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Bit of a diferent type of video today. I wanted to discuss the reason why it feels like every year/season, solo queue continues to get more and more soul crushing. So uhhh... yeah it's gonna be a negative video ^^"

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5 May 2022




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NUSensei 6 aylar önce
Fundamentally, winning doesn't feel rewarding. It's a relief more than an achievement. You're not banking on whether you can outplay the opponent, but whether you can outplay the opponent _before your team tilts and ints._ Your own teammates are bigger threats than your enemy. Accidentally hit a cannon minion or accidentally KS and your teammate will now do everything in their power to make sure you DON'T win the game. And there is absolutely no consequence for them. Conversely, there's no incentive to actually play to win, no rewards for good performance. Once a game is "unwinnable", the team afk farms and spams FF.
Nocsu 20 gün önce
You're describing 10% of games like it's every game.
Muhammad Surya Atmaja
The game matching cater more to casual player. Try make alt account, play it once a day or every two days, whatever seems casual. You will win more.
The Canadian Kiwibirb
The Canadian Kiwibirb 2 aylar önce
Wait aren't you the warthunder archery guy
JayJay Golden
JayJay Golden 2 aylar önce
@Xemul Esserem the system is set up so that if your personal performance is good, your winrate will be positive, your mmr will increase, and you will start to gain more LP for wins than you lose for losses. You dont need to win every game. Only 51-52% of your games.
Xemul Esserem
Xemul Esserem 2 aylar önce
I think the last sentences sum up the greatest issue of the Solo Queue: Just think about it - Solo queue is about you playing alone in a team of random people... to be then *be evaluated based on team performance* That makes no sense, does it? The fact that you lose more LP than gain when winning makes the system even more broken: *And this is with no relation to your personal performance!* They have a role performance assessment from D- to S+ - Use it damn it!
Sir Spudalot
Sir Spudalot 6 aylar önce
I'm (relatively) new to the game, and learning everything was actually a fun experience. The community is virtually the only thing that really sours the experience for me. I personally can live with frequent losses, it just doesn't bother me that much, but losing only really feels awful because of the sheer amount of toxicity. Literally if there's just one guy that's nice and vibes through the whole match, I'm happy with whatever happens. It's just genuinely sad that it's so rare to find those types of players.
Sir Spudalot
Sir Spudalot 3 aylar önce
@Dev We need more like you
Dev 3 aylar önce
Frankly what got me to stay in League was the toxicity because I wanted to be that one nice guy. I wondered if not me then who. The answer no one. I can honestly say I have never flamed anyone in my entire gaming experience. Mind you it has been very hard doing that, but I did it. I was able to make League of Legends a slightly better place and it was worth exercising that kind of self-control.
Vanitas 6 aylar önce
@Delusion Of illusion Unless you're in Asia, everyone is racist to everyone here. N-words fly out constantly, and they don't even get banned lmao
Thec The
Thec The 6 aylar önce
Idk why everyteam i win with is with assholes who flame everythink and everyone for whole game regardless of situation but who can still have aome mutual respect to work with eachother in that hate-fueled rage
Rowan Simpson
Rowan Simpson 6 aylar önce
As someone who’s played this game for a couple years you remember the friends you make playing a lot more than the people that are toxic hope you keep playing!
Goragar X
Goragar X 6 aylar önce
For me the biggest issue is that winning doesn't even feel good, while losing feels terrible. Most games are decided by the worst, not the best players. Whenever you win, chances are there was someone simply losing the game on the enemy team. If you lose, well, you probably got that "one bad" player on your side. One person doing terrible outweighs four people doing fine. In fact, even if the average performance of a given team is better, if they have that one "bad player", they probably lose to 5 people playing mediocre. Doing bad is super impactful. Doing well isn't. Victories feel unearned, loses feel underserved. EDIT: spelling
JayJay Golden
JayJay Golden 3 aylar önce
@Toxicsmurf most people here are gonna be bronze wdym lmao
Toxicsmurf 3 aylar önce
@JayJay Golden you’re gold, your opinion is worthless. Type less and play more if you want to be respected here.
halo lalala
halo lalala 3 aylar önce
true, however this is due to the fact that community themselves were complaining for riot to add more tools so it feels more like a team game rather than solo expierience. Nowdays league is more item based than champions. The champ is good because its kit allows the most abuse out of the item, rather than how it was other way around couple years ago, This makes 1 v 9 extremely difficult and you climb more with consistency and positivity rather than being insane at the game and finding angles that other players wont. Now if you have someone bad in your team you feel locked up with them as you need them to do bare minimum for you to be able to carry whereas before you could ignore them which is a lot more tilting as your win will always be dependant on others.
JayJay Golden
JayJay Golden 4 aylar önce
@Skyler Freeman yup i just came back to playing recemtly after long time not playing. switched to a different role, adc, and enjoying it a lor
Skyler Freeman
Skyler Freeman 4 aylar önce
@JayJay Golden I've read this thread late but bro you're entirely right and theres a reason 80% of the playerbase are gold and below. You can't talk logic to these people, they are literally the Majority lol. Also this video speaks on RANKED (soloq) specifically. If you are having issues like these in soloq, then yes - you are where you belong. The problem is these people talking about how the game 'feels' well it FEELS how YOU perceive it. Unearned/unsatisfying wins? Options: Get gud; Muteall; Say fuck it and enjoy the game regardless; Uninstall and play something else you actually enjoy. Caring so much is the reason it 'feelsbad' , if you have to force yourself to enjoy soloq then maybe stop? The game has been out for over 10 years lol burnout is VERY real even if you're a newer player . Do something else. (hardstuck d4 player - Now a dota enjoyer)
IcyKing 6 aylar önce
League is a strategy game, a team based strategy game. And Riot has done everything possible for players who enjoy strategy to not want to play league.
Ignacio Ruhe
Ignacio Ruhe 6 aylar önce
Fixing ranked state needs to be the most important priority for Riot. The incredible lack of competitiveness in most of LoL rankeds is something serious. Matchmaking is trash in multiple ways, and I could give you clear examples with proves.
Diamond Frieza
Diamond Frieza 3 aylar önce
@Mathematician Tim remove loser's queue and convert matchmaking to skill based instead of engagement based. that is all
laura müller
laura müller 5 aylar önce
Just quit the game god dammit GGWP FF
Macattack 6 aylar önce
@Halcyon Flo0r I mean it is confusing. I don't know really know if riot pushes for 50 Winrate inherently though. Technically mmr should over time lead to most players getting a fifty percent Winrate with most players being pushed down slightly by people who are climbing. But that's based off an understanding I have been given that there is a relatively static percentage of players in each tier and elo is dispensed and withdrawn in an attempt to keep those percentages the same.
Macattack 6 aylar önce
@Haze Days how incredibly condescending
Jordon Henderson
Jordon Henderson 6 aylar önce
@Mathematician Tim Issue is any advantage YOU gain by playing well can easily be thrown away by your team playing poor. You can be up 3 kills and 30 cs but oh enemy yone roamed bot and killed your overextended botlane so now your lane got harder and your botlanes tilted cuz " why you no follow?". Then, because of things like turret plates, more gold on turrets, and elder dragon, the team thats ahead gets more gold to snowball even harder because they have more fed members so they win every fight. Thats means the lead you built by playing well is lost all because of poor play by your teammates. League does not reward you for playing well, it punishes you for your team playing poor. And that's not a health feeling
Godwin Uwaeme
Godwin Uwaeme 6 aylar önce
The problem is that it takes 2-3 good performers on your team to win, but only one to lose. Especially with the way bounties work and how much insane damage/cdr you get nowadays
Exo blade
Exo blade 5 aylar önce
Bounties, plates, and obj bounties started as a good idea but are off... U are 10/1 lets say 700g bounty and u cant really fight in a teamfight thinking even if u die your teammates can finish them off, cuz even if that happens u basically give a triple to some1 and then he will get more kills due to extra items,.. Also beating a champ with hard shove potential just to die once give him 600g and then he 12 mins in u have 1 plate left and autolose lane cuz he gained way more hold with less farm and kills
J L 6 aylar önce
The problem I have is every game is a stomp and the game is basically decided in the first 15-20 minutes. Either you get destroyed or you destroy the other team. You also can't surrender early unless 4/5 teammates agree to do so, forcing you to play a pointless game.
TigerTT 6 aylar önce
@Mathematician Tim But the playerbase no longer has that kind of comeback mentality lmao. So yeah the losing team will surrender ASAP and then move onto the next game. The playerbase was more solid back in Season 2.
Gvozden Milojevic
Gvozden Milojevic 6 aylar önce
@Olaf Jorigson didn't think about that at all. This might be a good time to tell you that you were arguing with an iron 1 player so everything i just said may be invalid
Olaf Jorigson
Olaf Jorigson 6 aylar önce
@Gvozden Milojevic this only works if both teams either have zero/full vision or if only you have vision on the enemy. If they have vision on you, they can just do cross-play. Hell even with zero and full vision they can just play on the other side of the map. For them not being able to do that you have to have a team that is ahead in lanes and can interrup the enemy jungle. Plus, you play on one half of the map as a jungler. Meaning you play on the stronger side. You are breaking the game down to 1 player but the game is 5vs5. If you disable jungle but enemy disables top it's a 4vs4. Plus, with all the come back mechanics, it's even easier to even out a one person lead.
Coco Martin
Coco Martin 6 aylar önce
This way of thinking is just something you adopted from high elo streamers. Unless you’re at a high quality 1k lp game in challenger this isn’t even remotely true. Everybody fcks up at some point, capitalizing on that turns games around
Gvozden Milojevic
Gvozden Milojevic 6 aylar önce
@Olaf Jorigson You don't need invading to get a lead, you just need to get it in any way on the enemy jungler. You can make their life a living hell, going after them wherever they go. If they do what you said, just be on their side of the map. If they gank bot, and you come there, it's a win beacuse you are ahead. If they gank mid, come mid. They can't gank lvl 1 beacuse nobody starts their cc ability for clearing the jungle. You just need to somehow get a lead, eg. lvl 2 gank top and help them clear the wave for 5 seconds, then get crab with your top prio, or using the strategy I created which includes getting one buff as khazix and then with your powerful early game invade lvl 2 and take ignite smite. Yes, not every game can be closed out in 3 minutes, but I'm saying that it's possible. And it can happen way more often than it actually does.
val 6 aylar önce
I feel its way more tilting to have "x gap" after getting stomped then if you did the stomping. Hearing "jungle diff" from the 1/9/2 Lee Sin after a loss is him jokingly saying "I know you stomped me, but I got hard carried"
maxasync:183 6 aylar önce
Losing games isn't that bad, you can't win everything. It's the people who take every opportunity to lord it over you that make it a bad experience. When people have so little going on in their lives that having a good league game leads to them insulting everyone else, it just becomes grating unless they do it in a funny way and most people aren't creative enough for that. And yeah you can just mute them but players just shouldn't be that up themselves overall and it translates into gameplay, these are the kinds of people who will barely escape an engage with the help of their team and spam "?" in all chat. The first time it happens it's funny, the second time it's still a little funny, even the 3rd was amusing. But when it starts getting to every game, every game is people getting angry, spamming all chat, the one guy in your team who thinks the missing ping is for calling people out, it just gets old
Modesto 6 aylar önce
Tbh I find it hilarious, here the 1/9 Lee sin is litteraly dragging himself down, there's not even toxicity or bad intention there, just, just a dude laughing at how bad he did. I never got mad when anyone dropped the "x diff" line in this kind of context and I don't see why you would without being severely burned out, if you find yourself taking those kind of things tilting you really should take a break dude
The Rock Doc
The Rock Doc 6 aylar önce
I got into a queue that ended up being a 5 stack of autofilled supports (including me); most non-toxic team I’ve ever had, and we didn’t even win
Dev 3 aylar önce
So basically you wound up with an entire team of people who enjoy being the medic. By golly that is just heartwarming.
laura müller
laura müller 6 aylar önce
Mimi 6 aylar önce
@Crow Aquino or they were just playing outside of their comfort zone...? I can tell you passive supports are not the problem, suicide adcs are haha
Long Bread
Long Bread 6 aylar önce
@Some Random Who asked? That was such an irrelevant comment ;-;
Some Random
Some Random 6 aylar önce
@Long Bread You have autofill protection, if you were autofilled in previous match OR played as a support
Halfwing 6 aylar önce
The enforcement of roles and how clearly defined they are is absolutely the major factor in why league is so toxic. Dota is also a toxic game, lots of flaming etc, but the lack of defined roles just means people lash out at random yes you can play mostly 4/5 in dota and be called a support player, but 4/5 is not nearly the same role as support in league. there are huge differences in a 4 tidehunter and a 5 Io. (It's like comparing malphite to yuumi) in dota roles are based on what your character is doing in the game, not where on the map you start. if you are focusing on cheap items, warding, prepping the jungle camps then you are 5th position, if you focus on teamfights but not farming, you are 4th, and then 2nd/3rd is malleable, whomever is doing better gets to be a 2nd position and whomever is having a worse time/matchup defaults to 3rd. 1st is sometimes included in that, but some team compositions have a hard carry that only works as a 1st position. IN league, because everyone has a narrow path they are allowed to walk, anytime someone falls down it stops everyone. where in dota if your mid laner has a bad game, your 3rd position can step up and become a carry. This is in part due to how gold works in dota, allowing more comebacks, but also because a huge concentration of gold is set up in the jungle, with no defined role for clearing it, you can modally shift that gold around to the people who need it or who are carrying most effectively. Basically, the jungle role is the main reason league is so damn toxic. by dividing the gold portions of the map up so thoroughly there is no wiggle room to adjust based on circumstance without eating into someone else's portion and causing team conflict.
Volcanic Viper
Volcanic Viper 6 aylar önce
iirc the jungle role was something made up by the players at the early stage of the game. it was never something riot had intended but has now stuck around and became a fundamental part of it
TLH Pr0vidence
TLH Pr0vidence 6 aylar önce
Agreed, ive believed for the longest time that jungle as a role should just be removed from league because it creates a toxic environment in which you can be the better laner and the enemy can still call their jungle to camp your lane and win when they arent better.
ッDazeen 6 aylar önce
Autofill should be removed and you should be allowed to queue just as many roles as you want, even if it's just 1. Autofill helps no one. It doesn't speed up queue times dur to dodges and match quality is worse.
cat -.-
cat -.- 6 aylar önce
​@Miuzore yes Autofilled games is so anti fun that I made a dozen accounts just to dodge autofill. As a result I don't buy skins because I can only use a skin 1/10th of the time. I think it's a lose-lose-lose system for sure.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 6 aylar önce
@Miuzore yes autofill doesnt reduce queue times tho. Anytime that I am autofilled enabled it take 15-20 minutes to find a game in Bronze, vs 3-5 minutes if im not autofilled. This happens because people see that Im autofilled and they dodge, and usually its at least 5 dodges before a match actually starts. Autofill causes players to dodge in game, so this creates less players that can queue. Its a very counterintuitive system that needs to be removed. Ive not seen any other game that forces you to play a certain role in a game.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 6 aylar önce
@Osku thats not true. Its more of an enjoyment factor. Theres roles that some people dont want to play period. So removing autofill fixes that because people are actually playing a game they want to play, and not some role they hate playing or dont want to play at all.
ッDazeen 6 aylar önce
@Miuzore yes 2 a.m at all weekdays and weekends, same issue on EUW. Not high elo so idk what gives. The game is supposed to have 200 million players but I can find a match quicker in a game that has 10 000 players. I can only say that LoL numbers are fake and the game is actually dead.
Miuzore yes
Miuzore yes 6 aylar önce
@ッDazeen That doesn't sound right unless you play on very early (say 4 - 10 am) or neet hours (when everyone's at work/school), or if you're very high rank where there's not enough players. As someone who's high plat EUNE, I can reliably get games in 1-2 minutes when I queue us as support or jungler, and 3-4 as top/mid.
Victor Delique
Victor Delique 6 aylar önce
Btw you mentioned Val having no longterm effects. It its true that every round is on its own but theres still the aspect of the money economy (you gain money buy Round wins and kills) which impacts every round. So if youre loosing alot youre gonna have on average worse weaponry then your opponents when they can save there weapons and also get more money (there is a loss bonus system but still you get punished ofc for loosing rounds, but on the other hand it is easier to win rounds from "behind" economically if you have the skill). Also you still usally play in set positions (anchor on sites, roamer, lurker, entry etc) and while these arent usually set in stone in soloq you will most of the time find people filling these and especially on defense you mostly stay on your site, so it can happen that the enemy always goes your site that it is like getting camped by the jungler for example and it also creates a negative feedback chain. Also while it is definetly alot easier to 1v9 in Valorant it is also impossible if the enemy plays it right. (if youre in 1vX) situations. So yeah Games like val give the player alot more Agency over the course of a game but there are still negative feedback chains that exist and tilt people (as there should be tho cuz you shouldnt be rewarded for loosing). Hope this gives you a bit more insight ^^
Coco Martin
Coco Martin 6 aylar önce
Yeah except that people doing good your team can actually give you weapons since they’d have endless econ if they’re not dying. I’d gladly sell all my items to a 1/5 level 16 kayle if I could to win games if that were a possibility
Tony Ruiz
Tony Ruiz 6 aylar önce
The point of the comparisons is that in Valorant you can still manage to win round when behind give you a fighting chance as you set back the enemy eco. But in league the enemy team doesn’t lose items after you kill them. You can catch up, but will you catch up before they end the game. In short, in Valorant you can set the back to a neutral position in the match,but in league it’s a constant uphill battle until you manage to catch up
Jalbouta 6 aylar önce
I agree with your statement to an extent. Even though Val gives you less money per round if you lose it gets increased with the amount of rounds you lost in a row plus winning 1 round can turn the game in your favor and potentially putting the enemy team on the backfoot unlike League's economy and snowball effect it has. Also, if the enemy team "camps" your site, you can make the prediction of going 3 people to that site instead of 2 and won't have much of an impact as leaving your lane in league or not farming jungle camps to help the guy.
Rafael Stroggilos
Rafael Stroggilos 6 aylar önce
Still, if your skill in fps is significantly higher than your opponents', you can make your way to win even with inferior weapons. The problem with League is the item/lvl powerspikes themselves, and importantly, the amount of burst damage the game offers rn. A 1 lvl difference combined with an early mythic, allows many champions to easily snowballl the entire game. And this is more profound the lower you go on the rank ladder, making it even more difficult for new players to adapt to the game. At least, in valorant and csgo, losing two rounds, only sets your economy behind, not your built-in stats like the levels do in League.
gargentsargent 6 aylar önce
I started playing ranked league recently, and Im in the lower ranks. So I see my fair shares of smurfs and inexperienced players. But the games Ive tended to enjoy are the (very rare) ones were the team has fallen behind but has not flamed each other. When they gave advice and focused on what was going well we were able to turn the game around. The way I see it, flaming in the game is a waste of energy when you can just play the game instead. If you wanna flame do it in the post game lobby.
Paypre Aylar önce
Turn off the chat permanently, it's a true blessing I swear.
bluepanda800 6 aylar önce
For me a fix would be to have more for fun modes to let people take a break from SR and play champs they want to play. I thoroughly enjoyed the PVE gamemodes I want to see more things like that. Maybe a gamemode that's like 30 minutes max with 3 rounds of 10 minutes max to idk capture objectives or something? I think a lot of leagues problems come from there not being enough options for people to have fun- we need to have modes for dedicated 1v1s, we need stuff like an endless doombots, we need more wacky stuff to ease the burden of playing league how it's supposed to be played. Sure people queue into league to play SR with the goal to win but I think many more people queue up to play their favourite champion and your best option is sitting through SR. It's difficult to get the league community excited about other modes except URF which never fails to draw people in but I think if Riot focused on matching people's power fantasies then maybe they can lessen some of the burnout
C. A.
C. A. 3 aylar önce
Well, some seasons ago there were always rotating gamemodes along Twisted Treeline as a 3rd map. Hexakill, Ascension, One for All, URF... would be available. I am aware RIOT redeemed those modes as "unpopular", yet it might have forgotten their use to untilt and learn Champs. Let's say you wanted to learn the newest champion, rift is too toxic even at normals and ARAM is random. Maybe you lost a ranked game with your main, now you wanna play it somewhere you know you'll do fine without toxic attitude: same problem.
hello? 6 aylar önce
I do not know why ascension hasn't returned. That game mode was so fucking fun, I would play it as much as ARAM. I'm sick of urf and one for all, nexus blitz gets annoying as well.
Lussor 6 aylar önce
RIP twisted treeline
Anon 24
Anon 24 6 aylar önce
Dominion existed as the caoture mode, peope, hated it and Riot just trashed it because they wanted people to get hooked on the morphine that's summoner's rift, i stopped palying once Dominion went out
Sam Friend
Sam Friend 6 aylar önce
@Biditchoun Elebidouch My argument isn't that its necessarily hard to detect - which it may or may not be. Its that all punishments in League have to be post game, which do nothing to stop a once-a-year inter who stops after only a single game. I know its unacceptable behaviour, and sanctions are all well and good, but sanctions after the fact are irrelevant. The point is to stop the behaviour in the first place, and postgame sanctions only affect repeat inters - people who are just tilted as a one off aren't thinking about the consequences, I assure you. Punishments won't stop them.
Ahmad Wahbi
Ahmad Wahbi 6 aylar önce
The problem with league is the matchmaking algorithm where when you lose it never really feels fair, games are usually too easy or impossible to win. You can be the best Soraka in the game but it doesn't matter if your team doesn't deal damage, gank a lot as Shaco but your top laner can't keep his 3/0 lead that u gave him and is useless. camp bot but as soon as you leave they lose a 2v2 instantly. Few days ago I played and won against an 18/0 red kayn, we couldn't kill him all game but my top laner split push and no one in their team stopped him. The problem is not losing, the problem is that it doesn't feel fair.
The One
The One 4 aylar önce
It's because the matchmaking is not designed for balanced games, it is designed to give players a 50% winrate. It doesn't care if the game is balanced or not, give me all the stats of a bunch of players, and I could easily create a match in which i could predict the outcome 90% of the time, and It would be quite simple to create an algorithm based on that.
Barnesofthenorth 6 aylar önce
This is why people keep theorising about a losers queue and the matchmaking putting you in queues with people who are going to throw on purpose to keep your MMR at 50%, it really does feel like the game was decided before you even started. I could probably count the number of games I've played that weren't a complete stomp 1 way or the other I've had this season on 1 hand, the rest I either felt like we dominated or never had a chance, and neither of those is fun. This is probably also why the community is getting worse, people who want to feel like they earned a victory are probably being turned off and playing other games, but kids who just want to see "you win" are perfectly ok with it, as they are the same kind of people who'll cheat to get a win as that's all they care about, the process doesn't matter to them just the victory. And so the community becomes more and more a mass of children (mentally or physically) who gloat at any win, flame at any loss, and will non stop try to tell you that you 100% could win every game if you just believed in the heart of the cards. Honestly the thing that is in a close second that annoys me most about league is content creators who say "if you lost its on you, you need better fundamentals and you'll win", as beyond a small set of 1v9 champs you can't solo carry, so you still rely on your team, theres a reason people who are challenger level don't win 100% of their games getting back to challenger, it's because even though they have way more game knowledge, that simply doesn't over-come the random team mates factor of league.
mocabe gamer
mocabe gamer 6 aylar önce
@Carlos Emir Alonso were
nanaki1990 6 aylar önce
Skill issue
Carlos Emir Alonso
Carlos Emir Alonso 6 aylar önce
I was content to just read, but your comments triggers me! , i feeeel so identified with that. I was a person who 0/20 my lane and we where to lose (all my teammates where terrible too). Instead i play int sion (without the champ) and destroy all the towers without the enemy team stoping me. So in the end, they have huge kda's but lose xDDD
Bronck 6 aylar önce
I deactivated the in-game chat like 2 years ago, I think it was the best choice I made in this game, there's always someone in post-game and the champion select chat that tries to ruin the game for everyone, but it's definetively a lot better, I recomend doing it and communicating with pings, and if you see someone making "?" More than usual just insta silence them.
Carlos Emir Alonso
Carlos Emir Alonso 6 aylar önce
I try to think like : on life you dont get to choose who you are working with or who you are pass tru. That mean, i dont actually silence they voice on chat but ignore them if they are toxic. I do exactly the same with pings and players who uses that wrong.
maxasync:183 6 aylar önce
It's sad because sometimes people offer actual advice or make jokes that wouldn't work in any other context or are just nice people. But that's like 1 out of every 50 people.
Chymistry 6 aylar önce
Me too. The game doesn't even put ALL chat enabled by default. You have to opt in to the bafoonery. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. They keep the chat on because they enjoy being keyboard warriors and reading the vile comments, too.
Reconik 6 aylar önce
-Autofill -Snowballing -PvE I think these are the core things that need to be looked at. Autofill is obvious, putting people where they don't want to be causes bad matches and dodges. I dunno what to do here to keep queue times reasonable but it needs to be looked at. Snowballing is a bit simpler, I think it primarily is the new items. When you finish a mythic, you have like twice the kill pressure you had on your first item before the item update. Now champs are being balanced around this but it's gotten very messy and still doesn't feel like quite the right pace. Finally PvE, League of Legends actually really does feel great to play. It's smooth and very satisfying gameplay. If someone wants to play Jhin and just run around one-shotting braindead AI in a wave survival type gamemode, he should be able to. A player should not feel obligated to queue for ranked just to feel the satisfaction of playing a particular champ. All that said, I feel like everyone that complains about League is often part of the problem themselves. I get toxic crap thrown at me constantly and I grew numb to it. I used to try and be nice or turn the hostility into fun banter, I gave up on that and am just silent once people start getting tilted. I don't feel any desire to yell back. It does nothing. Just try my best, GG, go next, start fresh, just a game. I like League.
kwan 6 aylar önce
i think they should just remove autofill and give players who choose fill bonus LP
Chaos Sorcerer
Chaos Sorcerer 6 aylar önce
That said, LoL is still fun to play every while and then with premades. I stopped playing solo queue several seasons ago (I used to consistently get diamond every season, but I stopped caring)
Chaos Sorcerer
Chaos Sorcerer 6 aylar önce
Coming from the time before role select was a thing, I remember the time where pick order was key in deciding how easily you could get the role you wanted and the 4th or 5th person often had to fill. It really wasn't that bad, in fact it meant far more people actually knew how to play multiple roles and weren't just one tricking a single champion in a single role (and yeah, two one tricks facing each other where one of the two got autofilled in a role they don't know is the easiest way to get a onesided lane). That said, I do think role select is more fun than having to be wary of having to play your worst role once every 10 to 20 or so games, and that's coming from a person that actually picks fill every now and then :) The snowballing is by far the biggest gripe I have with the game though. Falling behind feels awful, having an enemy or even an ally that is far more powerful than you just takes away some of the enjoyment of the game (the most fed enemy will typically destroy you even if they play horribly, the most fed ally will typically get most of the kills during a teamfight which means that you are gaining far less gold from a successfully played teamfight and often continue to stay irrelevant until you start reaching the item cap. Having a single played be very fed often also just removes most forms of counterplay their champion has and therefore makes facing them very tedious. One easy thing that could be done is to finally stop giving extra gold to whoever gets the last hit on an enemy champion. Kill gold encourages kills stealing and it is often gold that goes to the people that are already having a good game. It being spread equally would mean that a won teamfight would get you back from a horribly laning phase much more easily, preventing some of that 'trapped until the game ends' state people might expierence when they fall too far behind. Snowballing is a part of the game and is likely always going to be there, but it can be reduced. Finally, LoL does lack actual teamplay at times as teamfight roles are less pronounced then they used to be, making it such that members of the team are less dependent on each other. In the first few seasons, the jungler was often a second support and was primarily utility for the team, the top laner was extremely tanky and difficult to take down, the adc had a lot of dps but very little burst and needed to stay safe in their attack range for a reasonable amount of time, etc. In present league everyone just does a ton of damage and will get destroyed when focused down, even tanks. When you have a team of 4 carries, whoever lost lane the hardest won't contribute anything the others can't as they all contribute similar things.
ShyvanaDragonGape 6 aylar önce
I hate the new items, the game started to plummet as soon as they added the new items.
Diamond Frieza
Diamond Frieza 6 aylar önce
i know autofill can't be completely removed as much as i wish it could be but they could at least investigate and test decreasing the likelyhood of getting filled
Jaka Yun
Jaka Yun 6 aylar önce
One thing I'd love to change League is the autofill. Just let the players play the one or two roles they want, and we're all just okay to wait, rather than having an AP Malphite trying to kill as a support. It's by far the easiest thing to do for Riot. That would massively decrease the toxicity in lower tiers, where most players are.
Jaka Yun
Jaka Yun 6 aylar önce
@Greg In this case, you should be able to ban up to 3 roles. Just “up to”. This still allows players who is like Tyler1 going all 5 roles now; or like me in 4 except jungle. Jungle is really something else compared to laners.
Greg 6 aylar önce
I would be ok with auto fill if it allowed me to play support instead of jungle every time I got auto filled. I don't mind support, it's one of the roles I like along with top and mid. However, do NOT put me on jungle. I think a good solution would be to "ban" a role on autofill, even if it meant to wait a little bit longer, because there are some of us who learnt how to play support in case of autofill like me and are fine with the role. But dear God, the jungle just scares me.
Science Power
Science Power 6 aylar önce
I agree 100%. I rather wait an extra 5-10 min. to get the role I want rather than an undesirable role. Like when I feel like playing mid, playing any other role feels aggravating.
Bio Raidos
Bio Raidos 6 aylar önce
Personally I still play League, but I've quit ranked. Last year I tried it out one more time, it was going relatively well, but then I hit a wall and I just couldn't go forward. I was noticing that I was going up against players who did indeed have much MUCH more experience, to a point I could recognize them as being smurfs at times, and I also was getting to go against premades often, as well as having my teams just not being good enough. Hell I'd even do a quick search and notice that people on the enemy had much higher rankings than I had while my team had lower. The existence of the winners queue and losers queue to me personally is also something that does not make much sense. Being sent to a specific queue meant to make you have a harder time just because you managed to win 3 or more games in a row sounds rather punishing and unfair. I prefer true RNG matchmaking than to be sent to a queue to "punish" me for either being good or being lucky enough to win just sounds demoralizing and, quite frankly, insane. So for this season I just said screw it and have not touched ranked at all. I play drafts, aram, tft and some of the special modes. I can't be bothered with ranked when I know the game will activelly try to screw me over for doing good. That is not a fair system, it is unfair and frustrating to deal with. I've found much better, friendly, and skilled players in normals than I have in ranked, I have found much less toxicity in normals than in ranked, I've found more appreciation for the plays I make, for the things I do in normals than I have in ranked. I don't need ranked to enjoy the game, it's needless stress, so it can stay right where it is. I'll just be enjoying my time with normals.
cat -.-
cat -.- 6 aylar önce
It should be a shock to you that this 'false RNG' is also how crit works. A bunch of crits will lower your next crit chance, and vice versa. Reason? Hooman actually hated the 'true RNG' for being 'very unfair' and unfun, because we're terrible at interpreting randomness. Still, this winners queue and losers queue is quite insane of a system. Plus the MMR being the determining factor just makes LP pointless. LP just serves to annoy you, like it just actively discourages you. Still, nothing is more counterproductive than autofill
Jo Viljar
Jo Viljar 6 aylar önce
The point of temporarily increasing the opponents skill level when a player is on a win streak isn't punishment but to more quickly raise people to their MMR (MatchMaking Rating which is an estimation of a players skill and which is used to decide which players they play with and against) If you have a player which is skilled enough to be at 2000 MMR but they are currently only at 1000 MMR they will be playing against lower skilled players for much longer if the matchmaking doesn't increase the difficulty of the opponents to find their actual skill level and where they stop winning (and of course it would make smurf accounts a bigger issue because they would have lower MMR for more games) Having a higher MMR also means gaining more LP and losing less LP
OnlyMostlyTrash 6 aylar önce
I've been saying it for a couple years now, riot screwed the pooch By not attacking toxicity when this game was THE game. Had it been tackled then, when the player base was still expanding to its eventual peak there would have been less business/ income/ profit impact than now when the base is smaller, and seems to contain a fair share of toxic d bags. Unless they're ever willing to take the financial hit that hard banning toxicity would cause it won't ever see real improvement.
Trademark Media Group
Trademark Media Group 5 aylar önce
This is the only comment here that matters. IfRiot dedicated more time and\or resources to punishing toxicity and soft inting, the game would be infinitely more enjoyable
AL Lim
AL Lim 6 aylar önce
10:39 That's what i noticed too. One of the thing that sets league apart from other moba games is it's "uniqueness". With roles, the game makes every individual player feel like that only they can do a certain part therefore making you a vital part of the game but what if you have instances where you fail to do your part? Unlike other moba games you can't fill in for the player that's failing. Why? Because you're not equipped for the part even if you really want to cover for the player. You have champions intentionally designed for certain roles paired with selected runes and summoner spells that locks you further into your role. If your carry is performing badly you can't fill in for them when you're using a champion like Braum. If your jungler is far behind you can't switch with them cause you have no smite. The dependency on every individual in your team is more so as compared to other moba games combined with certain restrictions to gameplay makes league stand out among the games of it's genre.
Super Zeve
Super Zeve 6 aylar önce
This comes from personal experience, if someone is new to the game, or even if they've been playing for awhile STOP EXPECTING THEM TO KNOW EVERYTHING! The game's tutorial teaches you a bit so you need someone to teach else you. And telling people to get better doesn't help, you need to tell them why they need to do things. Screaming at people to attack the enemy ADC, but then complaining they didn't get a cannon minion. Then when they finally start fighting complaining they're attacking the wrong person. Just don't expect everyone to know everything, no matter their level or even rank!
Abdalla M
Abdalla M 6 aylar önce
Really nice video, I loved it. However, I don't believe that "x gap" contributes much to the toxicity problem in league. I do agree that it feels really terrible when it happens and as you mentioned, you carry that feeling with you in subsequent games. But if we're trying to solve the problem or find out the cause of this behavior, it would all boil down to the nature of league; a matter you touched in this video. Snowballing is the cause of all of this toxicity. If you keep asking why constantly to get to the root cause, you'd find out that it is due to the very nature of league. Why someone would behave in such a toxic way? because they're frustrated. Why are they frustrated? because they lost a game where perhaps they were doing well. Why did they lose the game? most probably because his team kept inting or didn't care about the game. Why does that contribute to losing a game? because of the snowballing effect. This very nature of the game breeds toxicity. I recall one game I was playing nasus top against aatrox. My jungler decided to gank my lane early, even though I spammed ping him not to, he died to him, gave him double buffs, then wrote that he'll afk farm the entire game. My lane was ruined, he was so ahead of me I couldn't play the game. That's the problem, one mistake and you're out of the game, you can't play or enjoy your time, you're stuck for 30 mins wasting your time and this is why this game will never get rid of it's toxicity, because it is integrated within the game itself; changing it would mean changing league.
SkLg Strouky
SkLg Strouky 6 aylar önce
I think LP gain and loss should be decided by game length time. For example, a 25 min game is +20/-15 LP. A 35 mins game is +25/-10 LP. A 45 mins game is +30/-5 LP. Maybe those numbers are bad but the goal is to reward players for not giving up when behind. Though maybe you just lower the LP lose and not give more?
Simedinson 3 aylar önce
@SkLg Strouky a bit late but i think even decreasing lp gain when a game go super long not much but like a 1 or 2 points as the game was more even hence you are in about the right elo
SkLg Strouky
SkLg Strouky 4 aylar önce
@Yan Yan Yeah, i feel like it would be a great way to keep a match competitive until the end
Yan Yan
Yan Yan 4 aylar önce
The lose less approach seems good, players mostly feel that losing something is a bigger deal, so you can just kerp the +20/-15 at 25 mins +20/-10 at 35 and so on, rewarding more for longer games is a easy way for the winning team to intentionally stall the victory holding the game hostage, on the defending team is another story 9/10 times the team that is losing is already just stalling sience they dont have the impact to reverse, but if the whole team puts their backs into it, its possible. I like your system. Less lp loss on a longer game, but leave the lp gakn untouched.
James Wnek
James Wnek 6 aylar önce
@SkLg Strouky I agree to an extent, but at some point the game is lost
SkLg Strouky
SkLg Strouky 6 aylar önce
@James Wnek I think the forfeit is used way too lightly. People wanna ff just because they lost lane or they are behind. And now the “right” call is to ff because it’s a waste of time to try. Not surrendering is not toxic. It’s just wanting to play the game.
theacp127 6 aylar önce
I'm convinced at this point that ranked autofill was the dumbest idea Riot ever came up with. Randomly throwing people into roles they aren't experienced in isn't fair for that player or their team and ruins the competitive integrity of the match. In low ELO, there is an even bigger difference between a role mains and an autofilled player as they just have less game knowledge overall so can't be expected to switch to a completely different play style at random and play well. I haven't heard a single convincing argument for why it's even in the game for ranked. The only thing people can come up with is "longer queue times" but honestly, would anyone actually care about longer times if it meant that everyone is playing on role? That's literally what they did for champions queue and that was one of the biggest positives about champions queue. I would be much happier knowing I lost a close competitive match instead winning a stressful clown fiesta match where half the lobby has no idea what they're doing. There's no doubt in my mind that removing it would help with some toxicity or as least not waste people's LP and time everytime they have to dodge a lobby of autofilled teammates.
Diamond Frieza
Diamond Frieza 6 aylar önce
@Athos he must be a plant for rito. only they would ever defend autofill
Athos 6 aylar önce
@Diamond Frieza Low elo don't even know how to recognize wincon, have 0 macro or farm consistently and the dude think autofill is a good idea
Diamond Frieza
Diamond Frieza 6 aylar önce
@Carlos Emir Alonso that's all well and good for diamond+ where people actually know what they're doing but autofill is dogshit in lower elos and should be disabled below diamond because throwing someone offrole that has no fundamentals or macro at all is just a lose lose situation
Athos 6 aylar önce
@Carlos Emir Alonso riot knows that the game isn't played the same way with this or that role. It's a fake good point
Carlos Emir Alonso
Carlos Emir Alonso 6 aylar önce
I can trow a convincing argument about for why autofill is legit the best idea of riot. (Sorry my bad english not first lenguage) You learn to play all champs and all roles as you should. Thats the real reason i can come with. Take it from me: at the first you learn just one role and one champ but ... wouldnt be reasonable to see so many otp's on the game, many challenger players just hate the idea to play with a person who doesnt known how to play the game but is challenger because of "x" champ alone. While they have to known all the roles and champs (take faker) ...
Kevin 6 aylar önce
Here is my take. There are multiple things that affect the solo queue experience but for me one of the worst things is being punished even if you played right, if you manage to get feed and start stomping the team fights 6 games out of 10 your team will get reckless and force team fights even if you are not with them which can end up in disaster, I know that lots of people say "if you're that good just carry the game" but it is difficult to do so when your team goes on suicide missions and the enemy team starts to gain bounties, I am by no means at a challenger level not even diamond I would say but more often than not I manage to place my team ahead only for a very bad call to turn the game around and this is specially true with the new bounty's sistem.
SangoProductions213 5 aylar önce
@moreMoneyPlease The bounty is weighted based on team gold. Not just your personal gold. The bounty is set to a fraction of the gold difference. And the point is to limit snowballing - which was what 90% of this video was complaining about.
moreMoneyPlease 5 aylar önce
@SangoProductions213 the problem is, you can’t 1v9 since even if you are hard stomping and your team is non existent, you can’t make any move, if you die you basically give them a win, so winning feels ridiculous and carrying feels impossible and not at all worth your efforts, i’m not even stuck or anything so my opinion is not biased by a bad experience, it is just a mechanic that feels really out of place, why should you reward a team for LOSING
SangoProductions213 5 aylar önce
@moreMoneyPlease I mean, it's kinda like the single largest anti-snowball mechanic in the game. (In addition to the ones where the stronger team gets stronger minions that push into the enemies faster, giving the weaker team more gold.)
SangoProductions213 5 aylar önce
@moreMoneyPlease I mean, it's kinda like the single largest anti-snowball mechanic in the game. (In addition to the ones where the stronger team gets stronger minions that push into the enemies faster, giving the weaker team more gold.)
moreMoneyPlease 5 aylar önce
the bounty system is a big problem imo, it's part of the "snowball" meta he talked about
Rodney Crittenden
Rodney Crittenden 6 aylar önce
This video is oddly therapeutic for me lol. Just hearing a real voice for once saying the exact same things that I believe to be true is something I haven't had the pleasure of hearing in a long time.
jvstice56 6 aylar önce
There's a lot of ways Riot can fix the game. Add more Co-op vs. AI modes (bringing back the Doom Bots), a hard reset on the MMR and ranked system can help, but the one thing they should bring back is the Tribunal. Back when it was around, players actually got punished based off their peers decisions. As it stands right now, it's not fun. I main support, and I can have given my ADC a 6/0, 3 level advantage over our opponents and ROFLSTOMP the lane. However, as soon as that 1/9 Irelia, Yone, Yasuo, or other OIP (One Item Pony) shows up, the ADC is shut down with little to no counter play available. All because they got their spike items. As a result, my ADC tilts and goes from 6/0 to 6/15 with most of those kills going to the OIP. It ends up being a loss as all the OIP character needs is their one item spike to start destroying the competition. I try to maintain a positive or even a neutral attitude towards League. I don't hesitate to mute the tilted player, but even they can begin to bleed into my gameplay. It's never fun and it's resulted in me losing interest in League for the past two years.
XxArgonautxX 6 aylar önce
100% with you, was a support player. Alway tried and never ff’ed unless afks. But the more i climbed and played ranked the more twisted i got from the game cause of tilted/flaming player. Got to plat 1 last year and started ranking this season and instantly saw how i was pinging shit to my team mates cause of how twisted i got. Ended up having to quit the game cause it just wasn’t fun anymore. Riot needs more chilled game modes for players plus the tribunal back again. We need players actually punished (like rank bans) either fir the split if serious or certain hours lock out with how people spam afk.
Apolo Éter
Apolo Éter 6 aylar önce
One thing that I recommend to everyone I know that starts to play is to disable the /all chat. In my opinion it's one of the most useless (cause why will you want to talk with the rival apart from saying something like GL at the start of the game or GGWP at the end) and rage inducing features of the game, as there are a lot of players that like to mock their oponent after they have killed them or just trash talk in general. I think that is one of the features that should be removed, because the amount of toxicity that comes from it outweights the whatever good things that can be done with It.
pedro henrique
pedro henrique 6 aylar önce
Just disable chat altogether, teammates never say something useful.
HeavensBane53 6 aylar önce
I think part of the issue is that, despite being a team game, league feels like it emphasizes individual play more so than team play. It probably comes somewhat from how a lot champions are designed to be able to 1v9 carry (and how those champions are often very popular), as well as how everyone that isn't in botlane is essentially playing solo for a good chunk of the game, and everyone except the support is usually focused on getting themselves fed enough to be the hero and carry the game. Also if you are finding league just isn't fun anymore I genuinely recommend trying dota. It'll be hard to get into at first, because the game is incredibly complex, but the complexity makes it very rewarding to learn and master, there's a higher strategic complexity which makes games more diverse (and often more chaotic), and personally I usually find it just more fun and less toxic. Admittedly I've had a max behavior score for as long as I can remember, which helps a lot, but in dota I can sometimes actually go for a good 5 or so games before encountering a really toxic teammate, where as in league it feels like a miracle if even just one of my teammates ISN'T toxic. Also max behavior score in dota is not hard to achieve, I've done my fair share of trash talk and flaming but still managed to keep max behavior score by just mostly shutting up and playing. If any league player does try dota though, I recommend taking a bit of time with the tutorial or bots to get a feel for it before jumping into matchmaking, since while your league experience will give you a good foundation there is a lot that's different and a lot to learn.
Xertaron 6 aylar önce
I'd say that's the biggest issue with Dota - lack of good tutorials. It's very hard to get into, though that's the reason why it's relatively toxic free which creates interesting conundrum.
Filip Karlsson
Filip Karlsson 6 aylar önce
As a person who has pretty much quit LoL other than the occasional Aram or featured mode, so much this. While i am currently on a small break due to slight burn out from intense battle pass grind, while some heroes in Dota are very frustrating (looking at you KOTL and Tinker) You can itemize against them in some form like BKB or Thornmail depending on who your up against. Riot sadly imo has gone really downhill with how much the new champions have so overloaded kits and are so unfun to play against it just becomes frustrating.
selimgnr 5 aylar önce
Congrats Vars you perfectly summed up my experience with league :) its been 9 years and after my first 3 seasons i left ranked and played dominion and twisted treeline. They were the only solution to play this game peacefully. Then rito deleted those game modes. After that ARAM or custom game arams are left as my only option. Rotating game modes are fine but not all of them great. For last 3 years i play custom aram games with friends and we are happy. We play whatever we like. All adcs all mages all tanks or we can play same champ for a year at every game without worrying about team composition. Also games last less soo win, win :D Also since its not ranked or anything winning the is not the objective. It is the action. Even if our win is guaranteed we can surrender and show our sportsmanship if we enjoyed the game.
Friendly neighborhood protoss main
Even though I agree with a lot of what's being said, I can't help but feel we're in an echo chamber of some sort. I feel like there's very little that can be done about the state of the game, specially considering that riot can't really afford to ban toxic players. If they did, most likely they would be losing precious consumers if they just started a ban wave due to toxic behavior. Saying that we don't like the game won't change anything: the majority of the player base would still be playing the game, since it's free and most people have spent a lot of time learning the game and can't hold an objective viewpoint about it. Honestly I feel like the only way for this community to be salvaged would be for the game becomming stale/not having new players coming in. That way, riot would have no other choice but to find ways to fix the dumpster fire that this game has become. Non native english speaker, bla bla bla, you know the drill.
Der Richtige Arzt
Der Richtige Arzt 6 aylar önce
Start banning inters and boosters. Even manually case by case. Have 10 devs review 10 games each day before or after they work. It's not gonna fix the problem over night but you don't need to be punished to behave, you need threat of punishment. As an example, if I got Perma banned on my main(and only) account I would not come back to the game ever. I play sporadically since s6 and still don't have all the champions. If I had to grind all of it again I'd just quit. Again, this would not work right away, but over the course of a year people would notice. Also making examples of notorious players would help.
Shane Coffing
Shane Coffing 6 aylar önce
Another big thing you fail to mention is people's lack of awareness of a game. Sometimes, really far behind games are winnable, but other times, it is quite literally a player difference. You could be equal in items, objectives, everything and would still loose the game every time if their players are just much better players than your team. I have learned to just mute all and focus on getting as much CS as possible and warding when I get held hostage in a game and it has helped me learn to not rage. Like often I hear "let the ADC get CS or they will never comeback" when the same ADC will push out with no wards, support, or turrets while 0/7 to take Krugs and complain when they get one shot. That player won't be useful if they have a 1000 cs because they are playing poorly.
scooter boi
scooter boi 6 aylar önce
“My adc do bad therefor i take farm.” Lol that is exactly how you would make an adc tilt-u may actually be part of the problem
Tron BTD
Tron BTD 6 aylar önce
I just hope for PvE modes… where it’s truly a team play and a skill showing, but not against other people, just knowing what you can do, while having fun.
Almighty god
Almighty god 6 aylar önce
Honestly convinced that they stopped making PvE modes because Project F is coming out at this point.
Chymistry 6 aylar önce
I agree. They are making a fighting game but that would be a good game too. The fighting game will also help players express their individual = skill with their favorite character(s).
Shasinno 6 aylar önce
I quit playing the game actively 2 years ago, occasionally I play Howling Abyss once in every six months or so, this game you can either play with friends and have some fun, or play solo and watch as your sanity, mental health, and if you're on the Nordic East server, love towards the Polish language decreases drastically.
Veigar 6 aylar önce
I really wish they would add new maps or bring back ones like TT I feel like the more variety there is the better the experience players can have because they're not stuck just playing the same thing over and over, idk
Moxie2017 6 aylar önce
I genuinely feel like a competitive 1v1 mode that's bracket tournament style would make the game more fun, you choose whether you want to do like free for all where you can pick any champ or class specific duals, maybe even champ specific 1v1s. I know that probably won't happen but I have my wishes.
Alry FireBlade
Alry FireBlade 6 aylar önce
The problem I see is, that the soloq ranked is considered your skill level, but in fact the rank is based on the sucess of your teams. You can play as good as you want, when your team managed to loose, then you loose LP no matter how good you played.
guillaume legault
guillaume legault 6 aylar önce
great vids i enjoyed it a lot! I do think that having a lead is important in any comp game, in valorant it give economical advantage (your team have better gun) and in smash stock are litteraly a ressources as killing the oppnent is probably the hardest thing when you play against good player. having a lead is mentally less stressfull and you get the chance to rack up damage its a run for the kill and if he cant get it you might make the game even at some point. (sorry im french trying to write decently)
Thrahx Vaug
Thrahx Vaug 6 aylar önce
I would also like to add to this by saying that. Riot has also done a lot of this to themselves. They haven't really balanced the game state to be properly competitive, they have balanced the game to be entertaining to play. We see this in how the game has been a spammy one shot meta since 2018. Every role used to have safe picks or play styles in some fashion Mid had Ahri and stable mages, Jungle had Amumu and tanks, Top had tanks like Garen, Maokai, Mundo, ADC had MF and Trist, and Support had Soraka. In all of these roles and on these champs these play styles are easier to play. But they were also fairly reliable if you put in a bit of time to learn them. But when something needs a ton of skill in some fashion to do great on the player base would suddenly grab hold of it and the win rate would go down. Riot buffs them while people are learning, they learn and then suddenly the win rate gets too high and then they nerf it a ton while people are trying to learn how to play against it. But Riot keeps doing the same thing of. Nerf something until people stop playing it to make the meta change or maintain the 50% winrate. No matter the amount of skill that has to go into said champion. Riot doesn't look at the fact that a high skill champ only gets played mainly by high skill players. So in diamond to masters. Those champions should have a high winrate if no one is really playing that champ except in the highest of skill tiers. Now if said champion is popular but also hard to play it's winrate should be low because lower skilled players will be more likely to lose. The power state of a champ being easy to pick up and reliable making it have a high winrate because it's easier and more people will play it in silver and gold but also into challanger also makes sense. In no role can you just have the "I can be useful" pick anymore. In a couple weeks they are going to be trying to tackle the biggest issues that has the game in this state. The one shot meta. When you are playing a hard tank, sure you shouldn't be able to carry as well as any other role. But you should feel tanky and feel useful. You shouldn't need to play tanks that are wildly over tuned tanky just to be a tank. Simple easy marksman should be a nice backup pick for people when their main get's hard countered. Top lane shouldn't always be so devastating. Mid laners should be able to have a safe farming mage if the enemy picks a hard fighter. You should be able to have something simple and reliable in the jungle to not get devastated by 1 or 2 moves. It's not fun to always have to be trying at your peak level always all the time. I'd be nice if after you have come home from work, got home from a rough day at school, did a bunch of chores, or just had a bad day. To be able to pick up the game and be able to pick up malphite and just farm and be tanky when you aren't feeling up to try to outskill and outclass people. I also might be burnt out on league.
Athos 6 aylar önce
@Thrahx Vaug Most rito employees are not even gold elo lmao
Athos 6 aylar önce
@Thrahx Vaug Yeah, they eventualy listen a bit to community, but it's usualy too late
Thrahx Vaug
Thrahx Vaug 6 aylar önce
@Athos They really do only think only they know best and everyone should be playing the game exactly the way they think it should be played. I hate that 200 years shit.
Athos 6 aylar önce
Riot don't properly test their champions and buffs/nerfs. They don't trust the PBE environment and players there. They don't even trust master+ OTP. because they have SUCH A BIG game design experience
NathanQuoin 6 aylar önce
I hope you make a video on the 12.10 durability changes. Love your videos :)
Athos 6 aylar önce
Lots of hope on that as an immobile ADC player
Sacra 6 aylar önce
ngl this video put everything i've been feeling about the game for awhile into words. I hit masters last season and tbh after trying for it for awhile it didn't really feel very good at all it was just like a dopamine hit for 10 minutes than onto the next game. There's not really any incentive to keep trying to push for higher ranks unless you're realistically able/trying to go pro which 99.99% of players can't or dont' care enough to put in that much time/effort. Tbh it really does just feel like everyone I talk to about the game is just burnt out of it. Maybe if they actually gave good ranked rewards people might be incentivized to try more in ranked but idk it's just a thought I had but it could be wrong since it'd probably also lead to more boosting.
Caio O P
Caio O P 6 aylar önce
I've been playing mostly Genshin, Honkai and Arknights these days and feel MUCH better by doing so. There's no pressure for winning anything, I can tackle the content at my own pace and most of all... there's no annoying and rage-inducing toxic players to ruin the experience. Heck, I don't ever interact with the co-op elements of these games at all.
Eduard Weber
Eduard Weber 6 aylar önce
Do you think that somesort of Replacement Queue could help in that regard? A Queue where the players can join ongoing games where players are afk and replace them. There could be a list to choose from. You can see the items, stats of the game and by joining you take over the afk role. If it is a ranked game that fits your rank in the ladder you gain more points for winning. If you play this queue often you get rewards for none toxic and helping behavior. Maybe a unique Honor Reward of some sorts. A cool skin that can't be obtained otherwise. Maybe noone would use this.
hisnameis kish
hisnameis kish 3 aylar önce
You worded the part about wasting each other's time very well. That is my number 1 pet peeve with LoL at the moment. Players who will not surrender an unwinnable game where they continue to make it worse with their bad decision making. Bot lane is 0/7 and like 50 CS down? Nope they want to claim that it's "Good Practice" to play to try to play from behind. Top lane is 1/5 and can't leave top while their super fed lane opponent is terrorizing the rest of the map? Can't surrender that one because they not only want to keep trying, but Mid is ahead like 5 CS and is 1/0. It's frustrating. We all have bad games, we all have bad days, we all can be toxic, but that doesn't mean we have to waste each others' time on a 30+ minute game that is really easy to tell isn't going to be winnable without a miracle.
Jethro 6 aylar önce
They say you have to play as a team in a solo mode. There's no voice chat. There's no cohesion. You lose if your teammates aren't playing properly. Enjoy -15 lp. Not to mention there's no loss mitigation for performance like in Valorant.
Dande 6 aylar önce
my personal problem with soloq and league in general is, that you see some people locking in certain champs and you know EXACTLY how the game will go. Irelia gets picked? toplane feeds 2 kills to the enemy and just afks or flames all the time
TheUcheO 3 aylar önce
James Wnek
James Wnek 6 aylar önce
Feel the same way Oh boy we got a yasuo mid is he gonna go 12/0 or 0/12? Nobody knows, but we do know he's gonna blame us for it. Riven top? Great. Get ready for them to take every 1v5 they can trying to get a penta for their reddit post. Kled? Oh boy time for the ultimate knowledge check. Is my tm going to die 20 times in 10 minutes or not? I could go on, but the point is there are way to many flashy/no skill/troll champions that get played a lot (and such champions tend to attract bad players)
Carlos Emir Alonso
Carlos Emir Alonso 6 aylar önce
I guess most games ""felt" that way. But automatically you are wrong. I can go a nami mid and play it like a support and still win a game. I believe the problem is that riot doesnt match up correctly, so people who are really good for their elo are locked on till they get even better. Thus creating the meme where says: Iron4-Diamond4 same thing. I play a game recently (Sorry to vent) where one bronce player where saying that we should stomp the game because the others where iron. I say that I4-D4 same and they laugh. Game ends baddly for us (the person who believes iron where bad end up loosing the lane).
iProxima 6 aylar önce
I think one fixable issue is not adressed here. Maybe its "back then was all better" bias but like 5 years ago there where much less snowball and gold in the game. Also the games averaged like 10 min longer. That means it took longer to decide a game, leave more room for errors and more combacks. Also in the later game you loose one big fight and the game is actually over in the next 5 mins. But before that both teams had a game worth playing out. That way i actually enjoyed some of my losses because they where fun to play. Now games are decided most of the time after 10 min. The winning team cant end yet but also can only loose it by their own. So all you can do is suffer for the next 15 min and hope the enemy fucks up. - Fix snowball and game pace and give us a chance to have a loose thats a gg in its original meaning.
Lautaro Lobo
Lautaro Lobo 6 aylar önce
they will try to make games longer in the next patch... hope it helps...
Athos 6 aylar önce
@iProxima I play Ashe in soloQ (a bit masochistic I know). Even if I win a fight in the botlane, with no built in sustain, I can't afford to stay, sometimes I can't even afford to crash my wave so I try to freeze. If I try to push for plates, as an immobile ADC, I'm subject to every cleanup gank or global ult, and considering my resistances, unless I outplay hard the opponent (which is quite hard with Ashe kit), I'm better recalling. The only role who can afford to keep farming/further their lead consistently after a fight is jungle because of their OP sustain in the jungle.
iProxima 6 aylar önce
@Zoopy Zoo No, with time the average skill level should rise. But death timers and minions and objectives make it really hard to push a victory at 20 min. Even if you ace this early in the game you have to recall, heal and buy to be ready contesting the next objective.
Zoopy Zoo
Zoopy Zoo 6 aylar önce
Games being decided more quickly and not being closed out after 5v5s sounds more like a change in skill level
Martino Ganzerli
Martino Ganzerli 6 aylar önce
I play league with my friends, we play a lot of normal drafts and we have fun, and when I switch to ranked, either because I am alone or I have just one friend online to play with, I really feel the difference beteween the modes.The real problem is, imo, that everybody thinks that solo/duo is the mode that determines your skill level. You could have the same micro and macro of a challenger and nobody would care, as long as you're bronze. It is not unusal for me and my friends to be matched against plats and diamonds in normal, but even if we dominate them all game long, in post-game chat the fact the we are lower rank player automatically takes away value from our win, and this mentality put a lot of pressure on anybody who dares to join a solo/duo queue, because in this community playing ranked is like doing a test in "league of legends", and your LP are your grade. I've found players that will say that your opinion has absolutely no value if you are not x of y rank or above, and even if you're saying something like "if you bring the enemy nexus HP to 0, you win the match", in their eyes you will alwyas be wrong, and this is one of the biggest problem with the game, and it is not something caused by Riot.
Gregor_Samsa 4 aylar önce
Yeah, not playing ranked shouldn't be looked down on. My friends and I normally don't play ranked and it's a much better experience than ranked, because most people just want to have fun. Of course there's also knobheads who start flaming who start saying silly things like "damn irons don't know how to play LoL!" but f*ck them. I play because I enjoy the game and don't care about ranks. So in a way I'm thankfull ranked exists, because the most toxic players can just gather there and leave the normal people alone, who just want to play a game for fun.
Snowpegasi 6 aylar önce
I'm actually really happy about Riot's new direction for the first time in a long time with them finally tackling the one-shot meta.
Luna W
Luna W 6 aylar önce
I always laugh when someone says "EZ" at the end of a game after being dominated, like, I get that getting carried is easy but announcing it to everyone like it's an accomplishment is just a funny kind of stupid to me
MANDRO 6 aylar önce
Playing TF2 also taught me that in a 12vs12 game, where no one keeps track of anyone, it's a lot easier to suck
Eugene Vyatkin
Eugene Vyatkin 5 aylar önce
I think you can lower the toxicity by giving players another progression system not tied to rating, making climbing easier, make the games shorter, switch the global chat off for good, and change the game a bit where the objectives are not just optional but mandatory, where personal mistakes on the lane are not as important as losing objectives as a team. That can work.
oakes 6 aylar önce
What they need to do is that even if post game, in the case of reporting they need to amend rating lost, not just reducing the rating lost but actually making you immune to the lost points especially in the case of afk in the team. Similarly, in the case of extreme toxicity, both increasing the penalty applied, and amending points lost would be a a good thing.
Hyphu 6 aylar önce
One thing I liked about heroes of the storm was global levels from farming. I wonder what league would be like if we had that along with obtaining gold for items. It would make it somewhat slower on farming exp but it would be a tighter tug of war between both sides from snowballing super hard. But also give an incentive for players to focus on objectives and team coordination a bit more.
Ulnarevern 6 aylar önce
Having started to play semi-regularly a year and a bit ago with friends, I ended up doing my 10 solo placement matches in a row a month ago. I did not meet too much toxicity (I mean the one I recall apologized when he remembered he was in Bronze). However the reason I probably won't play much more in solo queue is that I did not feel I had any impact on the outcome (good or bad), granted at least 1 or 2 players per team were smurfs, or at least of highly higher skill than the rest of the players. From my point of view, rolling a die to determine my team's win or loss would have been pretty much the same thing
Inkromancer Studios
Inkromancer Studios 6 aylar önce
While you brought up some really solid points in this video I firmly believe that the #1 source of toxicity in League stems from a player's rank being completely out of their control. It takes 5 players to win a game, and 1 player to loose it. Because of this most players are stuck in ranks that don't reflect their actual skill at the game. So long as players continue to be judged based on metrics and circumstances that they have no control over toxicity will continue to fester. After all what's the point of playing at your absolute best if you'll still get punished despite the effort..?
Juan Pablo Artese
Juan Pablo Artese 5 aylar önce
There's a few things I would love to be changed for soloqueue. Autofill is the first one. It's a dumb mechanic. I would much rather wait 5 minutes in queue for a game I get to perform on my best role than to wait 1 and be forced into a role I don't want or know how to play. Duo queue is another huge point I want out of soloqueue. I'm not saying to remove duo and nobody can play with friends, but moving duo to flex and letting soloqueue be just solo players would improve the ladder a lot (as well as removing solo from flex in that case). The skills needed to play with know teammates are different than the ones needed playing solo, so why not just make a solo only ladder and a ladder with only teammates? Of course, better report system is a no brainer. At this point, I stopped reporting trolls, afks and inters (and boosters/account sharers) in the client, and instead take my time to write a ticket to Riot to make sure it gets manually reviewed. The results are immensely different. I get so many more positive responses this way, but I wish I didn't have to do it, and instead the in game report system was actually useful for people not just typing certain key words in chat I also wish Riot stops gutting every new strategy that shows up as soon as it shows up, because they keep the game more fresh with no balance changes required. Was it fun to play bot when smite Janna was a thing? Not really, but if you leave it be, people will find certain picks that can shut that strategy down (for example, I loved picking Sivir into it, since I can wave clear forever and never get dove, so my top actually had a free game with no pressure in bot) Idk, there's probably more stuff I'm forgetting, but I think this are my main points
DodderingOldMan 6 aylar önce
The more contact I have with the LoL community, the more convinced I am that a lot of people need to find another hobby, one that doesn't cause them so much pain.
Tokumastu 6 aylar önce
I feel a lot of this could be mitigated by introducing a new casual game mode. Like say something like nexus blitz, a quick game mode were casual fun is the incentive and games are meant to end quickly.
Drew Doherty
Drew Doherty 6 aylar önce
I wish that our LP gains and losses were based on personal performance more. They have all that data....so if one person drags down the game either by purposely tanking the game, etc, everyone is punished regardless of how well they played. I feel like this would be a great way to encourage people to play their best.
Ulquiorra 5 aylar önce
Agree!! LP shud be based on personal performance.
Juan Pablo Artese
Juan Pablo Artese 5 aylar önce
It's impossible to do that. For starters, you encourage kda players. Let's say I am 3/0 as the adc, but the enemy Zed is 8/1. In your example, it's better for me to afk and end the game 3/0 than to risk my kda and try to win it, since I lose less lp based on my pretty kda
cat -.-
cat -.- 6 aylar önce
That's gonna make KS pretty much mandatory
ADE 6 aylar önce
@Kaio Santos I've been saying this exact thing for almost a decade. Every time it's brought up, the league community looses their shit as if you have suggested to be placed straight into challenger...
Youri Bosque
Youri Bosque 6 aylar önce
@TLH Pr0vidence you saying that because you feel the current system is unfair but how do you intend to make what you suggest fair ?
ElectTheMusic 6 aylar önce
Also this is why I dedicate most of my time to fighting games. If I lose the fight I know it's entirely my fault, I have no one to blame but myself. And I know training will improve my skill granting me more wins and make them feel rewarding. The only thing holding me back from winning is my own performance.
VelconX15 6 aylar önce
The problem seems to be (in my opinion) that Riot doesn't seem to care about the game. They rather put resources to skinlines, events, and the pro scene while the game is still facing what has been said in the video, trolls and toxicity. Bots can also be a problem; For ranked and solo queue.
reaper 6 aylar önce
@pedro henrique then why they refuse to listen to feedback about balancing champions and items and feedback about CREEATING SKINS BASICALLY TO PROFIT OFF OF WEEB COMMUNITY
Diamond Frieza
Diamond Frieza 6 aylar önce
@pedro henrique then why are griefers still a thing? they don't do anything at all to punish actual inters. just the malding babies in chat
pedro henrique
pedro henrique 6 aylar önce
If you think Riot, of all companies, doesn't care about her games, you don't know enough about the gaming environment.
Antonio PR
Antonio PR 4 aylar önce
I think a small change they could make that would positively afect soloqueue is a system more based around you and your lane opponent, like how facecheck compares you with who you were against. That would give players more of a feeling of comtrol over their lp, as it is decided in a more 1v1 scenario
MRCHOMPER05 Gaming 6 aylar önce
I think with you always expecting your team to be toxic when you’re having a bad game and than your team is more supportive it helps more than if League’s players weren’t assumed to always be terrible people
Asthare 6 aylar önce
I'm here to share an experience I had a time ago. I was playing jg and got busted open by the enemy jg (Master Yi with M7, supposed to be toxic, right?), my whole team was getting destroyed by him and him only. I had a Yorick top that wanted me to gank a Mordekaiser with ult and started spamming "jg diff" in chat and quit when we didn't ff. That pretty much ruined my night, then the Yi made a Quadra and asked gently for the penta. We said he quit and he was pretty chill and was a nice dude in general, we all agreed he had a "spiritual penta" bc he reported the Yorick after the match was over. That's it, made my night better by just being nice, BE LIKE THIS GENTLEMAN PLEASE LEAGUE COMMUNITY, don't be like that Yorick. If you are like him, know that you're most likely ruining someone's humour.
Xantium 6 aylar önce
I had that once for the first time a few weeks ago. I literally snapped, shouting in caps at my teammates (I was 0/6 or something within the first 15 minutes). 5 minutes later I realised how much of an ass hole I was being, and apligogised to my team, who were pretty cool about it. we still lost (although I did admittedly better after showing some humility but the damage was done) i hope that never happens again. I felt terrible (especially as I try to br the motivational one)
Joshua Joseph Labrador
For me, League is a test of character and patience. After playing lol for a long time, I honestly felt like my tolerance for the negative behavior of people around me and my ability to remain cool headed in a hostile environment became better than before. It's about perspective. Instead of thinking of league of legends as a way to have fun, think of it as a double-edged character building session.
Luca D
Luca D 6 aylar önce
For me, I consider it really unfair that losing multiple times back to back can easily cost you all that you've earned through hard work in your previous games, if not more. The fact that I can start the season in bronze 1, but a series of bad games (be it teammates, championpicks, smurfs what have you) can throw me back as far as bronze 4 just feels like walking through mud while someone constantly tries to pull me back.
Dego 6 aylar önce
This is a perfect reason to explain why COD toxicity is looked back upon so fondly. It was a cesspool of degenerates but you could always just leave and find another lobby in under 2 minutes.
Robert Harp
Robert Harp 6 aylar önce
I feel like bringing in more fun modes and a few compromises to auto fill could go a long way, honestly I l hate auto fill but if I could que a third role as least to some what guide where ide end up if not in my main 2 roles could go miles, ide playing support or adc before jungle any day of the week but autofills had a hard on for that role for like 2 years now, I dodge.more games because of that than anything else
Zerlich R
Zerlich R 6 aylar önce
I cant wait for Riot FINALLY implementing skins for Honor 5. I think this is best way to combat toxicity by rewarding those who behave. But still it would be also good if honor also impacted solo que by giving you less Elo drop and bigger rewards for you ACUALLY been good team player. Remember his "teamwork OP" video. I thnk that also our behavior should impact how much Elo we lose. Some games also implement same metod by giving "contribution points" making our actions acually matter to rank system. But because it almost have 0 impact on how we do is reason why people get salty.
Zerlich R
Zerlich R 6 aylar önce
@Chillax Boi Every match you play you get small amout of honor. You get more if you get honored by players
Chillax Boi
Chillax Boi 6 aylar önce
@Zerlich R So Riot honours you at the end of the match?
Zerlich R
Zerlich R 6 aylar önce
You get passively honor unless you get valid report (aka Riot confirm you were toxic). Also there used to be more complicated version of honor system, but it got obused and Riot didn't want to fix that so they simplify it. Yes you get passive honor for every game IF you didn't get VALID report.
Chillax Boi
Chillax Boi 6 aylar önce
Players dont get honored based on their behaviour. If you stayed cool in a match where you were targeted, nobody will give you the stayed cool honor. If you were a cool person in game because of something you said or did, you wont get the lovely to play with honor. You either carry and get honored or even if you carry, you might not even get honored.
Xanhomey 6 aylar önce
@Ventu Like the arcane skins. I like them, but imma be honest, they're literally just an updated version of the champion's base skin. Edit: also wanna add that some people have been vocal about the "special" prestige skins looking pretty ugly, being just different colors or very minor changes that don't feel "special" at all. I'm yet to see ANYONE use them, and I play a lot. I saw people use the "old" prestige skin, but not the new ones.
Eleiyas 6 aylar önce
There's also the fact that with the state of the game right now (or since mythics), you are punished a hell of a lot more for any mistakes, or simply not picking something that's meta, or someone got their perfect item and just hits an insane powerspike for no reason. An 11/0 ADC can still get one-banged because enemy 0/6 midlane got a Ludens Echo. 0/8 Yasuo comes bot and miraculously gets a double and now he got his mythic he goes 24/10. Tank buys Sunfire Aegis and now he just walks into a teamfight and gets a triple because he did 1000 item damage to each champ. Thank fuck they are changing that soon.
Blamjack 6 aylar önce
My entire friend group has been playing since at least 2014 and we've moved to almost exclusively ARAM. It's quick and if you throw a game hard the enemy curb stomps your ass by min 15 and you can just move on. Also the possibilty for friendly trolling is through to roof and, again, the time cost is minimal.
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 6 aylar önce
You know, ironically enough the video has reinvigorated me into playing more league and doing how I normally to go about my games but moreso, by being as positive as possible and spreading as many good vibes to as many people in as many matches as I can, regardless of win or loss
Flodhe 6 aylar önce
Unpopular opinion but League has been moving in the right direction these past couple months slightly. They still have a lot to fix but I have been seeing some improvements across the board.
Kiko Smore
Kiko Smore 6 aylar önce
It's a game where I'm constantly fighting myself to play for the love of the game and for gaining lp. I'm in this situation where I just want to get to a certain rank and never touch ranked ever again. Once I get to that specific rank, I'll be happy. The only problem is that I'll have to lose a part of myself to get there.
Patrick L
Patrick L 6 aylar önce
A tool to reset MMR would be nice. Wins (and losses!) don't feel meaningful when you're getting +14 or -16 per game. Maybe once a month you can press a button that drops you to the league your MMR corresponds to and starts granting 18LP/win again
Brendan Anderson
Brendan Anderson 6 aylar önce
Started playing in season 2, started seeing a real dip in season 7-8, finally reached the tipping point this season(12) where the relief of winning is just no longer worth the effort. It's just that relief, not even joy anymore.
xxvii 6 aylar önce
Knew I wasn't the only one feeling this way. I've started to ween myself from League and started to play other games like Bloodhound which is really fun, And I'm somewhat starting to enjoy gaming again. I may play LoL here and there but its not improving fast enough for me. I've played since Season 5 and its a tough decision to make, but you know you'll need to make it when you simply aren't enjoying playing the game anymore.
the Soulairien
the Soulairien 6 aylar önce
I'd say the only solution (that i found) is to permannently ban every in game and posy game form of chat and more moderation to pinging to give a moment of relief to the community so that the toxicity falls down Or simply 6 month of internal work to bring a better game, that would also give a break to the toxicity
Coffee009 6 aylar önce
I feel like norms are more fun, I get way less inters and AFKers, just seems less toxic overall imo
Smokeyz 6 aylar önce
@Chymistry The ones that care are the ones who only/mostly play normals, the rest of the players literally always tell the crying raging kid who is losing in normal these exact words "it's just a normal" in my experience.
Chymistry 6 aylar önce
@Smokeyz No one cares about the outcome? I challenge you to win several normal games in a row. Tell me if the MFs you face after winning a lot don't care.
Smokeyz 6 aylar önce
@Kaio Santos Yeah but that's part of why people don't really care, it's not just the visible rank/LP that makes ranked soloq better. A lowrank playter isn't even supposed to win against a high ranked player. And it's not like you learn/improve when you play norms bec of this completely unbalanced matchmaking either, so it just feels like a waste of time imo.
LinaTheOne - GubbiGap
LinaTheOne - GubbiGap 6 aylar önce
ARAM is my favorite mode tbh... just because people aren't usually toxic there and if someone is everyone just kind of agrees to report them
Kaio Santos
Kaio Santos 6 aylar önce
The problem with norms is that almost every time you will be playing against one or two people 2 or 3 ranks above you, so even if you wanted to, you stand no chance against them and their capability of snowballing the game. I'm Silver and I actually had to play against a Master player in my lane.
Tiagotaku [CEO of REDACTED]
I do not care anymore, like you said one day "Top lane is where dreams die". Every game I play on solo queue I expect to lose and when I don't, I know _for sure_ the next one's going to be a loss
synthessence 6 aylar önce
Sometimes, when I see the new gold-only skin coming out and I really want it, I ponder if I should play ranked. Usually takes about 2 games into promos before I go right back to ARAM, where my casual ass belongs.
Insecure Person
Insecure Person 6 aylar önce
I recently had a game where it was basically a cat fight between me and my botlane who were duo and then I was somewhat useful in the game winning teamight and after they game they in chat typed "wp you actually played well" so they didn't totally admit defeat by saying sorry but it was so great
MaesterofEvolutions 6 aylar önce
I agree with most people in the comment section. An individual ranking is needed! Here is my take: win means 15-30 lp based on performance. Loss is - 15 to - 30. On top of that one might add an mmr factor. The amount of extra points should depend on 1. dmg to structures 2. Dmg to enemy champions 3. Mitigated Dmg and tanked Dmg on oneself 4. Mitigated Dmg on allies 5. Amount of time u cc'ed enemies 6. Amount of gold given to enemy team with deaths 7. Communication with ur team (amount of negative team chat) Points 1-5 only give extra points if the player performed significantly better than the average in that role. Points 6 and 7 take bonus points away. Point 6 is supposed to put pressure on the ones that played well early but terribly late. The bounty system can be adjusted accordingly. Point 7 pushes back negative behaviour in chat. Someone who pushes down morale is pushing down on team performance therefore has to be ranked lower. What playstyle is rewarded? Players that kill a lot, push objectives, tank for their team, protect teammates, keep enemies in place. Who is punished? Players that die a lot and flame. There are bonus points for every role. So players are incentivised to play their role well. Possible issues with my system: -somewhat balance bonus points adquisition for every role -untouched categories that may be important, too, like kill participation, vision score, etc. -also balance for different champions might be needed as some just give more raw stats than others while both equally help winning -category 7 is a difficult one to assess because we need a way to detect toxic chat that's practical. Honestly even just a prototype like this might better than what we have now so, GET ON IT RIOT!!!
DeejayF 6 aylar önce
We are in a day and age where missing a Canon minion can be enough leverage to blackmail people in game.
Juan Quintero
Juan Quintero 6 aylar önce
Great video! Tho with valorant there is a bit of a snowball effect sicne the winning team gets more money and therefore better guns the next round, so if you lose the first rounds you have to play with pistols while the enemy team gets a better gun, which can snowball for multiple rounds unless you save money to get more the next and have equal guns, but there is still a snowball prob specially on the first 3-4 rounds which is why there is also a “ff” spam on valorant too after round 4. Funny how riot is unable to target snowball and toxicity on both of his games XD
Tux 6 aylar önce
I think the bigger problem is algorithm deciding before the match whether you should win or lose. I was in a game where bot and support were autofilled as each other and they both sucked. Win too many times and the game decides it's time for you to lose via autofilling, usually the jungler
Aroop Roelofs
Aroop Roelofs 6 aylar önce
One thing that did help me not get tilted though, is to just disable chat (both allied and all chat). Yes, it has it's downsides but it allows me to focus on more important matters.
Bluntly honest
Bluntly honest 6 aylar önce
What i really like about you and your channel Vars is that you are so down to earth, you are so relateable, you dont go out of your way to make yourself seem like an angel who can do no wrong, but rather you embrace that you some times end up being A, Quote: "Keyboard warrior", I tend to be rather chill when playing but do some times fall into that hole too. And i Every player apart from that one Saint does too. It just feels nice to know that i'm not the only one who is like this. Keep up the good work :)
horia popa
horia popa 6 aylar önce
I feel exactly the same dude. I quit the game because this was by far the worst thing about which wasnt getting better plus last few SEASON added with extremne balance issues
John Crane
John Crane 6 aylar önce
I love the idea of the support role, but support in league is the most mentally draining experience I’ve had in any gane
XidJav 6 aylar önce
Would matchmaking based on players on similar winstreaks count help with the toxicity? Having players that are competent and as dedicated to winning as much as you are help? Though this really sounds like a negative snowball since if you lose one time you'll get stuck with trolls, so maybe punishment for trolling could support it. But they wouldn't have a team large and dedicated enough to scout every game for toxicity so that won't help. Maybe rewarding good behaviour like an exclusive skin for reaching a certain approval scores by teammates in a certain time frame?
Iskandar 6 aylar önce
A Diablo-style game with League’s champions, items, and an item fusion system would be very interesting. Heck, I’d love an open world campaign mode. I love the gameplay and the satisfaction of throttling enemies and the waves, but lord do I despise having to try and cooperate with people whose only joy is a microwaveable hot pocket. The dopamine feedback loop is just sooo satisfying and that’s the main reason I keep coming back
sirbobulous 6 aylar önce
I swapped to Wild Rift and it's a lot more pleasant. Still has the same issues they're just diminished by rounds being faster (15-20 mins usually) and with communication options being much reduced (I don't think it's even possible to talk to the other team).
Hunter Manikas
Hunter Manikas 6 aylar önce
When a player leaves a game they should get filled in by a bot or even let other players fill for blue essence temporarily. Keep leaver penalty but it won’t be a devastation to the team if you leave during a garbage match
Uganda brudah
Uganda brudah 6 aylar önce
I always wanted to know this. Like any engine,can League calculate which player is worse? Then regard that if that player decides to vote no or spams message punish him since the fault does lie on him and all? Idk,remove his vote in ff sounds about right if you are behind,your opinion won't change the outcome of the game anyways
RatedB1 6 aylar önce
Played this game from beta to season 3, so sad to see this game still suffers from the same problems that made me quit a decade later.
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