Why Do Americans Spell This Word So Strangely?

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24 Eyl 2021




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ShadyShrimp Saatler önce
Tsundere Fan
Tsundere Fan 7 saatler önce
English is my first language and I hate it. That’s why I will always pronounce Wednesday as Wed-ness-day and not Wends-day 😁
Shiro Boy
Shiro Boy 8 saatler önce
Grovonik 10 saatler önce
Says the one who has a u color
Scripted Salmon
Scripted Salmon 12 saatler önce
Bri’ish pe’ole be loike
sebastian crawford
sebastian crawford 14 saatler önce
Wait I'm American I dont day it like that
TheCutLemon 15 saatler önce
I love that everybody hates Chris ending 😂
The_Chuckle_Hut 16 saatler önce
We just gunna ignore colour
Coyote Games
Coyote Games 16 saatler önce
I don’t see what’s weird
Chewkz 16 saatler önce
SIXAR STUDIOS 17 saatler önce
Especially color and colour!!!!!!!!
SIXAR STUDIOS 17 saatler önce
I can not forget the fact that my teacher failed me for spelling colour as colour in primary school. She said the right spelling was colors!!!
Ideal Father
Ideal Father 18 saatler önce
Aluminium in swedish
smoked out
smoked out 18 saatler önce
The way brits say it is actually right because Americans pronounce the U as a singular capital but its not
Pachew 19 saatler önce
I'm more surprised about the fact that you wrap your sandwiches in that instead of plastic wrap
Zenn 21 saatler önce
In Portuguese it's "alumínio"
🪐 !𝔟 𝔞 𝔱! 🌙
Mr console
Mr console 22 saatler önce
British people call Americans intitles shots and Americans call British people British brats. Why cant we just get along
candysday543 23 saatler önce
Me being Australian in America: *relatable*
Sussy Impasta
Sussy Impasta Gün önce
Too bad Aluminium is the correct answer. Since most of all people use the word "Aluminium" instead of "Aluminum" guess the student in red is right 🤨 also it kinda sounds more fancy and scientific 😍
jerome soriano
jerome soriano Gün önce
murican: color Bri ish: colour
reblex Gün önce
i use both Aluminum for wrap and Aluminium for the element
Slend3r Gaming200
Woah Never Noticed That Little Thing Just Watching that Parabola Behind u
ZennaZoo Gün önce
How American people say it just sounds so wrong
Lucifer Morningstar
We spell it differently
I know it's like colour
Snorkley Gün önce
if aluminium is being said as aluminum then lithium should be lithum 💀💀
Louis Grant
Louis Grant Gün önce
As a chemist, no one cares.
«Techya» Gün önce
Cause their plain
Zelkk99 Gün önce
Ok now i just realised that I've been saying it wrong Im glad my science teacher accepts both lmao
petr Dog
petr Dog Gün önce
My life Is a lie
Ethan Burch
Ethan Burch 2 gün önce
I’m so smart man
ILiekEggz 2 gün önce
Lol I asked my cousin about this and he was like wha?? You guys say aluminium??
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson 2 gün önce
Um what about color vs colour
Llama Del Fid
Llama Del Fid 2 gün önce
oh great i said silicone.
Blacklistinq 2 gün önce
Conclusion: america is retarded.
RiskIsBALLIN’ 2 gün önce
i was gonna say bread..
Vietcong Soldier
Vietcong Soldier 2 gün önce
Hey chewkz i was scrollin in youtube and suddenly i got a notif abour a random livestream and it saulid chewkz is livestreaming and its a shiba inu bitcoin livestream i searched chewkz and its the only vid on your channel at that moment dud you got hacked or smth?
lui vuutan
lui vuutan 2 gün önce
i just say foil
Alex :3
Alex :3 2 gün önce
Funfact : that actually how we write aluminum in French Aluminium :]
LunaTheSnail 2 gün önce
I’m English and how and why do you say it ALUMUNUM
Minan Minan
Minan Minan 2 gün önce
Fxxk america
I_Make_Beats __
I_Make_Beats __ 2 gün önce
It’s not spelled weird
Nimrod556 3 gün önce
So wtf is it ium or um ?
Ethan 3 gün önce
i remember reading the reason Americans have so many words with less letters is because back in the day printing cost was by the letter so they would take away letters from words they deemed unnecessary and it’s just never changed
Prime J
Prime J 3 gün önce
I used to spell aluminium, then my senior high chemist teacher “corrected” it saying it’s supposed to say Aluminum. Now I understand that both’d be correct.
Mr. Exist
Mr. Exist 4 gün önce
America bad
smolyol 8 gün önce
said it the american way once in chemistry years ago and i still think about it to this day…
Grid 8 gün önce
Why do Americans don't understand the british accent all they need to do is be considerate.
Matthew Klinger
Matthew Klinger 8 gün önce
It started as alumium and for some reason, they thought there should be another "n". Americans put it in between the "I" and "u" and the British added another "I" to keep the "ium" sound
Ryan Theologou
Ryan Theologou 8 gün önce
The periodic table literally spells it aluminium 😭
Rafi Arsa
Rafi Arsa 8 gün önce
everybody hates chris for telling the truth
RANDOMA Entertainment
In Romania we spell it Aluminium
It’s Mahaut
It’s Mahaut 8 gün önce
In French, it's spelled aluminium
porenesion parapio
porenesion parapio 8 gün önce
Not American nor English. But we call me aluminium 🗿✋
Dill Doe
Dill Doe 8 gün önce
Right, we are the ones that say it weird.😳
Mason L
Mason L 8 gün önce
Me as a American your right
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 8 gün önce
How he is so tall
dayrocket 8 gün önce
Hey man it's slightly less typing if i have to type even one less character or write one less letter then throughout my entire life its probable gonna save me maybe a few minutes and those few minutes could potentially amount to something
DJ Limelon
DJ Limelon 8 gün önce
Who on earth wraps a sandwich in aluminum?
Floor Loot
Floor Loot 8 gün önce
I just call it FOIL (FO-YEEL)
Bilal Rosonggin
Bilal Rosonggin 8 gün önce
Indonesians always call it "aluminium" instead of "aluminum"
JW TaylorJr
JW TaylorJr 8 gün önce
I don't use American spellings even tho I prly should
TacoMan14798 8 gün önce
Title makes no sense
Average Tall Guy
Average Tall Guy 8 gün önce
Why do people in the uk say this word weird
The Microwaveable Slayer of Thots
It's just about what's more natural for the accents. In America we cannot imagine actually saying aluminium in our normal voice.
Adri Adri
Adri Adri 8 gün önce
Idk how bc i can say it correcly :o
Blackiechan Music
Blackiechan Music 8 gün önce
I'll admit American spelling is easier tho
Evan Jarvis
Evan Jarvis 8 gün önce
ItS cAlLeD EnGlisH NoT AmErIcAnIsH!
Daniel36 8 gün önce
Heavy is the head that wears the crown 🇺🇸
chimchim_ 3
chimchim_ 3 8 gün önce
Ngel I did not even notice this until now I’m kinda shookt about aluminium
Bean Certified
Bean Certified 8 gün önce
Well sure but who one the revolution?
Pep The Destroyer
Pep The Destroyer 8 gün önce
I'm learning English and this just doesn't help
Getenji Ch. 外典じ
let the americans do their own thing
jossi ali
jossi ali 9 gün önce
I thought it was plastic wrap...
Ireen Nahar
Ireen Nahar 9 gün önce
Its aluminium
Valerio Di Bona
Valerio Di Bona 9 gün önce
It's Latin and it's spelled aluminium, pronunciated exactly how it's written plus a double L and accent on first I. ALLUMÌNIUM, which is ALLUMINIO in Italian (maybe we know something about Latin pronunciation). Americans simply do not know how to speak their language with Greek and Latin words.
Leixander Jake Milagan
No he said it with an extra “I”
Fregato Politis
Fregato Politis 9 gün önce
In Greece the word aluminum is called "Αλουμίνιο". If you translate it to English letter by letter you get Alouminio Which is closer to Aluminium, Strange...
Mr_lolxdi hakunah
Mr_lolxdi hakunah 9 gün önce
Aluminum aluminium
Mr_lolxdi hakunah
Mr_lolxdi hakunah 9 gün önce
MuchoTaco 9 gün önce
Ali min ium❌ vs Alu min ium
Mr.Electro 9 gün önce
I knew exactly what was happening as soon as I saw the background
Kody Pratt
Kody Pratt 9 gün önce
Ok the weird thing is. My recommended video underneath this is seriously Everybody Hates Chris.
Christopher Bryant
Christopher Bryant 9 gün önce
Etymology of the word, original spelling is the USA way, couple it with the largest population that speaks English andddd
John Doe
John Doe 9 gün önce
Humphrey Davy, the person that named the element, wrote it as Aluminum (not Aluminium) himself; by the way, Davy was a British chemist.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 9 gün önce
Yanks and their gibberish 🙄
Magnus Kramnik
Magnus Kramnik 9 gün önce
One of my chemistry teacher called it "Almonium"
Magnus Kramnik
Magnus Kramnik 9 gün önce
She also called Molybdenum "Molibindum"
RedpandAaron 9 gün önce
Why else do we have spelling bees? Do you think they win money for nothing?
John cena and vin diesel
Look who is talking
John cena and vin diesel
Mr boteh of wateh
Night Wolf
Night Wolf 9 gün önce
In DK it's the -ium variant.
David Cartagena
David Cartagena 9 gün önce
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 9 gün önce
myname is
myname is 9 gün önce
yo Chewkz, u English mate?
P3dro 18
P3dro 18 9 gün önce
Bruh in my language is called "aluminio"
Gabe Gifford
Gabe Gifford 9 gün önce
I'm american and i live in england so my brain dies every day in chemistry class
Amos Mwanzia
Amos Mwanzia 9 gün önce
Alluminum sounds stupid
lamalamalex 9 gün önce
It’s aluminum
What a coincidence,i was reading a text i nenglish for tomorrows lesson and it was about the environment.guess what i found?they literally wrote *aluminium* lmao
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