Why is Ukraine's Counteroffensive So Successful

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Ukrainian armed forces have delivered Russia its greatest tactical defeat since it failed to take Kyiv at the start of the war. But how in the world was this counteroffensive so successful, and does this risk the use of nuclear weapons by a desperate Russia? Find out in today's epic new video.

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3 Eki 2022




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Remember folks, just because your army is
Brandon C
Infographics, they're making so much progress that you can't have a two week delay between videos. Next you'll be talking about Lyman and the other recently captured cities but at the rate the Ukrainians are going they'll probably have already captured Kherson.
Dariusz Dudka
We, Poles, have to say nothing but respect for the Ukrainians.
juha kämppi
Almost unlimited supply of weapons have been the key to Ukraine's success so far. Amounts of training in such short of a period have made immense advantages too.
Anthony Byrne
The fact Zelenskyy didn’t flee with the offer from the U.S. when virtually everyone was expecting the capital he was in to fall must have been a huge source of morale and confidence. Definitely don’t see many world leaders doing the same
Louis Sivo
Your team's videos are very good! After this war, there will be some amazing works (books, papers) coming out of analyzing this war. The Ukrainian's ability to fight (with help by NATO's contribution of weapons and intelligence) to halt Russia's advances is just one for the books. Lots of lessons to learn here.
juanfer andrade
A major problem too is the corruption in the Russian army resulting in ignored commands and faulty equipment since many commanders had freedom to act as they please and use their soldiers as they see fit which they want to keep, also some soldiers or commanders make a profit selling wires, components and stuff from unused equipment and could only be noticed when it wouldn´t work mid-war. The main takeaway from this war is that corruption, undiscipline and definitely a lot of other problems in their military can be lethal in any.
Sang Moon
Considering that the USA will likely be able to supply the Ukrainian military with winter gear better than Russia can supply its forces, Ukraine may be able to gain even more ground with the ground frozen enough to support vehicles.
My friend in the British army has been training Ukrainians in the UK for months now and it's working well
Evan Kirkpatrick
I love these semi real time breakdowns. Would love to see more videos of what works and fails in modern combat.
Just a reminder that the PLA operates on similar doctrines. Ultimately, the command structure and tactics are what are winning this war for the Ukrainians. Ukrainian forces have focused on exploiting as many shortcomings and gaps in the Russian army. After that they seem to be doing devastating counteroffensives once Russian forces have been "softened."
james tomlinson
This war has made America more powerful. Its taught them so much. Their grip on the world has dramatically increased for many reasons. Other powers have realised how far behind they are. China, Russia etc....not even in the same league. I'm not American btw but I'm able to see the wood for the trees
The crazy part is that the tactics described at
Recabite Jehonadab
I am still amazed and impressed how quickly the Ukrainians have adapted and learned how to use the weapons given to them! They are inspiring and their will is so strong. What an example for all to witness.
Pureblood Steve Tungate
People in the west aren't really aware of this but in the former USSR the best scientist, manufacturing centers, officers, pilots and military personel in general were Ukrainians.
I think motivation certainly a large factor, but also, the Ukrainian army now also has volunteers from a non-military background. Smart people like engineers, who have a different, often creative, non-military approach, this makes it more difficult for the opponent to predict what they will do.
I really appreciate you & all the time that goes into each episode of the info graphics videos❣️
One of the reasons for Russia's lack of sophisticated weaponry is that such weaponry is heavily reliant on modern electronics. Russia's access to such devices is limited by export embargoes and sanctions, so it has struggled to design and build equipment which can match what the West can supply to Ukraine.
Joshua Shaw
Imagine being the second most powerful nation in the world, and then getting vibe checked by a nation who didn’t even wanna fight. That’s like the bully getting knocked out and robbed by the quiet kid after trying to take his lunch money
Chris Ongko
Chris Ongko 14 gün önce
Don't underestimate the power of morale and determination. Someone fighting for their life will always be more dangerous than one fighting because they're told to
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