Why JFK's Casket Stayed Closed

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"They have to remember Jack alive."

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**Films and Images Courtesy of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza**

Abraham Zapruder Film
Orville Nix Film
Tina Towner Film
Ivan Sharp Collection
Towner Collection
Bill Winfrey Collection
KRLD-TV/KDFW-TV Collection
WFAA-TV Collection
Dallas Times Herald Collection (photographers Darryl Heikes, Eamon Kennedy, John Mazziotta)
Dallas Morning News Collection (donated in the interest of preserving history)


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Mortician and Writer: Caitlin Doughty
Producer and Writer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1)
Editor & Graphics: Timothy Meier
Thumbnail: Landis Blair (@LandisBlair)

This video was greatly informed by the book “The Death of a President" by the late William Manchester. Since new information has come to light in the past decades, a huge thank you to Stephen Fagin from The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza for your assistance and insight into many of the details in this story.

A portion of this video features The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Thank you to Megan Bryant and the Museum staff for your thoughtful assistance. Learn more about the Museum at www.jfk.org/


Manchester, William
The Death of a President
Little, Brown and Company; reprint edition 2013

The Loved One (1965 film) directed by Tony Richardson based on the book by Evelyn Waugh

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

“Fond Farewells”

“JFK assassiantion - timeline”

“Jackie Kennedy's Secret Service Agent Remembers President Kennedy's Funeral”

“Burial At Sea: The Odyssey of JFK’s Original Casket”

“How Jackie Kennedy Orchestrated The Perfect Funeral”

“Eyewitness to the Autopsy of JFK”

“Funeral Arrangements for John Fitzgerald Kennedy” (Gawler account)

“The woman who forced us to look death in the face”



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Ramblin’ Entertainment
It says a lot about our society that we have an almost minute by minute account of what happened after Oswald fired that gun, but in school I at least never learned anything about Jackie’s resilience in the days that followed
Teresa Stillabower
Teresa Stillabower 12 gün önce
If you tried to teach every little nuance and fact about each individual moments of history the books would reach the moon and back a million times over. At best a teacher opens a glimmer of what happened, and if the teacher is good they wet your appetite for more. Then it's up to us to follow-up. Thus videos like this. You never have to stop learning.
Cynic seeks similar for disappointment.
It wasn’t Kennedy in the car.
L K 2 aylar önce
I was 16, but never knew until 10 years ago how awful it was in that car. I saw a video on PBS that actually showed the moment the bullets hit from a ompletely different and extremely graphic angle!. I did not know it was as gruesome until then. The first could have killed him because of his airway being destroyed, but there was a chance, but the second, he had no chance left. I knew then about half of the conspiracy theories were wrong. He was gone right then. I don't know how Jackie ever could go on the rest of the day and her life. And still recovering from the loss of their baby, too. I remember that, too. It had to be her faith. Wow, so incredible! I have faith and have been through a lot of trauma, but nothing close to that day in Dallas. Grateful for her example.
Ekstasis 2 aylar önce
It doesn't take much to end up on a terrorist watchlist nowadays. I believe Americans call it no touch torture or "gangstalking". In Canada, the RCMP refers to it as disruption.
L K 2 aylar önce
@HollowedJes Hillary has had some horrid blows. Though totally humiliated by her unfaithful husband in front of the world, for the sake of her family and nation, chose what she did. I think she did the right thing, but at a price. The lies about her, enlarged by one of the most evil men born, was equally humiliating. But she has remained strong and dignified in public. I do not know privately. It was all so deeply wounding, and i cannot imagine trying to recover from it all without scars. Jackie was also publicaly humiliated by Jack's affairs and scarred by public opinion in every part of her life, too, yet both women remained remarkably heroic.
Heather Whatever
Heather Whatever Aylar önce
Jackie was such a young lady. My Mom wrote her a letter of condolences. She received back a hand written letter of thanks. Jackie’s hand must have hurt from all those notes.
Brad Sanders
Brad Sanders 5 gün önce
Id be interested in seeing the letter and a writing analysis of her known writings.
Teresa Stillabower
Teresa Stillabower 12 gün önce
What a cherished family keepsake.
Jag Girl
Jag Girl 15 gün önce
That's really lovely of her.
doc adams
doc adams 23 gün önce
But the pain in her hand was nothing compared to the pain in her heart. She was so dignified.
Miss Jellybean
Miss Jellybean Aylar önce
The level of class and grace Jackie Kennedy displayed in such grief is beyond comprehension. She was a lady in every sense of the word.
Melody Collins
Melody Collins 5 gün önce
@Gerry S.S I’m not going to say either of us is right or wrong but offering a different perspective on true love just as you offered yours. Let’s not hold others to our perspectives. From my understanding-to you, true love is never falling in love again. But let’s not say someone never really loved someone if they remarried because that’s what you believe. Because Jackie nor JFK were your partner. And neither of us intimately knew their relationship.
Melody Collins
Melody Collins 5 gün önce
@Gerry S.S you also can’t control love or the void some may feel in losing a partner. I would hate to be angry with my partner for finding love again and being HAPPY. There is no one relationship type that fits the definition of “true love” to me. It’s what’s healthy, honest and happy between couples-and those things aren’t exclusive to just one person. There’s probably many on this earth that one can “click” with. Even if they’re all similar personalities. My partner loving another after losing me doesn’t mean they never loved me. Doesn’t mean our love wasn’t true. It was true to us and died with me, but lives on in memory. And they can find love again, another “true love” to light their fires with, share their stories, their laughter and bed with.
Melody Collins
Melody Collins 5 gün önce
@Gerry S.S I’m sorry but that is your definition of true love. Of course this is just my definition: Should I die, I want my partner to find someone else, to find a companion that they fall in love with just as they fell in love with me. I would never expect nor want my partner to live the rest of their life alone because they’re being “faithful” to me. I’m dead, I’m gone. That doesn’t mean our love never existed. In fact, it would still exist in memory. I’d of course hope they’d miss me, but I wouldn’t want them to die with me or deny them a partner to share their bed, share a warm embrace, children or just love in general. Especially if I die young and they have a whole life ahead of them to spend, alone. Because I love my partner. That is true love to me just as expecting your partner to never remarry or have another love is to you. If my partner chose to live alone after losing me, I’d feel sad but accept that as their choice. I wouldn’t be happy-unless of course they are truly happy alone. But that isn’t always the case. You can have friends sure, but a friend and lover can be something different. It’s not as if they’re consciously thinking of who they’ll love next after you. They love you, but it’s a discussion of “when I go, please find someone else.” Because life can get lonely when you don’t have partner in life.
Teresa Hegerich
Teresa Hegerich 9 gün önce
@Gerry S.S My marriage vows say "till death do us part". Pretty sure if something happened to Jackie, JFK would have remarried. As most people do when their spouse dies. My great-grandmother was widowed, married a widower, and they had 3 more kids in addition to her 7. If you're young, why be lonely until your turn to go?
Gerry S.S
Gerry S.S 9 gün önce
@Teresa Hegerich read again this.. @T.J true love will always stay faithful.. there are millions of examples.. i suppose she isnt one of them.. as simple as that...
Karen Metcalf
Karen Metcalf 16 gün önce
Wow I actually never knew that Jackie had given birth to a baby that died 3 months before losing her husband. That’s so heartbreaking. 😢
Smang 2 aylar önce
I recently lost my son. The costs at the funeral home were revolting. The cost to have my son transported from the neighboring city he was found in, closer to home, permits etc, added insult to injury. There’s little empathy and compassion for the mourning. A prime opportunity to prey on the vulnerable and add emotional stress for the lack of financials for the proper burial, cremation and resting place. It’s inhumane.
traie38 2 gün önce
Bullshit....you had a crappy, uncaring funeral home take care of your son, and THAT is heartbreaking.
Paulette Thomas
Paulette Thomas 10 gün önce
I too lost my oldest son 5 days before Christmas 2021. I felt like I was dealing with a used car salesman. He didn't even do half of the things I asked like 2 boxes for his ashes I understood that I had to pay extra for them, I got them in a cardboard box, he, I guess, decided that I didn't have the money. They messed up his service handouts, put the verse he originally suggested in the "used car sale" instead of the one I picked. My sister lost her mind on that man, I barely had the ability to put one foot in front of the other that week. It was the most awful thing ever. I am so sorry for your loss and experience.
Mary Woods
Mary Woods 13 gün önce
My nephews funeral is tomorrow, the expenses are insane!
NunyaDammeBiznis 15 gün önce
I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother in April. I found the funeral expensive, but the funeral home staff most helpful and friendly.
Cece K.
Cece K. 19 gün önce
My condolences to you and your family. And I pray God gives you the strength to remember and hold precious all the beautiful memories you created with your son until you are reunited again 😔🙏🏽
Holli Berry
Holli Berry 5 aylar önce
I remember when my stepfather died. My brother, who was his biological child, was distraught. The funeral director asked if he wanted 'casket insurance' . He was ready to say 'yes' to anything. I quickly asked "what is casket insurance'? I was told it was insurance paid so that the casket would not leak, the remains leak out, etc. I asked how we could make sure the insurance was working .....did they dig up the casket every month/year etc to make sure it was working appropriately? Of course the funeral director , goggled eyed, fumbled his answer and finally said 'no'. I said , 'then no, we don't need the added charge of 'casket insurance'. Not cool. Obviously a tactic to prey on the emotional situation that is the loss of a loved one.
Luna_Sunny17 Aylar önce
@rocket9244 bro nobody asked for your input. If you want to be mean get out of the comments.
The .CrystalBoat
The .CrystalBoat Aylar önce
Sick to prey on people like that. It's expensive enough already
Wain DY
Wain DY Aylar önce
Money 💰 at all cost
Penny Aylar önce
When I questioned costs of a funeral for my brother. The director who sound very sophisticated with a deep voice., suddenly began to stutter and whine after I asked him if he thought I looked bereaved. Costs dropped by thousands.
Moon Luna
Moon Luna Aylar önce
My uncle was the first child ever with a complex heart disease in the 60's (Now they can literally do a simple surgery and after a few days the kids can go home). He died at age 3. Scientists asked my grandparents to keep his body to experiment on to see what exactly was the issue, but as extreme Christians, they didn't want that. In a weird coincidence, the mortuary was filled so the casket with my 'uncle' in it had to stay in their house for days until the funeral. However they said 'NEVER OPEN THE CASKET, NO MATTER WHAT'! Everyone complyed..except for my 6 year old mum. She finally got the casket open after a few days and found..rocks. There was no body whatsoever. So the hospital stole my uncle's body. My grandparents never knew but had a hunch. So even though this means my uncle probably helped thousands of people with his autopsy, it's disgusting they did this behind my grandparents back.
i know exactly who you are
Not “literally “
kim thomas
kim thomas 2 gün önce
Wow that would not fly now days , sorry they did that to your grandparents
Wolfchild601 2 gün önce
I hope they sued. That's appalling.
ultimate witcherfan
ultimate witcherfan 6 gün önce
@Moon Luna how horrible! Taking a body after being told not to is wrong! And filling the casket with rocks?! I’ve heard of adding insult to injury, but that just takes the cake! I’m so sorry for your loss
Angela Shortt
Angela Shortt 2 aylar önce
I was six years old when President Kennedy was shot. My parents were watching the live news broadcast (I think it was live), and my sister and I were playing with our toys in our bedroom when we heard our mother scream. We ran out to see what happened, but our father told us to get back in our room. But we could hear our mother sobbing, and our father trying to comfort her. It’s still one of the most vivid memories from my childhood.
Teresa Hegerich
Teresa Hegerich 9 gün önce
@SpicySalad I was three. We lived on base at Ft. Lee, and our dad was called to weekend duty to help with the viewing that weekend. My mom fed me a Swanson dinner so she could watch the reporting.
Rocky Road Creations
Rocky Road Creations 17 gün önce
I have the same memory. I was only 3 but I still remember it.
T.J 19 gün önce
@Cece K. It would be better to have followed God than to try and follow a dream. God is the one who frees a man, but dreams never freed anyone. Martin Luther King had a dream but it cost him his life. The same is still happening today. People are still having dreams they are following and it is costing them their life. So love God with all your heart and He will free you and give you peace and joy you couldn't imagine possible. God is Awesome!! ❤️🙏
music 24 gün önce
Sounds like my story! I was 5 y.o. but remember it clearly.
Sarah Dalton
Sarah Dalton 2 aylar önce
Poor Jackie. Also… I remember my mom and grandma talking about the completely raw & visceral reactions people had to this event, and I just don’t know if that type of reaction would be seen after a comparable event in this day and age. People have lost this type of faith in and respect of their representative government. People having very visible, public, emotional outbursts was truly a testament to the hope and inspiration the Kennedys inspired in droves of the American people. This period in American history is always fascinating to me. Thank you for touching on these subjects. More people should pay attention to history lessons like this.
Aleksandra K
Aleksandra K 27 gün önce
@Heather Whatever I was thinking the same!
Natalie Rosen
Natalie Rosen Aylar önce
Heather Whatever
Heather Whatever Aylar önce
September 11 showed a side of Americans I didn’t know was there.
Ann Reiter
Ann Reiter Aylar önce
I was barely 1; I remember like it was yesterday...my mom looking at the kitchen tv...grabbing the kitchen towel and sobbing into it..."what have they done to you..." ....
David Bruin
David Bruin Aylar önce
If you watch the movies of his murder and Jackie climbs onto the trunk of the car and reaches for something, it's the Presidents skull that she grabbed. People were saying that she was trying to get away from the car and the Secret Service agent climbs up and helped her get back into the car, they were wrong. She loved him with all of her life and soul, and she was not going to leave him. 💔
Мишенька и Шарик
@Tyra Starr The force of the bullet had about half his skull rip off as well as his brain splatter everywhere. And since head wounds bleed a lot, the blood spattered everywhere. It was very grotesque. There are photos you can search for online to understand the gravity of his injuries.
AtlasNL 26 gün önce
@Tyra Starr Well, his head was hit, and squishy shit like humans don’t usually stay intact when a bullet hits it
Tyra Starr
Tyra Starr 28 gün önce
Wait his skull?! How did his skull fall out of place?
Detective Squirrel
Detective Squirrel 5 aylar önce
My wife Sami was an avid follower of yours and contributed to your patroen. She died last year and despite having to fight against her parents' wishes I got Sami the Woodland Burial she wanted thanks to watching your videos.
Melissa Hedden
Melissa Hedden 9 gün önce
Sam Wittstruck.
Sam Wittstruck. 9 gün önce
@Dimitri Merritt please
Marie-Sophie Dromer
Marie-Sophie Dromer 16 gün önce
I'm deeply sorry that you lost your beautiful wife. It's amazing that you fought to respect her wishes as her loving husband. My thoughts and prayers are with you!
pandorahunter 28 gün önce
That's beautiful
Janice Atkins
Janice Atkins Aylar önce
@Devon Nothing special d
Joe Joseph
Joe Joseph Aylar önce
I have a problem with hermetically sealed caskets. My grandmother died when I was in 8th grade and I was with my mother when we had to pick out the casket. I remember having to ask what hermetically meant. Despite being only 13 years old, I knew what decomposition was having lived on a farm, and I knew that a certain amount of oxygen was needed for a body to decompose. To top it off, my grandmother was buried in Chicago IL and her casket had to be placed inside of a 6 inch thick cement sarcophagus that had a lid on it which I think was done to protect ground water. Anyway, It made me so uncomfortable to think about because I knew that my grandmothers body would never become one with the earth again. It was this reason why I decided that I wanted to be cremated. But now that I have learned about the process of corpse composting, I would really like that as my disposition. I hope that by the time I die it is legal here in Wisconsin. If not I would consider tree burial.
kani 10 gün önce
the thought of having a tree burial in a foresty part of the world is my dream. i’m glad others are weighing this option too!
Malissia Creates
Malissia Creates 24 gün önce
Yes. I wanted to be cremated (as I only knew of 2 choices fire or overpriced burial) but this channel has opened up so many green choices! I’m now considering recompose, tree burial and aquamation and even feed!!
Pinup_Charmer Aylar önce
Same here
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Aylar önce
I was in the Presidental Honor Guard when Bobby was killed. Too young for the JFK killing, but there for Bobby. i was part of group of waiting at Union Station for the train carrying the body of Bobby. Jackie slowed the train down to 30 mph after it hit a 9 year old girl standing on thr tracks. My dad and sister saw me on TV, waiting an extra 30 minutes for the train.
Celestial_Kitten0 Aylar önce
I will always admire the amount of reverence you give these stories, truly trying to speak about the dead with respect and care no matter if they are a president or the body of an unknown slave. Its so very evident that you care deeply about these people and their stories and what they mean to us as a country and how they have influenced our culture and the way we now view death
Pinup_Charmer Aylar önce
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Dear, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
raggmopp 2 aylar önce
I used her book as a source of research for my psychology final, I titled "Death: the final rip off". I got an A+
Sol A.
Sol A. Aylar önce
I would also love the read it.
-_ Aylar önce
Would you ever share your writings? The title alone is amazing. I’d love to read it.
Nomasonto Ngcungama
Would love to read that research! Wow.
Leslie Martin
Leslie Martin Aylar önce
That is such a great name for your project. It's so purposely fitting 💕
vilstef Aylar önce
I loved this video for all it revealed about Jackie's immense bravery and strength of character in the worst days of her life. She was not a person to be trifled with, manipulated or underestimated. She proved this with the dignity and fortitude she displayed while preserving her husband's legacy. She is up there with Eleanor Roosevelt as one of the Greatest First Ladies!
KCK 5 aylar önce
Jackie truly did an amazing job advocating for her family's after-death wishes in a situation where people seemed determined to treat her like a child who couldn't handle the reality of death.
Michelangelo Aylar önce
DONT LIE! AT OVAL OFFICE Johnson and Valenti stand beside the presidential desk, both careful not to step behind it. Johnson to Valenti whadda we do? Valenti to Johnson I’ve been discussing it with the others all morning. We all agree for the sake of continuity, it’s important we move in immediately. Johnson to Valenti It’s his goddamn desk Jack his corpse is lying in the next room! Valenti to Johnson I understand, sir. It’s delicate. But this is the President’s office. And you’re the President. Don’t think Kruschev isn’t watching. Johnson to Valenti That whole Mick crew is gonna throw a fit. Valenti to Johnson We’ll handle O’Brien and the rest. Johnson to Valenti We gotta be careful about Jackie. Real careful. Those other sonsofbitches know the drill. But she’s just a girl. A sweet girl with two kids who just lost her husband. She’s the most beloved woman in the world right now. Valenti to Johnson I understand. Johnson to Valenti Well, do what you gotta do to get started. But we work across the street until after the body’s in the ground. NIGHT OF THE FUNERAL Jackie to Bobby Jack’s gone. He’s gone! And I can’t stay in that goddamn house another minute! THE DAY AFTER FUNERAL JACKIE AT OVAL OFFICE is hardly recognizable. The scarlet carpet remains, but little else. All the furniture has been replaced, and President Johnson sits behind his new desk. Jackie to Johnson I’ve just come to tell you, that the children and I plan to move out immediately. I can’t stand to be here a moment longer. We leave for the Cape tonight. They left the night after JFK funeral not the two months like you said. And Johnson and his Mob did things very quickly. The mass media and videos on TRvid like this one make a lot of none sense enough already. People are too lazy to do their own research when is the last time you seen them read a book.
Edward Corey
Edward Corey 2 aylar önce
@April Gosa he was big cheater everyone knew it his staff but still she loved him and deserved the respect
John Roth
John Roth 2 aylar önce
@Maureen Grosenbach I just checked all my counter comments. I did not write to you. Everyone in the comment thread gets noticed about new comments. I was in history class as the announcement was made by the school principal. He immediately dismissed school for the day. Amazingly, someone was at the school to pickup almost everyone. Those who didn't have rides carpooled with friends. You were lucky to have such a considerate father. One of the things I remember about that day was all of the girls walking down the halls crying. At 71 years old, I can't remember a sadder day in America, except when JFK junior's plane went missing.
flanamom Aylar önce
I remember it like it was last week, I was 8 years old at the time, and the nuns let us put the classroom TV on so we could all watch the scene from Parkland, the adults were crying so we kids did too, I'll never forget. Thank you for the in-depth on Jacqueline Kennedy as well, her strength, endurance and dignity are legendary.
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Flana, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Maryanne Slater
Maryanne Slater 10 gün önce
I absolutely understand and support the Kennedy family wanting the casket closed. My cousin and his wife were killed in a terrible automobile accident in the early 1970s. My aunt and uncle (old school Catholic and a bit odd) opted for a traditional open casket funeral. It was awful. My cousin's wife was a beautiful woman who looked stunning in fuchsia and was buried in one of her favourite dresses. It clashed horribly with the funeral home makeup. Their bodies were still slightly distorted from the accident and they looked nothing like the vibrant couple we knew. I think that's when my parents decided on cremation.
Myra Elvira
Myra Elvira 2 aylar önce
I was not expecting to get emotional in this video, but I almost felt like crying a few times. I feel so bad for Jackie. Thank you for this video.
Azure888 21 gün önce
I would have cried if I had been watching this at home.
Victoria Scofield
Victoria Scofield Aylar önce
I ended up crying for Jackie
IXCapnCrunchXI Aylar önce
it's ok, I started crying watching this lol
Suzy Howell
Suzy Howell 24 gün önce
As a five-year-old, this was the first time I’d seen my mother cry.
Peggy Roane
Peggy Roane 11 gün önce
I was 15 and followed John F. Kennedy from his beginners of running for President thru his funeral. I knew about the Cuban crisis and I remember going to bed with prayers for the President . I sleep at peace as I knew that the President would handle all of America's fears. His death happened happened a week after my Uncle had died. So 1963 was the one year that l wish would have never happened. 2 great men died and I was devastated 💔 😢. I will never forget November 1963.
Cynthia Cole
Cynthia Cole 12 gün önce
I was like 10. One of the very few times I saw my father cry. It really scared me.
Glytch Meister
Glytch Meister 5 aylar önce
It’s unbelievable they were so insistent on an open casket. The moment he died, he no longer belonged to the people. He stopped being the president. He was Jackie’s husband. Jackie should have had absolute authority the whole time.
Dallas Brubaker
Dallas Brubaker 7 gün önce
@Joyce Greer about what specifically?
Joyce Greer
Joyce Greer 7 gün önce
@Dallas Brubaker Oh, lol. I never counted.
Dallas Brubaker
Dallas Brubaker 7 gün önce
@Joyce Greerthe Kennedy's had a miscarriage, stillborn child, Carolyn, John, Patrick
Dallas Brubaker
Dallas Brubaker 7 gün önce
@Joyce Greer I don't know why people erroneously say JFK served 1,000 days. It was 1,036
Elizabeth Cimino
Elizabeth Cimino 7 gün önce
@Joyce Greer I believe so; her name was Arabella.
Tom Brown
Tom Brown Aylar önce
I was 10 when JFK was assassinated. My strongest memories of that weekend are seeing our school principal crying after he lowered the flag. It was the first time I saw a man cry. The second image was of all the limousines arriving at the White House on Saturday. It was raining, and the raindrops distorted further the already distorted images of the camera's telephoto lens, which made the limos elongate and bend going up the drive. The final image of that weekend was the murder of Oswald.
Andy Garland
Andy Garland Aylar önce
This was so good and well planned! I’d love to see you do one on the crazy and morbid journey of Abraham Lincoln’s corpse after he died (and his son who had been dead for 3 years). It’s a bizarre part of history that isn’t talked about that much.
K B 29 gün önce
Today's reporters would have asked this question: "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?"
Andy Garland
Andy Garland Aylar önce
Thanks you for talking about Lincoln in your video titled “The Funeral Concert Where the Body Performed”. It was such an interesting comparison and another great video.
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Andy, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
beth hammel
beth hammel 2 aylar önce
Such a beautiful tribute you did! Thank you for this story, I wasn’t even aware they lost a baby.
Fremantle88 Aylar önce
They lost two. A baby girl, and a son who died not long after birth.
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Beth, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
NaniNoLovYou Aylar önce
This was so incredibly well researched, well done! Such a respectful look from a different angle
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Dear, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Irene 5 aylar önce
Interesting fact, Jackie's suit was Chanel "inspired" suit made by her personal tailor. She loved Chanel designs but she wanted to be seen wearing clothing from the US, so her tailor got the fabric and pattern from Chanel but it was made in the US. Edit: Thank you for all the likes, and commentary. Additionally, this was in no way to say Caitlin was incorrect as the suit outside of the person and place it was constructed was Chanel.
Kymberli Pomerants
Kymberli Pomerants 18 gün önce
@Becky Owens she would not change her clothes, several people TRIED to get her to change. My uncle was around during that time, also watch the movie "The Butler" by Lee Daniels, it goes into detail about that day.
David Williams
David Williams 23 gün önce
It also wasn’t her first time to wear it. There’s a photo of her at Heathrow in London wearing it taken the year before.
ForPETES sake
ForPETES sake 2 aylar önce
@Matt B easy for you to say.
Chuck's poke
Chuck's poke 2 aylar önce
@Becky Owens New First Lady, Lady Bird tired to get Jackie to change into another clean outfit. Jackie refused to change she said she wanted them to see what they had done to her husband.
Heather Ruff
Heather Ruff Aylar önce
I absolutely love how you tell the story. It's such a unique perspective. I'm one of those, morbidly curious types. Jackie was the epitome of elegance, grace and honor. Thank you for what you do.
Garth Timmins
Garth Timmins 2 aylar önce
I was 7 years old when the Kennedy assassination happened. I can still remember watching the funeral procession on television, and seeing John Jr saluting. My older sister, who would have been in high school at the time, cried.
Gene Stephens
Gene Stephens Aylar önce
I was 7 as well. It was the first time I ever remember death. I had never experienced it before till then. The flag draped coffin is something I’ve never forgotten.
Christa Germany
Christa Germany Aylar önce
There was a recent Apollo exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum and they had personal letters from NASA to Jackie after his death. I stood there and cried as I read them. The grace to which Jackie responded was unfathomable. Her only request of them was that in the future they would speak of him and his passion for space exploration so his memory could be kept alive and he would not be forgotten. I know much is made of their marriage and his affairs, but there is no question of her love and dedication for this man.
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Christa, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
WheelieGay Aylar önce
"They have to remember Jack alive." Has just.. I don't know. It's struck me hard. I'm severely ill, and only getting sicker. I remember waking up to my mum on the phone, saying how she's having to bury her parents, and she knows one day she'll have to bury me, her child, too. I thought I had everything thought out, in terms of my end of life wishes. But now I just.. don't know. A big, lavish ceremony isn't something I'm into, but if that's what my loved ones need, well, I'm not the one feeling the grief. When it comes to ceremony, and how my loved ones do it, all I'd ask is that they try to focus on the times we shared over my life, and not so much on my death.
Camille Anderson
Camille Anderson 14 gün önce
A s h t o n
A s h t o n Aylar önce
White Blogger Black Specs
My God losing a son and a husband in the span of three months. Jackie Kennedy had strength beyond my own comprehension
Richard Gutkowski
Richard Gutkowski Aylar önce
@saguirre760 everything
saguirre760 Aylar önce
@Richard Gutkowski what does that have anything to do with his assassination?
Pippi Shortstocking
@M water_moon *losing. Not loosing.
Peter Will
Peter Will Aylar önce
And we still have not been giving all the records.
J C 2 aylar önce
Look up Within Heaven's Gates by Rebecca Springer 😇
pandorahunter 28 gün önce
My dad was a child and JFK was a big deal to him. I appreciate this view and learning about Jackie and how she handled herself. I normally don't watch JFK stuff so this took me some time and I just allowed it on auto play but it was very well done as your stuff always is.
Christopher Fegley
Christopher Fegley Aylar önce
This is amazing. I've shared it with funeral director friends. I'm almost certain they saw this before me, but if not, I hope they watch and share these sentiments.
Viktória Hugo Von Holleben
This is top quality content! The way you write, research, produce, film and edit these videos is so incredible, thank you Caitlin! I love your channel, regards from Brazil!
m0o0oeh 2 aylar önce
In the UK it’s traditional to have a closed casket services when loved ones leave us. My stepfathers funeral was the first time at a funeral I’d ever had the opportunity to have a private moment as we were leaving, to reach out to have that moment of reconnection with, giving thanks, and mourning with someone I loved more than my birth father for most of my adult life. JFK’s life and death has been the subject of satire, and virtually nothing had been said about Jackie. Thank you for bringing her truth to light.
Camille Anderson
Camille Anderson 14 gün önce
i have had many relatives who had open caskets in the UK.
piecesofgold 5 aylar önce
the treatment jackie received from both the public and the kennedy family after her husbands death was abhorrent. bobby was the only one who was kind to her and he was murdered the same way as his brother not long after. she lived with severe PTSD for the rest of her life and never recovered from it. i rarely see anyone talk about her after his death, so i really appreciate this video. EDIT: Barbara Leamimg wrote a fantastic biography about Jackie for anyone who’d like to know more!
BbyBella99 Aylar önce
@Tanja Horvat ( Serbia )( Old Slavs, Han Attila ) actually no she wasn’t, that’s false. From birth she wasn’t healthy.
Tanja Horvat ( Serbia )( Old Slavs, Han Attila )
@BbyBella99 Rosemary was homosexual. That was a big problem for your nation because Rosemary was born before the 21st century. I live in Serbia ( ex Tito's Yugoslavia, Balkan peninsula, Europe ). In Balkan, you can't marry a same-sex person.
Tanja Horvat ( Serbia )( Old Slavs, Han Attila )
@Decontee Sawyer What? What drug do you use? The diagnosis of female hysteria exists even today. Lobotomy also.
Tanja Horvat ( Serbia )( Old Slavs, Han Attila )
@fvnaticbychoice Yes.
Tom Schmidt
Tom Schmidt Aylar önce
I was in high school when JFK was assassinated, it was very emotional watching this. I was not aware of much of the behind the scene drama dram you reported, thank you.
Star Climber
Star Climber 2 aylar önce
This was fascinating. You have an amazing TRvid channel, and you're a very talented storyteller. I was engrossed by this whole thing.
Fresh Freak
Fresh Freak 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this.Such a moving documentary. I was only about 4 years old, but I do remember the moment when my mother heard the news while watching tv folding laundry. As a college student in the 80's, I visited the UCLA library which had a treasure trove of information on the assassination, conspiracies, and theories. Your documentary needs to be included in that library.
Blonde Bobbi
Blonde Bobbi Aylar önce
OMG. Jackie was the strongest woman. Thank you, Caitlyn for bringing this video and others to us. Your explanations are amazing.
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue 5 aylar önce
I’ve really never known much about JFK as a president or Jackie as a person, but this story has always been so heartbreaking and I am forever amazed at her strength and presence after something so unimaginably traumatising and horrific
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue 6 gün önce
@Highway Hanna do you know what the word “triggered” means? Because it’s used in therapy to describe what happens when a person with PTSD or similar disorders experiences a flashback, by mocking it you are mocking every single individual who has ever experienced one. A car backfiring is a seemingly trivial and simple thing, but someone with PTSD from war or even Jackie herself would likely be triggered by it and it could tear them apart. You don’t know the significance a word or a circumstance has to a person and their trauma. A car backfiring that sounds like a gunshot, the trashy pop song that played while you were being assaulted, the name your abusive partner would call you before beating you, the curtains hanging when you found your loved one dead as a child, all of these can be triggers and just because they seem stupid and insignificant to you doesn’t make them so. People have always suffered these reactions and disorders, the only change is that many are actually willing to listen to us when we talk about them rather than all responding how you have, and it actually gives us the chance to grow and heal. Society has more compassion for people like Jackie, people like me, people with trauma that can resurface at any given moment for any seemingly insignificant reason, and if you don’t have compassion for us then you don’t have compassion for her. You don’t get to pick and choose who is allowed to be “triggered”
Russell M
Russell M 5 aylar önce
Mimi Beardsleyyy
TundraWoman Says
TundraWoman Says 5 aylar önce
@whiskeyclones Wise words. This Boomer has felt and thought the same things. Take care, friend.
whiskeyclones 5 aylar önce
@slugluv1313 not really the same thing, but the closest I can come to as a millennial is 9/11. I was 9 when it happened and I’ll never forget that day. Our teacher put the TV on after the first plane hit, so me and my classmates watched the towers fall. They sent us home early, and I remember panicking because my mom worked in downtown Pittsburgh and she took the bus that day, and she said that streets were frenzied with people rushing to make it home, especially after the third plane crashed in PA. That whole era of the early 2000s was just overcast with worry and doubt. I really wish the generations would get along more, specifically Boomers and my generation, along with Gen Z. We share a lot, living through unprecedented events, racial turmoil on the national level, losses from war, living with diseases not fully understood-we have a collective trauma from these events that will takes years, maybe decades to heal from, and it would be better if we could heal together. ❤️
Janie Super
Janie Super 2 aylar önce
very thorough, very interesting and very sensitivly told, this story that is a part of everyone's life. When my ex partner passed away, I requested a very simple box and not alot of money be spent. They did what I asked and I am at peace with how he was laid to rest. He was not embalmed. They kept him on ice so me and the family could have a private open casket viewing. I think open viewing is OK for the family but only for those who want it, I dont think it should be forced on anyone.
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Janie, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Renee Rangihuna
Renee Rangihuna Aylar önce
That was absolutely amazing to watch. I had no idea about what happened immediately after. Jackie Kennedy was grace personified in a most horrific and traumatizing situation. Imagine being on a plane with your husband and then within hours being back on that plane a widow and forced to watch another man take her husband's job, unbelievable woman.
Johnny Bananas
Johnny Bananas Aylar önce
You did an amazing job telling this story. Facts many people did not know, or will ever know.
Robert Heath
Robert Heath Aylar önce
I always learned about Kennedy when I was 5 years old growing up in Austin we were always told that Dallas was a bad place to go because Kennedy was killed but this video really shows more educational light on what I never knew about the casket and why it was kept close congratulations on making this video it was very very good and educational I really loved it
Truth seeker Hill
Truth seeker Hill 2 aylar önce
Thank you. This was very interesting and answered many questions to things I had read about the Kennedy assassination. You gave a much clearer explanation of many things, including the mystery of the original casket. 💞
John MacMillen
John MacMillen 18 gün önce
You did a brilliant recapitulation and history of what really happened. I have a great regard for what you do.
John Crespeno
John Crespeno Aylar önce
Love your videos and especially this one about JFK. Have you considered investigating the preparations and funeral for Marilyn Monroe considering she has been gone for sixty years ? I think your viewers might like to know all riveting circumstances involving her death, autopsy, and funeral preparations concerning one of Hollywood’s most intriguing and tragic stars.
L T 2 aylar önce
Great video. I was 10 when Kennedy died, and have naturally read a lot about it. Very informative. Jackie was a stand-up lady. For some extra info, check out an old book, "Upstairs at the White House" written by J.B. West, the Usher at the White House during the Kennedy years.
Myra Cahill
Myra Cahill 5 aylar önce
I was in 5th grade when President Kennedy was shot. My Mother was crying when I arrived home from school, watching the trauma unfold on our black and white TV. It consumed everyone and everything. Yet, Jackie Kennedy was a pillar of strength for the nation. Although I "lived through it", I learned much from your video and thank you for your compassion.
Rebecca Cabrera
Rebecca Cabrera 2 aylar önce
Ben Shapiro
Lawrence 5 aylar önce
I was in 6th grade- the 5th grade teacher from across the hall came to the door of the classroom, and announced to the class that President Kennedy had been shot, then, a few minutes later, she returned to tell us that he had died.
James David Andrade
James David Andrade 2 aylar önce
Wow... I got emotional with the way you told this story. I've usually only heard detective type documentaries around JFK's assassination's that straddle the fence on conspiracy. Thought they're all pretty good there is so so so much to this story. Thank You...
getplaning 18 gün önce
Of all your fascinating and illuminating videos, this is one of your most interesting. I have spent years studying the death of JFK and yours is the only work that addresses this part of the story. Excellent work.
tina 2 aylar önce
This is one of the best videos you have done Caitlyn!! Very sad indeed but tells us what really happened in his aftermath… Ty as always!!
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Tina, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Lynn Wood
Lynn Wood Aylar önce
Interesting and well done. I was twelve at this time, at the age where one starts to become aware of the larger forces of the world. This brought back elements which had been forgotten and also flashbacks about the ghastly funeral for my paternal grandmother less than a year before. The movie "The Loved One" had Jonathan Winters wearing the same style suit as my father had and Liberace perfectly portraying the smooth sales presentation that I had observed as an eleven year old non-Irish Catholic amongst the Protestant world. A lot of context long forgotten. And so much grief ... Prayers.
Adrena Hamilton
Adrena Hamilton 5 aylar önce
I never realized the empowerment in that story. Way to go Jackie for sticking up for herself and her family. What a strong lady.
Patricia Clark
Patricia Clark 2 aylar önce
Cherylene Aylar önce
Jackie Kennedy will always be such a wonderful embodiment of strength and power. I didn't realize that she had a baby that died and that the baby died not long before her husband died. I did watch a documentary on the assassination from her view, and as a child, I always thought she was scared and trying to flee the car when he was shot but as an adult, I heard her say that a piece of his skull flew back onto the boot of the car and she crawled on the back of the car purely to grab it and place it back on his head. My heart just swelled and realized what Love and bravery she possessed. She was an amazing woman and thankyou for telling us this story, I did know she insisted on staying by his side but didn't know all these amazing details
Maeve Maiden
Maeve Maiden Aylar önce
This was fascinating. My favorite show ever made, HBO's Six Feet Under explores the funeral industry in depth and I instantly thought of it when you did your " dipped, tressed, and waxed" lol. The funeral industry just like many others is just fueled by greed in America and it's a disgrace at this point. Just ask the average family or person who has suffered loss and couldn't afford to bury their loved ones. Thank you for an insightful video😉
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Maeve, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
martin edwards
martin edwards Aylar önce
this is an amazing well done article!... i was 3 years old when this happened n knew nothing of this.... ive heard NONE of this info, seen none of this footage!... thank you so much for outstanding research im also 100% against open caskets... its wrong, and morbid. who wants this final memory of their loved one???
Human CHILD OF GOD Aylar önce
Beyond impressed and informed with this story about tragedy in history! Well done!
Manatee obsessed weirdo
I can’t imagine the grief Jackie went through, first losing her baby, then her husband in just a few short months. That would be hard enough for any person, but when the whole world is literally watching your every move, it must have been unspeakably awful. This was a fantastic video as always, Caitlin. And if anyone reading has the chance to go to the Sixth Floor Museum, I absolutely recommend it. You will learn a lot and gain a new historical perspective.
Kim Brundige
Kim Brundige 5 aylar önce
I was there at the museum. Window opened, boxes stack to hide Oswad. Rifle was there too.
C O 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your commitment and level of research for making this video. Such an interesting amount of information that should be included in our education.
John Stuckey
John Stuckey Aylar önce
Great video, I remember being in school in 3rd grade when the announcement came out. They release the school early and I walk home as usual. When I went inside the house I saw my mom crying heavy tears. I never saw my mom cry in my entire life except for this day. I never knew the details of what led up to the final funeral at the cemetery. Thank you for the video!
Julie Moeller
Julie Moeller 2 aylar önce
This was my introduction to your channel. I was very appreciative of your history lesson on this and what had happened with the entire funeral. I just subscribed.
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Julie, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Chris Panteli
Chris Panteli Aylar önce
I really like the way this lady presents herself and her humour is great inspite of the horrific tragedy that she's talking about she's lovely ❤️
dennis n
dennis n 5 aylar önce
I saw my brother in his casket. I never walked up to another afterwards. I like to remember people as they were alive. Once you see them dead. That image stays burned into your mind forever.
Patriotic Princess
Patriotic Princess 9 gün önce
I'm torn between open casket and cremation for that reason.
Michael Young
Michael Young 17 gün önce
For me, an open casket viewing brings a finality to the fact that they have died. It brings me personally a tremendous since of closure and reality about the situation. But it is not the same for everyone, understandably.
Cricket2731 25 gün önce
My late Husband told me that NO-ONE was to see his corpse--ever. No visitation, no funeral service. Him seeing his Mom dead really freaked him out. He really wanted to protect me from seeing his corpse.
Stephanie 25 gün önce
I disagree. I saw my grandmother in her casket and I surely don't see that image as her last. I have much too many fond memories of her up and moving about!
Rhonda Black
Rhonda Black Aylar önce
I feel the same! When I was 15 I saw a dead man at a funeral who died of cancer. His skin was green. Why they had the casket open I don’t know. He looked nothing like he did alive
craigenputtock 2 aylar önce
The problem with conventional funerals is that they're too depressing. The Funeral Critic brings a fresh perspective to planning and creating funerals which are TRULY healing experiences.
Margerita Horvath
Margerita Horvath Aylar önce
I was ten years old when JFK was shot.this was very informative. Thankyou Caitlin for sharing and educating us.
Yvonne Edun
Yvonne Edun Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this history changing story with such eloquence and respect.
Jessica Galindo
Jessica Galindo 18 gün önce
This is a GREAT video. At points, I teared up thinking of how horrible the entire event had to be FOR THE FAMILY. This was very well presented!
Helen L
Helen L 5 aylar önce
Jackie asking the same agent to drive them to the hospital absolutely floored me. I'm so impressed that she was even aware of the impact it was having on the agents around her in the moment, let alone able to be compassionate and insightful enough to find a meaningful way to reach out to him and help him heal like that! Just incredible, kudos Jackie! Also, is it possible that the charges from the Dallas funeral home were so high because they might have damaged the hearse's locking mechanism as well as the casket?
Logan 5 aylar önce
Plus the driving a brand new hearse all over - wear and tear
Bree Badger
Bree Badger 5 aylar önce
When you're in that kind of situation, habits tend to kick in. For a woman who was very used to being in the public's eye and paying attention to what the ppl around her need/expect, leaning into that kind of thing would be a reflex and also a way to keep herself from dwelling on what's going on. In that sort of situation, it can be easy to feel very detached from what ppl expect you to feel or do. It hasn't quite sunk in, you know? And yeah, I imagine the costs to repair the hearse probably played a role in the size of the bill. I'm very glad they decided to destroy the casket. That kind of thing absolutely should _not_ end up in the hands of collectors, nor should it be used as some kind of... shrine.
TundraWoman Says
TundraWoman Says 5 aylar önce
It just breaks my heart all over again to watch Jackie crawling back towards the trunk of the vehicle to attempt to retrieve the bone and tissue of her husband’s brain.
Emily C
Emily C 5 aylar önce
Oof yeah. How much does it cost to repair a specialized hearse element.
spazzyshortgirl23 5 aylar önce
Ya know…that kinda makes sense
namsnoodle 2 aylar önce
This was a great video filled with a lot of awesome research about a very important point in our nation's history. Well done!
Douglas Carducci
Douglas Carducci 2 aylar önce
That was so well done I'm in shock!! Very informative with a much needed pinch of comedy relief and unbelievability of human behaviors..sad story all around and Jackie Kennedy deserved a lot of praise for her handling of the worst situation imaginable
Whitey_B 2 aylar önce
I wasn't alive yet when JFK was assassinated but I've researched his life because of everything my father told me about what he thought and felt about JFK and my father wasn't a huge fan of the US government but he loved JFK because he felt that he wanted to change the direction of the country and where it was leading to (and did not only end up but blew past) he was a very interesting man and I will never believe that he wasn't murdered by the very government he was trying to change.... I will just never be convinced of that.... and Jackie...what a absolute picture of what not only a first lady should be but a wife should be.... and I can say unfortunately that when you have just seen someone who you love get shot and you were right next to them...your in such shock you dont feel think or even realize that you have a huge amount of blood all over you .... untill you catch a look at yourself in a mirror and then (with me anyway) it all hits you again like a ton of bricks.... crazy experience that I wish on nobody ever...
EMC Aylar önce
What a great video. Thank u so much for sharing all of this inside information. It proved to me more then ever what a class act Jackie O was. She carried herself with such class and dignity all the time but most of all I’m so overwhelmed by her compassion for others while she was covered in her husbands blood. She thought of their pain before her own. How I wish we still has First Ladies like that today.
Xiran Jay Zhao
Xiran Jay Zhao 5 aylar önce
Love how you always make your videos with such empathy and give the spotlight to those who truly deserve it!
Nick 4 aylar önce
My favourite TRvidr commenting on another one of my favourite TRvidr's video 😲
The Grinning Viking
The Grinning Viking 5 aylar önce
@Xiran Jay Zhao She's so much fun isn't she? That's probably weird to say, but I guess everyone here is weird if that's true. lol
Xiran Jay Zhao
Xiran Jay Zhao 5 aylar önce
@The Grinning Viking I love Caitlin's videos and books!!
tk 5 aylar önce
insane 1.2 million views racked up in 2 days. love this channel.
Mon Demese
Mon Demese 8 gün önce
Love your story telling, what a great job!!!
lilredhen57 Aylar önce
Thank you for this reminder. I remember that day so well, even though I was young. I loved Carolyn, she was like a Princess for our Country. I loved magazine articles about the Kennedy family. As an adult, I have paid for creations, still very high. But, not as much as a full burial. In 1963, when the President was assassinated, the oldest kids at our school were watching the 📺 motorcade. I was just 1 month of being 6, a first grader. I attended a Catholic school. It was the only day I saw Nuns running and crying. A fear of attacks on Catholic seemed real. It was horrible. I remember the funeral. I remember praying for the Country, the Kennedy family, and the Johnsons. We did not celebrate Thanksgiving that year. "We had nothing to be thankful for, " According to the Adults.
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Dear, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Anastasia P
Anastasia P Aylar önce
Honestly, hearing about how a lot these embalmed iconic corpses end up looking too waxen strengthen my desire to avoid embalming for my own death plan, unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t want to be remembered as a waxen effigy of the person I was. Awesome video, by the way, but I can’t get over the fact that the transportation casket was solid bronze. You’d think the Secret Service would request a lighter casket to make things easier. They could’ve requested the best casket ever upon the return to Washington D.C.
Eye Wonder
Eye Wonder Aylar önce
As for amazing stories concerning this subject, the sleepless hard work that took place to have his funeral in 3 days, for a President, is worth reading about.
ILoveKimPossibleAlot 5 aylar önce
It is really messed up how Jackie had to carry that trauma for the rest her life like that. It's all gone in an instant. It's no secret the ideal view of her "Camelot" was firstly founded as a response to the death.
Anna Pierson
Anna Pierson 2 aylar önce
@LuvBorderCollies itstruejackeasseomanizerr.po washer father. So was Onassis. Jackknowdhreadfaithful s
Diana Olivera
Diana Olivera 5 aylar önce
@Ray Pellerin Tal vez del dinero de Onasis, pero no del dinero de Kennedy, el era atractivo, popular, interesante, con una buena carrera política por delante.
Sven Ben
Sven Ben 5 aylar önce
@LuvBorderCollies Im aware. I didnt say it was right or wrong. Most cheaters are that way. Its ok for me, but you better not. Its wrong.. double standard that caused rift... thats all I feel when thiking obout that situation
Storm Bunnie
Storm Bunnie 29 gün önce
Wow. I just found your channel. This was great. My mom LOVED Jackie. I really enjoyed hearing this story. I also cried.
Pinup_Charmer Aylar önce
Best. Storytime. Ever. Thank you so much for this. It was awesome!
Judy Janssen
Judy Janssen 25 gün önce
I was 4 years old watching this on TV. Even for my age I was so infatuated by President Kennedy. I cried when I saw what happened to him. 🥲🥲🥲 Thank you for the very informative video.
David Miller
David Miller Aylar önce
Thank you for presenting this. I was 6 yrs. old when this happened and only got the conspiracy and media views. I enjoy your work.
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
I can’t get over how gut-wrenching it must be: the man next to you, dead in an instant in one of the goriest ways imaginable. Now all eyes are on you as you frantically navigate his funerary arrangements while simultaneously consoling a grieving country. I adore Jackie’s strength, and thank you for shining a light on to it. Like everybody else, the fallout of the assassination never even came to mind, and I’m glad it now has.
Juju 5 aylar önce
This is a stolen comment...
Meadow Peace
Meadow Peace 5 aylar önce
@Chris Abraham And we wonder why they're not mentally okay when they return. No one would be.
Chris Abraham
Chris Abraham 5 aylar önce
Imagine what troops had to go through, one minute a good buddy and friend, next a mangled mess in most cases in different forms.
Meadow Peace
Meadow Peace 5 aylar önce
She was amazing. Even in her shock, she was ready to hold her poor husband and reach for help from the back of the vehicle.
Jam Chiroptera
Jam Chiroptera 7 gün önce
I will never get tired of the funeral industry drum as long as its you beating it 🌺 one can find pretty much anything about the JFK assassination on youtube, but i cant think of many that dive into the culture and sociology of the time as deeply as you do. Keep kickin ass💜
Eric Bergman
Eric Bergman 2 aylar önce
I really like your videos they are very informative and interesting. Jackie was a very strong person I feel sorry for her what a tragedy!
R00T BOY Aylar önce
I'm 67, was a 3rd grader. Shortly after lunch the principal came over the intercom and gave us the news. The entire class lost it, including the teacher. I've not been touched like that since. I learned that day that you can not be prepared for that kind of message, whether family or friend. HE WAS ONE OF THE FINEST WE'VE EVER HAD. I'M done, crying to hard 😢 BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 🇺🇸✌
Tom Halloran
Tom Halloran Aylar önce
As a California licensed embalmer, and funeral director of now some 43 years I applaud the presentations and narrative of this historic event. Having been to Deeley Plaza, and to Arlington National Cemetery I consider myself fortunate to have been able to spend some reflective moments at both locations. I would love to be able to sit with the commentator of this presentation and respectfully discuss the narratives of the funeral industry, and the what, who, when and why of what I have devoted my entire professional life. I so respect the opinions of others and am more interested in her point of view and reasoning then mine. This is so nicely done and would share this with others.
Janice Sullivan
Janice Sullivan 5 aylar önce
I cannot imagine the horror of witnessing your husband’s head being blown away. Absolutely tragic, and it happened shortly after they had lost their son Patrick. Horror upon tragedy, upon tragedy.
Mark Lehman
Mark Lehman 5 aylar önce
@Xiphos it was nearly 5 years later - June of '68 for Bobby - I remember it just as clearly as I remember JFK's demise (I was 14 at the time of JFK,'s demise 19 when the series of very dubious events claimed Bobby.) JFK's assassination and all that went along with it was confusing at best.
Melanie Mansfield
Melanie Mansfield 5 aylar önce
@Jayla Smith We know all of the truth of what the media has said but is it actually the truth. Could Jackie have had something to do with this?
Mr S.
Mr S. 28 gün önce
I stumbled across this after looking at some outrageous embalming photos. The information given on the assassination and handling of JFK was equal to watching a documentary on Nat Geo. Superb job.
silverngold21 3 gün önce
Thank you. This was very interesting. I was in grade school when he passed and didn't understand the significance of his death for years.
Colin Cormier
Colin Cormier Aylar önce
I've always been a fan of history. As a kid this stuff always creeped me out, but now at 22, for whatever reason, death intrigues me. I definitely enjoyed watching this, and just subbed.
Barbara Dellis
Barbara Dellis 2 aylar önce
As she describes this scene, I'm reminded of our innocence and trusting attitude...our world was so relaxed and peaceful compared to the hell we now live in since 9.11.01. The Scorpio in me loves this video...
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Barbara, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Ruby Y.
Ruby Y. 5 aylar önce
I can’t get over how gut-wrenching it must be: the man next to you, dead in an instant in one of the goriest ways imaginable. Now all eyes are on you as you frantically navigate his funerary arrangements while simultaneously consoling a grieving country. I adore Jackie’s strength, and thank you for shining a light on to it. Like everybody else, the fallout of the assassination never even came to mind, and I’m glad it now has.
Eve Hampton
Eve Hampton 4 aylar önce
BUSH you may think that you got away with this but GOD remembers and your day is coming, soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HE’S COMING for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just think
Just think 5 aylar önce
@Peter K yup jeeze from the start she got it wrong about the "lone nut did it". ONeal said the back of his head was blasted out! why doesn't she quote him about that? and why show the drawings of the head wound and not any of the photos (some doctored) that have been out for decades?? the throat and head hits came from the south knoll parking lot. yes shots from all over including the north or grassy knoll. trvid.com/video/video-c8emNECYgmg.html
Peter K
Peter K 5 aylar önce
@Not A fascist Slave V Nope, a realist. That's only part of the horror of the assassination. The worst happened afterward. Since the blood and guts aspect is your focus, you don't see that.
JR Hamilton
JR Hamilton Aylar önce
Fantastic video Caitlin, you truly outdid yourself on this one! Magnificent presentation!
MSIEE Aylar önce
You did a GREAT job with this video! I learned so much and have so much respect for Jackie Kennedy. I am still in awe...
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings Aylar önce
Hello Dear, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??
Gat App Technologies
I would highly recommend going to Dayton Ohio to see the Air Force One jet that carried Kennedy. Its housed in the air force museum which is an amazing museum even without that amazing aircraft.
Thomas Harvey
Thomas Harvey Aylar önce
Wow that was a amazing story thank you for sharing oh, the one wasn’t born until 1967. I was always fascinated with the death of John Kennedy. I believe he was an awesome president rest in peace, JFK and thank you for sharing.💯🙏🏾
GuildfordGhost 2 aylar önce
Fantastic, fantastic video. Full of fascinating and disturbing things I didn't know, and your delivery is perfect. Thank you for sharing this gem of a piece.
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