Why JFK's Casket Stayed Closed 

Ask a Mortician
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"They have to remember Jack alive."
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Mortician and Writer: Caitlin Doughty
Producer and Writer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1)
Editor & Graphics: Timothy Meier
Thumbnail: Landis Blair (@LandisBlair)
This video was greatly informed by the book “The Death of a President" by the late William Manchester. Since new information has come to light in the past decades, a huge thank you to Stephen Fagin from The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza for your assistance and insight into many of the details in this story.
A portion of this video features The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Thank you to Megan Bryant and the Museum staff for your thoughtful assistance. Learn more about the Museum at www.jfk.org/
Manchester, William
The Death of a President
Little, Brown and Company; reprint edition 2013
The Loved One (1965 film) directed by Tony Richardson based on the book by Evelyn Waugh
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
“Fond Farewells”
“JFK assassiantion - timeline”
“Jackie Kennedy's Secret Service Agent Remembers President Kennedy's Funeral”
“Burial At Sea: The Odyssey of JFK’s Original Casket”
“How Jackie Kennedy Orchestrated The Perfect Funeral”
“Eyewitness to the Autopsy of JFK”
“Funeral Arrangements for John Fitzgerald Kennedy” (Gawler account)
“The woman who forced us to look death in the face”



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Ludoviajante Yıl önce
I just wanted to say that this channel is amazing. Interesting themes with an approach that we rarely see around. Much love from Brazil!
J Lo
J Lo 2 aylar önce
Squirrels are cool
Faustino Cano
Faustino Cano Aylar önce
Every body dies even good men
Cat Mom Marina
Cat Mom Marina 5 aylar önce
The way Jackie was treated throughout the whole process is insane, it's a great example of how we dehumanize public figures even in their most fragile moments.
Newsome24 2 aylar önce
Fragile? She was only with him because of the aftermath of the damage it would have called if she divorced him. He was cheating on her and she knew it. He told Monroe he was going to leave Jacky for her.
Shayne Wheeler
Shayne Wheeler 2 aylar önce
Pine coffins
Megan -
Megan - 6 gün önce
@Newsome24she was literally sat next to him when he was shot in the head, her clothes soaked in his blood. That was her husband, whom she loved. Wtf are you talking about
Tracy Tuten
Tracy Tuten 4 aylar önce
I think Jackie carried out her role as First Lady flawlessly. She did a wonderful job with the funeral for the family and nation.
Jackie 3 aylar önce
My mother studied the Kennedy’s and admired them. I’m named after Jackie Kennedy. I learned of her sacrifice and love for the president as a small child. I can’t imagine her grief and her resolve.
Matt William
Matt William 2 aylar önce
Jackie be pure evil
Abkeda Aylar önce
@Matt William you knew her personally? I think not. Keep your comments to yourself. Just because this is TRvid you don't get to speak ill of the dead.
Matt William
Matt William Aylar önce
@Abkeda I'm sorry to hurt your feelings lol but the deal is I don't care what you think so you should be quiet
KDawg Aylar önce
@Matt William what evidence lead you to that conclusion?
Cthuwu :}
Cthuwu :} 2 aylar önce
I had no idea she had lost a newborn only 3 months before this. I cannot imagine the emotions that woman was going through and what it took to overcome them. Conflicting emotions about Jack’s infidelity, the loss of a child and having all of it play out before the entire nation and world. This truly shows that when it matters, love will always come to the forefront. All those terrible emotions are just pushed away momentarily so that we can love the deepest when needed.
Leigh Nisbett
Leigh Nisbett 4 aylar önce
The moment her husband JFK was shot ,she knew that it was a fatal wound and he wouldn't make it ,she fought to be with him in his last moments of life .The aftermath was possibly the worst moments of her life and the fact that she was there when her husband was shot was permanently imprinted in her mind and the closed casket was possibly to protect their young children .
Steve Upisleeve
Steve Upisleeve 10 gün önce
Yeah, especially when they ( children being as they are ) would have looked at the man in that casket and started shouting, "Who is HE?!? THAT'S NOT DADDY!!" ( Poor Officer Tippet )
Oliver Simon
Oliver Simon 9 gün önce
​@Steve Upisleeve~ yes children are more astute to reality 💥
Ali M’s Beauty
Ali M’s Beauty 2 aylar önce
The thing that no-one ever mentions is how extremely close Jackie was to that fatal shot. Her cheek was against John Kennedy within inches of the bullet . How horrific would that be and how close she came to die herself
Osama Bin Login
Osama Bin Login 2 gün önce
And, indeed, John Connaly was just ahead in the passenger's seat, and caught a bullet that passed through Jack.
roquefortfiles 17 saatler önce
Not with a scope at that range.
Glytch Meister
Glytch Meister Yıl önce
It’s unbelievable they were so insistent on an open casket. The moment he died, he no longer belonged to the people. He stopped being the president. He was Jackie’s husband. Jackie should have had absolute authority the whole time.
master chief
master chief Yıl önce
I opened the casket
presidentce residence
@Mane Event nope....guess again
Mane Event
Mane Event Yıl önce
@presidentce residence Yes, it's a fact
Carol Radovich
Carol Radovich 3 aylar önce
I vividly remember JFK's assassination. I was 13 years old. Your video revealed this horrifying event and its aftermath in fascinating detail. I have difficulty watching films about the assassination but this video was done with sensitivity and compassion.
Christine Bicanic
Christine Bicanic 3 aylar önce
I was in fifth grade. I would go home for lunch. I remember the soap opera being broken into with the news bulletin.
Carol Radovich
Carol Radovich 3 aylar önce
@Christine Bicanic This memory will stay with you forever.
Richard Autry
Richard Autry 3 aylar önce
And I was 9 at the time.
sydney 2 aylar önce
i cant even imagine
Judith Heineman
Judith Heineman 2 aylar önce
I was 17 Home fromcollege for thanksgiving
Amber Nicole
Amber Nicole 3 aylar önce
It is amazing how much love and loyalty she had for him, especially considering how unfaithful he had been during their marriage.
Projekt Kobra
Projekt Kobra 3 aylar önce
She was so beautiful..my Own Girl resembles her a little and I feel a crushing renewal of my love for her whenever I see Jackie's pained face...in any photo during her life...
Kevin Schmitt
Kevin Schmitt 3 aylar önce
It is evidence that love is complicated and not binary. We don't really know what goes on in other people's relationships, even public ones.
Amber Nicole
Amber Nicole 2 aylar önce
@Kevin Schmitt I think there are people out there who don't see cheating as wrong because it is just sex to them and they aren't in love with the AP so it is no big deal for them.
Patricia Ray
Patricia Ray 3 aylar önce
I soo..appreciate your "pulling the curtin back" on the funeral industry & all the shadowy myths involved. This episode truly touched my heart. I was in first grade when President Kennedy was so horrifically taken from us & history. I can vividly remember our school being lined up in the schoolyard & all our teachers sobbing. I remember feeling frightened. Why was everyone so sad? Over the next few days, my young self came to know the awful fact that our young, vibrant President was gone. My own father had died when I was just four years old & I was told that he was "just away." I often say I've spent my life waiting for him to come home. Thankfully, in no small part do to you, children are told the truth about death, to the ability of their understanding & I for one, wish I had been told the truth back then. Lessons learned... President Kennedy's assassination changed the course of the history of our nation & the world. I have been fascinated with everything surrounding this life-altering event & soo..appreciate your insights. Thank-you " What might have been?"😢
mary kaczala
mary kaczala 28 gün önce
😂 30:35 30:42 30:43
CarbonGlassMan FPV
CarbonGlassMan FPV 5 aylar önce
I went to the funeral of a couple of kids that had been executed by a shot to the back of the head. I also seen the crime scene photos. I have never been so impressed with their ability to put a person's head back together and make it look undamaged. These were kids I knew personally, so I was able to tell that they looked exactly like they did when they were alive.
AK FORTY 7 GAMING 3 aylar önce
Who executed them, did they get the killers
Projekt Kobra
Projekt Kobra 3 aylar önce
How perfectly awful.
Shaye Cartier
Shaye Cartier Aylar önce
I was shot in the back of my head and you can’t tell until I show the scars
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson 3 aylar önce
Everyone says Jacqueline Kennedy was So Beautiful, but infact her beauty was not on the outside, but on the inside. Her unconditional love and dedication to her husband John and their children show incredible strength and courage.
Holli Berry
Holli Berry Yıl önce
I remember when my stepfather died. My brother, who was his biological child, was distraught. The funeral director asked if he wanted 'casket insurance' . He was ready to say 'yes' to anything. I quickly asked "what is casket insurance'? I was told it was insurance paid so that the casket would not leak, the remains leak out, etc. I asked how we could make sure the insurance was working .....did they dig up the casket every month/year etc to make sure it was working appropriately? Of course the funeral director , goggled eyed, fumbled his answer and finally said 'no'. I said , 'then no, we don't need the added charge of 'casket insurance'. Not cool. Obviously a tactic to prey on the emotional situation that is the loss of a loved one.
Orville H. Larson
This is interesting. If you don't mind my asking, how long ago was this? "Casket insurance"? What the hell! Of course, this was a scam to extract more money from you. The funeral director felt he could offer this crap, knowing there's virtually no chance that the funeral buyer will exhume the casket to find out. You called him out over this. It's good that you did. Even today--with the wealth of funeral information that's available, with legal protections in place--some funeral directors still try to exploit the funeral buyer. . . .
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia Yıl önce
Its disgusting how these funeral directors try and squeeze the last dollar out of the grieving family.
Holli Berry
Holli Berry Yıl önce
@Orville H. Larson It was over 20 years ago. I just remember my brother being distraught ( he was in his early 20's at the time....no life experience;-) and he was just overwhelmed. He was ready to say yes to anything the funeral director said. I just remember thinking..."How the F do you know if the 'casket insurance' you purchased is actually working?" The look on the funeral director's face was worth it ;-) But that is me.....always logical.
nett Yıl önce
Thankyou for sharing your story. Its great that you stood up and question the cost of the casket insurance
Paul Michel
Paul Michel Yıl önce
@Orville H. Larson You can buy caskets at Costco, but what is wrong with a plain wood box? I think the natural thing is for one's body to decay and be bug food. The last thing I would want for my remains would be for them to look more or less like they did when I had just died. I want to be a bug buffet and let them pick my bones clean, but in reality, I think will donate my body to science and that way I don't have to burden my family with the expense of burying me.
My Village Has No Elders with Fronten'a Woodson
That wonderful woman endured so much. I see why she was so loved. She's incredible. ❤
Lilith Eva
Lilith Eva 3 aylar önce
Jackie was the only sensible and responsible person throughout that entire ordeal and she was the one facing the most trauma. All those political men who are supposed to be leaders couldn’t do anything right without arguing. That poor woman having to basically fight with them during an absolute horrible moment in her life is awful. She had a lot of strength in her, she was amazing.
Guinness Aylar önce
LBJ insisting on being sworn in on the plane and delaying the departure, then insisting she was present for it, is despicable. This was his way of showing her he was in charge and if she didn’t behave she’d go the same way. He was almost certainly involved in the plot. He went on to make a lot of money from the Vietnam war, especially from Bell Helicopters which he owned a large part of, and for whom Ruth Paine, the CIA agent who secured Oswald’s employment at the Book Repository, ‘s husband worked.
HGordon Aylar önce
Thank you for this video. I never learned how resilient or how much death Jackie faced in her life. Not only had her infant Patrick and her father passed before she lost Jack, but she also had a miscarriage and lost their daughter Arabella before Caroline was born. She was an amazing woman of strength.
Andrew Rife
Andrew Rife 5 aylar önce
You are the only funeral director I honestly trust. I know it's an important industry, and I have huge respect for the people who work in the field of handling death. My issue with much of the industry is how heavily a lot of director and funeral home owners (not all but an amount that's far too high) will gouge people who are grieving. People are easily taken advantage of when grieving and the number of times I've seen people go into debt because, God forbid, they don't have a lavish service or a headstone that give Pharoahs a run for their money. It's a large part of why I'd like my remains to be aquamated and placed into the ground with a walnut tree or an oak tree instead of some headstone. I don't want a lavish service. If you can't share memories of me outside of a funeral home, then you don't need to be forced to remember me. And I would rather have my legacy be remembered than where my body is. Ideally, I'd like the tree to even be used someday to make something by a descendent so they can have a part in the story. The fact that we sell people on never being able to rot effectively back into the ground and resume a part in the cycle of the world seems selfish. Don't feel like I only have gripes with the funeral industry. The wedding industry also has a good spot on my shit list for many of the same reasons, minus the dead person. I was lucky that my wife didn't want a huge event to let people know we were still together. We had a small ceremony officiated by a receptionist at a 5 Minute wedding place and the close friends and family we had was enough for two high school sweethearts who had lived together for a few years and weren't pregnant for a couple more (just to rule out speculation on why we went thay way). I love your videos. I hope that if I ever get to meet you, it isn't while I'm dead
C77 4 aylar önce
I find it's the more established funeral homes who have almost total monopolies on the industry in cities who not only try to gouge everyone, they almost feel as if it's they're RIGHT to do so. One company in my city owns almost everything funeral related, very rich family. They don't offer direct to cremation burials for those with less money who can't afford all the extras, they leave that for the little guy. They only do costly funeral packages with body prep for wakes with viewing in one of their many lavish funeral homes, body transport to funeral mass services, and then body transport to cemetary/crematory and headstone creation. Plus refreshments and receptions and whatever else. The burial sites are dug and headstones placed by the city cemetary employees. So many get guilt tripped by funeral homes. "We do have payment plans!!" WHAT? Yeah, that's what I want, to take out a loan on a casket like i do my truck. lol ffs direct to cremation and some sandwiches and cheap wine at the house is fine by me.
David Edge
David Edge 3 aylar önce
His image and recorded works belonged to the American public, but his body to his wife and family.
twinkie Pondue
twinkie Pondue Yıl önce
i will never forget the scene of his wife trying to scoop up his brain matter frantically trying to put it back. it gives me chills no matter how many times i see it, the love and care she felt for him is beyond most
Larg04 Yıl önce
Isn't that one of those memories that people remember wrong and there is no such recording?
twinkie Pondue
twinkie Pondue Yıl önce
@Larg04 no they literally play it in this video, and theres also testimony from the driver
Winter Moon
Winter Moon Yıl önce
@Larg04 Did you not watch the video? She literally shows it in the video.
Larg04 Yıl önce
@Winter Moon where? I saw no such motion.
Andreea Isabela
Andreea Isabela Yıl önce
@Larg04 it's around minute 3
Wednesday 15 saatler önce
Bravo! I just began watching your videos and they are very well done. Poor Jackie; ❤ may she rest in peace
Kate Panthera
Kate Panthera 3 aylar önce
I read Caitlan's book several years ago, and found it very intriguing. Didn't know she had this series going on YT. Glad it found it's way into my feed. I remember reading The American Way of Death in a short fiction class in college, and was so grossed out by the details of the procedures, and mad about the scam of selling people high-priced caskets, that I determined then and there that I'd be cremated . Lots of details here I didn't know, since I was only 4 when Kennedy was assassinated. Jackie was incredibly strong.
Glenn Stewart
Glenn Stewart 4 aylar önce
I was 10 years old in 1963, but clearly remmeber the Death of JFK. I am Canadian, but I still felt that the world had lost a great man. I bought the LP of his speechs and played them until the LP vanished. He was loved around the world!
Mitch 3 aylar önce
Evidently not everyone loved the guy.. 🤣🤣
Glenn Stewart
Glenn Stewart 3 aylar önce
@Mitch No but a great Number of people young and Old!
salem 🕸️
salem 🕸️ 17 saatler önce
Please never stop making videos. Your videos are very comforting and distract me from my own problems in life. 🖤 on another note, in 6th grade my teacher made us look at videos of him being shot.
r0b3rt3v3r5 3 aylar önce
This happened 6 years before I was born, and it is STILL absolutely heartbreaking to watch.
MIM 17 gün önce
My mom was BORN that day. Crazy.
KCK Yıl önce
Jackie truly did an amazing job advocating for her family's after-death wishes in a situation where people seemed determined to treat her like a child who couldn't handle the reality of death.
Curtis Simmons
Curtis Simmons Yıl önce
She was with him even before fame she was sooo in love with him even after she got remarried..she asked to be buried next to jack
Domo Yıl önce
Such a shame because all he did was cheat on her
April Gosa
April Gosa Yıl önce
@Domo you don't know what he did we only know what the media says i am sure they blew it out of proportion
April Gosa
April Gosa Yıl önce
@Curtis Simmons of course she married Ari as she called him out of part security not saying she did not care for him but he wasn't her Jack she wanted out of Washington especially after Bobby was also murdered she felt like her kids especially were in danger she needed a place to literally feel safe with her children so Ari took her to Greece I don't think she even went back to live in the White house after JFK died she literally said if they are killing Kennedy's my children are next
April Gosa
April Gosa Yıl önce
who can handle death she was terrified especially after Bobby she knew her kids were in danger her shock and grief over Jack made her literally climb out of the car to retrieve the broken pieces of her husband she didn't remember doing it but it makes sense in her shock that she would think they could save him she could help him I mean she was his wife she wanted to help him her last words were in his ear Jack can you hear me Jack I love you I don't think that makes anyone a child who cannot handle death her husband was murdered literally before her eyes she was so brave and strong when who knows what she was going through physicallyand otherwise she must have been exhausted
I was just 13 years old and now at 73 years old this remains as one of the saddest times in my life. The USA changed dramatically after we lost JFK!
GeckoProductions Aylar önce
Amazingly well done Caitlin. I'm a Texas JP and all my wife's people own a funeral home. This video was right on the money.
Stephen J. Schneider
Stephen J. Schneider 2 aylar önce
I can't help but comment that I read, as a 15-year-old, in 1973, Jessica Mitford's "American Way of Death." Beginning in 2001, I buried both my parents and one aunt. I can tell you that reading that book (plus a photographic mind) produced three, God-honoring funerals, but without the waste. I tell the Funeral Home up front that I am a devotee of Ms. Mitford, and we go on from there.
willsmom93 6 aylar önce
I remember this like it was yesterday. I was a 5 year old in kindergarten. This was my first experience with death. I watched the viewing with everyone else in the family. I really didn’t understand but I knew that a little girl my age had lost her daddy.
Will (RamaDHaan) A'LIY TAYLOR
BTW I was in Cathoholic Sch. IN CHAOS; Ours was one of Classes that got a TV & saw "ALL LIVE" As EARLY DISMISS was arranged by noon. ( NO LUNCH; Many crying, etc. parents awaited crying kids & Staff. BTW baby Patrick K. Death & Blood.?!
Zen Freya
Zen Freya 3 aylar önce
Never did I think I'd like and follow a mortician. Thank you for the unique and very personal look at this historic event and death. He was our President, but he was her husband first. I didn't even realize their third baby had died so close to JFK's death until you mentioned it! She was amazing and dignified in her grief. Your descriptions around that atrocious casket, alternaively in stitches and horrifed for Mrs Kennedy having to see the antics. The cost of coffins is still out of countrol. I am glad they are offering more alternatives these days. You can even custom order cardboard or pine boxes shrink wrapped in your choice of prints or painted. A few cemetaries in the USA also offer "natural" burials. No embalming required. Your show pretty much solidified me on cremation. Easy transport.
Detective Squirrel Investigates
My wife Sami was an avid follower of yours and contributed to your patroen. She died last year and despite having to fight against her parents' wishes I got Sami the Woodland Burial she wanted thanks to watching your videos.
Faia Yıl önce
i’m so very sorry for your loss.. i’m very thankful that you could give your wife that burial and give that to yourself too. may she rest in peace. that’s beautiful, and very sad. thank you for sharing. i wish you peace and light
Apple pie 🥧
Apple pie 🥧 Yıl önce
I am so very sorry for you loss. And that is so beautiful that you were able to honor her wishes.
It's a Carol B thing
I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Sincere condolences. Xxx
Dimitri Merritt
Dimitri Merritt Yıl önce
DJ Michelle
DJ Michelle 16 gün önce
Excellent video n excellent storytelling. Got me bawling the whole way thru. Poor Jackie. Would that we all had even a fraction of her grace.
Jerin Mathew
Jerin Mathew 3 aylar önce
My heart sinks everytime I read anything about Jackie's life. May she find peace.
Ben Purcell
Ben Purcell 3 aylar önce
For those unaware of what JFK prior to his presidency did for a time he was in the US Navy and served aboard PT-109 during WW2. His desire to be buried at sea may come from seeing some people he knew killed in action and buried at sea.
Kathy Custer
Kathy Custer 16 gün önce
My exhusband is retired Navy. He wants to be buried at see. Even though I am no longer his wife, I woll do whatever is possible to give it to him.
Jill Carey
Jill Carey 5 aylar önce
You are just amazing at what you do. Meticulous research, well-presented with just the right touch of humor, and always informative. Thank you!
eXtremeFX2010 3 aylar önce
I'm from DFW, Texas and I must say... You did an absolute EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!!! Job on this documentary and YES, the expenses of Casket Funerals. As a child, I recall how ridiculously priced Funerals had rised in costs as much as it was to be born. It cost tremendously alot to die in the 60s. Anyway... as a history person... Well done with all the details. Thank You for your efforts and input.
dennis n
dennis n Yıl önce
I saw my brother in his casket. I never walked up to another afterwards. I like to remember people as they were alive. Once you see them dead. That image stays burned into your mind forever.
Lerganas Yıl önce
I know that feeling i found my dad dead in his bed without expecting it at all. It was only around twelve hours after death but still it was unexpected. He was at my place two days earlier watching movies. His corpse will always be the picture that i get in my head when thinking about him.
What Now
What Now Yıl önce
Helena y Morgan-Walsh
Yes my mother is still in my mind like yesterday been 5 year’s
Jessica Garvin
Jessica Garvin Yıl önce
I totally get what you are saying. I went to a open casket funeral once and saw the body. (When I was a child.) I had nightmares for months. Every sense then I refuse to go to an open casket ceremony. Even my grandpa's. Though I went to his funeral the next day.
J Rubicon
J Rubicon Yıl önce
I agree and I am the same way. I’m sorry about your brother. I lost my sister in a car accident and I stopped going up to caskets too.
Dani 5 aylar önce
I come back here every so often as this is one of my favorite videos, mostly bc of the historical aspect of it. That historical aspect is why I followed you at all, you always have the best and most through videos I've ever seen. Thank you!! I love to learn and your videos give me a lot of new information about a lot of stuff, you'll always by my favorite TRvidr solely for this fact.
Sheisneika 5 aylar önce
I was nervous to watch this, but she did such a great job in explaining everything. Thank you for this great historical upload. 😊
Susan Walters
Susan Walters 2 aylar önce
I was a year old when JFK died, so I couldn't have remembered anything. I DO remember watching the TV the night Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, being very sad thinking how unfair it was to lose 2 such courageous men who were only trying to good things for the world. When I was around 15 yrs old, I flew to Dallas, TX to visit my Bro and SIL for a month. They took me around and showed me everything; and we took the route JFK had taken that fateful day. When we passed the Book Depository, I got the chills, remembering the history there. I still can feel it today, and I am 61 yrs old. I still get the chills when I think about it. How utterly tragic, and I often wonder what would the world be like now if they had lived. RIP., Bobby and Jack.
DancingBlights 5 aylar önce
I feel like Jackie balanced things beautifully. Keeping the body private to those close to him but allowing some amount of pageantry for the nation to have the moment to grieve feels like a good compromise. Even though he was such a public figure, his family shouldn’t have been entirely denied the ability to grieve and bury him the way they (and he) saw fit, especially since it was such a sudden, traumatic death. Being public facing shouldn’t mean that someone can’t be buried in the way they wanted. Jackie held herself with a grace that is so incredibly impressive and I’m glad that JFK’s brother supported her in her wish for a closed casket. This must have been an impossible situation to try and strike any kind of balance while processing the trauma and grief of her husband dying in her arms.
Maya S
Maya S 3 aylar önce
I never knew about Jackie's strength and grace in the aftermath of her husband's death 😢 what an amazing lady
Adrena Hamilton
Adrena Hamilton Yıl önce
I never realized the empowerment in that story. Way to go Jackie for sticking up for herself and her family. What a strong lady.
New Carpathia
New Carpathia Yıl önce
Jackie Kennedy was an absolute powerhouse of a human being. To this day, my mother still speaks of her glowingly.
Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson Yıl önce
Great video. This young lady talks with class
Kristen a.k.a. Craftrat
When her doctors told her there nothing could be done to extend her life, she stopped all treatment. I remember one of the commentators saying, “She has shown us how to die.”
Every-ist And-ophobe
Yeah we should forget about jfk. We will just put his wife on a pedestal! Strong independent womxn that don't need no man. Stunning and brave. I thought democrats got rid of the word woman since anyone can be one now!
T. Coomer
T. Coomer 6 aylar önce
Fascinating. I remember watching his funeral procession on TV as a young girl. So many facts I never knew. Thank you. Love your channel.
Lesley Anne
Lesley Anne 2 aylar önce
Well done. I have read and watched many coverages and many shows analysing that fateful day, this without a doubt one of the best. Thank you for your hard work.
Dorothy Middaugh
Dorothy Middaugh Aylar önce
Thank you for this detailed video of what happened after Kennedy was assassinated. I was 11 years old at the time. So many details that most of us didn't know. Thank you.
Melo Martinez
Melo Martinez 6 aylar önce
Such a strong woman... OMG, my heart completely broke for her!! 😞
Pam Carter
Pam Carter 18 gün önce
What a great video. My dad was working down the street when all that happened. It was a very sad day here in Texas. 😢
James Patrick Kevin McGrath
Jackie's decision to have the casket sealed was because she was appalled at how make-up made up her husband looked. I, for one, believe sealing the casket was a much more dignified way of honoring the assassinated president, allowing people to remember him as he was in life, not in death.
Larry Aldama
Larry Aldama Yıl önce
Jenn Yıl önce
I agree. She prevented the chance for photographs of him in that condition to live on for eternity and let him be remembered as when he was alive.
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon Yıl önce
I doubt makeup can cover up what happened to him (the bolt action bullet thing, not tinfoil hat fantasies)
Glamdolly Yıl önce
Jackie showed great wisdom in wanting her husband to be remembered in life, not in death. After all, the person is no longer there once their spirit has left their body - it's merely the shell that's left behind. I am sure Jackie knew her husband better than anyone, and knew he would not want his dignity compromised with an open casket. I personally think it's very morbid to want to view someone after they have died - and even more so when their death was unnatural and violent! I am baffled though that the professional morticians made such a hash of the cosmetic work on JFK's face. Autopsy photos reveal his face was pretty much undamaged - it was the back of his head that was devastated (proving he was fatally shot from the front, not by fall guy/patsy Lee Harvey Oswald in the Book Depository behind the motorcade - but I digress). I suspect the people who did the work on JFK felt such pressure and weight of expectation knowing their efforts would potentially be judged by millions (had it been an open casket), that they overdid the wax and face paint, and made him look like a dummy. That said, I am glad there was no open casket, regardless of how he looked - the fact is, the man was dead, and violently murdered in the most humiliating public way. He deserved the dignity and privacy of a closed coffin, and I'm glad his widow was wise enough to ensure he got that.
BamaChad 4 aylar önce
How very interesting. I have never heard anything about this part of it all. It's important history and I'm glad you did this story for history to have. Jackie was the very definition of grace and class.
Betty Babberl
Betty Babberl 2 aylar önce
Such a sad story from beginning to end, but your snippets with Liberace and others lightened my mood, which is quite appropriate in my opinion. Thank you Caitlyn 💜
Susan Eichelberger
Susan Eichelberger 3 aylar önce
Your heart truly shines through in your videos. I think even Jackie would say "well done"
Stevel_2020 3 aylar önce
She was only 34 when this happened, which is wild! People still live with their parents at 34 these days and she was the first lady and then a widow.
MIM 17 gün önce
I mean, people could afford to buy homes at 20. Think about that for a moment.
Toni Christman
Toni Christman Gün önce
Jackie's resillience was apparemt in the days following the assassination. It was printed in every published media, filmed and shown all over tv, and discussed on every news broadcast. Those of us who witnessed this remember it well.
ryoskitt 8 aylar önce
I never knew how much Jackie was involved in all of the aftermath. She really seems like an unsung hero here. I can't imagine the strength it would take to be so calm, dignified, and compassionate after sitting next to your husband as he's assassinated and having his blood all over you.
Joseph 7 aylar önce
She killed her husband shot him w a single shot revolver
Vivina Morrison
Vivina Morrison 7 aylar önce
I know! Did you know she herself ordered the Cason that carried Abraham Lincoln’s body? 😮❤
Peggy Jones
Peggy Jones 7 aylar önce
@Vivina Morrison as was her right. I was 12 when he was assassinated and if I lived to be 171 I would never forget that week. It is tatooed to the inside of my skull. And now I hear they don't even teach it anymore. How sad.
lizleelehman Aylar önce
I’ve watched this several times and always love it. Amazing work!
aguaweasel 3 aylar önce
I follow your videos for some time. I just want to write this video is very well done. In some ways I feel this is required viewing for any US History Class. You made some huge key points that others have missed about the JFK Assassination. You focus on the ritual after JFK's death. How Jackie Kennedy became this Dowager Empress figure, and in many mesmerized and seared her image onto millions of Americans minds, including my parents, who spent the entire November weekend, glued to their TV Sets, plus watching the funeral procession. Others have been obsessed with the details of the assassination, when they should had done what you have done. Focus how JFK's body was handled after he was murdered. Focus on the grief. Focus on details about the coffin. You might like to do a follow up on RFK and his assassination, given he had a simple pine coffin, which leads to your excellent tie in to Jessica Mitford's "The American Way of Death". In many ways what you produced was much more important than the murder of JFK, but its impact on US Society. How Jackie Kennedy tried to keep some simple touches in an elaborate funeral procession and funeral. I knew many conservative women, who hated the Democratic Party, but they either fall silent, or were in awe of Jackie Kennedy, who could do no wrong in their eyes, which shows the impact she had on US Society in those few days in November. I don't you know if you realize it, but what also showed was how the office of the President of the US, by this time in Nov. 1963, has become this Imperial Roman Consul, in which they were above the law, by how you showed the back and forth between the Dallas County Coroner and the Secret Service, who wanted to take the body, without a proper legal death certificate. The Funeral and Funeral procession, may try to have simple touches, but in many ways it was a procession for an Emperor, including the burial site, which is almost impossible now to get a plot in Arlington National Cemetery, because they are running out of space. Anyway, A very good piece.
Jane W
Jane W 3 aylar önce
I did a book report on that book in High school. When my dad passed, I helped my mom deal with the arrangements.They had prepaid for their burial expenses. When it came to the burial, the guy handling it got her to agree to an air-tight concrete vault for his casket even though they had decided on a metal vault JUST TO GET MORE MONEY FROM HER! I remembered the book, and it was absolutely outraged watching this ghoul play on her grief. They take advantage of people's grief to make more money it's absolutely disgusting. Cremate your loved ones. Do not expose yourself to these ghouls when taking care of your loved ones. Even urns are outrageously priced to place ashes in! Don't believe me? Read the book.
georgew84 3 aylar önce
What book?
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 3 aylar önce
Jan Griffiths here. My husband died last year of pancreatic cancer. I had him cremated as soon as possible after his autopsy. No funeral, but some friends and I got together at their house for a celebration of his life. Some small urns with his ashes inside were given to those who wanted them, and I put some in a plastic Christmas ornament. Some of his ashes were also placed in the patio area of a local pub that we went to regularly, and they have a small urn in the pub itself. The rest of his ashes and those of his mom were buried under a pine tree on our (now my) property. I think funerals are a waste of money. I have an executrix of my estate for when I go, and my cremation is paid for. She has all of my last wishes that I wrote out for her and had notarized.
Linda Lester
Linda Lester 5 aylar önce
Excellent! Well done! Thank you! I somehow feel a bit healed. Such a national tragedy.😢
Esmeralda Gems
Esmeralda Gems 3 aylar önce
Wow! This is an incredible yet horrific story! NOW i know why people love Jackie Kennedy today. I heard a tiny bit about how she stayed by her husband's side but not detail by detail. She really Really loved him!
Poor Yorick
Poor Yorick Yıl önce
A lot of people don't realize that when Jackie turned around and reached out over the back hood of the car, she was not trying to help Clint hill get into the car. She was actually reaching for a chunk of Jack's skull and brains. Jackie's courage and poise in the hours and days after she witnessed something so horrible was nothing short of amazing. It helped calm the grieving nation. For that at least she should be remembered as a hero.
Christian Hight
Christian Hight Yıl önce
Actually I did! In high school i did a presentation on JFK, so yeah I did my research
Ellen Daniels
Ellen Daniels Yıl önce
Poor thing might've thought getting the piece of his flesh back might save him or help somewhat in her state of mind.
Dwight A
Dwight A Yıl önce
Paul, you’re so wrong it’s not even funny.
maternalheart66 b
I feel like it’s a misconception that people don’t know that, as I see this fact posted very frequently
Common Sense
Common Sense 3 aylar önce
Thank you Caitlyn. This was beautiful. Tragic. Powerful. ❤
missymoo 5 aylar önce
I really love the level of detail you go into for all of your videos
Lib Dnal
Lib Dnal 13 gün önce
Years before my grandmother's death a local pasty faced funeral director frequently visited her-courting for her business. It was disgusting. I have hated the entire aspect of the funeral business since. You did an excellent job presenting this sensitive subject.
Patsy Payne
Patsy Payne 4 gün önce
Kimberly M
Kimberly M 5 aylar önce
It still fascinates me; I learned of the Kennedy Assassination from a young age from my mother and my kindergarten and first grade teachers. Though it had happened when I was only 3 months old, it was still a raw wound for many of my mother's and grandmother's age ranges. I didn't truly understand the depth of feeling for years of those who remembered the JFK assassination, until September 11th 2001. Thank you for the details which most biographical studies of JFK either gloss over or omit entirely.
rumrstv 2 aylar önce
Great clips from the movie "The Loved One"! Liberace is featured in a very straight role non-campy role. That whole movie is very dark and funny. Also great video Caitlin!
Myra Cahill
Myra Cahill Yıl önce
I was in 5th grade when President Kennedy was shot. My Mother was crying when I arrived home from school, watching the trauma unfold on our black and white TV. It consumed everyone and everything. Yet, Jackie Kennedy was a pillar of strength for the nation. Although I "lived through it", I learned much from your video and thank you for your compassion.
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson Yıl önce
I was in fourth grade. His death was announced over the intercom as we were leaving the cafeteria.
Bluesbabesrv Yıl önce
Yes, exactly what you said. I was in 8th grade music class when the announcement was made over the school public address system, we were all being sent home. My mother too was in tears when I got home. Remember this was 1963, there were only 3 television channels, all carried nothing but the news of JFK from the assassination to the burial.
juicy jules
juicy jules Yıl önce
My mom too we Catholic 💜🙏👱🏻‍♀️😢
T Yıl önce
My mom was too! She was on a field trip and heard it on her hand radio and announced it to her class. Her teacher scolded her for “making up such an awful story”
Darth Claire
Darth Claire Yıl önce
My mom has probably the closest you will ever come to a “funny“ Kennedy assassination story. She was about the same age and living in Houston. They sent them home from school. She comes in the door and tells my grandmother “Mama, they shot President Kennedy!” My grandmother replies, “(Name)! We don’t like him but we don’t go around saying someone shot him!”
michelle therese
michelle therese 22 gün önce
I grew up in Boston, we were sent home from school after the announcement of Kennedys murder came across the Loudspeaker. The nuns were crying. I walked home (I was 10) to see adults sitting on sidewalks crying, cars stopped in the street with their blinkers on. It is a scene of tragedy and chaos I will never forget that. Boston was part of Kennedys Kingdom and home of the JFK Library. The library is in Dorchester which is where I actually lived.
Bobbi Maidic
Bobbi Maidic 5 aylar önce
This was very informative. I had know idea about any of this. I was born 2 months old when he died. Love to hear anything about him. Thank You! Great Job!
Osama Bin Login
Osama Bin Login 2 gün önce
Great video. I remember being in 1st grade. Somebody came in with a. television on a cart, The president was 'assasinated'. Learned that word. We were all sent home. On TV, walter cronkite annonced that he was dead. Removed his glasses; I think there was a tear. We all loved JFK, despite the fact that we were a Republican family. I remember the funeral. A small cart, just big enough for the casket and a flag draped over it, was pulled by a solitary pony; no driver or anything. There was some sort of procession it was part of but the TV cameras were all pointed at the casket, in black and white. My dad said it was history, and we'd remember this for the rest of our lives. And I did.
Angels Granny
Angels Granny Gün önce
My dad made an 8 mm home movie of the funeral as it happened on the TV.
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn 5 aylar önce
This video gave me chills too many times to count. Jackie O was an elite woman.
The Great Guru
The Great Guru 3 aylar önce
I remember this terrible event very well. I was a very young at the time of the shooting. I had been watching the coverage on TV. I cried 😢 😭 when he was shot and I remember asking my mother why did they do that. He wasn't doing anything wrong to deserve to be killed. My mother was very up set as well and looked at me and said, I don't know son. Look how tyranny has taken over our government ever sense that day in Dallas. I think 🤔 today he was murder for political gain. No other logical reason in my mind. I also believe there was more than one shooter. The window of opportunity was narrow so they had to have a back up shooter. In any case,it was a sad day for the American people and the future of our country 😢. Peace 🙏
Smang Yıl önce
I recently lost my son. The costs at the funeral home were revolting. The cost to have my son transported from the neighboring city he was found in, closer to home, permits etc, added insult to injury. There’s little empathy and compassion for the mourning. A prime opportunity to prey on the vulnerable and add emotional stress for the lack of financials for the proper burial, cremation and resting place. It’s inhumane.
Brandon Davidson
Brandon Davidson Yıl önce
I'm so sorry for not only your loss but that you had to deal with all of that. I can't even imagine what you're going through. You sincerely have my deepest condolences.
scottnyc Yıl önce
So sorry for your loss.Theres a level of compassion that should be expected your absolutely correct.
Lu Ann Poovie II
Lu Ann Poovie II Yıl önce
I’m so sorry about the loss of your son. My deepest condolences.
Mark McKinley
Mark McKinley Yıl önce
Our family sends our condolences to you.
JadeMusic Yıl önce
I'm so deeply sorry about your son and the cruel unfairness of the financial burden that resulted.😥💔 Sending you and your family love and healing prayers.😔❤️
John mac
John mac Aylar önce
Thank you. Absolutely fascinating. I learned more from this video than all the years of documentaries and programmes published over the years.
Ricucci-HillMusic 5 aylar önce
I know everyone else is talking about how Jackie was so resilient, and she was, but the main takeaway that I got from this was just how undignified the handling of JFK's body was. What you describe sounds farcical, I won't lie
darlene rogers
darlene rogers 3 aylar önce
I think the whole catastrophe has been very well explained and not morbid at all. Very professional.
KS 2 aylar önce
Hearing you talk about how Jackie asked the driver to transport JFK’s body in the ambulance made me tear up.
Stephen Crumb
Stephen Crumb 10 gün önce
My understanding is that the ambulance was eventually crushed so no one could put it on display.
Manatee obsessed weirdo
I can’t imagine the grief Jackie went through, first losing her baby, then her husband in just a few short months. That would be hard enough for any person, but when the whole world is literally watching your every move, it must have been unspeakably awful. This was a fantastic video as always, Caitlin. And if anyone reading has the chance to go to the Sixth Floor Museum, I absolutely recommend it. You will learn a lot and gain a new historical perspective.
cc 1k
cc 1k Yıl önce
I went back in the mid 90s, and I still think of it as one of the most surreal places I've ever been.
Bogey Dope
Bogey Dope Yıl önce
@cc 1k It is surreal. Because the place wasn't the assassins hideout. To this day people have to believe a magic bullet theory. You can't make this shit up.
Kyra Yıl önce
@Bogey Dope what’s your theory?
Elle Jay
Elle Jay Yıl önce
@Bogey Dope 100% correct. Oswald had a LOT of help.
hardwork2u 2 aylar önce
I was in my 5th grade class. My teacher was summoned by someone at the door and she stepped out for a moment. When she returned, she was crying. Naturally we asked why? She said that President Kennedy has been killed. Even for 5th graders we were shocked. We were dismissed a little early that day. 😢 The emotions of that fateful day were exacerbated when I got home.
dlmcder 5 aylar önce
This is probably the third time I’ve seen this video and I feel you did such an amazing job
morrisonscott429 4 aylar önce
Simple music can make you sing, simple hug can make you feel better and simple thing can make you happy. i hope my simple "Hello" bring smile on your face 😊
Scott The Exploder
Scott The Exploder 4 aylar önce
I can’t imagine how long this took to research, and record, I imagine it was a very long time. However long it was, it was worth it. I’m not even aware of any funeral / undertaking anything, but this video was terribly interesting.
gfitz 5 aylar önce
I've watched this video several times and have recommended it to others. I've been subscribed for a long time and even work in the funeral industry now, but this video really stands out. Great job.
trigun 4 aylar önce
I’m so glad you get the views you deserve, your videos are so wonderful
J Bean
J Bean 10 aylar önce
My son was murdered and the funeral home owner and director had a lot of compassion for me and my wife for losing our son in such a horrible way he didn't charge us a penny and I appreciate what he did from the bottom of our hearts.
Kristen Califra
Kristen Califra 10 aylar önce
We did that for people who lost babies n young children. Everyone donated. Casket was donated, embalming was free, plot was free.
Michael Kushla
Michael Kushla 10 aylar önce
I remember when a family member died young and we went to the funeral home. When my dad brought up paying, the funeral director immediately interrupted and said "no, don't worry about that now, go take care of your family and we will worry about that afterwards. Really impressive.
Kpl. Jakker
Kpl. Jakker 9 aylar önce
I just became a father myself the very tought of that little man departing this world before me is unbearable. Words can't express what i want to say to you but i hope justice was served and you and your wife may find that little bid of peace left on this world.
Dona Mills
Dona Mills 9 aylar önce
My son passes away at 16. He shot himself in the head. We had him cremated. We didn't have a wake. He was brought from the funeral home to the church.
Sophia Jakel
Sophia Jakel 9 aylar önce
No parents should ever have to deal with the death of a child... and definitely no child should be murdered! My heart is with you; sincere condolences and empathy.
catherine freure
catherine freure 5 aylar önce
Fantastic presentation Caitlyn, wonderful info on Jessica Mitford, although I'm sure shes long forgotten in this age of the 85% cremation market as it is here in FL. People dicker with us at our funeral home like we're a used car lot. It's awful.
Smalls McGogg
Smalls McGogg 2 aylar önce
The Kennedy saga is a very sad one. It's like no one with that last name in that particular family can ever just have a happy, unblemished life. Their family is fraught with tragedy after tragedy.
David Clarke
David Clarke Aylar önce
This one of the best telling's of the story of that day! Well done!
John Shields
John Shields 2 aylar önce
JFK's assassination is my earliest childhood memory, watching adults cry, my own mother crying ingrained the memory in my psyche forever. 1963 I was 4.🇺🇸🙏
Paul Kachur
Paul Kachur 2 aylar önce
Fascinating. I am old enough to remember the JFK funeral but not old enough to understand what was going on. In fact, I was terribly miffed that I could not watch THe Rocky and Bullwinkle Show on TV because all the stations were carrying his funeral procession...
Xiran Jay Zhao
Xiran Jay Zhao Yıl önce
Love how you always make your videos with such empathy and give the spotlight to those who truly deserve it!
everydaygoth Yıl önce
Yes!!! You both are two of my favorite creators who uphold those standards! 🖤
Quickredf0x Yıl önce
It's always cool seeing some of my favorite youtubers commenting on each other's videos.
The Grinning Viking
How did you end up here? Weird. It's like an author who's book I liked is also a human who is into weird shit. lol
Mary Eckel
Mary Eckel Yıl önce
Omg I just watched your "Turning Red" video and here you are!
Ezekiel Smith
Ezekiel Smith Yıl önce
haha yah
John 3 gün önce
Excellent presentation Thank you so much for clarification of the chaos that I saw at that time
JLD 5 aylar önce
Personally I think it would have been wiser for them to allow the autopsy to be performed in Dallas and use that time to work out the logistics of transferring the body. I understand why Jackie wanted to get out of there so desperately and I certainly don’t blame her for wanting to keep control of her husband’s remains, but the whole circus described here must have been absolutely traumatizing and a lot of it could have been avoided if they hadn’t been in such a reckless hurry. If they’d allowed an outsider to perform the autopsy there might also be a few less conspiracy theories kicking around. Then again, maybe not…
Kennitra Moore
Kennitra Moore Aylar önce
I agree! It was unnecessary chaos, and all of the advisors strong arming and bullying people to do what they wanted was certainly not helpful.
Nancy Oleksy
Nancy Oleksy 16 gün önce
This was very interesting. You don't hear about a lot of this stuff. Jackie was an amazing woman. I am glad Robert was there for her. That mortician in Dallas was a real winner, wasn't he? WOW! The Gaul to ask the government to pay him for the casket. He should be satisfied he was part of history.
Georgia Smalley
Georgia Smalley 4 aylar önce
Thank you for educating me on that story and the way you tell it is so much fun.
I'm KtLn, the Run-A-Muck Muse
One of the things that I love most about your videos, besides your wit, is you helped take away the fear of what all of us will face someday thank you❤😊
Miss Jellybean
Miss Jellybean Yıl önce
The level of class and grace Jackie Kennedy displayed in such grief is beyond comprehension. She was a lady in every sense of the word.
Haunted: Documentaries
Class, grace, and respect. She was a true defintion of a woman. I love it.
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller Yıl önce
One is no longer a lady if they cry?
Joanne Figs
Joanne Figs Yıl önce
She knew of his many indiscretions.
Thomas Harvey
Thomas Harvey Yıl önce
She shire was a woman of impeccable, taste, and statuesque. She’s the definition of a true woman.
T.J Yıl önce
@Jennifer Miller That's like saying if a man cries he's no longer a man lol
Emily H
Emily H 5 aylar önce
JFK’s assignation was my moms first memory. I took APUSH in high school and we went over this event so many times that I felt raw afterwards.
Dr. Gennaro Giammarino, III
Hi, we corresponded before. I'm a Medical Examiner and a Licensed Funeral Director. Where did you find out the story of what went on in the White House about keeping the casket closed? I'm so curious. Thanks, Dr. G.
Oregano 4 aylar önce
my grandmother told me that just a week or so before he was assassinated, she saw him in a car with his wife waving to people. she was with her friend to see him along with hundreds of other people, and then just a week later while she was at school in recess she and the rest of her class were sat down and told that the president had been killed.
MIM 17 gün önce
Jesus how young was your mom when they had you!? No way you should be typing online if your grandma of all people was a kid in 1963.
R. Alan Martin
R. Alan Martin 3 aylar önce
Amazing video with one of a kind material. I thought that I had seen it all but you proved me wrong. RIP JFK 🙏❤️