Why NASA Is Finally Returning To The Moon

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4 Şub 2023




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Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero 3 aylar önce
On the moon, it would be better to have a base underground. This would protect it from radiation and most meteor strikes. You might have solar panels and rocket launch pads on the surface, but most things should be underground. And the base can expand as you create tunnels for mining. As for transportation, a high speed underground train system is your best option. Without an atmosphere, aircraft don't even work on the moon. And messing around on the surface is dangerous in general. You would only want to go there when necessary. But over time, it would be possible to create a very habitable underground city. The main issue being what effect 1/6 normal gravity would have on the human body.
Awaiting Reward
Awaiting Reward Aylar önce
@Terry Prothero The Bible is not a science book, but it does not contradict science. I studied basic science in one of the top ten colleges in the US. You have a set frame of mind that blocks out discussion or rationale. By making wild accusations, fabrications and generalities you preclude any useful dialog. Did you listen to the song I presented you? Probably not.
Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero Aylar önce
@Awaiting Reward Yes, I am reading things other than the Bible. Your comments. You have already contradicted basic science and are too far gone to understand it. You are no longer even capable of rational thought. That's what religion does to people. It's sad, and potentially dangerous. There is nothing wrong with believing in God. But when you take things a step further and start making the word of your pastor or your interpretation of the Bible equivalent to God, which you have done repeatedly in your comments, you are walking on some very dangerous ground. How do you know if the Bible contradicts basic science when you haven't even bothered to study basic science? You couldn't even address the simplest of arguments that I made. I have studied the Bible and basic science. And if you interpret the Bible one way, there is no conflict. But if you interpret it another way, there are major conflicts. And religious people like you interpret it all different ways. And each and every time, they claim it's true because God told them it was. Well, God didn't tell them anything. Either he doesn't exist, or he does, and these people do not work for him. But either way, they are a completely unreliable source of information.
Awaiting Reward
Awaiting Reward Aylar önce
You have been reading things other than the Bible. The Bible says the circle of the earth hangs on nothing. That doesn't contradict science. Since God is the creator and you are not but a created being, be thankful and show Him the respect He deserves for giving you life. This earth and the whole universe will roll up like a scroll, the Bible says and God will create a new heaven and new earth where he will place those who believe on Him out of love and respect. Listen to this song for perspective "So will I" by Hillsong united. Be at peace.
Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero Aylar önce
@Awaiting Reward By claiming he designed something that is inherently flawed, you are claiming he is either insane, incompetent, or both. Since it seems very unlikely that the creator of the universe has those qualities, I must conclude that you are a terrible source of information about said creator. I don't know how to explain it in simpler terms than that. If you say things that I know are false, I know you did not get your information from God. The Earth is not 6,000 years old, it's not flat, it doesn't ride on the back of a turtle, and no intelligent being would ever install a retina backwards. By suggesting that God would make such an obvious mistake, you are suggesting he is not an intelligent being. Much less a supremely intelligent one. It would be like if you told me that a mathematician told you that 1+1=6. At that point, I would know you were not speaking to a mathematician. You could make that claim until you were blue in face, and I wouldn't believe you.
Awaiting Reward
Awaiting Reward Aylar önce
@Terry Prothero I never called God insane nor incompetent. Those are your words. Who are you to judge God? Since you are not the Creator but God is, what qualifies you to judge God? You also judged me wrongfully not knowing me. In Daniel 11:32 it says "they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits". If you believe there is a God, get to know Him. He loves to talk with the science minded.
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Aylar önce
I enjoyed this video. Forget about Mars, I'd love to go work on the moon, with a view of the earth, filling the sky and casting earthlight everywhere, I think it would eliminate most of the psychological dangers predicted in going anywhere else. Plus experiencing 1 6th gravity in everyday life without a bulky spacesuit would be pretty cool.
XermiontheSecond Aylar önce
@liminalogy i mean, a lot easier to get off the moon than to get off earth. it's a stepping stone (literally)
liminalogy Aylar önce
Yep. Mars works from a marketing standpoint but realistically, it would be unwise to try and colonize it until we first figure out how to sustain a consistent presence on the moon.
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Aylar önce
@Cristian yes but you could jump 12 feet in the air could you imagine having a trampoline? You'd bump your head.
Cristian Aylar önce
wouldnt the graviy thing cause major health issues tho?
LincolnTek 3 aylar önce
Apparently the top layer of the moons surface is enriched with Helium3 from the Sun. That fuel source alone can be used for many things and it's right there on the surface.
Ron Lavand
Ron Lavand Aylar önce
It is plentiful.. it will be a sustainable source of nondestructive fuel for eternity.😊. It is exciting..
LincolnTek Aylar önce
@Bizbe Yeah well the new breakthrough with laser fusion is changing the entire game in how we produce energy. Very exciting stuff.
Bizbe Aylar önce
It most likely has more than earth but it isn't a huge supply of the rare resource. Sure more than earth but it's still not a massive amount.
ElementOfEPIC Aylar önce
@Bill Blaski I need to touch grass I instantly thought of Minecraft 😂
billy mellon
billy mellon 2 aylar önce
@Jan PhD good to know thanks
Ron Buckner
Ron Buckner 3 aylar önce
What about the dust issue? Is there a potential for the possibility of protection from radiation via the usage of a projected energy similar to what the military has developed for deflecting misses at vehicles?
zbzc 2 aylar önce
One of the technologies they’re actually looking at are “force fields” for the suits, habitats and surface equipment that use focused electromagnetic fields to force the charged dust off/away. There’s no curing the harshness of the dust, it’ll always be a hazard, but that’ll help immensely. Radiation protection likely won’t be built into the first stages of the Lunar base since it’ll be manned only part time, but there’s ways to do it; creating a water layer between the outer hull and the inner walls of a habitat would provide great radiation protection, as well as proposals to 3D print habitats using robots and lunar regolith. The regolith acts as a natural, widespread and easily manipulatable radiation protection material; there is also just going underground, which would be the safest albeit more difficult option (sending large, heavy digging equipment to the surface of the moon isn’t exactly easy yet)
Rod Ferguson
Rod Ferguson 3 aylar önce
I am personally looking forward to 3D printing construction of regulate Moon soil to be used as a shield or future moon base applications also the producing of oxygen and perhaps the mining of helium 3 For Fusion production energy creation.
Thor Manray
Thor Manray Aylar önce
Incredible content!
wade cooper
wade cooper Aylar önce
Seeing a space video showing wind blowing on the moon and sound effects lowers my expectations of this design team. Otherwise it is very inspiring.
cristian Cojocaru
cristian Cojocaru 3 aylar önce
Definitely moon projects are way more logical and practical all together than Mars! Mars,in my opinion ,will be feasible when the propulsion systems will make possible to make that distance in matter of hours or a few days at most!Right now,to travel for 6 months in and another 6 back plus the prior extensive preps., it is economically not feasible,fisically and mentally for the human crew exhausting if not totally draining energy!
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson Aylar önce
Unfortunately, the distance from the Earth to the moon is fairly constant. The Earth and Mars run in two separate tracks around the sun at different speeds and the distance varies greatly as the Earth year and the Marian Year are very different. Launching from the Moon to Mars with a mass driver is much cheaper and the time it takes to load up Mars with prefab materials and resources can take years so that once Astronauts arrive, they will have learned many lessons from the First Grade on the Moon. It is a huge leap from Earth to Mars, It is much cheaper from the Moon, Mass driver is run on Sun light and Helium 3 and the landing on Mars is easy with Re-entry vehicles built of Basaltic Thread and landed with drought shoots, streamers, tea pot decelerator (using ice behind a heat shield to heat up the ice into steam venting the steam in the direction of re-entry), and parachutes and ballootes for the landing.
Bizbe Aylar önce
The moon is not more practical. It's cheaper and easily reached yes. But the hazards of the moon make it incredibly dangerous to colonize for any decent length of time. While mars is much more habitable by comparison. Its just more expensive and takes longer to reach.
liminalogy 3 aylar önce
Yeah, we should probably do something on the order of 100 flawless trips to the moon with crew/cargo before even thinking of heading to Mars, which will be an extremely unconventional experience for landing spacecraft.
Decton 3 aylar önce
thought the same thing! I personally think the whole Mars thing is just a marketing gimmick since it stands out, it just makes no sense economically speaking
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson Aylar önce
I worked at the Johnson Space Center in the 1980's during the first shuttle missions. The saddest thing was that we did not go back to the moon and only worked in low earth orbit. What a waste of time. We went on to attack other countries and found the money to keep war on the front page. We diverted funds away from actually developing a moon base and learn how to work with the world rather than to attack people we should have been trading with. The science we could have learned had we been more bold. Would people die, yes, People died massively when they came to the new world. We also brought small pox to the natives and that nearly wiped them out. Many lessons are to be learned through these efforts. How many did we lose in the wars we started and the governments we flipped while being imperialist. What a waste? It is like Christopher Columbus touching the shore of the New World and turning around and sailing back to Spain to report, "OK, we have been there and we do not need to go back." Our investigation of the moon will build a platform we can explore the solar system from easily and using very little resource that actually has to be lifted from earth. The products build and refined on the moon can be delivered to anywhere on earth using a solar powered mass driver to launch out of the moon's shallow gravity well to any half kilometer on earth using reentry vehicles constructed from melted basaltic rock mined on the moon and built with large 3-D printers on the moon. These reentry devices are basically one-way shipments and the shells can be used as raw materials for housing, storage, roadway construction, boats and hundreds of other uses after they have brought their products back to earth. Hitting Mars would not be that much more difficult and we could turn Mars into an Ikea so that the astronauts only need to arrive with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. I propose that if we had had this in force and we had curbed our imperialism, we could have massive manufacturing on the moon with cheap solar sheets that would keep our infrastructure running and keep these fascists out of trouble. We would be growing food for space travel on the moon in the lava tubes, building reentry craft out of basaltic thread and launching them from the surface of the moon with product manufactured on the moon and smelted in cometory orbits of the sun's heliosphere and extruded into structural elements on the way back to the moon or one of the Lagrange points for the construction of space stations, and send prefabbed materials to Mars to turn our base there into an Ikea so our astronauts should only have to show up with a screw driver and a hammer. You think too small. How about setting up a base on the moon and start actually making space pay. The new renascence will be the new science and materials we will discover when we get up to the moon and build a mass driver and set up basaltic thread generation and applying it to large 3D printer generation of reentry vehicles to return product we generate on the moon back to earth without much fuel as the mass driver is solar powered. Solar power is readily available 14 days a month at any one spot on the moon. We will need to generate food up there, but our being there will help to generate organic soil and we can generate our own light for the growth of food that could make it cheaper to stay on the moon and travel farther outward. We could have done this already but our imperialism got in the way. We had to feed the military industrial complex rather than explore space. We made bad decisions back in the late 1970's, 80's, and so on until now we are starting to wake up and get our priorities more in line.
Randy M.
Randy M. 3 aylar önce
Did anyone notice the first picture of a view of Earth in the background as if it was taken from the Moon? The Hugeness of the Earth is so much more realistic than the first photos taken from the first trip to the moon when you consider how small the moon is and the distance from Earth in reality. Something ain't right folks.
E Bonaparte
E Bonaparte 2 aylar önce
@RodneyJ Hackenflash The Moon isn’t exactly close to Earth though…
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
Yes. The Earth is four times bigger than the Moon, yet from the Moon's surface the Earth appears to be the same size as the Moon does from Earth. Strange, indeed. if only Stanley Kubrick were still alive to straighten this all out in post-production.
Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero 2 aylar önce
@Concrete Chris Santoro 2 Not all of this stuff is taught in school, and it's often depicted wrong in the movies. But now with the internet, you can look up the basic information like sizes, distances, etc. very easily. But it's not until you start crunching some numbers yourself like I just showed you that you can really appreciate how some of these things work. One of biggest things that is almost always depicted wrong is distances in space. They show the moon right next to the Earth. Umm. Not really. And carefully navigating through an asteroid belt to avoid a collision. Yeah, about that. Those huge pieces of rock are thousands of miles away from each other. You would need to know exactly where to look to even find one. Kyle Hill calculated your odds of hitting an object in space. And if you traveled in a straight line in a randomly selected direction, you could probably travel through the entire known universe without ever hitting anything. Han Solo wouldn't need to do careful calculations to avoid a collision. He would need to do that to find the planets he was traveling to.
Concrete Chris Santoro 2
@Terry Prothero I really appreciate that information and I’m not being sarcastic I was never taught that information in school back in w1980’s I would like all proven facts that I don’t know how to prove myself so thanks again
Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero 3 aylar önce
@Concrete Chris Santoro 2 The Earth is 7,900 miles in diameter, and the moon is 2,100 miles in diameter. The distance between them is 238,000 miles. Compared to other objects, the moon is very close to Earth. But it's still a lot further away than often shown in the movies. Light travels 186,282 miles per second. So, it takes light from the moon, just under 1.3 seconds to reach Earth. If the Earth were one inch in diameter, the moon would be 30 inches away. 2.5 feet. So, we are talking about something the size of a pea, circling something the size of a quarter at almost arm's length. On this same scale, the sun would be 9 feet in diameter and 972 feet away.
espino_productions Aylar önce
This video reminds me of Solaris from Destroy All Humans 2. The only difference is that Solaris is a KGB owned. Play the game or watch videos of here on TRvid. It's such a beautiful map, especially with the remake making the environments graphically realistic
James Coleman
James Coleman 2 aylar önce
Making Al I beams etc would be a beginning for orbital construction of rotating habitats.
Super Johnny Famous
Super Johnny Famous 2 aylar önce
Returning? Why no live shots from space with the capsule approaching the moon?
William 2 gün önce
I heard that Elon musk promised fully conscious androids will use tunnel boring machines capable of carving out 1 kilometer of tunnels every week to build a moon city with fully autonomous pods with bulletproof windows for a hyperloop system that will travel 700mph! He says the technology is already available and it’ll be fully up and running within a year, and anyone who doesn’t invest in it is insane because the hyperloop pods will earn every investor enough to retire.
james barry
james barry 2 aylar önce
That Moon dust it's a killer
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee 3 aylar önce
Solar is silly. Nucear would be more functional.
T Status
T Status Aylar önce
Why is this not a video game already? Gather resources, build your lunar base, level up lol
Gregory Lambrihgt
Gregory Lambrihgt 3 aylar önce
Yes! But if they use the water for return fuel how are they goin to replunish the water for drinking and growing food? You say it is not unlimited or on limited quanity.
Greg 2 aylar önce
Come on man, you know we have never been to the moon so stop it.
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
Zorlof 2 aylar önce
We're running out of potable water on earth and we'll start shipping what little we have left to the moon? I wouldn't be able to put on a spacesuit, too clausterphobic.
giorgos Arifoglu
giorgos Arifoglu Aylar önce
The real reason is ...NASA has discovered minerals that could supply the Earth for the next couple hundred years ..but the big question is : Since the moon had direct effect with our seas ...should we?????
Product Guru
Product Guru 2 aylar önce
How much would such a program cost? Who would put out such a big budget?
travis1286 3 aylar önce
None of us will be alive to see it operational.
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
Can't see something that doesn't and will never ever exist; except in those Walt Disney animations and the minds of BSing daydreamers.
Decton 3 aylar önce
hopefully we will! depends on how soon they will start sending people up, also there are already rover missions planned for the next 2-5 years
alkebulansoul.com 2 aylar önce
Artificial Gravity is a must for a long term human presence in outer space 🌌🚀🌌🚀🌌🚀. 1 G is the Mathematical equation that has to be solved... And I don't mean a T.O.R.US. or other current technology either... Gravity Plates needs further mathematical research. Just like Fusion Reactors are getting Academic research. Those two disciplines should be getting equal research.
Jan PhD
Jan PhD 2 aylar önce
Condominiums, 8 story high rises, and underground operational and sleeping modules... make it so.
gary meyers
gary meyers 3 aylar önce
Query! What will be used to hold the Moon Dust in the desired form? (DUCT TAPE)
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
Right! The same stuff used to hold the cardboard lander together for the studio photoshoots.
Ed Waggoner
Ed Waggoner 2 aylar önce
Decton 3 aylar önce
Maybe some kind of hardening foam
Johnny Ela
Johnny Ela 3 aylar önce
This time the aliens are gonna be nice 😂
Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero 3 aylar önce
My favorite nice aliens are on the movie, "The Host". They take over the Earth, and inhabit the bodies of nearly every human being. Do they destroy the Earth? Nope. They clean up the environment and save the planet from humans. And when they encounter humans, they capture them to use them as hosts. But they are always super polite when they do it. In one case, they identified humans driving a vehicle because it was the only one on the road exceeding the speed limit. They were the most civilized alien invaders I had ever seen in a sci-fi movie. It was hilarious. But totally realistic, I think. Introduction: "The Earth is at peace. There is no hunger. There is no violence. The environment is healed. Honesty, courtesy, and kindness are practiced by all. Our world has never been more perfect. Only it is no longer our world."
prabha 2 aylar önce
why drain earth's resources to find resources on the moon and mars
Drop Dead Inc. Custom Tattoo
We've had astronauts these Since 1969 if not earlier. Like the South Pole for instance
Frankie Teo
Frankie Teo Aylar önce
Even 2034 seems optimistic!.You are talking about NASA time lines here. Their funding is by no means guaranteed. And their partnerships companies are rather "old schooled" as well. I think privateer ventures will beat them!.
michael allen
michael allen 2 aylar önce
Hi tech city on the moon 🌛 finally we'll see if they really went to the moon
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
These creeps at NASA are all RACISTS, RACISTS, RACISTS!!! I don't see any inner-city low-income housing being planned for.
adamgh0 3 aylar önce
3:10 "We need a royalty free version of the X-Files theme."
liminalogy 3 aylar önce
actually I had to buy an envato elements subscription for that one 😄
Periklis Spanos
Periklis Spanos Aylar önce
Yes yes they returned to their place in Utah somewhere
Ron Lavand
Ron Lavand Aylar önce
My favorite part is guns won't be allowed due to pressure, I guarantee electric charge protection equipment evolves like crazy soon.
___FALSE___ ___PROPHET___
Bruh, how do they keep the rock from flying up and ripping through their equipment and suits? etcetc
___FALSE___ ___PROPHET___
@Gregory Lambrihgt I think I was either really high when I commented this, or I saw somn else, idek, my apologies lol
Gregory Lambrihgt
Gregory Lambrihgt 3 aylar önce
1/8 gravity.
Mickey Ray
Mickey Ray 2 aylar önce
It seems somehow pointless to go to EITHER the Moon OR Mars if you'd have to spend all your time there UNDERGROUND. You can spend a whole bunch of time underground right here on Earth. I wanra see that Earth up there in the sky!
Buffer Zone
Buffer Zone Aylar önce
I thought all the robots on earth were for building the colonies. You mean we are stuck with hackable robots here?
Cryto W
Cryto W Aylar önce
Returning as if we were ever there.
Cjoo Mail
Cjoo Mail 2 aylar önce
Lol 3D printing in vacuum space. Interesting 😅😂 try using Lego instead
Remember Lindisfarne
Remember Lindisfarne 2 aylar önce
The RVs will be Tesla and Elon is already closing billions of dollars in this deal
liminalogy Aylar önce
Wouldn't put it beyond him!
BadTakes Aylar önce
The real question is... when will the first Moon murder happen lol. I bet it will be over video games or dating.
Periklis Spanos
Periklis Spanos Aylar önce
I would like to use the gps who they have
Edwin Gan
Edwin Gan 2 aylar önce
Get there first man! 🤣
Lethgar Smith
Lethgar Smith 2 aylar önce
All habitats on the moon will need to be underground. Same as on Mars. We can not live on the surface of any body with out an atmosphere and a strong magnetic field. That memo needs to be handed out to every computer graphics artist out there. Im really tired of seeing these stupid cities sitting on the surface. Anybody with the slightest amount of knowledge about space and space travel is aware of this. Who is generating these images and why???
virtual world construction
intellectual titans don't seem to work there at NASA
D MORGAN 3 aylar önce
Just to let you guys know many people who have ideas. Are not going to be in the list of people of interest I have been watching for a while and rich people who can afford anything sometime forget about many important things that will put you in a position of no return. That is why you have consultants and board members to avoid anyone person's mistake.. that is why I see lots of failure on the horizon.
Azuri e
Azuri e 3 aylar önce
ok stiev, no be so kind and stf u, no one cares about your hallucinations
Dubai Aylar önce
You mean going to the moon for the first time
D MORGAN 3 aylar önce
I have been trying to contact elonmusk and I have not received any response from him. To give some advice and a few invention ideas for anyone who is interested in a new power source. And other ideas yes that is what I have been saying.. moon established base is the best way to reach other location.. but you are going to need to build most of it underground to reduce the lose of carbon dioxide. That is needed in the growth tubes to provide oxygen levels of the correct amount for each person human waste is the building blocks for everything else. Methane to create heat and I guess you guys will figure out what direction you are interested in taking but I have a feeling that you are not going to get it wright the first go around but I am for hire.
Azuri e
Azuri e 3 aylar önce
cant do that, moon quakes
Siri Nan Lockertsen
Siri Nan Lockertsen 2 aylar önce
LOL Why not tell the truth? They have been working there for decades. Proved by videos.
Mike Cota
Mike Cota 2 aylar önce
Rome wasn't built in a day!
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
How can NASA return to a place it's never been? Especially with Stanley Kubrick lying cold and dead.
RAMON Medina
RAMON Medina 3 aylar önce
An Starchip 3D PRINTER Teslar $000000000👀👀😆😅🤣😂
Decton 3 aylar önce
wtf? lmao
Fizzloid 3 aylar önce
By the tone of his intonation the narrator seems to think it's all a bit of a joke. Shame, he spoils an otherwise interesting video.
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
That's because he knows it's a joke - on the gullible, brain-dead, dumbed-down American taxpayers.
Decton 3 aylar önce
Hopefully not. Would be devastating since most of the things are actually planned by nasa..
Joseph Salmonte
Joseph Salmonte 3 aylar önce
Can I see a show of plans please? I just wanna see how many fools believe this crap.
Joseph Salmonte
Joseph Salmonte 3 aylar önce
@Azuri e That's one. Lol
Azuri e
Azuri e 3 aylar önce
salty much?
stephen thomas
stephen thomas Aylar önce
i am a true seeker of our true origans . and where we came from . but my only beef is that we are spending trillions on nasa exploration ' rockets andHIGH tech for the unknown insted of feeeding all of our starving on our planet. just dominance of power and control by errogants is unexeptabe. we are here and now. they. need get real lay off the moon. and feed our poeple on earth before they feed poeple on the moon. now it is control of space. they do not care about us. and thats sad . thaNK U.
michael cavanaugh
michael cavanaugh 2 aylar önce
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
That's not music. That's NOISE!
alegendsock Aylar önce
1:39 ha, TOYOTA let's go places
Ivan Dolloso
Ivan Dolloso Aylar önce
JAPANASA Agency Launch Moon Survey Around Moon Many Base NASA INSFRASTRUCTOR Operation 2007.
Kevin Paris
Kevin Paris 3 aylar önce
Anyone would make me happy now.?!!
Steve Mcloughlin
Steve Mcloughlin Aylar önce
Jo Ho
Jo Ho Aylar önce
Good tea 😁
Amanda 3 aylar önce
Funny how both Nasa and Noah start with N
Sharon Waters
Sharon Waters 2 aylar önce
It's funnier that NASA has a little horn protruding out of the side of the emblem. Always a horn
Azuri e
Azuri e 3 aylar önce
dont ever breed my dude... please
Michael Lazaar
Michael Lazaar 2 aylar önce
NASA isn't going anywhere.
Michael Lazaar
Michael Lazaar 2 aylar önce
@RodneyJ Hackenflash ........and that's it, no more. It's called low Earth orbit. My comment is in reply to the video's title. NASA is not going to the moon, now or ever so I'don't know how I'm wrong.
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
Wrong! NASA has gone 300 miles up.
MrTruemassa 2 aylar önce
it is all misinformatoin
Movement Encouraged Fitness
On earth we look normal. On the moon we look like aliens invading another planet.
CosmosHFA88 Savant
CosmosHFA88 Savant Aylar önce
Running out of cheese ?
Peca Vulić
Peca Vulić Aylar önce
lie,liers....lies endlles lies....
Dimicrats Suucckk
Dimicrats Suucckk 2 aylar önce
zoltan szabo
zoltan szabo 3 aylar önce
Luis jose Soto espinoza
Ay mucho ke ablar y sy kesy
Jim Bodeen
Jim Bodeen 2 aylar önce
ET’s told us not to come back, why are we provoking them by returning??
virtual world construction
NASA you never went to the moon and still haven't gone.
Elektrokinesis 2 aylar önce
@Luke Skywodka the beam does spread to about a mile in width, but it's not going to reflect off the surface enough to be detectable by a ground based station on Earth. It's quite obvious that you don't know a whole lot about lasers if you think the bean is coming back from hitting the surface. The lunar surface is too random and will scatter the light, not to mention that this reflector is located on the bright side of the moon which is reflecting the broad spectrum light from the sun. You only need to get a few photons back from the reflector to be able to measure the time of travel between light pulses. The chances of getting a perfectly aimed usable reflection from a spot on the surface are very very very close to zero.
Luke Skywodka
Luke Skywodka 2 aylar önce
@Elektrokinesis If you aim a laser at the moon, how far will the beam be spread from the earth to the moon by then? And how are you going to hit a 1 square meter plate with that scatter? Exactly, not at all! The lunar surface itself reflects the grueling rest, and you revel in the crap.
virtual world construction
@EL Chapo China can't make the balls for ballpoint pens and the people live in cement tombs
virtual world construction
who cares about that plagiarist shill Einstein?
virtual world construction
@Elektrokinesis link to that? I think not.
BennyCFD 3 aylar önce
Hmmmm................Spending billions on a barren moon for what. For that amount of money you can feed a lot of people.
RodneyJ Hackenflash
RodneyJ Hackenflash 2 aylar önce
But it is feeding a lot of people; all those NASA Moon landing hoaxers.
Decton 3 aylar önce
Mainly research and materials.. probably and also welcome to the society we live in! We could solve most problems without corrupt elections and diplomats and more thoughtful people.
travis1286 3 aylar önce
Main reason would be to mine the minerals necessary to build all the renewable crap to replace fossil fuels. There’s not enough of them on earth and people are starting to notice…
peedee 3 aylar önce
All to satisfy a load of smug, scientific egos. It's all very well building things on the Moon, but isn't there lot higher risk of meteor/asteroid impact there? Maybe a missile defence system against them?
Gareth de-Witt
Gareth de-Witt 2 aylar önce
So the Chinese and Russians can’t make a claim on it
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