Why Did This Happen?

Not What You Think
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Why would the propeller on a P-3 Orion stop rotating? It may look like an accident, but it's


US Department of Defense

Note: "The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."



19 Eki 2021




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Lima Juliett
Lima Juliett Gün önce
I call bull! I fly a 4 engine aircraft professionally and cutting one engine increases the fuel flow. Cutting a second engine is borderline criminal...
Pown Gün önce
R.I.P Bernard
R.I.P Bernard 2 gün önce
“Slow down if you wanna last long” AHAHAHA thanks bro 😭
Fadingecho 2 gün önce
I was recommended this video for my constipation. Great news 10/10
TARIK MOUNIH 3 gün önce
Damn first line freacked me out myself even m only in my sofa not piloting at all hhhhh !
Craft Paint
Craft Paint 4 gün önce
Because they're hard core.
Dexter Jazz Ignacio
Dexter Jazz Ignacio 4 gün önce
Nice sub's
Dexter Jazz Ignacio
Dexter Jazz Ignacio 4 gün önce
Giant propeller
Kansas City Shuffle
Kansas City Shuffle 5 gün önce
Slowing down don’t make it last. The Hip
Danny orozco
Danny orozco 5 gün önce
That's what she said.
Versed 6 gün önce
I swiped to the next video the came back like “WAIT AYOO”
LukeCraft MC
LukeCraft MC 6 gün önce
I’m Pretty sure there looking for the Red Oktober which was the first nuclear powered submarine obviously made by the Soviet Union
assassin1687 7 gün önce
P-3 maintainer here. During the Fukushima disaster our aircraft were averaging 14 hours flight time. I miss the Hotel Navy, telling people I did 8 years and never set foot on a ship always baffles people at first.
Johnny Ray
Johnny Ray 7 gün önce
That's why they put four great engines on them...
Jehoiakim Eli Doronila
No. The moral of the story is, don't ever be FUCKING *LATE.* Or either send out a false distress call, or intentionally ditch the plane so the crew of the relief plane will be reminded not to be late again.
Hitch 9 gün önce
bUt iSs nOt wHatChu ThInk
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott 11 gün önce
That's what I thought 🤷
Wagner PD
Wagner PD 14 gün önce
Advice @ very end is what my daddy advized me 2 do in making luv 2 women: S - L - O - W down. Pop wuz a Stud around Pote Aura-thuh.
dark matter
dark matter 15 gün önce
Do girls like it when you slow down?
John Masterson
John Masterson 15 gün önce
One of these days he's gonna say "It IS what you think"
eksboks148 15 gün önce
I heard that last line and I... 💀
Frank Jackson
Frank Jackson 15 gün önce
Wouldn’t just slowing down conserve more fuel? How does shutting off an engine conserve fuel? Don’t the running engines need to take up the slack and run harder burning more fuel then all the engines running with low rpm?
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez 16 gün önce
i thought the frame rate of camera was the same synthetic
Simon Côté-Ryshpan
Simon Côté-Ryshpan 16 gün önce
That's nothing new, ww2 4 engine bombers could fly with only one engine working, and successfully land too
seeck 16 gün önce
Well its not like you will fall to the graund right after the engins stop working The plane is gonna be glyding
Kyle Tracey
Kyle Tracey 16 gün önce
Shut em all off. Theres some fuel economy
Mozella Rollins
Mozella Rollins 17 gün önce
Does anyone even notice the fact that it has a upside down cross on the side or am I seeing something else because I'm pretty sure that is what it is
hereticxhexen 17 gün önce
Thats what she said :(
Dane P Carver
Dane P Carver 17 gün önce
I was aircrew on P-3C. Is it in the NATOPS procedures to ever shutdown 2 engines intentionally to extend a mission on station?
shawn mccarty
shawn mccarty 17 gün önce
Slow down to last longer Lol thats what she said
Salve Dragon
Salve Dragon 17 gün önce
So a bear attacked a man but its not what u think. Yesterday i ate a hamburger with an omelet and it was real good. The moral of the story is dont kill jews
Tanner Barry
Tanner Barry 17 gün önce
I dont think he’s just talking ab planes with that advice…
Poot Thatbak
Poot Thatbak 17 gün önce
The guys in this video look pretty casual, flight suits only, raybans on..but it wasnt like that many times. The crew wore flight vests with integral inflatable life jackets stuffed with myriad survival tools parachutes and helmets. The requirement for donning parachutes was 2 minutes. I do not believe any p3 commander ever ordered a bailout on a mission though. But the biggest training events were in case of ditching at sea. The p3 had life rafts. There was an axe mounted to the wall in case crew had to cut out the fuselage and escape. There was a pilot hatch and a crew hatch behind the port wing. The p3 crew would also need to be ready to don the survival suit or poopy suit. Oversized rubber suits to protect against being in 39 49, 59, 69, or 79 degree fahrenheit water. Even the warmer water could cut your chances of making it long enuf.
Poot Thatbak
Poot Thatbak 17 gün önce
I used to sit there. The convex acrylic bubble glass is for maritime observation. P3 alphas and bravos had a radio operator station there. Its right behind the commanding pilots seat, separated by a bulkhead and electronic gear. The radio operator sat next to the " head" the crew always had to urinate, most flights on a "station" were about 10 to 12 hours. It was a 15 gallon metal pot, pooping was verboten. The radio operators " other job" was to remove the urinal after landing, walk outside the aircraft, and dump the pee behind the aircraft, in the grass between runways..i was good at that. P3s smelled bad. A combination of lobster, sweat and vomit
Alex Wars
Alex Wars 18 gün önce
the propeller in the plane is used only to cool the pilot, because when it stops, the pilot starts to sweat
septosxvii 18 gün önce
Last time I was in an aircraft tracking a soviet submarine and saw that I was very scared
david yetter
david yetter 18 gün önce
Slow down if you want to last long... A sexual innuendo.
ALM 18 gün önce
Lmao that’s hilarious
Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson 19 gün önce
P-3 Orion Navy 1980-2000 over 4000 flight hours....:)
fishhisy 19 gün önce
Flying at max L/D is another way to be aloft for the maximum amount of time
Bluethumbbutton Eek
Bluethumbbutton Eek 20 gün önce
Lucky for you I didn't crap my pants while watching this I was already crapping my toilet
Brendan R
Brendan R 20 gün önce
"but it's not what you think." It's damn well what I think. Multi English planes can run on even two or one engine without problem. Every time I see one of these videos I think of a child who has never been out into the world.
Jesse Walters
Jesse Walters 20 gün önce
Is that a sex joke at the end???
Kyle Pizano
Kyle Pizano 20 gün önce
I just crapped my pants. 🥴💩
Waffles4life 20 gün önce
First time it actually wasn’t what I thought
Wisner Gentildo CATINE
ChrispyTheBot 20 gün önce
Grab the stick and whack it lol
ROKYT 20 gün önce
“Slow down if you wanna last long” 2 for 1 deal advice
TacticallyPanda 21 gün önce
“Slow done if you wanna last long” maybe I’ll use that tip in bed
NLK 21 gün önce
pilots while I'm on The plane dont turn off any engines in emergency I'm going to die anyway either I see the engines off or the plane crashes so don't do it please 👍
Alexander Diesta
Alexander Diesta 21 gün önce
That’s what she said
I'm Out
I'm Out 21 gün önce
It's in bad taste to use the expression, "crap their pants".
Shadow Legend
Shadow Legend 21 gün önce
Did you just say the royal new zealand air force we have only like 5 Plaines in new zealand
MagicLobster 22 gün önce
That tip is that for sex or like in general
miketheman1393 22 gün önce
I love how this starts about a plane and ends up being great advice about sex😂😂
Playa’s RPD
Playa’s RPD 22 gün önce
Slow down if yo want last long
Vince Morales
Vince Morales 22 gün önce
Its exactly what i thought
hazel tate
hazel tate 22 gün önce
Royal Legend
Royal Legend 22 gün önce
Off......imagine if Russia took over Norway.... We whold all get doomed 💀💀💀
dan walters
dan walters 22 gün önce
RNZAF yea boi
Derek Conley
Derek Conley 22 gün önce
“Slow down if you want to last long” that’s what she said
Vincent Aragon
Vincent Aragon 23 gün önce
That’s what she said
Drewby 75
Drewby 75 23 gün önce
“Slow down if you wanna last long” you know exactly what ima say… That’s what she said
Mr. K
Mr. K 23 gün önce
"slow down if you wana last long" well miss is not gonna like that
Mac of All Trades
Mac of All Trades 23 gün önce
Well crap, just shut down all the engines and you'll be up there all day.
big fish
big fish 23 gün önce
WOW, my dudes lasted 13hrs..... an epic pump in my opinion
Shaan Bukhari
Shaan Bukhari 23 gün önce
That goes for us men lol slow down if you gonna last long
TheBiggestSlacker 24 gün önce
😏 That's 😂 what 😏 she 👀 said 🙄
Charleston Brown
Charleston Brown 24 gün önce
Great advice
Christopher Cripps
Christopher Cripps 24 gün önce
Shut off one engine can fly for a longer time. Two engines off, even longer. The old joke goes they would've stayed aloft forever once they turned the fourth & last engine off.
Giarly Moltubakk
Giarly Moltubakk 26 gün önce
Its not rotating but its not what you think… wtf its not rotating is exactly what is happening
Steve Black
Steve Black 26 gün önce
If they switched them all off they'll be up there forever.
Cali Ken
Cali Ken 26 gün önce
Wow this thing has four engines. But, we only need two. - The Pilot
Nathanial 19
Nathanial 19 26 gün önce
I'd done jumped out with a backpack mistaking it for a parachute 🤣
kainen mattison
kainen mattison 26 gün önce
Lol.they couldnt touch us
Dmitri Nikitine
Dmitri Nikitine 26 gün önce
Logicaly thinking 🤔 what if they shut down all 4 engines it may never run out of fuel and fly forever....:)
Lucas S
Lucas S 27 gün önce
"Slow down, if you want to last long" planes arent what i think ab with this
Shelli Fickes
Shelli Fickes 27 gün önce
I was a volunteer Crew Member of the P2V-7, the grandfather of the P3 Orion. One of our Crew Members owned a P1. Our aircraft had a 101' wingspan & was 98' long. Anyone on a Submarine knows they could be untraceable if they remained quiet & submerged. It's not until you're detected, you'll crap your pants!
Montana Snowman
Montana Snowman 27 gün önce
The Royal new Zealand record was achieved by running on one engine.
Symba Crawford
Symba Crawford 27 gün önce
“Slow down if you want to last long” *Speedrunner has left the chat*
aly Mohamed
aly Mohamed 28 gün önce
Grab your pants and slow down if you want to last long loool
Hello Myfriend
Hello Myfriend 28 gün önce
That’s actually not what she said
Davee44 28 gün önce
"Pick up" their pens. To "grab" is bad manners.
haris khan
haris khan 28 gün önce
Even with all engines down a plane glides down it doesn't just search spiraling to the ground
Travis Ferguson
Travis Ferguson 29 gün önce
Sex tips brought to you by Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
George S
George S 29 gün önce
If they shut off all four engines they'd be up there for days.
Shadow 29 gün önce
That’s what I wanted to hear 🇳🇿 💪
XB10001 29 gün önce
The 21.5 h record was with all engines shut down. They could have stayed indefinitely, but the pilots had to pee.
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson Aylar önce
Unless you are an SR-71 in which case you speed up when you're running out of gas
my surly trucker
my surly trucker Aylar önce
My god if they shut down all four engines they will be up there for ever.
MIRA ixc 150✓
MIRA ixc 150✓ Aylar önce
"if you want 10 hour flight time 1 engine off, if you want 13 hour flight time 2 engine off, if you want 16 hour flight time 3 engine off, if you want ∞ flight time just turn off all the engine and prolly crash
Kyuho Tae
Kyuho Tae Aylar önce
They “feathered” the propeller after shutting the engine down, you will notice. It is one thing to slow down; quite another thing to make sure you don’t create drag.
杜培源 Aylar önce
Prashant Shukla
Prashant Shukla Aylar önce
Like Japanese Tibatian Old Indian Monks Saints live few Hundred Years In Himalayan Caves And Tortoise, Sm Sea Creatures who Cud Live From Few Thousand To Millions Of Year !!
Graeme Hill
Graeme Hill Aylar önce
RAF Nimrods used to do this as well. And then they scrapped them.
UnboxingDoomDays Aylar önce
Exactly so slower plane
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Aylar önce
Nice lesson. I for one will for sure apply it irl as soon as possible. WML
Joe Barber
Joe Barber Aylar önce
Worked on P3’s in the navy, squadron VP-1 great bird
Mike D
Mike D Aylar önce
Exactly what i Always advice my Girlfriend! ^^
Carl Kinsey
Carl Kinsey Aylar önce
Out of service for a while now
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