Why Tesla, GM And Other EV Companies Have A Fire Problem 

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Electric vehicles provide a path toward a greener future, but they can be especially dangerous when they catch fire. While car fires are nothing new and internal combustion engine car fires are also a problem, lithium-ion battery fires are extremely volatile and challenging to put out, and there are few resources out there to help firefighters. In addition, car makers like GM, Ford, Hyundai and Tesla have had to do costly recalls due to fire risk. CNBC explores how automakers and firefighters are going to deal with EV's fire problem.
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Why Tesla, GM And Other EV Companies Have A Fire Problem



24 Oca 2022




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Yeono 11 aylar önce
I was planning my next car to be an EV. But all these fires lately are definitely making me rethink. EVs still need major improvements in the safety area.
norm van duker
norm van duker 11 aylar önce
You should stick with your plan to buy an EV. According The National Highway Traffic Administration, on a per mile driven basis you are much, much more likely to suffer injury or death by fire driving a gasoline powered car than by driving an EV. This CNBC video is misleading click-bait. The title should be "How EVs are Solving the Fire Problem Caused by Internal Combustion Engines". But then the entire segment would end up being ridiculously short as the narrator simply points to the fact that according to NHTSA data gasoline cars are 10x more likely than EVs to catch fire and, unlike gasoline cars that carry around a tank full of highly explosive gasoline vapor, EVs virtually never explode.
Ward Fiction
Ward Fiction 11 aylar önce
Don't worry, when you fill your car up with petrol you can be safe in the knowledge that of static ignights the fumes, you'll go up in flames. If you have diesel, well a little bit lucky, but they can explode too. Just be glad you don't need hydrogen...
Brian Letter
Brian Letter 11 aylar önce
@Ward Fiction Neither petrol nor diesel can explode without being mixed with an oxidant. Both, without an oxidant, will extinguish a spark. It is, in fact, very difficult to ignite diesel in open air if it is cold.
norm van duker
norm van duker 11 aylar önce
With regard to your "from what I've heard" comment, it is not a matter of opinion, but rather a matter of fact based upon National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data that EVs are 10x less likely to catch fire than gasoline cars. And for Tesla owners the data is even compelling: "From 2012 - 2021, there has been approximately one Tesla vehicle fire for every 210 million miles traveled. By comparison, data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and U.S. Department of Transportation shows that in the United States there is a vehicle fire for every 19 million miles traveled." It is also a matter of fact, not opinion but fact, that gasoline vapor is explosive while EV batteries, though they can burn at extremely high temperatures, are not. Further, it was only one specific model of EV, the Chevy Bolt, that was at risk of spontaneous combustion and therefore unsafe to park in the garage. The Chevy Bolt was originally equipped with SK batteries that had a design defect that could cause them to catch fire. But all of those old Chevy Bolts are now having their SK batteries replaced and, again, no other model of EV ever had that problem. Meanwhile, it is a myth that gasoline cars can't catch fire unless they are being driven. As with EVs spontaneous gasoline car fires are rare, but gasoline cars absolutely can and sometimes do catch fire when they are turned off and parked in the garage. The usual mechanism is a wiring defect precipitating an electrical short that ignites vapor from a leaky fuel line. In fact, 483,000 cars from the Kia/Hyundai group were just recalled earlier this year to correct a defect that could cause that very problem and there is currently NHTSA safety alert telling Kia/Hyundai owners that their cars are at risk of spontaneously catching fire.
Richard Neville
Richard Neville 5 aylar önce
Another concerning aspect is the ageing of these vehicles. Rust / corrosion is a major problem here in the UK and is only made worse from the salting of the roads during the Winter months. The batteries are underside so we can only expect rust eventually getting into the battery casings and potentially causing corrosion of these Lithium packs in say for example 10+ years time.
Ivan Rusev
Ivan Rusev Aylar önce
Norway has 80 % ev adoption.. surely they know what they are doing
Warren Sjoberg
Warren Sjoberg 11 aylar önce
Our neighbors were on vacation, left their EV in the attached garage. Fire ... burned it all to the ground, nice home, large, expensive. Experts proved that it was the EV.
Aaron ___
Aaron ___ 11 aylar önce
Shikhar Ashish
Shikhar Ashish 11 aylar önce
Don't worry. Its just an EV revolution.
Bobby 11 aylar önce
I hope the home owner had home/fire insurance on the home.
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 aylar önce
@Shikhar Ashish Don't worry, you will never understand how any of this actually works.
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 aylar önce
@Bobby Insurance is pretty standard on every home in pretty much every country.
Jin Kusanagi
Jin Kusanagi 11 aylar önce
Respect to firefighters. They may not know exactly what they're dealing with before they go to a fire, but they go anyway. Of the 218 that died in the 2020 Beirut explosion, 10 were firefighters that arrived at the warehouse that improperly stored 552 metric tonnes of ammonium nitrate, the same chemcial used in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.
Easy E Network
Easy E Network 11 aylar önce
Yeah, that is why you check on what type of warehouse. Ammonium nitrate is the main ingredient in fertilizer and highly combustible.
Mickeyislowd 10 aylar önce
That thing was like a 4KT nuke equivalent. Most shocking explosion I ever saw.
Ferdie Cassel
Ferdie Cassel 9 aylar önce
One would have thought the 1947 Texas City explosion would have made ammonium nitrate handling and safety protocols of the utmost importance. Apparently not.
Jakex Gold
Jakex Gold 8 aylar önce
The humankind are pathetic! Rolled up steel or metal sheet, push and force the sheet under the burning car, or has some light forklifting while push the flat metallic sheet under the car. Then rolled out barrier of inflatable walls around the car but not too near it to get burnt, the walls only need to be tall enough to fill up waters to drown the car or submerged it, the base of these walls are either suction cup to the metallic sheet, to prevent leaking of water, spray fast drying concrete foams at the base and corner on the wall. Keep firehosing into the the swimming pool with the burning car inside. This method saves water and drown the burning car. I am baby chatting with you, because you are not worth it! Don’t ask me about other misc small details as how to deliver and prepaid materials to built the immediate swimming pool!
Stevie Yıl önce
What needs to be investigated more is the possibility of crash fire. In many cases, traditional cars catch fire in the front, where you can notice quickly and get out, but EVs burn from below in a ferocious manner. You may not even realize that you have to get out ASAP. There had been numerous cases where the driver was burnt alive, which rarely happens with traditional vehicles.
Kennsdly Alcima
Kennsdly Alcima 7 aylar önce
Electric vehicle fires are gradual build up.. this burned alive without realizing it is so far fetched ….
Noname 7 aylar önce
@Kennsdly Alcima one guy did burn alive but he had aftermarket unbreakable windows so the firefighters/whoever was trying to break his windows to get him out of the wreck he caused(drunk i think? memory so forgive mistakes) were unable to break the windows to rescue him. If he had stock windows they'd have been able to save him.
Xalataf 7 aylar önce
Combine this with many of these new EVs (and frankly new cars in general) coming with fancy electric door handles with weirdly hidden manual emergency releases _cough_ Tesla…
Kennsdly Alcima
Kennsdly Alcima 6 aylar önce
@Dennis_NL yea gradual build up 🤣😂 you yourself just said aside from from smoke it was spontaneous… these packs are made of thousands of cells they don’t all go thermal together.. these issues typically start with 1 single or maybe hand full.. and has a dominoes effect.. your watching videos people put up when things have already gone haywire… And if your driving Tesla battery packs are equipped with temperature emergency warning/shutdown … if it’s about to happen while your driving you will know and have plenty of time because the safety system that observes temperature activates well below the thermal runaway temperature of the battery cells… theres like 100 temperature sensors throughout a Tesla battery pack.. these cell don’t go from working to spontaneously catching fire… they catch fire from getting to hot..before you would even see the smoke your taking about the car safety system would be been triggered
hank h
hank h 7 aylar önce
As a Rural volunteer fire department. We are working on our own tactics. It is plain to see no one cares about how we are to fight these things. The attention on just getting them on the road is most important.
Danny 7 aylar önce
Wow. Thank you for your service
MRgreen 7 aylar önce
when you figure everything into the picture of EV's. it seems silly when the benefit for straight EV isnt really there.
TAX THE CHURCHES 6 aylar önce
Strike. Let them reflect on the 3rd degree burns.
Santos Rojas
Santos Rojas 6 aylar önce
I don't Like Electric Car's And You Do A Great Job Fighting Fires
brob 3030
brob 3030 Yıl önce
A lot of combustion engine vehicles catch fire each year. There is no denying it. My problem with Electric Vehicles is that there is very little chance to get out without at the very least burns. Imagine having a child in a car seat and your battery bursting into flames. It isn't just a small fire that grows. It is quite literally an instant inferno full of toxic fumes. If electric vehicles are the future then someone had better get a hold on this problem however infrequent it may be.
Toro Montana
Toro Montana 11 aylar önce
If this problem isn't addressed, I will not only refuse to buy an EV, I will refuse to enter an EV taxi or have anything to do with EVs.
Dottie A.
Dottie A. 11 aylar önce
It goes up in flames 🔥 in Seconds NOT Minutes... plus all the Acid Splatters everywhere....
Dottie A.
Dottie A. 11 aylar önce
@Toro Montana Goggle, Electric vehicles and busses going up in flames 🔥 you would be surprised, and don't park them in your garage or close to the house...
cancri 11 aylar önce
@Dottie A. what acid??? there is no acid in a lithium battery. still feel smart?
Poison Kiss
Poison Kiss 10 aylar önce
An all electric future looks more deadly than it initially didn't. Imagine a large lot full of these cars. What would that do to the environment if one caught fire and eventually the whole lot? Would it even be able to be contained and once its over, would there even be any ground left beneath the vehicles?
Mochie bellina
Mochie bellina 10 aylar önce
They might burn a hole down to the center of the Earth and release b gates father from Hades itself.
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Reloaded 10 aylar önce
@Mochie bellina lmao man
tarstarkusz 9 aylar önce
There isn't going to be an all electric future, at least not anytime soon.
inverse2k1 9 aylar önce
@Matrix Reloaded actually, he was dead serious.
False Progress
False Progress 9 aylar önce
Another big environmental impact of electrification is the scale of "clean energy" sprawl that's still dependent on fossil fuels. I can't feel green while driving through industrial landscapes full of wind turbines and solar lakes. They are dealing a major aesthetic blow to mountaintops and rural ambience.
Paul Axford
Paul Axford Yıl önce
I’ll note that the information I’ve found indicates that the Bolt and Kona fires seemed to be caused by an unfortunate cell feature where the anode had a bent sharp edge placed too close to the separator. Dendrites can eventually form off the edge and pierce the separator causing a short. The defect appears to be due to a poorly-chosen production shortcut where the serpentine folding was cut in the middle of a fold rather than on a flat region. As such the fires are not entirely random but due to a stupid mistake.
Jimmy Grant
Jimmy Grant 11 aylar önce
Yes I would have to say that NOTHING YOU HAVE SAID MAKES ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lawrence Carroll
Lawrence Carroll 11 aylar önce
@Jimmy Grant , it probably would if he could upload a 3D diagram(s) of what he is attempting to describe verbally.
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 aylar önce
@Jimmy Grant Lithium Ion batteries have Anodes and Cathodes. It makes perfect sense for those that actually understand how Lithium Ion batteries work.
sgsellsit 10 aylar önce
And it will not change. These companies thrive off the lowest bidder, cheapest parts and the components are built by humans.
Jakex Gold
Jakex Gold 8 aylar önce
All electric car would be limited to a max speed of 60kph, no highway for them!
NAVRET 11 aylar önce
If I remember correctly, the airlines have a prohibited transporting Li batteries in passenger aircraft due to fire possibilities. GM’s response to house fires caused by their batteries catching fire was (wait for it. . . . ) charge you car outside, not in the garage. Brilliant 😵‍💫
Neil Kurzman
Neil Kurzman 11 aylar önce
You don’t remember correctly. Were you allowed to bring your phone with you? How about your laptop? You’re not allowed to put lithium-ion batteries in the cargo area of an airplane. But then again you’re not allowed to put bottles of gasoline there either. Wait for it, to automotive companies have recommended you not park your gasoline car in your garage because of spontaneous fires. Check on current recalls.
clot shots
clot shots 11 aylar önce
@Neil Kurzman When did automotive manufacturers recommend not parking gasoline cars in the garage? Can you cite any press releases? Gasoline engine defects result in a recall and fix. GM did not fix their defect. They just told owners not to park in the garage. The problem is how do you charge your EV without parking in the garage? Gasoline cars don't need to park in the garage overnight in order to refuel.
SE Asian
SE Asian Aylar önce
@Neil Kurzman LOL. Since when people are not allowed to park their gasoline or diesel cars in the garage because of fire risk. You’re just making things up. It’s a garage! It’s purpose is to store cars.
Kay Gee
Kay Gee 11 aylar önce
I noticed that they didn't mention how many of the car fires per year were EV's. WHen they had a second chance to make that point, they went the way of comparing ICE fires to all fires.
Robert Ågren
Robert Ågren 8 aylar önce
Can't be compared without replacing all ICE
Zooker 750
Zooker 750 7 aylar önce
the fire is like many torches not the same as a gas car.
Jazza Yıl önce
Thank you, we had decades of experience with lithium batteries in consumer electronics. It’s interesting to see a lot of the same challenges have carried over. If always assumed but not had the data to back it up.
RCdiy Yıl önce
That’s comparing apples and oranges. Lithium ion is a generic name. It’s like saying all cakes are the same. Or cake and bread are the same. Remember if it bleeds it leads. Out of the billions of cellphones, laptops and anything else will a lithium ion battery how many fires were there?
Jazza Yıl önce
@RCdiy the science is clearly the same, so not sure where your apples and oranges comparison comes in. Perhaps you’d like to elaborate on that?
Red Baron
Red Baron Yıl önce
@Jazza It clearly isn't the same as there isn't a single type of Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium Ion is an umbrella term of the battery technology, kind of like jets. There are different types, sizes and functions for jets. They are not all the same. Same applies to Lithium Ion. NCA batteries are different from NMC batteries, you have cylinder type and pouch type cells, 800V and 400V batteries, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Air, Sodium, Solid State, Lithium Iron, etc. etc. Certain types catch fire when punctured, others do not. It depends on chemistry, cell type, energy density, packaging, etc. etc. So, no. The science is not "clearly the same". There are substantial differences between current cell types and chemistry.
Jazza Yıl önce
​@Red Baron I don't think you've demonstrated a substantial difference in the fundamental science of Lithium-Ion technology, rather rattled off a list of materials, packaging methods, voltage applications etc... that have occurred as the technology has advanced and manufactures adapt the batteries to their particular application. Fundamentally they all have a flammable electrolyte and are a risk for overheating, thermal runaway, explosions, etc... And this isn't old news. There are plenty of examples of recalls from tech (Apple and Samsung), through to Aviation (Boeing) through to the automotive industry for these type of challenges, and they all use types of batteries across this Lithium-Ion spectrum you mention....
무명 4 aylar önce
i thought the batteries for EV was located behind the vehicle for safety. It is terrifying to see the batteries are nicely located below so the entire vehicle can burst into flames instantly lol
Ruben Velez
Ruben Velez Yıl önce
The issue is that EV cars catch fire while NOT being driven. I don't know of any ICE vehicle catching fire while being parked unless the ignition was from an outside source. Electric vehicles can virtually spontaneously combust while recharging. Lithium batteries have a checkered history of spontaneously combustion.
Linus A
Linus A Yıl önce
Seeing as one needs a spark and the right mixture of o2 and fuel fumes, it's difficult
Ruben Velez
Ruben Velez Yıl önce
@Bert I agree. any viable tech or invention does not need government subsidies or propaganda. Cars, cell phones and everything in between did not happen because of government involvement. If something is economically viable the public will support it with their wallets.
cancri Yıl önce
more kia and hyundai cars and suv have caught fire than all of the EVs combined. FACTS.
lisa mcdonald
lisa mcdonald Yıl önce
Seems like they need to come up with an air robbing foam to better put them out. One of the problems with fire suppression foams is they tend to be extremely toxic for the environment. Its finding a safe one or safest as possible.
Billy Ponsonby
Billy Ponsonby Yıl önce
fire in an electric car battery is a chemical fire and does not require oxygen to burn
Bad Player
Bad Player Yıl önce
@ujjal shill why not ban cities?
ujjal shill
ujjal shill Yıl önce
@Bad Player yes
ujjal shill
ujjal shill Yıl önce
@Bad Player we should ban cities
rdrhouse 2 aylar önce
One thing i said at the very beginning of ev's, this will only work if the battery is easily replaceable at a station in a short period of time, enabling the power source to be renewed quickly and effectively. This could also be a fire retarding feature where the battery could be ejected in a fire condition and save the vehicle and it's contents.
News Channel
News Channel Aylar önce
as a mechanic I discuss the problems with electric vehicles in depth on my home page vid.
John Cahill
John Cahill 7 aylar önce
Also, I’m curious to know how the water is even intruding into the battery pack since the packs are sealed and fill with antifreeze. Is there a vent perhaps that can be backed up with high enough water?
Zooker 750
Zooker 750 7 aylar önce
they can be punctured by any loose road object
kc4cvh 10 aylar önce
The only BMW I3 cars that have burned ironically are those equipped with an optional gasoline motor-generator unit called a range extender. The cause has been the fuel line in most cases, though one burned when the dipstick wasn't properly reinserted.
Wildc4rd Yıl önce
I don’t know how someone would sleep at night having one of these cars in their garage, let alone plugged overnight. You can literally burn down your house to ashes. Even crazy to hear firefighters can’t even get to the batteries to put out the fire.
Satish Kakumani
Satish Kakumani 10 aylar önce
And it can spread to neighboring houses .. It is not good
Julia M
Julia M 9 aylar önce
Internal combustion engines catch fire spontaneously too, but nobody would read an article about that -- too boring.
J L A 7 aylar önce
Gas xplosions are much better .. 🎉
Kennsdly Alcima
Kennsdly Alcima 7 aylar önce
The same way you sleep with your laptop, phone even modems have lithium backups in them
Orn Jonasar
Orn Jonasar Yıl önce
Without oil, companies will struggle to even make the cars - oil doesn’t just represent the fuel, not by a long way.
BikingD Yıl önce
I love how everyone who is an EV fan is losing their mind with this story. The story talks about the fire being different then fuel such as hotter, toxic, can restart again after. Can catch while charging etc. Never has this article stated less safe or more dangerous but different technology. That's it get your head straight. Nothing is wrong with this story at all. Doesn't bash EV's or ICE just talking about the differences and challenges. That's it.
Danie Bello
Danie Bello Yıl önce
people are gonna just read the title and run with it to fuel anti EV bs, CNBS needs to be more responsible with their choice of words
BikingD Yıl önce
@Danie Bello It's to get people to watch it. If it bleeds it leads. The story itself is fine it is people taking out of it what they want but not what actually is said. You yourself had a preconceived notion because you called the CNBS and didn't like the title. If you are an educated person you get all the facts vs just being a headline chaser. Story brought out true facts and true concerns regarding EV's and as a consumer of EV's you should want these issues addressed both for your safety and the success of EV's. You fight everything instead of fixing issues then you will never have anyone on your side other then the extremists.
hangender Yıl önce
so you are anti-EV. got it. jk jk
Noah Abrams
Noah Abrams Yıl önce
I think you are correct. I am an EV fan and I believe fires are a risk to their adoption. The thing that people are probably worried about is that people will think EV fires are common and it is important that people realize that EV fires are much rarer than gasoline fires.
Arnold Salenbacher
Researches have demonstrated that growing "dendrites" inside a battery cell can short-circuit or otherwise damage the cell. During charging dendrites are growing from every lithium suface to the counter electrode - this is a behaviour which can't be prevented in any way.
Dave Froman
Dave Froman Yıl önce
It cannot be solved in that particular battery chemistry and form factor. It does not mean it is not a problem that new technology is capable of resolving. IE BYD's LFP Blade batteries cannot catch fire at all. Even if you drive a spike through them. And they are cranking out a million+ of those cars in China now and will be exporting them to all major markets in the next two years.
Eagle Warrior
Eagle Warrior Yıl önce
Use lead.
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 aylar önce
Except of course, your claim that this "can't be prevented in any way" is categorically false. There are multiple ways this can be addressed: " A team at the University of Michigan designed a barrier that suppresses dendrite growth not just by physically blocking them, but also by altering the conditions around dendrite tips where growth is concentrated. The material is a soft polymer film that is polarized and piezoelectric-meaning it generates a voltage when the film is deformed. The film sits on top of the battery’s anode. And when a lithium dendrite presses on the film, the voltage repels more lithium ions from piling up at that spot. This prevents the lithium from forming sharp tips that can penetrate the barrier. " "At the Toyota Research Institute of North America, researchers recently demonstrated a battery with a lithium metal anode, solid lithium thiophosphate electrolyte, and sulfur cathode. Sulfur is another high-storage-capacity electrode material and-bonus-it’s cheap. As for the battery’s ability to resist dendrites, the Toyota researchers noted a relationship between dendrite growth and the electrolyte’s ability to conduct ions." "For example, as a battery charges, lithium ions can deposit irregularly on the anode, forming spiky structures called dendrites that can grow long enough to reach the other electrode and short-circuit the battery, potentially causing a fire. This is a bigger problem for lithium metal than for other anode materials like graphite." You DO know that most Lithium Ion batteries in cars have Graphite Anode's right?
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 aylar önce
@Dave Froman It actually CAN be solved. Several labs have already found solutions to it.
N. Miller
N. Miller 10 aylar önce
Whether EV's catch fire less often may or may not matter. It's the nature of the fire and whether the occupants can get out alive or unscathed. And electric cars will be of little use to people when the electrical grid goes down, state-wide, province-wide or city-wide. It doesn't matter. Even if just an entire section a city loses power, thousands of people are screwed. This is even worse than when we lost Internet service across Canada. You can just hook up to another utility like you can piggyback off of Bell's Internet from a friend's house or hotspot. Once we've put our eggs in one basket, fire get more catastrophic, electrical outages are no wide -spread and negatively affect people in a worse way than independent fueled vehicles. Armageddon is just around the corner.
Steve Baker
Steve Baker 7 aylar önce
Gasoline pumps generally don’t work too well without electricity either
Well, the difference is complicated. The data should be broken down by manufacturer and by years since manufacture. Fuel powered cars probably experience various mortality spikes from birth to death, depending on design flaws and maintenance errors. Grid powered cars probably have an infant mortality spike do to a manufacturing defect, followed by low probability of immolation that rises as the car ages.
Media Cafe Online LLC
From 2012 - 2020, there has been approximately one Tesla vehicle fire for every 205 million miles traveled. By comparison, data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and U.S. Department of Transportation shows that in the United States there is a vehicle fire for every 19 million miles traveled.
What's UP
What's UP Yıl önce
So Does that DATA analysis mean the long distant driving by EV cars prone to be much stabilized than fossil oil cars??? I don't think so Vise versa I would say. Should have a radiothermo check the heat on each car after having the same long run in the same period of time. A simple mobile phone is non stopping using for 4 hours, the mobile heat is very high and even stun the mobile electro function. In the same way the EV car might have the similar cumulative heat after long hours of driving compared with the conventional fossil oil driven car. Well, it is really hard to define whether EV lithium battery is much stable than fossil oil. From the example of the current luxurious cars on the burning cargo vessel. This is a very interesting case to study the fire cause. Again battery???
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin Yıl önce
You can’t compare that data. Huge variance in the number of EV cars and gasoline powered vehicles. So of course there will be less fires per miles driven in this case.
Media Cafe Online LLC
@Anthony Griffin It’s “per miles driven” so the data is relevant
Well, the difference is complicated. The data should be broken down by manufacturer and by years since manufacture. Fuel powered cars probably experience various mortality spikes from birth to death, depending on design flaws and maintenance errors. Grid powered cars probably have an infant mortality spike do to a manufacturing defect, followed by low probability of immolation that rises as the car ages.
Arturs Mihelsons
Arturs Mihelsons Yıl önce
Sometimes, battery itself isn't a fault for fire hazard.. BMS can get faulty balancer circuit transistor and shorted out battery cell causing fire.. This may not be true to EVs, but it's true for electric scooters, especially, for cheaper ones.. Slower charging is better for batteries, but manufacturers pushes the limits.. LiFePo is safer, that's true, but by now, it costs more. And how I heard, there is newer battery type developed, more safer than LiFePo..
Michael D
Michael D Yıl önce
6 Buses have since gone up in Potters Bar in May when one blew up whilst charging and Transport for London pulled the other 108 ones from operation as a precaution. Looks like minimum distances or even firewalls need to be maintained between these buses as they do seem to go in batches if parked close.
Addy Layta
Addy Layta 11 aylar önce
Busses are back in service and it appears, or the rumor has it that some engineer connected the cooling system the wrong way and caused the battery pack to overheat. Other rumor is that they used the wrong type of charging cable and it overheated causing the fire. More diesel busses catches fire then electric. At potters bar, only one electric bus caught fire, while the remaining 4 diesels blew the rest up easily.
Leslie Franklin
Leslie Franklin Yıl önce
My brother drove a gasoline VW van that burned to the ground. If you look at the number of fires per number of type of vehicle, EVs catch on fire much less often. And with battery chemistries like Lithium-Iron-Phosphate, the chance of fire is *much* reduced.
Thomas Gaudette
Thomas Gaudette Yıl önce
Correct as there is no thermal runaway issue with LFP batteries. CNBC is constantly behind the curve in reporting in the EV space.
Nicholas Dante McGee
EV fire numbers will only increase as more vehicles are added
Leslie Franklin
Leslie Franklin Yıl önce
@Nicholas Dante McGee True. However, the percentage of EVs that catch on fire is much lower than ICE cars. It's new and unusual, so it gets more reported. ("Man bites dog.") Remember the Ford pickup trucks that spontaneously caught on fire because of faulty cruise control design?
Katjerøuac Yıl önce
@Nicholas Dante McGee *Percentage* %
guydreamr Yıl önce
Cool, what is the source for your statement that the number of fires are lower per capita for EVs? Would like to refer to that should I ever consider an EV for purchase.
Roy Batty
Roy Batty Aylar önce
When an EV combusts, there really is no way to stop the fire. You have to let it burn out. This can last up to three days. One potential method to stop the burning would be to separate the batteries that haven't ignited yet, but that is far too dangerous.
Benjamin Nead
Benjamin Nead Yıl önce
Full disclosure: I've been driving an EV (Mitsubishi i-MiEV) for just over 6 years now and studying the technical aspects of these cars longer than that. I see lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4, LFP, etc.) briefly mentioned at around six and a half minutes into this CNBC report and it probably should have been mentioned even sooner. This is mature yet currently underutilized battery cell technology that is far less fire prone than what's in most EVs today. The next wave of EVs in 2022 moving forward will prominently feature LFP cells, especially the upcoming standard range and more affordable Tesla models, as well as a host of EVs made in China. One Chinese company, BYD, makes an LFP cell called the Blade, which takes the form of a long, thin rectangle and is particularly safe when it comes to fire safety, even when punctured. The other asset of the Blade is that, like all LFP cells, it doesn't require scarce minerals that might also have human rights issues in mining. The only downside with LFP is that it's slightly less energy dense than ternary (ie: nickel/manganese/cobalt anode) formulations commonly used in EVs today. I hope the American, European, Japanese and Korean manufacturers pivot to LFP soon. All the various patents that previously prevented more widespread worldwide adoption of LFP are now expired and there should be no more excuses. LFP will work today, while the more energy dense and possibly even less fire prone solid state automotive traction batteries begin entering the marketplace in a few more years. Electric aviation will follow soon after.
rob Yıl önce
dont spew youre logic on here, thats not the narraritive
Benemone Yıl önce
Problem is LFP works terribly in the winter so it won't work in northern countries
Benjamin Nead
Benjamin Nead Yıl önce
@Benemone True that LFP is vulnerable in low temp operations. But battery packs in modern EVs have thermal management, certainly better that the little cooling fan inside my i-MiEV pack. Early Nissan Leafs had nothing at all and that was a problem for those cars a decade ago. Also . . . don't all you folks up near the Arctic Circle have 120V outlets all over the place to heat up engine blocks to prevent freezing? You already have the cold weather infrastructure.
cobalt blue
cobalt blue Yıl önce
I also heard it is ok to fully charge,or leave it empty the battery will just fine..
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Yıl önce
This video is not intended to make EVs look bad. It is just showing the current issues with electric vehicles that need to be overcome in the future. EDIT: The original statement below is just satire, there are no facts in this original statement below. The reason is why news outlets are making ev fires national news, while normal car fires are not even making local news in some cases.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Yıl önce
martin stone Off topic, everyone has their own differences and stereotypes are not facts. You used the stereotype that Asians are smart but that is not necessarily true. Not very bright Martin.......
legoscout roblox
legoscout roblox Yıl önce
@Kevin Nguyen No they can not, Cars that run on Petroleum, diesel or what ever else require ignition sources to start burning, EV's that use lithium in their batteries if the Lithium is exposed to too much moisture.
legoscout roblox
legoscout roblox Yıl önce
@Kevin Nguyen Those were not self starting, or spontaneous the batteries in the cars were ignition sources for the oil that leaked. The oil can not ignite on its own.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Yıl önce
@legoscout roblox You are right and I already knew some things that you described, I was just angry at that other person for insulting me. At least you were much nicer to me unlike the other person.
It's for reasons like this that Gelion's batteries are going to be more important than ever for the future of EVs.
GM1990’s Channel. DVIR4LIFE.
To process lithium, they use an evaporation process and after a year they harvest the powder that looks like flour. Now, when it is all packaged up and water touches it, it reacts and expands, catches fire and doesn’t extinguish.
ronch550 Yıl önce
Yep, I've long foreseen this problem. It's bad enough that phones catch fire, what more if it's your car and potentially also your house.
Red Baron
Red Baron Yıl önce
But phones and electric car fires are exceptionally rare. Over 60x less likely than combustion engine cars. Because of that, the rate of fires would never be statistically significant enough to be even relevant to fire risk at your house.
Charles Wesley
Charles Wesley 8 aylar önce
The disposal of that battery and all the oil used to create the lithium battery is an environmental nightmare.
diggy holmes
diggy holmes Yıl önce
My Jeep WJ has this neat feature that when someone rear ends you it bursts into flames. There is a recall for this and the "fix" was to add a tow hitch receiver.
Elvis M
Elvis M Yıl önce
cmznuke 9 aylar önce
Remembers me of the infamous Ford Pinto...
R P 7 aylar önce
guydreamr Yıl önce
Interesting, but what I want to know is what are the fire rates per 100,000 cars for EV *and* ICE vehicles? Does one catch fire more than the other, on a per capita basis?
Ankur Yıl önce
Too little data to comment right now and I totally see your point that EVs are far safer than ICE engine cars.The idea behind this was not to discourage EVs but rather ensure that other things change with EVs to cope up with the tech shift.We need better roads( I am coming from a developing nation,so you might have different standards for a good road),we need better equipped emergency services to handle hazards and people need to learn to use their stuff properly.I mean,ICE engine cars have been out there for decades,they are time tested,and most their issues resolved,they are more or less built to handle rough use n abuse but compared to that EVs are still in their infancy so we just need to fund emergency services enough to keep up the pace and keep everyone safe.
guydreamr Yıl önce
@Ankur Actually, at no time did I say or imply that EVs are safer than ICE vehicles. EVs can be dangerous, that's been well-established. The question is, are they more or less dangerous than ICE vehicles on a per capita basis? But your point is well-taken that we may not have enough data yet to make that determination. Modern EV technology with lithium batteries is, after all, relatively new.
Ankur Yıl önce
Yeah, totally agree with you.
Julio N
Julio N Yıl önce
The whole point is that EVs arent as perfect as people think they are.
Nico J
Nico J Yıl önce
There is simply not enough data to draw any meaningful conclusions here: - While most EVs are fairly new, there are millions of 10, 15 or 20+ year old ICE cars on the road and a most of them experienced a lot of wear and tear that could eventually lead to fires or increase the risk thereof. - There are far more ICE cars than there are EVs, meaning that the number of potential scenarios that could cause fires is greatly reduced for EVs. - There are fewer different EV models and most of them are "premium cars" (or at least more expensive than comparable ICE cars), so we don't have a large enough sample size of different engineering approaches and don't know how large scale, optimized (=cheaper) production affects fire risk. - While ICEs and their fuel management generally don't change much, the (battery) technology in EVs is rapidly evolving: different chemicals used, higher energy density, changing manufacturing practices, faster ways of charging and so on can greatly affect fire risk. If you combine all of those factors, it gets impossible to assess the risk properly and answer your question. All we know at the moment is, that once EVs start burning for whatever reason, the fire is way more dangerous and harder to put out than it is with bruning ICE cars. Also: since you can't see into the battery cells or the package as a whole, the assessment of the health of your battery entirely depends on sensor readings and an "educated guess". With an ICE car, you can see most parts that pose a fire risk like the gas tank, fuel lines and connections, so (mandatory) regular safety inspections can better help in reducing the risk.
Mack Pines
Mack Pines Yıl önce
As they said, these types of fires are very rare. You're more likely to get in an accident than having the vehicle just burst into flames. Of course, the media likes to make it seem like this is a daily occurance.
Richard Ly
Richard Ly Yıl önce
Agreed thanks for sensationalizing the problem CNBC…
Mark Plott
Mark Plott Yıl önce
there are more than 900k vehicle fires in America each year, most are ICEV.
Nicholas Dante McGee
@Mace Moneta exactly.. so adding more radiation is not smart
piast99 Yıl önce
Whatever battery chemistry they use it always will be more difficult to put out when they catch fire compared to a gasoline car. Gasoline needs oxygen to release the energy. Cut out the oxygen by water or foam and the fire is put out. Batteries have all they need to release the energy in them so in case of a fire you just have to cool down their surrounding and wait until all energy is released.
Jsplit 97
Jsplit 97 Yıl önce
which is why german firefighters just put EVs in a big tank, where they can reignite as often as they want.
Easy E Network
Easy E Network 11 aylar önce
Yes, if they get too hot, they will catch fire. But they are developing batteries that won’t be as likely to cause big fires.
Chris Buck
Chris Buck 11 aylar önce
This is a fixable problem just like seat belts and air bags integrate a automatic fire suppression system.
Y X 7 aylar önce
I have many electric RC toys and I've seen a few of them catch on fire. I can't imagine seeing a real size EV catch on fire.
R P 7 aylar önce
Get liquid cooling like EVs
as a firefighter i must say, lithium batteries and oxygen dont mix.. well they do and it generates 1600 degrees. we do NOT use water on batteries at risk of explosion, we use afff foam substance that creates a barrier between oxygen and the exposed materials. this story is half true half bs and im gonna say an unpopular opinion, this is an attack by oil companies on ev production. they DO know the exact numbers because its reported to the national transportation board. i own ford rangers so im not an ev guy but support the idea of cars being ev with a solar panel roof to create longer distances.
Stephen Powstinger
“an attack by oil companies” he says. I don’t think do.
Eric Tse
Eric Tse Yıl önce
I know nothing about this, but arent EV fires handled like an electric/metallic fire?
RCdiy Yıl önce
An NMC lithium ion battery is self sustaining. It does not need external oxygen. A LiFePO4 battery does not catch fire and does not experience thermal run away. Lithium batteries do not explode with water. There was a time in the RC community that LiPo batteries were put in a bucket of water at end of life to completely discharge them. Silly in hind sight but anyway the point is not explosive reactions.
@RCdiy thats why i love this job, you learn every day lol
Charlie Angkor
Charlie Angkor Yıl önce
I took rusty lithium cells from old laptop battery and wanted so see if the cell has high resistance due to age. So I set multimeter to 10 amps and shorted the cell. My eyeballs popped. Even old, this little cell gives so much current. Now imagine all the cells in your When-Someone-Packs-A-Van-With-ANFO-He-Counts-As-A-Terrorist-But-When-We-Pack-A-Car-With-An-Incendiary-Bomb-We-Dont-Count-As-Terrorists-Tesla short at the same time in parallel. By the way, did you know the name of the Stanford University contains the word ANFO? StANFOrd.
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Yıl önce
The rimac concept one EV that Richard Hammond crashed in Switzerland was still on fire days after he crashed it.
John Roberts
John Roberts 7 aylar önce
It's not a mystery. Anytime you store energy in quantity, the potential exists for that energy to be catastrophically released. One huge disadvantage of LiO batteries over gasoline is that a LiO battery fire contains oxidizers, and is therefore extraordinarily persistent and difficult to extinguish compared to a petroleum fuel fire.
eddye royal
eddye royal 11 aylar önce
What people didnt know or remember, both my 1999 Seville STS, and 2011 DTS Premium, had that problem.
Karen Blackburn
Karen Blackburn 11 aylar önce
One problem not mentioned is the one shown graphically in the video image of the electric bus which caught fire in a normal, busy, street in the middle of Paris (France). It was empty and out of service at the time which was fortunate so no deaths but it was literally raining molten metal around the bus. If you were trying to escape you would either perish or be very badly burned from the flames or from the molten metals - and no way to protect yourself from it as you fled. And the smoke which was filling the atmosphere was a rather attractive - but obviously very destructive to human lungs and the environment in general - green.
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 aylar önce
Yawn. Are you people literally INCAPABLE of doing actual research? "On April 29, a fire broke out on a Bluebus 5SE electric bus on line 71 in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, close to the French capital's national library. The driver immediately evacuated the passengers and no injuries were reported." Yet again proving, that even with a bus full of passengers catching fire, the driver evacuated the bus safely and there were NO injuries, completely destroying your drama theory.
Karen Blackburn
Karen Blackburn 11 aylar önce
@Red Baron Must be a different bus. The news video for the fire that I watched involved a bus that was very definitely NOT IN SERVICE and had this (in French naturally) written up on the sign thingy above the front windscreen. It was also empty and the engine switched off. The first sign something was wrong was when the lights - all the lights - flashed on and off a couple of times and then there were flames and smoke everywhere shorted joined by raining molten metal. The report did mention that it wasn't the first fire involving a bus in Paris and it also briefly mentioned a couple of fires in other countries as well including the UK.
William McCoy
William McCoy 11 aylar önce
Can’t they build in a automatic fire suppression system in those battery boxes, such that if temperatures reach limit, that automatically inject some fire repellent in to the box ?
Ruben Velez
Ruben Velez 11 aylar önce
Perhaps it is possible to make an internal fire suppression system. The main problem is that a lithium fire produces it's own oxidizer meaning it doesn't need outside air in order to burn. The batteries are on a sealed metal box which makes getting water or foam directly on the batteries nearly impossible.
Carbon Cringe Lifeform
Carbon Cringe Lifeform 11 aylar önce
@Ruben Velez Maybe you could make them so that they don't lock you inside when they're on fire. Silly idea, I know.
Julia M
Julia M 9 aylar önce
The chances of an EV fire are astronomically low, so there wouldn't be a reason to do this.
kat Yıl önce
me at the beginning: damn i’m never buying a tesla. getting burnt is my biggest fear. 3:37: finds out the car i crashed a few days ago, a hyundai elantra, has an engine fire issue.
Seattle Karim
Seattle Karim Yıl önce
Oops! How you're okay.
kat Yıl önce
@Seattle Karim i am! thanks for asking. although the car was totaled, i only got whiplash. i was very lucky.
Lane Michaels
Lane Michaels Yıl önce
​@kat yup, gas line couplers fail. Glad you're ok !!
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Yıl önce
The difference is that your Hyundai had a problem that was overlooked when made, then fixed through recalls. Electric vehicles cannot be "fixed" to not catch fire. Electric vehicles will all burn after the wear and tear of driving eventually causes a failure that leads to a fire.
Joris De Laat
Joris De Laat Yıl önce
@kat That was a gasoline car..right. You should keep in mind a lithium fire burns so fast...if you are in a car accident and the battery is comprised and catches fire...Your entire car will be engulfed in flames within seconds. You have no chance to get out. You should consider yourself lucky you were in a gasoline car.
Roch Lobster
Roch Lobster 9 aylar önce
EVs are a move into subscription vehicles. "You will own nothing and be happy." -WEF
R P 7 aylar önce
Yeah, but nonsense
rofl shark
rofl shark 11 aylar önce
EVs will always be fire death traps because of the nature of the lithium battery cell membranes being so thin.
Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt
ICE vehicles also have a fire problem. The spark plugs or glow plugs are always igniting. Now we need to talk about these large laptop batteries. I remember using my MacBooks as birth control.
Troy M.
Troy M. Yıl önce
Nice hit piece on EVs. I mean nothing gives me a bigger sense of security knowing I’m driving around on 18 gallons of fire resistant gasoline.
Trung Sơn 中山
Trung Sơn 中山 11 aylar önce
The accidents about EV fires have to be reported. GM and Hyundai have massive recalls of their EV's from EV fires to the tunes of $Billions, and GM hardly sell any EV since the last year. These are important matters. Please open your eyes and see the truth.
Jack Gandy
Jack Gandy 11 aylar önce
Simply put. Stop using the battery packs like that are installed in EVs. Instead a normal battery used in a typical car is safer. Yes, they weigh more than the typical EVs battery packs, but safety is of the upmost importance.
James Seaford
James Seaford 11 aylar önce
This is an “unintended consequence” that is going to need some serious consideration!!!!
KR D Yıl önce
This has been my main question from the start. What happens when they crash or fail how toxic can it be when they fail or crash and what effects do those have on the environment.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Yıl önce
Electric vehicles are a terrible alternative, every way you look at it.
KR D Yıl önce
@Mr Nobody I'll be honest never been a fan we should stick to electric go carts and mopeds
Hey! What do you mean? EVs are so environmentally friendly!! How dare you! :P
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Yıl önce
@EXCESS-WRX There's a ton of emerging evidence that they're even worse for the environment. It's just in a different way.
Matteo Ricci
Matteo Ricci Yıl önce
The insurance guy said "The data that we've looked at so far doesn't indicate that there is an outsized risk of non-crash fire" That for what I can understand it means "doesn't occur very often" or i guess it is not increasing and getting out of hand... This article is really close to scaremongering Chrysler recalled 8 million cars ice in 2018 GM 9 millions in 2014, it still happen on ice car...
xiaoka Yıl önce
Close to?
User Yıl önce
The issue is those cars were faulty and recalled. These are issues with EVs functioning as they should until a minor crash with a barrier, etc. EV market share is minimal, yet they are over represented with fires recently - obviously from a numbers perspective there are so many ICE vehicles out there that they make up most fires. We only can fairly tell when EVs are as popular as ICE cars but that is when it’s too late. I love the idea of EVs but this worries me - looking forward to blade battery tech.
Matteo Ricci
Matteo Ricci Yıl önce
@User the risk of fire is estimated to be around 10 and 60 times lower, I remember you that there are out there at least 2 million Tesla and another 2 million other cars, so the number compared are still low but statistically significant, so if statistics are off and they are an order of magnitude higher EV goes on par or it will be 6 times better than ICE. I give you a personal anecdote, I had a second hand car, a petrol one, I drove really slow on a wet side road, the wheel slipped and the car went down the ditch, I pulled it out and everything seemed ok not even a scratch, two days later I realized that the radiator was damaged, by the car steaming everywhere while I was driving, just a small nick and I throw out a petrol car, so bad days happen for everyone!
Matteo Ricci
Matteo Ricci Yıl önce
@ujjal shill one step at a time, not everyone likes really drastic changes
Geir Vinje
Geir Vinje 11 aylar önce
Electric cars burn less. The biggest garage fires has been diesel or gasoline cars. But yes, when an electric car burns, it's so rear, that it's a news story.
Pat 11 aylar önce
GM sourced the batteries from either Samsung or LG. GM was told that there are no replacements. GM will have a tough time digesting that.
Bobby Fhet
Bobby Fhet Yıl önce
The previous V.W. like the bug had magnesium engine cases. When they burned it went into the ground...
sgsellsit 10 aylar önce
We fought a fire on a Honda CRX that had the magnesium rotary engine. We eventually sprayed enough shell foam to smother it so that it would not burn any more asphalt shoulder than it already had.. We had to have an all night fire watch. The next morning a rollback picked up what was left of the car. It had to be hauled to a dirt yard and stored separately. Later that day we got a call from the yard. Two idiots were throwing rocks at the foam shell and it broke away and ignited. Either a spark or stored heat we went on scene and watched it burn for two hours. There was barely anything left of the car.
M M Yıl önce
"Every single vehicle is different, even within a manufacturer" does this mean future regulation might include some kind of standardisation to designs?
clot shots
clot shots Yıl önce
All vehicles are the same except for color. You can choose light grey or dark grey.
M M Yıl önce
@clot shots oh, I took different to mean there's not much interchangeability because of somewhat custom part designs
clot shots
clot shots Yıl önce
@M M Who gets to choose the design? Do you really want the government designing cars? Remember the Yugo? If you're not old enough, do some research.
M M Yıl önce
@clot shots well I assumed some regulatory body would set some kind of standards so that there is commonality if not within manufacturers then across the segment( not the government getting ok the drawing board and saying which exact shapes parts should be but that maybe they should at least have some kind of specified dimensions so that for example a tesla charger can be plugged into a rivian or something like that). But by the looks of things I'm a little ignorant here, no I have not heard of the yugo, will take your advice...
clot shots
clot shots Yıl önce
@M M The market has a way of working things out. Read up on personal computers in the early 1980's. Everyone was doing their own thing. By 1990 the market had set standards based on what worked best. Only Apple still had proprietary equipment and even most of that is gone. Rivian or a 3rd party can make an adapter for their EV's to work with a Tesla charger. Either that or a large group of EV makers can agree to a standard and everyone else will have to fall in line or be left out. No need for big brother to mess things up.
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
This is totally what I know would happen to be if I got an electric car. 😂😂
Nicholas Lopes
Nicholas Lopes Yıl önce
As an owner of an Eevee (gotta catch em all) I have no fear whatsoever about my car catching on fire. I got to experience a car fire with my gas car which I replaced with an EV! IT'S SOMEBODY ELSE'S TURN NOW (double Jeopardy does not happen right?)
Bossk77 Yıl önce
Wrong...........such poor thinking!
Samuel Alley
Samuel Alley 9 aylar önce
I only feel no guilt about watching someone burn when it comes to the one who places their modern techno ego above the wrath of fire. People who act like it will never be them some how bring their downfall in life.
R P 7 aylar önce
Correct sir!
Cromwell Co
Cromwell Co 5 aylar önce
There is a car that is the least likely to catch fire and that is the reliable diesel powered car
xavier viaene
xavier viaene 9 aylar önce
In Europe , even houses caught fire when electric bycicles caught fire in the garage when reloading and people were not at home, the house was completely destroyed ... EV will be banned from underground parking lots if it turns out that these vehicles are very dangerous to catch fire and are almost not to be extinguished ... unless put into a water container for a day or more ...
James Young
James Young Yıl önce
If your going to charge it in your garage expect your home insurance to raise dramatically
This episode has to be funded by combustion gas engine companies
Henry Krecklow
Henry Krecklow 6 aylar önce
What happens to these vehicles after their disguarded, like after an accident were the vehicle is totaled? Anyone looking into the pollution expects of that?
Daniel Stapler
Daniel Stapler Yıl önce
In the Netherlands an EV on fire was picked up and dropped into a container full of water - done. Also you could erect a portable dam around the EV and flood it with water - seriously the fire departments need to think a bit harder. We are heading towards a world full of EVs and we will need better EV fire fighting techniques.
odisy64 Yıl önce
The fire can be put out in 2 minutes but you need to continue spraying to cool the battery pack.
Duncan McAuley
Duncan McAuley Yıl önce
Half of the comments below are people who feel they need to remind you that gas cars can catch fire, too
Thomas Reese
Thomas Reese Yıl önce
Because they burn at a 10-50x rate. And yet they decided not to make that the video topic
Nathan Roberson
Nathan Roberson Yıl önce
Well see CNBSisn’t telling a new story. It’s a propagandist station at this point supported by either gasoline car advertisement
LordSamuelJ Yıl önce
There are a lot more gasoline cars out there than EVs. At this rate, If it were 50/50 there would be a heck of a lot more EV fires than gas.
Steve B
Steve B Yıl önce
As they should.
Red Baron
Red Baron Yıl önce
@LordSamuelJ False. The rate is per 100,000 cars. "Fully electric vehicles, on the other hand, were deemed far safer than both hybirds and gas cars; they are far less likely to catch fire, with just 25.1 fires per 100,000 sales. That's compared to 3,474 hybrid fires and 1,529 ICE fires per 100,000 sales respectively." So, the rate of fires is 25 fires per 100,000 electric cars, but 1529 per 100,000 gasoline cars. It doesn't matter how you scale that up. Million EV's would cause 250 fires while a million combustion engine cars would have 15290 fires.
Mama Moosa
Mama Moosa 11 aylar önce
Could they not use the same technology in modern refrigerators to cool the battery as the vehicle is active?
chang Yıl önce
To put out EV fire , need CO2 gas instead of water. or something that make temperatures down. example water tank big enough for EV.
Daniel Stapler
Daniel Stapler Yıl önce
The problem with Lithium ion battery fires is that the battery produces it's own Oxygen. The water tank is a good idea but CO2 isn't the answer.
Philly Phil
Philly Phil Yıl önce
and really (while i DO like it's simplicity) the water tank is unfortunately NOT a practical/viable solution in the context of PREVENTION. no, what it is a "half thought out" solution that only occurs AFTER THE FACT. yeah, "after" like 18 cars and 10 houses have burned to the ground. off the devastating "Blowtorch" Wildfire that occured back on 12-30-2021, i think you're going to find ALL the residents of Superior Colorado are going to have strong opinions on this. #PREVENTION
Dave Froman
Dave Froman Yıl önce
Wont work. The chemistry creates to own source of oxygen.
Martin Beaumier
Martin Beaumier Yıl önce
It also depends on EV battery technology, LFP batteries don’t burn
K B Yıl önce
Except that they do.
George F
George F 11 aylar önce
All the EV makers need to monitor each battery cell. They do not. They monitor the packs of cells. This is also why packs can become dead when it’s not the pack but a few faulty cells.
Stephen Powstinger
China lost 55 EV buses? And now a cargo ship loaded with expensive high-end vehicles burns with apparently total loss. This report is good but the fire danger includes other electric devices and we need to know more about it. KW sized home batteries are out there. People are buying powerful electric bikes and wheelchairs. Campers are buying 100 to 1000 watt power stations and so far only a small percent are LiFePO (lithium iron).
S K Yıl önce
Electric cars are good now they have improved massively this programme is 2 3 years ago We need well made cars Electric is the future some places faster n more needed than others
Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora Yıl önce
those 76,000 & 73,000 recalls were made in 2021
Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora Yıl önce
@legoscout roblox I agree
Nate Shiz
Nate Shiz Yıl önce
There needs an emergency port to fill on the battery pack for fires. Something that pops open during fire.
Prince Christopher
Black Yıl önce
there's literally already foams and other ways to fight fires... They are just dumb, cheap and lazy...
Nate Shiz
Nate Shiz Yıl önce
@Black issue is its sealed in a metal bomb casing.....
Robert Weekley
Robert Weekley Yıl önce
@Nate Shiz And - Manufactures could install a Fire Protection System - Like Aircraft do: Both ICE & BEV, could do so!
Pao44445 Yıl önce
Modern solution always come with modern problem I guess.
Philly Phil
Philly Phil Yıl önce
correct, what you're seeing playing out is the Law created by Nature/God/The Universe (pick whichever form of "causation" you like) referred to as "No Free Lunch". #NOFREELUNCH this is also sometimes referred to as the Law of "Unintended Consequences". #UNINTENDEDCONSEQUENCES they're both the same. unfortunately very few people working outside the STEM fields are aware of this. hell, a great many people working INSIDE the STEM fields are aware of this.
Casey Ford
Casey Ford Yıl önce
If they line everything with the starlight compound, we wouldn't have to worry about fires.
Black Jack
Black Jack Yıl önce
Please continue this concern into a special issue. Everybody has to know the risk of EV cars even they don't drive or own it.
Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson 11 aylar önce
You can be sure the dealership makes a point of covering all of that with you before you drive off, right?
Orn Jonasar
Orn Jonasar Yıl önce
A large LiPo battery very nearly killed a friend of mine - it was just sitting there and wasn’t even on charge.
Joey Cepeda
Joey Cepeda Yıl önce
The worst thing anyone can do in this situation is use water. These fires are class d fires. If anybody ever uses water on class d fires, the fires get much worse. Look at what happened to the fire fighters at the titanium factory in California.
Arlene Smith
Arlene Smith 11 aylar önce
Solid state batteries are the new ev battery for many companies.
vsrap71 Yıl önce
Kia’s and Hyundais love to catch fire, whether they’re ICE or EV 🤣🤣
The Kenthouse
The Kenthouse Yıl önce
Don't say Scotty Kilmer didn't warn you
vsrap71 Yıl önce
@The Kenthouse but he agrees
cancri Yıl önce
more kia and hyundai cars and suv have caught fire than all of the EVs combined. FACTS.
Kathryn Janzen
Kathryn Janzen 11 aylar önce
I have a 6 cylinder hyundai. Those are not on the recall list. It applies to the 4 cylinder ones. 6 cylinder engine also gets way better mileage. Doesn't rev as high.
72isb 4 aylar önce
They catch fire either when damp casing , fault in the batterie ,punctured or cracked batterie or overcharged....to me thats a lot of risk factors whenever charging remove valuables and people/pets from the vehicle.
Robert M
Robert M Yıl önce
I checked the data online, and of the top 20 vehicle brands that experience fires, 18 are gas cars. The only electrics were the Bolt and the Fiskar. Physical damage is the most frequent reason for battery fires. Owners usually know if the car has been compromised by physical damage because it has to be severe to overcome the safeguards in the battery design. Fuel system component failure is the leading cause of fires in ICE vehicles. Those can happen without the owner's knowledge, and I have personally experience rodents chewing through my fuel line and resulting in a gas leak that could have caused a fire. It would be nice if they had actual data to support their claims, because the data that I found doesn't seem to.
Pat Luxor
Pat Luxor Yıl önce
Electrics burn up 80% of the time.- ny post
logitech4873 Yıl önce
@Pat Luxor blatant lie.
Pat Luxor
Pat Luxor Yıl önce
@logitech4873 highest death rate are ev's-national geographic
logitech4873 Yıl önce
@Pat Luxor Are you trying to be funny?
Karl McKinnell
Karl McKinnell Yıl önce
I get the impression that firemen aren’t putting these fires out they are just burning themselves out.
Philly Phil
Philly Phil Yıl önce
good observation.👌 yes this is pretty much the case with a battery fire, usually by the time Emergency Services arrive on scene it's already TOO LATE (as they are well behind the response curve). their focus/function at that point is merely to "control" and "contain" the fire to the vehicle itself, and hopefully keep it from spreading to other surrounding structures as all the FUEL gets used up. examine it closely, and you'll see a lot of PARALLELS in this to what crews face that we see on the news while fighting Wildfires in the West last year (and previous years) and also down in Australia. different scale and scope for sure, but same underlying principle. #COMMONDENOMINATOR
Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson
This would be interesting with electric planes.
Mace Moneta
Mace Moneta Yıl önce
Non-electric commercial jets also use Lithium batteries to power systems, and have for a long time.
Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson
@Mace Moneta Yeah, which is why I am saying a fire breaking out on one would be interesting.
Red Baron
Red Baron Yıl önce
@Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson Most battery fires are due to structural damage to the battery, not the battery failing. Hence, the fire risk on an airplane would be exceedingly small. We have however had airplanes explode in mid air due to fuel tank fires.
Mike O
Mike O 8 aylar önce
If you store an electric car in your garage, make sure the garage has type X sheet rock or 5/8 thick.
Ruben Velez
Ruben Velez Yıl önce
The issue is that EV cars can catch fire while NOT being driven. 06:31 I don't know of any ICE vehicle catching fire while being parked unless the ignition was from an outside source. Electric vehicles can virtually spontaneously combust while recharging and lithium burns at a much higher temperature than gasoline. The fire chief in this video said it took 2 hours to put out one EV fire. Imagine a large parking lot filled with EV's not to mention the danger of re-charging at home overnight while everyone is asleep. Lithium batteries have a checkered history of spontaneous combustion. These batteries need to be made safer.
Toro Montana
Toro Montana 11 aylar önce
Under these circumstances, they're completely unsuitable for any home with a garage. I wouldn't park an EV in my garage.
Kathryn Janzen
Kathryn Janzen 11 aylar önce
You better hope you are not in it when it catches fire because your doors won't unlock and you will be trapped unless you are strong enough to kick the window out.😶
Frederick Evans
Frederick Evans 11 aylar önce
1 - Kia and Hyundai vehicles have several recalls due to engine failures and fire risks (somewhat related). Some of the reported instances of fires have been while the vehicles were parked. My wife's Mercedes ML320 caught fire in the parking lot in front of her job. In the case of my wife's SUV, I believe the issue started while she was driving to work and it smoldered for a few minutes before bursting into flames. 2 - All Tesla vehicles and other luxury vehicles with electric door popper mechanisms (from the factory) also have a manual, mechanical emergency release easily accessible by the person sitting inside the vehicle. Also, the electric door poppers are typically powered by the vehicles' conventional 12v battery, not the high-voltage traction battery (often in the neighborhood of 400v). Regardless of whether you drive a gasoline, diesel, LPG/LNG, hydrogen, or battery electric vehicle, it isn't a bad idea to have a vehicle entrapment escape tool mounted within easy reach of the driver. These tools typically have a recessed blade to cut seatbelts and a sharp point (sometimes spring-loaded) to break glass. I got one for my wife that's a 2-in-1 cellphone charger and glass-break tool.
Wilbert 11 aylar önce
Well, an ICE car can catch on fire while parked if flammable power steering or brake fluid touches hot exhaust components. It happened to a friend of mine. Thankfully the car was parked on the driveway.
Wilbert 11 aylar önce
@Kathryn Janzen That's why I bought a window breaker tool.
Marley 7 aylar önce
Unintended consequences. Imagine in a parking lot at the Super Bowl in 2040 when all vehicles are electric. The whole parking lot could quite conceivably go up in flames if one fire started a chain reaction. There wouldn't be enough Uber cars to get everyone home. Imagine the stampeed of people trying to move their car before it caught on fire. What a traffic jam that would be. Now think of all the large parking lots in the world. Airports, zoos, amusement parks, shopping malls.
Saurav Roy
Saurav Roy Yıl önce
Interesting! Never seen CNBC discussed fire problem in ICE cars! Which is much more serious than Tesla! Of course it is understandable as everyone knows from where major advertising revenue comes from!
Jim Heeren
Jim Heeren Yıl önce
ICE cars tend to set flame after a crash. EVs have the nasty habit of flaming out while being charged. And that’s a big difference
odisy64 Yıl önce
@Jim Heeren nope, ICE cars can catch fire from any number of reasons, last month i saw a car burn because its radiator was blocked by snow. Nearly all tesla fires are caused by collisions, on some rare occasions the wires in the house are too thin to supply constant power and catch fire.
Dawrin Cueto
Dawrin Cueto Yıl önce
@odisy64 at least ice car fires are easy to put out, and yes i know they happen more but many times they are mild and are resolved with a fire extinguisher, my dad had a truck whose starter motor turned on and he was able to put out the fire quick and easy and two days later It was running again, but imagine an electric car on fire inside a garage and having to wait for the firefighters to come with more than 20,000 gallons of water, that's what nobody compares to cars ICE and the EV
odisy64 Yıl önce
@Dawrin Cueto according to firefighter reports, it only takes about 2 minuets to put out an EV fire but they will continue to douse the battery to prevent heat from re igniting the battery but this is often exaggerated by the media that makes it sound like 20,000 gallons where needed to put out the flames, this happens with engine blocks as well, people will use a fire extinguisher on a hot engine block that just got shove into fuel lines only to have the heat re-ignite the fuel as soon as oxygen was present.
Kurt Grundel
Kurt Grundel Yıl önce
@odisy64 what firefighter report? It does take an average of 20K gallons of water. Very important in drought times for California. The place that has brown outs and power shortages. Garages have a one our firewall and ICE engine can be extinguished in that time. EV will loose the house unless the car can be pulled out.
B21Raider 2 aylar önce
It’s very scary. You don’t expect a car to catch fire when it’s not running.
News Channel
News Channel Aylar önce
as a mechanic I discuss the problems with electric vehicles in depth on my home page vid.
Bonnie 9 aylar önce
This is terrifying. Before our government "Gestapo" forces Americans to buy electric cars we can't afford they need to fund companies to find solutions first. Protecting our borders would be one of many ways to save America money.
MagnetOnlyMotors Yıl önce
Seems like battery problems aren’t solved too well.
Zoltán Kárpát
Zoltán Kárpát Yıl önce
Long story short, don't use pouch cells. Current gen cylindrical cells and LiFePo4 cells are very safe, at least 10x less fires than gas cars.
Barry Sargent
Barry Sargent 7 aylar önce
They both catch fire, there's no doubt, but if you manage to make it home in your ice car and switch it off in your garage, chances are it will be there in the morning and so will your house. That cannot be said about evs, there is a chance they will just blow up doing absolutely nothing. Fires on the road can be negotiated, but a battery fire at your house from your car is on another level entirely. Not to mention, don't let it get flooded at all, it is a serious fire risk. Push the thing well away from your house if you can.
Keizo Matsuzaki
Keizo Matsuzaki Yıl önce
They are talking about the issues on lithium ion battery on fire. Used to be concerning with cellphones and now cars, since EV cars becoming more popular than before. So, people need to be aware of the issues with any cars with battery. That is all, I guess.
Manmana 7 aylar önce
I got a ioniq 5 and i am starting to have a lot of concern after i am having some weird stuff with my cooling system of the battery... And specially after seeing this happening to an ioniq 5: trvid.com/video/video-QAFwFvjjsK8.html
Ninja Nerd Student #69
Recently, I was booking a parking garage for the day, and the booking read “no Chevy bolts allowed”. I was wondering what that was all about. I knew about exploding cars, but I thought it was resolved by now.
Philly Phil
Philly Phil Yıl önce
re: "I thought it was resolved by now." A: nope (the saga continues).