Why Is 1/137 One of the Greatest Unsolved Problems In Physics?

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The Fine Structure Constant is one the strangest numbers in all of physics. It’s the job of physicists to worry about numbers, but there’s one number that physicists have stressed about more than any other. That number is 0.00729735256 - approximately 1/137. This is the fine structure constant, and it appears everywhere in our equations of quantum physics, and we’re still trying to figure out why.

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Enes Miraç Kaya
Enes Miraç Kaya 2 aylar önce
Some alien civilization wanted to make a fully simulated space game. One programmer set a constant as 1/137 during development, then left the dev team. After a while some other programmer went over the code and couldn't figure out what the constant was for. He commented the code saying "I don't know what it does or why it has that value. When deleted the whole universe breaks down so don't touch it."
Srinivas Tatachar
Spoken like a true programmer! :) =======================================================
@Osmosis Jones Romans 11; 33 O the depth of God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How unsearchable his judgments are and beyond tracing out his ways are" , What! did Jesus say to his apostles ? John 13:33 Little children, I am with you a little longer. You will look for me; and just as I said to the Jews, ‘Where I go (another dimension) you cannot come,’ I now say it also to you. John 13:36 Simon Peter said to him: “Lord, where are you going?” Jesus answered: “Where I am going, you cannot follow me now, but you will follow later.” John 14:3 Also, if I go my way and prepare a place (another dimension) for you, I will come again and will receive you home to myself, so that where I am you also may be". So you see Jesus had to die so the spirit of archangel Michael could return to the place from whence he came and then create another dimension so that the angels within the apostles could exist with him but in their own room and form . For Jesus also said "the house of my father has many rooms" ( dimensions where time doesn't exist ) in fact time doesn't exist here either , we are just too stupid and continue to hang onto that delusion as if our life depends upon it but in fact it is what destroys us
Sudeepta Ghosh
Sudeepta Ghosh Gün önce
@Shayne O'Neill you can not be more far from truth .. let me ask you what Einstein was the answer will be a theoretical physicist .. the science always starts with what we may find and then proving or disproving the theory .. it always starts with what if (doubt) and end up in what is and what is not
Stephan Bieker
Stephan Bieker 2 gün önce
Maybe it's a sign! A sign, that tells us, in a clear and ringing voice, cutting like warm sunshine through the mists of uncertainty and doubt: What the f..k??
Stephan Bieker
Stephan Bieker 2 gün önce
1/137 might the distance in between here and now.
sean h
sean h Gün önce
i can attest: it's amazing how i always understand almost exactly 1/137th of every PBS spacetime video i watch
Horace Osirian
Horace Osirian 23 saatler önce
Let's entangle: that way I'll always understand almost exactly 1/137th of every PBS spacetime video you watch, without having to do anything, and you'll understand almost exactly nothing, w/o any effort on your part. Everyone -wince- wins.
DungeonTax 2 gün önce
This is going to turn out to be something simple yet so out there that no one would believe it, such as it's just a built-in counter for the current iteration of the universe. Maybe the previous 136 universes couldn't form matter or life as we know it but it was there in some form. Or maybe we're the first universe that has life that can actually examine the universe it lives in. We may even be the last.
Final Family
Final Family Gün önce
i love the idea of using the title "Universe O/S v 1.137 (Beta)" as a name for our particular reality lol.
ZNA Gün önce
there are no firsts and lasts - infinity is infinite. infinity universes where life exists and the same without. time breaks down at the heart of a black hole but math shows us even there something exists. the numbers are infinite because it’s what we are. space dust, void, time, infinity. all at once forever and always. its why we can only see little bits of it at a time, it would get boring otherwise. 1/137 he said could a unifying measure this universe blooms outward from. its a fractal!!
Emergent Form
Emergent Form Gün önce
Whoa trippy. Love this channel and how it keeps telling me wild things I've never heard before, despite being relatively well versed in physics for a layperson.
Ender Wiggins
Ender Wiggins Gün önce
You don’t mention that using QFT you can show that the anomalous magnetic moment g-2 is alpha / pi to first order (which blows my mind)
Zaddy Jacques Cormery
This might be my favorite episode of SpaceTime. Well done.
Brian Batie
Brian Batie 2 gün önce
Question, has it been determined with certainty that the coupling constant has indeed "bottomed out", and is not still dropping, but in increments so small that we lack the ability to measure them? Continuing that train of thought, as the universe continues to expand, the constant might still be dropping, as the total energy is further diluted by the expansion of the spacetime in which it exists... Could it also be that 1/137... or some exponential derivative, represents only the current ratio in a relative scale comparing the expansion of spacetime (now due to "dark energy"), and the lowering of the coupling constant?
Final Family
Final Family Gün önce
You stated this more concisely and eloquently than i could. It's certainly an interesting thought. (Edit: altho we living beings would be lucky if it remains constant at the rate it is now, since our current chemistry pretty much depends on it!)
Genari Perez
Genari Perez Gün önce
I got a question. So, while the universe keeps expanding, this "constant" will only decrease with time? So this 4% difference could happen at some point?
inkira inkira
inkira inkira 2 gün önce
i found a u-lock in seattle. the locksmith was able to make a key. the number on the key is 137. i have thought of this number and see it as i move around. i decided, because of this amazing video, to see if there is an attraction correlation to the number and place.
Horace Osirian
Horace Osirian 23 saatler önce
2/3 = .666. This is why I refuse to have anything to do with 23 year olds.
Lewis 2 aylar önce
These videos manage to blow my mind even though I only understand about 1/137 of the physics.
Nawaz Khan
Nawaz Khan 3 gün önce
@rubiks6 GOD is not he or se, its due to the limitations of languages, no such problem with Arabic
rubiks6 6 gün önce
@Kam ek - When you speak to me, I am triggered to respond to you. Isn't it normal to respond when people speak to you? Yes, you are definitely a troll. Trolls use the idea of "triggered" against those they are trying to arouse. Get over yourself, troll.
Kam ek
Kam ek 6 gün önce
@rubiks6 i am trolling lol. Why u triggered that people don't believe the same things as you
rubiks6 6 gün önce
@Kam ek - Who told you that? I didn't say that. You really come from left field. I begin to wonder if you aren't just trolling. I am not a fish for you to hook.
Kam ek
Kam ek 6 gün önce
@rubiks6 didn't know that the Bible was first written in English
felixu95 Aylar önce
Excellent video, but I think the number most universally stressed out over by physicists is the rent.
Monkeeseemonkeedoo 6 gün önce
Programmer1 7 gün önce
@Apsteronaldo nice joke ;)
HmmmYeahRiiiiiight 9 gün önce
@Ace1King1 Then they could pay the rent every time
t sam
t sam 14 gün önce
The rent is too damn high.
foster cathead
foster cathead 16 gün önce
@Ace1King1 Let's Make America Great Again, Again ...
kee 2 gün önce
What if there is intelligent life on the electron level or other places where 137 comes up trying to communicate to alien life somewhere else that they are intelligent by 'sending out' 137. Question is: Who started using 137 and why?
Just Saying
Just Saying 2 gün önce
Watching this video made me feel like I learned something without actually having to have learned anything. Well done.
Your Mother
Your Mother Saatler önce
@Horace Osirian How do you mean? If you're discussing fungi...they are not plants.
Horace Osirian
Horace Osirian 23 saatler önce
Plants yearn learning.
Onlythetruth Willsetyoufree
I like the number 137.035999 better. Much more esthetically pleasing!
Gavros963 2 aylar önce
1/137 is the real-world version of 42. The secret of life, the universe, and everything is encoded in 1/137... Too bad we don't know the question.
Tjip Kloosterman
Tjip Kloosterman 2 gün önce
3-1 =2 7-3=4
NELA 12 gün önce
@Xavier Thomas you are contradicting yourself in your statement around “something that has been given, does not return to the owner”. If Jesus actually did give his life, he would not, then have life, and therefore could not have risen, since he is risen, and still has life, then he did not give his life, or the action of giving his life is a small, worthless thing, since he still has life, unlike any other person who has given their life for a cause. As for your base premise, there are a number of times that something given is returned to the owner, throughout the Bible, including the very Promised Land that was given and returned, as one of the biggest examples. Samson and his strength. Lazarus and his life. Even the very concept of a deathbed shriving is nice again getting God’s Grace, after having given it up, previously. Repentance and being forgiven for one’s sins is giving something up, and then having it returned. I’m afraid your whole argument here is flawed.
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas 12 gün önce
@NELA according to scripture, something that is given doesn't return to the owner becauae God doesn't turn or vary in judgment. If Jesus gave his life for sinners, than he didn't just have a bad weekend, he died and rose from the grave. Uet the life he has now doesn't end. It's not the same life becauae he has essentially been reborn as something entirely new with a whole new body, that doesn't die. He gave one thing he can never get back, life in earth as a human and gained an eternal life for his love for God and men. It's not am equal thing, but a gift to one who is worthy to recieve more than all things that can be given for giving up a chance to gain anything.
Marvin Mallette
Marvin Mallette 15 gün önce
I suspect the question is, what is π?
poe12 20 gün önce
I remember havung read somewhere 42 is actually 4 workdays in a week and 2-plie toilet paper.
Max63268 Gün önce
128 + 8 + 1 2^7 + 2^3 + 2^0 + 2^-2 + 2^-3 Just like electron orbitals. If this pattern continues, then we should be able to find similar constants around 1/2185, 1/9, 1/1.035999, etc.
Max63268 Gün önce
@Vijay Vijay 10001001.000010010011011101 Is the binary for the more recent 137.035999174 Anyone else seeing patterns?
Max63268 Gün önce
Using the most accurately calculated number, we get 10001001.000010010011011101 which varies from the predicted binary by less than one millionth, or about the same as earlier estimates.
Max63268 Gün önce
10001001.000010010011011011 in binary, but we need a more accurate number to figure out the precise pattern below 1. Does qnyone have a more precise representation?
Max63268 Gün önce
@Vijay Vijay NERD!
Vijay Vijay
Vijay Vijay Gün önce
What happened to the intermediate shells? No 0 layer is found in the atoms. 2n² n = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Delectros 2 gün önce
I don't think alien civilization will understand the number 137 right away either. Yes it doesn't require to explain any kind of units but they have to also know whats base10.
ZNA Gün önce
“doctor the computer has a reading from the stars!!! it’s printed out a number for us to read…..uh does anyone know how tf much is a florxtillion is??”
Mitchell Sayers
Mitchell Sayers Gün önce
I thought I found a video that had the answers to life. Instead I found a video about quantum physics that’s way over my head.
Shawn Duddridge
Shawn Duddridge Gün önce
Best comment here! Dont worry im pretty sure quantum physicists have no idea what it really means either 😂
KirksNeckChop Aylar önce
Putting the fine structure constant in a communication seems like a good way to make aliens think the message is just a natural fluke.. after all, it turns up everywhere and in strange places.
Fissile Missile
Fissile Missile 2 gün önce
@Richard Siegers No. If you agree that any alien race would have knowledge of electricity to be able to pick up the signal in the first place, then you also must agree that they have discovered switches. And if they have discovered switches then they have discovered binary. Because mathematics functions in the same way everywhere in the universe, not just on Earth.
Tamnker 3 gün önce
(Assuming we detect actual alien signals) Transmit only when earth is in front of the sun (to them), and make them think it’s coming from the sun. Sol (the sun) will become the greatest mystery of all time to their astronomers. We do a (literally) astronomical amount of trolling.
Richard Siegers
Richard Siegers 4 gün önce
@Fissile Missile | ||| ||||||| would make more sense than binary sending the number 137, | ||| ||||||| is amount based so its easily translated to their own symbols for 137, or sending 1/137 as | / | ||| ||||||| they will quickly translate it to 1 137 and the / symbol will make sense afterwards what it means binary would be stupid because its not amount based so you must know the meaning of the 0 and 1 symbol first before you have a change deciphering it
tricksor 6 gün önce
@Silvia Fox it can also be the other way around, we don't even know if an alien civilisation would be communicating with such advanced ways as we have, they might just be archaic and primitive themselves
Fissile Missile
Fissile Missile 6 gün önce
@Silvia Fox Because if aliens are picking up our transmission they have already discovered switches. And if they have discovered switches (on/off) they have discovered binary numbers.
Gsamwhambam Gün önce
I wonder if Douglas Adams, the writer of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, knew about 137 being ubiquitous in physics back in the day. Maybe we are living in Universe 137, that is, Universes 1-136 did not pass the beta testing.
Michael Indelicato
Michael Indelicato 6 saatler önce
Rick and Morty is often in universe C137
Eric Swells
Eric Swells Gün önce
Is this a perfect example of seeing things you want to see?
jon jon
jon jon Aylar önce
just finished reading QED and loved hearing all the references in this video. been enjoying the channel a lot. thank you for all your hard work!
Atoms of stardust
Atoms of stardust 11 gün önce
Why am I hearing about this number for the very first time in my life after years of watching various popular science videos like that? Odd it’s not talked about more.
Great American Eclipse
Outstanding and stimulating video! When I studied physics at UC Berkeley, my quantum mechanics classes were Physics 137A and 137B, not a coincidence
David Poon
David Poon 5 gün önce
My first year calculus course was cal137, and it brought me much misery!
Muse Ahmed
Muse Ahmed 11 gün önce
@B.O.L.T. Inquiries and Adventures of Mick Malkemus 3.14?🤷🏽
Josh Young
Josh Young Aylar önce
Was it actually confirmed to be not a coincidence? That would be hilarious haha
Samuel Gasster
Samuel Gasster Aylar önce
I was a TA for 137😂. Still haven’t figured it out!
AlanTheBeast100 Aylar önce
If you posted an assignment defining what 1/137 meant: automatic fail.
Mr. Unacceptable Shadowbanned By Google
If 1/137 is a marker of our universe what would a 1/138 or a 136 look like? is there any way to tell? Is the number a way of classifying universes? As in only 1/137 has carbon based life? 1/158 has silicon life? Is there a way of telling if other ratio universe could sustain life or not just from the ratio. Like when a wave form joins another and doubles. Or other trait.
Mauricio Furlan
Mauricio Furlan Aylar önce
Parabéns pela excelente palestra da constante de estrutura fina. Ótima didática e clareza. Foi muito bom. Gostei muito!
Pedro Costa
Pedro Costa Gün önce
Wait when I was trying some calculos to make a formula I stumbled in that number multiple times
Left Handed Screwdriver
This is way over my head, but none the less, very interesting. Great video.
Jaberwoky 12 gün önce
I don't know why I watch this type of video. I'm usually about ten minutes in when it occurs to me that I haven't the slightest idea what's going on.
Michael Niles
Michael Niles 2 aylar önce
Little known fact: our universe was a typo, the 4D experimentalists had originally meant to type "1337" for the seed phrase
Joseph Iudice
Joseph Iudice 9 gün önce
The alpha and omega is leet...
Thomas Batone
Thomas Batone Aylar önce
This mathematical dubious-ness,is NOW Hugely Nuge(New Age+Ted Nugent)1 acoustic lounge room*once maybe twice rehearsing*Stormtroopin[g] T.Nugent:Double live Gonzo*weird yet fun to play song,"same night 1989.Oops The thread topic"poss.good for *Number Ologists*,not so much for me,as*I do know why*,it's just the ole - "If I don't wanna know,you definitely don't"🤔 ✌🏼. ♥️ .
AlanTheBeast100 Aylar önce
God smudged the number with his pencil ...
Delusional Tranquility
I love that these comments a blending science and religion and putting them on the same plain
Delusional Tranquility
@Plop Doo as the lower dimensions are a building block to the next I believe Electromagnetism is a better next step to the All-that-Is
Zelandakh Niteblade
Feynman's wall quote was actually about the observed coupling constant (0.0854...), which is directly related to 137.036 via an inverse square relationship. The full quote feels a little like a dig at other physicists, suggesting that they know the 137 number but good theoretical physicists look deeper and keep the 0.0854 number to hand.
David Love More
David Love More 5 gün önce
The hand of God wrote that number.
Monkeeseemonkeedoo 6 gün önce
He mentions the relation of 137 to the base probability at 6:03, which is the highlight of the video for me. It makes it clear how fundamental to our Universe the fine structure constant is, since it is the basis for so many particle interactions. I also wonder if the lack of units is surprising given that the constant is describing probabilities, which should be unitless.
Patrick Dowden
Patrick Dowden Aylar önce
This certainly isn't my area of expertise, but why are we looking at 1/137 exclusively as a base 10 number? Could it be possible to gain new/better inference by looking at it in a different base number system? How about base PI or a base of some other universal constant?
Lex Machina
Lex Machina 9 gün önce
What good would it do. Any base would yield an arbitrary number. The secret to reveal is not within the number itself, it's to be found in its cause and implications. Changing the base is just cosmetic.
Gemma Seymour
Gemma Seymour 22 gün önce
All numerical systems are ultimately arbitrary.
Jonas Sominka
Jonas Sominka Aylar önce
That's what I thought! How about base [fine structure constant]? I need to give this more thought in the future..
xInfinity Aylar önce
@Jeff T I think arbitrary would be more accurate to use than irrational
Jeff T
Jeff T Aylar önce
An irrational number will be irrational in any number system with an integer base.
Jordan Schriver
Jordan Schriver 26 gün önce
When you said that the fine structure constant was unitless, I immediately thought of the coefficient of friction. The former takes me back to when I learned about the latter in physics class in high school. Also, I like the little Portal animation that played when you mentioned the coefficient of friction. :)
Monkeeseemonkeedoo 6 gün önce
@Nick I think it was just a cool nod to a popular puzzle game involving portals. It has nothing to do with the coeff of friction.
Monkeeseemonkeedoo 6 gün önce
Nick 18 gün önce
May I ask what that portal animation has to do with the Coeff. of friction?
Marvin Mallette
Marvin Mallette 15 gün önce
Hate to throw a wrench in the universal language of mathematics, but I highly suspect that 1/137 is an arbitrary abstract, and not a universal constant. The equations probably all cancel out completely. What is left is a resolution for the "Golden Angle". 1/137 may well be the margin of error for π in Base 10. All of this makes me less confident in our understanding of π. _Edited to include the "Golden Angle" of a circle being resolved to 137._
s3cr3tpassword 2 aylar önce
We had a professor in grad school who is obsessed with the fine structure constant. Whenever he gets to the chapter with α, he would go off on a tangent about how peculiar it was. We made him a meme amongst the grad students. Whenever new grad students join, they would see α or 1/137 all over the TA and RA office and wonder what’s up with that. We just tell them to wait till they take that one professor’s class. It’s grad quantum 1, so every new grad student has to take it. And sure enough, after the semester the new students understood all the memes.
Suresh Wanayalaege
Suresh Wanayalaege 24 gün önce
@R Hamlet, The Planck zone of matter would make constants like that. If the fine-structure constant depends on the process and structure of the initial (Planck length size) matter zone, then there must be variables and fixed values related to them. Buddhism explains the lifetime of a smallest matter zone, and it has 17 mind moments. If the matter zone shows 17 moments of existence within its lifetime, then possibly, the number 17 could be a fixed value in the constant. If the matter zones disappear and appear 4 times within 4 lifetimes showing a complete rotation virtually, making a complete rotation of existence, then possibly, the number 4 could be a fixed value in the fine-structure-constant. If there is a fundamental value for the dimensionless moment called g-factor that is related to the angular momentum of elementary particles in the observable universe, then a variable or a fixed value closer to the electron’s g-factor −2.00231930436256(35) (g(e) in “μ(S) = g(e) S μ(B)/ħ”) would have a relationship with the fine-structure constant. So perhaps, the fine-structure constant would be equal to a collection of variables and fixed values like this: α = 1/(17 × 4 × (2.015235714020221) = 0.007297351. But if it is true, the value of the g-factor must be a square root of its number if the g-factor in the fine-structure constant must always be a plus (+) value. According to the fundamental behavior of the dimensional sets in my theory, the electric field doesn’t make a force, and it would make an angular momentum (electric moment) like the so-called magnetic moment (μ(L) in “μ(L) = -g(L) L μ(B) /ħ”) in modern physics. Likely, the electrons are an angular momentum because the electric moment (called the magnetic moment in modern physics) makes the angular momentum called the orbital angular momentum of an electron. The name electric field that is being used in modern science actually represents a magnetic field. Also, the name magnetic field that is being used in western science actually represents an electric field. It is a major error in modern science. It is a explanation that I made according to a special theory about dimensions.
R Hamlet
R Hamlet 24 gün önce
@Suresh Wanayalaege It that were true, it would be science, not superstition.
R Hamlet
R Hamlet 24 gün önce
@Suresh Wanayalaege "This number vaguely 'relates' to something in a religion, therefore it is significant to me!"
Suresh Wanayalaege
Suresh Wanayalaege Aylar önce
​@B B, If it (1/137) represents a structure that couples matter and antimatter, then its real value (0.007297351) would show a pattern like this 1.0091194/((22/7) x (+22-(-22)). So perhaps, the fine-structure constant has a variable or a fixed value (1.0091194) closer to 1 with the other fixed structural values.
Johnny Fedora
Johnny Fedora Aylar önce
​@B B, numerology is BS. No matter how you add, subtract, and multiply the page numbers, the fact is, no religious tract, and nothing said by Buddha, gave us the gravitational constant, Euler's formula, Planck's constant, e, pi, or even, 0, much less, negative numbers, much less, imaginary numbers (which Euler's formula of course uses). It's like the Muslims who do backflips and contortions to convince themselves that the Quran is a science book. Meanwhile, none of those gods even had any idea about bacteria, viruses, or mold, much less, RNA and DNA. Those folks are brainwashed with the nonsense they were born into.
Mike McWilliams
Mike McWilliams Aylar önce
I wonder if anyone has tried to create a number system using a number like 1/137 as either the unit or the base instead of 1 or 10.
digitalsiler 4 gün önce
could be 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 base math
Matthias Bouquet
Matthias Bouquet 8 gün önce
It's a prime number so not really an obvious choice.
James Penny
James Penny 14 gün önce
Dunno, but from the very little that I do understand, what you are suggesting is similar to, and quite possibly related to, Planck units, which are natural units. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_units
@alyankovic1 21 gün önce
Thanks for watching and congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winners... Claim your prize now on Telegram..🎁🎁
Proper John
Proper John Aylar önce
This is exactly what I was thinking
johnlochness 2 gün önce
Ooooh, so that’s why R&M live in reality c-137 (spotted the ref to that too😅)
stymlice Gün önce
damn, nice catch
XPkoolXD Gün önce
When planets form, there's a lot of rubbish that doesn't go around in a nice ball. The pieces that do are the right distance to stay in perfect freefall orbit. We know the reasons because we can see it and study it. I suspect the consistent number is a consistent output in a system of consistent rules and laws of physics. There could be many other universes that couldn't keep going without this consistency but that's a theory. It's possible a reality like ours couldn't exist without constants popping up because it would be difficult to constantly move forward in time without consistency.
Ian Gregory
Ian Gregory Aylar önce
Euler's constant (also called the Euler-Mascheroni constant) is a constant which is dimensionless and takes the value of approximately 0.577). Although it is a mathematical constant it crops up in physics, for example in the dimensional regularisation of Feynman diagrams.
KalonOrdona2 22 gün önce
for oilier macaroni, use a little over 1 part oil for every 2 parts water, got it. :P
Dinglebop Aylar önce
If the number has been dropping since the big bang, what if it just was derivative of entropy?
Lex Machina
Lex Machina 9 gün önce
@Casey Winkler 137.036 is not an integer and therefore not a prime number. "Close enough by association" is not the way nature seems to work. Only humans do.
Casey Winkler
Casey Winkler 14 gün önce
137 is a prime number. What if that equation is related to prime numbers and its a countdown
Poornakumar Das
Poornakumar Das Aylar önce
I 've been worrying myself about this α, all these years. You have brought it out clearly.Thank you very much.
TheAbc45678 23 saatler önce
The Fine Structure Constant (FSC) is not 1/137. It's 137. In any equation containing the FSC, and I mean ANY, if you multiple both sides by 137, you end up with 137 instead of using the FSC. And the equation is still valid. Why do we insist on using the constant in one of its fractional forms? Why not use it in its larger form, as hinted at @4:44 in this video, which says "... or 137 to some power."
NorthPost Aylar önce
I'm curious if there's a relationship between the fine structure constant 1/137 and the Golden Ratio 137.5° (although the GR isn't unit-less)
NELA Aylar önce
And A4 paper?
IV EV 2 aylar önce
Man I understood 1/137th of it all, but still nice to learn something new that is truly fascinating.
Billy Alarie
Billy Alarie Aylar önce
big boss
big boss Aylar önce
@Don Adams we won't EVER be allowed to join the Federation as long as we still engage in war.
Don Adams
Don Adams Aylar önce
As a SETI person, I always wanted to use Pi times hydrogen as the carrier frequency. But now I'll have to rethink unique signatures
Golden Age of Dinosaurs
Lol, same. It didn’t help that I kept spacing out during the video. Still, it’s great to know that people are out there trying to answer the questions
djsjr Aylar önce
Here’s a thought, or two. Matt said the universe has been changing since it started. Could black holes be one end of the spectrum where 137 isn’t true and dark energy the other end of the spectrum where 137 doesn’t hold true anymore? Descriptions of both these phenomena tell use something is abnormal. Maybe it’s drifts away from the value in Alpha.
Marvin Mallette
Marvin Mallette 15 gün önce
I seriously doubt it. The 4π makes me think this is orbit related. Black Holes rotate, and are generally depicted as circular in nature. I actually suspect the issue is directly related to π, and Base 10. Subsequently, I suspect that 1/137 doesn't actually exist.
Jackson Needham
Jackson Needham 25 gün önce
What does this even mean
Mahlon Marr
Mahlon Marr Aylar önce
Do Planck-time and Planck-distance have a 1/137 relationship with anything? Whether they do or not, they don't need units of measure to define them, but can be used instead to define universally inherent standard units of distance and time.
Sometimes we all lose the plot...
Really good lecture thanks. You sounded out my thoughts at the end. We know that for centuries mathematics was stuck. We just had to do something that seems so obvious now - accept that 0 (nothing) was a real number. I wonder if we are missing something obvious here. All constants involve fractions, yet we do not recognize fractions as numbers in their own right. 1 is a whole number, as is 2. 1.5, or 1/5 is not a whole number, but a value expressed between 1 & 2. Number Theory is filled with the odd, often inexplicable behaviour of whole numbers. Suppose we accepted fractions as different types of whole numbers? Perhaps only those who existed between two consecutive whole numbers. We would enlarge Number Theory 100* just between 1 & 10. Too many numbers?. That's what we built calculators for!
Evil Paragon 4
Evil Paragon 4 Aylar önce
I like the idea of a number being set and from that universes build. Logically in a multiversal setting, you could label each universe by this preset constant. So our's would be 137... Oh god no.
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Pierre Delecto
Pierre Delecto 2 aylar önce
Maybe if we just used base 137 instead of base 10 this would make sense. If only we had 137 fingers.
Giovanni Barbera
Giovanni Barbera Aylar önce
@Azriel_b Glad this 0.01% tolerance allowed us to be here at all 🏆
Azriel_b Aylar önce
@Giovanni Barbera it could just be that the world seed generator has some tolerances. In engineering an 0.01% accurate machine is a very accurate one. God was probably just generating universes with random combinations of universal constants to find the optimal combination.
andrew cobb
andrew cobb 2 aylar önce
@Space Wave 1096 - the year teaching started at Oxford :)
Space Wave
Space Wave 2 aylar önce
@andrew cobb what is 8x137
andrew cobb
andrew cobb 2 aylar önce
An octopus has 137 suckers on each arm. Presumably a coincidence.
Ahndeux Aylar önce
I can imagine the programmer creating this universe had 256 different universes. This happens to be the 137th instance of the program running on the computer simulator. The programmer happened to use that number as the variable to generate this universe.
Alive and well in Israel
Lol, it's just an int in a for loop
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Ahndeux 26 gün önce
@Jimmy Dandy Yes.
Jimmy Dandy
Jimmy Dandy 26 gün önce
Why 256 ? Do you seriously believe aliens were limited to 8bit ? 😁
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname Aylar önce
When you use auto compete for an hash function inside jetbrains IDE, they multiply the objects parameter by 137 ... Seems to be the father of 42.
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samtheweebo Aylar önce
This might sound like an odd thought, but it seems like one of the most fundamental thing in the universe is that things agree about what happened. Maybe these numbers and constants are just what is required for things to all work properly. It's what's needed for everything in space and time to be able to observe the same events. Like another value might just not be able to keep the universe self consistent. Who knows if a universe can even exist that isn't self consistent.
Max Power
Max Power 2 gün önce
@Xavier Thomas And the intelligent people said "We don't care about the figments of your imagination, and a work of fiction is not proof". Common Sense 20:22
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas 4 gün önce
@Max Power But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26
Max Power
Max Power 4 gün önce
@Xavier Thomas Everything you claim to be impossible for a universe by itself you at the same time claim to be possible for your God. Ergo every argument you make against a self existence of a uninverse can be applied equally to your God. You disprove your own God with your own arguments. Careful, thats probably a sin for you.
samtheweebo 11 gün önce
@Xavier Thomas Well we definitely won't escape with that attitude! Lol Still, the solar system is eventually doomed no matter how we care for it. I mean I guess we could figure out how to stop eventual stellar nova maybe. Still I think spreading elsewhere is a more hopeful goal. Isn't it in the bible somewhere that we are supposed to multiply and spread or something? Why not take that out to the universe as a whole some day? We may be truly trapped, but we should still try. People thought the speed of sound was something impossible to reach at one point.
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas 11 gün önce
@samtheweebo we will not escape the destruction of this planet. That's the whole point of God making a planet that has only so much substance. We're supposed to take care of it. Obviously, my point isn't that God is the final answer, inasmuch as instead of an actual answer we just say God did it. But the answer starts with God, God leads us through the process and we get to the final process of comprehension. God is the answer, and he has the answers. Only seek him and trust hin with the whole heart and acknowledge him in all your ways and anything you ask him, he will provide
Scott Fineshriber
Scott Fineshriber Aylar önce
With a universe billions of years old, how do we know alpha is not still decreasing? We’re witnessing only a instant in cosmological time.
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas 12 gün önce
@david anderson the reason would be rather simple. Far beyond where a human eye could reach would be a theoretical white hole, into which nothing could possibly go, but from which everything continually goes. An event horizon that forces all thongs to move away and out from it continually. Something so constant as this might account for the amount of force necessary, seeing as how a black hole is at the center lf the milky way, pulling all things into itself
david anderson
david anderson 13 gün önce
@Hi There Yes, how they existed billions of years ago. Yet nothing in my comment contradicted that. The point is that light has been traveling for billions of years, and in that immense time who knows what giant pillars of creation it went through, possibly affecting the spectrum. Additionally please explain how the fine structure constant, relates to redshift, and how, for instance, if space was expanding more rapidly in the past, the red shift caused then, would be changed to not reflect that. It appears that once light was red shifted, it would remain red shifted.
Hi There
Hi There 13 gün önce
As was mentioned elsewhere, we can see how galaxies existed billions of years ago. As very far galaxies are redshifted due to their constant acceleration away from everything else, we can study that light and see that it agrees with a constant value of the fine structure throughout the observable universe. From that alone we can reasonably conclude that the value has not changed much since the universe's creation.
david anderson
david anderson 13 gün önce
@Axle Regarding the current state of inflation. This "Red Shift is a bit confusing, as we are measuring the past yes? And the degree of past is, of course, variable to the distance, so we are measuring where things WERE thousands, millions, and billions of years ago. So how do we know we are not measuring how fast space WAS expanding, thousands, millions, and billions of years ago? Is it possible that space (whatever that is, and I will try to understand "virtual" particles") WAS expanding ever faster, the further back in time we perceive? If this is true, then possibly the further away one looked, the greater the red shift would be, for THAT light which left that star however long ago. ( It possibly WAS red shifted via more rapid expansion THEN, and has encountered ever slower expansion over an ever longer journey) The correlation between time and distance could create a FALSE idea that expansion is currently accelerating, when in fact it may be slowing down or staying the same now. A steady slowing of the expansion rate over time, may create a steady appearance of accelerating expansion over distance, and do we assume steady expansion over all space, and all time. (Why would "space" expand the same everywhere all the time.) After all, if the impossible happened, and a galaxy 10 billion light years away instantly reversed its motion towards us, it appears we would not know that happened for about 10 billion years. In the Doppler effect, a race car moving away transmits a deeper sound. If the race car is 3 seconds away, and instantly reversed towards us ( ignore the the physics of that instant reversal) we would not hear the higher sound until AFTER the Doppler affected lower sound passed our ears, three seconds later. For three seconds we would think the car was still moving away. I am uncertain why light is said not to have a Doppler affect. Also what is the error margin of this measurement? For Instance, what space gases between our perception exist over millions of light years, OR did exist billions of years ago, and is no longer in the light path, and how does this phase shift light perception? I understand the JWST telescope is finding immense gas fields we were previously not as aware of. I understand we do not see the expected blurring, yet those gases do exist. And when we map these vast thousands, millions and billions of light years distant galaxies, in order to know where they are NOW we would have to know what there motion was over the past thousands, millions and billions of years, as well as know how said space was expanding during that variable time, and this would completely change the map. In ten billion years a galaxy, a galaxy cluster and a super cluster, and variable space expansion, can move stuff a long way. Can we even map the current physical location of our own galaxy, and does gravity propagate at light speed.
Axle 20 gün önce
I was thinking that. The coefficient that describes the current state of inflation.
Ebani 2 aylar önce
Love the atmosphere you create around explaning that constants are dimensionless, feels almost paranormal.
zimné súhvezdie
zimné súhvezdie 2 aylar önce
@Cyphermunk no
Cyphermunk 2 aylar önce
Cyphermunk 2 aylar önce
1/2 is 50%... of ANYTHING. Meaning it's not dependent on dimensions or units of measurement. It has NOTHING to do with the four (conventional) dimensions we live in. 1/137 is a fraction just like 1/2. 1/137th of ANYTHING!!! That's all.
zimné súhvezdie
zimné súhvezdie 2 aylar önce
Like the religion in Asimov's Foundation :D
zimné súhvezdie
zimné súhvezdie 2 aylar önce
Karson Kammerzell
Karson Kammerzell Aylar önce
Couldn't it just be similar to how things want to shape themselves into spheres in a vacuum? It just happens to be the most efficient constant?
Nick Judd
Nick Judd 12 gün önce
Love your teaching! Are you sure the number for unity is not just one? Everything else would therefore be 137x10-1?
Jonas Sominka
Jonas Sominka Aylar önce
Just a side-thought about the "sending alpha to aliens"-thing: how exactly would we do that? they most probably don't work in base 10 and I don't know if binary can be assumed to be fundamental enough.. Maybe someone here has thought about it/some more info?
Juan Ausensi
Juan Ausensi 8 gün önce
Binary is pretty fundamental, to the extend that only unary is simpler (that is, if you want to transmit the number 137, you just send 137 'beeps'). The problem of unary is not only that it's only practical for small numbers, but that it can't represent zero. So, if some alien civilization is advanced enough to have discovered alpha, it's pretty sure that they also discovered the simplest way of counting that allows zero.
R Hamlet
R Hamlet 24 gün önce
If aliens are intelligent enough to develop advanced technology and communicate with us, they can figure out base 2 numbers.
Brayden Moore
Brayden Moore Aylar önce
Since it's a proportion, all you'd have to do is display 1 symbol and then 137 symbols (circles maybe?), possibly separated from one another with a line or space.
Simon Harris
Simon Harris Aylar önce
When I watch your videos and I understand something you said, it feels like such an achievement. Thanx for that.
BanditBloodwyn 2 aylar önce
In my head, an analogy appears: Couldn't we indeed compare Alpha with our commonly known Pi? Imagine our maths doesn't know about the concept of the circle. But everytime, when talking about angles in geometry, this mysterious 3.1415 appears. For me it really looks like Alpha is hinting towards a deeper concept or principle we haven't discover yet.
Redhwk 13 gün önce
@Language, Teaching, Truth. Hum? Your comment makes no sense. How does it appear intencional when we dont even know when exactly christ was born, or even if he actually existed. Again, king herod died before the time we started counting and acording to the bible he was alive when christ was born, so we are clearly not counting from his his birth...
Language, Teaching, Truth.
@Redhwk It appears to be very intently so, not really "almost randomly".
Redhwk 14 gün önce
@Language, Teaching, Truth. "We're counting years from Jesus' birth" and king Herod was already dead by year 0... so we are actually like those couples that dont remember exactly the day they started dating so they chose a day almost randomly. In other words, its has no real meaning except the one we chose to attribute to it.
Language, Teaching, Truth.
@Taylor Copeland Guys, 1, 3 and 7 are holy numbers. One God, three Persons, 7 days of creation and a ton of other things. Take a look into Catholic teachings from the New Testament (especially the Revelation) and the Church Fathers (so the earliest Christians). We're counting years from Jesus' birth. Must have been a huge thing, right?
Taylor Copeland
Taylor Copeland 2 aylar önce
There is an analogy to be made there, but only a loose one. Pi is not so much a physical constant, though it does appear often in physics. It's important to note that physical constants are often merely consequences of the models in which they appear, and these models are subject to change-- "all models are wrong; some are useful." For example, we have every indication that general relativity and quantum mechanics are incompatible and incomplete descriptions of our universe. The fine structure constant is itself defined (or perhaps a better word, "representable") in terms of other physical constants-- namely Planck's constant, the electric constant (vacuum permittivity), the elementary charge, and the speed of light in vacuum. To contrast, pi (or the circle constant, if you like) is independent of any other constants, physical or purely mathematical. In fact, one can model alternative geometries where pi takes on different values, and arrive at some interesting results. The same goes for our physical constants as well, and this channel has previously mentioned that the values of our fundamental constants appear to be "fine-tuned--" such that even subtle deviations in some of them can lead to an impossibility of complex chemistry and other physical phenomena. All said, you're quite right that there's still much we've yet to understand about our universe.
Mr. Oblivious
Mr. Oblivious 23 saatler önce
So 137 only works in base 10?
LFTRnow Aylar önce
It is often said that if the question were ever found, the universe would instantly be replaced by something else even more inexplicable.
Tom G
Tom G 2 gün önce
Let's just stick with "What do you get if you multiply 6 by 9?" then. It's probably better that way.
uwuifying ransomware
Honestly that's what I love about physics
Fantabulous Snuffaluffagus
So its 1/137 and not 42?
NathanielAtom Aylar önce
This is a great video - one of my favourites on this channel! A couple small errata: at 03:33 the denominator should have Coulombs squared instead of C^7; at 03:44 the alpha value shown is missing a zero: 0.007297352569278033 (works out to double-O-seven; calc code below). Just want to make sure the number is right for when future alien xenoarchaeologists uncover this video! (Hi there 👋 this is called an emoji ;) ... In [1]: from scipy import constants In [2]: import numpy as np In [3]: constants.e ** 2 / (4 * np.pi * constants.epsilon_0 * constants.hbar * constants.c) Out[3]: 0.007297352569278033 In [4]: (constants.e ** 2 / (4 * np.pi * constants.epsilon_0 * constants.hbar * constants.c)) ** -1 Out[4]: 137.0359990841083
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vincent dyer
vincent dyer Gün önce
This is why our rick is rick c-137... what a good reference
zanaisu 2 gün önce
maybe dont just leave the number in denary, maybe try hexidecimal or other formats
L. P.
L. P. Gün önce
I'm sure in the other places in the universe with differing alphas dont have life to observe it
maxtor1981 Aylar önce
A few years back, I discovered a life hack that made my life so much easier; round off! I round Pi to 3,0 exactly or I round off 1/137 to 1/100. It is SO much easier to do calculations in your head that way.
Dev Null
Dev Null 2 aylar önce
Here's what the binary in the message @9:48 translates to 00110100 00110010 = 42 00110110 00111001 = 69 00110001 00110011 00110111 = 137 The problem with this is that it's encoded in base 10 using ascii symbols. Personally I think it's better to encode the numbers directly in binary. 42 -> 101010 69 -> 1000101 137 -> 10001001
HenryManson 9 gün önce
aaah yes, the good old *"there are 10 kinds of ppl out there, those who understand binary & those who dont"* 😅
Greg Bailey
Greg Bailey Aylar önce
Decodr Ring
Decodr Ring Aylar önce
Thanks for translating from binary-ASCII. I’ll give an additional level of meaning to those numbers as dates. First 69 is symbolic of the crab constellation ♋️ which has a date range from June 22 to July 22. Second, two factors of 42 are 7 & 6. July 6th is in the house of crab. Third, 137 if interpreted as a date in the house of crab then that is July 13. Although 137 could also be a day offset from Jan 1, which is May 16. Or it could be a day offset from the end of the year like August 16. I wonder if this video was intended to presage some event? Excelsior!
Michael Mott
Michael Mott Aylar önce
@Mckinsey t’a piqué 9ish
Mark Baker
Mark Baker Aylar önce
I don't see any binary at 9:48, is it somewhere else in the video?
Nom 14 gün önce
Perhaps they can use the Fine constant to find out other constants that are needed to complete equations. Like using the stars around a blackhole to find it, but with mathematics.
in4n0 Gün önce
1 God, 3 Persons, 7 Spirits. Our math and physics will catch up to Theology soon enough.
David Brown
David Brown Aylar önce
Sounds like 137 is the constant fine tuning of the universe
Teddy Betts
Teddy Betts 6 gün önce
137... or C-137?
R Hamlet
R Hamlet 24 gün önce
Demonstrate that there is fine tuning
Strawman Aylar önce
@Karl Klabuster puppet king they dance Cinderella your glass shoe don’t fit we gon steal em who comes at night it’s a riddle this not a oxy this a skittle
Karl Klabuster
Karl Klabuster Aylar önce
1/137 should be 42, no?
Grimeslave Aylar önce
I love how every video he seems so fresh and rested, and in this one he's got these huge dark circles and looks like he slept for like 2 hours Go down a rabbit hole all night over this one eh?
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Kevin M
Kevin M 2 aylar önce
Matt you and the team that put PBS Space Time episodes together week after week are doing a fantastic job in explaining some of the more difficult concepts that underpin physics. Your delivery is not only clear and concise but also entertaining as well as thought-provoking. Bravo to you all.
Person Man Man
Person Man Man Aylar önce
Well said
Kyle Benzo
Kyle Benzo 2 aylar önce
Well said
ResidentFelon 2 aylar önce
pbs logo is npc meme xD
Alpha Noob Entertainment
This especially holds up in models where gravity has a negative vacuum energy state to bring the balance to zero.
Doan Phan
Doan Phan 12 gün önce
Thought they were finished with this series and apparently not and Im loving it :/
PhrontDoor Aylar önce
If the alpha varied from the beginning of the universe, asymptotically to a current value, AND it's described by 2^2 and pi and the speed of light and plancks... Then that has to mean that one (or more) of those values changed too, doesn't it?
@alyankovic1 21 gün önce
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Gabriele1979 Aylar önce
In the movie UFO (2018), aliens used the fine-structure constant to communicate.
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Henry J.
Henry J. 2 aylar önce
Astrophysicist Arthur Eddington was fascinated by pure numbers. He promoted the "Eddington number, " which he calculated to be 10E80 protons in the universe (current estimate). He used that number and a complicated formula to derive the fine structure constant which had been measured to be 1/136 (at the time). Later, when alpha was measured more accurately and determined to be 1/137, Eddington revised his formula so that it now equaled 1/137. He was then known as "Arthur Adding-one." On the other hand, he's also the guy who put Einstein on the map.
Banter Maestro2
Banter Maestro2 Aylar önce
@H Kumar - The Chandrasekhar Limit concerns the maximum mass a white-dwarf star can be supported by electron degeneracy pressure, beyond which it will collapse into _either_ a neutron star or a black hole, depending. A similar limit exists for neutron stars - the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff Limit - sets the maximum mass for neutron stars beyond which they collapse into black holes. Both limits are for non-rotating stars. Stars which rotate at high speed - millisecond pulsars, for example - can extend the maximum somewhat.
Joseph Boxmeyer
Joseph Boxmeyer 2 aylar önce
Henry J.
Henry J. 2 aylar önce
@Боян Богданов The day after Eddington confirmed Einstein's prediction that gravity bends light, the New York Times ran the results on its front page. Einstein was now world famous.
teknoäijä 2 aylar önce
@Боян Богданов Anglians were pretty disappointed when their homeboy was proven wrong big time.So they want Eddington to be the discoverer of Einstein.I saw a english docu drama where Eddington really was the hero.He found Einstein s book in a dusty basement forgotten and then heroically proved it right.I don t think Einstein needed to be put on a map as it were.1905 special relativity proved to be Nobel worthy despite the blatant racism towards jewish scientists.This is typical british behavior.I watched a vid about british museum stolen items and their attitude was similar.we take better care of it than you do, so we keep it.
Боян Богданов
Put Einstein on the map.... I guess Max Planck doesn't exist in your Anglian multiverse....
TipsyCHUBBZ 7 gün önce
Loved it, this number will live rent free in my head for the foreseeable future.
MajSolo Aylar önce
I watch your channel occasionally this time you brought up something I never heared on TRvid so I check 1/137 and there are quite some videos so you guys led me to other channels I have to check I don't know if I should thank you I have to cut back my sleeping to 6 hours now ;)
FAR 6 gün önce
if you take a cubed grid (9x9x9=729), ordered each box by number and placed an octahedron within it perfectly aligned with the cube and added the numbers connected to each vertex of the octahedron you'd find two times the number of 137x8 (=1096) minus 1 (1095). which is significantly close.
Brock Thrasher
Brock Thrasher Aylar önce
I wonder if numbers used in the fraction are cleaner than 1/137.05 in some non-base-10 number system?
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D G 2 aylar önce
Wow, what coincidence! I got 1/137 on my Physics final.
Kerberos Aylar önce
I always considered this my lucky number for some reason in childhood, and I always seemed to see 137 crop in room numbers and the such. Now I know I'm not crazy.
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Smokey Yunick
Smokey Yunick Aylar önce
my lucky number has always been 13
Eric George
Eric George 9 saatler önce
Another reason that there is a living designer of everything (God). Everything has a designer. We came from chance? Any scientist if being honest would agree there has to be a designer behind all of this that works out so beautifully.
icebluscorpion Aylar önce
Could you somehow alter this constant to facilitate low temperature deuterium fusion? I mean if the electrons could get closer to the nucleus yeah chemical reactions can't be made, but fusion would be easier right?
B. H. WILLIAMS Gün önce
To keep you busy... Thank you for the video.
Kitt Schlatter
Kitt Schlatter 2 aylar önce
Okay, I'm so glad you brought up PI towards the end. I was struggling to understand what the difference is between the fine structure constant and something like, yeah, say PI. It's also unitless, yet still describes a pretty fundamental aspect of nature - namely, "roundness". I felt much less crazy knowing far smarter people than me are already thinking about this ^.^
IveGotWheels 2 aylar önce
@David Momtaz wow thank you for pointing out this paper! It is very compelling and a quick read, I would recommend others check it out if you are at all interested. This paper does not prove a direct relationship between α and π, only an approximate one. The identity 1/((4π^3)+(π^2)+(π)) described in the paper diverges from the measured value of α after the seventh decimal place. Perhaps this identity describes the lower asymptope of α in a 0 Kelvin universe, and we will continue to approach it as interaction energy decreases over time, or perhaps it's a spooky coincidence! In any case, I would be interested to see if this pi based identity could be used to define the other constants to a higher prescision with mathematics in place of measurement.
JK Life
JK Life 2 aylar önce
@Dummy123 yes exactly, and unlike alpha, pi can be derived from various numerical series without any appeal to nature or even geometry
Dummy123 2 aylar önce
Pi is platonic. The fine structure constant is empirical (at least for now).
Andy Grace
Andy Grace 2 aylar önce
@Fundamental in fact 1/137 comes from pi.
Laff700 2 aylar önce
@David Momtaz That's fascinating!!!
Jean Deneffe-Dobrzynski
You said that the fine structure constant depends on the value of other constants of the universe, and that the value of the fine structure constant changed since the beginning of the universe. Does that mean that the value of the other constants changed too ? By the way, I love what you are doing.
quantenkristall 12 gün önce
This speculative conclusion I very like. Congratulations 🤩 What if there was a numeral system like binary, decimal or sexagesimal numeral system but based on α or another number wich leads to a natural number within this so based numeral system. I assume You get my point .. some basic instinct of my personal perceptions .. say, pattern recognition I can see but hardly ever explain .. A strange universe may need some strange inputs from Stranger's ideas. ;-D
Brian Cooke
Brian Cooke 5 gün önce
The properties of the fine structure constant were similar to the symptoms of space time dialation. Why would we believe that the constant would be the same somewhere else in the universe?
OMUTVTube Aylar önce
It’s because light is the speed limit and other particles going a fraction slower, 1/137 (especially at the subatomic level) must be bound by this constant otherwise if anything goes faster, it ceases to exist, or gains more mass than exist in the entire universe. I believe if we ever truly break light speed, not warp, the mass would be so big and dense it would implode the entire universe.
ThEnderYoshi 2 aylar önce
Back when Minecraft added the command block, the \give command still used numerical IDs, and the command block's was 137. Back then, I was really excited about this block so I just incorporated that number on a bunch of stuff I made (especially my old Scratch projects) Turns out I couldn't have picked a better number!
Mihail Milev
Mihail Milev Aylar önce
@Marc Johnson LOL I thought that last part was unironic, I was considering commenting something like, this comment comes of as insecure. Well you got me lol
Mihail Milev
Mihail Milev Aylar önce
@Michieal lmao. But also, u develop for minecraft? Where? And what exactly do u do or have u developed?
Mihail Milev
Mihail Milev Aylar önce
@Dom Chapman lol 😂 well said
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Aylar önce
@Mayhem Discord & Chaos, Oh my! Sorry dude, I was just parodying an angry D.A. rebuke -- at the end I say; "anyway, I'm just goofing. Just be glad I wasn't angry."
Michieal Aylar önce
tbf, developing for minecraft (and it's clones), I have to say that is where my mind went, when I heard Matt say that it was everywhere as the relationship between universal constants. I was just like, "Yep. 137 -- that's the random seed for the mapgen!" lol
Abdelrahman Esam
Abdelrahman Esam 12 gün önce
1/137 is the speed of time. It is constantly increasing by itself
Vijay Vijay
Vijay Vijay Gün önce
There is no why?/As shown in Hitchhikers guide to Galaxy with the number 42
TheVikingKing 11 gün önce
if all other constants do indeed come from this fine structure constant, it may be the seed of our particular simulation. Assuming, of course, that simulation theory is correct.
Levi Jackson
Levi Jackson Aylar önce
I love how you make me think about things I hadn't considered.
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Levi Jackson
Levi Jackson Aylar önce
@James Decerion You are very hostile, friend. However. I agree with you. In my theory, SPACE has mass and exerts force on matter, negating the need for Einstein's spooky action, and the cockamamy dark matter/energy (Gravity being the observable part, of what is in fact the compressive force of space trying to obtain the largest contiguous region of homogeneity. Watch bubbles on water for a three dimensional example of what is happening in higher planes). Time does NOT exist (it is only a tool used by our minds to apply definition to a boundless existence, and is required to discuss physics, but is itself absent from any equation beyond three dimensional motion based physics. Time exerts no force on matter, does not interact with energy and leaves no trace of its presence unless observed with a frame of reference, meaning by all accepted definitions, it does not exist). And we perceive our world in three dimensions, but we in fact exist in an omnidirectional hyper solid (we can move in three dimensions equally in any perceived direction, meaning we are bound and contained within at least 1 higher dimension, which in itself must have one higher and so on. Likely cyclic.). By this theory, quantum tunneling and entanglement make perfect since, since the entangled particles are in the same spot in at least one dimension at all times, even if that dimension shifts.
James Decerion
James Decerion Aylar önce
Key word he said was theoretical meaning its not even fact. This is what is wrong with science today. Real science will tell you that the theory of gravity is false. consider that their is no gravity but in fact It's mass, density and weight AKA (Real Science) Not Theory BS. These theoretical people are the reason why people today are stupid when it comes to logic. A dumb person will say gravity. A smart person can actually explain what it really is.
Alexander Ferling
Alexander Ferling 2 aylar önce
Pauli died in 1958 in Zürich in hospital room No. 137. He was crazy about this room number and saw it as a bad sign!
Bruno Borges Machado
Bruno Borges Machado 2 aylar önce
@BasiliskObelisk this is too one of my favorite topics...we are sorounded by meaning...only deep sorrow prevent us from seeing it...
BasiliskObelisk 2 aylar önce
He was big mad on synchronicity en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synchronicity
Bruno Borges Machado
Bruno Borges Machado 2 aylar önce
@the breadman But then he would have to be the one, because the room would probably not have this number...was he the one ?
Tinkerbell Fairy
Tinkerbell Fairy 2 aylar önce
it reminds me of mysticism and the number 23. 137 is the special number for physics.
Chuck in Texas
Chuck in Texas 2 aylar önce
OR it _MIGHT_ have been a not-so-subtle message that he was soon to _return HOME_ ?
Dennis Albert
Dennis Albert Aylar önce
So generally we are yet to optimise our processes to a fine structure constant of 1. Seems like a very good standard.
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Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers 3 gün önce
Maybe, go with me on this, 137 represents the 137th attempt at making this universe work. And it did. The Maker just started at 1 and counted up until something worked. Or just kept making different version of universe's and this is the 137th created. Maybe this number is the hidden time stamp of creation. Doubtful though.
The GenX Gamer Guy
The GenX Gamer Guy Aylar önce
I like this number, I mean the 1/137 approximation. It feels "comfortable" and somewhat "cute" if you ask me. Lets hope we find out soon what it is about. 🙂
Redhwk 14 gün önce
Was looking up on google if 137 is a prime and found this gem: The only known primeval number whose sum of digits equals the number of primes "contained". It is the largest prime factor of 123456787654321 The sum of the squares of the digits of 137 is another prime and all five odd digits are used. The smallest prime with 3 distinct digits that remains prime if any one of its digits is removed And it goes on and on... Fascinating!
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