Why Johnny Depp's Lawyer Camille Vasquez Got Emotional During Amber Heard Trial

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Johnny Depp's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, joined Access Daily’s Mario Lopez in her first one-on-one exclusive TV interview to talk about the trial and her newfound fame. The southern California native worked with Johnny on his defamation trial for over four years and shared her reaction to being a role model. Camille teared up while saying she met a young girl who was pulled out of school to meet her and explained how she hopes continue to work and inspire young Latina girls for years to come.




22 Haz 2022




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Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick Aylar önce
If there's anything good amber heard has done, it was her helping show the world what a truly strong, smart ,and independent woman really looks like- and that incredibly admirable woman is Camille vasquez!
Emma Kirsch
Emma Kirsch 11 gün önce
i was boutta go off on you until i read the last part 😅
Shareandheal aftertrauma
hansen awww ur so welcomed.
Rocky Evans
Rocky Evans 22 gün önce
Are you a big Amber guy, Jeanette? I'm more hero than zero, if ya feel me
Jeannette Jacyk
Jeannette Jacyk 22 gün önce
@Cool Hand Joyce 0j
yokvinden Aylar önce
Classy, warm, intelligent, down to earth woman. Truly a rolemodel.
Bobbi Cat
Bobbi Cat 14 gün önce
Latina or not it doesn’t matter this is a woman all women can look up too ! My daughters who are as white as wonder bread are Camille’s biggest fans next to their mom.
Chris Pellicci
Chris Pellicci 25 gün önce
A total class act, especially for young women 👏 👌 🙌. Judge Judy once said, beauty fades but brains stick around
Jirka Kadoch
Jirka Kadoch Aylar önce
@yuoop noke iiiiiiiio
The Amber Heard Playlist!!
Come over here and see this content whereI I have got a transcribed recording from the 7th day of the trial, of Johnny Depp chasing Amber Heard with a blade
babY liSa
babY liSa Aylar önce
this woman came out of nowhere, at a time when we all really needed her…. she is intelligent, savvy, humble, & on-point with her style in both clothing & character… she has left us a lasting impression we can be proud of🌹
Woman 66
Woman 66 Aylar önce
I agree especially the clothes. She proves you can dress in style without being in poor taste! Women don’t want to be objectified but dress like provocative
Victoria Cox
Victoria Cox Aylar önce
@#PrisonForJohnnyDepp trying to get to you to see this recording?how?
-Come over here and see this content whereI I have got a transcribed recording from the 7th day of the trial, of Johnny Depp chasing Amber Heard with a blade
Weird Desk
Weird Desk Aylar önce
How rare it is that someone can be so truly deserving of such admiration and praise as I see here. In this age of shallow social media influencers and celebs behaving badly, how refreshing it is to see Camille Vasquez burst into public awareness as a role model and inspiration for attributes that matter.
Emma Jayet
Emma Jayet 28 gün önce
- Amber Heard trial- day 7, Johnny tormenting Amber with a shank! I Have iT- Only me-With Sound enhanced
Weird Desk
Weird Desk Aylar önce
@Lola Lolaa Lola, your naively conceived question misses the point, as does your attempt at twisting my words.
Lola Lolaa
Lola Lolaa Aylar önce
Behaving badly In what way? No one has to live according to your standard of what’s right or wrong.
MateoPapiChulo Aylar önce
It's so refreshing to see a Latina who is getting so much praise and admiration. Not only for her beauty, but her intelligence, grace, success and confidence. Anyone who watched the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial can agree that Vasquez was total rockstar. So happy for her and wish her plenty of success to come.
T. Elizabeth
T. Elizabeth 3 gün önce
@Danielle Hayes AOC, Rita Moreno, JLO, Judge Pirro, Judge Milan ECT I actually could go on all day 😂
Danielle Hayes
Danielle Hayes 27 gün önce
@Sofia Loren I have not seen but one, if any Hispanic women getting any kind of praise to be honest. If you have, please refresh my memory and name them, please 😂
MateoPapiChulo Aylar önce
@Sofia Loren????
Sofia Loren
Sofia Loren Aylar önce
Am I the only one who has seen the other Hispanic women out there getting praise? Just me?? So confusing.
Danielle Hayes
Danielle Hayes Aylar önce
Yes it truly is a blessing. I'm white/Indian woman and I have 4 Hispanic sisters. They're not blood but their family took me in and fed me a lot when my mom was on her death bed many times when I was a very young girl. So I love when I see very inspirational role models who are Hispanic/Latina, who are beautiful on the inside and out as well as they have been given the chance and they took that chance and made something of themselves becoming as professional as one can become in America. I love it. I adore it because I will never forget how much my Hispanic family was there for me when they didn't have to be. And they still are. 25 years later and if I need help of any kind, although I stayed in Alabama and 2 moved back to Texas and the other 2 sisters moved back to their home in Jal, New Mexico, they will still always be 1 phone call away for me and they help me with absolutely anything at any time I might need help. I'm a single mom raising my son wlone without his father's help at all and so they help me when I get in between pay checks due to bills and stuff and when the times in between those paychecks, get really hard. I love seeing how Camille is such a beautiful inspiration. Not to just to the Latinas here in America, but she is a beautiful woman on the inside & on the outside. She is truly a beautiful, wonderful and an amazing inspiration and one hell of a role model FOR ALL WOMEN, (IN GENERAL), ALL OVER THE WORLD 🌎🌍
Bast Aylar önce
Camille Vasquez is everything Amber Heard wishes she could be. A true inspiration and role for women.
T. Elizabeth
T. Elizabeth 3 gün önce
@Jordan samuel Well in the OP defense, her client did uplift her career on some level. I bet she has won hundreds of cases in her career but nobody noticed until her team represented Johnny Depp and won. Suddenly overnight they have fame and fortune now.
Jordan samuel
Jordan samuel 14 gün önce
@Jishnu Chatterjee her expertise and proficiency at her job uplifted her legal career, not hugging Johnny Depp.
S DAVIS 17 gün önce
@Jishnu Chatterjee oh really is that what she did? So…..Ben Chew hugged him multiple times, did he use JD as well? Please, and I’m being nice here, get a serious grip on reality. He had a damn good TEAM, that by nature would cost bucks, and have a good relationship with their client. It is NOT not not her fault that the media went crazy on her. That’s her fault? Um, no….ya didn’t think this one through. I’m being nice.
Jishnu Chatterjee
Jishnu Chatterjee 17 gün önce
What sort of lawyer hugs her client , just for money or using her client 's celebrity status to uplift her legal career
vaskylark Aylar önce
Best thing to come out of that trial, Camille Vasquez!
Married-Wit-Children & a Dog!
She’s genuine and her honesty just shines through her. She touches my heart with her warmth.
luann decosta
luann decosta Aylar önce
She is such a class act. Truly an inspiration for the rest of us in the profession.
Brooke Maley
Brooke Maley Aylar önce
Ok, this is my fave comment. I love this. Oh I agree. She's beautiful❤️❤️ and knowledgeable. Has grt experiences under her belt. I wld call Camille a wonderfully noble woman. Yes, she's crazy awesome and I'd love to work with her or go out and just have fun one day. I think she's the biggest blessing. Thank u for this. U inspired me of what u wrote. Thank u.
Davids Aylar önce
@Demon Rouge Jesus loves you
Demon Rouge
Demon Rouge Aylar önce
Really. If all lawyers had values like her the world would be a great place.
Caroline Doonan
Caroline Doonan Aylar önce
Their parents must be so proud and damn should be. Camille is the definition of a role model. Take note Amber ✌🏻 lots of love and respect for you Camille. ❤️❤️❤️
Kathleen Hussein
Kathleen Hussein 20 gün önce
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Aylar önce
She is incredibly classy and a great role model for young girls. She did an amazing job along with the rest of the team.
Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan 24 gün önce
I absolutely love this interview and love her attitude. The mother who took her daughter out of school to see her was completely right. There really aren’t a lot of good female role models out there. Celebrities nowadays, in general, really are not people to look up to. Camille Vasquez is the perfect example of what a hard working badass looks like. I’m not even a girl and I look up to her. And it’s refreshing to see her get this kind of recognition that she very well deserves.
Elizabeth Stevens
Elizabeth Stevens Aylar önce
When she said, paraphrased, "I became an inspiration for just doing my job". That is what is so impressive about her. She literally was just doing her job, she wasn't chasing the celebrity lifestyle as so many young people do today, who somehow end up famous with no actual talent to speak of. She is one "celebrity" you can point out to your child and say "look at what you can be if you work hard at school, you can really make a difference".
Emma Jayet
Emma Jayet 28 gün önce
@Rocky Evans righteo
Rocky Evans
Rocky Evans 28 gün önce
@Emma Jayet I don't have a strong opinion, I made an observation and I stand by what I've said. Ben has not been photographed nonstop in public the way Camille has since this whole silly thing. You are entirely ridiculous lol
Emma Jayet
Emma Jayet 28 gün önce
@Idontknowyou Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!.... again! Lol
Emma Jayet
Emma Jayet 28 gün önce
@Rocky Evans then don't comment!! It is entirely ridiculous to have such a strong opinion when you have nothing to back it up on because as you just said, you don't care enough to do your research! 🙄🤦‍♀️
Emma Jayet
Emma Jayet 28 gün önce
@Idontknowyou thank you! Exactly what I was thinking! I mean, Ben certainly isn't 'prince charming' but he was just as loved as Camille, if not more!
Brad Harrison
Brad Harrison Aylar önce
What an incredible person. A wonderful woman that is everything Amber Heard could never be. Camille is not just a role model for young women, but all young people who believe in doing whats right and achieving your goals through education and hard work. When you see male barristers (senior lawyers) choke up with pride that a wonderful (dare I say beautiful) female lawyer epitomised the legal fraternity, you know she is special. The best thing to come out of that trial. Respect from Australia.
Janna Smith
Janna Smith Aylar önce
Camille is something great that came out of all this. A woman who is a role model to young girls everywhere. Seeing how touched and emotional she was speaking about the mom and her daughter and other people who have reached out to her, was beautiful. It really shows how special she truly is! She seems like a wonderful woman! Go Camille! You deserve all of the recognition you are receiving! Congratulations on making partner!
Shirley Cimino
Shirley Cimino Aylar önce
And .
Emily An
Emily An Aylar önce
She literally made me tear up lol she truly deserves all the recognitions and praise she gets!!
Emerson Rose
Emerson Rose Aylar önce
She is just a wonderful, heart warming and genuinely kind person and it comes across in this interview! You can not fake that! She got got thrust into the spotlight and yet she’s still humble and reserved!
Brooke Maley
Brooke Maley Aylar önce
I rlly love that abt Camille. She is extremely humble and so sweet in the limelight. Camille u r awesome. We all think so. May yr career and any career in the future take off for u. U r such a blessing to us. I think so. Beautiful lady, awh.
nicole hines
nicole hines Aylar önce
She’s a triple threat. Beautiful, Strong, Intelligent, also humble n kind. She is an inspiration.
Queen OfHearts
Queen OfHearts Aylar önce
@Urukosh ! stop spamming the comments section
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! Aylar önce
Wrong title. It should be: Why Camille Vasquez Got TOO Emotional. Everyone had some emotions in that trial and it is okay to an extend as long as you can differentiated because otherwise it is very unprofessional. I was so mad when Camille was rambling on and on instead of exhausting Amber on questions that Amber struggles so hard with. Instead, Camille saved Amber by asking the next question without even waiting for a proper response. Disgusting to watch such a small fragile emotional women get so hyped and lied to when she went very unprofessional there.
Show Me Your Kitties
And a Latina!
KEY EAST Aylar önce
Um Miss nicole, miss nicole, those are 5 threats
Fading World
Fading World Aylar önce
@ᛋᛁᛒᛅᛋᛏᛁᛅᚾ that's for sure...that's for dang sure 🤣
David A
David A Aylar önce
Ms. Vasquez caught my attention for being so brilliant in the trial, but it's her sincerity and humanity that continues to move me so much. She's a shining example for women AND men everywhere. Great interview!!
James Everall
James Everall Aylar önce
It's so genuinely refreshing to see young women to have such an exceptional role model to aspire to. In a wretched social media world, Camile has been such a breath of fresh air. We need more role models like this, for both women and men.
Nighat Rana
Nighat Rana Aylar önce
This interview was so heart warming 💓 thank you for showing this side of Camille 🙏
April Wygant
April Wygant Aylar önce
I’m not Latino but I think she is an inspiration for many young ladies! Even me! I’m an artist but it’s very true, if you work hard your dreams can come true! Her heart makes Camille the true definition of a super hero!!
Sara Flint
Sara Flint Aylar önce
This is a REAL female role model- the complete opposite of Heard. She seems warm and personable but sophisticated, articulate, and professional. She is fair and just does her job. It's great that she's getting this recognition. She deserves it for standing up for justice. All males and females could learn some important lessons from her.
Diana Cuevas
Diana Cuevas Aylar önce
Ifka Aylar önce
Facts ❤️
karma leglass
karma leglass Aylar önce
A humble woman in so many respects. I am proud of her. Watched her do what she does best and she displayed that many times. A job well, well, well, well done. Thank you Camille and your team , inspiration does not describe your utmost respect, humility and morals. I cannot imagine the amount of pride her parents feel.
Virginia knighten
Virginia knighten Aylar önce
She’s the nicest, sweetest person ever and she has me in tears.
Jason Waters
Jason Waters Aylar önce
Great interview. I was so inspired by Camille Vasquez watching this trial -- great that it turned out the world sees that too. Camille Vasquez is the true feminist and true inspiration for latinas and women everyone and really anyone who wants to do a great job to make the world a better place.
Mama B
Mama B Aylar önce
Such a good, strong, role model. Congratulations to her parents for raising two professionals, a doctor and a lawyer. I’m sure they’re very proud, as they should be.
juan sanchez
juan sanchez Aylar önce
I wholeheartedly agree with everything that’s been said about Ms. Vasquez. What fascinated me about her was how she was able to use Ms. Heard’s own words against her time and time again. She was part of a great team effort. I think Ms. Vasquez and the rest of the lawyers were simply too much for the opposing side. They were excellent fact checkers.
John Henry
John Henry Aylar önce
She is a amazing person. Camille Vasquez is an inspiration not only to young Latina women and girls, but also everyone that was lucky enough to see her work. She has laid a solid corner stone for her career. I can’t wait to see how far she takes it. 👍
Renea West
Renea West Aylar önce
A true role model for all women and especially Latina women. Thank you, Camille for being your smart, classy, humble, kind, beautiful self. You are truly the star of this trial. We love you!
Demon Rouge
Demon Rouge Aylar önce
This was an excellent interview. I loved the pride and the realness of both the interviewer and Camille. She had a right to be proud of herself and her family. Great work mom and dad. We love you all. Thank you for proving you can be a good person and be successful at the same time. It’s so great to see and it’s beautiful that Camille has inspired so many.
Mina O
Mina O Aylar önce
“My parents said to my sister and me we want you to be professionals, we’re not leaving you with a lot but we are leaving you with your education.” Great job raising two successful daughters Mr and Mrs Vasquez.
Vuyani Nhlanzi Zibashise
@MsPinkCrusader And her education fooled everyone…but you, right?
Testcit sl
Testcit sl Aylar önce
Exactly what my parents have always told me and my sister while growing up ..
FartN'Loud Aylar önce
The best gift you can give your kids is an education and guide them to follow the right path. Sure, you can leave them millions of dollars, but means nothing without education or growth. Just a spoiled kid.
Alison Pendlebury-Brown
I think her parents left her and her sister a hell of a lot more than education, they gave them love and a great upbringing which will always be with them and is just as meaningful as the education.
I absolutely adore Camile and how professional she remains regardless of her growth. She has a huge futire ahead of her
Cheryl Ann Fletcher
She's definitely earned by her respect by years of hard work. She also obtained a great stance of defense at an early age. She is one incredible woman!
kathy morel perez
kathy morel perez Aylar önce
I Love Mario Lopez, I love how he made Camille Laugh and lighten up the mood when he noticed as the interviewer that she was getting emotional. Great Interviewing technique. Great Job Camille Vasquez for being such a great role model for young and little girls in the latino community who lack true, hard working, respectful, with great morals and home values in a latina woman.
Nicole Groves
Nicole Groves Aylar önce
She seems like such a beautiful soul and she really, truly deserves every bit of good fortune that comes her way!
raMmpage18 Aylar önce
All of them were saying she's a good role model to young girls. I'm a 40-year old man and she inspired me to do my job. She is an epitome of intelligence and true beauty inside and out and an inspiration not just to young girls but to all men and women of all ages. Wish her all the best and may she continue inspiring people of this generation and generations to come. 👍👍👍
Brianna D
Brianna D Aylar önce
I agree! I’m 25 and she’s a role model of mine
Mara C
Mara C Aylar önce
Absolutly. Great for you 👏🏽👌🏽
yokvinden Aylar önce
so so true. x
1972unlimited Aylar önce
Amen 👍
A Slater
A Slater Aylar önce
Yes, she’s a good role model for anyone I think
C Aylar önce
Still so professional in every way not just in court and the fact that she finds it touching being an inspiration is so genuine. Set for life this girl
Rene W
Rene W Aylar önce
Thank you Camille for being so dedicated in your work! You were the best Attorney Johnny could have had! You have a good heart!❤🌹 And we are absolutely so happy for Johnny Depp! 🎉🎉
Ashley Yelton
Ashley Yelton Aylar önce
Love Camille and Ben!! They fought with their whole hearts it wasn't just a job it was her friend. Johnny deserved to win thank God he did. Amber is evil and Amber is a sore loser and won't stop no matter what. She's petty and I feel sorry for her child. Camille is sophisticated and has a great pure soul. I hope to see more of her and what she can do. I hope Johnny gets his role back if he wants it or something even better. 💜
Holli Thomas
Holli Thomas Aylar önce
This is the thing that makes me happy, I love seeing people get famous for working hard and doing great at their job. So refreshing
Elizabeth Gongora
Elizabeth Gongora Aylar önce
I so agree with Mario that Camille is not just a role model to young girls but to all women. I also agree with Mario that there are not many professional Latina role models out there and when Camille took center stage in court she showed all women of all ages that yes, you can have a great career if you work hard at it and prove yourself you can be anything you want. Camille is very humbling and she loves what she does, wonderful young lady.
Queen OfHearts
Queen OfHearts Aylar önce
@Age of echo chambers ! was there a reason for this comment or u just wanted to say something- completely irrelevant and uneeded
Peter Green
Peter Green Aylar önce
Camille is an example to everybody, male and female.
MsPinkCrusader Aylar önce
Oh my god, she is the worst Camille? That Camille who is calls on stand Johnny the abuser.. the only time she said the truth when she slips. A role model? Who is she kidding? Herself? Hahahaa. You know he f beat her up.. and you protect and cuddle this drunk abuser wife beater Depp. I am sorry, yucks i can see through you
Roger Pr
Roger Pr Aylar önce
I second that!
pedro6720 Aylar önce
Not to just woman in general. She’s an inspiration for any person that thought working hard is lame and was never gonna lead you to any the Ing but devastation. She’s an example of doing what you gotta do, doing with good intentions and then enjoying your pay and a positive results given you did your best
TheAndreaOhh Aylar önce
She is absolutely an inspiration and amazing role model to little girls. Also, for women, to be a strong woman, but kind also and with great morals.
Lori Ann Berti
Lori Ann Berti Aylar önce
She amazes me from helping a person on an airplane but the most memorable moment were the closing statements of JD’s Defamation case. I watched a lot of live trial but when I couldn’t I checked out a law network. She’s is an inspiration to so many. Camille never stop what you’re doing you’re amazing! Congratulations to you. And as far as rumors I/We know the person JD is he just cares whether he was a celebrity or not I feel he would have moved the wire from your phone or greet you and your staff with a 🤗 hug. Nice interview best wishes to your future!
Rose Black
Rose Black Aylar önce
Mario what a wonderful interview, inspiring. I would like to praise you on your comments about not just Latino women but all women can be inspired by Camille Vasquez. Beautiful to show your daughter & all young women who watched this interview that someone who looks like her is capable of achieving everything they work for & at the same them keeping their morals & ethics intact. Being a strong proud Latino women, that will help bring other women up!!! Looks like with you being her Daddy teaching by example this is will be in your daughter's bright future.
Kristy Barker
Kristy Barker Aylar önce
She did a fantastic job in that court room. She deserves to make partner. Kudos, Camille.
Renee Slarve
Renee Slarve Aylar önce
Camille, a strong inspiration who does her job beautifully, and has integrity, for all people. It was a pleasure to watch you being a lawyer, you do it so well.
Dawn Day
Dawn Day Aylar önce
Just love Camille ❤️! She is a rock star! I'm so proud of her. Camille absolutely deserves the promotion she received. Best of luck in life, Camille!
Petra Kleine
Petra Kleine Aylar önce
Not only did her parents a good job by raising a doctor and a lawyer but also how camille turned out as a kind,respectfull smart woman to is something to be very proud of
Nancy Coelho
Nancy Coelho Aylar önce
I love her...what a refreshing feeling seeing someone as inspirational as her
Mia Alatorre
Mia Alatorre Aylar önce
She made me tear up… she is genuine. I couldn’t feel anything when Amber gave her testimony.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Kimberly Santos
Kimberly Santos Aylar önce
Mia me too❤️
Goliath broodia
Goliath broodia Aylar önce
Right so that is what was creepy. Sue them.
4278mary Aylar önce
So true. Amber had a deep underlying sense of anger in her persona. She acts like she is so much better than everyone else and I believe her so called philanthropy is just fake.
Sorobei Aylar önce
I am a 74 year-old Latino doctor and I am very proud of this young lawyer. Congratulations!
JimmyRJump Aylar önce
Her beauty and appeal are contained in the way she stays humble and restricted. She's a wondeful human being because she has the readiness to bite when necessary and at the same time draw affection like the cute kitty she is. I hope she'll have a great future as a lawyer.
Eva Ramirez
Eva Ramirez Aylar önce
Amazing Camille. I couldn't help but get teary eyed myself when she spoke on being an inspiration to other young latinas.
Terinjim Aylar önce
I tell you that when I first saw Camille Vasquez and seen how she conducted herself and pretty much watched her demeanor, how she talked that I could tell she is a very smart young woman and down to earth and after watching this interview I was right. I'm glad she was chosen to help represent Johnny Depp and was able to defend him and bring out the truth and win the defamation lawsuit. I'm happy for Camille and the team also happy that she is now partner with the lawfirm. I wish Camille a bright and Happy successful Career. God bless her!
cXn John
cXn John Aylar önce
I'm a 38 year old man and she had me crying, such a genuine person, full of love and emotion and inspiration for not just Latina women, but for all women and also for men, showing everyone what the power of honesty and integrity, unfaltering pursuit of truth can do.
@D -Come over here and see this content whereI I have got a transcribed recording from the 7th day of the trial, of Johnny Depp chasing Amber Heard with a blade
D Aylar önce
@Ismael Soto based
caroline john
caroline john Aylar önce
Another Southern Cover Up
Ladies and Gentlemen….this is what brilliants, beauty and grace looks like. What an absolute gem. I’m so very proud of you Camille ♥️
Nelida Padilla
Nelida Padilla Aylar önce
I'm so glad I found this interview, watched the whole thing with a smile on my face 🥰😊 Camille, you're lovely!
PriscillaW Aylar önce
Miss. Vasquez is so pleasant. I think the best part of this whole interview is that she mentioned her mother. She is so lucky to have hers. She is a smart talented lawyer. Congratulations to her on partnership. She so deservers it.
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Aylar önce
She is the best!! brings tears to my eyes so honest and real. A true hero!! Thank you Camille
Krishna Satram
Krishna Satram Aylar önce
Camille is the type of person any parent would want their daughter to aspire to be. She deserves all the good & wonderful things that have happened to her because of her hard work and dedication. The irony here is that AH wants, needs and expedted fame, attention, admiration and love from the public as a result of the trial, yet Camille is the one who emerged with all of that. You gotta love that.
Krishna Satram
Krishna Satram 20 gün önce
@Michea Santos That's awesome, We were raised the same way.
Krystyna Gaglio
Krystyna Gaglio Aylar önce
Michea Santos
Michea Santos Aylar önce
Los hispanos somos así, mayormente; adoramos a nuestros hijos, los apoyamos pero también los corregimos. Eso es valor familiar.
Kenneth Slone
Kenneth Slone Aylar önce
I agree with this statement. Camille Vasquez is everything Amber Heard wishes she could be. A true inspiration and role for women.
Nancy Young
Nancy Young Aylar önce
LadyDiTn 123
LadyDiTn 123 Aylar önce
Love Camille! She is such a beautiful , smart, amazing inspiration to girls every where! So many people around the world are so proud of her!
V Gray
V Gray Aylar önce
Loved this interview for many reasons. The future looks bright - thank you Mario for your down-to-earth interview. Kindred spirits.
Barbie Aylar önce
She was really just exceptional. She did amazing. Never missed a beat. I was shockingly surprised. Thank you Camille. ❤
Kim Ede
Kim Ede Aylar önce
Camille is a class act! I'm so thankful that Johnny Depp found her to represent him. She did an extraordinary job. It's obvious she is a genuine person.
Merry Prewitt
Merry Prewitt Aylar önce
She is soooo refreshing!!! An absolute perfect role model! My daughter wants to be like her! Thank you Camille God bless her future 🙏❤️🙏❤️
Lawyers Cariocas / Cariocas Advogados
A great team of Lawyers and you could see everyone dedicated and interacting at work. Camille Vasques, when entering the game, conveyed tenderness, credibility and competence, removing mask from the plot and "AH" collapsed.
Flo G
Flo G Aylar önce
She is amazing. Our world need more people like this!
Sergio J. Rodriguez
Camille is a breath of fresh air to the Kardashians and those alike. She brings center to what we should admire and strive to be. Not from these narcissistic and no talent "celebrities". But those who are truly gifted and dedicated to do right. Those who offer kindness and grace.
Shirley Cimino
Shirley Cimino Aylar önce
@Green T. Bi Bi . Mlm no bi bi hu 347 6 yuh and I am yet
Shirley Cimino
Shirley Cimino Aylar önce
@Green T and I 4 ew5 . By rcf bnb.
Shirley Cimino
Shirley Cimino Aylar önce
Brad Harrison
Brad Harrison Aylar önce
You nailed it brother.
Green T
Green T Aylar önce
@Sergio J. Rodriguez No, you make no sense. You keep talking about who is not connected to this at all and yet people expect her to comment? Why? Is her opinion that important?
Gvesin Aylar önce
Great interview Mario, Camille is such a great role model for our young children . We need more women like her
Marie Martina
Marie Martina Aylar önce
I love Camille!! Strong, confident with a heart.
YouDon't KnowMe
YouDon't KnowMe Aylar önce
I wanted to be a lawyer, I was even going to school, but after having met my pathological narcissistic sociopath, and her destroying my life, I would never want to battle someone like that. They are a different breed. I have three in my life and I never would have been able to get up there like she did. She's my hero, my favorite part of the whole child was where she had to annunciate and I couldn't have been more proud of her ❤️❤️❤️
meg Aylar önce
Jamyang Tsultrim
Jamyang Tsultrim Aylar önce
What a inspirational and thoughtful, sweet lady! She will be great role model for so many young woman out there.
Jamie Crawford
Jamie Crawford Aylar önce
That was a beautiful interview. Camille is as genuine as they come. You just can’t get any better than that. She is humble, sincere, intelligent, family oriented, empathetic and down right gorgeous. She is most definitely the star that shown in that trial. May her new partnership with the firm last for many years, be exciting and prosperous!
Ashley Morgan
Ashley Morgan Aylar önce
No doubt!
Studio Terrible
Studio Terrible Aylar önce
The FULL Amber Heard interview: trvid.com/video/video-4tg2NPHX098.html -
MissJeanie59 Aylar önce
Camille is an inspiration to everyone, really. Do the right thing.
palmiirraa Aylar önce
She's so amazing ❤️ I'm so happy for her, she's very deserving, I'm excited to see her in the years to come 😊
Daisy Sky
Daisy Sky Aylar önce
I had nothing but smiles watching this. As a Latina myself I’m so proud that a hardworking woman like this can still be so beautiful inside and out and just a great representation of women who work hard and stand their ground. Love it!
Jyoti Kalita
Jyoti Kalita 11 gün önce
This Lady is striking! I went through the court proceedings and all I have is admiration for her! Absolute Gem !
Eversick Aylar önce
Camille Vasquez is such an awesome person! She fights hard for truth and justice! You can see just how proud her mother is of her, the same way that we all are.
Geneva8181 Aylar önce
@Jelena Ok Amber, let it go !!
Yarden Gali
Yarden Gali Aylar önce
​@Urukosh ! Speaking of " too"...too much videogaming must have fried your brain
Stela Kovach
Stela Kovach Aylar önce
@Jelena Lawyers have the right to decide whether they will accept a case and a certain client to defend. And they always do exercise this right: They do select who they will defend!
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! Aylar önce
Wrong title. It should be: Why Camille Vasquez Got TOO Emotional. Everyone had some emotions in that trial and it is okay to an extend as long as you can differentiated because otherwise it is very unprofessional. I was so mad when Camille was rambling on and on instead of exhausting Amber on questions that Amber struggles so hard with. Instead, Camille saved Amber by asking the next question without even waiting for a proper response. Disgusting to watch such a small fragile emotional women get so hyped and lied to when she went very unprofessional there.
Jax999 barny
Jax999 barny Aylar önce
What a woman 👏👏👏👏❤️
carrie thompson
carrie thompson Aylar önce
I LOVE how genuine she is!!! 🥰🥰she is truly passionate in what she does and you can tell she loves her family. I just love her!!🥰
Dolores Williams
Dolores Williams Aylar önce
Camille is a good person with morals which was thought to her by her parents She is a good soul with a big heart and a true and good friends to Johnny We all love and respect you for who you are and such a caring person congratulation to you and many blessing in all that you do
Ana S
Ana S 8 saatler önce
Loved this interviewer! What a really nice and genuine interview, thank you! Loved to see this
D Walker
D Walker Aylar önce
Shes a lovely person. Down to earth. Excellent lawyer.
Loredana Sporeanu
Loredana Sporeanu Aylar önce
This is the way you give an interview. I am in tears, i don't know why but i find this interview really touching, especially when she is speaking about being an inspiration.
Cheryl Jenner
Cheryl Jenner Aylar önce
I was touched and cried as well .. she gives off the feeling that she is a very genuine person and just a sincere, good person.
Bast Aylar önce
She’s authentic and genuine. When you put her side by side with Amber, it’s obvious what a phony person Amber truly is.
Mia Kœnig
Mia Kœnig Aylar önce
She seems beautiful inside and out. Her parents should be so proud of both girls.
Michael Khoury
Michael Khoury Aylar önce
Total respect for Camille Vasquez 🙏🏼
Gregory Aylar önce
Beautiful, educated, intelligent Woman. She's the real deal.
InnaMoskorina Aylar önce
What a sweet young woman. I just love how humble yet proud and kind she is. This is wonderful.
Ifka Aylar önce
She’s a hardworking amazing woman. We love you Camille and the other awesome lawyers with Johnny Depp who helped out throughout this confusing case-♥️🌹
Happy Wife
Happy Wife Aylar önce
I don't see Camille as a Latina, I see her as a lawyer. I'm proud she's an inspiration to Latin Americans, but I'm also proud that she was on her game as a woman. Congratulations to Camille, job well done. God bless.
Leilex A
Leilex A Aylar önce
That's funny bc she sees herself as Latina. And that's what matters. She mentions it a lot. What a weird statement 😕
Love my Chi23
Love my Chi23 Aylar önce
@Fading World 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Fading World
Fading World Aylar önce
@Love my Chi23 She's a Latina. She's a woman. She's a human. She's an inspiration to all.
Love my Chi23
Love my Chi23 Aylar önce
But she is Latina. It’s a big deal.
Iwant Abetterworld
Iwant Abetterworld Aylar önce
Amazing woman. Great job Camille! You’re down to earth and your heart ifs very kind. Nice for girls off all races to have inspiration.
The Tufty Clubber
The Tufty Clubber Aylar önce
A brilliant interview. Mario led this beautifully. Camille is so humbled by his comments. She deserves promotion to partner ten-fold.
littlemissterious Aylar önce
I love her.. she's awesome.. she's nailed AH to the ground. More blessings and good fortune to you Ms. Camille Vasquez
Alexandra Cyr
Alexandra Cyr Aylar önce
CONGRATULATIONS CAMILLE, All the best in your future endeavors. You are an inspiration for young women.
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick Aylar önce
Camille vasquez is truly an inspiration to all women. Wish her more success in thr future. Great role model for latinas.
Kim Weaver
Kim Weaver Aylar önce
She is a great role model for all girls of any background!!!
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! Aylar önce
Wrong title. It should be: Why Camille Vasquez Got TOO Emotional. Everyone had some emotions in that trial and it is okay to an extend as long as you can differentiated because otherwise it is very unprofessional. I was so mad when Camille was rambling on and on instead of exhausting Amber on questions that Amber struggles so hard with. Instead, Camille saved Amber by asking the next question without even waiting for a proper response. Disgusting to watch such a small fragile emotional women get so hyped and lied to when she went very unprofessional there.
Will Speed
Will Speed Aylar önce
Think about this Amber Heard will spend her whole life riding off the backs of men. It she can't even stop now. And that lady is her, independent and being herself
Ivan Karamazov
Ivan Karamazov Aylar önce
Imagine a woman who's very smart, very beautiful, rich, self made, down to earth and doesn't hate men ( well, probably loves them, as one should love every other human being ) Yeah, you got that right, it's Camille.
Don S
Don S Aylar önce
For many women all around the world! Even all the way here in South Africa. 🤩
Bristalluv xo
Bristalluv xo Aylar önce
Camille is such an inspiration! She makes me want to get my degree in criminal law now! I'm currently getting my bachelors in criminal justice and recently have been recruited into the police academy. I love that we have the same last name 😅 we vasquez are making it happen♡
Bristalluv xo
Bristalluv xo Aylar önce
@Brooke Maley I will sure keep going!♡ and thank you for the support! Have a blessing day 🙌
Brooke Maley
Brooke Maley Aylar önce
Omgosh go for it. U r going to be grt. I'll support u all the way. Nice.
L&D Bros Flooring Services
Amazing interview. Camille did an excellent job representing Johnny.
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
She literally made me tear up lol she truly deserves all the recognitions and praise she gets!!
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
She literally made me tear up lol she truly deserves all the recognitions and praise she gets!!
Gabe Bolton
Gabe Bolton Aylar önce
What a sweetheart. I love how much attention she’s getting for who she is. Yes she’s beautiful, but who she is and what she stands for is what’s making everyone fall for her.
Marta Sperling
Marta Sperling Aylar önce
Completely the exact opposite of heard!!!! Sad for heard,,, that for all those of us that had never heard of her, will now remember her as a Lier and realize why she had not become an accomplished actress.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Aylar önce
She literally made me tear up lol she truly deserves all the recognitions and praise she gets!!
The Curious Gaming Warlock
I love how this is just a genuine interview and the saved by the bell guy genuinely admires Camille xx
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