Why The Jedi Council Was TERRIFIED Of Jedi Sentinels - Star Wars Explained

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2011ba Aylar önce
I think that if they would have let a Sentinel have a spot on the council then Darth Sidious would have had a lot harder time bringing the Jedi order down. I feel that the Jedi got to dogmatic at the end and refused to accept that they were not always correct in their assumptions, a sentinel would be a more practical viewpoint that would have grounded the council.
Steve Dude
Steve Dude Aylar önce
@Dennis I agree. This is why the sith nearly destroyed all the jedi and took over the republic.
Dennis Aylar önce
​@Steve Dude The council were unwilling to tolerate being challenged, regardless of whether it was for the better. The sentinels were used by the order but unwelcome within it.
Steve Dude
Steve Dude Aylar önce
I was going to make nearly the same suggestion. But since some council seats have shorter terms, I think if they would let one of these go to a sentinel for one term every few decades, the council would be significantly challenged for the better. I also believe over time with the viewpoint of the sentinels the jedi order will shift to one like Luke's jedi order, which seem much healthier way to run thing.
Geordan Lucio
Geordan Lucio Aylar önce
If the didn't boot the sentinel out because they were too dogmatic and too many disagreements between the sentinel and the rest of the Council.
Jason Rutledge
Jason Rutledge Aylar önce
I wonder how many sentinels were survivors during the empire and completely forgot or hidden from the empire.
The Alpha Omega
The Alpha Omega Aylar önce
In Legends there were a number of them, Canon inknownn
Chris Dettone
Chris Dettone Aylar önce
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson Aylar önce
According to Palpitine’s notes in the Jedi Path book the Sentinels actually made up the largest part of Order 66 survivors. Many of them might not have even been near the Clone Wars when the order was given or were acting as deep cover spies when Order 66 was issued. In Legends many Order 66 survivors that were Sentinels either remained in hiding and would either be found by Vader, joined the Rebels or lived in hiding long enough to join Luke’s new Jedi Order or they would give up the ways of the Jedi Order completely and either become ordinary civilians or in some cases fall to the Dark Side. But in Legends I’d say about 70-80% of Order 66 survivors were of the Sentinel class. In cannon this number is still somewhat unknown but we can assume that most of the survivors are Sentinels because of their skill sets.
Craig Harvey-Gurr
Craig Harvey-Gurr Aylar önce
Would love for a series to be based on the Jedi Sentinels someday.
Jesse Millan
Jesse Millan Aylar önce
The Jedi Council feared that the Jedi Sentinels would go against their views because of how powerful they are. This would've lead Anakin to become one of the Jedi sentinel in order to fulfill his destiny to bring balance to the force.
V Man inc.
V Man inc. Aylar önce
This is exactly why I will always lean towards the concept of being a grey jedi sentinel and a bendu je'daii for they were wayless rigid than the counselor and guardian orders of the jedi and the same can be said about the grey Paladin order; plus the grey jedi code and the je'daii code are way better than the jedi and sith codes because they offers true balance!💯😉👍
Acrezul Aylar önce
I've been in love with the Jedi Sentinels ever since I first heard about them, really happy to see them getting some recognition here on this channel!
Snorlaxmunch8675 Aylar önce
Sentinels are practical Jedi. If I were a Jedi I would be a Jedi sentinel
Ej Rodriguez
Ej Rodriguez Aylar önce
A Jedi Sentinel having a seat on the council would be extremely beneficial for the Jedi Order. Their knowledge obtained through their missions would most likely have led to the discovery of the Sith Rule of Two and as a result both the Jedi and Republic would have been better prepared.
Dorin Kinto
Dorin Kinto 18 gün önce
Yoda knew of the rule of two.. he even said it.. always two there are no more no less
joshpwnsnoobs Aylar önce
most likely? thats a big claim, and one i highly doubt
Captain kiwi
Captain kiwi Aylar önce
I always liked the idea that there was a sentinel seat, held by like one of the top sentinels, who’s just always undercover or abroad searching stuff out, and he just like FaceTimes in twice a year or something for the general meeting
Jennifer Brewer
Jennifer Brewer Aylar önce
My guess, neither Yoda nor Mace Windu were prepared to listen to Sentinel wisdom.
Zarektheinsane Aylar önce
Sentinel and Gray Jedi seem to be the most practical but also strongest in the Order for their ability to tap into both sides and could be a direct threat to the classes.
V Man inc.
V Man inc. Aylar önce
@1meme I've seen the videos the only thing he's never said that he hates the fans interpretation of his vision; he's made the claim that Disney is taking Star Wars in a different direction than where his vision was originally Intending for it to go, that the first 6 installments of Star Wars the prequels and the sequels were his body of work not The new installments that have been done by Disney He's also been Shown on record Saying that the fans are more than welcome to take what they interpret from the stories he's made to improve their own lives, I'm definitely not among the new Individuals that are taking Star Wars and putting their own SJW/woke propaganda material into it, I will always be for what George Lucas Originally intended star wars to be a story that is universally relateable to everyone and that every fan and regular person can use as a means Of learning Valuable life lessons from in their own interpretations of the concept of the force!
1meme Aylar önce
@V Man inc. Lucas is literally on record as stating he hates how a lot of fans have misinterpreted his vision. You fall under the group of fans who have misinterpreted his vision. He'd be nice to you, but he does not like you lmfao. Stay remaining a clown.
V Man inc.
V Man inc. Aylar önce
@1meme I hardly think George Lucas himself would see it as harshly or as dogmatic the way that you do but to each their own; by the way the failure of the Gray jedi video may have touched upon the concept of the Yin-Yang principle and how the grey jedi concept was flawed as a whole by kreia's explanation but let's not forget this was the same woman that literally was trying to destroy the force at a significant point and thus as a whole all of life that was connected to it as her way of claiming to free herself and others from the shackles of fate and predestination placed on everyone by the force, so I wouldn't whole heartily accept her philosophy on things too much for even anakin skywalker/Darth Vader, Qui-gon jinn, obi-wan kenobi, princess leia and legends luke skywalker would agree she was 2 steps too close to the cuckoo train!💯😁😉👍lol
1meme Aylar önce
@V Man inc. The fact you're still here going on about garbage takes that go against Lucas' original vision, and the somewhat retained vision of Disney Star Wars speaks loads on how you actually just don't care about the universe you claim to be a fan of. You're actually the worst kind of rot to plague Star Wars lmfao
V Man inc.
V Man inc. Aylar önce
@Zarektheinsane I couldn't agree more with your statement, My thoughts exactly 100%, although I do lightly challenge your claim of how they're not able to access the full abilities of both the light and dark sides of the force, please if interested Google the je'daii order and read about the members of the order who are the best example of what a grey jedi really is!🔥💯😁😉👍
Bradford Lindsey
Bradford Lindsey Aylar önce
I feel like if there was a token sentinel jedi at least in the room, even if not granted a seat, maybe the council may have been more loyal to the people instead of the senate. But such is the tragedy of hubris.
Jason Kerr
Jason Kerr Aylar önce
Great video! Based on this description of the Sentinels, I think Luke Skywalker and much of the NJO are more like Sentinels than anything else. Thoughts?
alan m rogers
alan m rogers Aylar önce
A Sentinel would be constrained by the rules of the Council. They would be unable to act as they needed to and would be unable to work with or get reports from other Sentinels without having to involve the Council. This is why I think the Shadows (and probably other Sentinels) are managed by the Council of First Knowledge. Sentinels, by their nature, would be very individualistic and very much tied to their own missions, sectors, and communities - as well as being used to acting on their own, having allies that would not be conducive to being a visible Jedi on the High Council. Even the pirates Adi Gallia was allied with acted for the good of the Republic. Sentinels also wouldn't want the attention drawn to them as a member of the High Council. If there were a Sentinel Councilor, they would be visible - and thus, their class would be visible. If I were a Sentinel placed on the Council, I would tell everyone I was a different class and have a good way to hide what I did as a Sentinel. I wouldn't be surprised if the High Council were afraid of Sentinels falling or acting in a way that was best for the few instead of the many, or of being influenced by attachment more than the Guardians or Consulars. There would be a definitive bias against Jedi acting in such ways being on the Council, since they are the public face of and representatives of the Jedi Order as a whole. There's a lot of really good reasons Sentinels wouldn't want or need a seat on the High Council. But I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a Guardian or Consular or three who has been on the Council who was a Guardian or Consular in name only.
Chromehunter20 Aylar önce
I'd love to see a movie just based on the sentinels during and after order 66.
Helm HamburgerHand
Helm HamburgerHand Aylar önce
Honestly I think with the new lore we really have a chance to see Sentinels and even supposed shadows after the purge. We should even see survivors who were of caliber that even Vader and Palpatine nearly die fighting them. And only escape due to some external factor.
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony Aylar önce
Would love to see a lower budget version movie of a sentinel hunting down sith assassins on there own turf and seeing how they would deal with that. One on one sith assassin versus jedi sentinel! Would love too see this!
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson Aylar önce
This actually raises the question. Would post Empire Ahsoka be considered a Jedi Sentinel? Her skill set by this point as well as her way of thinking and doing things tends to match up with the Jedi Sentinels, so would that make her a Jedi Sentinel? 🤔
Bradford Lindsey
Bradford Lindsey Aylar önce
@TheLastSane1 as i said, she survived the old order. Which, to me, is the Force reinforcing its will for the new jedi order to be inspired by her example. Maybe she is jedi, maybe she is not, maybe she just stopped correcting people about the difference. She still does a lot of stuff that heroic jedi of the past were known to do, just without the restrictive dogma holding her back from helping the peoples of the galaxy as best she can. Jedi or not, she is a hero.
N J Aylar önce
I think it would be fair to say that with her skill set she could pass as a sentinel if she chose to affiliate as such.
TheLastSane1 Aylar önce
@TiredOx Luke and Ezra are not part of the order either. the Order is for the most part dead. Virtually no survivors remain.
TiredOx Aylar önce
@Bradford Lindsey Yes but she's not part of the order. It's been other force users who work with the Jedi order without being a part of the order.
Bradford Lindsey
Bradford Lindsey Aylar önce
@TiredOx and then she survived the order, and helped luke and sought out ezra, so she does work with the jedi at the least.
Brett Weltz
Brett Weltz Aylar önce
I believe if a Jedi sentinel were to be on the council, yes it would be very turbulent and quite possibly dangerous for not only the sentinel but many Jedi in the order, especially council members however, I believe that if they could, in fact get past that turbulence, it would create a major shift in how the Jedi perform their duties, and brought in their views of the force itself simply because Jedi sentinels use the Darkside more often than regular Jedi, such as guardians or counselors. I think if it could be done, there would be a lot more gray Jedis in the Jedi order, and through guidance of the sentinels more Jedi would be able to use the dark side as a tool rather than getting lost to it I liking this to the comparison of a drug attic to a doctor, the dry addict, uses the drugs and gets lost. The doctor uses the drugs only as needed, and also able to prescribe them to others as needed. That’s the best analogy I got in that would be my best, guess as to what could happen.
Diane Singer
Diane Singer Aylar önce
I think a seat would be a good idea since they see more of how things effect ordinary beings
Kenneth Daniel
Kenneth Daniel 2 gün önce
Master Tera Sinube was a sentinel on the council according to wookiped.
Kevin Aylar önce
This is a question for a future video: We all know that master Plo Koon was a better lightsaber duelist than yoda, but was he more powerful in the force.
Marcos Rivera
Marcos Rivera Aylar önce
I can possibly see a sentinel joining the council and shortly leaving due to their preference to be amongst society. The council members did not agree with qui gon because they were in the temple too much. He could see from other viewpoints just like sentinels.
Josh Karren
Josh Karren Aylar önce
A practical analysis on the jedi sentinels class. I didn't know that no member of that class served on the jedi council in any era of star wars.
Michael Lombard
Michael Lombard Aylar önce
Sentinels are awesome. Thanks for the great content. Much love.
Dane Lamoreaux
Dane Lamoreaux Aylar önce
Sentinels are my favorite class. A special forces Jedi.
lord of the sith
lord of the sith Aylar önce
As a sith I'd fear a sentinel over any other type of jedi, the council was full of talkative wimps who feared losing their own power within their own order
Vestara Khai
Vestara Khai Aylar önce
The more practical approach used by the Sentinels would likely mean they wouldn't want a seat on the council to begin with, as far as "danger" much like Qui Gon having a different approach I think it could keep the rest from getting too dogmatic however at the same time it could be argued giving a practical minded person who flirts with the dark side more power prove detrimental so maybe they are better off but there are definitely 2 sides to be argued
Longcoat Gamer
Longcoat Gamer Aylar önce
Of course the Sentinels don't have a seat on the High Council, they have *REAL* work to be doing.
David Tinkle
David Tinkle Aylar önce
Because Sidious fears the Sentinels more than any other Jedi, the Council should use it to their advantage and have one sit with them
Darth Atrocitus
Darth Atrocitus Aylar önce
Sentinels seem like they wouldn't fit in on a dogmatic high council. They seem like they'd rather be out in the galaxy getting things done.
Stanley Holmes
Stanley Holmes Aylar önce
Couldn't battlemaster of the temple guard have gone for membership on the council? Would've been positioned to attend most meetings.
KILROY_WAZ_HERE!!! Aylar önce
Was Quinlan Vos a sentimental? I feel like I read something he was but I can’t remember. Also Anakin probably would have made a good sentinel
Commodore Buttfreckle
"Oh no, I'm not brave enough for politics" -sentinels maybe?
Jon Heffley
Jon Heffley Aylar önce
Great video. I’ve identified with Sentinels since I first learned about them. The dark side usage theory definitely resonates with me.
Ko Hakan Hanan
Ko Hakan Hanan Aylar önce
Most likely they were feared and under appreciated
william knight
william knight Aylar önce
same thing happens in large companies. IT people and engineers my set on the board or have someone like the hr director as their vp on the board. They can say lets do this or we need to do this or something bad will happen. No one will listen but after bad stuff happens everyone will for a while than goes back to normal. the best case that engineers do not have a say or that anyone listens to them is when bill gates sold dos to ibm. Ibm was so management heavy that it would have took going through like a year's red tape to get a part on a motherboard changed. So IBM used off the shelf parts. Gates said let me lease dos if an engineer was in the the room they would have said hey we need to by dos from him cause without it our computer is a paper weight.
Magnus Aarsland
Magnus Aarsland Aylar önce
5:49, what if Anakin was traind a Sentinal and teamd up whit 501 legion in the clone wars. I imagen an interesting dance whit the enemy army and comander in and dance of unusal takics and movments.
hentaioverwhelming Aylar önce
Why does Mace Windu have a pink/purple lightsaber? What does that color represent for the Jedi?
D Ebrahim
D Ebrahim Aylar önce
Is there a list of like most powerful sentinel?
Luke Armistead
Luke Armistead Aylar önce
Seeing as most Sentinels are for all intents and purposes are spies I think they believe their place is in the field, and the bureaucracy of the council is a waste of their time and talents. Not to mention most of them work off world and don't spend much time on Coruscant. Personally I think Jedi Sentinels don't see themselves as Jedi Knights or Jedi Masters they only see themselves as Sentinels -- rank doesn't factor into it.
Kenneth Daniel
Kenneth Daniel 2 gün önce
Master Tera Sinube was a sentinel that worked on coruscant and served on the council according to wookipedia
Downey 2000
Downey 2000 Aylar önce
The sentinel Jedi are Jedi that lost three virginity and are not pure and as powerful . But they can still work as guard and police but aren't as wise or powerful in the force . Like pawns or soldier to generals , police officers to sheriff etc .
Sam Kaffka
Sam Kaffka Aylar önce
If I don't leave a "Like", I still add it to my "Star Wars" playlist.
Rich V
Rich V Aylar önce
Having a sentinel on the counsel would force them to deal with situations as they are and not as they should be or as others want them to be.
Jedi MGTOW en el Exilio
The chosen one, Anakin Skywalker, should have been trained as a Jedi Sentinel. If I was a Jedi, I would be a Shadow. Some people say that the Jedi Shadow is part of the Sentinel class while others say that they are part of the Consul class. Remember, the brightest light casts the darkest shadow.
J Aylar önce
Aren’t sentinel’s the ones who focus solely on the blade why would they need a high council seat it would make no sense having someone good with a blade sidelined
durwin pocha
durwin pocha Aylar önce
Sounds like Sentinel on the Jedi high council, would not be permitted by the Sith.....
Regal Dawn
Regal Dawn Aylar önce
A Sentinel gets their kyber crystal like the others, by discovering it. But since it's just Guardians and Consular Jedi at the temple where the majpority of padawans come from they don't think there is a third path so they will usually go for the primary two paths of Jedi. It's very rare that a padawan would ignite their lightsaber for the first time and the blade is yellow.
Revan's Disciple
Revan's Disciple Aylar önce
I believe a Sentinel on the Jedi Council would offer an interesting insight into the greater galactic community and maybe sway the Council in crucial decisions.
Daniel Mercer
Daniel Mercer Aylar önce
There should be at least one seat on the Council.
sobreaver Aylar önce
What a luxury to be feared by both sides and everyone alike :P And yet, at the end of the day, despite their practices, they still did their jobs with more than just a Council and the Order in mind, and heart. Honourable, independent, reliable, practical, sounds like a Force to be reckoned. I would most likely be in those ranks by nature and choice :)
saxongamer Aylar önce
I wonder if Anakin became a sentinel if because he would have been able and allowed to learn both sides if everything would have still happened the way it did or if things would be more balanced
Cake_love Aylar önce
5:27 character's name solely for research purposes
RansomDekafenya Aylar önce
The condition of man today explains the fascination with the Sentinel perfectly. Most average fans don't have the physical build and required characteristics to be a Guardian, and most lack the wisdom and charisma needed to be a Consular. So of the course the computer community would want more information on how the "computer Jedi" would have fit into the equation. I wouldn't say this makes this class deadly or intimidating. In fact, I'd argue that they are much more akin to Will Ferrell in "The Other Guys" than anything...outcasts amongst their own order sentenced to menial work that has even been dubbed in these videos as the shit "no one else wants to do." Yes, there are very specific moments when I think this class could fill a viable role. But think about it like this: Let's say I'm the most gifted assassin in a power dominance hierarchy that despises the use of assassination...but yet every now and then it's more politically convenient to use me instead of a barbarian Incredible Hulk...does that really make my lethality greater? Or just my utility within the organization. And as soon as they are done with that very rarely needed task, who's to say I'm not shoved into the archive trashcan like a glass slipper condom that the Princess is ashamed of? This entire argument is ridiculous to me. Enter the keyboard jedi. 🤷🏼
dildo baggins
dildo baggins Aylar önce
Lol says Sentinels werent allowed on the jedi council then mentions kit fisto as a sentinel moments later..?
JB Aylar önce
I haven’t even watched the video yet. Wym terrified?? Yoda said it himself, fear is the path to the dark side. Jedis dont fear
James Meeks
James Meeks Aylar önce
Servants, Guardians Witnesses of The Force from inside out.
Jay R. aka. Just Pelé
Yellow/gold signifies a very strong loyalty to a person or group, oftentimes even going beyond moral codes. This makes sense for individuals who belong to groups that commonly hand lightsabers down through generations, showing that strong connection to that group.
Dennis Aylar önce
The sentinels were the Jedi best suited to seeing, and thus opposing, Palpatine's machinations. A sentinel or two on the council would've been the Jedi's best hope for survival, or even victory.
robert got skill
robert got skill Aylar önce
So is plo kun a sentinel
Corona1560 Aylar önce
If you look at Luke's Jedi from legends this way then all of his Jedi and him would have to be considered Jedi Sentinels. They rarely followed the way the old order before the Empire did things thanks to Luke's teachings and trainings.
Corona1560 Aylar önce
To add to that as "my point of view", I think Luke's Legend Jedi were by far the strongest Jedi of the entire Jedi legacy that came before and after.
Piercing Like Light Productions
Jedi sentinels would probably benefit the order with a more balanced use and idea of the force.
Zax Gaming
Zax Gaming Aylar önce
A friend of the family sent me here! Heard some good stories of you and the channel and I had to come support I’m glad to hear someone is making a good channel!
joshpwnsnoobs Aylar önce
another classic stupendous wave video, doesnt get to the actual content of the video until half way through lol
Kasey Badwell
Kasey Badwell Aylar önce
I'd have reason to believe that the mindset of a genuine sentinel will have no desire for higher based leadership roles. Doing more quality work at the hands-on level with a select group as opposed to low quality broad stroking orders from a seat of hubris for many to follow when having no personal attention to the values of the individual. It's probably why they like to pass down the title. But that brings up a good question. How do they go through the process of student to master? Do they only have one saber between the two of them? How would you teach saber combat in a real world trial by fire expecting both parties to share only one blade and/or possibly a training weapon? Even more so, where does the original kyper crystal come from? Does the design of the saber get modified from host to host? Most importantly when does anyone get to create a new line of sentinel succession or is there only a specific set amount of sentinel sabers allowed to be held at any one point in time?
Jonathan Sianez
Jonathan Sianez Aylar önce
A Sentinel and Gray Jedi should make their own council because they help other beings in the galaxy other then themselves
James Meeks
James Meeks Aylar önce
Sentinels are provided the luxuries of serving their place in The Force. That Place is without Title or Seat. Yet being called Sentinel by others is the purpose of our place within The Force.
Rick Watkins
Rick Watkins Aylar önce
Don't forget that there's never been a Jedi shadow on the council either who could also be considered a special forces Jedi unit
Juliette K.
Juliette K. Aylar önce
So we often touch on lightsaber colors and meanings. What we don’t hear much of us the canon reason why this can drastically differentiate. From my understanding Crystal systems like Ilum where saber crystals were usually harvested, were destroyed and or sabotaged by Sith. By the time of the clone wars few such places existed anymore. I remember this channel touching up on it briefly, but for the sake of posterity in the defense in my belief that green and blue for different classes are impractical to think of. Short of you being of a specific class like the sentinels or a faction like the Sith with a strict adherence to that tradition. Unlike how Ashoka purified crystals to being white, you could have a white saber from something like a krayt Pearl. With so many color variants and the plethora of meanings I think even when crystals were plentiful, attaching meaning to a color would be nothing more than preferential beliefs. Some masters might have attached strong meaning where others would have given it much less thought. That’s just my stance however. Great video none the less.
Juliette K.
Juliette K. Aylar önce
@phoenix rising Good point, this is why I don’t care much for legends. To many mysteries are unveiled, than to much is said which can contradict etc.
phoenix rising
phoenix rising Aylar önce
Depends on whether you're discussing canon or legends. The mouse is moving towards a simplified answer.
Kenneth Daniel
Kenneth Daniel 2 gün önce
Master Tera Sinube was a sentinel and according to wookipedia served on the high council.
darkenai00 Aylar önce
We know mace windu was highly unconventional with his fighting style. Is it confirmed that his Jedi class was guardian or consular and not sentinel?
Rithm Alfortele
Rithm Alfortele Aylar önce
He only employed the dark side in his fighting style, using his enjoyment of battle and the darkness within his foe and channeling them through his blade. I would suggest this firmly puts him in the "Guardian" role, especially since Vapaad made him an effective combatant against Sith regardless of whether they specialized in lightsaber dueling or manipulating the Force. If anything, he would be the first to oppose the sentinels.
James Higgins
James Higgins Aylar önce
Without the dark, there is no light. Without the light there is no dark, only nothingness.
Jim Little
Jim Little Aylar önce
So Rey had a yellow lightsaber at the end. She's a Sentinel?
Jim Little
Jim Little Aylar önce
@MetalKing1417 I should have known better...
MetalKing1417 Aylar önce
No, just a mary sue.
Soul Star
Soul Star Aylar önce
It's seems like at least one to represent the faction would be necessary.
Tío Megaman X
Tío Megaman X Aylar önce
Good old Master Jarael Poof, he survived Order 66 thanks to being relegated to being the council's pizza delivery guy.
Kevin X
Kevin X Aylar önce
It seems like due to the nature of how the sentinels did things that were not Jedi kosher and were open to utilizing the dark side it seems like no wonder the Grand Inquisitor, whom as I recall was a sentinel before, fell to the dark side,
Rithm Alfortele
Rithm Alfortele Aylar önce
Lots of Jedi fell to the dark side following the rise of the Empire. Some fell in reaction to the Empire and their own turbulent emotions. Others were scared of death and so pledged loyalty to the Emperor to avoid being killed. They were not made into Sith, but served the Empire in other ways.
Operator Zero
Operator Zero 3 gün önce
Sentinels ARE Gray Jedi, at least in my opinion. Think about it They don't stick to Jedi traditions, have no interest in trying to showboat, will do anything to make sure there mission succeeds, will use the darkside of the force, and will kill. There's a reason why the council keep a close eye on them
Mohamed Kaddouri
Mohamed Kaddouri Aylar önce
Whywas Windu given a seat despite his use of the dark side then ?
marc hillyard
marc hillyard Aylar önce
Would have loved to see a skin trained by a sentinel
GamerGirl Aylar önce
Ondjage [REDACTED]
Ondjage [REDACTED] Aylar önce
A seat on the council would be a hindrance, I think, not to mention boring.
starkillerab15 Aylar önce
In my canon The very first And only Jedi Sentinel to sit on both The Old And New Jedi High Council member is my personal Jedi Sa’lim Prayvus
John Pang
John Pang Aylar önce
why that one picture of Nomi make her look like she's a bodybuilder wtf lol
Vidious808 Aylar önce
I thought they were just the guards of the temple?
James Higgins
James Higgins Aylar önce
Make room for the Sentinels council
I loved the Jedi growing up, then I be came a adult and realized not everything is black and white, good or bad, what we consider to be good and fair isn’t always that either. That’s why they was wiped out the Jedi was children with a fantasy of good and evil. Back in the day we had a saying you grow up democrats but you become a republican, at least back in the day wilhen politics didn’t define a person or who we conversed with, but you grow up wanting butterflies and rainbows for everyone then when you become a adult you realize that’s fallacy a fantasy the world doesn’t work like that even if you want to.😢
greenleafnumber70 Aylar önce
Is there a Star Wars show dedicated only to sentinels yet?
James Bellegarde
James Bellegarde 19 gün önce
If you were a counsellor or guardian that I wouldn’t be scared to have the superior Central showing you up on the Jedi council?
Anthony Christofferson
Much like when they lived on Tythen
masaki23joe Aylar önce
Bastila Shan was sentinel who was on council.
JJ StormWolf
JJ StormWolf Aylar önce
The high council was too arrogant it was their downfall
Will G.
Will G. Aylar önce
Master Vos is an example of a Sintenel
Jordan Wallace
Jordan Wallace Aylar önce
Love your videos! I just think it’s obvious you try to get 8 minute videos…..
paul clark
paul clark Aylar önce
This sounds a lot like Anikan Solo Han and Leia's youngest son in legends . Who died during the Vong wars. He saw the force pragmatically it being neither good nor bad a tool that the wielder intentions determined whether it was good or bad
Shannon Starr
Shannon Starr Aylar önce
Seems unfair
Fatdood Man
Fatdood Man Aylar önce
Lightsaber shields
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez Aylar önce
Im genuanly curious why not make a simple titlw to the point all yhe titles ypuve put so far look loke click bqit just being honeat my dud
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart Aylar önce
Before i even listen to this tripe, I bet this is Legends shit!!
SHARK VADER Aylar önce
King Shadow
King Shadow Aylar önce
King Shadow
King Shadow Aylar önce
What Happened To Our Villains?
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The Black Hole
Kan Çiçekleri 37. Bölüm
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Televizyonu siri sandı 😂
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Mesut Güneri Racon #shorts
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Yalı Çapkını 19. Bölüm Fragman