems to split the blame, but it’s only ever the Republicans.
Napoléon I Bonaparte
Can’t they just make a law that effectively makes them use last year’s budget when it lapses?
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance Aylar önce
Yeah that's what happens in almost every other country.
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite Aylar önce
“Make a law”is where your question falls apart. The people who make laws think this is a good way of doing things.
Ike Okereke
Ike Okereke Aylar önce
@Smiley It will happen.
Wonka Aylar önce
Not going to happen. Shutdowns are both a theatrical device and a strategic tool. They’re too essential to American politics and political theater. It SHOULD work like that, and politicians should be immediately recalled for failing to do their jobs... but it’s all rigged. The whole system is rigged.
Smiley Aylar önce
That would never happen.
Big J
Big J Aylar önce
This reminds me of what Otto Von Bismarck did. During his time as chancellor, Prussia’s government wasn’t collecting taxes. This was because The Prussian king had agreed to a stipulation that he needed Parliaments approval to pass tax laws. Parliament was protesting and demanding for more democracy in Prussia, so they refused to convene until the King would agree to pass more reforms. Bismarck, upon looking at this situation, simply decided to use the budget for the last year, when they had income. As a result, Prussia would use the same budget for a decade+.
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks Aylar önce
The Belgium example doesn't really fit because those phases of 'not having a government' you're showing weren't and aren't caused by not having a set budget at the start of the new fiscal year, but rather by a newly elected parliament not yet having produced a coalition with the necessary share of seats in parliament needed to satisfy the country's respective standard for a legal, ruling majority. Basically, the elected political parties haven't yet found a majority that can produce a coalition agreement. This isn't unique to Belgium at all, it's a standard process in political systems that are parliamentary more so than presidential and rely on coalition governments. In these political systems, you don't vote the government directly, you vote the parliament which then forms the government from within itself, meaning there is no new(!) set government right after the election. But there of course still is a government, just not one that is technically elected at that point. Here in Germany, this is an absolutely normal part of the process and happens after every general election, though the duration varies a lot. The old government just continues until a new one based on the last election is found and in some cases, a position that is otherwise largely detached from the political process, like the King in Belgium's case or the President in Germany, is designated by the constitution to hold the power to appoint mediators that aid and hold some authority in the forming of a new government or hold certain instrument of power to apply pressure on the involed parties him- or herself.
david woodward
david woodward Aylar önce
For a government that made unions weaker and weaker, this is such a self-destructive cry for help.
Imagine how efficient we could run the government if we never did tax cuts for the rich. We always seem to find money for them.
bookbeing Aylar önce
Essential public services need to be an automatic part of each year's budget and no vote needed. Programs that do not help the highest good of the population can be voted in on a line by line basis so no one can sneak in and attach hidden garbage bills (that only serve the 1% ultra rich) to the necessary ones that serve everyone.
Carbon Forms
Carbon Forms Aylar önce
Like all horribly dysfunctional things in modern American politics, this started in the 1980’s.
Josie Snow
Josie Snow Aylar önce
@Louis XIV Okay then.
Louis XIV
Louis XIV Aylar önce
@Josie Snow The economy did great drying and after his administration. Supply side economics do work unlike Keyenesian economics
Josie Snow
Josie Snow Aylar önce
@Louis XIV How was Reagan a great president? A lot of the policies he and his administration helped put into motion have had a massively detrimental effect on the economy since. Trickle down being one of the worst things.
Louis XIV
Louis XIV Aylar önce
@Josie Snow he hurt the economy and continued Bush war policies
Josie Snow
Josie Snow Aylar önce
@Louis XIV Can you explain how?
disjustice Aylar önce
I like how they frame the political problem as parties "diverging" or congress becoming "more polarized" as if it is a both sides issue where the chart at 7:30 shows a massive hard line shift on the right compared to a barely perceptible move on the left.
Cool Legend
Cool Legend Aylar önce
I get your point but It would still be diverging and it would still be getting more polarized. Even if just one moves ...
Pedro Jorge
Pedro Jorge Aylar önce
In Brazil we simply disrespect the Constitution and the administration spends based on the previous budget law, line by line.
Izzati Hassan
Izzati Hassan Aylar önce
Man, that is sad. It should have been criminal to ask essential work to come to office, but not being paid until the funding is approved!
Clone Commander
Clone Commander Aylar önce
I have a very simple solution for this… I propose that if the Congress cannot decide itself on a new appropriation bill for the year to come, the same as the one of the previous year will be used in order to prevent Government shutdown.
Jijumon M
Jijumon M Aylar önce
Well the politician's paychecks should get stopped too. Such a broken system
Jijumon M
Jijumon M Aylar önce
@Barney Laurance true. I guess the rich always get all the advantages no matter what. Anyways, I was just angry at the fact that essential workers can be made to work, but not essential enough to get paid.
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance Aylar önce
Wouldn't that give an strategic advantage to politicians with other wealth or other income?
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite Aylar önce
Yea, they don’t live on or even need those paychecks.
Dachshund Doggo
Dachshund Doggo Aylar önce
its funny how the US was formed to be anti-monarchy while simultaneously eventually feeding the dynasties of the Democrats and Republicans
Tim D
Tim D Aylar önce
To play off Will Rogers' comment: "We have the most mediocre government for the highest dollar spent."
Christian Kroemer
Christian Kroemer Aylar önce
I suppose one alternative is to just tweak that AG's interpretation to where departments are only allowed to pay their employees, but all other spending is restricted.
Jerry Haden
Jerry Haden 27 gün önce
Basically this is just another reason to move to a country where the government cares somewhat for its citizens
Oscar Alejandro Torres Aguilar
Great law, honesty, but there should be another law when it comes to this kind of disagreements
Lady Commentor
Lady Commentor Aylar önce
Very interesting that The USA has this kind of method when it comes to Missing its Budget... As a political science student from asia... this is educational.
Bayofthe91st Aylar önce
They should've run with safe mode.
the_sun Aylar önce
Great and interesting video as always. What's interesting as well about "shutting down" is the load shedding process in CapeTown South Africa, take a look to it. They just shut down the electrics.
Weird Kind
Weird Kind Aylar önce
The US be doing everything except for helping its citizens 💀 How is the most developed nation in the world still have dysfunctional laws like this? I pity the struggling workers. Working hard long shifts and not getting paid at the end is disheartening. 😕
KDMN Aylar önce
Without even watching I can tell you…… because politicians keep getting paid even when it’s shut down. If their pay checks stopped, you’d NEVER have a shut down.
Debarun Karmakar
Debarun Karmakar Aylar önce
In India, if the appropriation bill is not passed by 1st February it amounts to a no-confidence motion and the government resigns. So it's the politicians who are out and not the essential service employees.
Debarun Karmakar
Debarun Karmakar Aylar önce
@Thecrippled Pancake Nah, the fear of being out of the government forces them to cooperate
Thecrippled Pancake
So they have an entire new government every year?
Jason The Ranga
Jason The Ranga Aylar önce
Its a sad reflection on the country when even government workers go unpaid and have to work second jobs sometimes.
Chameleonred5 Aylar önce
I'd say that backpay should come out of the politicians' pockets. They're America's "bosses." They're responsible for pay. And if there is no incentive to pay, they won't. That's how power works.
Luis Camacho
Luis Camacho Aylar önce
Imagine if a private company did that to its employees; "alright executives, we didn't get to an agreement so our employees won't receive any money until we finally do it". The company would get fined and sanctioned the next day.
David Aylar önce
Not in the US it won't. If Amazon can get away with not paying income tax, I'm sure they can get away with not paying their employees.
Groove$urgeon Aylar önce
Americans are doomed to live in this vicious circle. Just finished watching Dopesick and after sometime you realise why and how any of this could happen. You really need to see it to believe it 🤣
Alex Peres
Alex Peres Aylar önce
Imagine getting to a point where you have to turn off and turn on your government for it to work…
zzz4854 Aylar önce
In some countries with parliamentary system the cabinets will be automatically dissolved if the spending budget didn't get passed by the Lower House, ie loss of supply thus loss of confidence
Josh Price
Josh Price Aylar önce
I’m sorry what TSA agents are smiling and greeting anyone?! 😂
Alex Aylar önce
omg that 2019 furlough feels like it happened like 6 years ago.
Amar Dave
Amar Dave Aylar önce
I have a problem with this statement. "So why does the US even shutdown?" The U.S. doesn't shut down. The stores, hospitals, post offices, restaurants, theaters, etc are all open.
LEGOGames1000 Aylar önce
0:53 I thought that the governments had to make the best decisions for them (or the people, or for whatever) instead of deciding on how to spend more money. Isn't that the task of consumers?
brian muli
brian muli Aylar önce
I love how Kenya was casually put there with Japan and US 😂
Wind Surfer
Wind Surfer Aylar önce
Love yourself
Taylor Griffith
Taylor Griffith Aylar önce
If you're a federal worker and there is a government shutdown, and you are unable to pay your rent due to not being paid, do you get to tell your landlord that you're a federal worker to get out of being evicted?
Taylor Griffith
Taylor Griffith Aylar önce
@David I know it was rhetorical. To point out the dire situation of these poor federal workers.
partlycurrent Aylar önce
Hahaha as if renters had rights in the US :D :D :D
David Aylar önce
No. You can still get evicted.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller Aylar önce
Scandal. Pure scandal. The economic and resulting psychological pressure they put on the employees is not acceptable.
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