Why Iraq is Dying

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29 Kas 2021




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RealLifeLore Aylar önce
Hey guys, don't forget to check out the 26-minute long companion video to this one about the wars of Saddam over on Nebula! It's part of my Modern Conflicts series with 7 other full length episodes and you can sign up to watch them all (and tons of other creators' content) for less than $15 a year here: curiositystream.com/?coupon=reallifelore Thanks!
Jeffrey Allan Backowski II
Iraq is dying because America is standing on its throat.
Prosey 757
Prosey 757 24 gün önce
@Narrowc ross explain.
Eugene H
Eugene H 27 gün önce
@Gabriel Chan YT actually sucks they censor and people have to tip toe around word speak. By the way Google suck also.
Iraqi nationalist
Iraqi nationalist Aylar önce
@Gilbert Franklin I don’t think eastern religion ( buddhist,Taoist and confusism) need to separate from the their government after all these are pacifist philosophy rather than religion, the Chinese were somewhat religious and choose to not expand outside their border because of the Taoist and confusist philosophy .my problem with is Islam is that it is expansionist ideology with dangerous psychology with their is cosmic laws(sharia)
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin Aylar önce
@Iraqi nationalist - You are 100% correct. Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and all major religions that become a majority at the national level will try to incorporate their beliefs into the government. A citizen's religious beliefs should be personal, and not be involved in or influenced by the politics of a nation.
Alhasan Kareem
Alhasan Kareem Aylar önce
As an Iraqi, just seeing the title of the video, it hurts a lot, but it's a reality we have to live with. Thank you for highlighting it at least so others are aware of what's going on.
the leftist fetus
the leftist fetus Aylar önce
im so sorry my man, im sure theres tons of people saying this, but i have to say it also. so so sorry for what my country has done to your country. its shameful.
JI Aylar önce
Ask US.
im a worm before i am man
@Rounak Narayan so bc im secular i am not allowed to criticize you? When you said "muslim" do you mean the whole community or just some group of brainwashed fanatics? Why do i say jai hind mentality sucks? Take a good look at yourself and ask why. No hate but piece and love
Rounak Narayan
Rounak Narayan Aylar önce
@im a worm before i am man if you're no jihadist then why jai hind mentality sucks? If you're secular then why don't you speak for wrong doings of Muslims?
im a worm before i am man
@Rounak Narayan haha, im no jihadis by any means. Im secular but spreading false info and hatred will do no good for me. Jay hind mentality sucks
Susan P
Susan P Aylar önce
I am Iranian, and even my country having gone through years of war with Iraq, I now realize that myself and my fellow countrymen practically know nothing about the realities of our neighboring Iraq! Thank you very much for this highly interesting and informative documentary about this ancient civilization, and its recent history leading to its present ecological, demographic and economical crises. I am so saddened to see how the Iraq's neighboring countries abuse Iraqi people's livelihood in such barbaric brutal ways!
Mohamed AK47
Mohamed AK47 9 gün önce
@Won shot Iraq was already in a bad position because of Iran's tampering with the Iraqi politics. Iraq would not have been in that position had Iran not tampered with the politics.
Lucas 𓆏
Lucas 𓆏 18 gün önce
Im Iranian too help
Zaid M
Zaid M 19 gün önce
share this with your open minded friends and family
RB_Scope 29 gün önce
@TheInevitable iran helped iraq so much bro you can’t say they didn’t play a part
RB_Scope 29 gün önce
Bare this in mind it was saddam vs iran not iraq vs iran. No one in Iraq liked saddam he was a dictator and murdered innocent shias.
Ahmad Khalid
Ahmad Khalid Aylar önce
As an Iraqi who lives in Mosul and i've seen it all, foreign occupations, ISIS, Dam threats and economical drops. At this point it is all normal for us and part of our lives to lose people you love and try to live and survive under the shadow of a broke and careless government
Ameer Faris
Ameer Faris 9 gün önce
@matthew myers I have family in both cities. And our family in Mosul said the whole city welcomed isis with open heart and wanted to create an Islamic state. They are disgusting people. Im fully exposed to their head that’s why I can say that. Just research too
Gustav Ju
Gustav Ju 9 gün önce
That's heartbreaking to read.
matthew myers
matthew myers 10 gün önce
@Ameer Faris what does that mean?
Ameer Faris
Ameer Faris 10 gün önce
Mosul is technically a terrorist city …
Baba Gandu
Baba Gandu 14 gün önce
@Garren Bangladesh
AJ cartoon
AJ cartoon Aylar önce
It was the most painful thing to see this in my recommend list, I'm Iraqi, and we're living the nightmare but we're trying to stay strong as much as we can And we have hope ..... for now at least Thank you for sharing this man, it feels good to read all of these comments from people all around the world cheering us up
AJ cartoon
AJ cartoon 21 gün önce
@Cory Griffiths it's a good thing to love your country, and trust me we don't hate America, actually we're wishing for a future that is full of peace between Iraq and America
Cory Griffiths
Cory Griffiths 21 gün önce
As a American 🇺🇸 I wish my military wouldn’t of removed Saddam because that is what destroyed Iraq my country tries to be the police of the world I love my country more than any other country on earth but we had no right invading Iraq.
HaSSaN-_- SuZ
HaSSaN-_- SuZ 27 gün önce
@Gejamugam Latsoomanam man cut this shit off ,I don’t know what you talking about? There is too many religions in our country . And we’ve never seen people killin people because of their religions
Midnight -Xpress1
Midnight -Xpress1 Aylar önce
@AJ cartoon it's unfortunate with a region so rich with historical value and resources that could benefit EVERYONE in that region. Could you imagine if the wealth from oil in that region were invested back into the countries and the people, instead of being horded by greedy rich families, just how much of an economic boon that would be for people in that region. Unfortunately so many for centuries the wealth has kept so many people impoverished and under authoritarian rule. Ruling the country buy fear and trying to keep people dumb and scared. I see the same thought process happening here in the US with this whole "PROGRESSIVE" idea. I see stupid idealogues that thing radically changing or throwing out our Constitution should happen. I ask why, so they can establish new government with new laws that benifit who? Those in power? Unfortunately in the US when I have conservative view, I'm a racist, bigot, sexist, deplorable human being. If anyone brings conservative values to the table, my views and person ate just marginalized to make me out to be a good ole boy monster that just wants things to back to tacist, slavery, sexism, wild west gun slinging of the past. This video kind of helps understand Iraq struggle, and kind of why Saddam did what he did in 1991, while I definitely do not condone what he did, and past actions. Knowing what I know now, outside intervention I don't think will be the answer to the regions peace. It may have to come from within. Unfortunately that would be hard pill to swallow for most other countries to sit on their hands and watch bloodshed like that happen. With so many powers at play, it's hard for other contrived to just stand by and hope for the best.
AJ cartoon
AJ cartoon Aylar önce
@Midnight -Xpress1 you really understand us bro, thank you for your support
Rem Veel
Rem Veel Aylar önce
I always ignore and deny the problems of Iraq because I thought they just want war all the time and had different beliefs, but this video definitely gave me better understanding of the situation and felt bad and sorry for misjudging the current problem. Hopefully, things can be more peaceful in those countries where every odds is against them. I also live in a poor country so to speak, but our situation is nowhere near as worse.
Nabisuke 10 gün önce
@A. pretty much what the westerners are doing more than the arabs
Rafi Nyx
Rafi Nyx 10 gün önce
@Ian Szeliga Your last sentence is very true. Goosebumps.
A. 18 gün önce
​@Ss no the truth is arabs don't want to take responsibility for their own governments/people's mistakes so they always copt out in blaming the west for everything
Dima Almozan
Dima Almozan 22 gün önce
I was born in Iraq. 2011 . I don’t live there anymore since it’s dangerous and health and education system is horrible. Please if u see anybody who thinks Iraq wants different beliefs or war or anything like that, it’s since that’s how we’re taught to be like. And war im not sure why they doit
Ss 24 gün önce
My guy, the youtuber even said the minute he starts discussing the truth behind its state now. And it’s relations towards usa Iran he will get censored. And the truth simply is cuz usa started its whole mess and they don’t wanna talk about it
UPSave - يو پي اس سيف
As an Iraqi, this video sums up about everything, good job. It’s quite depressing that this land is so doomed and that we (as the people of iraq) can’t really do anything about it.
Iraqi Immigrant
Iraqi Immigrant 21 gün önce
@Cory Griffiths Please pray for your country it’s in turmoil, your leaders have sold you all out and the corporations are turning you all into slaves. Iraq is over and done with. Pray for America 🙏. If Americans lose their freedoms there will be no voice for freedom anywhere.
Cory Griffiths
Cory Griffiths 21 gün önce
You can thank my America 🇺🇸 for destroying your country my neocon politicians always fuck everything up.
Jacob Frye
Jacob Frye Aylar önce
@TheInevitable a challenge? That's quite an understatement, even saying that you're playing on extreme veteran difficulty is an understatement because the odds are all stacked up against you and fixed to screw you indefinitely, it's you against everything else in existence. I wish things were different.. better.. for you but it is what it is.
Iraqi Immigrant
Iraqi Immigrant Aylar önce
TheInevitable Aylar önce
man that's just what god has written for us since the dawn of time we getting challenged with natural and human-caused disasters hahaha
DynamicUnreal Aylar önce
It actually makes sense for Iraq to have “started” the wars that they did. Here in the western media they were portrayed as pure evil, but it’s good too see that their actions were reasonable considering the circumstances.
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@Gejamugam Latsoomanam The Nazis invaded Poland due to selfish social and political reasons. Iraq needs and NEEDS resources, which is why they go to war because even if they tried negotiating, it wouldn't work and violence is created through desperation because people refuse to help.
Mathias 21 gün önce
@Gejamugam Latsoomanam Wtf do you mean. Nazi germany had plenty of food and water and plenty of coastline. They wanted to be the superpower in europe and have "racial purity", big difference. Do you know anything about ww2 at all?
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
@Sarah Banana so you support saddam hussain
Aymon FOXC
Aymon FOXC Aylar önce
He did miss one thing in the video which was that Sadam also wanted Iran's oil, as he pursued wealth and power to fulfil his even larger ambitions. For anyone interested in some of the geopolitical circumstances and ramifications of that war, I wrote a bit about it below. I personally find it a very interesting period in history and a war with an interesting legacy because most people in the West know very little about it but we, like the Middle East, have all been dealing with its influences for decades now and they will continue to influence the future of the region for the foreseable future. Iran should have had the advantage but following the revolution, it had divorced itself from its Western Allies and the Soviets alike, so they had to develop the domestic industry to fight back more effectively as the Iran-Iraq war dragged on. Iraq meanwhile was armed by the Soviets and the French, whilst following what a lot of the world felt was betrayal by Iran's government (rightly or wrongly), the international community broadly speaking stood by and watched the slaughter pan out. What held Iraq back was Sadam's military incompetence; he insisted on making command decisions to catastrophic effects on his own forces - ignoring his advisors' wishes regarding strategy and troop training. Sadam's strategies combined with the geography of Iran dragged things out so long, that eventually Iran could turn things around despite their comparative lack of equipment and actually push through Iraqi gains and into their territory. Overall, the war accomplished nothing for Sadam beyond depleting vast amounts of military hardware and receiving massive casualties. Perhaps most worryingly to Sadam, he had spent a vast wealth on his war effort, accumulating massive debts and now he shocked the Arab world by turning his attention towards one of his biggest financiers - Kuwait (whose oil and exports he hoped would help replenishhis coffers). Such also shocked the West because this once regional and distant feeling conflict seen in the small articles of newspapers had now spread to affect oil imports and prices. Of course, his invasion of Kuwait led to a Western and Arab coalition to liberate it and made the West realise that Sadam was a difficult regional actor to anticipate (which led to new and heightened concerns over his nuclear ambitions and his nuclear programme which had been formerly assisted by the French and we all know what the paranoia that induced led to). Iran also suffered from a loss of important military hardware and massive casualties but through the conflict regained a focus on sovereign industrial capacity (that had initially been lost to some degree following the revolution) but it was now back and had an emphasis on the military sector - potentially compounding future tensions in the region and signifucantly affecting the current geopolitics of the region.
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
@Morgiana Fauwzy maybe they shouldn't have tried to invade their neighbours
Brian Trenne
Brian Trenne 19 gün önce
Geopolitics is so interesting. Definitely makes a person look at things differently. The world needs more innovators to solve some of these types of problems. Maybe the world would be a better place if everyone helped their neighbors
زين العابدين
As an Iraqi, it really hurts and pains me to see my country go away and being under the poverty line, I know that I can’t change this devastating reality . Just reading the title of the video made me cry
Mystic TV
Mystic TV 10 gün önce
@Veldtian1 I agree with you America is the most hands on in the region when it comes to warfare and as a result has done some horrible things and it makes me sick to know that in a land of freedom i have no control over what my government decides to do outside of my country but you cant forget that what is going on there is essentially a proxy war between America and Russia with every other major country backing one of those two powers. America has done some horrible stuff but to put it all on America is short sighted. The atrocities committed by America in the region are to fight off Russian funded and backed groups that look to take over the area and basically turn it into a Russian puppet state. Russia seeks to control all of the oil in the region and because Russia and the US are enemies they would likely either stop oil trade with America in that region or more likely raise the prices of oil for America which would not just be bad for the American government and whatever shady stuff its up to but also all of the human beings living within her borders. unfortunately its likely that if the US gains control of the area they will likely do the same to Russia. Its horrible but its the world we live in where the common man is trampled and treated like pawns in the games of the elite.
Veldtian1 11 gün önce
@Mystic TV It's okay, you can mention how America pretty much unilaterally ground Iraq into the dust for decades and decades for no real good reason whatsoever, like some sort of acknowledgement of this would seem rational seeing how you identified as an American from the outset. Not that you as a regular citizen have a shred of ability to influence DoD policy but it would be forgivable to voice your wretched disgust at the stomach churning mayhem wrought on Iraqi's in your name, little things like spreading hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium dust all over a desert landscape, constantly being blown into the faces and inhaled by millions of people forever and ever because DU is anything but "depleted"..
Mystic TV
Mystic TV 20 gün önce
I am not Iraqi I am American but seeing this video made me feel sympathy for you and your people. It pains me to see a land with such rich history being so unfairly treated by the entire world and then demonized for defending themselves. I hope that whatever god you believe in will grant you a prosperous and peaceful future.
Sukaena & Cornelius
Same, it is very sad, I wish I could live in Mosul the way if was before it was destroyed.
TakeCaution_ Aylar önce
me 2 my fellow iraki*
Sarah Banana
Sarah Banana Aylar önce
thank you for making this video at first i thought this was another demonizing misinformation video but a lot of what you covered was true and i can see people in the comments realizing how misinformed they were about us from media and such, and are now a bit more open minded and informed as an Iraqi thank you, i hope you have great rest of the year and an even better 2022!! love from Iraq 🇮🇶 💜💜💜!!
Troll McClure
Troll McClure 22 gün önce
Because the USA control world mainstream media, so they can demonize countries at will, that's why they can attack countries and betray old allies (Kurds betrayed 8 times, Talibans and Chinese were allies against Soviet Union, Iranis were allies against Iraq) without big consequences.
I feel depressed for Iraq now, this is so heartbreaking. You don't even have to be Iraqi to be affected by how sad this is.
rbnrhbruedk 7 gün önce
epicwinner69 9 gün önce
its all because of george w bush
nole 89
nole 89 10 gün önce
@One Eyed You’re close, but not totally understanding what’s really going on. The United States is no longer a democratic republic. It is an oligarchy. Large corporations control the government and the media. BlackRock is a main influencer. I am aware of this everything you are talking about, but make no mistake, average Americans have suffered from this oligarchy as well. The problem is our mainstream media lies and the uneducated and ignorant are vulnerable to the lies. In a nutshell, the west has regressed back into what we were before democracy. Oligarchy is just one step removed from aristocracy. In other words only a small group of elites benefit from all the death and suffering. I hope social media can wake up average people to this fact. I believe it is beginning to. But our baby boomer generation is too far gone and too indoctrinated. They think Bernie Sanders is a communist when he’s really no different than FDR. Once the boomers die off I think you’ll see a dramatic difference with American foreign and domestic policy.
crippling depression lol
i mean the US
crippling depression lol
Another reason is probably Saddam and Terrorist organizations the israel conflict And the Americans
Aymon FOXC
Aymon FOXC Aylar önce
May I say that as we see another country struggling with the legacy of colonialism and thousands of years of ethnic conflict and conquests by other empires, it is nice to see a video like this that summarises the geographic problems Iraq faces in its current iteration and to see the goodwill from around the world towards a country that has seen a lot troubles over recent decades. I hope the country can heal and become a beacon for prosperity and peace, both in the region, and considering its geographic location, between East and West.
mimi riri
mimi riri Aylar önce
For anyone suggesting Iraqis leave their country for survival, you have to keep in mind that travelling visas are not easy to obtain especially with the recent economical plummets.
Gustav Ju
Gustav Ju 9 gün önce
@Storm Rider True. Hopefully even those who left can contribute somehow to it's future. Like how Mexico has benefitted from the remmitences coming in from their emigrants.
Storm Rider
Storm Rider 13 gün önce
Traveling visas or not, only Iraqis can ultimately change their nation for the better from within. We all must struggle for individual and national freedom and responsibility within our homelands whenever possible. Iraqis immigrating to other parts of the world leads to brain-drain, and often conflicts within their new host nations, thus compounding Iraq's dire situation.
The Caustic Gamer
The Caustic Gamer 9 gün önce
This is really really sad, I never knew the full situation... I always had sympathy and compassion for all the middle eastern countries which are just being torn apart by corruption and terrorist groups but- holy crap Iraq has it rough... And, tremendously messed up that the countries around it are all just laughing in Iraq's face without having a shred of guilt or empathy!
Doot Doot
Doot Doot Aylar önce
This video finally puts into words something I’ve found very hard to explain to outsiders of iraq: why people here almost universally love saddam. He was a tyrant, sure, we all agree to that & every iraqi family has been directly affected by the wars & subsequent famine that happened during his regime, but in /hindsight/ we can recognize that at least he actually led the country & made all his decisions while having iraq in mind, not neccessarily the civilians, but at least the country as a whole. While every other leader who came after 2003 (the USA especially) were only concerned pleasing whichever party bought them the seat & stealing as much money as possible from the iraqi people. That’s why people who lived during saddam & were celebrating the day his regime fell almost all now regret losing his leadership.
RMS Aquitania fan 55 ッ
I feel that Iraq is a country that can never get a break. I hope Iraq gets treated better by its neighbors and develops better, it doesn't deserve the crap that it goes through.
Kaby Summit
Kaby Summit 18 gün önce
@Omnipotent Pumpkin you could have done better than f*ckd others in need. That's why the current gov is trying not to repeat the sins of their fathers.
Lucicer Lanfe
Lucicer Lanfe Aylar önce
Or they can go back to be one country again when it was Persia
the producer
the producer Aylar önce
@كل شيء نسبي ياجماعة !! I don’t sure
Sarah Banana
Sarah Banana Aylar önce
@Arthas Menethil ok but you're saying Iraq did this buut most of those things were the bad Iraqi government and not the people the people have been trying to catch a break since the mongols invaded
mohammed ali
mohammed ali Aylar önce
What a stupid comment, you treated your neighbors like shit and Blame them ? Come on
Ahmed Ghazal
Ahmed Ghazal Aylar önce
As an Iraqi who lived most of this. This is highly accurate. The situation here is extremely complex. Just wanted to add, we can get the water we need from Turkey We are at their top five importing countries with over 20 billion dollars of annual imports and the majority of foreign investors in real states in Turkey are Iraqis These alone when cut or threatened to cut could result with their total collaboration with our case. The sea port problem could be easily fixed by building a bigger port than Um Qasir and we are building one (Al Faw Grand Port) but the corrupt system the US left us with, Iran interference and Kuwait building a port and won’t let us have ours are not letting this be a smooth process What we are lacking is loyal patriotic people to fix this whole mess up. I won’t deny we are making progress but its so slow I’m afraid we won’t be able to make it to land safe before another disastrous event.
Harr darr
Harr darr Aylar önce
@Ahmed Ghazal why are you in sweden
Ahmed Ghazal
Ahmed Ghazal Aylar önce
@Harr darr why you mad?
Harr darr
Harr darr Aylar önce
@K.j Armin is it, we have a huge population of MENA who have decided to emigrate to sweden rather than stay at home and rebuild their shit
K.j Armin
K.j Armin Aylar önce
@Harr darr rude , disrespectful and toxic
Harr darr
Harr darr Aylar önce
no, all your people are here in sweden instead of over there rebuilding your shit
Salem Midnight
Salem Midnight Aylar önce
As a iraqi, it’s so sad to see my motherland suffer
Erika D
Erika D 8 gün önce
Great video, I learned so much and feel empathy for Iraq that I didn't before. Wonder if anyone has ever re-imagined new borders for all Middle East? It would be a dream if they could agree on something new, that helps everyone but obviously that wouldn't happen
Bronzebrass 3 gün önce
I love Iraq and this video makes me sad. One day I finally hope to hear some good news and see this country prosper and rebuild…
BHuang92 Aylar önce
General rule of anywhere on Earth, being in the middle where everything is flat sucks when you are invaded constantly.
Storm Rider
Storm Rider 13 gün önce
Very true. The relatively flat environment of Central and Eastern Europe has made nations like Germany, Poland and the Baltic States vulnerable to invasion from hostile neighbors. Certainly, a mountainous environment has helped a country like Switzerland in addition to its very high banking connections. Unfortunately, Iraq is flat, has lots of oil and cannot pay-off potential enemies to let it be.
TakeCaution_ Aylar önce
yep nice observation homie snizzle
Cavalier Skittles
Cavalier Skittles Aylar önce
@Marq FJA also most of russia is an hellish wasteland, maintaining an army inside russian territory is difficult.
111111111111111111111111 11111111111111
@Alexandros Mironis what winter? Napoleon start retreating in october.
M.C.Martin Aylar önce
@Jeremy And the Romans
Avery the Cuban-American
RealLifeLore: Iraq's coastline is pathetically small Bosnia & Herzegovina and Monaco: *Bet* It’s a cruel irony really that the birthplace of the nation state concept and modern civilization, once coined as the Fertile Crescent’ is so mercilessly sandbagged from seemingly every angle. From the cradle of civilization, to the place where humanity seemingly goes to die...
Jaroslav Doležel
Jaroslav Doležel Aylar önce
I'm a Mesopotamian history fanatic and this video helped me to understand Iraq's current situation right now. I dream about visiting Iraq one day to see Ur, Uruk, Nippur and other famous sites of Sumerian and Babylonian history and I pray that the one day this dream will be possible to realise and Iraq will be a safe country to travel to.
2020 Aylar önce
It’s a cruel irony really that the birthplace of the nation state concept and modern civilization, once coined as the ‘fertile crescent’ is so mercilessly sandbagged from seemingly every angle. I can only imagine all of the priceless archeological evidence and sites that are simply waiting to be stumbled upon and unearthed.
K Graham
K Graham Aylar önce
After learning this, it’s shocking the country has any of its citizens, inhabitants. I’m surprised all of its families aren’t fleeing to other countries in hopes of finding safety and peace. I’m very sorry to hear this ... and I’m thankful for this video. I had no idea. PS - That’s pretty shitty of Turkey. Everyone should have access to clean water. That should be a humanitarian crime because that’s just wrong.
Troll McClure
Troll McClure 22 gün önce
AmeriKKKa leading anglo 5 eyes and NATO to bully the Middle East, then letting NATO member Turkey bullying Iraq to die a 2nd time
mold elder
mold elder Aylar önce
Sort of disturbing he doesn't mention the US's role in installing Saddam, even in passing. But sure he just "came to power" sure
Mario Bowser494
Mario Bowser494 Aylar önce
Part of me is wondering whether the UK’s geography is nearly perfect. It is surrounded by water which makes it really easy to defend (just look at the Napoleonic Wars) and also the weather is significantly warmer compared to other places around the same longitude due to the warmer water from the Caribbean. The only problem is… IT NEVER STOPS RAINING!!!
Spiny Slasher
Spiny Slasher 6 gün önce
@There's Always Another Way Acknowledging is all it ever did. All of UK's former colonies deserves trillions in reparations for what UK did.
BBallMOU 10 gün önce
@South Of the Mersey Dude, it wasnt even 100 yeas ago... You as a person living in UK have nothing to apologize for. But the UK as a country should fix their mess, and because they dont do so they at least should say sorry. But by still exploiting the mess they caused it's more like the damage is still being inflicted. Is up to you to know the history. For what reason Kuwait is not part of Iraq? (This led to the death of many people). For what reason Iraq can't even manage their own rivers? Why the hell Syria has those borders? Why is it so small? Why TF the arab world is 22 countries, instead of 2 or 3? If you fail to recognize the role that UK plays in this game then you just dont want to see it. The game is rigged from the beginning. The board is set up strategically. There was no decolonization. One decolonizes until he has ensured that he still controls the resources very carefully, because he knows that in order to maintain the same level that before he cant lose stuff drastically. The UK economy was catapulted because of the domination of other lands. They couldnt afford to lose that overnight, the castle would have crumbled. But it hasnt, and if you observe, you can see why is that.
South Of the Mersey
South Of the Mersey 10 gün önce
@BBallMOU There’s a lot of ‘we’ and generalisation in your anti-British posts. What exactly is someone alive today meant to be apologising for? Gosh, I’m so sorry some dead people with no connection to me other than they happen to have been from the same island as me were not very nice 400 years ago. The only thing that the UK should do is educate it’s citizens on its past. It does this. Could it be better? Probably. But I’d argue the education system here is better than most at churning out people with moderate worldviews when they leave school. Contrast that with some of the UKs former colonies and the atrocities pre and post British Empire. Here’s a starter: anyone in Africa or India acknowledging, apologising for and dismantling the benefits gained by few from the caste system?
Severus Floki
Severus Floki 25 gün önce
@BBallMOU I just read your last reply (that starts with "I don’t want glory" etc). Fair! I agree with what you said. Completely.
Ship 27 gün önce
@Rock Do you realize how many times the uk has been blockaded and not even affected?
Niko Aylar önce
Excellent video! I doubt anyone can explain this whole mess better in 20 minutes. You really crushed it on this one, good job!
The water struggles you discussed remind me of the threats Egypt sent to Ethiopia for their hydroelectric dam project in the mid 2010s. The dam has since finished in 2019 and tensions in north Africa continue to rise. To the point the UN has addressed the issues.
TheBattlefieldProject 21 gün önce
@Brian Mwaura Egypt is the only really strong power in north Africa right now and they fear any other country becoming a world player. Ethiopia is using only one of the tributaries of the Nile and it seems unlikely that it will cause drought. A standard case of a first world country being a gatekeeper to protect its interests.
Brian Mwaura
Brian Mwaura 22 gün önce
Egypt is just being selfish , if you see the Size of the nile you would actually understand ,what it would take to block it , that River is Huge, I mean huge , bigger than the Misisipi or anything you've ever seen but it's not as wide as the Congo River
Hallo Aylar önce
As an iraqi iam sad that our country is a part of a not ending war. Thank you for the nice video.
Nick Viscione
Nick Viscione Aylar önce
This is depressing to watch, especially considering what my country has done to the middle east. I had a thought; would Iraq be better off if it became part of one of its neighboring countries? what does it gain being in its current independent self?
Eljan Rimsa
Eljan Rimsa 14 gün önce
I guess you never lived in a county annexed by a neighboring country. Ask the Tibetans.
Troll McClure
Troll McClure 22 gün önce
USA would still invade Iraq like they did when Kuwait became part of Iraq, they are only finding fake excuses to control more oil like the fake WMD accusations
from exoplanet
from exoplanet Aylar önce
I live in Iraq and have never been educated about these issues, thank you so much for covering them in so much detail, your video is very informative
Donbol Don
Donbol Don 12 saatler önce
@Abe H. 😒 انت بتاع حواري
Abe H.
Abe H. Gün önce
ادري مو المكان المناسب بس ممكن نتعرف حبيت حجيج 🥺
Omar Faruque
Omar Faruque 3 gün önce
What you guys need is 1. Peace within the country 2. Engineering Efforts to process saline waters into drinkable and arable water 3. Diversify Economy You guys just need a leader that cares about the country. In sha Allah things will get better.
Donbol Don
Donbol Don 10 gün önce
True, regarding women, that was not the case before 2003. My mom used to work in the Iraqi government as well as my aunts. Updating the education in Iraq started slowing down in the nineties because of sanctions and the inability to print lots of books. We used to fight to get a book in a good condition.
ridha abdullah
ridha abdullah 15 gün önce
We left because there is no future in our country that has so much oil but is being robbed
Sufy / آصف
Sufy / آصف Aylar önce
I never felt so sad and hopeless in my life ever as an iraqi.. man this hurts so much so much
نورة K
نورة K 23 gün önce
@Kong King just 600 years ago, a man named Timur, with his huge armies came to Iraq, he killed half of the population of Baghdad and forced the rest to pray in a Masjid built with the skulls and bones of the killed ones, they did, they entered a building and saw their beloved families bodies, but they never left Islam. Timur died and Islam had another golden age.
نورة K
نورة K 23 gün önce
@Kong King democracy is dead in america haha
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza 24 gün önce
@Kong King islam will never be banned, it will stay forever no matter how much u try. It will stay here and hopefully it will reach you or if not you then your kids.❤
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza 24 gün önce
@Kong King u are dumb read islamic history in the beginning of Islamic golden period islam was united and every Muslim treated eachother like brothers but then Muslims started to fighting over petty things and they became their own enemies and hypocrites in islam played a huge role in this, hypocrites encouraged muslims to fight eachother.
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza 24 gün önce
@Kong King don't blame islam for this, blame the corrupt politicians. I would blame muslims not islam, cuz islam says to stay united but today's muslims are everything but united.
Michelle B
Michelle B Aylar önce
I appreciate this video so much. During the early 1990’s my good friend was engaged to a Kuwaiti man. So, everything I knew about the Iraq/Kuwait conflict was very biased and I knew I likely didn’t have a good grasp of the whole thing. Thirty years later, I finally feel like I understand what Hussein was getting at. It’s just so crazy as to what a colonizing stronghold a few European nations had on the entire world and how badly the repercussions are still felt, still occurring, amongst ancient civilizations, everywhere.
YEET Aylar önce
what me, an American, has been trying to tell everyone this entire time. but no one wants to hear anything from an American, right? right. -_- the sad thing is Truth is, and always will be, regardless of where it comes from, who, or the language they speak.
Dramox Aylar önce
You are a gem on youtube. I would really wish to donate to you on your patreon for caring enough to be covering this topic about Iraq! Please start a patreon. These videos are amazing and im happy I found you. I will check out your full stream on Nebula!
MrSonicTeam Aylar önce
As an iraqi I can just say we've been through so much to the point the poor conditions iraq has just feels normal to us. Let alone how many services like paypal, fiverr, etc. are blocked in here so if you want to go freelance then good luck on that.
Crypto 1up Team
Crypto 1up Team 25 gün önce
They dont want people there to prosper. Some westerners realize. I hire people from North african countries all the time but I pay in cryptocurrency. My bank doesnt allow to send Euros to most african countries, or they impose very high fees to discourage hiring there.
A Guy
A Guy Aylar önce
I’m a Assyrian Iraqi and I wanna say peace to all of my Iraqi brothers and sisters of all ethnicities still suffering in the homeland and that it’s heartbreaking to see my country of such diverse civilisation basically doomed
Iraqi Immigrant
Iraqi Immigrant Aylar önce
TakeCaution_ Aylar önce
let's shut down the jordan dam, me and you man we got this. I'll be waiting for the meeting spot time and loco
Ali Al-Zuheiry
Ali Al-Zuheiry Aylar önce
You can thank America and Iran for that
Ho Yaa
Ho Yaa Aylar önce
@Gökalp Salih Sönmez it's a good thing they betrayed you or else they would have been much worse than today
TheRandompaint Aylar önce
How is Iraq diverse 😂😂
ibrahim bani easa
ibrahim bani easa Aylar önce
As a neighbouring Jordanian, we acknowledge the bravery you guys behold and we sincerely hope ypu finally have a break. By the way, Iraqis are some of the smartest people in the world, we have countless professors and doctors who have an excellent reputation for their work.
614 City
614 City Aylar önce
This video mentions a lot of vulnerabilities of Iraq that could be exploited that are not, no one is blockading them, no one is shutting off their water. Rebuilding a country is hard but not impossible. If the Iraqi people want to follow a successful model for permanent progress they can, there are countries with similar resources that are very successful, but hurry up and sell that oil before it's worthless and put the money to good use.
Skengdo Aylar önce
You make it sound easy, corruption is too much of a big problem so that's not possible
TakeCaution_ Aylar önce
Omar Aylar önce
As an Iraqi I want to say, nice video, but I want to mention that at the end was not right. Saddam did not invade Iran. Iran who started invading Iraq by their new overthrow goverment that did not follow what the previose Iranian coverment agreed with Iraq and signed. About Kuwait as you stated it's an oil issue, they started produsing a lot of oil and that led to a conflect as Iraq has the Iranian war dept that they need to pay and because of the extra prodection that Arab golf countries were doing, the price is going down. I beleive it was basiclly a trap for him, to destroy the country as it was the strongest there, and he did eat it. He was a strong, smart and good leader, but not flexble as the politics needs that. finally as you mentioned "Iraq is built as it's to be destroyed"
Tay-Dor Aylar önce
Your did a really nice explanation of the situation that Iraq finds itself in. You earned my subscription.
Nawfal saad
Nawfal saad Aylar önce
as an iraqi , watching this documentary is really hurtful as it's very informative about the brutal modern history of our country. i hope this changes in the near future and the iraqi people get a break from wars and economic disasters and finally find some peace.
Michael Dionne
Michael Dionne 8 gün önce
I am not proud of US oil conquests in the cradle of civilization, no But I am thankful for the military, yes
l0ck b0x
l0ck b0x 10 gün önce
@Massyl IBRAHIM and now he silent, of course, coward. Shalom.
l0ck b0x
l0ck b0x 10 gün önce
@Bean Boi No need to apologise for what your ancenstors have done, you are not responsible for that. Learn from it.
Frank Bedaiwi
Frank Bedaiwi 15 gün önce
@Michael Dionne You gotta be proud bro .. we kicked their asses to prehistoric times with just two gulf wars!!
Yosef Robinson
Yosef Robinson 16 gün önce
@De Actually, Saad is Arabic for "happy". The Arabic word for "sad" is hazeen.
Ahmed Aqeel Shakir
Ahmed Aqeel Shakir Aylar önce
Very informative video, it's sad, and you don't have to be Iraqi to be affected by this! Thank you for making it.
Clayton Dykstra
Clayton Dykstra 17 gün önce
Wow, thank you for covering this. I did not know any of this, and it seems like the whole world is in on screwing these people over...
Peter James Ledwith
Very interesting and informative. Sadam was a madman but it's hard to not have some sympathy for the run of the mill civilians on the ground who are just trying to live. You didn't mention about the poisoned soil through the depleted uranium shells and ammunition.
Amen Luock
Amen Luock Aylar önce
Thank you for covering a topic not a lot even think about, I am from Iraqi, I love your channel and I wish you could cover more about Iraq.
Kaelan Burke
Kaelan Burke Aylar önce
this gives me an entire whole new perspective on life over there and why things happen there,,, very sad and unfortunate a place so powerful can fall so far.. respect.
Charles Black
Charles Black Aylar önce
Great video, The artificial creation of Iraq by the Treaty of Versailles has been compared to that of Yugoslavia. Indeed there are many similarities. Border were drawn with no consideration for different ethnic groups that were often hostile to one another. Its easy to blame Sadaam for everything, but its not that simple, Iraq was doomed from its creation, and if not Sadaam, it would have been another despot.
tima Aylar önce
Watching this as an Iraqi is really depressing. There are no words to describe the heartbreak.
Accurate Gamer
Accurate Gamer Aylar önce
RealLifeLore: why Iraq is dieing 10 weeks later: *Iraq becomes a superpower*
Retarded Rabbit
Retarded Rabbit 20 gün önce
Morgiana Fauwzy
Morgiana Fauwzy Aylar önce
Yaseen Mousa
Yaseen Mousa Aylar önce
As an Iraqi, I feel very unfortunate that my country is going through this, I especially because it’s one of the wealthiest in terms of natural resources, which if you deeply think about it is probably what brought it this much bad luck, hence the United States. They literally changed the Iraq war bane from Operation Iraqi Liberation to Operation Iraqi Freedom because the first names first letters spelled out OIL.
List 6 gün önce
@Cho Bai So what? Within 25 years of Saddam's Regime, He killed like 250k people. Within 8 years of US occupation, more than 350k were killed. The US is also the only reason ISIS ever started. And now they're crying about how bad ISIS is. ISIS is actually terrible, but US started it.
Joe O'Reilly
Joe O'Reilly Aylar önce
@Cho Bai history teacher do you remember the words of the smoking gun that another madman said .And he had it on good intelligent that it was imperative to save the people of Iraq from Saddam Hussein.And the so called un believe this war monger like his father before him . invaded that country on the word of a liar . The consequence are still with us today He Bush along with Tony Blair should have been tried for war crimes instead they got honours And still today America thinks they are the saviour of democracy
Gowtham Natarajan
Gowtham Natarajan Aylar önce
@Frank Lipsky ZERO. US is not interested in oil at all. They have plenty of oil and buy most from Canada. It is a myth that US invades countries to get oil.
Frank Lipsky
Frank Lipsky Aylar önce
Did Not Saddam invade Kuwait for it ports and oil? Give yourself a reality check If Saddam had not invaded KUWAIT what are the odds the US would have not invaded
@Gowtham Natarajan They are certainly pro-US fanatics. Their constant use of the stupid ugly US flag proves it. Is the US anti-US, since it has been helping China get stronger? In a way, it is, but it is still pro-itself. Same with CNN shit and FOX shit being pro-US propaganda.
Keith William MacHendry
Keith William MacHendry 17 saatler önce
I am so so so sorry for what we did to you lovely people, I wish you just the best of health success & happiness possible. Love from a Scot. 😢💙❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇶
hyhhy 11 gün önce
Great video. And I do believe Saddam didn't start those wars of his just because he was "crazy" or something (although he of course was a ruthless kleptocrat). He did it because he didn't see any other, better way to improve his Iraq's situation, or even just keep it going. And ISIS got its driving force and membership in a similar way.
Dude Of Awesomeness
Where civilization first started, it will also be the first to end, still proud to be an iraqi💔
Aurtisan Miner
Aurtisan Miner 11 gün önce
I feel really bad for people who just want to live their lives there. I’d be heartbroken if my home land became war torn and deadly to live in, not to mention the devastation to our economy that would happen.
TP014563 Aylar önce
Good video. Missed a lot of details on circumstances involved the creation of Iraq as a country post WW1, how economically was very strong till the coup d'etat that overthrow the royal family in 1958, and many others. As an Iraqi, I was about to go medieval on you for mentioning many other things, without going into details. But by the end of it, I understood your point about the censorship on this platform, and others who may politicly disagree and may report you or your video. Thanks for brining the world's attention to our misery, wholeheartedly appreciated.
Pnyx Bema
Pnyx Bema 27 gün önce
The more comprehensive explanation on Iraq's geopolitics I've ever seen. It must be said that superpowers would never allow the countries of region to achieve good levels of HUMAN development. See the case of Iran, whose king manifested his intentions of industrialisation of the country using the revenues from the oil trade, hence his fall is explained.
Eric Whitfield
Eric Whitfield 27 gün önce
Great video thank you. I had no idea these things are happening to Iraq. Please make more videos on Iraq.
Dilovan Amedi
Dilovan Amedi 13 gün önce
I've migrated out of that country since I was 9 and never looked back. However I feel really bad it is the country of my birth. As far as the ethnic groups with in Iraq have always got a long with eachother but time to time they've been minupoulated by puppet leaders and neighboring countries. This does bring tears to my eyes of how the people been suffering there in all Iraq.
fox hound
fox hound Aylar önce
It hurts watching that old footage as my dad fought in the Iran - Iraq war
Aymon FOXC
Aymon FOXC Aylar önce
Watching this video makes me think that Iraq needs to get some desalination plants and pipe fresh water up river! The plants and the pipeline would still be strategically vulnerable but I think the strategic environment (with Sadam gone, and ISIS largely defeated by a coalition of former and theoretical foes) is about as safe as it will get. So, now is a good time for Iraq to develop an agricultural sector to lend greater social and economic stability. Heck, it could even become a food bowl for the region if managed well, which would actually lend it greater strategic stability and thus autonomy. There's plenty of experience in other Arab states (who rely on desalination) as well as Australia (i.e. desalination and piping for consumption and agriculture in Adelaide, River Murray water pipelines, and the River Murray Basin Management Plan dealing with fair distribution, salinity, river and floodplain health and so on). I think that there are some similar river water problems facing Israel and Lebanon, as well as Sudan down river of Egypt.
Sir. SuperThunderGoodGuy MMXVI
I feel bad for Iraq, hopefully they can be fine
Kindy_91 Aylar önce
Great work! I knew my country had it fucked up, but this paints a pretty good damn image.
Cuban Aylar önce
It's just insane how Iraq, and that whole area is basically where civilization seemingly started and there has been so much prosperity and culture since the beginning of time. This video was very interesting to watch, never would've known I'd enjoy watching something like this.
pentz1 11 gün önce
@Gilsclepios please can you point me in the direction of research i can look at, that explains how the ancient egyptians came from india? A serious request
Htwinz 26 gün önce
As we know and this video also explains, the 2 great rivers of Tigris & Euphrates in Mesopotamia were once helped many great civilizations and empires in the past to succeed and productive, because of its water source and resources. But the current state on what happens now is really depressing. Rise and fall and up and down in this life is always happening. Mesopotamia, Levant, and some part of the Middle East and Africa are in the state of dark age of 21st century.
J Stone
J Stone 29 gün önce
@Delroy ELLIS You are right.
Delroy ELLIS
Delroy ELLIS Aylar önce
@M U you need to study facts not history (history is stories told by other people)
Delroy ELLIS
Delroy ELLIS Aylar önce
@M U if you are Egyptian you are an imposter unless you are black. your ancestors invaded kemet just like they invaded many parts of africa
Chavdar Naidenov
Chavdar Naidenov Aylar önce
"Why is Iraq dying?" - That questions sounds like shooting Granma and then asking her "Granny, why are you bleeding?"
Chavdar Naidenov
Chavdar Naidenov Aylar önce
@Oscar M 1 7Iraq is the place where civilization was born. North America is the descendant that is bent on destroying it.
Oscar M 1 7
Oscar M 1 7 Aylar önce
did you do this to your grandma?
RobloxianInTown 10 gün önce
As a Lebenese, It is really sad to see Iraq is dying they need to stop war and fighting with more peace. I really care and would do anything to stop it, because my sister in law is Iraqi and i didn't know this happened until now.
Phoenix Yo
Phoenix Yo Aylar önce
I never understood how bad iraq's situation was before this video. Tbh its no surprised that Iraq has had serious issues with its neighbors for good/bad reasons. It also goes to show how simple issues with secure access to the basics of life can cause huge amounts of suffering and ungoing devastation. I feel like the UN should create rules about water access and how neighboring countries can and cannot handle water sources. Like, it should be illegal to hog vital water sources inorder to starve your neighboring country. Its also kinda screwed up how we went in and ended a dictaror, but barely did anything meaningful and kinda just took oil and shit. They also should have more control of their oil reserves, since it is theirs afterall lol. Obviously very complex and shit. I do have one interesting idea though, if Um Osar is their only major deep water port, than what I woulda done (if I was suudam levels of power) would of make Um I never understood how bad iraq's situation was before this video. Tbh its no surprised that Iraq has had serious issues with its neighbors for good/bad reasons. It also goes to show how simple issues with secure access to the basics of life can cause huge amounts of suffering and ungoing devastation. I feel like the UN should create rules about water access and how neighboring countries can and cannot handle water sources. Like, it should be illegal to hog vital water sources inorder to starve your neighboring country. Its also kinda screwed up how we went in and ended a dictaror, but barely did anything meaningful and kinda just took oil and shit. They also should have more control of their oil reserves, since it is theirs afterall lol. Obviously very complex and shit. I do have one interesting idea though, if Um osar is their only major port, than id consider either attempting to dig out a brand new port on the cost, or perhaps Turn Um Osar into a even larger port that can house more ships and infrastructure. Or maybe look into the idea of creating some more water storage areas or maybe water desalination plants. Honestly though that region needs some serious administrational oversight that's in its best interest.
My Me
My Me Aylar önce
As an arab from a neighboring country, I believe all Iraq's problems is solvable except the ethnic fights they have between one another, when they stop that and realize their one people that's the first step to solving every issue in Iraq. I am from the gulf and their school education is still much stronger even when they were in war, their smart but I hope they put the conflict seeking aside.
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Aylar önce
I knew Iraq was in a very poor position geopolitically speaking, but I didn't realize just how bad it was. Thank you for the informative video. Stay well out there everybody, and may God bless you friends. :)
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Aylar önce
@SensualCream Before offering my response, thank you for your courtesy. TRvid comments sections far too often dissolve into hostility, especially when discussing topics like religion or personal philosophy. Now, being a Christian myself, I largely agree with most of your points. I do agree that we are born with many of our personality tendencies, that our regular environment is composed of so many competing external and internal stimuli largely outside of our personal control that our freedom of choice is often limited or pre-influenced by a host of factors, and that many aspects of human life have developed and spread by means of natural selection (i.e. whatever is best for optimizing individual reproduction succeeds and is passed down to future generations and so forth). Before I offer any thoughts on how free will ties in with all this, I have a few more questions I would like to ask to better understand your philosophical position on all this if you wouldn't mind to answer them. How do you think your own capacity to reason and reach this deterministic conclusion is represented in this debate? For example, in your estimation, is pure reason free from emotional perception or any physical outcome an expression of will or simply another deterministic cog in the framework of biological human experience? And, on more ethical grounds, do you think it unjust or oxymoronic that an all-loving and all-powerful deity would allow people to suffer, either by the hands of the natural world or their fellow humans (please be very specific with your answer; and this will tie in again with the free will discussion)? I hope that by understanding your position better, I might not only better understand my own but also better and more accurately debate our points of disagreement. In the meantime, I wish you all the best. :)
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Aylar önce
@SensualCream Hello again friend. No need to apologize for the long comment; it's difficult to converse with much complexity in the short space of a TRvid comment. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I'm rather under the weather tonight myself. I don't have the mental stamina to respond adequately to your comment tonight given my illness and the lateness of the hour, but I wanted to leave this message so that you wouldn't think I had forgotten or chosen to ignore you. I will reply to your examples soon. I sincerely hope you get to feeling better in the meantime.
SensualCream Aylar önce
@Nathan Wilson I appreciate your attitude. If you want any papers or links, I could find something for you, but frankly it's 6 am and I'm a depressed mess. I'll give you the short version: there are many, many angles you can take to delve into this topic. Off the top of my head, I was recently reading scientific literature about parenting. In the first few chapters it supplies evidence suggesting that the personalities of babies are evident from birth and continue into adolescence (wish I'd saved the pdf). Some are more assertive, some are more afraid etc. and they all have their pros and cons. Regardless, this is one flimsy example that indicates that our likes, dislikes, hopes, aspirations, mentality are all largely defined before our birth, by our genes. Of course, after that your environment kicks in, but yet again, the environment is not an attribute of OUR free will, it's an extension of other peoples and also natures 'programming'. Some (perhaps cynical) neuroscientists believe the extent of our free will is in which direction we'll brush our teeth. The most optimistic interpretations liken our lives to a chess game; we're limited by the board and pieces, but the moves we make within that system are up to us. Frankly, for a bunch of very personal and anecdotal reasons, I believe Humanity is largely instinctual and any expression of 'free will' is the result of millions of years of physical and evolutionary dominoes that inform our opinion and behaviour. To ask a couple questions, why do we value? Why do we care about family? Tradition? My interpretation is that fundamentally, life is biologically process. That process has one objective: to duplicate itself and spread. Under that lense, even these traditions and family values stem from this. Why do you care about people and your family? Because that provides social security in which breeding has a higher likelihood of success. Tradition? That allows us to conform and detect outliers, people who are a threat to our tribe. Why is that important? Because a threat to our tribe will inhibit reproduction. All our values are predetermined, an illusion to enable us to hold stable territory in our environment, which helps propagate life. My apologies for the wall of text. If you want more, searching for any scientific and philosophical literature on TRvid or Google should help your curiosity.
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Aylar önce
@SensualCream Hello again! I can see this likely isn't your first time having a discussion along these lines. Would you mind to elaborate please on the latter part of your comment, in your describing free will as being proven to be limited?
SensualCream Aylar önce
@Nathan Wilson You're saying the guy with absolute power over the universe just let this happen? Seems like the same thing. Oh wait, the free will argument... Even though it's biologically and physically proven to be very limited, God, that argument does come in handy doesn't it.
Fen Myers
Fen Myers Aylar önce
This video sure glosses over U.S. war crimes and general trickery/setups my country waged to make these wars as devastating as possible, not to mention all of the wealth funneled out of Iraq by the U.S. negotiating low oil rates with elite profiteers. Really kind of leaves a pit in my stomach to see brutal neocolonialist exploitation mostly reduced to geography.
Warriorette12 Aylar önce
The video is about Iraqi vulnerabilities from even before the US entered it. Not everything has to be a platform to talk more about the US. If you want to see what you want, he literally says you can watch his Nebula content.
Maxywoo 20 gün önce
I'm British and I actually feel bad. On behalf of our great grandparents, I apologise for creating such shitty borders.
Adel Salam
Adel Salam Aylar önce
thank you for this video it speaks the truth but there are other factors that threaten Iraq stability but really I appreciate people who speak the truth because lies are the common commodity .
shmeeb37 Aylar önce
It's so fitting that you were showing W. Bush speaking while saying "outright lies"
It's Not Just Rice
It's Not Just Rice Aylar önce
As a non-Iraqi, this is an incredibly sad, brutal history. I wish I knew more about this earlier in my life. I was only told of the war stories from the 80's and 90's. What does humanity do now?
Alphonse Maina
Alphonse Maina 22 gün önce
@Nameless Hero Fuck that. A sky daddy won't fix your mess.
Tybold63 Aylar önce
@AKO dutch Agree
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil Aylar önce
Well they could do like post WW1 and post WW2 Europe did and exchange populations with neighbors to diminish ethnic tensions or they can be like post communist Yugoslavia and tear themselves apart like a pack of wild dogs fighting over an oil shaped steak. Since Iraq doesnt have an excellent track record when it comes to sharing oil I'm sadly guessing they'll choose the later option
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil Aylar önce
Well they could do like post WW1 and post WW2 Europe did and exchange populations with neighbors to diminish ethnic tensions or they can be like post communist Yugoslavia and tear themselves apart like a pack of wild dogs fighting over an oil shaped steak. Since Iraq doesnt have an excellent track record when it comes to sharing oil I'm sadly guessing they'll choose the later option
Richard L
Richard L Aylar önce
Maybe the middle east could start to heal if there wasn't a certain group of religious extremists going around murdering everyone.
Kim Capri
Kim Capri Aylar önce
This is all fascinating stuff. Thank you. WW1 and 2, Vietnam, and USA Civil Wars have been covered extensively. Dunno why the Middle East is so hush hush.
Troll McClure
Troll McClure 22 gün önce
It's explained at the end of the video, content that bother the US regime will get demonetized or censored by TRvid algorithm.
Tareq Saleem
Tareq Saleem 12 gün önce
About the Iraq and Kuwait war, Kuwait was stealing oil from Iraq and even invaded many miles of Iraqi land with the help of neighboring countries and mostly Saudi Arabia. Iraq tried everything bringing it up to the UN, US and the UK but no one did anything. In the end Iraq chose to solve it themself which resulted in to painting Iraq as the bad guys and making it an easy target for many EU countries, US and of course the neighboring countries that will profit from this. AKA more controle on oil prices and the area.
jidieo Aylar önce
Shaking my head all through out the vid... I hope Iraq finds a way to prosper...
Alexo's Journal
Alexo's Journal Aylar önce
It's like they have four neighborhood bullies, and all four like to exclusively bully Iraq, and not only that, but they also have to deal with bullies within their own home. God... Thank you for giving me the opportunity to educate myself more on this topic.
Timb Tam Gomez
Timb Tam Gomez Aylar önce
I met someone from Iraq for the first time recently. They were so full of joy and was happy to meet new people. Probably one of the nicest person I have ever met. It was amazing to see someone from a troubled place full of happiness and I wish for Iraq to become rich, prosperous, and safe.
Monke Aylar önce
@Speed Junkie Fine to be Loved & Hated now by someone else.
Monke Aylar önce
@Victor Isaac Babia. C. Either that you are Liked/ Disliked here, Even though its about the Video
Michael Pettersson
Michael Pettersson Aylar önce
@E F That we have amoung our political elite that refuse to demand that misbehaving immigrats adapt. This is so bad that a nationalistc political party here that want to do that are actually very popular among well adjusted immigrants.
Michael Pettersson
Michael Pettersson Aylar önce
@GUTS Humor are a coping mechanism.
E F Aylar önce
Prejudice of low expectations.
Q8i Love
Q8i Love Aylar önce
The first Iraqi claim to Kuwait surfaced in 1938-the year oil was discovered in the emirate. Kuwait was never ruled by the Ottomans and the founding of modern Kuwait dates back to 1613. Prior to that, the Portuguese had control of the territory. Abdallah II (reigned 1866-92), began to move Kuwait closer to the Ottoman Empire, although he never placed the country under Ottoman rule. In fact, the reason why sheikh Mubarak Al Kabeer assassinated his two brothers and signed the agreement with the Brits was to move Kuwait away from that direction. In addition, merchants fleeing persecution by the Ottoman empire took refuge in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti people trace their roots to migrants coming from all over the region, predominantly tribes from the heart of Arabia, escaping famine and injustice. Please get your facts straight! Both of my parents put their lives on the line, resisting and fighting back against the Iraqi invasion. My uncle was taken to Iraq against his will as a prisoner of war. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator and a war criminal like Hitler was, and the Kuwaiti people went through another holocaust, many of whom gave their lives so our beautiful country could survive and thrive once more. Despite all of this painful past, Kuwait will never stop helping Iraq get back on its feet. Same thing goes for the Palestinian people, despite the PLO backing Saddam’s invasion, not so we could brag about it, but because it is the right thing to do. My country will always set an example for peace, forgiveness and helping out our less fortunate brothers and sisters in humanity.
Wendy Nolan
Wendy Nolan 22 gün önce
I wish students in the United States could be exposed to this sort of information about other countries. But sadly, we are too busy waring amongst ourselves and oddly proud of our cultural ignorance.
Claudius Aylar önce
I think you make your videos very understandable and use good illustrations. You speak clearly so I as a 15 year old German can understand you perfectly Thanks🙏
Praya Suda
Praya Suda 20 gün önce
The solutions that I would like to propose by split the country to 4 parts; 1. Kurdistan, 2. Sia to Iran, 3. Suni to Saudi' and 4. Syria. That would solve many problems.
classic life
classic life Aylar önce
This'll sound like an ad, but I'm a Nebula guy because it reminds me of how TRvid used to be. It's also nice to see many old-school TRvidrs who don't post here much anymore (e.g., Tom Scott). TRvid is not the place for history education, unless it's the Roman Empire or something - something deep in the past. For modern history, including WW2, you have to go to other websites. Thanks for publishing this much about modern-day Iraq here.
Michael Hodge
Michael Hodge Aylar önce
I have worked in Iraq as a PMC for 7 years now. I joined the military like many others my age because of 9/11. I was misinformed by the media and many others of what were were doing there. Even when I went to Iraq in 2014 I thought I was fighting for peace and democracy, blah blah blah. I was scared of the locals and the culture. I was stupid and ignorant with my thoughts and actions. After being there for only about 9 months I started seeing what was actually happening, or so I thought. I began thinking we were there for the oil but when you find out how hard it is to actually get oil out of the country, hell to even extract it in country, outside of Kurdish territories anyways, you will realize that the US wouldn't go through all that trouble. I could go into all the theories and they could all be spot on but I'm sure I would get hate from people that have no understanding of what's going on there. You know the ones because they "read" it somewhere or saw it on the news. Or my favourite, "My college professor says", while not realizing that said professor had never been outside of CONUS. I digress, over 7 years of being here; Speaking and soaking up all the culture and knowledge from the modern Iraqi people I have much more clarity of what's going on. We should be sympathetic to the plight of Iraq and her people. The world has demonized the entire country over what a few bad people have done. Im not going to be the one to praise and promote the notion that Saddam Hussein was a good person but I am empathetic to his reasonings for what he did. I honestly don't blame him for lashing out but I do blame him for his war crimes and how he went about handling his country's situation. Lastly, I need to bring up something that needs to be said. Over my almost 20 years of being associated with the military and war I have heard one constant preached aroundv the world that the U.S.A are warmongers. That we are out for blood. Everyone forgets the world's problems have almost always stemmed from one country in the last 1000 years. That country is on an island named England. From the Crusades on England has done more harm than any kind of good. That's all I will say on that.
Sarah Banana
Sarah Banana Aylar önce
its cool to hear when an American sympathize with us, its funny to think that we foreigners know a lot about the USA cause of movies and media and even learn English, yet its not the same vice versa the world needs more people like you, open minded to why countries problems are that way and whose fault is it, Germany had hitler and was blamed for two world wars yet we are demonized more in media hope you have a wonderful 2022! love from Iraq!
Nick H
Nick H Aylar önce
The crusades were England's responsibility? Weird, thought it was the Vatican... and remember, before the crusades, the Moors had reached into France.
someone Aylar önce
It's a shame and I am sorry. I hope Iraq can find a way to progress. And I know this would not be possible unless neighbor counties like Iran, Turkey and Kuwait come to help. I'm from Iran and I am shameful that my country is exploiting Iraq.
TakeCaution_ Aylar önce
your a shame someone
Bader Bader
Bader Bader 14 gün önce
I'm from Kuwait and I feel really bad for what's happening in Iraq, it has the potential to become a powerful and important country economically, but what you say about Kuwait is totally wrong, Kuwait was never a part of Iraq, nor was it totally part of the Ottoman Empire,
UnknownMix 10 gün önce
How come Kuwait wasn’t part of Iraq ?
Aaron Stanley
Aaron Stanley Aylar önce
great literally wanted to learn more about Iraq this very minute (in particular the war) great timing
J M Aylar önce
@Quipie I wasn’t trying to be funny.
Quipie Aylar önce
@J M alr thats literally not funny from both of you.
The Mr. Man
The Mr. Man Aylar önce
@Human Rights human rights for westerners are cringe
J M Aylar önce
@Human Rights Arabia 🇸🇦 💩 ⬅️ Muhammad 🤢 💩⬅️☪️Islam 🤮 -someone who genuinely cares about people’s *human rights*
JustAyoutuber Aylar önce
We have to thank Julian Assange for showing us that video
Sonic Thrillington
Sonic Thrillington Aylar önce
I knew a couple of ladies from Iraq at my last job (both are mother and daughter) and they're very nice people. They went through hell to get here.
Adam Alzahabi
Adam Alzahabi Aylar önce
As an Iraqi, Only way of Iraq is to become a nuclear weaponized country and build a modern Army in order to get matters discussed with our neighbors or any country. God Bless Iraq forever.
Sales 1
Sales 1 Aylar önce
don't feel so sad , despite what's happening in Iraq I Like to insure for you that Iraq is the last place on earth that goes down
Blue plxnt vibz 🧣☁️
We got this. Times are tough and that's ok we got this. God please help Iraq :((
StealthyDead Aylar önce
Love how he just glosses over blockading the Strait of Hormuz like it's easy as if he didn't do an entire other video on how every country in the area is allied to stop that exact thing.
fightsports66 Aylar önce
StealthyDead Um, you do know that the United States has sanctions against Iran and the way the U.S. enforces those sanctions is the United States Navy blockades the Straight of Hormuz and does not let Iranian oil shipping through.
litesp Aylar önce
@Charles Evans Hughes How is it going to do that when it is trying to start wars with Russia and China?
litesp Aylar önce
@Gesy The US stopped that by assassinating Soleimani.
yippyrodney468 Aylar önce
Yes, because this channel isn't very good
E F Aylar önce
@YourAvarageToxicMasculineMan USA blocking the straits is self inflicting, it causes an immediate oil prices crisis (which is why superpowers are there in the first place).
omar Aylar önce
As a 19 year old teenager born and lived in Iraq, by far I only can say it's getting worse year by year not only because of Iraq's geography, but by the government that's been cold blooded murdering, poor education, electricity n water, probably one of the worst internet services in the world, and many other things Now I'm going to college and there's a lot that I should've learnt in high school but I didn't because of the bad education
Yunis Ali Abdulkazim
Yunis Ali Abdulkazim 18 gün önce
If history has taught you anything, its that Iraq never dies, yes it gets wounded but we fight our way to life and now we are doing fairly good and improving and our gdp is fairly good for our economy and prices
Michael Dionne
Michael Dionne Aylar önce
What a great video. Informative, accessible, and honest. I am thankful for this work you have put in.
Laguna x
Laguna x Aylar önce
So many of the problems laid out in this video simply don't have solutions for Iraq as its borders currently exist. I mean, the vindictive madness of the British even CREATING Iraq and Kuwait as separate countries is inexcusable and essentially justifies Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, not because of injustice or some sense of ownership, but because literally: "What else could be done?" With Iraq as weak as it is these days, the eventual solution will be the dissolution of the state entirely, as it simply isn't positioned to exist as an independent entity and no longer has the strength to even attempt annexation of a neighbor to change that.
AssadNizam Aylar önce
My brother in law’s father is Iraqi. He says the Euphrates was always “bitter, salty” but the Tigris was “sweet water”… I bet the increasing salinity of desert agriculture in an area of high evaporation didn’t help. Thousands of years of increasing soil salinity…
NorceCodine Aylar önce
Chances are the full flow of the Euphrates would make the soil even less fertile. Back in Sumer and Akkad, they irrigated the land by diverting the flow of the two rivers, the land was fertile for maybe a hundred years, after that the salt deposit made it barren, and the people had to move on to found new cities. The flow of the two rivers is too slow and is not able to wash away the salt it deposited in the previous year.
Jarrad Scarborough
Jarrad Scarborough Aylar önce
@Elizabeth Phillips yeah - that makes sense! my brain's ok with that
Elizabeth Phillips
Elizabeth Phillips Aylar önce
@Jarrad Scarborough could be his sister's husband's father...
Kutter_TTL Aylar önce
@Jarrad Scarborough When I read "brother-in-law's father" it sounds like the AssadNizam's sister's husband.
M Nassif
M Nassif Aylar önce
@Jarrad Scarborough ^^
Numir Namelessness
Numir Namelessness Aylar önce
Tbh ever since I was little I always wanted to get out because of the side of the world I’ve been born in and this proves that I must get out and I am also an Iraqi born here
mohammad shokrolahi
mohammad shokrolahi 22 gün önce
sad to see this as an iranian , whish all the best for iraq peace and love from iran
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