Why Is Halo Infinite's Multiplayer SO AWESOME?! (Part 2/2)

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This is part 2 of my Halo Infinite Multiplayer review! Where I mostly talk about the positives and great innovations that 343i have made. Despite the lackluster content, Infinite is an exceptional Halo title. The foundation is laid and I can't wait to see what is built on top of it.

Introduction - 0:00
Infinite Is Fun - 3:37
Performance, Movement, Controls - 5:10
Visuals & Art Style - 8:21
Weapons & Balance - 10:29
Player Collision & Equipment - 20:53
Assault Rifle Starts Are... OK?? - 23:33
Vehicles - 25:38
BTB, Maps & Map Design - 30:26
Conclusion - 37:06

Halo Infinite Is Underwhelming & Disappointing ➤ (Part 1/2) trvid.com/video/video-ARNBtGn70ww.html&t

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The Act Man
The Act Man Aylar önce
🤖 Install Mech Arena for FREE here ✅ clik.cc/uIYUu and get a special starter pack to help kickstart your game! Despite my criticisms, the gameplay for Infinite nails that 30 seconds of fun with GUSTO! The foundation is laid and I can't wait to see what is built on top of it. I'll be waiting, 343i... Patiently...
creazzZly 8 gün önce
@Logic n Reason got u dude im glad
Logic n Reason
Logic n Reason 8 gün önce
@creazzZly not disagreeing with you.
creazzZly 8 gün önce
​@Logic n Reason and still nothing has changed huh teach me if im wrong but theres still just one ranked list (open /solo duo) and btw this game is still a mess. so many bugs connetion poroblems, desync-dying behind walls..... all stuff which is made for a beta but as he said- if you pay for something you have expectations and yeah the game finally out but it still feels like the same boring friustrating beta as one month ago
Logic n Reason
Logic n Reason 8 gün önce
@creazzZly that was also a month ago keep in mond
creazzZly 8 gün önce
and no: this is not gonna to get better ... thats what it seems like. even the multiplayer is still unplayable cuz 343 is unable to add an anti cheat............... so we are constantly matching agianst cheaters who have their best time. even fortnite has such an anti heat system which shouldnt be as hard to add as we all know
ThatDudeinBlue Aylar önce
I always felt so alone in Halo 2 (which is still my favorite) when I told people I preferred starting with the SMG. I loved picking up the different variety of weapons and seeing how different the gameplay was. I said the same about the assault rifle starts in Infinite. People said I was nuts. I played a little in the competitive scene in Halo 2, and the BR starts got boring to me. Glad I wasn’t alone 😅 Halo 2 was my favorite gameplay mechanic wise (even though they were broken AF) but Halo 3 had the best overall content for sure.
Lesko Brandon
Lesko Brandon 9 gün önce
The AR is OP now in Halo Infinite
White Male
White Male 9 gün önce
Yeah and there's also Tactical Slayer for people obsessed with BRs, they can play that.
DaRkLoRd1061 10 gün önce
I agree, you need an average gun to start otherwise why change. Also it pays to be proficient with the starting gear. I just love everything about the way it's set up. I used to play uncharted 2 multiplayer back in the day as well and this had this same set up, with everyone starting with the ak47 and then having different power weapons around the map, and it was really good.
bonghits4jesus 15 gün önce
@2 Hot I think the point went right over your head bud. You aren't Dropping your BR for that needler/commando combo or any other combo for that matter. BR is not at all limited to medium range and by that statement I can assume you didn't watch the video all the way through lol.
bonghits4jesus 15 gün önce
@Devenchi If everyone starts with the AR and you're getting slapped by it, I think its your skill that's the problem, not the gun.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I agree, they really do need to add snowy and desert-type maps in Infinite. I'd love to ride an Elephant in Sandtrap during a Big Team Battle just like the good ol' days.
Bobby Sanders
Bobby Sanders 17 gün önce
Too bad we can’t play BTB properly
Nuka Aylar önce
I loved that vehicle!
Michael Blair
Michael Blair Aylar önce
I think you mean Containment.. Tat was the good old days..
Far Fish
Far Fish Aylar önce
Elephant please 🤝
DDSRetro Aylar önce
I’m so glad that 343 is actually trying to listen to the community and fix the issues with it.
Jackson Potter
Jackson Potter 14 gün önce
@Jyle Crennan campaign does though?
Tyler Worrell
Tyler Worrell 23 gün önce
@Jyle Crennan grenade spam has always existed since the first Halo game. Nothing needs to be fixed about grenade spam.
Jyle Crennan
Jyle Crennan 26 gün önce
Ehhhh...they really need to address the controller aim assist and grenade spam some more, but the XP fix was okay but still needs work. Letting us pick game modes though is very good. Would be really cool if the CAMPAIGN GAVE SOME COSMETICS AFTER I PAID $60 FOR IT!
WafflingMean44 Aylar önce
In older games, it was always funny in the Banshee when someone is being really evasive and you're like "Fuck it. This plane is now a ghost." And you just start trying to splatter everyone in sight. Watching the enemy team's terror as you switched tactics was awe inspiring. Now if you lightly scrape the Banshee on the ground for more than 5 seconds, it will explode.
I’m not really having a problem with it once I got a banshee and splattered 11 people until someone finally hijacked it in infinite
Marcus Page
Marcus Page 26 gün önce
YES! Vehicles are not that fun as compared to other halo games, because literally every vehicle is made of paper in infinite. It also frustrates me when I’m in campaign trying to explore in a wasp, then some enemies will shoot at me for 3 seconds and next thing I know my wasp it on the verge of exploding, I know the wasp is supposed to be light armored, but I think it’s TOO light armored.
Matthew P
Matthew P Aylar önce
Andrew Owens
Andrew Owens Aylar önce
I'm glad people are having so much fun with Halo Infinite. It's Halo returning to form and I hope that if there are future games that they take from Infinite's roadmap.
Critical Nobody
Critical Nobody Aylar önce
Halo Infinite's MP is a sweet juicy chocolate cake wrapped in a layer of fish skin that is the progression and monetization model. The cake itself is SO GOOD once you get past that smelly outer layer, but even if you're willing to completely ignore it, that occasional hint of fish finds it's way into the chocolatey goodness and reminds you how much better it could be.
JackTheRipper x
JackTheRipper x 19 gün önce
Tristan T
Tristan T 26 gün önce
@Jyle Crennan Yep. The hype for Halo Infinite was so real, that I’m pretty sure mass denial kicked into gear when it launched. I love The Act Man but he’s made so many points in this video that really make the game not “AWESOME”, that I don’t think the video even deserves the title. Any time he compared this game to a previous title I was reminded of how much better those games felt to play. Everything from Forge for Customs, Theatre for Machinima, great weapon variety, Co-Op, map variety, game mode variety, unique gameplay loop, great competitive play, a good progression system, fun physics, a free and in-depth customization feature… all on day 1. 343i has been pretty brutal with everything aside from how your Spartan moves and shoots.
Jyle Crennan
Jyle Crennan 26 gün önce
Even just ignoring the fish skin monetization (cuz I think that's the last of our worries), there's also that filling between tiers on this cake that's made with controller sweat and Halo 3 elitism that make the cake taste toxic. People need to stop praising the game like its the best thing since 2010 because it's just gonna make 343 complacent.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Aylar önce
Count Rackula
Count Rackula Aylar önce
DabbRude how is bringing up the fact its free to play not appropriate when the game is fucking free to play. that was a nice comeback but you just said it out of nowhere for no reason so it just make it look like your looking for conflict. save those quips for the mfs who deserve it.
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Disruptor is widely misunderstood
Blizzard Gaming
Blizzard Gaming 10 gün önce
Yes it’s meant to be a pacifist tool for assists.
ChrisTheVr 29 gün önce
@Joe Kardos thats the joke
Joe Kardos
Joe Kardos Aylar önce
@DugBingo951 a rocket to the face is a guaranteed kill without the disruptor haha
DugBingo951 Aylar önce
One shot or disruptor mixed with a rocket to the face is a guaranteed kill
Robert Dickerson II
@Nix most guns assisted by grenades will be lethal lol.
Viljami Paimen
Viljami Paimen Aylar önce
12:30 This confused me a lot too in the beginning! Then I went to play some weapon drills and realized that the bulldog is actually a full auto shotgun!😂 No wonder it felt odd to shoot by just spamming the trigger✌️ Now I kinda like it ngl.
The Governor
The Governor 19 gün önce
@Deathknight 0118 Same!!
Deathknight 0118
Deathknight 0118 22 gün önce
Holy shit o did not realize that
Ali Shams
Ali Shams Aylar önce
i dont think assault rifle is op, its just that since its the weapon everyone uses most, you are better and more efficient with it, but if you do the same with heatwave and shotgun, you'll see that they are more powerful than assault rifle and give you an edge in close combat. hell if you get efficient with the sidekick pistol, you cam almost always kill opponents that have assault rifle
JetBangDink Aylar önce
I've had like 8 people firing at me in a warthog and got away after trying to reverse and mow them down. I didn't notice weak vehicles. However I did notice the lack of damage from running someone over. It turns people into bubbleboys.
Simón Mercuri
Simón Mercuri Aylar önce
In my experience I haven't found any issues running people over with ground vehicles and since I almost never fly in Wasps or Banshees cuz I'm slow at getting to their spawns before someone else, but I did notice that vehicles that are not the Scorpion or Wraith are somewhat... weak, although the Warthog has in my opinion adequate amount of HP
I like that they buffed the default ar. Makes it less frustrating when you're going up against people with power guns and upgrades when you don't have any of that shit.
The Cabman
The Cabman Aylar önce
32:32 Moving crates is the one thing i'm missing most since Halo2: blocking entrances or creating shortcuts on Headlong and Waterworks added so much variety to these maps.
dddmemaybe Aylar önce
An equipment to make temporary terrain rather than a one-way shield wall might be easier to balance as you can't shoot through it.
tylerschofield Aylar önce
I dont think the AR is to strong it feels perfect imo, i just think most other guns need a little boost tbh.
A Fuzzy Wubbit
A Fuzzy Wubbit Aylar önce
I had trouble with the AR start at first, till I realized the Sidekick is as good as it is, after that I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. The thing I don't enjoy though, are the stupid challenges it makes you do. Us not having the ability to pick what mode we do, makes specific ones really difficult to accomplish. I have been told you can do them against A.I unless it specifically says otherwise, but even then I really don't like that I have to do chores essentially to obtain a slight EXP boost on a battle pass. I think the way that Warframe handled its battlepass was a bit better, but not perfect and it wouldn't work with Halo. If they approached a more "Achievement" based EXP system that works with core gameplay, I think it would work better. If it said: "Earn 50 kills with a BattleRifle, 100 EXP" and then "Earn 100 kills with a Battle Rifle 150 EXP" and so on, it would actually reward you for just playing, and it would incentivize players to grab weapons they are not comfortable with. Because as it stands, you have to go out of your way, to SPECIFICALLY not do what you want, which in most people's case is "play" most people enjoy just playing the game and having fun, the Battle Pass quests should not drive you completely away from that main goal of playing and having fun. I'm no expert, but seeing as how the current set up is literally ruining the game for a lot of people I know to be hardcore fans, means something is very very wrong.
SkinnyPete Aylar önce
When your teammates actually cooperate, stockpile is so much fun
Ali Hart
Ali Hart Aylar önce
For sure, I went in with one of my mates chatting on discord, and even that little bit of coordination made it so much better, one of the best recent multiplayer experiences
bombomos Aylar önce
@Machineface Waterson Plasma pistol is crap. It's over charge over travels everything
bombomos Aylar önce
Gotta fill up ya seed!!!
Machineface Waterson
The plasma pistol is amazing, almost like the halo 2 combo is back ,but less short range homing. Has act man even 3 star'd his weapons at the range?
duck quax
duck quax Aylar önce
Yeah, I enjoy the game mode but when 343 forces you to play a game mode you dont want to play ppl lose interest in playing the objective. Also with certain challenges like get x amount of kills with the ravager then your team turns into a group of kids using nerf guns against an army
Aran Dante Samus
Aran Dante Samus Aylar önce
27:22 It wasn't 2 sniper shots. You got killed by a Skewer, but I agree the vehicles do feel very fragile.
Tawleyn Aylar önce
He's not actually wrong, though. He just used the wrong clip. Try it next time you get the chance, you *can* two shot a banshee with a human sniper.
Luis Angel
Luis Angel Aylar önce
I was just about to say it haha
Ducain23 Aylar önce
"The Mongoose is overpowered" is actually a sentence I have spoken... but in a jokingly way 🤣 10/10 this is such a great video!
Alex Kogan
Alex Kogan Aylar önce
I’ll take stylized and unique art design over “hyper realism” anytime.
Fock GooglePlus
Fock GooglePlus 28 gün önce
Realism is great for sports games and some single player games
Alex Kogan
Alex Kogan Aylar önce
@Dingle I didn’t originally mind the craggy grey visuals of Gears of War 1 since I understood it was supposed to be set within a dead world. But yes, it was very refreshing to see a more varied color palette in Gears 3.
Dingle Aylar önce
I agree. People don’t even know what realism is. Just played Gears 2 and 3 yesterday and I loved that 3 has more color and less slathered with crisco shaders. They even redid the models so they could actually express a smile when animating instead of being in a permanent angry face. Original COD4 also had that issue of supposed gritty realism. Everything just looks brown.
Kai Aylar önce
Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh Aylar önce
amen to that, fuck those dumb comparisons, it doesn't even makes sense, halo is all about the style..
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 21 gün önce
The repulsor has a really good combo where you punch, then repulsor, then shoot them to death with your fastest firing weapon.
FoxyDubz Aylar önce
I have so much fun with the MP. So many ways to play with the equipment & sandbox. Tbh, I enjoy most of the maps as well. Not a bad map for casual arena, in my opinion at least🤷🏻‍♂️
Yeah Aylar önce
I agree, I wish there were a few more maps or even forged maps, but they are all good Best launch map selection since H3 for Arena
Bald_Pig_Sausage Aylar önce
@Marshal Soult I think you would enjoy the game if it was rewarding to play the game. I loved reach because it had fun maps and it had a fun and good way to unlock armor. Halo infinite has meh maps (besides the btb maps) and its way of unlocking armor is boring and dumb.
GHOST Aylar önce
I will just wait for the campaign
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Aylar önce
I agree
Vampīrs Aylar önce
Streets sucks
The Prodigal Knight
The Prodigal Knight 10 gün önce
22:50 I definitely love the Repulser. I absolutely destroyed the enemy with it. They were so confused and dazed when they got pushed back that it gave me the few extra milliseconds to clean them up.
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 21 gün önce
Try using the disruptor on enemies in vehicles, since the chain effect would severely damage the vehicle AND the 2-3 people in the vehicle.
yihe cao
yihe cao 11 gün önce
The “2 sniper shot” that killed the banshee is actually a sniper shot and a skewer shot.
cceynar Aylar önce
I love the game. Every once in awhile I get packet loss issues and hit registration issues on my series X but its been so fun.
Chase Pfeiffer
Chase Pfeiffer Aylar önce
27:19 The Act Man: "two sniper shots!" The kill feed: *killed by skewer...*
Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh Aylar önce
yeah, the amount of pain one has go through its reload, i am fine with two shotting skewer..
zck2020 Aylar önce
Rokas B
Rokas B Aylar önce
BtB was the only mode i kept enjoying after 20h, even with so few maps
Corbyn Burkett
Corbyn Burkett Aylar önce
Repulsor is the one of the most creative and varied with it's application and I love it. Being able to boost yourself into a good sniper position or something. It's lovely.
Nesrovlah survivalist
I think I have a way to make the drop wall better. In the campaign there is an upgrade to make it bigger. You can have it deploy in one of two modes depending if you press or hold the equipment button. Pressing it will have it a normal size but with more health than it does right now and holding gives it the increased size but with the normal health.
Saul Parra
Saul Parra Aylar önce
Best moment I had with a wasp was using it to carry my friend across the map, ODST drop him on top of the enemy base to grab their flag, pick him back up and fly him to our base for an easy flag capture. Halo Infinite does indeed have the best sandbox for creative play
FadedAce13 Aylar önce
Honestly the versatility this game delivers is out of the park. The different ways you can tackle an enemy encounter, and the amazing new movement system has almost left me no room to criticize. (Although meleeing seems off haha, guarantee that'll be fixed with the way they've been responding to the community). Absolutely the most halo experience I have had in years.
skrenja Aylar önce
@JustSomeRandomGuy Cap? Ok TikToker. It is definatley OP. Watch the videos. 🤡
Merek Grimaldus
Merek Grimaldus Aylar önce
@Spidey Goblin don’t bother, vanguard zombies is a shadow of the past.
JustSomeRandomGuy Aylar önce
@skrenja biggest cap bro. I’ve played a lot of halo infinite and this has never happened before. Also your ignoring M&K advantages such as larger range of motion(more precise aiming) and pretty much no input delay
Spidey Goblin
Spidey Goblin Aylar önce
@Arthur Morgan idk vanguard seems very lackluster to me but i mainly play cod for zombies and campaign so maybe
skrenja Aylar önce
@ARC Midnight LOL. Okay buddy. I'd link you to a post that completely debunks that but I can't on TRvid. "ZFSheep" on Twitter has multiple posts from a while ago about it if you're curious. Infinite's aim assist literally locks onto people from hundreds of feet away. There is also _insane_ bullet magnetism and far less bullet bloom on console. You can also melee easier and from further distances on controller. Not to mention Infinite is horribly optimized on PC so only players with monster rigs can boast a _slight_ FPS advantage over the 120hz consoles (a tiny percentage of PC players.) M&K players are at a complete disadvantage in Infinite but "iT oNlY sLoWs DoWn aIm" right?
CHANG]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
I have so much fun with the MP. So many ways to play with the equipment & sandbox. Tbh, I enjoy most of the maps as well. Not a bad map for casual arena, in my opinion at least
Connor Brady
Connor Brady Aylar önce
Halo Infinite has lived up to Halo's original promise that was on the first game's box; "Combat Evolved" and for that reason alone I absolutely love this game so far.
MrMan506 Aylar önce
I've been a battlefield fan for a few months now and have always been intrigued by halo but since I'm still newer to gaming I haven't been able to try it out in a fresh state; Halo Infinite has fixed all that. now I'm a Halo fan too and have been getting really intrigued by it all. I love it
Caroline Aylar önce
20:32 yes! I remember playing big team battle on Dead Lock. The map has a ditch in the middle of it with rock piles on either side. When I spawned in I picked up sniper specifically the stalker rifle and went on top of the rocks. The other team were peeking up behind the rocks trying to shoot people. I started shooting them from across the map. It was hard to hit them at first but then I got on a roll. Kill after kill, after kill, it was so satisfying! Halo infinite is amazing so far! I love the new weapon designs and mechanics. The art style has more detail but still maintains that Halo feel. Although they need to add New and old maps, more game modes, forge, assassinations etc. the multiplayer is still looking great!
Psycho Froggy
Psycho Froggy Aylar önce
Love Halo Infinite. Needs some fixes but the gameplay is a solid foundation.
Psycho Froggy
Psycho Froggy Aylar önce
@Bailey Bailey I do see your point there in some regard. Like the Sniper just feels very off and on PC the gunplay can at times feel janky and all over the place I’ve even seen some TRvidrs try multiple configurations to no success. But to me that’s just a bunch of minor problems that can be fixed later down the road. Perhaps you can elaborate more on your point. I honestly want to understand why you think that the game feels a bit off.
Psycho Froggy
Psycho Froggy Aylar önce
@Beregond haaaaaa… 😌😐🤨…where was I the last 13 minutes?
Beregond Aylar önce
@Psycho Froggy Goofy in court: "uhgghghiuyuuuuuh, *Gμ¡|+`/! MuГd€R!"*
Psycho Froggy
Psycho Froggy Aylar önce
@Beregond …what’s that… I should kill them all… ok
Beregond Aylar önce
@Psycho Froggy Bing bing.
Kade Barker
Kade Barker Aylar önce
I also really liked how the rocket hog is semi automatic rather than volley fire
Trenchslayer101 Aylar önce
I’d love a couple remake maps tho like a new blood gulch or Valhalla and what not. Would look great with new graphics
Eliel Castro
Eliel Castro Aylar önce
19:12 The sentinel beam's pretty good for anyone who can't maintain short bursts with the AR and control the weapon bloom. Just hold down the left mouse button, aim and you're good.
Watario Vids
Watario Vids Aylar önce
I would like to see the player inertia slightly modified as you can shimmy back and forth much faster in this game than you could in previous halos, atleast Reach and 3 which I tested. It doesn't really matter in BTB but in modes like Ranked with BR starts it really shows. That is my only real complaint with the core gameplay, they absolutely nailed everything else. Now it's just a matter of more maps, modes and weapons as the content to show off that core gameplay is sparse at the moment. I would love to see breakout comeback (OG breakout not the updates version), the Grenade Launcher, the Needle Rifle, the H5 SMG, Revenant and all sorts of other great items that didn't make it into infinite. The Wasp is definitely OP. if you don't have a sniper or Hydra it takes entirely too much damage and the map that it spawns on as a regular vehicle has way too many sight lines where you can be cheesy with it. Either nerf its HP or damage I don't really care which.
Friddle Fries
Friddle Fries Aylar önce
Thank god I’ve been hearing more about melee weirdness, I thought I was going crazy or just ass because I haven’t played a Halo in like 12 years The CTF change is something I’m so glad they’ve done because honestly a mor that I enjoy in cod is Hardpoint especially on the bigger maps and early in the game because I feel like it does encourage exploring, I hope they add something similar for cod CTF if it’s added in this one(would be interesting if it’d be random or have P1,P2,p3 and so on like HP where it’s trackable and comp teams can like make strats but in normal like casual it’s a scramble for both teams) Also weirdly I don’t feel the need to search up videos on like how to improve, I just wanna learn in the game
Kelly Aylar önce
Pulse carbine: For when the BR/Commando at spawn is taken and all you have is an AR/sidekick but still want to engage at range. Fire off 2 bursts and land a headshot with the sidekick. Also broken against overshields.
RD VV 10 gün önce
I miss the traditional Shotgun, the SMG and the SAW, hope they'll bring those back too. The more UNSC weapons the merrier
Member berries
Member berries Aylar önce
I found total control to be favorite mode. I think it fully utilizes the entire map. And allows players to turn the tide in a match rather than get choked down
HyperDimension Bliss
"Nobody seems to use it because the battle rifle is just way more consistent." You just summarised the entire Halo sandbox from 2 onward until Infinite.
Jessica Hughes
Jessica Hughes Aylar önce
@Jimmy Crow Obviously youre a low tier player. The dmr actually increased the skill gap because being most effective with it meant controlling the weapons bloom and not just smashing your trigger like with a br. The dmr is the only thing reach did right
John L.
John L. Aylar önce
@Jimmy Crow Yeah, no. On the deadass controller maybe.
expressrobkill Aylar önce
Well not totally true in infinite. Only compared to the commando, pistol kills way faster.
Jimmy Crow
Jimmy Crow Aylar önce
@John L. the DMR lowered the skill gap. Low tier players cant see that
John L.
John L. Aylar önce
@Kingdomkey 22 Kinda liked more honestly. Pacing was key and the scope went out at the slighest damage taken by the player.
Bdmora Aylar önce
I think maps should be more open with less narrow paths. I feel like I’m constantly flipping the warthog and mongoose
Lesko Brandon
Lesko Brandon 10 gün önce
Well I’m defense of 343, they fixed a lot of stupid shit and now I’m in love with Halo all over again. Feel like I’m back in middle school getting in fights about who is better with the S7 at lunch period ❤️⚔️❤️
Neil Lenhart
Neil Lenhart Aylar önce
Honestly feel you on the AR vs BR starts, totally fine with it the way it is. After a grind fest in ranked, hoping back into a quick play and starting with an AR is like a switch that I can turn my brain off and have fun
James Plays
James Plays Aylar önce
The best thing about CTF for me is the majestic music that plays whenever you score. Makes it feel like such a big deal.
Dylan porter
Dylan porter Aylar önce
The bulldog is actually "full auto" in the sense that holding the trigger fires semi auto but will keep firing at that rate and skips whatever animation its triggering when your try tap fire
Brobuscus115 Aylar önce
@Hugo Fernandez As far as i can tell its max speed, the problem i think act man was experiencing is that the animation can make it feel slower or faster than it actually is. I also wish the two shot range was a tad farther because i find that 90% of my engagements end up in 3-4 shot range.
Hugo Fernandez
Hugo Fernandez Aylar önce
If I go full auto will I get the fastest rate of fire? I read that you must pull the trigger at an especific time and pace to get a high rate but maybe the guy didn't knew it has full auto
Matanumi Aylar önce
....well.... it SOUNDS good
GLaDOS 25 gün önce
I just LOVE that this masterpiece of a multiplayer is free on steam!
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 8 gün önce
Honestly, I reckon they need to buff the Bulldogs damage up close and make the Heatwave shoot faster. AR can just stay the same. If nerfed it's going to cause everyone to use Sidekick for mains with Commando & BR being desirable pickups.
digifalc0087 Aylar önce
Would you believe that I'd never played Halo multiplayer online, despite playing the games since 2003? I plan on breaking that, as soon as possible, thanks in large part to your coverage of the game!
Garrett 369
Garrett 369 25 gün önce
The disruptor is mainly used for EMP charges on vehicles or forerunner enemies like skimmers.
Avaviks /NaTuReBoT
Avaviks /NaTuReBoT Aylar önce
An extra cool thing Infinite does: on your first time opening it, it immediately opens accessibility settings. Which is real neat for anyone who needs those settings.
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Aylar önce
I agree
compmanio36 Aylar önce
Microsoft has come a long way in focusing on accessibility. For all their failings this is one big win for them. I don't personally need them but it's cool to see PC gaming getting more open to people who have trouble with mouse/keyboard and default visual/audio settings.
1 2
1 2 Aylar önce
@ILoveBees i think that's only happening to you friend
ILoveBees Aylar önce
Except it does that almost every single time you boot up the game. It really gets annoying after 26 times to tell the game "No, I've already set all the preferences I like, I don't want to change them".
Vostoceq Aylar önce
Lot of games do this nowadays
ARottenMuffin Aylar önce
I don't understand, I thought this one was supposed to be about how awesome it is, but then there's so many of the critiques that I was expecting to be in the previous video about how it's so underwhelming and disappointing. Like the melee system phasing you through people making such a core mechanic nearly unplayable, or the power weapons that aren't even very powerful, or vehicles still sucking ass and getting killed by everything and the list goes on and on. I'm glad they are there since they weren't before don't get me wrong, just confused why they're in this one and not the other, I genuinely feel like they made this game free for a reason and that's none of the good ones.
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 21 gün önce
You use the pulse carbine to destroy shields, then punch the enemy once for the kill. Try it.
YouTube Gone Crazy
YouTube Gone Crazy Aylar önce
Have really been enjoying the game, and its great that even though there is a lot to be worked on, the game is still miles ahead of almost every current shooter. The no sbmm is what really pulls me in
Darth Mongrel
Darth Mongrel Aylar önce
16:26 I found this firemode on the heatwave useful for quickly dealing with low health but hard to hit enemies.
Haggis Druid
Haggis Druid Aylar önce
The combat really evolved this time around.
Haggis Druid
Haggis Druid Aylar önce
@Deni It feels fresh and new, yet still so classic. Feels like a 2021 CE, which is awesome.
Deni Aylar önce
Yeah, no bs trend-chasing or changing for the sake of changing. Everything thats different about this game's gameplay feels like an improvement of the pre-existing Halo formula.
ben jackman
ben jackman Aylar önce
It did the first time too
KillerTacos Aylar önce
Yess more multiplayer map terrain variety would be insane! I would love that so much
Sugar Passion
Sugar Passion Aylar önce
Great video, as always, Act Man! I'd like to add, 343 are looking into 50+ players. Not that they will add, but, it's something that the studio have been experimenting on. The biggest downside to me is the biomes. I'm fine with weapon tuning, but, I need my map variations.
Reshi 19 gün önce
Remember in Halo 2 when one of the maps was a giant ass cave? Bring it back
KnightNight Aylar önce
The sentinel beam is really good against vehicles its the main reason I use it
Dane Croucher
Dane Croucher Aylar önce
Speaking from a soley campaign player, the vehicles need a huge upgrade. The tank gets caught on any little rock, one skewer shot will murder you in a banshee, the warthog does not deal enough damage to justify its low health. I wish you can get soldiers to drive other vehicles along side yours. The soldiers need to be able to mount the tank sides. I'm having a blast in the campaign, but I wish you can form an actual army instead of just a razorback with 5 men holding your weapons of choice.
F1ringFed Aylar önce
14:40 Actually if you land 6 shots the DOT will kill the opponent, guaranteed. 18:28 Try popping their shields with 2 successful bursts and switch to sidekick spam for easy headshots.
Justa Nuff
Justa Nuff Aylar önce
I still have a large amount of respect for you and your work, Godspeed.
Trices Mailwind
Trices Mailwind Aylar önce
The horizontal shot on the heatwave I've found to be wonderful for cleaning up people who just finished or are in the middle of a fight.
bigshmoney Rick
bigshmoney Rick Aylar önce
After playing bf2042 at launch you really gotta appreciate 343 and Microsoft for taking the time to polish Halo up for release. Take some notes EA.
turtle with a controller
Hey actman, just some friendly advise for the pulse carbine. The tracking gets greater the further the projectile has traveled, it also speeds up. This makes the pulse carbine most effective at mud to long ranges and not close range, a function almost entirely unique to this weapon
Brobuscus115 Aylar önce
I think they should bump up the projectile speed just a tad at closer range so that you dont have to lead so far to hit a burst. I can handle it not tracking at close range, I cant handle having to guess where my opponent is going and shoot 2 miles to the left of them to break shields. Just a tad though, its in a precarious spot since it can technically two burst people and any buff could cause it to become super overpowered.
Yeah Aylar önce
Whenever it’s used against me I get MELTED in an instant, actually feels kind of OP
Phobos Anomaly
Phobos Anomaly Aylar önce
@Sekiberius Welkesh It works best at medium range in open areas. That's not a rare situation at all, and the smart thing to do is to fire one burst, then immediately switch to your other weapon to finish them off, similar to the noob combo.
Cherrylstha Aylar önce
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 *_YT.SV/CÄSHREXSLOVES_* 💜 PRIVATE S*X LES'T MAKE LOVE BABY 💜 #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾
Sekiberius Welkesh
Sekiberius Welkesh Aylar önce
@Phobos Anomaly It's annoying to use as it has a maximum lock on range, over that and it just dumb fires. When you get the range right it's a beast, but it's a very situational weapon, for situations you won't be in very often.
KillerKitten753 Aylar önce
Part of the problem is you’re using the bulldog as a pump action, when it should be used as a full auto. Hold down the trigger and you’ll find a better fire rate
Fonso's Takes and Talks
BTB should have more vehicles in it in my opinion, make BTB more like Reach's BTB.
Casey lawton
Casey lawton Aylar önce
I've probably said it on 20 other videos but Act Man's "ideal Halo" is the version I agree with the most.
Colten822 Aylar önce
Disruptor is a 6 shot kill, just let the DoT do it's work. It also stops them from recharging their shield while it's active, so it's a good way to control the fight. With the plasma rifle I just do a burst a two with tracking, then finish em with a BR.
reza choudhury
reza choudhury Aylar önce
14:35 The Disruptor is low-key really good. It does take 8 agonising shots to kill _immediately_ but if you fire 6 body shots, you can actually just run away and wait for the "damage over time" to kill them. It just forces you to play more passively, with a team or to be in positions where you can run away safely.
Andres Dubon
Andres Dubon Aylar önce
@Nick Guzman OMG... You got to be kidding me. Unless you go back to a prior (or multiple) recording and count the amount of hit markers, there are much more plausible explanations to your phenomenon. Is like considering there's a werewolf on your town because someone died on a full moon. A match is pretty chaotic scenarios, thinking there's only one possible solution boggles me. Did you go to school, kid?
Nick Guzman
Nick Guzman Aylar önce
@Andres Dubon I understand the damage is gradual. However after 6 shots the person eventually dies and their shield doesn't recover. In the instances I've been able to replicate, the shield does. It's an inconsistent mechanic as of right now. Learn how to read
Andres Dubon
Andres Dubon Aylar önce
@Nick Guzman Am literally telling you, you did not hit the sixth shot. You said you were 100% sure, I told you that I wouldn't be so sure and you expressed your reasoning. I understood were you came from, and told you it's impossible and even gave you a couple scenarios were the gun would pop someone's shields without you landing six shots. It boggles my mind how you don't get it. The gun does residual damage per 3 shots, that means that, like the needler, it doesn't increase the damage input in a constant manner, but in a gradual way. seriously dude, get that muscle up on your head to work. you're loosing it.
John Leonard
John Leonard Aylar önce
It's great in strongholds where you'll have two enemies side by side when you shoot at one, and then a third will join them to defend the point against you just to get zapped and shield drained. Perfect chance to toss a grenade or nail them with the sidekick.
SomeBritishGuy Aylar önce
Or use it to stop warthogs running roughshot over your team
Darth Meow
Darth Meow Aylar önce
New to this channel and I'm seriously loving it and you pointed out some things that maybe subconsciously were annoyed about in previous halos that were addressed in halo infinite that I love but I would really love to see a battle royal In halo infinite not having really revisited halo since halo 3 and obviously been playing other games since I've really cone to love BR's and I think halo infinite could be the best BR I've ever played maybe not a solo or duos but a squad or trios would be just tits🤙 thanks for the great content and I looking forward to more
T Sha
T Sha Aylar önce
The BR starts are nice for Rank play, and we have the Social Playlists with AR, and Sidekick starts.
kryst star
kryst star Aylar önce
halo 2 magnum was greaT with no shield custom hardcore modes..The assualt rifle was also really good in the first halo...Thanks for the content :)
Elliot Postma
Elliot Postma Aylar önce
When the game came out I grabbed the ravager thinking I was going to obliterate this guy like I did in the flights but boy was I wrong
Leonard L. Church
Leonard L. Church Aylar önce
Can we just apreciate that halo infinite has almost no glitches? Most other AAA games come out with this kind of monetization and a lot of glitches
Commander Blargh
Commander Blargh Aylar önce
@Jimmy Crow They haven't even released the campaign yet, which most of those 6 years probably went into, but keep yapping that beak of yours about how much time they had and how big of failures 343 are. At least they can make a sandbox with more than 4 viable weapons.
Leonard L. Church
Leonard L. Church Aylar önce
@God’s Strength you do realize live service game is full of glitches? And no way 2042 wouldnt have had glitches, not with that big of a game. I bet halo infinites campaign is gonna have glitches, all I was saying was it doesnt seem too glitchy right noe
God’s Strength
God’s Strength Aylar önce
@Leonard L. Church if DICE had 6 years, they would make 2042 so much better so halo not having any glitches doesn't surprise me and anyone with a brain. they had 6 years and they gave us this short gamemodes? 6 YEARS and no forge and co-op campaign??????
Leonard L. Church
Leonard L. Church Aylar önce
@MaritimeSteak 85 I said almost none. And most of them are pretty fun like the weird intro or chopper flying
Leonard L. Church
Leonard L. Church Aylar önce
@God’s Strength do you understand that video games are a lot of work and that you should be proud whenever one comes out, not sitting there thinking that you are entitled to a good game? Because youre not, microsoft doesnt have to make halo, and 343 doesnt have to listen to us. Countless beloved franchises have shut down and even more franchises have unresponsive developers. Lets give 343 the time they need and keep pushing them in the right direction!
Evan Berger
Evan Berger Aylar önce
The heatwave is probably one of my favorite weapons in the game.
GamingRebelion Aylar önce
The disruptor is great, when you land the first three shots it does a DOT for 10 seconds. Making it so they can't regen shields for the time, great for vip modes
Killjorn Aylar önce
Love how you explain things and agree with you on practically everything except AR starts. Nobody wants to play AR for the next 5 years in quick play. That's COD with slower ttk. No aiming required. Hold down trigger. Boring af. I think solution would honestly just be a BR start quickplay. I stay in rank almost exclusively because of how boring the AR is to use.
Ramza94 Aylar önce
With any of the electric guns it will emp shields for 10 seconds. That’s quite a bit of time during a fight where every second counts.
GirthQuake Aylar önce
The multi-player is just raw fun, a gaming experience I haven't had for 10+ years in a multi-player. It's great!
Helljumper Aylar önce
@Jimmy Crow apex??
GirthQuake Aylar önce
@Jimmy Crow I've personally never played halo 5 and I can say apex is a lot of fun but to me this supercedes apex because of the history I have with this franchise. Playing couch coop, all my friends love halo and its making a comeback and the halo series it seems is catching lightning in a bottle again with infinite
Purefoldnz Aylar önce
@Jimmy Crow Apex? Are you serious right now? lol
Miguel Aylar önce
@Jester Jack *pause*
Miguel Aylar önce
@Jimmy Crow No way you just said that, my god. Halo 5 I get to some degree, same game series and developers, but Apex? Are you high? Halo Infinite's core gameplay is way different. It is a arena shooter with heavy investment in the game's sandbox and objectives. Halo 5 had that to some extent but was not Halo in spirit.
MangoFett 927
MangoFett 927 Aylar önce
Had a killing frenzy in my first ranked match while running a noob combo of the plasma pistol and br. The plasma pistol one shots the shields and then hip firing the br for the headshot was insane.
FraggedSpartan Aylar önce
12:30. The Bulldog is actually fully-automatic. To be fair, the game really doesn't make that clear enough to players, but it is full-auto.
Isaiah Belter
Isaiah Belter 19 gün önce
I've found that vehicles just don't feel that great to play with. At least the shooting part. But when I'm in an air vehicle then it feels really bad. The aiming and shooting is not good. They don't feel like vehicles that we've seen from other games.
Big Nob Tarby
Big Nob Tarby Aylar önce
Main complaint I have with the game is that vehicles feel too stiff like especially with the chopper it just doesn’t feel right other than that I’m loving the game
Blackbaldrik Aylar önce
For me, the fact that they made the AR actually good, and the primary weapon for casual play, is the best change they could have made. I do agree it does feel a little OP now though, just barely edging out a lot of the other more specialized weapons.
Returning Cavaliers Fan Since 7/1/2018 #BelieveLand
@Tomn8er Or you could’ve just played ranked that has the BR starts you’re crying about. Or you can just play casual and pick up the BRs off the pads that restock every 20 seconds.
Tomn8er Aylar önce
@Returning Cavaliers Fan Since 7/1/2018 #BelieveLand you're right, I stopped crying and went back to MCC where the BR still reigns supreme and the AR might as well be shooting confetti. Halo franchise is dead to me now but can at least relive the glory days. 😅
Kevin HC
Kevin HC Aylar önce
@Returning Cavaliers Fan Since 7/1/2018 #BelieveLand Yeah and honestly I use the pistol almost exclusively in casual play. The thing is a beast
Returning Cavaliers Fan Since 7/1/2018 #BelieveLand
@Tomn8er Awful gameplay decision even though everyone starts off on an even battlefield. Awful gameplay decision because the skill gap is reduced when I can guarantee you those “casuals” will get demolished in ranked if they need those ARs. Stop crying.
Tomn8er Aylar önce
Yeah it's great for casual players because it reduces the skill gap. Which is you know, a staple of the Halo franchise, being able to land headshots consistently. Awful gameplay decision.
Michael edwards
Michael edwards Aylar önce
14:35 It kills in 6 shots + it's DoT effect. Perfect for jiggle peaks
Song Daniels
Song Daniels Aylar önce
I feel like, at times, the new pistol is the best weapon in ranked since it has the least bloom out of the precision weapons nowadays
Tétény Biró
Tétény Biró Aylar önce
I have my combo in Halo Infinite: Pulse carbine + Stalker rifle. Its so good, i tried it out and its god tier.
EmeraldGaming Aylar önce
As someone who grew up on an original xbox and 360, but has since switched to PS, I have never wanted anything more than for Halo to succeed. The better it does, it seems as though multiplayer games become better in general.
SirGsusFreak Aylar önce
Whenever I see a Skewer available, I cannot help myself. Forget my challenges. Forget the objective. It’s time to prove my worth and show off my skills 😎 I usually miss all of my shots, but whenever I do land one, I feel so satisfied.
SirGsusFreak Aylar önce
@D L Not as satisfying against bots and you can’t work on most challenges. A Slayer only playlist would help though so I don’t have to hurt my team by ignoring objectives just to work on challenges.
Ermagherd Aylar önce
@Golden Robodude haha comment of the year, dude!!
ΛutistiЄ Aylar önce
The Skewer is by all time favorite gun in the game, next to the Sidekick and Hydra. :D
D L Aylar önce
This right here is why I get so frustrated when people don’t get on the objective. If you wanna play with the toys play Bot Mode. Don’t ruin the game matches for the rest of us when we want to play to win.
Golden Robodude
Golden Robodude Aylar önce
My wife's boyfriend gets so mad when I get the skewer and destroy him 😂
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan Aylar önce
I will literally be so happy if when added all the classic weapons and coatings for vehicles in future seasons. I want the all the ghost/banshee skins in Halo3MCC and halo 5.
Dylan Snyder
Dylan Snyder Aylar önce
If anything I loved the design for the promethian weapons so I'd love to see a promethian based skin for some weapons since you can change the models like imagine if the BR had a light rifle skin or the bulldog got a scattershot skin
connorross123 Aylar önce
I actually wouldn't mind that, and it'd be a decent way for 343 to "save" the legacy of those guns. Given that they were pointless reskins of guns that already existed from the start
Marquis Aylar önce
I'm sure somebody has already said this, but the Disruptor does DoT when you get three hits. Getting three hits on a vehicle EMP's it. I love it, for no specific reason, I just do. It has no damage falloff or bloom either.
Fake Movies Real Trailers
I’ve found the Pulse Carbine works well in tandem with the BR or the Commando rifle. It strips shields completely in two shots in mid range, which is a little more accurate and faster then the plasma pistol, and then switching to the BR or commando makes a headshot easy, especially at mid range, and since your opponent sees you with the pulse carbine, they assume they’ll win Makes the pulse carbine even more useless
Dark Jenkins
Dark Jenkins Aylar önce
A tip with the pulse Carbine: It’s actually what the precision weapons were meant to be. You have to get back as far as you can, and then try and get the crosshair to turn red, then fire it, and maintain the crosshair being red and it will just track like the needler. It’s meant to be a long ranged weapon. I’d recommend trying it on the big watch tower thing on live fire.
StarSilverInfinity Aylar önce
If anything its nice to use it to strip shields before swapping to the 'Kick
The Chad Pad
The Chad Pad Aylar önce
@WafflingMean44 well I’m sure it’s a fun weapon to use. No need to be precise
WafflingMean44 Aylar önce
Yeah I stand by the Pulse Carbine. At medium to almost long range it utterly destroys everything in its path. The key is to only use it when you *know* where the enemy is going to be. It's often my go to in Strongholds for example. But stick with the AR when someone surprises you because at close range the Pulse Carbine is very inaccurate. Some of the weapons are genuinely bad, but others just have an unclear learning curve, like the Cindershot.
Dark Jenkins
Dark Jenkins Aylar önce
@Cherrylstha how about **no**
Cherrylstha Aylar önce
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 *_YT.SV/CÄSHREXSLOVES_* 💜 PRIVATE S*X LES'T MAKE LOVE BABY 💜 #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾
PatstarDeluxe 10 gün önce
First Halo I've ever played and I love it. Online is so much fun especially btb Oh and I've played against you The Act Man didn't know you at the time.
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