Why Play Guild Wars 2 in 2021? Explaining The Appeal & Comparing to other games

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0:00 beginning
0:28 combat
1:28 dodge rolling
2:00 downstate
2:33 mounts
4:57 no regular holy trinity
6:02 world vs world
6:30 conquest
7:03 endgame loot
8:12 the gemstore
8:38 the community
9:35 Exploration
9:47 legendary equiptment
10:26 world bosses, events
10:46 free core game
11:19 third expansion and steam release

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21 Kas 2020




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MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
The response to this video has been incredible. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as I have. If you decide to start your GW2 journey and have need of any future guides for new players or various content feel free to check out my other work here: MuklukLabs.com/ or join our discord to get questions answered. The website is ad free, gluten free, and zero calories.
Paul Knakk
Paul Knakk 3 aylar önce
I’ll check out the discord and the website man. Solid video…super informative.
Eleeyah Gün önce
Heal warrior is the guy who keeps yelling "JUST. DO IT!" at you.
Shannon Allen
Shannon Allen 2 gün önce
I played this for a short time when it first came out then went back to wow (raid friends dragged me back) I'm currently searching for a new game and found your video. You convinced me to re-download. Hoping to give this a true attempt this time around!
MuklukYoutube 2 gün önce
I hope you enjoy it as I have!
Horrible Henry
Horrible Henry 4 gün önce
Absolutely incredible video. I'm sold.
MuklukYoutube 4 gün önce
I hope you enjoy it as I have!
zrasam 13 gün önce
SHARED LOOT??? Wow, my first mmo was ffxiv and I gotta say the opposite of fighting RNG for loot does intrigue me. I hate how much FFXIV was wasting my time with their RNG system. I want this big mount but I have to collect 7 small mounts first, no big deal. I like a challenge to sweeten the rewards. But then the RNG fucked me up so bad I had to farm 80x for 1 small mount. Then 55x for the next one. Then 47x for the next one. Imagine doing all that for another 4 mounts. At one point I stopped and thinking.... Why am I wasting my time man? It does not matter if I did it perfectly every single time, take no damage etc. If the RNG fucked you up, you cannot do anything. The same thing can be said if you're farming for gears in dungeon or alliance raids. That is not challenge, thats just wasting your time. I enjoyed Bozja for a while, but then I saw that I need 999 coins for gear upgrade, and I was like nope. Point is this is my first mmorpg in my life. I only played single player games before. I can understand when people said its the way mmo were designed. But now I can't accept it anymore. It did not respect my time, my effort, and my energy at all. It all depends on RNG. I don't think I will ever play another mmo after that. Especially when people said FFXIV is one of the less grindy of them all lmao. Good story and characters though, I will miss them. But shared loot.............You sir piqued my interest in this game. How many percentage would you say I can play solo in Guild Wars 2?
MuklukYoutube 13 gün önce
To max level and all open world. Open world meta events can require lots of people but they will be there and you don't have to join a gruop for it, you can just join the wav eof people in those if you wish to do so, or ignore it if you do not (such as the world bosses shown in the video). Fractals (5man end game), raids and strikes (10man end game) would require group mates. Then of course there is pvp and wvw if you wish.
LuigiTheNerd 22 gün önce
I have been looking for an mmo to lose myself in. I have been playing New World, will definitely drop it for this. Looks more rewarding and engaging!
PersonwithaName 25 gün önce
Felt too much like a cheap Asian MMO grindfest. I didn't enjoy the artwork, the game world, or the quests. It does have some friendly players here and there though and a fairly polished, if repetitive feel. You could invest your life into this and have nothing to show for it by the end.
Kevin Selander
Kevin Selander Aylar önce
bit late but i just started playing and it's realy nice i don't feel forced to play to keep up i can just play my own speed and everyone i met so far are super friendly
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones Aylar önce
I really wish there was a game that looked visually like Guild Wars 2 but was similar to a pre:UOR version of Ultima Online. I won't fight over what exact time of UO but just basically 1 facet, no insurance.
ThrottleFox Aylar önce
You missed what I think is the absolute most important thing, GEAR, I haven't played in 2 YEARS, I come back, and my gear is still best in slot and up to date, in near any other MMO, you are expantions behind. In WoW, you miss a few weeks or a month, you are at such a disadvantage. Guild Wars 1 & 2 have always been the 'best' casual MMO for me simply because you can take breaks for weeks, months even years and when you come back your gear is still relatively up to date .
Krytix Dragoone
Krytix Dragoone Aylar önce
I have been playing Guild wars 2 since beta and I have to say this is one of the best videos to let people understand why people like me choose Guild wars 2 over other mmos. It's the best and a mastepiece of a game. The story is great, the combat is fun and the mounts are the most original thing I've seen in a game. I've also been around since GUild wars 1 . Anyways. Great video!
Hilpeä Lölli
Hilpeä Lölli Aylar önce
I have always likes this game. The graphics the combat and the map size
Cilipe Aylar önce
I have 1 thing to criticize about this game. After 9 years they didnt add regional prices. I am from Brazil (sorry if i made any gramtical mistake) and i really wanted to spend more money bc i dont have time to farm 10/h per day like i used to. But i still want to buy skins e character slots. Other reason is the price of the dlc here is barely my water bill so none of my friends will buy anything for this price then i have to play alone (i bought 4 years ago so the price was a lot lower). Taking this apart the game is amazing, even if you play just 30-40min/day.
Kraken Aylar önce
I loved gw2 when it launched. I played it for a couple years. The mounts? meh, the endgame, meh. Not my cup of tea BUT, I do revisit it time and time again to see what's going on. I have to say, it's held up really well. Love this video!
smackindaface Aylar önce
What build are you using that does that blade black like Yoda?
MuklukYoutube Aylar önce
@smackindaface Oh! I was playing ranger in this video, but guardian and warrior have some cool sword attacks as well.
smackindaface Aylar önce
@MuklukTRvid what class let's you do all those crazy jumps with the sword? Looks fun, sorry I am new to this game.
MuklukYoutube Aylar önce
Oh that was twilight, the sword blade is made of the night sky.
Alan Kincaid
Alan Kincaid Aylar önce
I always come back to GW2, mostly because of the community.
Logan Braveheart
Logan Braveheart Aylar önce
this video is bad it did not list any cons hes just doing this for money the video is too bias for me
DovahkiinMary Aylar önce
I played ffxiv for 5 years without a break (including doing hardcore content) and started playing gw2 3 months ago.. and it feels SO refreshing. Haven't touched ffxiv since. It's so different that I can't really compare the two... I don't know if I'll be able to play guild wars for 5 years straight, but I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Final fantasy became so predictable to me. Every addon was exactly the same, only slightly reflavoured. The only things that changed were the look of the gear and boss mechanics. Always having your gear be useless when a new update came around also felt kind of bad. You worked so hard for it and that weapon you grinded for months? Now useless. Yes, I definitely had fun. Working out boss mechanics, trying to get the highest dps numbers.. but recently it just became too boring. And then there is guild wars, where every map feels somehow different. Every map! And there's always a new achievement that can give you something cool and new that you didn't know about. I've only got to living world S3 until now, and I guess the events (halloween etc.) will get repetitive, but for now... I don't know. I think I just want to say that guild wars is a lot of fun. You can always do stuff that gives some kind of cool reward. In ffxiv I could grind for months and maybe get something nice, but usually there were no intermediate rewards. Invest a ton of time or get absolutely nothing. I didn't know that before gw2, but apparently that was what I was missing most from ffxiv. Ah and random loot. And gambling. Those are also non-existent in final fantasy. And I just love flushing my gold down the mystic toilet xD
Jules Berkhof
Jules Berkhof Aylar önce
Its a good RPG, but by far the best MMO around.. If you are looking for an online RPG, GW2 is still okay..
Benya Aylar önce
I was indeed intrigued by this clip... Someone mentioned to be overwhelmed by the game... As I tried Final Fantasy as a solo player(not having friends who play the game) it felt really confusing at times. Is there any pointers for the game or discord groups that could help out newbies? Also if one buying the game from directly from guild wars site would one be able to add the game via steam once it launches over there? Or would I have to wait for the game on Steam in order to have it via there? Thanks for any responses to my q's!
MuklukYoutube Aylar önce
1) you are welcome to join my communities discord, we have a channel where you can ask questions 24/7 (link in desc) 2) they said you will not be able to convert a non-steam gw2 to steam or vice versa, although they will still play on the same servers. I would GUESS that this is because any purchases made through steam will give steam a cut, and they would lose a ton of revenue if everyone moved over (again, that is a guess).
Dmytro Bogdan
Dmytro Bogdan Aylar önce
Perfect for casual playstyle. No missing out feeling, easy on returning players. Don't need to play every day to enjoy content.
vidya Aylar önce
I really like that I can comeback every once in a while and still rock my exotic gears and ascended trinkets and not worry about some gear power creep and just focus on exploring the contents instead of grind just to keep up.
traviscFTW Aylar önce
First off, love your content. I played the first guild wars religiously back in high-school, I recently started playing gw2, and boy have I been missing out. The sheer lore is enough to keep me playing for years to come, but one thing I wish they would bring back is the Dervish class.
catbwoy Aylar önce
How's the latency in the big battles?
MuklukYoutube Aylar önce
Sometimes I turn down the graphic settings a touch for the huge battles, but other than that it is completely fine for me.
Tony Carr
Tony Carr Aylar önce
TROLL AND more TROLLS and like most Games they not do CRAP about it
Sky Puma
Sky Puma Aylar önce
I literally comeback to this video when I need a mental refresh from other games. Gw2 is always there for me 😍
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Aylar önce
Still the best mmorpg i ever tried Was a hardcore fractal farmer and enjoyed some pvp There was tons of stuff i never even touched
Captain Orsson
Captain Orsson Aylar önce
Even though I really appreciate every aspect of the game, the endgame loot part of this video is the main reason I'm so in love in GW2 after quitting World of Warcraft. I am really happy that the game is always there for me even if I want to take a one week break to play something else without making me feel bad that I neglected a week of gearing up my character. I can pick my own pace of getting my characters fully ascended and I can always pick the game up where I left it without feeling behind the crowd. The "no gear treadmill" thing is something I super adore in this tittle. Lovely video Muk! Love the content. Cheers!
danisthegreat 2 aylar önce
No endgame ,exept transmogs...,and before starting i playd at launch .terible customer support
Justin Nichol
Justin Nichol 2 aylar önce
But is there fishing?
Justin Nichol
Justin Nichol 2 aylar önce
@MuklukTRvid I'll have to give it a go then, Thanks.
MuklukYoutube 2 aylar önce
In February Yes
Dillon H
Dillon H 2 aylar önce
Alright, I'm sold.
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell 2 aylar önce
Helpful and informative. Nicely done! Thank you.
michael fesinmeyer
michael fesinmeyer 2 aylar önce
I stopped playing about 6 years ago. I got really bored. The only way I was getting better gear was running with the zerg and killing mini bosses. Maybe I just liked the first one better and expected more of the same and when I didn't get it was turned off. Beautiful game, but I lost interest.
Medivh 2 aylar önce
lt got the best pvp l have to say, and that's exactly what l wanted from this game.
JorMi 2 aylar önce
ryiscept 2 aylar önce
How popular is it as of September 2021?
MuklukYoutube 2 aylar önce
Still going great. Hype has only been increasing with the new expansion release.
Angelo Dordines
Angelo Dordines 2 aylar önce
Warrior shout build. I loved that build when we were still farming orr events. Memories.
Spencer Ford
Spencer Ford 2 aylar önce
I'd been playing wow for 15 years but for the last 3 of them I was bored as hell but didnt want to leave because of my investment in the game for so long. I ended up quitting back in January this year. But now after discovering GW2, it has really opened my eyes regardng what an MMORPG should be. Not only do I have other friends playing it with me now and has a one of the best MMO communities, but its also FREE!!!!! Now I don't feel obligated to play it religiously eveyday because of a subscription fee! I can play casually and just take my time without the worry of wasting money.
Book Lover
Book Lover 2 aylar önce
reasons why i play gw2 it's funny it's pretty it's full of silly little moments people are generally nice except in some bad pockets (previously) not subscription i get to fly a DRAAAAAGOOOOON
Katai 2 aylar önce
One thing that may be worth mentioning about GW2, that bugged me a few times in the past, is that "quests" (the empty hearts) can feel very disconnected. Each technically has an NPC associated to it, but you don't really talk to them - you just enter the area, do whatever is written on your screen and that's it. Besides personal quests and main story quests, I don't think there are follow-ups for them (I just started playing again after years, I don't remember if it changes in lategame). This is not a real problem, it's more of a stylistic difference, and my issues with it are entirely subjective... but for me it leads to me never feeling like I'm questing in a hub, like WoW usually has. There isn't that feeling of "going back" to a location and handing in half a dozen quests and get your next follow-up quests. It doesn't help that every quest is basically just a mix of 'todo's, with mostly just a common theme and nothing behind it. No real story or character. It's hard to explain, but it makes me feel a bit disconnected from the world; I find it harder to immerse myself with that system. Meanwhile, if I think back at when I played WoW back in the day, I can still vividly remember these "quest hubs" and locations and the identity each had. This obviously doesn't apply to personal quests, those are very well made and in-depth.
Star Wars Chronicler
Star Wars Chronicler 2 aylar önce
Dat framerate.
Mixes 2 aylar önce
Too bad the only "meaningful" goal of end game is just fashion. Gay and garbage excuse for end game. Same with ESO.
DOOMZIE 2 aylar önce
It is actually a different dodging mechanic than Dark Souls. DS does not work like an auto evade. You have to actually dodge out of the way of the attack in DS. You are still hit if you choose the wrong direction to dodge.
MuklukYoutube 2 aylar önce
Dark souls has s, the direction doesn't matter if you time it right. www.reddit.com/r/darksouls/comments/1ykjpg/rollingdodging_invincibility_frames/
Nicholas Marques
Nicholas Marques 2 aylar önce
I used to love this game. I just can't stand the graphics, tbh. I get that it's supposed to mimic watercolor, but everything seems to blend together and a little outdated.
Creepin Bro
Creepin Bro 2 aylar önce
My only regret for playing GW2 is it's the first MMORPG I played, and now I don't feel like any others even compare when I try them
PEKIO producer
PEKIO producer 2 aylar önce
game is old but still thery expensive .
exenter2 2 aylar önce
I remember playing this game during the beta before the release in 2012 and I had a lot of fun. Somehow I forgot about this game right after it was released. I definitely will start playing this again when it is released on Steam.
Wonder land
Wonder land 2 aylar önce
So i quit the game over 2 years ago as the price of items and the cost for gems for gold was out of control i logon the other day and i can now get double the amount basically i get everything half price now so good news at last. im not going to play a game for 6 months for 1000 gems not going to happen at least its got better now
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim 2 aylar önce
Really informative video, have been looking at this game and might try it out 😃
Bruno Lipovac
Bruno Lipovac 2 aylar önce
High quality stuff my man. From the toon speaking animation, to content delivered, which is concise and on point and a person can tell you are really passionate about the game. Gonna star guild wars 2 download right away!
CreatureFeature GonnaGeetcher
I'm weird because I like both the Gw2 battle system for being dynamic and the FF14 system for kinda the opposite reason
Dennis Engelen
Dennis Engelen 2 aylar önce
I only dislike that you can't play as a true ranged class and that the closest thing to a mage is only efficient as a magical knight. Also wish there were some more dedicated magical supports that give the healer feel but more so like f.e. Janna or Nami in LoL. And would like if something like Druid could also solo PvE a bit instead of being garbage open world with its staff and support setup.
Cyfix 2 aylar önce
Only one minute in, and it sounds like a great game You have a calming voice too, liked and subbed
Mantou PH
Mantou PH 2 aylar önce
How I wish Ive played this before. I am pretty sure its gonna be hard for new players to cope up?
MuklukYoutube 2 aylar önce
Not at all. They dont raise the level cap or item level in this game, so you actually hit max level relatively quickly and each expansion simply adds more and more different things you can do at max level. Horizontal progression, not vertical.
Dylan Chavez
Dylan Chavez 2 aylar önce
My god that character is hideous lol
powerlamer1337 3 aylar önce
GW2 is so underrated. I downloaded the game 2 months ago just to try it and now it is the only game I play.
Keith Mass
Keith Mass 3 aylar önce
Been considering getting into Guild Wars 2. I played Guild Wars with expansion but not 2. Seems they have made so many improvements. Would buy the complete with all 3 expansions.
Travis Schpeltinger
Travis Schpeltinger 3 aylar önce
I really loved it until the no roles part... This is what put me off ESO or FFXIV. This lack of purpose or personality. Everyone can be anything and nothing. Destroys immersion and breeds mediocrity. Personally hate it.
Doan Trevor
Doan Trevor 3 aylar önce
The best MMO i’ve ever seen and will probably see for many years to come. Imho GW2 trumps (is better than) every other MMO in the big 5 MMORPG ( wow, ffxiv, gw2, eso, runes)
Alex Fetters
Alex Fetters 3 aylar önce
Started playing today for first time. I said “wow” or “no way” about every 15 seconds for the entire first 15 minutes. I still am blown away as I progress. Why am I just now finding this!?! Great video.
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
Awesome! I hope you enjoy it as I have
Inscription 3 aylar önce
your character is less scuffed gollum
Jiří Kyncl
Jiří Kyncl 3 aylar önce
I'm in and out since the release, never been much of an end game player, but it always pulls back ;) One thing I would appreciate would be maybe a new race to choose from but other than that a great game!
ryan 3 aylar önce
the only thing that really drove me off gw2 was that it is nothing like GW1. It took this masterpiece game with total customization and challenging strategy and simplified it to this what felt like a crappy wow clone with a different story. Was hoping gw2 was going to take GW1 into a new world of graphics and content
Daniel rogers
Daniel rogers 3 aylar önce
One thing I found quite novel was the kids hanging around in a little cave outside the big city like it was there little club, its just an interesting detail that made it more lively
Saikyue 3 aylar önce
I just need to know, is there rng as in bdo?
Zengrath 3 aylar önce
This makes no sense, I have a guild wars 2 account, i haven't logged in in a couple years. I have full 2-way authentication and all setup. I keep getting told my account is locked and to reach out to support. I tried forget password i get SMS text, i get reset email. I reset. Still won't let me in. I go to contact support and guess what. To submit a ticket i'm required to log in. Why the fuck if my account has been fully safeguarded with 2-way authentication and all that was my account locked and now i have no fucking way to contact support. Nice guild wars 2 for screwing over your customers.
Zengrath 3 aylar önce
I submitted a ticket anonymously but who knows how long that will take. Reading the forums I'm seeing all people making claims that the reason they get locked is due to being banned. How can i been banned when i haven't played in years, i did absolutely nothing wrong last time played and wasn't banned, i simply moved on getting bored with the game or moved to another game. I also had 2-way authentication with SMS setup so it's completely impossible that anyone could have guessed my password and got in. This is unacceptable to be perma banned with no explanations, no email was ever sent to me to explain why or what happened. Nothing. Good job arena net, you likely lost a customer for good. I doubt i'll still have any interest in giving game another go by time they unlock it, my experience with support on MMO's is they often take minimum of 2 weeks but usually months before responding to tickets. Doubt arena net is nay different especially if they force people to submit tickets from being banned all the time with no explanation or automated way to unlock the account.
Rodney Spears
Rodney Spears 3 aylar önce
Alright, been looking for an mmo, and this video made me want to try it again. I played at release for about a month and just couldn't get past the no-trinity system. Since then though I mostly solo and pvp and hardly play any content that require the trinity.
Minstrel 3 aylar önce
Interesting. Im playing Neverwinter since 2013 with a few monthly gaps, but at the moment im in the grind again. Im noticing things, I would love to change about this game and than i come across this Video, mentioning that guildwars 2 has all of those. Maybe I will install it tomorrow and give it a try.
Volker H
Volker H 3 aylar önce
Skins are getting worse and worse, servers are shit, engine is way to old for modern hardware, still its one of the best of the genre
Avocatul Poporului
Avocatul Poporului 3 aylar önce
Guild Wars 2 have a problem, and thats the combat, is the reason noone likes this game, is the reason why this game is played just by casuals, elders or retired wow players! The main reason GW1 comunity not liked GW2 was *the combat* . I disliked your video because you are paid to promote a dead game, and you talk likes.
Eaglebauer 3 aylar önce
It's a good thing that your opinion does matter.
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
I had a hard time understanding your comment, either bad grammar or possibly english as a 2nd language but here is my attempt. You said "the reason no one likes the game" the population of the game is skyrocketing right now, and it also has an active loyal playerbase since launch. There is absolutely a group of people that love the game. You mentioned "gw1 community not liked gw2". That is totally fine, I don't enjoy gw1 much, they are two totally seperate games. I was not sponsored or paid for this video, nor to promote the game. I made it because I wanted to and I enjoy it.
Paul Knakk
Paul Knakk 3 aylar önce
Just. Same back after an 8 year break and I am insanely lost 😅😂 Great video though, seems like I made the right choice about coming back.
Kaiser DragonTV
Kaiser DragonTV 3 aylar önce
Thank you for answering three questions I didnt know I had perfect for investing me in GW2 more i just returned again.
Spartan007x 3 aylar önce
Id like to get this some time soon, but how is the community to new players is it easy to get into with a group, even if I don't have as much time to invest in the game?
Spartan007x 3 aylar önce
@MuklukTRvid thank you for the quick reply.
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
Although it does have many appeals for hardcore players, it also has what is possibly the best system for casual players I've ever seen. Since they never arise the level cap or run a "gear treadmill" your stuff doesn't go out of date. If you have to take time away for days/weeks/months and come back, your stuff is still relevant. The community, as mentioned in the video, is a very friendly one for the most part.
Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift 3 aylar önce
Hey if i buy the game can i change homeworlds on the go? Me and my friends are in different homeworlds now we just staryed
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
Your home server only matters if you are doing world vs world. Everyone gets one free server swap after purchasing the game if they regret their choice. For all other game modes it only matters that you and your friends are all on NA servers or all on EU servers.
AlphaPupH 3 aylar önce
Geez I need to get a good pc ive found like 20 games this week I want to play
Erin 3 aylar önce
Sold me straight up
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
I hope you enjoy it as I have!
Bea Writing
Bea Writing 3 aylar önce
You make this game seem so awesome!
MGM Cole
MGM Cole 3 aylar önce
The biggest thing I think needs to be pushed is that there is no "leveled areas" anyone at any level can go anywhere and do anything.
melvin5818 3 aylar önce
Man I had nog played this game in many years looks like it changed going to try to pick up on it again.
CoDa 3 aylar önce
You sold me bro
TwistedRoots717 3 aylar önce
Well, you have my attention and and I'm currently downloading. I played the OG Guild Wars when it came out but was off of the PC train for a long time. Thank you for this video!
Sirel Doom
Sirel Doom 3 aylar önce
GW2 Is nice game, but your video is misleading as hell It is not Free game not in the slightest you need to buy current expansion nearly 95% of people buy it other 5% are just trying the game and some quit some buy it there is nobody who play the game without expansion late game since there is no late game without it. Imagine WoW how it have 20 level free same is here but to max level. You cannot use auction house unless you buy game, you cannot get important talent points if you dont buy game and so on limitations including you cannot use world chat at all and other. (It is a more generous Demo version with less limitations than wow or other mmos but STILL VERY LIMITED DEMO VERSION - CALLING IT FREE TO PLAY IS A SIN) Jane out :)
Cj 3 aylar önce
I've been gone from Tyria for so many years. Cant wait to start playing again.
Bo Sann
Bo Sann 3 aylar önce
Is there open world pvp like in WoW?
StaticShock-EN- 3 aylar önce
if you mean heading out of your main city to find people with red health bars and text to beat up in pvp? no. There is a separate gamemode that offers 'open world' pvp called World vs World, your world server(s) will be matched against two other single or merged worlds to fight over territory and resources. the fights are massive, population is very high, and is a very good place to spend a lot of time in.
Ax 3 aylar önce
This mans a saleman. Addicted now
Deldrimar 3 aylar önce
What??? How did I not know this and why is this not more popular?
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
The marketing honestly. The only weak point I give this game is the marketing. The traffic it is getting has skyrocketed recently though.
lunerlilly 3 aylar önce
Male human warrior: "SHAKE IT OFF!!!" I never get tired of that for some reason. 😃
Zalmoxis 3 aylar önce
End game content like raids and strike missions are plagued with elitists. I don't recommend this game for new players.
Wyrser 3 aylar önce
You can create your own groups, and they will fill up in seconds, for the same reason. I do it all the time for strikes. Raids are harder for pugs, since you need to know the boss mechanics, but there are training groups and guilds.
swickster 3 aylar önce
Every time I come back to GW2 it always feels like I've come back home, WoW has never given me that feeling and I've been playing WoW longer lmao
Ujimako _
Ujimako _ 3 aylar önce
I remember to this day when i first played GW2 the base version, i was low level running around some village fields in my rags, and i found a metal rod on the ground. Picked it up and beat a centaur to death with it. The rod even put disease and bleed debuffs on the mob. This blew my mind.
Charlie Brewster
Charlie Brewster 3 aylar önce
This was extremely an informative and well organized intro the game. Thank you very much for making it.
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
I'm glad it was well received :D
Wesley 3 aylar önce
Surprised you listed combat as a POSITIVE for this game. That's the worst part imo.. the fake action combat that is really just tab-targeted combat disguised as action combat
Don Hidalgo
Don Hidalgo 3 aylar önce
The only non pay to win mmorpg at the day.
Dean Calaway
Dean Calaway 3 aylar önce
I'm excited to see what I'll get for the 9 year account birthday later this month.
Birdie1991 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the info
Cody Koh
Cody Koh 3 aylar önce
why did i only find this one today and suffer my years at wow?
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
I played nearly 10 years of wow before this myself lol
Braxton Loyd
Braxton Loyd 3 aylar önce
Every time a friend ask me for a new MMO, I go through the same exact list of stuff about why they should play GW2 as this video, from now on I'm gonna send them a link to this video! Great vid!
MuklukYoutube 3 aylar önce
Thank you!
Katani Koneko
Katani Koneko 3 aylar önce
After playing other MMOs and getting frustrated because of sub fees and the inherent competition, GW2 is a breath of fresh air. The helpful and friendly community, the resources available for new and continuous players like the wiki, and the constant FREE content make the payed content worthwhile. Even people I used to play with eventually always come back. Whoever says GW2 is dead just isn't playing themselves. This game is alive and growing bigger and better every day.
Viktor Varga
Viktor Varga 3 aylar önce
I only came here for Mukluks like. (Oh, and I also started playing a week ago. So far a fun game!)
Shion Kreth
Shion Kreth 3 aylar önce
Why play Guild Wars 2 over other MMOs? More fun, less stress.
Should you play Guild Wars 2 in 2021?
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