Why I'm stealing Minecraft shoes

That Chief Guy
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8 Eki 2022




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Shame on me for not doing a shameless “pls subscribe” plug in the video. But shame on YOU for not subscribing yet. 😉
Technically it’s just borrowing without them knowing f-o-r-e-v-e-r
At least now you can say you walked a mile in everyone’s shoes
nice to see Rek on ecocraft for once, he's only doing lifesteal now days.
This was beautifully made
The line "Go for it, fly high chief" had me up in tears
These are always so... wholesome. 😊 I love EchoCraft, please never stop!! Also, no shoes for you squid.
I should’ve known better to never trust chief and rek
Hi Chief congrats on the success you deserve it for this amazing content
I love the editing and production that goes into the videos, the hard work and dedication is unreal! It just shows he’s working hard to get out amazing videos for us ❤
You know its a good day on youtube when the chief posts... and the title is about shoes.
We need to see the adventures of Legless' relatives with each relative facing more difficult challenges than the last.
I just watched a 20 minute movie, and yet it was still better than two hour ones I’ve seen
Congrats on getting the elytra! And technically, you still didn’t have to grind for your armor.
I will never leave my shoes alone again after watching this
chief is the man i aspire to be
The end when you got the shoes was amazing like I just watched this video to see what it was and then I got into for some reason and its so cool to see that this guy went through all this to get armor and in the end he was able to wear his armor again and fly off anywhere
Man this guy is truly more than a master of shoe theft, he's the Chief of shoe theft. Also, the end was beautiful...
It's like Thanos but Chief, collecting infinity (not stones, but) shoes from each destination, beating hard challenges and finally obtaining sweet feeling of getting your stuff back!
This video is freaking amazing. I love how good of friends y’all are, it’s so entertaining
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