Why I Left Twitch.

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28 Kas 2021




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Codyumm Aylar önce
The first streamer I will genuinely watch on TRvid. I'm of the opinion that TRvid will be live streaming king in the long run anyway.. I love the twitch community and culture and I think that's what makes the switch so difficult both as a streamer and viewer. You keep doing you boss, you're a content beast.
Forthewyn Augsburg
Forthewyn Augsburg 7 gün önce
@BloodVain87 same.......Twitch is just regurgitated high school w/ a small handfull of MeanGirls out of AUstin lol
BloodVain87 8 gün önce
This. Ludwig streaming on youtube has made me pay more attention to streams on youtube. Ive joined and watch 2 other streams now because of ludwig.
Forthewyn Augsburg
Forthewyn Augsburg Aylar önce
He's literally the 1st streamer I've watched too on YT. However, no matter what, Lud knows he'll always have a home in Twitch to go to if shit goes wrong on YT.
John F Stamos
John F Stamos Aylar önce
i love you
Mugs Aylar önce
@viper Strike True, you are correct. Its hard to move on but its harder for his family and friends. In the end, i dont know him really and I should move on.
LetterV Reviews
LetterV Reviews Aylar önce
In a year you're going to say "and that's why it was the best decision I've ever made." The support train is coming. I can feel it.
JAMIE 13 gün önce
@TWDC Official and you know that how? I mean all your doing is some empty assumption, you dont know him in person nor do you know what his reasons are
Cash Everett
Cash Everett 18 gün önce
@TWDC Official Would you do it for money? For a job that you love and care for, would you do it only for the money. If yes, then you are a hypocrite and are flaming him for his decision for something you would do. If no, your lying because from your comments you can tell all you think about is money and you think everybody else should to.
vincent lee
vincent lee 20 gün önce
@TWDC Official no, money isnt the only reason. money was an influence for him bc it would help him get his goals. but youtube, they showed what twitch didnt, which is a desire or even recognition for his accomplishments. they also gave him more resources for him to go bigger, instead of him planning another subathon with twitch
TWDC Official
TWDC Official Aylar önce
@Wang Minn that’s not the point. If I were to do that for a living I wouldn’t claim that it was for a philosophical reason and not for money when it was for money like Ludwig is doing
Wang Minn
Wang Minn Aylar önce
@TWDC Official Everybody wants the money bruh, he wouldn't be doing TRvid or twitch if he wasn't getting paid, everybody needs to pay the bills. Would you leave your job or whatever you're doing? Coz i think you don't like money right? 🤣
Jake Hurley
Jake Hurley Aylar önce
"We wish you the best" Ouch. Lud you made the right call. Excited to see what the future holds for ya!
Builderphill Aylar önce
Maybe if he became a hot tub streamer
Deepam Aylar önce
Yup. You work hard, invest your time at a company but in return they don't invest in you nor your fight for you. It's a two way street, show you have faith and invest in me, and i'll invest my full effort for you.
ASMR Shanny
ASMR Shanny Aylar önce
All the effort you are putting in to try and keep your chat happy and a smooth transition is really cool to see. I personally love TRvid as a platform and wish you all the best 👏🏻 can’t wait to see the melee tournament.
Micopiri Aylar önce
@Raul Vasquez yes transformer
sapo Aylar önce
I personally don't think it was a smooth transition but idc.
Raul Vasquez
Raul Vasquez Aylar önce
Are you trans?
Jacob koria
Jacob koria Aylar önce
This oddly sounds similar to victims from abusive relationships realizing how toxic their previous relationship was. All the best big Lud
Freddy Omaña
Freddy Omaña 25 gün önce
@MorsAlbum that would be so CooL , youtube gaming IS the best streaming platform , twitch its only there cuz "tradition"
MaxPogFrog Speedruns
this sounds so offensive, except it’s actually p accurate.
MorsAlbum Aylar önce
@Sad-womenin the HOUSE its 100% accurate tho. i wish more people would see it. twitch is the most rotten fucking company its not even funny anymore. i hope all the respectable streamers will move to youtube and then twitch can become the simp softcore porn cam site it seems to so desperately want to be
Sad-womenin the HOUSE
That’s a horrendous comparison, get where you are coming from
Blood Junkie
Blood Junkie Aylar önce
@Abe yeah no shit but he quite clearly states how Twitch didn't care about keeping him and wanted him to stream way more hours than TRvid. I never said Lud was a slave or didn't have friends or anything like that I only stated the fact that Twitch's bottom line isn't affected simply by Lud leaving so therefore they don't care enough to actually make an effort to keep him. I didn't mention housing, income, friends, diet or anything like that and it appears you're the one who has no fucking idea what he's on about.
AeonAir Aylar önce
This is one of the biggest days in livestreaming. Good luck on your new chapter, Lud🔥❤
Kriaz Aylar önce
Bro wtf????? Didn't expect you here
limit Aylar önce
Colossus Aylar önce
Bruh, just looked at your 12 demons of Christmas video lol
The Thomas Paterson Experience
Is that Geometry dash Aeonair
Sajm9n yep
Sajm9n yep Aylar önce
Oh hi Aeon!
Lochie S
Lochie S Aylar önce
The fucking emotion I felt in the “hurt like shit” moment still… that’s hard man. Congrats on the move though! I know this will be a great move in the end
Jaztec Aylar önce
"twitch never reached out to me" Straight up I think the success has gone to Twitch's head. There are so many people who love the site, but I've never heard of the site actually showing appreciation for the creators and steamers that earn them that money. Good on Lud for switching and making that money, and allowing him to focus on more creation rather than padding hours just playing Auto Pets. Good luck buddy
Lurch11 D
Lurch11 D Aylar önce
"It sounds so selfish, right?!" Not even fkn close. Your life so live it and get the approval we all need whether we admit it or not. Good on ya, and good luck!
Ann Aylar önce
@Thalaranthey i wrote a long paragraph about your idea and agreeing with you but, as the phrase goes, I couldn’t say it better myself. So instead I’ll just reply to say that this Internet stranger found your nugget of wisdom insightful.
Thalaranthey Aylar önce
i mean it was selfish in a way, that being said i dont think it was wrong or unmoral. people ought to make selfish decisions, problem is when those decisions hurt others ;p
Laughing Orange
Laughing Orange Aylar önce
I believe happier content creators make better content, so if I'm correct this is also better for us.
chi11estpanda Aylar önce
"If I lose chat, I lose the love I have for streaming..." I think...you just helped me realize why I feel so lost and unmotivated when it comes to live streaming. Just want to say thank you, for streaming and making this. It was heartfelt and revolutionary for me. Take care, my imaginary friend...take care....
Mr.Wobbles Aylar önce
After interacting with you and meeting some of your editing team, and getting more involved in watching your content I gotta say… You’re going to absolutely murk this platform, (not that you haven’t been already) and although it is quite a bit more lonely I feel like you’ve done so much work on the backend of networking on twitch that those connections will still pull through and hang out with you. You’re an extremely entertaining and well-meaning person and I think TRvid, bigger ideas, more focus on content quality and less of a continuous grind will be an entirely new era. Everything good is scary, you’re going to come out of this with some of the coolest stuff on the internet and I can’t wait to watch! Lud7
Chris S
Chris S Aylar önce
@Sera it comes from mercenary, yes, but merc, murk & merk have all been accepted spellings of it since early 2000s because in reality it is a unique term, it's not shorthand for a mercenary. If it was the same, the term "merked" would make no sense. Also note how "merced" has ambiguous pronunciation, hence the necessary change to merked/murked. Don't be anal about spelling, when you clearly don't understand how the two terms are completely separate linguistically and NEED different spelling in a purely text-based communication medium i.e. internet comments
Anthony T
Anthony T Aylar önce
@lamosos dude he’s been unbanned for 4 months stfu
Davey Mullen
Davey Mullen Aylar önce
Kind of a trip seeing my beatbox world coincide with my streaming world. Dope 😊
Annisa Chery
Annisa Chery Aylar önce
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Ariti Naomi
Ariti Naomi Aylar önce
MyNamesChai Aylar önce
“TRvid’s not Facebook, no offence” was god tier Love the way you think about content man. Not many like you, an artist and an entertainer, and clearly someone who cares
someone else
someone else Aylar önce
this is the most human thing i've ever seen out of ludwig, and for some reason it's shocking, i forget sometimes that no matter how big a person is, they still are human, and they still have to make really hard choices, so i'm glad you went with what you felt was the best for you ludwig, cheers to your new youtube streaming carrier
Cj Trahey
Cj Trahey Aylar önce
I was always told, “if you’re scared of doing something, that’s even more of a reason to do it” You’re on the right path, I believe it 100%
Cahan 3 gün önce
Your brain spamming the fear button in your head to stop you walking into the lion cage in a suit made of steak “This just feels… right”
Boondoggle_ 8 gün önce
Guys in the realm of rationality obviously, Lmao. Genuinely funny replies for a comment so sincere
Danne89 29 gün önce
@Christopher Castillo or jumping in front of a train
Christopher Castillo
great advice for doing crack cocaine
Simp_For _Anime
Simp_For _Anime Aylar önce
Not even going to lie this is literally my new favorite vid the entire time i was thinking this guy is awesome hes not making people lose money and they still get to enjoy his awesome streams thanks ludwig for everything
Chad Aylar önce
"It sounds so selfish" dawg I work at Walmart, if Target hit me up and said "We'll pay you a dollar more and someone will acknowledge you exist" I'd leave in a heartbeat. It is not selfish to switch jobs for a place that wants you to work comfortably and WANTS you to stay. That's just smart. If your fans can be on twitch, they can be on TRvid. You're awesome Lud, I hope I can stream the way you do sometime. Stay awesome!
Builderphill Aylar önce
Not even just pay a dollar more but if you told Walmart you wanted to work at Target and Target then offered you the higher gross pay with less hours!
Rubix Kyuub
Rubix Kyuub Aylar önce
@Chad Yes I like this very much. I REALLY like the way you worded that.
Klein Moretti
Klein Moretti Aylar önce
HeyItsAee Aylar önce
I work at Target now, and I came from Walmart. It was simply better in every way for just the 2$ increase from 13$ to 15$ an hour. This is a good take, glad you explained it like that.
Apollo Aylar önce
I love people like you that see streaming and content creation as a real job.
egorich0599 Aylar önce
I fucking screamed when you said you flipped the coin. It's been around two years or so since I started watching you, but time sure flies by, and we get more busy as we grow up, so I'm not really up to date with what's happening on streams. You have always been a big inspiration for me and seeing you make such a brave and hard decision is breathtaking, and again - inspiring. I even shed a couple of tears for you.✊🏻 I think your future on youtube is already secured for you. I wish you the best, Lud. Everything will be alright.
Cameron Sharon
Cameron Sharon Aylar önce
This is a great video that shows just how genuine a creator can be. Can’t wait to see how your journey goes on over the years.
Adam Clark
Adam Clark Aylar önce
From what I've heard TRvid gaming seems like they have much more accommodating and practical work flow than twitch or even the corporate decisions TRvid makes, so good luck on the move, and have fun!
Avinash Aylar önce
You deserve to feel appreciated by the platform you put all this time and effort into. Excited to see what you and YT do together!
QueenEmrld Aylar önce
His transparency with his audience is why he will always be one of the best
R F K Aylar önce
@F TRvid you're no older than 13
F Youtube
F Youtube Aylar önce
@R F K lmoa twha
F Youtube
F Youtube Aylar önce
@AlecksMan wah wahh wehh weh
AlecksMan Aylar önce
@F TRvid cry about it
AlecksMan Aylar önce
valarie cha
valarie cha Aylar önce
"I lose chat, I lose the love I have for streaming." Ludwig, we're here with you and for you all the way 💚
Supertron Aylar önce
Ludwig is definitely better suited for larger projects because he has the personality for a good host. I have seen a few episodes of Mogul Money and it was really fun.
Bill Burr
Bill Burr Aylar önce
This video tugged on the ol heart strings. Be confident in your decision. You got this man
The Smoking Salmon
The Smoking Salmon Aylar önce
"twitch doesn't make me feel respected, liked or wanted" Holy shit it is a real job!
TimeBucks Aylar önce
I almost teared up watching this
Sheik S
Sheik S Aylar önce
I did
J Treining
J Treining Aylar önce
I think it’s the cowboy bebop soundtrack lmao
JJ olatunji
JJ olatunji Aylar önce
Ben Aylar önce
Nickdog94 Aylar önce
Touch grass
Tylor Englehart
Tylor Englehart Aylar önce
The Actual Emotion that went into this shows everything, please do what you love we will enjoy every second of it! your not alone we are all here to stay Ludwig. Stay Mogul :)
Zozeph1212 Aylar önce
It is clear that you put a lot of thought into this decision, and I wish you the best with TRvid!
Leo_The_Lion37 Aylar önce
This video landed on my recommendations, and I’m in a situation just like Ludwig. I’m scared to make a decision but I feel like this video not only helped me; it helped me respect you even more and admire your decisions. Keep it up 👍🏼
RandomAssGuy Aylar önce
Ludwig you are so based for taking this decision! Yes! Getting out of your confort zone and betting not on youtube but YOURSELF was the way to go! You are so creative Lud! I'm sure your projects will be amazing and loved by everyone on this platforn. Welcome:)
Evan Goodall
Evan Goodall Aylar önce
When Lud's relationship with twitch is parasocial
Hi Jo
Hi Jo Aylar önce
This is trueeee
Possessed Potato Bird Official
@Sul A true for the wrong reason It’s parasocial because people love their“comfort streamers” but let’s be honest they see their viewers not as individual people but as simply viewers
Nolan Aylar önce
Fr lmfao he was so heartbroken from a corporation …
John Congelli
John Congelli Aylar önce
It's insane how much emotional turmoil he has undergone through this decision and the devastating realization that twitch is a company that didn't value him, and all of that lead up to the a hell of a good joke that he definitely had coming.
yo Aylar önce
@Sul A what is the point
Paulmend Vang
Paulmend Vang Aylar önce
This felt very heartfelt, more than many of the apology videos that have come out within the past decade. We support you Lud, the frequent viewers, the off and on, and even the ones that come for the clips only, we support it
Jmod Alex
Jmod Alex Aylar önce
Ludwig being transparent with his viewers goes to show how much this guy loves his job in making content and entertainment for others to enjoy
J B Aylar önce
The goddamn RESPECT FOR THIS MANS Good work Lud, know your worth and realize who respects you Just like everyone else trying to make a living, slowly but surely, we will all rise up and claim what is rightfully ours
Heavy Sixty Four
Heavy Sixty Four Aylar önce
Welcome to TRvid! I don't watch twitch often but I can tell your a funny guy with a desire to make others happy. Hope you can do that here
EazySpeezy Aylar önce
This was a super surprising move but I’m really excited to see what types of cool content you’ll be able to make with it
26jdaniels Aylar önce
@Shawn Hammond he didn't make him, Ben is one of the hardest working people ever.
Sophia S.
Sophia S. Aylar önce
Yo Eazy! I also agree
Red Ark
Red Ark Aylar önce
@Shawn Hammond I don’t think Ludwig “made” him he was just on his one stream where people compete to be his new friend
Red Ark
Red Ark Aylar önce
@SalemTheDog I don’t think Ludwig “made” him he was just on his one stream where people compete to be his new friend
Paul Nikolaidis
Paul Nikolaidis Aylar önce
we need a colab between you two, I think it'd be good content.
Dereck Sisco
Dereck Sisco Aylar önce
As someone who has watching you from the beginning, I have yo say I'll always respect you as a content creator. You make great stuff, give people a good show, and are transparent when the times call for it. Happy to see you making these tough decisions. Wherever you stream, wherever you post your videos, you will always have my support as well as countless others. From one human to another, we just want to enjoy your content and see you be successful. Don't feel guilty for taking things into account such as money or your success. It's okay to earn a lot of money, you need to get past that guilt you seem to feel for your success. It's humble of you but it's okay to grow and see the rewards for your hard work and success, even if a little luck may be in the equation. Happy to support you on this new adventure, best of luck Ludwig.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Aylar önce
Some of my fave content from Lud is when he’s real, when he’s honest with everyone. ❤️
Nubik321 Aylar önce
So proud of u Lud, just be happy doing what you're doing and then everyone watching the stream will be happy also!
Gnami Aylar önce
7:47 When I heard this, I thought of an old job I had. I loved the field I was in. I was comfortable. Yet one day, I was offered a large salary elsewhere, so I did the same as you and went to both companies regarding the matter. The company I worked hard for for 2 years, repeatedly exceeded expectations, showed up every day, gave my life to, gave me that exact same line. All the while the other company offered me more to get me to consider it. That kicked me in the chest. I had tears in my eyes as I walked out of that office. I was leaving a company where I was recognized as one of their best employees, and they wouldn't even consider asking me to stay. I made the right decision, and I hope this is what's best for you as well. Make them Mogul Moves bro.
MR. UNICUM Aylar önce
"Now I'm a youtube gaming streamer..." "And I don't even play games!" this convinced me that he made the right decision
Its Crab
Its Crab Aylar önce
@proxile he literally said that one of the deciding factors was twitch having no loyalty to him after he almost took their deal for LESS
proxile Aylar önce
@Its Crab twitch is better for streaming end of story, i only say it's bad because he did it for a bag, no loyalty, but who cares it's my opinion
Its Crab
Its Crab Aylar önce
@proxile bad decision how?
proxile Aylar önce
@Ansh :D yeah i know but saying this was the right decision is bullshit, this was a bad decision
Ansh :D
Ansh :D Aylar önce
@proxile i think youtube only have gaming section for stream unlike irl section on twitch
Danii Darku
Danii Darku Aylar önce
So excited for what's to come, Lud! You made an incredible decision that fits for you and hope it gets even better from here
Mitchell Shannon
Mitchell Shannon Aylar önce
I’m so happy for you lud you’ve gone through such a beautiful evolution and I wish you the best
HxPunisher Aylar önce
Good on you and I respect the decision, although I feel TRvid only fought for you so they could grow their TRvid gaming/streaming side. PewDiePie being one of the biggest TRvidrs, but they didn't really give the respect he should've gotten like when his TRvid show was canceled. At the end of the day, they're both just huge corporations. Same shit. Talking about the streaming side though, I dislike TRvid streams (FOR NOW), because almost everything sucks on it. Chat sucks because it always lags, chat culture from YT and Twitch are different, streams are known to lag on YT's end, no gifted subs, no raids, no emotes from other content creators, and no TTV emotes or animated emote. That aside the best thing from TRvid is a WAY better access to keeping and organizing VODs as well as rewinding a stream WHILE it's live.
boo Aylar önce
i applaud you for having the courage to make this decision and stick with it :) best of luck man, although i'm sure you don't need it. you're ganna kill it
ThatOneGirl Aylar önce
I don’t watch this guy, but man, no matter how much money he makes-the feeling of not being valued and appreciated for all you’ve done, that’s relatable. Glad you went with TRvid. Hope you keep killing it, Ludwig.
SirGerti Aylar önce
​@SpaceRangerThe grammar and basic compassion isn't strong with this one.
Mendax Aylar önce
@Sleight yikes.
葵ちゃん Aylar önce
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 nude.snapgirls.today/barbie?have-sexx 💜 PRIVATE S*X TRvid: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" TRvid: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Man from 20XX
Man from 20XX Aylar önce
@Sleight "omg Mr.streamer doesnt like having to do more work and being paid less. he is definitely greedy and selfish"
Polarpop Aylar önce
@Sleight 100% chance you have yet to be an adult lol
Valerie A
Valerie A Aylar önce
Wow, never seen him stream but his youtube clips of being honest really makes me admire the guy as a person on the internet.
ethan h
ethan h Aylar önce
I find it interesting to see big content creators like lud to jump ship on twitch, it truly shows how bad of a connection they have with the people that bring them money
I don’t understand. Are you saying the creators have a bad connection or that twitch has a bad connection?
josh hill
josh hill Aylar önce
Ludwig I wanna let you know, I made a TRvid account primarily to follow you, We like you for you not because of the platform you’re on
Pointlezz Aylar önce
Ludwig, I think you are a truly great content creator and I’m very excited to see what you make in the future as you explore your creativity, I’ve found you’ve been a nice and charismatic person while still being able to be a good creator. I really love your content and can’t wait for more.
Felix Kargegie Storytime
The way Ludwig makes videos are more oriented toward TRvid than Twitch. His Millionaire Mogul game for instance would thrive more on TRvid
Lilmort Aylar önce
@Daniel Moulton he streamed on Twitch and then edited the streams and upploaded them to youtube
Daniel Moulton
Daniel Moulton Aylar önce
I'm really confused. People keep talking about how Ludwig was on twitch. When was Ludwig on twitch? I only ever see him on youtube.
Kurama Aylar önce
@Exotic Rekt Lemon His youtube videos are primarily edited down vods from twitch. His content fits youtube as a platform more
Cor Ray
Cor Ray Aylar önce
@Exotic Rekt Lemon i dont think that makes any sense . because if it was streamed on twitch its more catered to twitch
Exotic Rekt Lemon
Exotic Rekt Lemon Aylar önce
he streams on twitch so obviously his vids on youtube are catered towards youtube
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
there is clearly so much emotion in this decision for him and it’s honestly quite moving
TRUCKS BUS Aylar önce
Lud you deserve everything you’ve worked for and it’s been awesome to see your growth can’t wait to see what you got cooking up
Scuff.Dr4g0n Aylar önce
I have never look forward to catching a live stream on youtube more than now. You can't get rid of us that easy Lud 😁
CapyBara Aylar önce
Can't wait to see your new content Ludwig. Keep doing what you want to do!
Flub Aylar önce
It’s not selfish to want some attention from twitch itself, it’s just human of you. Proud of you for making a decision and I’m so excited to see the future of Ludwig streams and content :)
Leenoos Aylar önce
@Twitter Sucks ikr
j Aylar önce
@Lone Beast What are you even saying lol you guys keep saying i retracted shit I NEVER DID lmao
Lone Beast
Lone Beast Aylar önce
@j I have no reason to argue with a person who retracts half of his sentence and "roasts" (for a lack of a better term) in order to win an argument Formulate your sentences properly and don't delete taunts in an attempt to play a misunderstood character, it's just a petty act
Edward Lomeli
Edward Lomeli Aylar önce
@j you can say I’m wrong all you want but your comments to me and others prove me right p
Edward Lomeli
Edward Lomeli Aylar önce
@j funny thing is you didn’t remove your original posts of you saying 100% evident bullshit lies. “He sacrificed money”-“he only did it for the money” . “We are losing Ludwig the live steamer” - “he won’t be the same live steamer”
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
The Actual Emotion that went into this shows everything, please do what you love we will enjoy every second of it! your not alone we are all here to stay Ludwig. Stay Mogul :)
indy. Aylar önce
i feel you hard on this. congrats to you on your journey!
Jonah Stresnjak
Jonah Stresnjak Aylar önce
Love you Ludwig, keep doing great things. So many people are supporting your decision ❤️
spooopy Aylar önce
I’m really happy and excited for you Ludwig, we’ll support you with everything you do
FyshFysh Aylar önce
That really hurts hearing that twitch didn't reach out after the subathon. Looking forward to the future big plans. Something i hope youtube works on is the social aspect of streaming on there platform, I.E. Emotes, raids, gifting memberships(subs) ect.
MM420 Aylar önce
Gifted subs, raiding (live redirect), are confirmed coming early next year. Drops are also in the works. I've also been hearing rumblings of a TRvid Premium/Red equivalent of a Twitch Prime but that hasn't yet been confirmed.
René Venegas
René Venegas Aylar önce
The H3 podcast has said that they're working on raids or something like it already, with him and probably other content creators they will be forced to implement such changes faster
Eggs-n-jakey Aylar önce
Honestly the last few days I've watched you more than I did on twitch, you're streams don't end because I can see all of your content that you've amassed on this platform. Love to see it.
Cole Fleming
Cole Fleming Aylar önce
I fully respect you’re decision, and to me, it sounds like the right one. Congratulations Ludwig!
Alex Robie
Alex Robie Aylar önce
It is honestly amazing how relatable this entire video felt, decisions like these at their core are something everyone will have to experience. I have never felt more in common with another creator on youtube. and I know I'm not your friend but just knowing that regardless of how much money somebody has these types of tough decisions are inevitable.
Clap Cheex
Clap Cheex Aylar önce
You know you’re making the right decision when you take your fears and discomfort into consideration. Respect, Ludwig 💪🏻 you’re gonna be good bro
DoubleA Moviez
DoubleA Moviez Aylar önce
I’ll miss you on twitch but super excited to see what you do in this next chapter Ludwig7
Gnome Aylar önce
@sliimy Cry about it Ludwig7
@sliimy who cares man, that's not a problem to be discussed
sliimy Aylar önce
don’t use twitch emotes in a youtube comment when they don’t work
androidlaats Aylar önce
Pilaz Aylar önce
ludwig7 *
V i BE
V i BE Aylar önce
Him being this open and honest about the situation makes me want to support his journey on YT. Rooting for ya Lud
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Aylar önce
Some of my fave content from Lud is when he’s real, when he’s honest with everyone. ❤️
Alex Galvan
Alex Galvan Aylar önce
I've always watched you from TRvid ever since the first Button masher vid. I've always wanted to catch a stream but couldn't. I felt like I wasn't supporting enough. But watching your TRvid vids of you filming everything made me feel so great and happy. You don't need to give a reason for wanting to choose a better life. Because..well it's a better life. Thank you for always being there whenever I was frustrated after work. I will continue to support your greatness. Good luck but I know you you don't need it
Luna Mathijse
Luna Mathijse Aylar önce
So much respect for your choice Lud. You’re awesome and we’ll support you through it all
ELPAdog Aylar önce
"I hope this was cohesive" *the most thoughtful and understanding talk of emotions and reasoning I've ever heard*
Mechツ Aylar önce
@lartisteautravail shoot I guess you're right
lartisteautravail Aylar önce
@Mechツ I hope this was adhesive
Mechツ Aylar önce
@lartisteautravail I mean, you can say this talk really, *stuck* :)
Jamie K
Jamie K Aylar önce
@lartisteautravail Cohesive could be argued to make sense, but it is most likely he meant Coherent
Bleach Aylar önce
@lartisteautravail no, it does lol
Xeon Aylar önce
Love you Lud. I haven’t even watched your content as much as I have some others, but you are the only one I genuinely felt like was a friend to me. You have nothing to be afraid of.
GigaWarTrex Aylar önce
Don’t watch you that much but love the content I see when I do. Hearing that Twitch basically just took you for granted makes me kinda furious… I think this is the totally right move, feel good about yourself, you deserve it all! Congrats to you, am looking forward to the awesome content!
boo Aylar önce
i applaud you for having the courage to make this decision and stick with it :) best of luck man, although i'm sure you don't need it. you're ganna kill it
c a t h y
c a t h y Aylar önce
lud, i watched your video a week ago but i came back to say i’ve been a fan for a while and its long enough for me as a fan to tell you that i would follow you on whatever platform you’re on to watch your content. you are one of the most down to earth content creators i’ve watched. there is a whole community of youtube streamers here that will welcome you like valkyrae and others like her and your fans will always have your back. im proud of this huge step king. it takes real maturity and confidence to do what you did and i respect that
Gleasure03 Aylar önce
Twitch should feel absolutely ashamed of themselves for making you feel unwanted. Best of luck Lud, can’t wait to see you keep going up!
iLoganC Aylar önce
This is far and away the biggest takeaway from it. Twitch lost one of their biggest streamers of all time because they refused to improve for their content creators and viewers.
Cpher Aylar önce
Although it was hard, I think you made the right decision. So excited to see what you do with it. We're very proud of you for making such a difficult decison.
Chris Heinrich
Chris Heinrich Aylar önce
I loved your content and watched damn near every video on TRvid and now I respect you even more than I already did. Damn I felt the emotion in this video.
BloodyComedyy Aylar önce
Your decision is really scary but I hope you are happier this way. Good luck! Looking forward to your YT Streams 💖
Riina Rossi
Riina Rossi Aylar önce
i hope you'll do great in the future !! i wish you all the best and i'm looking up to checking out your streams over here !
Qiwak Aylar önce
“One day, I’ll hit the stop steaming button forever” It takes a lot of guts to say this. This is the reality of our lives, nothing is permanent and just being honest and upfront and preparing for this is the best thing one can do instead of trying to avoid this.
Rajo Rajo
Rajo Rajo Aylar önce
@Mitchell Sobolewski thanks for supporting the hustle my dude! 💪💪 Link to my patreon down below!
Mitchell Sobolewski
@Rajo Rajo honestly I wasn't a huge fan of this comment. But then I saw it was at 3 likes so I figured "Hey, why not make it 4? 4 is better than 3"
D4C Aylar önce
He just taps the stop streaming button endlessly til' he dies lmfao
Rajo Rajo
Rajo Rajo Aylar önce
Honestly I wasn't a huge fan of this comment, but I saw it was at 999 likes so I said screw it, I'll help a homie out, and pushed it to 1k
Shrooms Aylar önce
Very true
Kareczkowa Aylar önce
I belive, this is a huge moment in livestreaming history. Thanks for sharing this with us and remember that we'll stay with you no matteer where you stream
Hunter Million
Hunter Million Aylar önce
as a long time youtube frog, i’m excited you get to post more thought out videos that make you happy. happiness over success will always take place :)
liz Aylar önce
luuuuuuud!!!!! i'm crying!!!!! you're so well spoken, even when facing such a big decision like this! i'm so happy for you, I cant wait to see all the wonderful things you will be able to create! big big BIG POG!!! this is a brand new chapter for you and I'm so excited to see how you grow and progress! Ludwig7
William Koltermann
William Koltermann Aylar önce
Huge respect to you man and literally anyone on yt would love you
frodizle21 Aylar önce
Excited for this new chapter for you Lud, I subbed at twitch for the subathon but mostly enjoyed your content from YT, so glad you're hopping over here And it's not self absorbed to put priorities on being valued by who you work for and pursuing what you love, not everyone has that opportunity but if anyone is ever in the position they can take that consideration into effect, it goes a long way
puppyglock Aylar önce
love you and respect you and so glad you're doing what makes you happy - always put that first!!!!!!! see you on youtube!!!
Justin Rice
Justin Rice Aylar önce
i literally got so hyped seeing you come to youtube. you have a for sure member in me. cant wait to see the amazing things you do!
Mediocre Outfits
Mediocre Outfits Aylar önce
I started watching twitch a few months ago, even tho i didnt know the platform or understand the format very well all because of you Lud. So needless to say I’m happy you’re officially exclusively on youtube because I’ll actually watch you more because I prefer this platform :) 💓💓💓
_ RKev
_ RKev Aylar önce
If this makes it that he can do more complicated and interesting shit like his Gameshows and tournament, I can't wait to see where this ride is going and I'm all here for it
Vivereftw Aylar önce
100%, sounds like a great decision
Nonotmylungs97 Aylar önce
Good luck lud I hope u keep being u and caring for your chat so keep up the good work and go for it
Zachary Pennington
Zachary Pennington Aylar önce
Dang I'm glad I clicked on this video, I am in a similar position as you were when deciding what to do, this video helped me out a lot, thanks bro
DanielleCreative Aylar önce
I found you on TRvid during the amongus days. Came over to twitch a month or so before the Subaton. Watched the entire thing became a member of the community then. Absolutely love the streams, videos, specially the yard. (Also patreon member.) I love the big projects you do and can’t wait to see what you come up with next! As soon as I figure out how to use that extension. I can’t wait to become apart of this community too 🖤
Maddie Gurganus
Maddie Gurganus Aylar önce
You got this Lud! We can’t wait to see what you make!
Banana BOI
Banana BOI Aylar önce
Honestly as a YT frog I cant wait to feel the Twitch atmosphere, without having a Twitch account. Hell, it might be the very first time I actually tune in on some streams of yours instead of just watching the vids.
Banana BOI
Banana BOI Aylar önce
@Burning Dragon breaker it just means somebody that watches content on youtube. A Twitch frog instead is someone who watched content on twitch.
Annisa Chery
Annisa Chery Aylar önce
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Burning Dragon breaker
I have a question to ask: Why are People keep refering to TRvid Frog? I don't know what that means.... could someone please explain?
Banana BOI
Banana BOI Aylar önce
@just a random guy because I dont want to + im lazy
Mauryeets S
Mauryeets S Aylar önce
@just a random guy because the interface sucks. Wonder why so many people post streamers vods to YT? Cuz there’s an audience that likes to watch content on TRvid. The content creator can post TRvid videos or streams and the audience can find what exactly they’re searching for easily. Clips and vods on twitch are terrible to search through. Things like that make a difference.
Janna Sage
Janna Sage Aylar önce
the honesty here was so moving, thanks for being transparent with us
Darren Strawder
Darren Strawder Aylar önce
Congrats man, gotta say I'll definitely be tuning in more often now that you're over here. Twitch always felt shitty to me
Ben Haydock
Ben Haydock Aylar önce
Literally never watched your twitch streams but I’ve seen you in some compilations and you seem like a decent, funny guy. It sounds like you’ve made the right decision and I’ll be watching from now on🤙🏼
Bogey Aylar önce
Sounds like you made the right choice buddy! Keep going! I remember watching you play polybridge back in the day. Always loved your content and always will!
eikuL Aylar önce
“But it’s crazy not to do something just because you’re scared” Well said.
🌟 Wander the Nomad
🌟 Wander the Nomad 10 gün önce
I think a checkmark account copied this comment Casual Pepper?
Ariti Naomi
Ariti Naomi Aylar önce
Jack Walker
Jack Walker Aylar önce
@Pim van Bilsen me too!!! As I scrolled to it he said it.
Pim van Bilsen
Pim van Bilsen Aylar önce
Lmao i read that as he said it in the video that was hella creepy
Mistry Tirth
Mistry Tirth Aylar önce
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