Why The Flashbacks In THE LAST OF US Are So Terrifying

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Why The Flashbacks In THE LAST OF US Are So Terrifying. In this video, we break down the flashback scenes in The Last Of Us TV show so far. The Last Of Us has taken the opportunity to show us flashbacks to years before the outbreak, days prior and right after the world collapsed. Throughout this video, I'm gonna be discussing the three key scenes in the Last Of Us that take us back to the past and really make this show infinitely more terrifying. Let's get into it!

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Ok so The Last Of Us tv show takes us somewhere that we never really saw in the game. In that we woke up playing as Sarah on the night of the Outbreak and after her death we picked up as Joel twenty years later. However a TV show can take us into new and interesting places because it's not as focused on making sure the player is engaged. Typically in a game you tend to keep things centred around one character so that the player feels like they're experiencing things and they very much imprint on that one person. It's why so many games had silent protagonists and it's a technique that tends to work when you're playing a video game.

However TV shows can do things differently....not like that Halo.

Anyway TV shows can do things differently and that's where The Last Of Us has taken the opportunity to show us flashbacks to years before the outbreak, days prior and then right after the world has just collapsed. Throughout this video I'm gonna be discussing the three key scenes in the Last Of Us that take us back to the past and really make this show infinitely more terrifying.

If you enjoy the video please hit the thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe for last of us videos every week until we've milked the entire thing dry. Anyway with that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let's get into the breakdown.


Ok so the first two scenes very much act as book ends of each other. In the first we have a scientist theorising how cordyseps could lead to the end of the world and the second one deals with a scientist realising that that end is now upon us. This very much sets up the threat of the infected and how we will lose as a species because of it.

However the third one very much shows that there's more facets to it and instead it shows that humanity will also have a hand in this too.

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Cookie Ruiz
Cookie Ruiz Aylar önce
When you see a doctor telling anyone that the only thing that can be done is to bomb and destroy the whole place,you know that it’s beyond dire. She was fantastic in that role. Very understated but you can tell from just her face how bad it is. This show is heartbreaking.
Yourmum Ghey
Yourmum Ghey 4 gün önce
​@Rob Stevens Freezing temperatures kills fungus
Username 1123
Username 1123 17 gün önce
​@TheNetherwalker she's studied fungus all her life. If she thought of something else against it she would have said it. But after analyzing it and knowing it spread through food, well detonate the bomb
J 28 gün önce
​@Will Sa mycologist specializing in cordyceps would 100% understand the extremes of what would happen if it evolved to infect humans. Especially seeing as 14 other workers were already missing, being told that the person who bit the body she looked at was violent/had to be killed, and the timeframe in which it all happened. On top of that the time it would take to make any sort of vaccine if it was even possible would be far too late. What else was she supposed to suggest? I'm genuinely curious
Silverstone47 Aylar önce
Love that 1968 flashback. The doctor mentions fungi being the most threatening form of disease and everyone chuckles. But after he puts it in perspective and explains the plausibility of such a horrifying fungus evolving to exterminate humanity, the room grows so quiet you can hear a pin drop from the hallway. Just chilling.
Julia Thomas
Julia Thomas 10 gün önce
@KingXerxes Fungal infections are most common externally but they also occur in places such as your respiratory tract (mouth, throat, nasal and lungs), urinary tract and other parts of your body.
KingXerxes 23 gün önce
@a person who may or may not exist Anti fungal only exist because every fungal infection in humans is external. Any internal fungal infection would be untreatable given how similar their DNA is to ours. We would have to raise the temperature of our body high enough to kill the spore, which would kill the host just as well. Any serums design to kill the fungus would have devastating effects on our nervous system and circulatory systems.
Anushri Bhatt
Anushri Bhatt Aylar önce
​​@a person who may or may not exist That is actually not the deal. When I first saw the episode, I thought the same thing, but the issue here isn't that fungal infection can't be cured, it is that they can't be cured without compromising the host. Since fungi are closer to animals, making a chemical that won't in turn harm the human too is difficult. While there are antifungals that exist, majority of them are for fungals that are pretty weak in comparison to the cordyceps shown in the series. Think about it this way, there are so many antibiotics available, but how many antifungals can you think of? In comparison, they are like a handful. Moreover, the fugus shown in TLOU spreads very very quickly. The difficulty in able to manufacture such a medicine and the very limited time might be the reason there is no antifungal for cordyceps in the show.
Diana McKibben
Diana McKibben Aylar önce
The audience was so still I thought it was an extended freeze frame.
a person who may or may not exist
@blkyank1 Admittedly, he's being a little silly with the claim about no treatment. TLOU seems to exist in a universe where antifungals dont exist. But in real life, antifungals are fully a thing. There is absolutely a treatment, anyone who has ever had athlete's foot can tell you that there are treatments if you have a fungal infection
noel dandes
noel dandes Aylar önce
The mother/baby transition was heartbreaking.
BlkOMNI 19 gün önce
@GitGud🖕🏻 ok
Ronda Collins
Ronda Collins Aylar önce
Since they are dialing back the action to about a 7, the fact that they are dialing up the drama, terror, and other emotions up to 11 makes it perfect.
Derek Keenan
Derek Keenan 27 gün önce
@Jesuscmon man, there's no reason to post a spoiler like that...there are a lot of people that never played the games and are watching the plot play out for the first time, why ruin that for them 😐
Jesus 28 gün önce
I'm assuming there saving the action for budget reasons, and there saving for 2 sequence. The first one has already been shown in episode 5 with the horde of clickers and the other is yet to come with Joel going full Rambo in the hospital
todd Aylar önce
it averages to a 9 though, so it would be better if they dial either one up by one notch
m3rrys0ngstr3ss Aylar önce
Exactly! The story "math" is different for every medium.
CH3CKS UND3AD Aylar önce
R0YA1 GUARD Aylar önce
Favourite flashback so far is Episode 2. The Professor of Mycology immediately passing the judgment of bombing the city and “everyone in it.” It’s so eery, but clearly demonstrated how pressing the situation was as the world started to collapse only 30 hours ago due to the first bites of the Infected! The fact that she suggested that, simultaneously asking the officer to ‘“DRIVE”’ her home to her family, implies that she would be in the city herself, or close to it, to get bombed… She made her judgment that she was already infected or soon to be.
Luk Ahmad
Luk Ahmad 2 saatler önce
@FloatTrout omg, that is why its so real, its like we just interviewing a person in a real situation
Samuel Babajee
Samuel Babajee 7 gün önce
I have stolen the idea but there is a reason the army found her at a restaurant. She was eating and later the fungus reacted to her like the infected
Derek Keenan
Derek Keenan 27 gün önce
@Jeffrey Carmanno need to really specify "in the world of TLOU" 😂
Jeffrey Carman
Jeffrey Carman Aylar önce
This failure of society to survive and the lack of dissemination of clear and helpful information to the public show how poorly society was functioning in the world of The Last of Us, before the outbreak.
Sasha Aylar önce
i didnt even notice until i rewatched but while she decided to bomb jakarta she was shaking ever so slightly. whether this was out of fear or being infected, i dont know, but itd be haunting attention to detail if it was the latter
Renato Bakanovas
Renato Bakanovas Aylar önce
Joe said in this episode that all started on a Friday and by Monday society had collapsed… is crazy to think how fast everything can go down
ZAMN! 😻 11 gün önce
that weekend must’ve SUCKED. 💀
Derek Keenan
Derek Keenan 27 gün önce
@Megfreakx3lol was that english? 🤔
Anthony Gerace
Anthony Gerace Aylar önce
@Jasen Cee I used to participate in disaster recovery planning for an I.T. center. The plan would have more or less worked if the disaster was limited to a single location. However, we all agreed that if it was some kind of nationwide disaster then we'd all just go home to make sure that our families are OK.
Matteo DeLaPaz
Matteo DeLaPaz Aylar önce
@Stark Intern that’s why we have bidets and preppers to come in handy
Vegaschronvegas Aylar önce
The craziest part is in the first flashback, he basically states that climate change is what caused the mutation.
DINO X 27 gün önce
@Matteo DeLaPaz it's very rarely active though. There are barely a couple dozen cases per year caused by this. And brain disease doesn't necessarily decrease intelligence. Most of the time, it kills someone within a matter of months. The inevitable brain disease isn't inevitable. The toxoplasma is unlikely to stop being dormant for the vast majority of people.
Derek Keenan
Derek Keenan 27 gün önce
@Matteo DeLaPazwhat does that even mean 🤔
Just a pillow
Just a pillow Aylar önce
​@DINO X The way you mention Toxoplasma Gondii makes me think of Roanoke gaming
Rob G
Rob G Aylar önce
Dr.Ratner and Sara were only on the show for a short time ,but they had some of the most emotional scenes. Great acting from both.
yogi prayuda
yogi prayuda Aylar önce
*Ratna* *Sarah*
Antares Aylar önce
Dagestan warrior
Dagestan warrior Aylar önce
Dr ratna not ratner
spikesagitta Aylar önce
the horrible thing is, the professor accepted that she and everyone in the city will have to die to make sure the infection doesn't spread.
Ariel Waller
Ariel Waller Aylar önce
The horrible thing is that it wouldn't have made a difference. It was already in the flour, in the stomachs of people on the other side of the globe. It was over before it ever began.
Alex Radice
Alex Radice Aylar önce
How is that the horrible thing? Yknow, not how everyone is gonna die, no, the horrible thing is that she accepts it
Captain Sully
Captain Sully Aylar önce
I love how the flashbacks bring us back to that mindset of the apocalypse being something that is intangible
aku happy
aku happy Aylar önce
Dr. Ratna actress is a legend in acting history of Indonesia. She can carry her emotion well because of her vast knowledge and experience in acting that she cultivated for years.
Monica Aylar önce
The parallel between beauty and horror is well balanced in TLOU.
August Aylar önce
I was like, "holy shit" when I realized the scientist lady meant to bomb the city with her still in it.
Ram Aylar önce
@DINO X that’s a good speculation
DINO X Aylar önce
@kanton4108 No. Do you remember the tendril kiss scene? If you rewatch the scene where Dr. Ratna fishes the fungus out of the corpse's mouth, the tendrils reach for her face, just like the zombie did to Tess. That could be a small signal that the scientist was already infected, and that the fungus reaching for her signaled that she too was infected already.
NurmaBP Aylar önce
With her family, together.
kanton4108 Aylar önce
@Jan Mitchell It's more powerful for me to believe that her shaking was caused by shock.
Quanage Aylar önce
@Jan Mitchell its the restaurant at the very beginning. Some people might have been eating breakfast with flour in it and she remembered at that moment and knew she was most likely screwed.
Edward Young Jr
Edward Young Jr Aylar önce
I really like how they add on to the story with the Jakarta story and with the expanded Bill story.
Sekar 21 gün önce
​@The Cod Ikr, I feels like if I skip episode 3, I didn't miss any important detail of the whole story. I prefer they extend the jakarta flashback than bill-frank story.
Julia Santos Moura
Julia Santos Moura Aylar önce
In the podcast the show creators mention that they wanted to show other parts of the world as well, but couldn't because of the budget
The Cod
The Cod Aylar önce
The only thing I don’t like about the Bill storyline is how it completely hijacks the show. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing but it just felt like an episode of a different show slapped in ep 3 of a show that was building its momentum.
Texugo Voador
Texugo Voador Aylar önce
@HAWAII FOR THE WIN BOIS they pretty much improved his role and kept his character, the only real change was that he didn't meet with Elie and Joel
Nellis Nelslon
Nellis Nelslon Aylar önce
I like how the episodes start and end. For example, in the last episode with Bill and Frank, there were scenes throughout the episode. But when the story is basically over THEN we see the last scene and the episode ends. when I realized what had happened I cried. this cannot be done without masterful directing from HBO.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
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Tim Timmay
Tim Timmay Aylar önce
@EE11 Yea, I took and will continue to take my chances without the JIBBIDY JAB JAB
EE11 Aylar önce
Btw, from someone that is actually a research scientist, most Covid vaccines only have around a 60~65% effectiveness, not 95
Tim Timmay
Tim Timmay Aylar önce
DISNEY/MARVEL/STAR WARS should be taking detailed notes on how to properly handle a franchise
MoonyCat Aylar önce
That transition from the bones and clothes to the NEWBORN BABY and mother was absolutely horrific
Sam Aylar önce
The doctor of mycology is probably the most underrated performance thus far in this show. Subtle and chilling.
Japieeh Aylar önce
The flashback to Indonesia was absolutely terrifying to me. The way the doctor knew they were completely doomed and asked very calmly for the entire city to be bombed was so horrifying
PostprandialTorpor Aylar önce
The flashbacks are amazing and enrich the plot so much with the backstory vs other zombie franchises which just start off in the middle of the chaos and next bother with the details
Emanuele_246gi Aylar önce
@19_091 Muhammad Saeful Alim Indeed, TLOU is more about humanity as a whole, Joel and Ellie may be the protagonists, but the entire story is based on the different people
19_091 Muhammad Saeful Alim
@Fake Man spider then we wouldn't know about the sufficient man story, we just know they once exist and now dead, that's not the point of episode 3, however Joel and Ellie is not the center of the story
Fake Man spider
Fake Man spider Aylar önce
@19_091 Muhammad Saeful Alim but it grinds the plot to a halt. If they really wanted to add this, then make it that Joel and Ellie slowly put together what’s been going on, maybe while looting, they find pictures or letters, they eventually it leads to them seeing the bedroom and reading the letter bill left.
19_091 Muhammad Saeful Alim
@Fake Man spider It's not that bad, we could see through view point of people who so sufficient they literally survive the apocalypse alone, many movies, animes and shorts has telling this kind of scenario and many people love it, i think the romance part is just a salt to enriched the flavor
PostprandialTorpor Aylar önce
@Fake Man spider ffs, friend - spoilers. Good thing I just watched that episode that came out two days ago. We did learn some character points of Tess and Joel in the letter.
Rustervitch Aylar önce
Episode 3 was a sad scene for me they did a great job of getting you attached to bill and his life story and had a little comedy to it at the end
Jimmy LoUis
Jimmy LoUis Aylar önce
I am still stuck in that episode, the worst part is in epi4 and 5, they have been mentioned a couple of times. :(
42NORRIS Aylar önce
In the tv show "Fear of the Walking Dead" it's shown the military was ordered to kill "uninfected civilians"( if there were such a thing)along with destroying the zombies. No doubt to slow and control the outbreak because a dead person can't spread the infection. The governments in ' "The Last of Us" came to same conclusion.
Princess Shei
Princess Shei Aylar önce
That wouldn't work unless they got perfect headshots every time, but they didn't know that it was airborne as well at the time. Fuuuuck
-shin GOD-
-shin GOD- Aylar önce
im indonesian, when i see the ibu ratna scene i was like "that doesnt make sense, why would she immediately tell to bomb instead of other stuff" then i realise previous conversation with the army guy, that 14 people missing and its 30 hours ago, she already doing math in her head and conclude that its way to late to do other stuff because jakarta is highly populated city
Brown Eyes Black Dragon
George G
George G Aylar önce
Toliet paper already made humanity turn against each other which is terrifying lol
Markus Schäfer
Markus Schäfer Aylar önce
When they saw that, all the mummies in the world breathed a collective "oh crap"
Markus Schäfer
Markus Schäfer Aylar önce
@AUDIE-CASHSTACK-UK How would you know what a normal person is?
Demons are not humans do jot jncluse me in there madness no ,ask no jab no lock down I carried on with my life like a normal person
Dom510 Aylar önce
I think the flashbacks are a brilliant addition. It adds more context to how it spread and the fall of civilization.
HeatSeeker19 Aylar önce
Didn't expect to cry so much over Jordan Peterson growing old with Ron Swanson
lane larsen
lane larsen Aylar önce
i am so glad i’m not the only one who thought frank looked like jordan peterson
margareth michelina
Nah, it's Armond from White Lotus in after life instead of being hotel manager who shit on a briefcase
Graanvlok Aylar önce
@JustMyLuck @Ttomkat He's a famous academic.
JustMyLuck Aylar önce
@Ttomkat Ron Swanson is but Jordan Peterson is a different reference that I don't get in this context
Ttomkat Aylar önce
I'm sorry I guess I'm not familiar with those names but are those roles The Bill and Frank actors had other shows, like Nick Opperman in Parks and Recreation?
Edwin Samaniego
Edwin Samaniego Aylar önce
finding love in a hopeless place was beautiful and also seeing the bittersweet ending dashes the hope a bit
Edwin Samaniego
Edwin Samaniego Aylar önce
@ben it was already a nice story in my eyes. I don't need to podcast to see that
LeAndrew Thomas
LeAndrew Thomas Aylar önce
@Josh043 P I mean everybody has to die eventually 🤷
ben Aylar önce
@Edwin Samaniego it looks like MS or ALS. So it does not make such a big difference. They had pain killers and probably some other pharmaceutical drugs. This story is so sweet because the dystopian situation was the reason they could live their lifes as they want to live it. Especially Bill could not be who he really was before the outbreak because of the people around him. Listen to the podcast of this show if you want to find out more about why this was such a nice story.
Josh043 P
Josh043 P Aylar önce
@ben well they both died, so it's bittersweet. Thats about as bittersweet as you can get.
Edwin Samaniego
Edwin Samaniego Aylar önce
@ben dictionary meaning -> especially : pleasant but including or marked by elements of suffering or regret. I thought their happy grow old story was beautiful, but also marked by elements of suffering (Franks illness, and how Bill viewed his life as fulfilled or done without him). Thats why its bittersweet to me. Perhaps if they met in a non-dystopian setting they could've lived longer together with help from medical care.
Hello my name is bob
I love the dualism shown in the scientist, at first she was thinking as a pure researcher and had a objectiv outlook on the issue (which resulted in the suggestion of bombing) and in the next of her loved once
Megfreakx3 Aylar önce
At some point, I wouldn't surprised if we get a flashback about the patient zero in Jakarta and/or about the flour plant where the outbreak happened
Ivo Broekhof
Ivo Broekhof 16 gün önce
​@chrysller ryu Ophiocordyceps lives in tropical forests (A group), while wheat is grown in temperate plains (C/D groups, or B if irrigated). Based on that, I presume that the cordyceps contaminated the flour rather than the wheat grains directly. To illustrate, Jakarta has an Am classification (just shy of Af), while the wheat hotspots in China, Denmark, Northern France and are all D-group climates. Then further based upon what we see, the dry heat of an oven apparently does not stop the spores from infecting someone, together with the adaptation to make infected humans bite others (which no cordyceps does to their victim species irl) points to a long, long process of adaptation which to me is quite a plot gap, but once this mutation is established it is of course plausible for the fungus to survive anywhere as long as its host keeps its temperature. The truly weird thing is how cordyceps was able to adapt to humans so well without sparking minor epidemics far before the main outbreak, especially since we are the only species to subject our food to extreme heat (far more than we can attribute the spores through tropical heat with global warming) before eating it. But oh well, that is just one aspect in a scenario they pretty much nailed scientifically.
AI Drawing
AI Drawing Aylar önce
Sounds interesting
Markus Schäfer
Markus Schäfer Aylar önce
@chrysller ryu Sounds like quite a twist to the Ukraine war...
chrysller ryu
chrysller ryu Aylar önce
I mean there is no patient zero, the cordyceps infect the wheat crops itself and the factory workers got infected too. Indonesia doesn't produce wheat, they process it. so the evolved cordyceps could come from any other countries that produce wheat.
Markus Schäfer
Markus Schäfer Aylar önce
I'm not sure, patient zero was probably not very spectacular, just some person who ate the first bit of contaminated food. It's not like they were wounded in epic mortal combat against a loaf of bread.
Apocryphon 12 gün önce
The talk show flashback with those shots of the many, many audience members silently watching is so thematically brilliant. I just look at that mass of people and immediately see how the outbreak would take root in each and every one of them, make them all part of the same parasitic network. And what’s cool is you can see on the audience members’ faces that they are realizing that too.
James Wilhite
James Wilhite Aylar önce
It feels like the pilots in the cockpit could close themselves off from the infected, but maybe it was in the airplane food. And you know how bad that can be..
Markus Schäfer
Markus Schäfer Aylar önce
Even if your plane itself is not overrun, there's no one on the ground to guide you into a landing. You end up in a circling pattern with all the other planes still flying until fuel supply forces you down. That's why you can see a whole conga line of planes in the first episode.
Kahlil Brown
Kahlil Brown Aylar önce
@Nick † Wright we only see a couple of planes... those specific pilots could also have been infected from contaminated food
Nick † Wright
Nick † Wright Aylar önce
@franny deeznutz oooh I didn't realize, that totally is what it could be! It would fit right in with the themes of the show. I'll need to watch it again!!
franny deeznutz
franny deeznutz Aylar önce
I think the jets at yhe beginning of episode 1 were shooting down the planes so if it were on the planes it wouldnt spread
Lewis Bush
Lewis Bush Aylar önce
The pilots probably ate something with wheat in it, cereal, a sandwich, crackers, anything, or the planes just crashed when they got overwhelmed
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
The opening monologue in the pilot is very chilling given everything that happened with covid. Thankfully it didn't reach end of the world levels like the show but still. The world did completely shut down and it felt like it completely shifted how everything worked for so long.
henry Aylar önce
dont worry , now bird flu is seemingly able to transmit between mammals and has upto 50% mortality compared to covids 1%, we will soon be able to have our own little tlou adventures in real life
Richard Aylar önce
Both, the doctor's and armyman's acting is too good. His reaction when she says 'Bomb'.
maplelattaes Aylar önce
I love the backstories and world building. It’s giving it so much realism and depth
AuntiJen Aylar önce
The set of the 1968 program is interesting to me- on one hand, it looks old school, like they are seated inside a rotunda, like the capital bldg, but alternatively it looks futuristic, like a line of pods used in sci Fi space travel movies where people are kept in hyper sleep....
Semechki for Putin
Semechki for Putin Aylar önce
that classic scifi look is from the 60s, it was related to a space travel film trend caused by the cold war space race.
goredongoredon Aylar önce
The transition of the ripped pieces of clothing to the civilians was very well done. I didn't notice the baby skeleton in the shot until watching a recap video so that was cool.
Lee Everett
Lee Everett Aylar önce
I was really hoping they would do one of these flashbacks at the start of every episode showing how the world reacted to this epidemic, but since we haven't seen one in the last 2 episodes, makes me concerned we won't get another.
Sonya Putri
Sonya Putri 19 gün önce
I imagine it would be the same with Planet of the Apes pandemic human reaction scenes... more or less.
little recruit
little recruit Aylar önce
The 1968 flashback is probably in my opinion one of the best flashbacks so far until we see any others
Lewis Bush
Lewis Bush Aylar önce
The one with the baby 😢 tlou got darker in many ways, love this show
Eincutr Aylar önce
Just discovered your channel with your previous video on TLOU, I love your analysis. What srtoke me in ep2 was that it was the scientist suggesting that the city was bombed, and the soldier that was standing in fear/disbelief. Usually in movies, the military wants to nuke everything and the scientists try tobe the voice of reason. Having the roles reversed help furthermore to hammer down the seriousness of the situation.
Jake Rieger
Jake Rieger 6 gün önce
The world building they added is by far my favorite part of the show
Kabaneri 39
Kabaneri 39 Aylar önce
In indonesia, it is common to call older person as ibu or bapak ( mrs. Or mr.) Before their first name. So, ibu ratna is mrs. Ratna, it is her first name. In case you need to know.
Nusi Choudhury
Nusi Choudhury Aylar önce
Yea the flashbacks hit rlly hard and always give us more vital info love that they don’t waste any time giving us relevant info and emotions 😢
GermanMudWizard Aylar önce
The infected didn’t get on the aeroplanes, it was the fact that the radio cut off so planes no longer had the ability to co ordinate with eachother and flight control (who were probably dead or evacuating) so had to try and land immediately. Causing the crashes
SocialPurgatory Aylar önce
That flashback from the rainbow blanket is great directing! Trusting your audience to connect dots and bringing our imaginations into the writers room and directors chairs while also hinting at Frank and Bill’s relationship was just 🤌🏾 10/10! Give them their EMMY NOW! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Victor A.
Victor A. Aylar önce
@Milena just say you don't know what made TLOU great and move on, buddy
Milena Aylar önce
@Victor A.just say you don't understand emotional connections and move on buddy
OstrichesAndGin Aylar önce
I was slightly offended to the blanket and cloth transition because I thought it was too obvious and I felt that the directors thought I was some sort of idiot, now I see why they did it.
Victor A.
Victor A. Aylar önce
"Hinting"? The whole episode was about their butt adventures
Jimmy Mcgill
Jimmy Mcgill Aylar önce
6:03 - it says 5-15 minutes for a neck bite but looking back Tess seemed to last a lot longer than that and Sam was bitten on the leg and turned just a couple of hours later that same night? 🤔 it could also be an age related thing perhaps as the old lady in episode 1 turned pretty quick after ingesting it
Jimmy Mcgill
Jimmy Mcgill 5 gün önce
​@Floofy Dog oh yeah i totally forgot the old lady was down to ingesting the Cordyceps! my bad, all good points you mention but Sam was bit on the leg and Tess the neck/collar area and she still seemed to last longer...Sam was bitten in what i'm guessing was early evening (it was certainly the night because it was dark when the bloater and runners turned up) and then later that night is when he attacked Ellie and Henry shot him, either that or there was a whole day we didn't see that was off screen but again im pretty sure it was the same night and just a few hours after the runners/bloaters...either way i'm only nit picking, Season 1 was superb, can't wait for season 2!...me want some more bloater action, we didn't get enough of them!
Floofy Dog
Floofy Dog 6 gün önce
Well, Tess did seem to last a fair bit longer than what was advertised, but with Sam a whole night passed in-between him getting bit and then him turning. And the old lady in episode 1ate the Cordyceps, she wasn't bit. So perhaps that is a whole different system. But it took her a whole day to turn pretty much, yeah you see her acting sussy the whole episode but she only turns after Sarah wakes up in the middle of the night. If anything the two people the old lady bit turned ridiculously fast, but those were both neck bites, so it kind of makes sense.
Mads Aylar önce
You are SO QUICK with these, but the quality never lacks for it. Thank you! 🙌🏼
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Dan Ross
Dan Ross Aylar önce
Agreed, all the extra/added scenes we've seen so far were great. Love the videos mate.
Nofilter B*txh
Nofilter B*txh Aylar önce
The flashbacks give the same unsettling vibes HBO’s Chernobyl did.Tension,just a few comments that make you think about the worse and eerie sounds👌🏻
acid._.alex Aylar önce
Honestly the best part of this show. The second episode opening with the doctor? I have NEVER been more engaged in a programme. I think this could be even bigger than The Walking Dead, it’s just incredible. Probably the best TV I’ve ever watched. But tbf pretty much all my favourite tv shows are from HBO, they really have a winning formula.
Matt Gilbert
Matt Gilbert Aylar önce
Really enjoying TLOU show, as a part time gamer it was one of the few games I really got into (I'm old!). Just finished ep 2. Damn Tess. When they said "look for the light"..damn. Great scene. Mrs. Ratna and Tess. Both staunch, badass women.
MrChronicpayne Aylar önce
I love these flashbacks, best part of the series imo. They need more world building and background on whats going on outside the characters.
Alonso Gabriel
Alonso Gabriel Aylar önce
Its scary to me because it reminds me of the 6 month lockdown we had in my country. And even after lifting the lockdown people were just generslly scared to go outside for the year that followed. We went full survival mode. My dad had purchased a sizable plot of land pre pandemic (lucky good timing) and there we all lived in a small room/hut, planted fruits and vegetables, raised poultry, even a goat at one point, our bathing and flushing water came were harvested from the rain, and the only things we bought from the outside are potable water, raw pork and beef, and body and clothes soap. We basically went from a family of 6 city dwellers to a self sustaining farmer family, all in a matter of days. Thank god my mom has a green thumb and my father still had some money even though his work basically shutdown for an entire year. Thats what the flashbacks reminded me of, the almost 180 of life just because of some cough inducing virus.
The hulk. Green
The hulk. Green Aylar önce
I can't wait to see this, my good friend is willing to watch it over again, he is a good mate because of trust in him to know this is worth the watch.
Zack Holtz
Zack Holtz Aylar önce
This show is absolutely fantastic just like the games:)
Jada E
Jada E Aylar önce
This show is really messing with my mind and how quick and easily the societies that we know can end, especially when thinking about how we responded to covid March & April of 2020
Morris DuBose
Morris DuBose Aylar önce
Love your breakdowns. Keep 'em coming
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Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill Aylar önce
Haven't watched the latest episode yet but I just love the videos you put out, even if they've forewarned with spoilers!
Schools Aylar önce
I don't know how I feel about ⚠️ spoiler warning ⚠️ Bill dying even as poetic as it was. That being said his death gives me hope they may alter a certain fate of a certain someone in the next season or two! 🤞🤞
Mr Gray
Mr Gray Aylar önce
@HenryT grow up
Jan Mitchell
Jan Mitchell Aylar önce
@HenryT that an awesome episode where they flipped the script meet cue to tragic ending, rise to greatness(as mankind faces extinction) and a fall from grace. beautiful. the instant understanding and recognition love at first sight. in an instant life was better and to good to lose. but.... i dont think frank is dead. we didnt see a body and hell its not like they are scared to change the story.
HenryT Aylar önce
It was a sweet episode but over all this episode did not deliver. They altered the story so much they missed out on a great opportunity to show the real threat of the infected. No chaos in trying to get a working battery and getting out of there. I was really looking forward to that
Cash Money Chanel
Cash Money Chanel Aylar önce
At least until season 2 😅
Leobbuwur Aylar önce
That was a very short "spoiler alert" lol
Wade Aylar önce
I hope each episode has a small bit like these. Short looks back that can reveal so much
Quanage Aylar önce
Its great i wish more zombie shows has short standalone scenes leading up to or during an outbreak while progressing with the current story
Francisco Reyes Nogueira
I think that airplanes where brought down by the army jets that we saw a couple of scenes before; not because we had infected on the planes. They were trying to contain the outbreak at any cost. Besides, the airplanes had the engines on fire, so unless the infected got there somehow, it’s way more likely that the planes were shot down.
Caz Aylar önce
The look on the doctor's face when she says, 'bomb' really got me.
Stay Determined
Stay Determined Aylar önce
It’s terrifying and unnerving because you KNOW what’s going to happen and the reactions of the people in the flashbacks
Maria Correa
Maria Correa Aylar önce
A fungus specialist stated that currently our bodies are too warm for cordyceps{sp) but with rising temperatures and the fungii's survival will cause it to adapt to warmer temperatures and then... who knows
Sim Sam
Sim Sam Aylar önce
The Flashbacks give me the story points that I need for world building.
Connie Hankosky
Connie Hankosky Aylar önce
That second opening scene was the most on edge ive been while watching something in a while
Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill Aylar önce
Considering how we saw people act during the beginning of covid. A lot of people would simply put themselves at risk because of ignorance.
Nick B
Nick B Aylar önce
Great review! We watch your recaps after every show / episode we watch!
Aron Smith
Aron Smith Aylar önce
Regarding the plane I'd think either a passenger or even the pilot themselves became infected from eating wheat
Aron Smith
Aron Smith Aylar önce
@Gabriela Nava thank you 🙂I know Cordyceps Militaris will very easily grow on rice or wheat flour 🙂
Gabriela Nava
Gabriela Nava Aylar önce
That's a very good guess
TheAngryOwl Aylar önce
Going through with what we all went through, and we only got a very small taste early on of what the end would be like, TLOU along with every apocalyptic dystopian fiction will be a very true representation of what's to come when the end comes.
Foxy Lovelace
Foxy Lovelace 6 gün önce
I thought the performance with Mrs Ratner was a beautifully subtle scene that was so effective. However, I think an even more prominent theme is that people need connection. Survival is insufficient.
JP Aylar önce
I love how Paul here at Heavy Spoilers was thee 1st TRvidr to mention the flour and Jakarta connection. Many have said this 2 weeks after Paul. I’m sure those “popular” TRvidrs saw his video and didn’t give him credit. Most don’t and l never know why. It’s nice to help each other grow. In fact it makes everyone better. WWE was better when WCW was around. Sorry I just truly respect Paul. I’ve spoken to him on social media and you can just tell he’s a humble/nice guy. Rare with TRvidrs. So thanks mate.
Anthony T
Anthony T Aylar önce
You could tell that professor lady could not even imagine such a thing could happen and that the worst has already happened...and that humanity has to do even worse in order to stop it. She is forced to accept it, and just wants to be with her family.
Boshwa Aylar önce
We really need more flashbacks in post apocalypse stories
Jayson Agli
Jayson Agli Aylar önce
Damn this show is excellent. I can’t wait to see how they handle Part 2.
Dougie YT
Dougie YT Aylar önce
When that Scientist/Doctor told the general to bomb the city, and then her immediate reaction afterwards is just, WOW😮.
Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious Aylar önce
It's the feeling of dread that gets us
sonny A
sonny A Aylar önce
The heaviness of having a scientist in the not so distant past prophesizing a SHTF scenario that science couldn't save us from and bookending it with a scientist who realizes they ARE IN the SHTF situation where nothing could be done was brilliantly executed.
KP Kev the Poet
KP Kev the Poet Aylar önce
"Humanity is the real enemy". Actually 28 Days later was all about this, but it's more like "humanity is the real monster".
Thembani the One
Thembani the One Aylar önce
3:14 the motto!🔥🔥 this is why "look at the flowers Lizzie" is one the greatest serialized television moments of all time.
DrNightmare Mendoza
The first 3 flashback gave more flavor. The flashback should be a necessary to keep the show interesting and shocking.
DrNightmare Mendoza
Yup not doing that
DrNightmare Mendoza
Is the a scam?
J. Elizabeth
J. Elizabeth Aylar önce
In the first episode, they mention unrest in Jakarta on the radio as well.
Father Platypus
Father Platypus Aylar önce
The scientist scenes are terrifyingly incredible, bcs they're both right
George Aylar önce
Only thing I came away with, is never make fun of a prepper or survivalist and at the end of the day might want to be friends with one
nousertoday Aylar önce
Love what they did to bill and franks story
Keltic Fury
Keltic Fury Aylar önce
TBH personally I prefer the trope of a dead kid rather then them killing a dog or something for emotional effect. John Wick is about the only case of the dead pet trope that did it right.
Tony Tyler Draws…
Chernobyl too.
Lewis Bush
Lewis Bush Aylar önce
@NFTF Genetix tru, that and John Wick are about it
NFTF Genetix
NFTF Genetix Aylar önce
I Am Legend Did It Right
KiibaTV Aylar önce
ok so I having been able to get my mind of this Kid for while. We know he was infected and killed cause of it. But I still cant help but think. How long was he infected? How was he out there? Could he have been like Ellie? We'll never know
Ybarra Aylar önce
He had a bite on his leg and I believe it says that bites on the lower body have between 12-20 hours before full infection.
B P Aylar önce
I need a story arc/spinoff for the Indonesian scientist and possibly a twist she or someone from her family survives
Mikey Frederick
Mikey Frederick Aylar önce
Its funny how the danger changes from infected to just every day humans..atleast the monsters are somewhat predictable...people on the other hand NOPEEE..my main strategy if shit ever goes down is avoid everyone if possible esp any authorities..trusting anyone is too much risk sadly, and that really turns your heart to ice.
PlayStation Talks
PlayStation Talks Aylar önce
Love the flashbacks it felt like seaosn 1 of fear the walking dead before everything was falling
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada Aylar önce
I loved these cold opens, I was hoping we would get one each week.
princess meek
princess meek Aylar önce
Bruh youre the fungi
Ph@tMantv Aylar önce
Since we can't stop wars or racism, I truly believe this is humanities end result.
Lewis Bush
Lewis Bush Aylar önce
@MelloHubb we don’t know that either, but if humanity follows old cycles, yes that’ll happen
MelloHubb Aylar önce
@Eddie Diaz it would definitely be used to cure people... Just the highest bidders though
Eddie Diaz
Eddie Diaz Aylar önce
It’s exactly why I support Joel’s decision to save Ellie at the hospital, because even if the cure did actually work, it would NEVER actually be used to cure people
JP Aylar önce
Paul is the best, he really is. Took me a few months a yr ago to get use to his accent. Yet now I love it, I like this one. 🔨 ⚡️
Wil Rodriguez
Wil Rodriguez Aylar önce
Context is important. Especially the opening of the entire series. The line: "...if the climate got warmer..." chilled everyone. After two years plus of a global pandemic it was easy for all of us envisioning the worst.
mweissma Aylar önce
I’m hooked on this show.
Maxwell A. Gaming PS4
One of the things that kept me excited to see a new episode was the flashbacks. Was veyond dissapointed when Ep. 4 didnt feature any.
Gary Hardiman
Gary Hardiman Aylar önce
Great video. Scary to think it might happen
Jonathan Teh
Jonathan Teh 11 gün önce
The flashbacks are also a glimpse to the excellent TV series or movie we could have had from a proper adaptation of the World War Z anthology (not the awful Brad Pitt WWZ in name only movie). I do want to push back on the idea that it is acceptable, civilised, and prudent for scientists & doctors to advocate complete annihilation, or other draconian, callous, and care-less solutions (eg what the Fireflies ultimately wanted to do to Elly) when faced with a problem too catastrophic for them to immediately understand and engineer solutions for. Superficial journalists & science communicators make a big deal of the realities of superbugs and superfungi portrayed in HBO's LoU but they're missing the bigger social commentary about how self destructive & brittle our social foundations really are.
Great Greebo
Great Greebo Aylar önce
Thanks for the video. Good break down.
SXD Aylar önce
That piano flashback was nightnare fuel.
Chris M
Chris M Aylar önce
I absolutely love your content! I got my wife into it as well. Keep up the great work
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